Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 5

16. Many who profess to be looking for the coming of Christ seek more earnestly the applause of __________ than the approbation of __________. (107) EW-SG 21.8

17. What wrong priorities do some Adventists have? (108)

EW-SG 22.1

18. What counsel is given regarding vocal praise of God? (110)

EW-SG 22.2

19. Instead of acting out their faith, what do many professed Adventists do? (111)

EW-SG 22.3

20. What will be the true Christian’s joy and amusement? (112)

EW-SG 22.4

21. What is the principal cause of many trials of those who profess the name of Christ? (113)

EW-SG 22.5

22. Social meetings in early Adventist history were testimony services where prayer and public testimony was given by members of the congregation. The remnant are to overcome both by the _____________________ and the _____________________. What is the problem for some? (114) EW-SG 22.6

23. What counsel is given regarding prayers and testimonies at social meetings? (115)

EW-SG 22.7

24. What duties will help to keep the people of God humble and separate from the world? (116)

EW-SG 22.8

25. What is a problem for some who have just received the truth? (118)

EW-SG 23.1

26. By what means does God expect us to become humble? (120)

EW-SG 23.2

27. At this early date, what three things did Ellen White urge Adventists to eliminate? (121)

EW-SG 23.3

28. What words were used carelessly together by some in prayer? (122)

EW-SG 23.4

29. What did she see false shepherds were drunken with? (123)

EW-SG 23.5

30. In what kind of meetings will angels cease their watchful care over us? (125)

EW-SG 23.6

31. How only could the debt of man’s sin be paid? (127)

EW-SG 23.7

32. What work was assigned to angels after Adam and Eve fell? (127)

EW-SG 23.8

Note: Roswell F. Cottrell, one of the early Adventist pioneers, wrote the introduction to Spiritual Gifts, Volume 1, which is in Early Writings. Because he deals with several aspects of Spiritual Gifts, it is studied in the first nine questions in this lesson. EW-SG 23.9

1. Give some examples of the reappearance of spiritual gifts at the time of Christ’s birth. (133)

EW-SG 24.1

2. Spiritual gifts are given to every man in the _____________________, not to every man in the _____________________. (133) EW-SG 24.2

3. When will spiritual gifts cease? (136)

EW-SG 24.3

4. How did Cottrell answer objections to additional counsel from the prophetic gift after the close of Scripture? (See comments on 2 Tim. 3:16 and Rev. 22:18, 19.) (136)

EW-SG 24.4

5. What does the warning against false prophets in the last days suggest? (138)

EW-SG 24.5

6. How is the message of false prophets different from that of true prophets? (139) EW-SG 24.6

7. Why didn't Jesus reject all prophesying in the last days? (139)

EW-SG 24.7

8. Show the inconsistency of saying spiritual gifts accomplished their object 1,800 years ago. (139)

EW-SG 24.8

9. Study and compare Rev. 19:10 and Rev. 22:9 relating to prophets. (143)

EW-SG 25.1

10. How was Satan described before he fell? (145)

EW-SG 25.2

11. For what reason was Satan jealous of Jesus? (145)

EW-SG 25.3

12. Explain why the repentance of Satan and his angels after they fell was not genuine. (146)

EW-SG 25.4

13. What plans was Satan making when Adam and Eve were created? (146)

EW-SG 25.5

14. What tactics did Satan use in bringing deception to Adam and Eve? (147)

EW-SG 25.6

15. How were Adam and Eve warned about Satan’s plans? (147)

EW-SG 25.7