Acts of the Apostles -- Study Guide


Lesson 16

Reading: The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 335-345

1. What is God’s plan for the support of those who preach the gospel message (335:1-337:0)?
AA-SG 33.1

2. What kind of sin does God consider it when one withholds tithe (336:1)?
AA-SG 33.2

3. What was the tithing system designed to teach Israel (337:1)?
AA-SG 33.3

4. Give the major difference in tithing of ancient Israel and God’s church today (337:2-338:1).
AA-SG 33.4

5. Through what attitude and practice does a person reveal that he has no real love for Christ’s service in his heart (338:2)?
AA-SG 33.5

6. When one really loves Christ, how will he look upon the act of giving to Christ’s work (338:3-339:0)?
AA-SG 33.6

7. What leads people to keep for themselves what belongs to God (339:1)?
AA-SG 33.7

8. What is the spirit of heaven (339:2)?
AA-SG 33.8

9. At what point is the follower of Jesus relieved from bringing his tithes and offerings to Jesus (339:4-340:0)?
AA-SG 33.9

10. What is the responsibility of the church toward its ministers (340:1-341:1)?
AA-SG 34.1

11. What is the responsibility of ministers (341:1, 2)?
AA-SG 34.2

12. Upon what two principles is the value of the offering estimated (342:1)?
AA-SG 34.3

13. What group of churches were especially generous, and was the church at Corinth included among them (343:1-344:1)?
AA-SG 34.4

14. How did these churches look upon their act of giving to the cause of Christ (343:2)?
AA-SG 34.5

15. What level of spirituality is closely associated with Christian liberality (344:3-345:1)?
AA-SG 34.6

16. What accompanies the retention of possessions for selfish purposes (345:0)?
AA-SG 34.7

Thought Question: After examining your local church and the world field, what needs are the most urgent? (Give two in your local church and two in the world field.)

AA-SG 34.8