EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Work - Works


Work, and pray, and pray and work 2SM 370

as though this were last day granted you 5T 200

for God where His providence shall call MH 149

go to, brethren ChS 15

God cannot, through people who make no effort WM 316

God does, with man’s efforts 4T 67

God will, in manner very much out of common order TM 300

healthfully CH 37

in harmony with your prayers 5T 714

it is not you that, the Spirit 6T 57

man must, with human power aided by Christ 4T 32-3

men must, to gain eternal life WM 316

parents should teach children how to CG 124

Spirit must, in human agent 6T 396

in you 6T 57

youth should be educated to 3T 150

Worker, Workers

Worker, Workers, Bible See Bible worker

careless or indolent, God is displeased with COL 333

common, at Nazareth Christ wore garb of MH 399-400

day, evangelistic work in England for Ev 416

diligent, true glory and joy of life are found only by 6T 180

educational See Educational worker

efficient and well-informed, God would have us be COL 333

employer should pay, full wages 2SG 236

faithful Christian, angels stand by side of MH 477

faithfulness of, is measured by results of his work COL 84

faithfully giving employer time for which he receives pay has right to his own time thereafter 5T 563

God wants, having talent and good minds 5T 581

gospel See Gospel worker

humble, God is familiar with experience and work of AA 134

to whom God gives divine assistance COL 354

institutional See Institutional worker

lazy, children who will grow up to be CG 122-3

most trustworthy, faithful, and efficient, in workshop ML 157

naturally slow, should train themselves to work more quickly CS 269

poor, shunned by rabbis as unclean MH 34

pub.-house See Publishing-house worker

rude cottage of, lighted up by gospel truth CS 162

sanitarium See Sanitarium worker

some, become egotistical, critical, and harsh GW 144

stereotyped in wrong course of action, duty of FE 316

together with God, what it means to be CSW 120-1

work of, is not small or unimportant FE 107

young, who are content with small efforts 6T 419


abuse heaped on, for adhering to Bible religion TDG 60:5

acceptable, by allowing sanctifying truth to mold life TDG 234:6

accusations against, need to be answered 3SM 348:1

acquaintance with other, in groups for study and prayer TDG 11:4

active and constant, Christ was TMK 43:4, 155:2

active, need encouragement; God approves improvement TDG 345:5


are called; not just the commanding officers RC 251:3

Christians are to be, bearing fruit TDG 370:2

in church to be; but natural traits to be subdued TDG 234:6

kinds of, needed by God TMK 323:4

may learn to be, regardless of their occupation PM 273:1

angels waiting to prepare TMK 349:4

appearance (your best) before other HP 230:5

aptitude of, testifies to God’s glory TDG 32:5

assistance for humble, who respond God’s call CME 26:1

attaching to themselves people that will agree with them UL 85:5

attachments (courtship) between, lessens devotion PM 74:1

becoming, in overcoming by grace RC 346:4

best in service expected from, by Christ TDG 161:2

blamed; avoid making accusations true LHU 323:3


for, who warn people of the day of the Lord PM 281:3

on pioneering RY 25:3

call for, FLB 247:4; UL 354:3

from poverty and obscurity UL 372:6

response to, brings understanding to message TDG 195:6

to represent the blessing of higher education TDG 168:5

carefulness of, giving all for success of the work PM 85:1

character of God represented by PM 127:2

characters of,

built solidly when Holy Spirit controls RC 273:2

for usefulness and hardness 2MCP 665:2

God honored by principles and; not by large buildings PM 190:1


to be, not idlers in the Lord’s vineyard OHC 221:5

trained at home to join parents as RC 169:6


by God, not always considered talented UL 186:2

for willingness to work unselfishly for God OHC 191:5


a constant HP 213:2

and Holy Spirit to mold UL 286:4

fortifies, against self-esteem OHC 315:4

invites us to become, with Him UL 113:7

spent evenings with, who worked during the day UL 330:2

Christian principle to be followed by PM 85:1

Christ’s love in fulness longed for by, with Him HP 28:3

church sympathies and prayers for TDG 326:4

cities to be worked by companies of CME 13:4

closeness to the Lord needed by LHU 263:2

comforted by story of Cornelius; heaven near earth TDG 342:5

common, Christ descended to life of TMK 362:3

compassion of Christ for others sought by HP 287:5

completeness of, by improvement in character and ability TDG 208:4

concentration of,

in a few places CME 10:6

qualified ones needed in many places PM 144:0

confederacy of, (union) for higher wages PM 148:0

confidence in,

hurt by talk about his failings 1MCP 178:3

necessary to reach and elevate others OHC 260:3

withheld by hearing words VSS 146:1

confidence of, in God, as a trusting child LHU 343:6

conscientious, protected from deception TDG 199:3

consecration of, PM 74:1

brings experience for success TDG 72:4

directed by Christ; avoid strife 2MCP 498:3

expect, for continued employment PM 59:1

eyes, ears, words and attitudes PM 60:0

humility and, God shows Himself through TMK 88:4

in large and small duties PM 85:0

in view of San Francisco area fires PM 178

inspired to work from God’s viewpoint TDG 65:3

reveal love to those working under God TMK 323:4

so unbelievers to be temporary PM 77:1

construction, instruction from the Word of God to help TDG 29:6

control of, by the Spirit of Christ SW 76:2

conversion of, needed, RC 114:3

after reaction to harsh management PM 132:2

converted ones are OHC 223:4; TDG 33:4

cooperation of,

when instructors gain their confidence PM 259:5

with Christ PM 94:3

counsel among, balances strengths and weaknesses TDG 154:2

counseling together for unity is good; one man not to control 1MCP 263:1


and censure among LHU 225:4

wrong when God has accepted 3SM 344:1

danger in employing any but strictly moral PM 72:5


respect for; their errors not to be reproduced RY 26:4

writings of, to be reprinted against errors RY 21:2

deceived ones finally found fighting against TDG 265:2

devotion of, blessings promised for doing job well PM 104:2

differences among, grieves the Spirit of God RC 277:3

difficulties and unbelief faced by TDG 31:5

disaffected, false statements made by, against Ellen White 3SM 349:0

disciplined to prepare for appointed places HP 229:2

