EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Teaching, Teachings - Temperance

Teaching, Teachings

1. Christ’s

2. Method(s) of

3. Miscellaneous

1. Christ’s COL 17-21; Ed 73-83; FE 236-41

adapted to meet opposition of enemies COL 22

alone, gives true success in reaching people MH 143

anticipated every need in human life Ed 81-2

art of CT 253-5

at variance with precepts and example of Pharisees DA 305

be firm as rock to 9T 266

beautiful and attractive CT 240

brought men’s minds into contact with Infinite Mind COL 23; 8T 201

character of, teachers should study 6T 160

characterized by simplicity CT 240

cheerful and sympathetic words used in MH 24

comparisons used in FE 236

confined to needs of people in practical life MH 448

convincing power attended DA 305

did not deal in abstract theories COL 23; Ed 81

did not encourage criticism or caviling 6T 69

directed men to see God as manifested in His works, His word, and His providences COL 18-9, 23; Ed 81; 8T 201-2

effort made in, to awaken inquiry COL 20-1

embraced: things of time and eternity Ed 82

world Ed 82-3

entirely different from that of learned scribes FE 236

essential truth proclaimed in, with unfaltering assurance of certain knowledge 8T 201

expressed inwrought conviction and experience DA 142

fed fresh manna to hungry souls FE 327

figures and symbols used in, spiritual truths veiled in FE 236

to unfold mysteries of kingdom of heaven CT 240

freshness of power in MH 52

full of ennobling and saving truth CT 439

humble poor and most unlearned could comprehend GW 50

illustrated so clearly the most ignorant could comprehend them GW 169; 4T 260

illustrations used in Ed 84-96

from experiences of life COL 22; Ed 102; FE 237

from nature COL 17-21, 24; CW 108; Ed 102; FE 236-7; MH 54; 2T 579-80; 5T 747

from scenes most familiar to hearers CW 107-8

were appropriate MH 24

in harmony with OT Scriptures 5BC 1136

inculcated weightiest ideas and most sublime truths in most comprehensible and simple manner CSW 109

