EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Winding - Witness, Witnesses


Winding, twisting and, of error EW 96

Window, Windows

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

close soul’s: against world’s poisonous and malarious atmosphere 6T 202; 7T 70

earthward AH 343; 1SM 113; 7T 70

of heaven, God has not closed 5T 167

sometimes closed to His people 5T 206

of impulse and feeling, open toward heaven your 6T 170

open soul’s, heavenward AH 96, 343; 1SM 113; 2SM 266; 6T 114, 202; 7T 70; WM 79

soul’s, usually opened wide earthward 6T 114

2. Literal

bedroom, should be opened at night for fresh air 2T 527-8

should be opened daily for ventilation 4aSG 143-4; 2SM 463

open, and enjoy sunlight 2T 527

for fresh air and sunshine MH 275

opened toward Jerusalem, Daniel prayed with PK 541

vines should not shade MH 275

warm and sunny, for plants and flowers MH 275

Window blind, Window blinds

Window blind, Window blinds, bedroom, should be open for ventilation several hours daily 4aSG 142, 144; 2SM 462-3

home, should not be kept closed AH 153

open, for fresh air and sunshine MH 275

throw back, and enjoy sunlight 2T 527


1. Fermented (ill effects of)

2. Fermented (manufacture of)

3. Fermented (miscellaneous)

4. Figurative

5. Unfermented (new)

6. Miscellaneous


1. Fermented (ill effects of) CD 225; 5T 356-7

mental: brain beclouded 5T 357; Te 92-3, 277

brain benumbed 5T 357

brain confused 4aSG 125

brain impaired Te 36

intellect beclouded 4aSG 12; Te 44

intellect confused Te 92

memory enfeebled Te 36

mental degeneracy CH 49; Te 174

mental health injured CD 31; FE 80

mental power injured PK 482

mind beclouded FE 427-8; Te 268

mind confused FE 427-8; PP 361-2

mind kept in fever of unrest Te 93, 278

mind’s high powers controlled by passions 5T 357

reason beclouded 3T 295

reason dethroned 3BC 1139; DA 221

reason gives way to lust Te 92-3

reasoning faculties beclouded 4aSG 125

senses beclouded PP 454; Te 50

senses benumbed CH 366; Te 51

senses confused 4BC 1167

senses perverted AA 150; Te 95

moral (or spiritual): barriers of self-control broken down PP 454

God-given powers beclouded CW 123-4

godlike manhood debased GC 474

growth in grace hindered 5T 357; Te 277

licentiousness Te 92-3, 277

men led from one stage of debasement to another Te 274

moral sensibilities benumbed Te 280

passions inflamed 4T 30

passions strengthened Te 95, 277

sensuality 5T 357; Te 277

vices of almost every type 5T 357; Te 92-3, 277

physical CD 31; FE 80; PK 482

appetite educated for stronger stimulants 5T 359

appetite fostered by, for stronger stimulants MH 446; Te 270

blood corrupted 4T 30

diseases of every kind 4T 30

fostering of excessive eating of flesh foods Te 95

grossness 5T 357; Te 277

health injured CD 31; FE 80

inebriation of worst kind 5T 356; Te 94-5, 277

nervous system disordered Te 93, 278

personal vigor debilitated 4T 33-4

physical degeneracy CH 49; Te 174

physical powers injured PK 482

stomach ruined CD 411

taste awakened for stronger drinks MH 332; 5T 356; Te 277-8

2. Fermented (manufacture of) 5T 354-61; Te 98

Christians cannot conscientiously engage in 5T 356

Christian should not engage in MH 334

church’s duty to members engaging in 5T 359

it is no excuse to say that if you do not engage in, somebody else will 5T 360

raising of grapes for, warning against Te 99

those who engage in, are transgressors of God’s law 5T 359

will be punished for sins they influence others to commit 5T 359

warning against Te 98

EGW decidedly opposed Te 96

EGW would not sell grapes to winery for Te 99

3. Fermented (miscellaneous)

abstain wholly from CG 401; Te 186-7

argument that a little, does no harm Te 96

athletes of ancient games were forbidden to drink CD 27-8; 4T 33; Te 144

better work can be done without FE 428

Bible nowhere sanctions drinking of MH 333

Bible nowhere teaches men to drink Te 97

child of God should not drink Te 65

children should not be given CD 235

Christ never made Te 98

condiments lead to use of Te 57

Daniel and companions refused to drink 4BC 1167; CD 154; PK 481; SL 21-2; 5T 448 See also Daniel