dismissal of, See Employment, termination of

divine power for; strive to enter in FW 48:1; NL 35:2

duty to arouse, to watch and seek souls TDG 100:3

education of other, telling what Jesus has done TDG 370:2

efficient, God planned to make, of letter recipient TDG 166:3

eleventh hour, come out of world and other churches 3SM 387:0

erring mortals chosen as; they can help other humans LHU 225:6

errors of, meekness in dealing with PM 136:1

experience of, (precious); God’s presence felt PM 43:3


not pushed aside by younger ones RY 32:3

positions of trust to be given to PM 79:1

respect for RY 34

testimony of, as of John the Revelator RY 123:2

failure of many as, by acting like God depended on them FW 27:1

fair treatment to be felt by, or mind will be corroded PM 94:3

faith and principle needed in; danger in future PM 63:1


appreciated by God RC 52

Christ loves to commend HP 182:4

described UL 186


calls for; light to be shared UL 76:5

calls for true UL 49:3

is the efficiency of UL 81:2

Great Controversy publication could have changed PM 355:0

hardships of, rest needed when feeling LHU 263:3

haven of rest awaiting FLB 248:3

health of, atmosphere of friction endangers TDG 54:2

hearts of, alienated by suspicion and unbelief UL 114:2

help sent to, in new fields TDG 107:3

helpless without God UL 128:3

holiness in, seeking to save LHU 358:4

honesty and faithfulness to be taught to PM 259:2

honor, as laborers with Him TDG 78:3

honored as, (co-workers) with Jesus TMK 63:3

house-to-house, needed UL 58:2

human, not alone TMK 330:4


are God’s jewels included in the great multitude TMK 123:3

encouragement for,

and training TDG 227:4

they are saved by grace TDG 115:6

learning of Christ stand closest to Him in heaven UL 186:6

light should not be made of TDG 345:4

promote welfare of Israel TDG 32:3

to be recognized and appreciated UL 186:5

used to bless others UL 354:4

will be taught of God FLB 138:4

humility in others should not be the object of TDG 35:6

imperfections of, seen; impartial view needed TMK 182:6

improvement of, in character and ability TDG 208:4

independence not good for God’s TDG 125:2

influence of,

in institutions calls for attention PM 72:5

to be all for Christ RC 219:2

institution to be helped by; most money not to be object PM 105:1


to be Christians; far-reaching influence PM 53:2

to be pure, clean and holy HP 182:3

instructors to gain confidence of; problems avoided PM 259:5

integrity lost by, in joining other workers in evil PM 151:1

intellect potential unimproved by many 1MCP 101:3

interests of, to be guarded; authors to have royalties PM 234:0


of, to be submitted to God’s judgment PM 83:2

of unseen acts of RY 153:0

passed on faithful TDG 172:3

kindness with all, to be cultivated PM 230:2

lawyers and legal documents used by, abhorrent to God 3SM 303:3

leading of God accepted as, with Him TDG 122:3

learners in the school of Christ RC 297:2

led by God, caution about replacing UL 116:3

lessons for,

if consecrated PM 53:2

in the experience of the seventy TDG 113:2

liberality in dealing with; inspire confidence PM 94:2

library for, to have Ellen White books PM 345:2

light, (possessors of) to remember that they are TDG 325:5

lives of, mercifully spared in Review and Herald fire PM 170:3

long-suffering, kind, merciful, tender TMK 122:2

love revealed in, while giving gospel TDG 297:5

lower class, accepted if consecrated SW 16:4

measured by their fruit not their education AG 67:7

medical, curing disease of both mind and body is task of 2MCP 408:1

meetings for, depression not to be brought to 2MCP 492:2

ministers to encourage, when visiting the office PM 136:2

mistakes of, healing for RC 242:4

mistreatment perceived by, never forgotten PM 94:3

money needed by, to succeed UL 360:4

motive for, not to be applause TDG 227:3

moving of UL 171:5

Nebuchadnezzar’s last dream has lessons for CC 253:2

need for, UL 79:3

one hundred, where now there is one (1897) PM 324:5

seeking souls; Satan blocks light 3SM 389:3

where people do not know the truth UL 58:2

who do not expect wages in this world TMK 330:2

with spirit of self-denial TDG 349:5

need to appreciate God’s work HP 182:3

needs can be seen by, with help of God OHC 298:4

new, not to join evil now being done in the institution PM 151:1

none in a state to realize we must be as TDG 100:3

objects of, corrupted sinners not to be special RC 242:2


childish behavior in RY 75

churches need encouragement and corrections of RY 38:2

errors to be spoken against by RY 21:2

influence of (at age 68) RY 43:1

mellow in spirit and labor RY 42:3

relationship of, to the work RY 13

respect for, RY 34:3, 38:1

who sacrificed to establish the work PM 79:3

service required of RY 31:1

to share experience without being sacrificed TDG 363:5

tribute to, after meeting some of them again RY 16

truth defended in past experiences recounted by RY 32:0

usefulness of RY 31

young men link with, for strength RY 31:2

young workers to be encouraged by, not disparaged RY 48:2

open to God’s good pleasure TDG 35:6

opinions of other, are important for anyone LHU 309:5


blending with TDG 125:2

efficiency of, to be increased OHC 43:3

God sees how we treat UL 87:6

interest in, to be the same as for self TDG 365:4

preference to rights of PM 72:1

rejoice in success of, as God is glorified TDG 125:4

relation of, to the cause, Edson to consider TDG 154:3

respect to be shown to; (letter to administrator) TDG 270:3

unfaithfulness proved in, before treating them so TDG 270:2

participants in God’s work, to come close to Him TDG 209:2

patience and humility in successful HP 328:4

Pattern provided for TDG 30:2

pleasure of, faithfulness in the sacred work (printing) PM 120:1

policy for, one man not to control, for canvassing work PM 258:1

positions for, not to be judged by themselves UL 128:6


is source of greatest strength for TDG 53:3

requesting quality work by, suggested TDG 374:5

with, when correction is needed PM 136:3

preparation of God’s people as, in preparing others 3SM 283:1

presence of angels to be sensed by; thoughts restrained PM 43:3


(false) proposed to, by evil angels PM 71:0

uplifting, to be hungered for by PM 71:3

privilege of being shielded to be realized by TDG 53:4

probation for unbelieving PM 77:1


efficiency to be improved in; they may be transferred to other countries PM 120:2