instruction given in, was direct MH 24

lessons made plain and simple in 2T 579

lived by Him CT 262; Ed 78-9

made interesting 2T 580

magnified simple and practical truths common people could understand 8T 201

manner of, no hesitancy in FE 236

study Ev 58

we may reflect with profit on CW 107

marked with simplicity, dignity, and power 5T 747

meaning of, no need to consult learned doctors as to GW 50

met soul’s need MH 63

methods of, results of using FE 456

understand and follow Ev 53

misunderstanding of, method used to correct 6T 88

most definite, simple, and practical GW 50

most familiar associations used to illustrate MH 23

most forcible and simple language used in GW 49-50

need of defining and defending His position at times to give force to 5T 747

new in almost every respect to Pharisees DA 279

no disdain in, to repeat old and familiar truths FE 237

no false theories clothed in beautiful language in 8T 201

no high-sounding words used in CT 240

no idle tales in 8T 201

no long and difficult words used in GW 169; 4T 260

no mysterious inferences in, to perplex the ignorant GW 50

no noisy disputation in PK 693

no sophistries or human opinions in 8T 201

no unaccustomed or learned words used in GW 50

not new doctrine DA 279

not spoken in whispered tones 7T 269

nothing fanciful or sentimental in 8T 201

nothing vague or hard to understand in 7T 269

open air preferred for COL 24, 26; CT 262; MH 52, 54; 2T 579-80

pains taken in, to make mysteries plain and simple truths 7T 269

parables used in COL 17-27; FE 236

purpose of COL 20-7

patience manifest in, toward disciples slow to comprehend 6T 248-9

permitted people to ask questions 6T 69

plain and simple 3T 37

plain language used in, adapted to minds of common people GW 169; 4T 260

plainest symbols used in MH 443

plan of, should be ours CT 240; GW 376; 3T 37

power of, secret of Ed 78-9

presented gospel message with clearness and power MH 21

presented truths relating to present and eternal needs COL 23; Ed 81

principles of, could not be united with forms of Pharisaism DA 278-9

prying questions asked by people during, use made of MH 448-9

questions used in MH 21

readiness in, to explain meaning of words used 6T 69

represented by new wine DA 279

revealed the unknown by the known COL 17

Scriptures used in, as of unquestionable authority DA 253

separated truth from error FE 237

shed flood of light on teachings of patriarchs and prophets DA 253; MH 21

showed no regard for human traditions and commandments of men FE 238

simple language used in DA 253; FE 236; MH 24

simplest terms used in MH 443

simplicity and earnestness manifest in CT 262; MH 24

so simple children could understand Him CT 439

soften and subdue hearts for seed of truth LS 304

sought to meet minds of common people CW 107

spoken as by One who understood His subject fully FE 237

spoken for all mankind Ed 82

spoken in sympathy and tenderness COL 22

spoken with: certainty DA 305

clearness and emphasis 7T 269

solemn and convincing force 7T 269

statements made in, were truths established by personal knowledge 8T 201

struck directly at root of matter 3T 37

style of, was plain, simple, and comprehensive CW 107

subject of, God’s word was MH 21

presented with power DA 253

subjects not discussed in COL 22-3; Ed 81; FE 237; MH 448-9

subjects that were not presented in 8T 201-2

time for, not devoted to prayer 2T 580

truth made beautiful in, by presenting it in most direct and simple way DA 253

truth presented in its different phases by COL 21

unlike that of scribes and Pharisees MH 21

uttered no shadow of doubt FE 236-7

variety of illustrations used in COL 21

ventured no farther in subject than people could follow Him GW 169; 4T 260

vocal utterance in, was not harsh or disagreeable 7T 269

words used in, no need to consult dictionary in order to understand CT 240

2. Method(s) of Ed 230-9

best: needed in SS CSW 11

needed in teaching Bible to children Ed 186

use of comparisons as FE 236

correct, Sermon on Mount is example of CT 439; 7T 269-70

example as, in teaching health reform 6T 336-7

for instructing children CG 31-40; 4T 69-70

for presenting truth to youthful minds Ed 185-92; 4T 70

genuine change needed in CT 359

improved, parents and teachers should constantly seek CT 181

improved greatly by public schools 4T 69-70

ordinary, Christ did not use 6T 153

simple, need of CSW 108

that is needed in SS CSW 109

that overburden students’ minds Ed 230

used in: public schools could be used in SS 4T 70

rabbinical schools 8T 310

3. Miscellaneous

ability needed in, to draw out minds of listeners CSW 115, 167

adapt, to real wants of hearers CSW 166; 4T 260

as means ordained by God for diffusing light of His word DA 459

avoid tedious remarks in, for children GW 208; 2T 420

best plan of, is to draw out minds of listeners CSW 115, 167

blackboards as aid in 4T 70

by parables: commanded respect and attention of Jews and Gentiles COL 21

popular in Christ’s time COL 21

center of all, cross of Christ is to be made MH 460

combative spirit in, avoid CSW 117

controversial discussion in, shun CSW 117

directness and force needed in, from Bible GW 369

distinct plan needed in mind before attempting Ed 233-4

do not encourage criticism or caviling in 6T 69

do not go through lesson mechanically in CSW 115-6

do not place crib too high for sheep in CT 435-7

do not present, in dry and abstract way Ev 195

do not speak in nervous and hurried manner in CT 239

enthusiasm is important element in CT 255; Ed 233

extremes to be avoided in Ed 230

false: Christ came to set aside Ed 76

destroys relish for truth DA 279

warning against GW 305-10; 8T 295-6

few arguments usually suffice in 3T 37