do not use, in communion service Te 97-8

downward course of many people begins with 5T 358; Te 96

drinking of, at festival for Herod Agrippa I in Caesarea AA 150

evils of, united and intelligent effort needed to reveal Te 252

fear of offending by refusing to take Te 199

fermenting, vital truth compared to DA 279

first lessons in sipping, how boys learn FE 63

foundation of drinking habit laid by Te 277

God explicitly forbids drinking of Te 92

God expressly forbade use of Te 44

God forbids drinking of Te 53, 92

God’s word forbids drinking of Te 42

Herod Antipas loved Te 49-51

Herod Antipas led by, to slay John the Baptist DA 221; Te 50-1

indulgence in, after Flood Te 95

intoxicates Te 94, 277

as really as do stronger drinks MH 332; 5T 356; Te 277

is: narcotic CD 281; 2SM 283

health-destroying narcotic CD 490; 2SM 302

is: stimulant MH 332; 3T 185-6; 5T 357

unnatural stimulant CD 154

Israelites’ use of, was one cause of captivity Te 52-3

leads to highway of drunkenness Te 93, 163, 278

legislators should not drink Te 289

let not one drop of, pass your lips Te 198

liquor habit is established by use of MH 332

love for, how to overcome 5T 510

many church members drink Te 165

men are responsible for acts committed while under influence of Te 44

men in public office warned not to drink Te 46-7

men who use, cannot reason soundly and nobly 3BC 1139

millions of dollars spent for Te 30

moderate use of, leads into highway to drunkenness Te 96, 163

moderate use of so-called harmless, guard against little openings made by 5T 360

Nadab and Abihu led to sin and death by CH 366; FE 427-8; PP 361; 4aSG 12, 124-5; 2SM 412; 3T 295; Te 43-4, 92, 288

never take CD 420-1

to quench thirst CH 120

not fit symbol of Christ’s blood Te 97-8

not safe to have, in house Te 92, 277

one glass of, may lead to habits of drunkenness 4T 578

one of so-called milder drinks 5T 356

person who tarries at, plays game of life with Satan Te 38

persons with inherited appetite for unnatural stimulants should leave, alone MH 331

