Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 4

14. Are we to expect that the latter rain will fit us to stand in the day of the Lord? Explain your answer. (71) EW-SG 17.6

15. What three things must not be neglected as we come up to the time of the falling of the plagues? (71) EW-SG 17.7

16. Who only will share in the “refreshing”? (71)

EW-SG 17.8

17. What was seen as frequently being neglected by the children of the Lord? (72)

EW-SG 18.1

18. _____________________ is ours to exercise, but _____________________ and the _____________________ are God’s to give. (72) EW-SG 18.2

19. When is the very time to exercise faith? (72)

EW-SG 18.3

20. Who only can claim the glorious promises of the Word? (72)

EW-SG 18.4

21. Who are the Vine and the branches? (Compare with Question 11, Lesson 3.) (73)

EW-SG 18.5

22. How does Satan get away our shield of faith? (73)

EW-SG 18.6

23. Note again the use of the terms, “scattering and gathering times.” See how these “times” are to be used. (74)

EW-SG 18.7

24. Why was there an error allowed in the 1843 chart? (74)

EW-SG 18.8

25. Why will time never be a test again after 1844? (75)

EW-SG 19.1

26. What is the danger in believing that it is our duty to go to Old Jerusalem and work there before the Lord comes? (75)

EW-SG 19.2

27. Why did Ellen White make her visions public? (76)

EW-SG 19.3

28. When she was tempted to soften them down, how did the Lord correct her? (76)

EW-SG 19.4

29. What was the lesson for Ellen from a company of people whose hair and garments were torn? (77)

EW-SG 19.5

30. What relation did Ellen White see between her visions and the Word of God? (78)

EW-SG 19.6

Note: Just preceding the disappointment, Millerite Adventists preached that the organized churches of the day were Babylon, in fulfillment of the second angel’s message. It was a correct message. After 1844, however, there was a strong resistance to a new organization by many Adventists. Some considered that organization would be Babylon. Ellen White’s statement on gospel order is her answer to those who opposed organization. EW-SG 19.7

1. What three examples of order did Ellen White use to demonstrate that God favored organization? (97)

EW-SG 20.1

2. What were the results of hurrying men into the field as workers who lacked wisdom judgment? (97)

EW-SG 20.2

3. What were the results of men in the field who were not holy or who were unqualified to teach present truth? (97)

EW-SG 20.3

4. What are the problems of having only the theory of the truth? What are the problems of having only argument? (98)

EW-SG 20.4

5. Who are generally the ones most confident that they are called to work? (98)

EW-SG 20.5

6. What happens to many who receive the truth through self-sent men? (98)

EW-SG 20.6

7. How can the church close the door to unauthorized messengers? (100)

EW-SG 20.7

8. What qualification for teachers did the apostolic church consider important? (100, 101)

EW-SG 20.8

9. To what other men will God not entrust the care of His precious flock? (101)

EW-SG 21.1

10. List some qualifications the servants of God who teach should have. (102)

EW-SG 21.2

11. How are we to deal with those who object to our faith? (102)

EW-SG 21.3

12. If messengers have erred, how will confession affect the church? (103)

EW-SG 21.4

13. What are the advantages of messengers working two by two? (103, 104)

EW-SG 21.5

14. What are we to do as darkness thickens and error increases? (104, 105)

EW-SG 21.6

15. What counsel is given to those who keep messengers busy with their petty problems? (106)

EW-SG 21.7