figures and symbols in, use of PP 592

force of much human, is found in assertion instead of truth CT 439

foundation of, Bible should be made MH 401

fresh and wise plans needed in CSW 118

freshness of ideas needed in CSW 118

give plain “Thus saith the Lord” in, for faith and doctrines advocated 6T 69

great skill needed in, to make truth understood 6T 153

hard and high-sounding words should not be used in CSW 108

healing and: Christ as our Example in MH 17-28

Christ combined, in His ministry MM 62-3

combine, in SDA work MM 63

should not be separated in gospel work MH 141; 9T 171

hold to affirmative in 9T 147-8

human, is shut out of gospel message DA 826

humility in, importance of CSW 167-8

illustrations for, from nature Ed 99-120

illustrations from nature should be used in PP 599

illustrations needed in, to impress lesson on minds CSW 115-6

indifference and pharisaism in, shun CSW 116-7

indifferent, Christ cannot endorse 6T 408

is noble thing CT 199

John the Baptist’s, breach made between Pharisaism and DA 278

know exactly what you desire to accomplish in Ed 233-4

learn when to speak and when to keep silent in 6T 69

less preaching and more, ministers should do GW 76

need of 6T 87-8

lessons taught in, should shed light into hearts and minds CSW 117

let Spirit fashion your speech in CT 254

life and tact and spirit needed in CSW 118

little girl’s request re CT 254

long and dry speeches in, weary minds of both teachers and students CSW 166

long and tedious talks in, kill interest CSW 166-7

love and simplicity in, reach hearts CSW 167

make explanations plain and clear in CT 254; Ed 233-4

make sure student understands what is presented to him in Ed 234

make vital points as plain and forcible as possible in GW 168-9

man’s, put in place of God’s in Israel in Christ’s time COL 18

means more than many people suppose 6T 153

monotonous and spiritless, of scribes and Pharisees CT 240

more effective than preaching in overheated room GW 166-7

nicest and most difficult work ever committed to human beings is Ed 292

not best policy to say in, all that can be said 3T 37-8

object lessons as aids in 4T 70

of leaders of Israel in Christ’s time CT 438-9

of learned scribes of Christ’s time, described CSW 109; FE 236

of rabbis: described DA 253; MH 21

false, wearied Christ MH 55

of scribes and elders was cold, formal, and like lesson learned by rote DA 253

oral, used to train children of faithful in Israel DA 69; FE 442

Paul’s burden in, Christ and Him crucified was AA 273

permit people to ask questions in 6T 68-9

personal element essential in Ed 231

pictures as aids in 4T 70

place force and emphasis where it belongs in CT 254

practical suggestions re GW 165-71

preaching should be followed by, from Scriptures 5T 255

priests’ ministry of, in Hezekiah’s reign PK 337

in Jehoshaphat’s reign PK 191

put spirit and life of Christ into CT 254-5

questions asked in, how to handle 6T 69

requires: finest susceptibility Ed 292

great skill to make truth understood 6T 153

heaven-born faith and patience Ed 292

knowledge of human nature Ed 292

most delicate tact Ed 292

see that, tends to definite results Ed 233-4

should lead students to think and understand truth clearly for themselves FE 102; 6T 154

simple explanations better than argument in GW 169; 4T 260

simple language needed in, for youth CT 169-70

simplest words should be used in, for young minds CSW 108

simplicity and effectiveness in, aim constantly at Ed 233

simplicity in, importance of CT 253-5

simplicity of Christ should be followed in CSW 108

speak slowly in CT 254-5

speak with slow, distinct, and clear utterance in CT 239-40

speak words in, easy to understand CT 254

speaking too rapidly in, caution against CT 254-5

speculative knowledge that should be kept out of 8T 295, 298

successful, study is essential to 6T 153

thorough understanding of subject presented in, need of CSW 117-8

ungodly, is followed by sinful practice 8T 293

use illustrations in CT 254; Ed 233

use of questions in CT 436

utter every syllable clearly in CT 254

weed out of, every extravagant expression TM 228

what to do in, when men try to provoke controversial discussion 6T 69

words and looks of real sympathy and love needed in CSW 108

words spoken in, should come from heart CSW 167

See also Doctrine


books with error used in; untrue stories mislead PM 99:1

deceptive, though small, will grow UL 316:4

easier to one who feels inefficiency UL 162:6

false, accepted unless Scriptures are studied HP 140:4

methods in, to depend on abilities; not stereotyped 3SM 227:3

requires learning from Christ TDG 79:4


in Christ’s RC 130:5

the gospel in VSS 232:4

See also Doctrines; Instruction; Opinions; Others, training of

Tea drinker, Tea drinkers

Tea drinker, Tea drinkers, are not temperance people Te 218

countenance of, glow of health not seen on 2T 65

face of, marks carried on 2T 65

guilty of gratifying perverted appetite 4aSG 129

inclined to gossip and scandal Te 79

may live to old age sometimes CD 422; Te 74

mind of, mistaken impression in 2T 64

persistent, God’s stewards have no duty to help 1T 225

need felt for drugs by CH 261

skin of, becomes sallow and assumes lifeless appearance CH 111-2; 2T 65

See also Tea

Tea drinking

Tea drinking, aftereffects of CD 425; CG 403; MH 326; 2T 64; 3T 487

arguments against tobacco may be urged against CD 426; SL 32

bear clear testimony against CD 402, 430; MM 274; 3T 21; 7T 134

church members should discard Te 242

discarding of, Satan’s suggestions re 1T 548

erroneous idea that, helps laboring man perform task CD 339

God’s people should discard CD 358, 381, 420-1, 430; CH 120; EW 121-2; MM 222, 229, 274; 1T 224; 2T 64; 3T 569; 9T 153; Te 101