pledge entire abstinence from Te 198

pregnant woman should not use MH 373

priests of Israel forbidden to drink FE 428; PP 362; Te 280

princes and statesmen drank, like water at Belshazzar’s feast PK 523

prohibited to all persons in God’s service 4BC 1167

put to wrong use and proving temptation and curse 5T 356

results of, in feast for Queen Vashti 3BC 1139

rulers and judges warned not to drink Te 53

rulers and officers unfitted by, for their duties 3BC 1165

sanitariums should teach people to discard and refuse CD 281; Te 88-9

some people are never really drunk but always under influence of 5T 357

sparkling, and flashing lights DA 221

spices lead to use of Te 57

stanch temperance men delivered from use of LS 222

stimulating foods and drinks prepare way for use of 3T 487-8

temptation to use, resist FE 428

that turns into bitterness DA 148

tobacco using leads to use of Te 58

touch not, taste not, handle not Te 94

only safe course 3T 488

unnatural craving for, why it seems hard to deny 3T 488

use of, is madness and woe Te 198

warnings against DA 149; MH 333; 5T 510

what to do when drinking 5T 510

what to do when offered Te 199-200

whole being is degraded by Te 65

why God prohibits drinking of Te 44

Zimri inflamed with, when slain by Phinehas PP 455

4. Figurative

of Babylon: denial of Christ’s pre-existence as Ev 365; TM 61

eternal torment of the wicked as Ev 365; GC 536; TM 61

false doctrines as Ev 365; GC 388, 536; 2SM 68, 118; 6T 317; TM 61-2

few persons have not drunk of 1SM 405

immortality of soul as Ev 365; 2SM 68, 118; TM 61

Sunday observance as Ev 365; GC 536; 2SM 68, 118; 8T 94; TM 61-2

of Babylon’s wrath: acceptance of Sunday observance is to drink of 7BC 979

false doctrines created GC 388; TM 62

kings and presidents drink of TM 62

making all nations drink of, is her great sin GC 388

not all nations have drunk of GC 389

of God’s wrath: Judah’s fate compared to draining cup of PK 431

many nations will drink of cup of PK 431

nations made to drink, when forced to observe Sunday 8T 94

people who drink of 1T 223

See also Babylon

of heaven, Christ can turn life’s common waters into AH 28; GW 206

5. Unfermented (new)

Christ used, in Passover supper DA 653

Christ’s miracle of turning water into, at Cana DA 148-9; MH 333; 7T 114; Te 98

Christ’s teaching represented by DA 278-9

do not allow, to ferment Te 94

Isaiah speaks of DA 149

may be canned fresh and kept sweet 5T 356; Te 93

provided by Christ at Cana: symbolized His own blood DA 148-9

was pure grape juice DA 149; MH 333

raw egg in best, recommended in case of malnutrition CD 204, 367; MM 286; 2SM 303

reason is not dethroned by 5T 356; Te 93

used by Christ in Lord’s Supper symbolized His shed blood DA 148-9, 653, 661; MH 333-4; 3SG 228

