The Adventist Home -- Study Guide


Section XVI — The home and its social relationships

Date __________ AH-SG 49.1

A. Read pages 455-490. AH-SG 49.2

B. Check your knowledge: AH-SG 49.3

1. Complete: “Every want He has implanted He provides to _______________; every faculty imparted He seeks to __455:1_________.” (455:1.) AH-SG 49.4

2. Complete: “Everyone will find ____________________ or make them.” (455:3.) AH-SG 49.5

3. Complete: “This association may be a ___________________ or a ________.” (455:5.) AH-SG 49.6

4. What three things decide the question of the usefulness of our youth in this life and of their future destiny? (455:4.)

AH-SG 49.7

5. Name two Biblical examples of tragic consequences resulting from unwise associations. (460:1, 2.)

AH-SG 49.8

6. True or false:
a. If children hear religion slurred and the faith belittled, if they hear sly objections to the truth, these things will fasten in their minds and mold their characters. (461:1.)
b. We can safely center our affections on world-loving relatives. (462:1.)
c. Since youth fear ridicule, they should not be allowed to have companions who ridicule that which is pure and holy. (463:1.)
d. Children should be taught to do nothing before strangers that they would not do before their parents or would be ashamed of before Christ and the holy angels. (463:3.)
e. If it is unavoidable for our youth to be placed among those who are impure and intemperate, He will give them strength to resist temptation as He did Daniel and his associates. (464:1.)
AH-SG 49.9

7. In which of these circumstances should parental care be exercised?
a. In the coming and going of the young people. (466:4.)
b. Being out after dark. (467:1.)
c. In the choice of companions. (467:2.)
d. Visiting friends away from home. (470:2.)
AH-SG 49.10

8. Complete: “Do not permit ____________ children to go into the streets after nightfall.” (467:1.) AH-SG 49.11

9. Complete: “Every ____________ and _____________ should be called to account if absent from home at _________.” (468:3.) AH-SG 49.12

10. Complete: “Permit them to form no ___________________ until you are assured that it will do them no harm.” (469:1.) AH-SG 49.13

11. Complete: “It is _____________ to allow children . . . to visit at a distance, unaccompanied by their parents.” (470:2.) AH-SG 50.1

12. Name three things children should be taught to do on their birthdays. (473​, 474.)

AH-SG 50.2

13. Name ways in which Thanksgiving Day can be made true to its name. (474, 475.)

AH-SG 50.3

14. Complete: “The desire for amusement, instead of being quenched and arbitrarily ruled down, should be _____________.” (478:3.) AH-SG 50.4

15. Name two examples of youth who as a result of their good training did a great work for God. (484, 485.) AH-SG 50.5

16. Complete: “We are under sacred __________________ with God to rear our children for His __________________.” (484:1.) AH-SG 50.6

17. Complete: “God’s purpose for the __________________ growing up beside our hearths is wider, deeper, higher, than our restricted ____________________ has comprehended.” (484:2.) AH-SG 50.7

18. Complete: “Children are the younger members of the Lord’s family. They should be led to ___________________ themselves to God, whose they are by __________________ and by _____________________.” (485, 486.) AH-SG 50.8

C. Rate your sociability: Christian ____ Cordial _____ Possessive _____ Worldly _____ AH-SG 50.9

1. With whom are you the most sociable? _______________
AH-SG 50.10

2. With whom are you the least sociable? ________________
AH-SG 50.11

D. Discuss with others: AH-SG 50.12

1. Should Christian sociability be cultivated? (457:3.)

AH-SG 50.13

2. Is it wise to expose children and youth to harmful associates? (467:2.)

AH-SG 50.14

3. How do we choose associates for our children?

AH-SG 50.15

4. How do we choose associates for our youth?

AH-SG 50.16

5. What answer should be given to those who say that in keeping your children at home you unfit them to know how to conduct themselves in the world? (470:4.)

AH-SG 50.17

6. What cautions should be exercised and what liberties can safely be given to our youth in regard to their social life?

AH-SG 50.18

7. What balance should be preserved with regard to holidays? (472:1.)

AH-SG 51.1

8. Name some appropriate Christmas gifts. (479:1-3.)

AH-SG 51.2

9. What specific dangers connected with the Christmas season as celebrated by the world does Sister White point out? (478, 480.)

AH-SG 51.3

10. What recommendation does Sister White make concerning Christmas trees and evergreens? (482:1-3.)

AH-SG 51.4

11. How can
(a) the parents in the home,
(b) the church,
(c) the church school, train children for missionary work? (487, 489.)
AH-SG 51.5

12. What can families do for communities that are in darkness and error? (488, 489.)

AH-SG 51.6

E. Think on these things. AH-SG 51.7

1. If I associate with people of questionable morals, I will soon be walking in the same path. AH-SG 51.8

2. “It is impossible to overestimate the importance for this world and the next of the associations we choose for ourselves and, more especially, for our children.” (459:3.) AH-SG 51.9

3. How necessary is it that my child have the right company, adopt right principles, and form right habits? (466:3.)

AH-SG 51.10

4. How can I make holidays a pleasant and happy time for my child? (476:2, 3.)

AH-SG 51.11

5. List ways mentioned in which children and youth can do missionary work.

AH-SG 51.12

6. When will children do a great work for God under the leading of the Holy Spirit? (489:2.)

AH-SG 51.13

F. Name one social contact you can make this week that will help someone heavenward.

AH-SG 51.14