Acts of the Apostles -- Study Guide


Lesson 17

Reading: The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 346-58

1. What example was set by Paul for those who wish to engage in some type of self-supporting ministry (346:1-347:2)?
AA-SG 35.1

2. In what city do we first read that Paul maintained himself by manual labor (347:2)?
AA-SG 35.2

3. Why did Paul feel that it was necessary to set an example of physical labor in Thessalonica (347:3-348:0)?
AA-SG 35.3

4. Give the reasoning of those who refused to work (348:1)?
AA-SG 35.4

5. Why did Paul feel he must labor with his hands while he was in Corinth (349:1, 2)?
AA-SG 35.5

6. From whom did Paul accept some financial help (348:2; 350:1, 2)?
AA-SG 35.6

7. In what other city did Paul carry on a self-supporting ministry (351:1)?
AA-SG 35.7

8. List several reasons why the time Paul spent making tents was not wasted as far as the advancement of the gospel was concerned (351:2-352:0).
AA-SG 35.8

9. Who profited from Paul’s physical labor (352:1)?
AA-SG 36.1

10. For what reason is physical labor a blessing (352:3-353:0)?
AA-SG 36.2

11. What is the result of the spirit of indolence (352:3; 353:1)?
AA-SG 36.3

12. What counsel has God given to young men who wish to preach the gospel (353:2-354:2)?
AA-SG 36.4

13. Against what influence was Paul’s example as a self-supporting worker an argument (355:1)?
AA-SG 36.5

14. What is Ellen White’s counsel to self-supporting workers (355:2-358:0)?
AA-SG 36.6

Thought Question: What type of self-supporting ministry can you engage in so the gospel may be spread abroad in your community?

AA-SG 36.7