wholesome and refreshing drink DA 149

See also Grape juice

6. Miscellaneous

domestic, pregnant woman would not have been injured by a little 2T 384

flagon of, used in Feast of Tabernacles DA 449

good, sick man would have been benefited by a little 2T 386

John the Baptist was forbidden to drink DA 100, 149; MH 333; 3T 62; Te 270

made before Feast of Tabernacles DA 447

Manoah’s wife was forbidden to drink DA 149; MH 372; PP 561; Te 90

Nazarite was under perpetual obligation not to drink PP 562, 565

prepared for Feast of Pentecost AA 40

oil and, guard every action lest they hurt 5T 614

parable of new, in old bottles See Parable

purple grapes used in making DA 447

Rechabites refused to drink PK 423-4; 4T 174-5

refreshment of, Abraham and his army were served PP 136

David served PP 708

Samaritan used, to heal and refresh wounded man DA 503

Samson drank, contrary to his Nazarite vow PP 565

Samson was under perpetual prohibition against use of PP 562

Solomon drank 2BC 1033

sweet, many people have become drunkards by Te 95

may awaken taste for stronger drinks Te 95

unusual to dispense with, on festive occasions DA 145-6


blushing because of refusing TMK 314:3


and friends refused, because prohibited HP 261:3

refused the king’s food to avoid addiction to UL 83:2

heavenly, Christ turns water to, as He works with mothers RC 184:6

intoxicating, forbidden by God Con 81:2

Israelites beguiled by women and, at Baal-peor TSB 84

Nadab and Abihu developed a love for UL 83:3

new, Jewish leaders were not suitable to receive LHU 259:2


clouded by, at Baal-peor CC 115:2

perverted by, after the flood Con 24:2

stimulus of, refused by Daniel and friends RC 143:3

unfermented, made by Jesus in Cana TDG 366:4

youth won from drinking RC 247:3

Wine of Babylon

false doctrine is 3SM 405:3

tampering with Bible makes all drink UL 35:5

Winebibber, Winebibbers

Winebibber, Winebibbers, affiliated with: Free Masonry Ev 621

secret organizations Ev 621

defective education’s results seen in FE 140; 3T 564

how mothers prepare children to become 3T 489

Wine cup

Wine cup, Satan tempts by means of, to violation of seventh commandment PP 458

symbolizing Christ’s work for man’s salvation DA 149

why young men should refuse Te 189

Wine grape, Wine grapes

Wine grape, Wine grapes, EGW purchased land with few acres set out to Te 99

EGW would not sell, to winery Te 99

Wine press

Wine press, Christ trod, alone DA 92, 693

grapes put through, before Feast of Tabernacles DA 447

Winery, Wineries

Winery, Wineries, license laws plant, all over the land MH 342

EGW would not sell grapes to Te 99


Wineskins, dried up, hearts contracted like DA 278-9

Wine tippling

Wine tippling, ministers’ senses benumbed by Te 164

Wing, Wings

1. Figurative

2. Miscellaneous

1. Figurative

press is to give, to truth GW 25

school principal who thinks Bible religion will clip his 5T 587

2. Miscellaneous

redeemed children will use, to fly 1T 69; 2SM 260

redeemed will use, to fly EW 19, 53; GC 677; 2SG 54

serpent originally had PP 53; 3SG 39-40

EGW was given, in vision EW 39


Winking, at sin, parents who are CG 88


Winter, blasts of, distinguish evergreens from other trees GC 602

boys’ clothing in 2SM 471

Christian’s, time spent here is 7BC 988; LS 239-40

cold of, theme for study 4T 581

follows summer in regular succession by God’s power MB 75

fresh air needed in houses during 2SM 456

girls’ clothing in 2SM 471

good ventilation needed in sleeping rooms during 4aSG 143

houses need air during CD 419

Jeremiah’s message burned by Jehoiakim in PK 433-4

improper ventilation during, ill effects of 2T 533

invalids with diseased imagination fear 2T 525

Paul sailed from Caesarea for Rome before AA 440-1

persons properly clothed do not endanger health by going out in 2T 532

streams during, in Palestine MB 147-8

ventilation of house in 2T 525

walk in open air daily during 2T 529


earth is, for Christians OHC 158; UL 311:6

memory of, heightens enjoyment of summer, lesson from OHC 158:3

sorrow is like; we keep cheerful waiting for spring HP 274:2

Winter evening, Winter evenings

Winter evening, Winter evenings, how families should spend CW 134

read good books during AH 479

read Testimonies during 4T 304, 390

Winter morning

Winter morning, bracing air of, lungs benefited by 2T 529

Winter, Mrs.

Winter, Mrs. 1899 Te 265-6

Winter, Robert

Winter, Robert GC 362

Wire, Wires

Wire, Wires, silver, grapes seen hanging on 1SM 65-6

EGW did not see grapes growing on 1SM 65-6

Wisconsin Conference

Wisconsin Conference 5T 372

Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Wisconsin, U.S.A. LS 154; 2SG 191; 1T 94-5, 116-8, 147, 228-32, 311-4, 322-3, 326-40, 424, 594, 604, 675; 2T 540, 543, 547


Wisdom, all, at man’s command MH 514

all of God’s works exalt His 3T 377

beginning of, fear of God is CD 29; 4T 208; 5T 84

Christ’s, Spirit imparts TM 215

demanded by varied necessities, God promises AA 242; GW 263; MH 482; PK 387; 8T 11

divine: acknowledge inability to explain manifestation of 5T 701

church leaders should pray together for GW 417

consider, as all in all 4T 116

promised to persons who feel need of it and ask for it 9T 181

treasures of, men can never exhaust 5T 703

true education imparts Ed 225

do not trust your own 5T 97

efforts for God require PK 65

evidence of superior, erroneous idea of 1SM 17

foolishness of man’s, do not be led astray by 2T 129

fruits of true, come from Christ alone TM 259

genuine, full of gentleness, mercy, and love ML 111

given to Solomon promised to God’s people today PK 31

God gives: in answer to earnest prayer 7T 61

proportionate to Satan’s arts and wiles 5T 504

to all engaged in His service 3BC 1129

to persons who do His work MM 154

to the willing and faithful 3T 57

God wants every church member to pray for TM 478

God will be, to men who seek Him 6T 400

God’s gift of, should be kept pure from all contamination 2BC 1032

God’s people are to receive, from Christ 1SM 127

God’s people trust too much in their own 4T 163

God’s supply of, is inexhaustible 3BC 1147

gospel workers should ask for God’s 5T 724

greatest, needed in God’s cause 3T 507

greatest and most essential, knowledge of God is FE 451

Greeks sought after AA 240

heavenly, cannot be bought or sold PK 527

what enables man to receive DA 139

highest source of, God’s word is CG 507

human: compared to broken reed 8T 106

counted foolishness by God MYP 253; 1SM 42; 3T 14; 6T 151

is dangerous guide PP 606

is folly 5T 158

is untrustworthy 8T 106

man’s most difficult and humiliating lesson re 1SM 292

many people idolize 7BC 950; 5T 194

mistaken for God’s wisdom 2T 129

should be combined with divine wisdom CD 211

in God’s creative works, extolled by Christ 2T 580

infinity of God’s, human reason cannot attain to 6BC 1079

leaning on your own, foolishness of 4T 538

learned by failures 6T 192; TM 244

man who undertakes to become, for another will come short TM 482

men supposed to possess, in gravest peril PK 60

managers of institutions can have LS 245-6

no need to go to ends of earth for COL 146

not obtained without earnest attention and prayerful study SC 90

of Scriptures, described 4T 558

of world’s great men, will lead astray people who are not thorough Bible students 5T 546