God’s supervision needed by PM 53:3

qualifications for, for publications office PM 70:1

“quickly” (admonition) needed by many; time is short PM 280:2

reasoning of, from cause to effect desired by God RC 159:3

receive more than they give TDG 80:3

reflect spirit of Christ if earnest followers of truth OHC 260:3

relate like parts in a machine, depending on Christ HP 287:3

reproved by God, through His Word PM 70:0


for other, which each would want for himself 2MCP 424:0

to be shown to HP 230:4

responsibility given to, ability to be proved before PM 79:1

responsible, minds prepared by Satan to work against TDG 312:2

restricted, spirit of the Saviour needed in helping TDG 345:6

restricting, who might fill an important position TDG 345:5

retired, counsel and influence of, needed RY 17:2


according to spirit of action UL 186:2

for unselfishness SW 60:2

sacredness of publishing house not sensed by PM 42:4

salvation sought by some, with own effort; faith lacking TDG 266:5

sanctification of,

depending on Him for counsel TDG 32:5

realizing greatness of the work CME 20:4

Satan imbues minds to work against TDG 312:2

secular, as accountable to God as ministers are OHC 194:3

seen sinking but then they rise higher TDG 352:7


cherishing, God has no use for PM 132:3

may be seen by, as necessary to advance God’s cause OHC 315:3

selfishness among,

God does not accept, as laborers with Him PM 72:2

is contagious PM 70:2

separation of, from friends for association with God HP 330:3

servant bearing cares and responsibilities TDG 208:4

simple, wanting most to do God’s will, enter heaven TMK 123:3

sin by experienced TSB 244:1

sorrow of, felt by Jesus; dwell on His love TDG 191:3

souls of youth in office to be a concern of PM 91:1

soured by kingly authority of publishing house managers PM 132:2


of Christ needed by 2MCP 428:1

of, like Christ’s in coming to our world PM 242:3

of repentance and sacrifice in PM 111:2

of sacrifice lost by; grasping for higher wages PM 111:3

of Satan before his fall in many PM 71:1

Spirit of God,

and His converting power to be realized by PM 72:4

to imbue; Satan’s attributes to be absent PM 60:0


faculties for success in, not cultivated 1MCP 103:3

life in, spreads to others 1MCP 186:0

work for, to be done with cheerfulness PM 93:3

steadfast in faith UL 151:2


for, to come from the Review PM 225:3

from another, even if some miles away PM 294:3

success of,

depends on time with God HP 83:4

when world has been overcome SW 28:2

temptation of,

to be diverted (in Nashville) PM 193:2

to be guarded against PM 108:4

tenderheartedness expected of, by God PM 139:2

termination of, See Employment, termination of

testimony of early, in present truth to be prominent PM 31:2

thorough, God requires you to be TDG 20:2

thoughts of, unholy PM 135:1

thousand more, if God’s people would deny self, etc. RC 218:3

time of, taken to help professed believers TDG 325:3

to sense being a part of a great whole TDG 154:4

training of,

cheerfulness in PM 93:3

Christ to be in those involved with PM 92:0

(in publishing house) to represent God PM 173:1

treatment of,

apprentice as part of the firm PM 94:3

as inanimate objects PM 244:2

trial and temptations of, other workers to help in time of PM 109:0

trifling matters of, instead of preaching the gospel VSS 335:1

trusting humbly in God will share Christ’s joy HP 68:6


and righteousness in lives of TDG 355:4

overlooked by PM 205:1

seen by; God anoints him with heavenly eyesalve OHC 315:3

unbelievers controlling; wrong principles born PM 71:2

unfaithfulness of,

registered in the books of heaven TMK 93:4

to wife and honesty, employed by Ellen White TSB 214

union between, as close as between Christ and the Father UL 366:3

united, TDG 78:6

difficult, but required; (harmony) TDG 35:3

in busy world field; (harmony); (1888) 3SM 166:2

inseparably TDG 253:2

with highest authorities in heaven TDG 320:2

unlearned, given wisdom UL 186:3

unselfish, not needing to be carried RC 201:7

usefulness of,

determined by words and attitude VSS 47:2

wife would have increased, for Andrews RY 114:0; TSB 35:1

valuable, God prepares humble people to be UL 116:6

volunteer, See Volunteers

wages of,

are God’s money; luxuries to be avoided PM 105:1

employees are to have a voice in adjusting PM 244:1

well-being of, publishing house managers responsible for PM 132:1

wholehearted, God blesses TDG 26:6

whole-souled, needed in these time TDG 289:2

with God,

duty of UL 275:5

here, fitting for higher work and joy in heaven HP 239:4

service of mercy by HP 238:2

Word of God to be relied on by PM 109:1

words of,

and actions seen by heaven TDG 13:2

to be a blessing; angels are present TDG 29:6

work to be seen by, as part of the great whole TMK 323:4


burden to be shifted to RY 72:2

inexperienced, positions of trust are not for PM 79:1

to be educated by those with experience TDG 363:5

See also Apprentices

youth to fill places of retiring TDG 190:3


correct mistakes of, but do not discourage RC 242:4

not only ones to enter heaven TMK 123:3

See also God, messengers of; God, servants of; God, workers with; Gospel, workers for; Instruments; Ministers; Servants; Subordinates

