Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 9

17. Can we still trust the Bible? (221)

EW-SG 36.5

18. How would unrepentant sinners feel about being in heaven? (221)

EW-SG 36.6

19. What group does Satan look upon with great satisfaction? (221)

EW-SG 36.7

20. At what time was the church of God pure? (222)

EW-SG 36.8

21. Discuss and explain Luther’s transition from darkness to light. (223)
EW-SG 37.1

22. How did Luther and Melanchthon work better together than apart? (224)

EW-SG 37.2

23. What two apostles illustrate the same point? (224)

EW-SG 37.3

24. What will accepting the truth do for those who are timid? (226)

EW-SG 37.4

25. When Satan found that persecution did not work well, what did he lead the church to do? (226)

EW-SG 37.5

26. How might the church today continue to see miracles performed? (227)

EW-SG 37.6

27. Satan and his angels fully believe that Christ is the Saviour of the world. Why does this not help them? (227)

EW-SG 37.7

28. Can genuine Christians expect to be honored by the world? Explain. (228)

EW-SG 37.8

1. Compare how angels accompanied William Miller in his mission as they did John the Baptist. (230-232)

EW-SG 38.1

2. Why did God lead Miller and others to proclaim the time in 1843? (232)

EW-SG 38.2

3. What was the result wherever the message of time was preached? (232)

EW-SG 38.3

4. What was the real reason that many objected to a definite time for the second coming of Christ? (233)

EW-SG 38.4

5. When people were roused by Miller’s message, what did false shepherds preach? (234)

EW-SG 38.5

6. What did the opposition of professed Christians to the preaching of the second coming of Christ really show? (235)

EW-SG 38.6

7. Why did the hand of God cover a mistake in the reckoning of the prophetic period? (235)

EW-SG 38.7

8. There were two groups who looked for the coming of Christ. Who were they, and what was their reaction at disappointment? (235)

EW-SG 38.8

9. Who were the first to ridicule the sorrowful, disappointed ones? (236)

EW-SG 39.1

10. What were the faithful disappointed ones led to do after the first disappointment? (236)

EW-SG 39.2

11. Those who preached the message of Christ’s second coming were prepared to receive what later message? (237)

EW-SG 39.3

12. What was the midnight cry? (238)

EW-SG 39.4

13. This work did not stand in the _____________________ and _____________________ of men, but in the _____________________ of God. (238) EW-SG 39.5

14. To what Bible experience is the disappointment of the Millerites compared? (240)

EW-SG 39.6

15. What is the meaning of the following symbols in “The Advent Movement Illustrated”: The companies. Cords that bound them together. Men passing through with pleasing words. A cloud that passed over. Breaking the cords. (240-242)

EW-SG 39.7