Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 6

16. What several things did Eve do that finally led to her eating of the forbidden fruit? (147)

EW-SG 25.8

17. Why did Adam eat of the forbidden fruit? (148)

EW-SG 25.9

18. What effect did the fall of Adam and Eve have in heaven? (148)

EW-SG 26.1

19. What were Satan’s long-range plans for Adam and Eve? (148).

EW-SG 26.2

20. How did the angels in heaven first react to the plan of salvation for the human race? (149)

EW-SG 26.3

21. What would be the part of the angels in the plan of salvation? (150)

EW-SG 26.4

22. When the angels finally understood the plan of salvation, what was their response? (151)

EW-SG 26.5

23. In addition to their work of strengthening Christ, what were the angels to do for fallen human beings? (152)

EW-SG 26.6

24. How is Satan described at the present time? (152)

EW-SG 26.7

25. Why did the smile of Satan cause Ellen White to tremble? (153)

EW-SG 26.8

1. Note the activity of heavenly angels at the time of the birth of Christ. (153)

EW-SG 27.1

2. How was the humblest disciple greater than John the Baptist? (155)

EW-SG 27.2

3. Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. Explain. (155)

EW-SG 27.3

4. Why did Christ have nothing to do with convincing Satan of His power and of His being the Saviour of the world? (156)

EW-SG 27.4

5. What did Satan try to show by carrying Jesus to the pinnacle of the temple at Jerusalem? (156)

EW-SG 27.5

6. What presumption did Satan try to get Jesus to indulge by casting Himself down? (156)

EW-SG 27.6

7. When only should we call upon the Lord to display His power? (156)

EW-SG 27.7

8. Why was it a temptation to Jesus when Satan asked Him to bow down and worship him? (157)

EW-SG 27.8

9. After unsuccessful temptation of Christ, how did Satan tempt Christ’s nation? Find an example. (158, 159)

EW-SG 28.1

10. If there had been but __________ who would have accepted Jesus, He would have carried out the plan of salvation. (159)

EW-SG 28.2

11. How did Jesus begin His work? (159)

EW-SG 28.3

12. What effect did Jesus have upon those who were sent to bring Him before the Jewish rulers? (160)

EW-SG 28.4

13. Why did the magistrates and elders who believed on Jesus not acknowledge their belief? (161)

EW-SG 28.5

14. What two groups of people were represented by Elijah and Moses at the Mount of Transfiguration? (162)

EW-SG 28.6

15. Why does God often bring His people into difficult, or straight, places? (163)

EW-SG 28.7