Work for God

Work for God, do not wait for great occasions or expect extraordinary abilities in order to do 3T 247

earnest and solemn, for everyone to do while time lasts 5T 71

special place designated on earth where we are to do COL 327

Work healthfully

Work healthfully to preserve health CD 85

Workhouse, Workhouses

Workhouse, Workhouses, laws favoring sale of liquor crowd, with paupers and criminals GW 386; Te 205


Working, eating without, Christian who tried to live by SC 80-1

for God, new victories by 3T 436

whether sowing or reaping DA 192

laws of health violated by some people in MH 227

lose no minutes by talking when you should be Ev 653

manner of, correct your 2T 60

mechanically, persons given to TM 451

praying and, position of God’s people is 2SM 97

regular hours needed for MM 79

right habits of, educate children in CD 391

ways and means of, ready and willing people find ChS 171

wrong habits of, begin at once to correct 1T 466

many people ignorant of relation of, to health 4aSG 134


out for others what the Holy Spirit works in TMK 236:4

out what God works in is growing in grace OHC 72:4

Working class

Working class, succumbs more readily to disease than does the intellectual 3T 157

Workingman, Workingmen

Workingman, Workingmen, all who toil with head or hands are 4T 590

attracted by public house with its brilliant lights Te 24-5

bear responsibilities with faith and hope CT 279

mental exercise needed by 3T 157

needs more food than inactive one 2T 413

see something great and good in life CT 279

with dependent family, can spend little time at home 1T 376

Workingmen’s home

Workingmen’s home, in San Francisco WM 112

Workman, Workmen

Workman, Workmen, be, instead of spectator 2T 568

Christ was perfect as DA 72; FE 418

common, Christ wore garb of CT 276

duty of, to employers MYP 228

God has His, in every age 6T 332

God’s: afflictions are 3T 115

all experiences and circumstances are, whereby good comes MH 489

Christians are TM 184

trials are 6BC 1099; MB 10; 1T 706; 3T 115

God’s work continues when His, are laid aside 7T 298

heavenly intelligences co-operating with, instance of PK 62

humble, God is cognizant of daily employment of SR 284

labor of: care-taking and thoroughness should characterize MYP 230

faithfulness and economy should characterize MYP 230

principles that should govern 3T 25

tact and method needed in FE 316

master, illustration of 3T 242-3

motives that should inspire MYP 229

pay, just wages 2SG 247

religion of, judged by way he does his daily work 4T 310-1

should care for employer’s property MYP 228

should improve their time MYP 228

thorough, known by perfection of his work 1T 442

unprofitable, man who is FE 316

who give minimum of effort for highest wages MYP 229

who neither preserves self-respect nor wins respect of others Ed 222

Work of God

Work of God, advancement of, it becomes us to use all our capabilities and gifts for 9T 227

wealthy souls will be brought into truth and give of their means for 9T 101

all obstructions to advancement of, God can remove 8T 10

all parts of, are carried on Christ’s heart 7T 298

all should feel special interest in sustaining 1T 638

all who are truly engaged in, will have decided message to bear 8T 9

beginning is essential to, before any progress can be made LS 298

begun in feebleness and obscurity has continued to increase and strengthen LS 195

branches of, no division to be made in MM 237

various, we are accountable to God for forwarding CS 56

burden bearers in, must not be rash, self-confident, or selfish 9T 264

burden of responsibility in, finite beings are not left to carry MB 121; PK 176; 5T 753

calls for men of lofty integrity 3T 25

can be accomplished: only by whole church acting under Christ’s guidance and power 8T 47

without man’s aid if He so chooses 5T 736

can be carried on if we act no part in it CS 199

can never advance as it should unless we become active and zealous workers 3T 389

carry forward, with thoroughness and exactness AA 96

center of, sound and healthy working power needed at 5T 721

vigorous heartbeats from, should be felt in all parts of body of believers 5T 721

character is to be given to, by maintaining true standard of religious principles with Christlikeness of character 7T 92

church members should support AA 335-6

cold and formal and unbelieving way in which some do, is offense to Spirit 9T 273

commenced in healthy manner will make steady and substantial gain LS 298

different departments of, different qualifications are needed for 5T 184

different lines of, should sustain one another MM 250

different workers and instrumentalities are needed in GW 481; 8T 170, 174, 190; 9T 145-7

divine care for 5T 749-54

do not push forward one line of, without regard to other lines 6T 293

does not depend on self-exalted men DA 436

does not stop because self-exalted men are removed from it DA 436

economy is needed in every department of 5T 400

every branch of, is to have recognition 8T 170

must be conducted in most thorough and systematic way 6T 191

exalted nature of, as compared with temporal business 3T 449

extends over all earth today AA 337-8

failure of the human to co-operate with the divine hinders 6T 437-8

false friends of, enemies most to be feared are PK 658

find more pleasure than hardship in SC 103

for this time is most in need of faith graced with humility CW 108

fresh impetus needs to be given to CW 31

general features of, there is to be no change in 6T 17

give God a chance to use men’s minds in TM 303

given to His people to do He is able to accomplish by them 2T 122

God could send means from heaven to carry on 1T 174

God desires to see, carried forward in many places 6T 330

God has entrusted His people with sufficient means to advance, without embarrassment 1T 197

