Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 7

16. When Moses came down from the mount, why was it wrong for him to throw down the tables of stone? (163)

EW-SG 28.8

17. What special promise of Jesus was fulfilled at the transfiguration? (164)

EW-SG 29.1

18. Why did Judas urge that Mary’s ointment be sold and given to the poor? (165)

EW-SG 29.2

19. What did the Jewish rulers want to do with Lazarus after his resurrection? (166)

EW-SG 29.3

20. What really led Judas to betray his Lord? (166)

EW-SG 29.4

21. For what purpose were the disciples to remain awake in the garden? (167)

EW-SG 29.5

22. Jesus told Judas that 12 legions of angels could come at His call. How did this affect the waiting angels in heaven? How were they affected when Jesus said that Scripture must be fulfilled? (168)

EW-SG 29.6

23. How were the angels affected by the suffering of Christ when He was betrayed? (169)

EW-SG 29.7

24. What did Satan hope to accomplish by the mockery and violence he instigated regarding Christ? (169)

EW-SG 29.8

25. What did Jesus do at His trial that finally converted Peter? (169)

EW-SG 30.1

26. What events in their acquaintance with Christ helped the disciples to go through their bitter disappointment after His crucifixion? (171)

EW-SG 30.2

27. Judas had loved _____________________, but he had loved _____________________ more. (171) EW-SG 30.3

28. How did the angels of heaven try to save Pilot from delivering Christ to be crucified? (173)

EW-SG 30.4

29. Why did Jesus refuse to work a miracle for Herod? (174)

EW-SG 30.5

30. How did the appearance and words of Jesus during His trial later affect many who were witnesses? (174)

EW-SG 30.6

Note the activities of both good and evil angels seen by Ellen White in vision. This lesson has several illustrations.

EW-SG 30.7

1. Contrast the activity of angels at the crucifixion of Christ with their activity at His birth. (175)

EW-SG 30.8

2. What were Satan’s conflicting feelings as Christ went through the process of trial and crucifixion? (176)

EW-SG 30.9

3. What was the last lesson of Jesus as He hung upon the cross? (177)

EW-SG 31.1

4. What was the subject of the council Satan had with his angels after the death of Christ? (178)

EW-SG 31.2

5. Who will eventually bear the punishment of the redeemed? Who will suffer the penalty for those who do not accept salvation? (178)

EW-SG 31.3

6. What marks will Christ carry throughout eternity? (179)

EW-SG 31.4

7. Why did Joseph of Arimathaea get the body of Christ privately? (180)

EW-SG 31.5

8. Review the activity of the heavenly angels and Satan’s angels while Christ was in the tomb. Also His resurrection. (181, 182)

EW-SG 31.6

9. What group were raised from their graves when Christ was resurrected? (184)

EW-SG 31.7

10. What did the resurrected ones do after they were raised? (184)

EW-SG 31.8

11. Review the reactions of those who had something to do with the crucifixion of Christ, after He was resurrected. (185)

EW-SG 31.9

12. Why was Mary the first to see the resurrected Christ? (187)

EW-SG 32.1

13. If all related to the resurrection as Thomas did, how many would believe? (188)

EW-SG 32.2

14. Where are Satan’s efforts focused after Christ’s return to heaven? (189)

EW-SG 32.3

15. Review Christ’s reception when He returned to heaven. (190)

EW-SG 32.4