originated by Satan 7BC 937

paragons of, people who regard themselves as TM 196

peace of soul cannot be attained by SC 49

persons who honestly seek God for, promise for 5T 247

petition for, should not be meaningless prayer 2T 131

practical, is what men call common sense Ed 220

pray to God for COL 146; Ev 105; GW 258

to do His work 1BC 1108

prayer for 2T 131

prayers of Daniel and companions for PK 486

prescribing for man must be supernatural TM 192

promised by God to: all who seek first to honor Him PP 563

persons who ask SD 210

to His workers 5T 553

promised gift of, men may ask of God in prayer Ed 258

remarkable, Satan’s agents sometimes display FE 167

seek God for 6T 252

daily 2BC 993

in struggle with powers of evil 9T 284

source of all, God is CT 66; TM 374

is open 4T 198

Solomon was divinely inspired with PK 33

store of, for persons who seek it earnestly 3T 108

supposed, that is folly 3T 27

that is foolishness 1SM 16; 2T 42, 569

to act with justice and discretion, men departing from God’s counsel cannot retain PP 658

true MYP 189-91

humility characterizes persons who have CSW 13

is treasure as lasting as eternity 3BC 1156

true source of, for believer TM 482

undue exaltation of 5T 702

weakness of your own 2T 285

word of, as spiritual gift 9T 144

worldly, confounded with God’s power 2SM 19

is foolishness with God DA 354


angels seek to communicate, about character and mediatorial work of Christ TMK 340:2