God has ordained that men should be His instruments in doing 1T 174

God in His providence is preparing way so that, may be done by His agents 9T 260

God requires His people to advance 1T 197

God will make possessors of property willing to donate means to 9T 272

God’s care for 5T 749-54

God’s messengers must not feel that, is dependent on them PK 176

God’s part of, man cannot do 7T 298

goes hard and slow in beginning LS 298

guardians of, must ever make God’s will and way prominent 9T 264

He who slumbers not will carry forward PK 176

health of, depends on faithfulness of men appointed to carry out God’s will in churches 9T 264

health-reform work is branch of 1T 635

heart of, missionaries needed at 4T 194

Satan brings his power to bear most strongly at 4T 194

human power did not establish and cannot destroy 7T 170

human power must be united with power of heavenly intelligences in order to hasten 7T 298

humanity can originate nothing in COL 418

humble men will be used to do ML 59

idler is hindrance to people who are trying to do 5T 394

importance of, danger of not realizing 9T 57-8

in new territories is to be carried forward to successful accomplishment GW 456

instruments to do, we are only 5T 626

is: His and not ours 5T 626

kept back because some believers appropriate to themselves means that should be dedicated to His service CS 54

one work 6T 292

open and frank TM 274

perfect whole because perfect in all its parts MYP 144; 4T 543

sacred 3T 25

same in all time Ed 50; PP 373

under Christ’s supervision 7T 298

world-wide GW 244

years behind 9T 29

is not to bear man’s image and superscription DA 182

is to: become increasingly sacred to His people 9T 264

increase in full strength, purity, and holiness CM 154

prepare a people for second advent 4T 601

stand on its own merits CT 528

widen and broaden until it encircles world 7T 15

is to be carried forward as He prepares way 9T 273

it is disgrace to allow, to be done in defective and inaccurate way 5T 553

judgment and wisdom of man rather than of God has too often guided and controlled 5T 11

labor to build up, in many places 7T 91

large interests of, men having little experience in things of God should not control LS 321

leaders of, Satan excites jealousy and dissatisfaction toward 5T 672

let God work by whom He will in TM 303

let no day pass without doing something to advance PK 221

let no one overtax his God-given powers in effort to advance, more rapidly 7T 298

let there by no separation in CH 557

look upon, as sacred and holy 5T 574

man needs divine power to do DA 296-7

men preparing for ministry in, right kind of education needed by 5T 584

men who try to plan, so they can embrace it in their arms LS 208-9

many places where, does not have proper showing 8T 38

many-sided men are needed in GW 119

means could be saved for advancing, by acts of self-denial 9T 157

means greatly needed to carry on, device of enemy to consume or tie up CS 243

money in God’s treasury is to be used in building up, all over world GW 454-6

motives which prompt action give character to 4T 377

much haphazard work has been done in 6T 337

must be free from everything like impurity and uncleanness 2T 612

must not be: continually embarrassed with debt 7T 206

divided work MM 237

must not stop for a want of means CS 40

narrowing down, danger of GW 382

needs of, each believer should do his part in supplying CS 114

neither wicked men nor devils can hinder MYP 133

never take action to narrow and circumscribe, unless Spirit moves you to do so TM 299-300

no haphazard work should be done in TM 319

no liberty is given to bring commonness into 9T 264

no man can succeed in, who opposes light of health reform CH 562

object of, in world is man’s redemption DA 285

obstacles to advancement of, will appear 8T 10

offerings made to carry forward, self-denying efforts needed to increase 9T 55

only way in which, can be brought to perfection 7T 298

organized, tokens of loyalty of Gentile converts to AA 399

our responsibility to advance, to utmost of our ability CS 35

people who do, are to be spiritual 4T 602

persons desiring to give themselves to, need education and training for it GW 73

persons trained in deficient habits have brought deficiency into 6T 337

power of man cannot hasten 7T 298

prosperity of, Christ dwelling in us is essential to 4T 290

purposes of evil men to hinder, God will thwart MB 121

quick, to be done by cutting it short in righteousness EW 50

relying too largely on what man’s talents and ability can do in, danger of DA 370

revenue of, voluntary offerings and tithes constitute AA 74

rich fool in parable represents people who do nothing to advance COL 266

room in, for all men filled with spirit of self-sacrifice MYP 208

sacredness of GW 20-3

same subjection to, should be seen in our lives that was seen in Christ’s 8T 47

Satan desires to hinder GC 464

Satan works to utmost of his power to counterfeit PP 334

should be a unit MM 237

should be going forward with tenfold its present strength and efficiency CS 54

some ministers fail to succeed because they do not give their undivided interest to GW 382

speedy preparation for doing, God’s people need CT 404-19

Spirit’s influence is needed in order that, may be properly balanced and move forward solidly in every line 6T 291

strongest plans made by enemies against, God can overthrow 8T 10

success in, divine power gives MB 121; PK 176

success of, depends much on vigilant miss. work 4T 602

take your hands off, and do not hold it fast in your grasp TM 303

time has come for, to be enlarged 8T 38

too limited ideas of, are entertained LS 208

too narrow views of, danger of taking 2T 669

training in, importance of FE 107-12

trusting in numbers in, mistake of DA 370

ultimate success of, no man can prevent PK 645

unity in, importance of 6T 235-42

unnecessary and expensive undertakings in, deprive His people of means of providing facilities for it 7T 90-1

