The Adventist Home -- Study Guide


Section XVII — Relaxation and recreation

Date__________ AH-SG 52.1

A. Read pages 493-530. AH-SG 52.2

B. Check your knowledge: AH-SG 52.3

1. What are the aims of Christian recreation? (493:2.)

2. Where should we look for our recreation? (494:2.)

AH-SG 52.4

3. Complete:
a. “I was shown that Sabbath keepers as a people labor too hard without allowing themselves __________________________ or periods of _____.” (494:1.)
b. “We must take periods of ______________, periods of _________________, periods for ________________.” (494:4.)
c. “It is not essential to our salvation, nor for the glory of God, to keep the mind labouring constantly and excessively, even upon ______________________________________ themes.” (494:1.)
d. “A proportionate exercise of all the organs and faculties of the body is _____________________________ to the best work of each.” (494:3.)
AH-SG 52.5

4. Complete:
a. “Youth cannot be made as sedate and grave as _________, the child as ________________________ as the sire.” (498:1.)
b. “While we shun the false and ________________________, . . . we must supply sources of pleasure that are ______________ and _____________ and elevating.” (499:1.)
AH-SG 52.6

5. Which of these statements are commonly held errors corrected by Mrs. White? (Place a check beside them.)
a. Exercise taken in the form of play is the most beneficial. (506:1.)
b. Those who are engaged in hard physical labor should not be expected to do anything at home to help in their spare time. (507, 508.)
c. Selfish amusement is necessary for the preservation of health. (508:1.)
d. Students should not be expected to do manual work. (508:4.)
e. The sick should suspend all physical labor in order to regain health. (510:2, 4.)
f. God has provided pleasures for us to enjoy in nature. (510:3.)
AH-SG 52.7

6. Complete:
a. “In the children and youth an _____________________ should be awakened to take their _______________________ in doing something that will be _________________________ to themselves and ____________________ to others.” (506:2.)
b. “The healthful exercise of the ___________________ being will give an education that is _______________ and ____________________________.” (508:2.)
c. “We should invite our minds to be interested in all the _______________________ things God has provided for us with a _______________________ hand.” (510:3.)
d. “It is our duty ever to seek to do good in the use of the _______________ and ____________ God has given to youth, that they may be useful to ____________________.” (509:4.)
AH-SG 53.1

7. What rule should guide the Christian in choosing his recreation or amusement? (513:3.)

AH-SG 53.2

8. Complete: “__________ should shun any amusement which so fascinates the __________ that the ordinary duties of life seem tame and uninteresting.” (513:5.) AH-SG 53.3

9. Who should direct the amusement and employment of the children? (526:3.)

AH-SG 53.4

10. Between what ages especially is it important to guide the youth in their choice of recreation? (529:2.)

AH-SG 53.5

11. Even when the youth have given their hearts to the Lord, can parents relax their vigilance in regard to the recreation they choose? (529:3.)

AH-SG 53.6

12. Complete: “Even among _____________________ parents there has been too much _______________________ of the love of amusements.” (526:2.) AH-SG 53.7

13. Complete: “The secret of saving your children lies in making your ____________ lovely and attractive.” (530.) AH-SG 53.8

C. Rate the kind of recreation you get each day: Beneficial_________ Vigorous_______ Negative_______ Dangerous__________ AH-SG 53.9

1. What is your most wholesome form of recreation? _____________________________________________________________ AH-SG 53.10

2. What is your worst form of “wreckreation”?

AH-SG 53.11

D. Discuss with others: AH-SG 53.12

1. Between which two extreme positions regarding recreation must the Christian take his stand? (493:1.)

AH-SG 53.13

2. What is recommended for recreation in our schools? (494, 495.)

AH-SG 53.14

3. What is recommended for recreation for office workers? (495:2-4.)

AH-SG 53.15

4. Should children and youth be allowed to choose their own forms of recreation without guidance?

AH-SG 53.16

5. Observe how in the counsel regarding the playing of ball guiding principles are developed. Note these. (499, 500.)

AH-SG 54.1

6. What would be gained if our church had a “family retreat”? (501-503.)

AH-SG 54.2

7. What types of play and exercise are most beneficial to the body and mind?

AH-SG 54.3

8. In the light of the counsel given, what should be our policy regarding television and radio programs in our homes?

AH-SG 54.4

9. Make some practical suggestions of wholesome entertainment for children in the home while the mother is working, and for ways in which our homes can be made attractive so that our young people will find their pleasure in them and be happy to invite their friends.

AH-SG 54.5

E. Think on these things: AH-SG 54.6

1. “They [office workers] . . . should often devote a day wholly to recreation with their families.” (495:4.) AH-SG 54.7

2. “God loves to make the youth happy.” (497:1.) AH-SG 54.8

3. Check these forms of amusement or recreation, stating “harmful,” “elevating,” or “with caution.” (498-503.)
a. Dancing
b. Card playing
c. Chess, checkers
d. Horse racing
c. Lotteries
f. Prize fights
g. Liquor drinking
h. Tobacco using
I. Gymnastics
j. Playing ball
k. Family outings in rural surroundings
l. Social gatherings
AH-SG 54.9

4. List some of the effects of amusements such as card playing and dancing.

AH-SG 54.10

5. Define true recreation; worldly amusement. (512:1, 2.)

AH-SG 54.11

6. In what ways does Satan use the desire for pleasure to ensnare men and women? (521:1, 2.)

AH-SG 54.12

7. What other evil effects are caused by this lure of pleasure? (522:1.)

AH-SG 54.13

8. Why should the mother, as far as possible, keep the small children of the family with her in the room where she is working? (527:1.)
AH-SG 54.14