asking God for HP 81:4

assertions of own, by obstinate person TDG 351:3

assurance of, by asking in faith TDG 213:3

benefit of, and experience of past ages TMK 347:3

boasting of; pride goes before destruction PM 140:2

calm, women needed who would quell evils by RC 333:3

capacity for, increased by every revelation of God OHC 366:3

Christ offers,

for character building HP 19:3

for Christians to draw from RC 164:5

inexhaustible treasures of 3SM 187:0

to youth, as He did Daniel TMK 310:3

Christ’s experience shows LHU 40:4

circumstances (trying) call for; responsibility in humility OHC 125:3

commission entrusted to one who treasures TDG 252:2

connection with God makes available TMK 135:4

counsel those new in the faith to seek, from God 2MCP 764:3

dependence on Christ for UL 333:2

depending on humans for, rather than taking burdens to God 1MCP 262:3

disregarding, while claiming God’s protection OHC 93:3


Christianity is connecting soul, mind and body with TMK 160:5

exalting human ideas above TMK 345:3

given to use for Him TMK 88:4

needed daily for sound judgment TMK 251:3

orders steps of those who trust the Lord OHC 324:6

Scripture contains, the basis of true education 1MCP 53:1

trusted after Bible study and self-criticism UL 348:4

drawn from the Source of all knowledge; (prudence) TMK 126:4

effort required to attain PM 133:0


of Christ TMK 207:2

to Daniel and to students today connected to God 1MCP 358:3


for helping save souls UL 158:6

to match Satan’s subtlety FLB 312:6

to willing youth for service FLB 247:4

to youth who seek Christ AG 35:5



grace to share with another soul TDG 79:7

just when He sees we need it TDG 361:6

through experience UL 116:6

to humble and contrite spirit HP 241:5

to young men; (prudence) TMK 161:3

is author/source of RC 164:2; UL 347:4

is unerring in TMK 59:2

may be asked for, wherever you may be TDG 232:2

will be, to those who seek; witnessing PM 307:1


can do what humans cannot HP 205:5

requires becoming fools in sinful knowledge OHC 337:4

heaven connected with minds through Scripture study to bring 1MCP 98:1


definition of TMK 193:4

given those who feel need and hold fast HP 294:4

people of God strengthened by lowly ones with 2MCP 636:1

unkindness does not result from TMK 185:3

higher, privilege of those who know Christ as Saviour TMK 126:4


consequences of following PM 193:3

danger in looking to UL 290:2

depend on God instead of on UL 95:2

despised when we have right views of God’s majesty LHU 61:4


above God’s TMK 206:2

opposing God’s 3SM 306:3

foolishness with God UL 81:5

God not known by TMK 97:4

God unknown in RC 198:3

in opposition to God’s; in science LHU 60:2

inferior to God’s LHU 61

letting down the net seemed useless to UL 288:5

light turned to darkness by UL 318:4

no safety in HP 258:6

not left to trust in; God gives understanding TDG 345:3

not to lead UL 171:3

Paul feared that his work might stand in mere VSS 323:2

planning in UL 183:2

planning now requires more than CL 28:1

Satan’s meshes entangled with HP 205:4

treatment of Christ showed the strength of LHU 152:3

trust less in UL 333:4

turning from divine wisdom for TDG 23:4

walking in OHC 16:2

youth not to rely on HP 16:6


do not have, of themselves TDG 184:2

thought to have, in danger UL 259:3

increase in, following Christ LYL 26:1

indisputable, Christ gives to use before adversaries Mar 252:5


convert discerns, in Christ TMK 216:2

points to the standard for character HP 137:4

lack of,

God accepted what was done for His glory despite TDG 38:3

realized by the true Christian TMK 62:5

look to the Lamb of God for UL 290:3

meekness of, in those abiding in Christ TMK 185:3

minds needed that go through difficulties with, from God 1MCP 13:1

need for, in handling people in unbiblical marriages TSB 222:0

neglecting to seek, to discern truth from error TDG 163:2

one person does not have necessary; counsel together 3SM 24:4

overcoming by HP 129:3


hurts God’s cause PM 53:3

thought sufficient to do do anything UL 183:5


less to, so God will work on human hearts 3SM 201:3

to Christ and not OHC 362:4

willingness to renounce OHC 155:5

working out your salvation means distrust of OHC 91:2


of God need to learn UL 95:6

of God’s appointment receive, from Him UL 181:5

pleasantness in ways of RY 154:4

power through prayer brings HP 75:6

praise over blessings tempts to display TDG 193:2

prayer for,

to manage affairs TDG 42:5; TMK 232:4

to reach lost souls TMK 158:4

trust God and His readiness to answer TDG 82:3

precious, fear of God is 1MCP 358:3

pride of, glorifies self LHU 54:3

promise of, UL 281:4

claimed to become channel of God’s love HP 67:3

coldness and inefficiency, unnecessary TDG 213:3

on condition UL 56:5

to those doing God’s service UL 243:3

without understanding all reasons LHU 93:3


from God for His glory TMK 176:3

individually from the Lord UL 181:5


from one acting as lover instead of as a man TSB 182:3

when refusing to walk in God’s counsel PM 134:3

requirements of God made in TMK 121:5

rest needed for seeking LHU 263:6

rocks contain treasures of OHC 252:2

satisfied eventually with own human TMK 212:2


at cross; as wise man building on rock TDG 217:6

from the Fountain; pray 3SM 301:1

of Christ to be guided by unerring counsel TDG 151:3

seek God for UL 290:5

seekers after, led to rich fields of truth TDG 252:2

spiritual, given by Word of God TDG 285:3

striving after,

for best use of talents 2MCP 738:0

to use for God and others, honored HP 141:3

study required for, of Bible or science TMK 194:4

superiority in, belief in God and His power gives RC 164:5

supposed, in reading infidel writers TDG 217:3

thought control by the Holy Spirit is true HP 164:5

trusting in own, leads to complaint of galling yoke TMK 121:3


is a treasure of, like a living spring 2MCP 577:3

opened and applied by the Holy Spirit TMK 193:3

weakness of own, depending on God because of TMK 304:3

withholding of God seen as TMK 365:5

Word of God,

imparts OHC 35:4

searched for TMK 8:4

words controlled by controlling thoughts is true 2MCP 656:3

words of, help erring when we pray instead of condemning TMK 187:2

words seasoned with, and purity VSS 22:0

working faithfully unaffected by injustice shows TDG 178:3

working with the inconsiderate and thoughtless requires TDG 79:4

world knows not God by Mar 76:3


enlightenment of Heaven more precious than TMK 124:3

salvation cannot be measured or understood by TMK 124:4

temptation to become one professing TMK 91:4

young cannot have, that comes with age UL 331:5

See also Ignorance; Knowledge; Light


Wise, many people think themselves too, to err Ev 593

truly, what it means to be CT 66

Wiseman, Nicholas P.