vast territories open for, where light of truth has never penetrated 5T 203

we are not doing one twentieth part of what God requires us to do in 5T 11

we feel too much care, trouble, and perplexity in 5T 753

when, will move forward with solidity and double strength MM 185

why worry about? 7T 298

will advance onward and onward till whole earth is warned PK 224

will be victorious 5T 571

will go forward whether we advance with it or not 5T 571

workers lacking respect for sacred things should be separated from 4T 590

you are not the only man whom God will use in TM 303

See also Cause of God; Gospel work

Work out

Work out, what God works in 3T 381


Workroom angels as unseen visitors in 4T 590


1. Faith and

2. Good

3. Miscellaneous


1. Faith and

are two oars to be used equally WM 316

child training must combine CG 66

go together 1SM 373, 398

must be united in forming symmetrical character 1SM 139

must go hand in hand in relieving the afflicted 1T 561

not dissevered 6T 441

parents must combine CG 25

should correspond 1T 123, 416; 3T 79; 5T 533

subject of, how to present 1SM 377-82

relationship between SC 59-64; 1SM 377-82; 1T 620

in keeping Ten Commandments 4T 58

in overcoming sin 4T 32-3

in plan of salvation 1SM 375-6

many people fail to understand PP 153

See also Co-operation; Effort; Faith

2. Good

accomplished through Spirit MB 80

alone, cannot save anyone 3T 526; 4T 228

amount of, reward will not be according to CS 341

appear where faith is 1SM 398

are fruit of: Christian living 4T 80

faith 5BC 1122; 1SM 397

Spirit’s working 5T 644

as evidence that a person is in way of life 1SM 368

basis on which God rewards WM 316

be careful to maintain 6BC 1111

be rich in, if you would secure immortal life 4T 481

cannot be done: by human agent alone CH 507

in strength of man’s sinful nature 5BC 1122

cannot be presented as plea for salvation 5BC 1122

Christ taught necessity of DA 607

Christ’s grace is to be wrought out in COL 384

Christ’s life an example of 1T 505

Christ’s love in heart springs up in PP 412

Christian cannot be victor without 4T 89

Christian cannot trust in SC 57

Christian is to bless others by 7T 54

Christian’s life should reveal ML 111

Christian’s light is displayed in SD 267

compared to precious stones as building material PK 410

conflict between, and man’s natural feelings and propensities 6T 262-3

cost sacrifice 6T 262

crowd all, you possibly can into this life 5T 488

deception re 1T 294

dependent on power outside of man COL 160; MH 455; 8T 316

discipline provided by 6T 262

do not be afraid of 2T 29; WM 97

do not depend on your 1SM 328

do not purchase God’s love COL 283

do not trust at all to your 1SM 353-4

done to Christ in relieving His suffering people 1T 679

double blessing of MH 257

benefiting both giver and receiver MH 257

efficiency for doing, Christ supplies MYP 35

essential to perfection of righteous character 4T 294

evidence of faith that acts by love and purifies soul DA 314

faith should be prolific of 4T 145

faith which does not lead to, Satan not disturbed by EW 227

flow out from Christian life like fountain fed from living streams SD 267

fruitful in, holiness leads its possessor to be SD 10; 2T 445

how your life can be SL 83

genuine faith will be manifested in 1SM 397

God enables believer to work 1SM 375

God gives men grace to perform 5BC 1122

God has always demanded 6BC 1071; 1SM 343

God has ordained that, shall be rewarded 5BC 1122

God requires, of His people 4T 228

God’s law demands 6BC 1071; 1SM 343

God’s ledger devoted to 4T 386

God’s love not purchased by COL 283

God’s word in soul manifests itself in COL 60

good fruits manifested in 2T 24

holiness not attained by 7BC 908

how God works, in His people SC 63

in winning souls are carried to heaven COL 266

incense of, should ascend to heaven CS 223

influence of, more powerful than that of words 2T 443; WM 298

inward piety must shine forth in 5T 571

justification by, Pharisees believed in AA 119

life rich in, in Christ’s strength we can live 7T 225

like Cain’s offering 1SM 382

love flows out naturally to others in 4T 224

made acceptable by Christ’s merit 5BC 1122

maintain 2SM 20

in faith before God 2T 72

man cannot be saved without 1SM 377; 3T 526; 4T 228

many acts passing for, wrong motives prompt 2T 512

many people making high profession of faith are deficient in 2T 657

merit of, Christians are not to be strong in 7BC 907

mind must be trained to 2T 238

most effectual preaching that unbeliever receives 2SG 235

must go hand in hand with faith in relieving the sick 1T 561

Nicodemus prided himself on his DA 171

no person can do, apart from Christ 1SM 373

not a means of justification 6BC 1071

not one soul will be saved by 1SM 377

not one victory can be bought with 4T 89

people who call attention to their SL 12

perfection of character requires 4T 294

persons to whom, are as natural as breath 2T 465

Pharisees thought they obtained merit by DA 279

power of truth leads to 1T 188

powerless to atone for sin GC 220

pure and unselfish motives must prompt 3T 528

real goodness is manifest by bearing of fruit in 7BC 905

regarded as atonement for sin in Dark Ages GC 55; SR 332

reliance on, class who needed to be shaken from LS 181-2; 1T 665

result of: having received Christ by faith MB 87

working of God’s love 5BC 1122

reveal that Christians possess God’s love COL 283

revealed in every true believer SD 138

rewards and, relationship between CS 339-41; WM 316

