Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 8

16. Who were included in the group that witnessed the ascension of Christ from this earth? (191)

EW-SG 32.5

17. When Christ died, what did the priests expect would cease? (192)

EW-SG 32.6

18. Contrast Peter’s experience before and after the crucifixion of Christ. (193)

EW-SG 32.7

19. What effect did the mighty works wrought by the apostles have upon the Jewish leaders? (195)

EW-SG 32.8

20. What was the attitude of the apostles when they suffered persecution? (196)

EW-SG 33.1

21. What special work have angels of God been given regarding truth? (196)

EW-SG 33.2

22. What did the priests hire men to do regarding Stephen? (197)

EW-SG 33.3

23. The Jews worshiped the _____________________ more than they did _____________________. (198) EW-SG 33.4

24. Compare Stephen’s attitude toward his murderers with that of Christ toward His murderers. (199) EW-SG 33.5

25. Compare the experience of Ananias with that of Peter in Acts 10. (200)

EW-SG 33.6

26. Why were the other disciples afraid of Paul when he tried to join himself to them at Jerusalem? (202)

EW-SG 33.7

27. What was Satan’s object in getting the woman with the spirit of divination to praise Paul and Silas? (203)

EW-SG 33.8

28. Why wouldn't Paul leave the prison privately? (205)

EW-SG 33.9

29. How did some people try to destroy the influence of Paul’s letters? (206)

EW-SG 34.1

30. How would you describe Paul’s preaching? (207)

EW-SG 34.2

31. What was the double meaning of the rending of the veil of the temple in two at the crucifixion of Christ? (209)

EW-SG 34.3

32. What symbolic meaning can be attached to the blood and water that came from the side of Jesus when He was pierced on the cross? (209)

EW-SG 34.4

1. What result was attained by the suffering and persecution of the saints? (210)

EW-SG 34.5

2. What did the professed conversion of idolaters bring into the church? (211)

EW-SG 34.6

3. What is the lesson of the two groups with banners? (211)

EW-SG 34.7

4. What terrible curse has continued to follow the Jews to this day? (212)

EW-SG 34.8

5. Will any Jews be saved? Explain. (213)

EW-SG 35.1

6. What presumptuous position have popes and priests taken regarding sin? (213)

EW-SG 35.2

7. How was the knowledge of the truths of the Bible preserved when only a few copies were available? (214)

EW-SG 35.3

8. Satan was willing that those who professed faith in Jesus would believe that the Jewish sacrifices ceased at the death of Christ if he could get them to believe what further idea? (215)

EW-SG 35.4

9. Why did Satan try to change only one of the commandments? (216)

EW-SG 35.5

10. What are the memorials of the death of Christ? His resurrection? (217)

EW-SG 35.6

11. How long will the Sabbath be observed? (217)

EW-SG 35.7

12. When did Satan give his first lesson upon the immortality of the soul? (218)

EW-SG 35.8

13. By getting us to believe that the sinner lives in eternal misery, what false idea about God does Satan attempt to perpetuate? (219)

EW-SG 36.1

14. List two other false ideas about God that Satan has fostered. (219)

EW-SG 36.2

15. How has God made it possible for us to arm ourselves against the deceptions and lying wonders of Satan in the last days? (220)

EW-SG 36.3

16. When copies of the Bible were few, why did learned men in some instances change the words? (220)

EW-SG 36.4