Wiseman, Nicholas P., quoted GC 59

Wise men

1. Of Babylon

2. Of East

3. Miscellaneous


1. Of Babylon

failed to explain Nebuchadnezzar’s second dream PK 516

jealous of honors bestowed on Daniel’s companions PK 506

modern wise men represented by FE 412

Nebuchadnezzar induced by, to make golden image PK 504

Nebuchadnezzar’s decree to destroy, revoked PK 499

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream tested PK 491-3; SL 34

not able to interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams PK 491-3, 516

plotted to make Hebrew youth join in idolatrous worship ML 68

pretended to reveal men’s secrets PK 492

sentenced to death by Nebuchadnezzar PK 492-3; SL 34-5

spared from death through Daniel AA 13; PK 504-5; 6T 227

unable to help Belshazzar read handwriting on palace wall PK 527

2. Of East

appreciated Christ more than Judas did DA 564

arrival of, at Jerusalem DA 60-3, 231

departure of, from Jerusalem for Bethlehem DA 63

gifts brought to Christ by AH 481; CS 297; DA 60, 63; 7T 143

sustained Joseph and family in Egypt DA 65

Hebrew Scriptures studied by DA 59-60; GC 315

Herod the Great interviewed DA 62

indifference of Jewish leaders disappointed DA 63

Jews regarded, as heathen DA 61

long journey of, to Jerusalem DA 60

Moses was shown visit of, to Christ at Bethlehem PP 475

mysterious light in heavens seen by DA 60

not idolaters DA 61

priests and philosophers consulted by DA 60

prophecies of Christ’s first advent studied by GC 315

returned home by different route DA 64

scrolls of ancient records searched by DA 60

star guided, to Christ DA 60, 63, 406; GC 315

star that guided, formed of distant company of angels DA 60

students of: nature GC 315

starry heavens DA 59

visited Christ at Bethlehem 2BC 1018; 5BC 1077; CS 176; DA 64-5, 621-2

to worship Him DA 59, 63; PP 637

warned in dream not to return to Jerusalem DA 64

were: from heathen land DA 65, 621-2

Gentiles DA 60; GC 315

rich men DA 59

philosophers DA 59; GC 315

3. Miscellaneous

ancient, foolishness of 6BC 1068

contempt cherished by, for Scriptures 3BC 1156

god of many professedly, little better than Baal GC 583

light of present truth tests Ev 563

of popular churches, third angel’s message must be set before Ev 563

Pharaoh’s, unable to interpret his dreams PP 219; 3SG 149

so-called, do not encourage youth to pattern after CW 117

wise only in their own estimation 3BC 1156

worldly, who become wise unto salvation AA 240

opinions of, do not trust or exalt 8T 310


angels led; gifts brought; make Christmas a blessing RC 373:2

Christ’s birth announced to, instead of to wicked Jews Mar 11:3

giving to Jesus as did the UL 374:2

light of angels speaking to the shepherds seen by Mar 11:4

Messiah awaited by, although not by Jews LHU 30

star followed by, was from angels Mar 11:5

Wise person, Wise persons

Wise person, Wise persons, soul of, Christ paid purchase money for 2SM 343

truths hidden from, revealed to babes MB 27

revealed to the childlike and humble COL 78

Wisest people

Wisest people, make mistakes 2SM 169

Wish, Wishes

Wish, Wishes, good, are not enough to help the poor 5T 151

man’s, should be subject to God 1T 436

See Desires

Wishart, George

Wishart, George GC 250


Wishing, never makes you great or good FE 87; ML 267


Wit, low, warning against sallies of CH 412-3

re religious things, warning against MYP 267

small amount of, scoffer’s mirth excited by ChS 174

so-called, youth attracted by MYP 43

that opposes obedience to God TM 247

See also Foolishness; Joking; Witticism


Witch, of Endor 2BC 1022-3; PP 675-89; 4aSG 84-5


Witchcraft, ancient, communion with the dead is vital principle of PP 685

described PP 684-6

spiritualism a revival of GC 556; SR 395

books on, do not sell MYP 275

do not trust in CH 458; 5T 197

Ephesian MYP 275

error of some who do not believe in 5T 225

King Saul suppressed PP 635

medium of, do not seek help from CH 458

name of, held in contempt now GC 556

on every hand today MYP 278

rebellion as PP 631; 4aSG 76