rich in: deposit in bank of heaven by being 2T 241

God requires that we be 2T 159

make efforts to be 2T 31

now is time to be 3T 209

righteousness of Christ produces, from pure and unselfish motives 3T 528

salvation by: error of seeking SC 60

Jews relied on AA 15; COL 209, 390-1, 400-1

man cannot claim 5BC 1122; DA 314

people who hope for 1T 556

Roman Catholic Church taught doctrine of GC 72

Waldenses rejected doctrine of GC 73

Zwingli (Ulric) attacked doctrine of GC 175

salvation can never be purchased by DA 314

specified and recommended 1T 693

spirituality kept strong and healthy by WM 316

spontaneously done by true children of God ML 193

stony-ground hearers trust in COL 47

that glorify God 2T 443-4

that man must do for his salvation 4T 294

true motive and purpose of MB 80

urge people to be diligent in 1SM 380

valueless as means of salvation 6BC 1071; 1SM 343

when believer’s light will shine forth in 6BC 1116

without God end in self-righteousness 4T 135

words of truth and deeds of holiness as COL 416

worthless without faith in Christ 1SM 382

zealous of, be 2SM 20

hearts defiled with sin cannot be 5T 613

3. Miscellaneous

Abraham’s faith manifested by PP 153

all men will be: judged by their COL 312; 4T 386, 460

justified by faith and judged by their 4T 386

rewarded according to their GC 548; 1T 405; 3T 525; 4T 481

angels keep record of men’s 5T 268

as fruits determine character of tree 2T 685

belief in truth will have corresponding 5T 547

character of SDA faith must be shown by 2T 196

Christian’s, should not be of himself 1SM 364

Christian’s estimate of eternal things is shown by his 1T 691

Christians testify of Christ by CW 67

church’s, must accord with grace and truth given her TM 450

debt of man’s transgression cannot be liquidated by his 6BC 1071

destiny of each person is forever fixed according to COL 310

do not say that, have nothing to do with man’s standing before God 1SM 381

entrance into God’s kingdom cannot be bought by 1SM 388

entrance into heaven cannot be bought by 5BC 1098

entrance to heaven is not gained by 1SM 184

erroneous doctrine that, have nothing to do with redemption SC 60

error of ignoring, in presenting doctrine of justification by faith 2SM 20

every person will be judged according to his 5T 287

evidence of faith is given by CS 41

faith is manifested by 6BC 1073; 1T 620

faith is strengthened and perfected only by SR 289

faith must be made perfect by CS 263; 2SM 464; 1T 250, 620; 5T 644

faith must be shown by PP 279; 1T 704; 4T 592; 5T 153, 537; 6T 102; 7T 91

faith must be sustained by 1T 620; 2T 167, 657; 3T 52

faith that is not supported by 2T 161

faith will never save you unless it is justified by 2T 159

faith without, is dead 2SG 232; 1T 620; 2T 159, 657; 4T 250

ensnaring doctrine of GC 472

fatal deception re 6BC 1071

few show their faith by FE 355

forgiveness is not reward for MB 115

genuine faith sustained by, is rare CS 152; 2T 663

God will judge, according to motives prompting them GW 275

God’s people need to hear much more about 1SM 382

heathen, showing that Spirit has touched their hearts DA 638

heaven cannot be reached by DA 172

holiness cannot be attained by SC 60

holy and beneficent, conversion is attested by TM 394

how Christ will reward men according to DA 637

how profession of faith is denied by 5T 84

how Wesley (John) learned that he could not be saved by GC 255-6

impossibility of becoming holy by SC 60

in and of themselves have no merit 5BC 1122

inheritance among saints cannot be merited or purchased by MB 87

Israelites trusted to, for salvation PK 708-9

let your, praise you 2SM 222

testify that you believe truth 2SG 232

living faith is always manifested by 1T 620

love for God’s cause is shown by 1T 115

Luther (Martin) tried to obtain God’s favor through EW 222-3

Luther’s (Martin) futile attempt to secure peace by GC 123-4

man cannot be justified by 1SM 389

man is not saved by PP 279

man’s, cannot improve on path of faith GW 160

written in God’s book ChS 177

many and burdensome, Jews sought to recommend themselves to God by DA 385

many applauded, selfishness and hypocrisy prompts GW 275

many people claiming to believe God deny Him by CS 223

many people professing to love God deny Him in 2T 444; TM 451

many professed Christians’, do not correspond to name they bear CS 54

tested by light shining upon them 2T 689

meritorious: do not seek to buy heaven by 3T 173

inheritance among the redeemed is not obtained by MB 87

people who hope to earn heaven by 1T 556-7

mistake of looking to your own, in seeking harmony with God SC 59-60

must correspond to: Christian’s profession 1SM 397

faith 1T 123, 416; 3T 79; 5T 533; 9T 154

must testify to: belief in truth 1T 192

nearness of Christ’s coming 8T 244

sincerity of sympathy and love 2T 686

Noah’s faith perfected and made evident by PP 95

of Christ, Christians must work 4T 290

of faith, spiritual prosperity is proportionate to 4T 234-5

of faith and obedience, God requires GC 316

of love and compassion, hands active in DA 612

of mercy and benevolence may be done on the Sabbath WM 77

of righteousness, profession amounts to nothing without COL 313

we are enabled by faith to do DA 98

of the law, John the Baptist’s disciples hoped to be justified by DA 276

perfumed by Christ’s tenderness and love 7BC 909

persons having no, will not be saved by faith 2T 657

Peter’s question re, answer to CS 340-1

principle that man can save himself by his own, lay at foundation of every heathen religion DA 35

was made principle of Jewish religion DA 35-6

rabbis hoped to gain reward of the righteous by COL 390

religion does not consist in, but it works 7BC 935; SD 271

reward will be proportionate to COL 331

rewards will be distributed to all according to their 3T 247

righteousness of Christ includes ML 217

Roman Catholics are taught to secure God’s favor by GC 55-6, 72-3, 123

salvation and, relationship between 6BC 1071; 6T 372

salvation by: heathen religions based on principle of DA 35

Jewish religion adopted principle of DA 35-6

Luther (Martin) attacked doctrine of GC 129

principle of, leaves men with no barrier against sin DA 35-6

results of trying to earn MB 123

Satan implanted principle of DA 36

salvation can never be purchased by DA 280

salvation depends on faith made manifest in MB 149

show by, that world is not Christian’s home 1T 118

show whether faith is genuine COL 312

show your faith by CS 29

to world FE 337

some important, some people insist on being saved by performing DA 280

unselfish, happiness is proportionate to WM 302

See also Co-operation; Effort


acceptable through merit of Christ 3SM 200:2

acceptance by God is not based on 3SM 199:3

accountable for opportunities for RC 168:3

appear when conversion is in life RC 287:4


in Christ revealed by TDG 244:5

in God shown by TDG 50:5

books in judgment record TDG 278:2


abiding in soul is revealed in LHU 185:6

revealed in, TMK 133:5

as fruit shows life of vine TMK 132:2

by His follower PM 285:0

Christlike, happiness produced in others by OHC 185:3


done by His friends TDG 289:3

image (impress) must appear in HP 189:3

pattern followed for UL 117:3

righteousness instead of, does not mean slothfulness TMK 158:2

cleansing needed for, by fire of Christ’s righteousness FW 24:0

commandment keeping requires TMK 334:3

comments about, from those who hear professed teachers FW 19:1

commit, to God and leave them in His hands TMK 290:5

consistency between profession of faith and TMK 352:5

dead without faith although they never save us FW 48:3

doing, in Christ’s name while ignoring His Father’s law FW 42:1

encouragement to others and self from RC 235:3

eternal life gained by faith and NL 38:2

evil, Christ pressed by TMK 66:3


cannot exist without RC 79:4

for salvation seen in HP 130:4

is to accompany UL 249:4

perfected by HP 109:3

produces, as well as justification 3SM 195:2

shown by,

and trusts Christ for salvation FW 12:2

while trusting in Christ for salvation FW 52:2

faithfulness in daily, a worthy aim for all TMK 321:5

fruit of faith UL 346:3

fruit of love is seen in RC 79:3

fruitfulness in, through Word of God FLB 8:4


of faith and, become a blessing to us OHC 122:3

shown in, are genuine TMK 335:3

glory of God reflected in, of commandment keepers FW 59:1


not self, to be praised for RC 41:3

praised for results of your FW 87:3

godly, represent Christ UL 284:4


believers are to maintain TSB 82:2

cause praise to flow from hungering hearts UL 126:5

Christian abounds in OHC 121:4

Christ’s life filled with, our duty to copy RC 41:3

crowd all, possible into life UL 275:3

divine control seen in those who do AG 138:2

holiness leads to RC 214:8

impossible in our sinful natures 3SM 200:2

kingdom of God sought first by those doing UL 151:5

lacking in those who neglect prayer TMK 267:4

life filled with, after conversion AG 319:5

lives made fragrant by HP 46:3

parents with, diffuse religion in the home TMK 40:5

Peter learned from another opportunity to produce TMK 180:3

possible by the righteousness of Christ RC 235:2

repentance sown leads to reaping TMK 281:4

zealous of HP 339:3

See also Fruit, good; Virtues


enables; they have no merit of themselves 3SM 200:2

exercised in, is sanctification 3SM 198:4

for doing, makes the reward possible 3SM 200:3

not to be exchanged for supposed meritorious OHC 118:2

happiness from life of good 3SM 280:5

heart worked with outside power produces FW 26:2

heaven reflected by, in business transactions RC 273:4

Holy Spirit’s moving on inner man is seen in LHU 124:5

human and God’s,

combined OHC 91:5

cooperate in salvation TDG 344:3

imperfections of our best; inability to meet standard TDG 173:3

importance of,

for salvation 2MCP 694:3; TMK 115:2, 229:1

in the judgment 3SM 147

impossibility of change by, in standing before God FW 19:3

inclining to God’s will is, which are required 2MCP 757:2

influence of, for love with Christ dwelling within 2MCP 433:3

Jewish leaders denied the law by TDG 275:3

judged by, in the day of final account TDG 208:2

judgment consideration of TMK 334:2

less than nothingness FW 24:2


from, to shine following Christ’s example TDG 327:3

of Christ to be imparted in AG 124:5

reflected in TMK 336:5

shining in darkness 2MCP 783:1

to shine forth in RC 41:2

to world by OHC 296:2

love of God not purchased by, but they show it HP 128:4; TDG 244:6

merit not from,

alone OHC 122:3

no point more important FW 19:0

question about; trivial remarks FW 19:1

more needs to be said about; many are deceived FW 50:1; NL 38:1

need for; Jesus came to bring moral power 3SM 154:0

Noah’s, would have condemned world even without sermons TDG 235:2

not feelings, bear witness of us HP 131:2

obedience produces, as the fruit of faith TMK 226:4

opportunities must be accompanied by corresponding 1MCP 317:2

people of God to be patterns of FLB 304:2

perfection not attained through RC 76:5

piety in, of those abiding in Christ TMK 185:3

place of, in salvation OHC 310

privileges not matched by OHC 305:2

produced as well as consumed; cultivate the vineyard PM 83:2

quality of,

shown by our words LHU 284:7

to stand the fires of the last day OHC 369:3

reflect God’s character HP 281:5

relationship of, to salvation HP 318:4


revealed by, as a cheat for many TMK 167:2

shown by, OHC 121:5

not by sentiment TDG 25:5

result of Christ’s sin-pardoning love OHC 118:4

reward for, in becoming a blessing 3SM 200:1

rewarded according to,

character building during probation FW 43:3

in judgment FLB 213:3

righteous, lacking in some leaders UL 188:5

righteousness in us for doing God’s TSB 134:1

salvation by faith without, claimed by many FW 47:1; NL 34:1

salvation connected with HP 109:3

salvation is not by,

but faith must work TMK 229:2

but they are dead without faith FW 48:3; NL 36:1

but they are needed 3SM 147:1; TMK 334:3

partly LHU 40:3

salvation process requires continuation of 3SM 198:2

sanctification is graces of Christ in TDG 224:2

sanctified, allegiance to Christ in TMK 296:5

self reduced in learning that righteousness is not earned by FW 25:2

self-denial and faith daily confirmed by TMK 169:3

self-denying, by one who digests truth HP 139:4

sincerity of religion shown by TMK 113:2

soul temple cleansed by a religion of TDG 25:5

strength not from, but from Christ’s righteousness TMK 150:3

sunlight blessing all that live TDG 92:2

tested in coming time of peril OHC 351:6

thankfulness in committing, to God TMK 290:2

tried in time of trouble TMK 303:4


interfaces into various lines of TDG 224:2

received not shown by RC 113:5

spread through, demonstrating faith HP 109:3

without, makes us subject to temptation HP 196:3

unprofitable servants even with best 3SM 200:2

value of, 3SM 199:4

explained by Scripture OHC 122:3

willing and doing are, for human agent, not Holy Spirit 2MCP 691:3

wise and safe investment TDG 130:9

Word of God eaten develops, as light 3SM 29:2


made valuable by TDG 244:3

show quality of VSS 21:1

See also Effort, human; Goodness, human