species of, secret licentiousness as 5T 142

See also Spiritualism


Witchery, satanic, minds captivated by PK 210

supplants faith in sacred prophecy 5T 192

we live in atmosphere of CT 257


Wither, how to cause wrong to 1T 213

Withered hand

Withered hand, healed by Christ DA 286-7; 1SM 314


See Hoarding

Witness, Witnesses

1. False

2. Miscellaneous


1. False

bribed to accuse Christ DA 705-6

church that entertains TM 409

hired to testify against Stephen AA 98-9

no lack of, in terrible work of opposing God’s people 5BC 1123

2. Miscellaneous

all of us are, for or against Christ SD 242

chain of living, gospel invitation is to be carried to world by CM 18

children properly instructed will be, to truth CT 170

Christ’s: all called to be, must learn of Him CT 243

must not let worldly interests absorb their time and attention CS 302; 9T 53-4

must speak for Him and lift Him up among associates SD 274

Christ’s followers are to be His, in eternity Ed 308

to world AA 26-7; DA 152; Ed 308; SD 72

Christ’s true, are never laid aside AA 465

efficient, we are to be for Christ CT 243

faithful: for Christ and truth reproves sin 5T 254

God calls for GW 273

John as Christ’s AA 546-56

John the Baptist as, in prison DA 218

God calls us to be His, in world today PK 487

God has had, in every age AA 598; EW 216; PP 84; SR 335

in time of King Manasseh PK 381

God’s: are to act in His place SD 164

are to reveal in themselves working of divine power DA 347; MH 100

Daniel as, in Babylon PK 487

privilege of being called SD 274

scattered all over earth must display knowledge of His will and wonders of His grace 2T 631

scattered in towns, cities, and villages over country PP 134

SDA called to be, in special sense 9T 19-29

witness that He is good and supreme Ed 154

heavenly intelligences are, to all that we do or say SD 37

impartial and unselfish, are to give to others what God has given them CD 472

liquor-drinking, have committed injustice in court MH 345-6; Te 48

living, we are to be 1SM 140

receivers of God’s grace are to be, to its power DA 826

referred to in Heb. 12:1 7BC 934

silent, guards every living soul 6T 366

testimony of one, person was not to be condemned as murderer on PP 516

True See Christ

two, of Rev. 11:4 GC 266-7


all are to be, TDG 211:3

according to instructions to Ellen White UL 266:5

assaulted by enemies of truth have testimony to bear AG 227:3

attitude and words of, inviting sinners FW 65:1

brave, with beams of Sun of Righteousness RC 347:3

call to be, with promise of wisdom UL 47:5


calls for, fresh from the field of battle AG 227:3

calls us; think, speak and act it TDG 11:5

Christ’s UL 239:7

connection with Christ provides a testimony to bear as TDG 289:2

converted ones as, to show character transformation RC 198:4

courtesy and praise of RC 28:6

eloquence in speaking not required for HP 318:5

enabled by trying experiences and Sun of righteousness AG 260:3

faithful, with knowledge of Christ by experience TDG 117:2

fruits desired as, to Saviour OHC 144:2


develops us as, to possibilities through grace RC 35:6

has faithful HP 168:5

is, to every word, deed and thought TMK 234:3

promises cooperation to obedient UL 47:3

last-day, bold and strengthened by their Leader RC 347:4

learner in school of Christ will be living TMK 62:4

lips, faces and lives of, show truth RC 347:5

literature gives message of third angel as PM 57:1

living for Christ and being LHU 124:5

meaning of being, for Christ RC 204:7

Noah was unbending, amid scoffs and jeers RC 322:4

poor man who cannot appeal to education is Christ’s Mar 252:6

possessors of light to remember that they are TDG 325:5

requirement to be TMK 309:5

sacrifice of friends and interests to become; refined people RC 347:5

silent, (angel) guards and seeks to win every soul OHC 23:2

thoughts and acts will be our, at great day HP 232:4

workers to sense, to every word and transaction TDG 13:2

working in humility were blessed; wake up TDG 282:4

works as, for God’s glory NL 35:1

See also Message; Messenger; Testimonies