as idol 1T 222

habit of: difficult to break CD 422; CH 442; MH 335; 3T 488

fisherman who overcame Te 118-9

pernicious Te 79

how, becomes habit-forming 3T 487-8

is intemperance Ev 266

is sin CD 425

mistaken idea re MH 326

overcome, by God’s converting power Te 69

persons discarding, temporary effects felt by 1T 549

sanitariums should teach people to discard CD 281; Te 88-9

SDA ask people to leave off CD 205; MM 288

SDA given to, jest re health reform CD 400

sign pledge to abstain from CH 441; Te 82

strength not imparted by 2T 64-5

temperance pledge should embrace CH 442

temptation of, resist FE 428

will power needed to resist 3T 488

unnecessary CD 420-1; Te 75

unsound argument in favor of CD 422

useless EW 121-2

warning against CH 68; SL 28

wars against laws of life and health Ev 266

EGW discarded CD 490, 492; 2SM 301-2

EGW falsely accused of 2SM 301-2

will power overborne by MH 327; 3T 488

See also Tea

Tea grounds

Tea grounds, children of depraved appetite eat CD 239


Teamwork, importance of, in Christian endeavor ML 39

Tear, Tears

Tear, Tears, children’s, Christ often dried 2SM 238

Christ shed, on crest of Olivet for impenitence and ingratitude of men to close of time 5T 72

Christ sheds bitter, for people having none to shed for themselves DA 588

Christ uttered His scathing reproofs with, in His voice SC 12

Christ wept for people who felt no need of 4T 528

eyes of many souls so blinded by, they do not discern Christ standing by MB 12; 2SM 257

few, will not suffice to blot your transgressions from books of heaven TM 430

God is not pleased to have us cover His altar with our 9T 136

God marks every ML 292; 5T 742

God’s people with, will warn sinners against trampling on God’s law 5T 474

luxury of, indulging in 2SM 234

no, are shed that God does not notice SC 86

in home of the redeemed GC 676; 9T 286

no secret, is shed but Spirit goes forth to meet it COL 206

not evidences of weakness in every case 3T 459

of souls longing for light and grace AA 109

penitent soul’s, as raindrops preceding sunshine of holiness DA 300

recording angels make record of your AA 561

they that sow in, shall reap in joy 6T 420

ungodly youth cause, to appear on faces of angels 1T 505

when God will wipe, from all faces GC 650

when there will be no more GC 676


cease when Holy Spirit’s works in the heart UL 314:7

Christ shed HP 54:3

fruit of the Spirit is not RC 273:5

God will wipe away, AG 358:5

for those ready for marriage supper HP 285:6

in struggle with doubt FLB 122:3

sinfulness and sympathy for sinners cause HP 221:3

See also Sadness


Teasing, children’s, to cause parents to yield to their wishes CG 284

Technicality, Technicalities

Technicality, Technicalities, cavilers ready to enter into dispute over forms or DA 396

insignificant, Jewish leaders disputed over DA 257

man who will quibble at TM 408

Technical knowledge

Technical knowledge, not most important object in education Ed 234

true teacher cannot be content with imparting only Ed 29

Teen-ager, Teen-agers

Teen-ager, Teen-agers, marriage of 3SG 112

self-abuse by, effects of CG 444

See also Secret vice

who imagine they are prodigies CG 178-9


Teens, courting among boys and girls scarcely entered into 2T 460

young girl just entering, what should be taught to 2T 482

youth in, is poor judge of his fitness for marriage MYP 452


Teeth See Tooth


digging graves with, closing heaven TDG 123:5


Tekoa, wilderness of, battle in PK 201

woman of, reputed for wisdom PP 728

Tekoite nobles

Tekoite nobles, slothful ChS 176; PK 639


Telegraph, between brain and other parts of body ML 148

devils’ 1T 430

Telegraphic dispatch

Telegraphic dispatch 2SG 295a

Telegraph wire, Telegraph wires

Telegraph wire, Telegraph wires, illustration of 4aSG 146

nerves of body compared to 3T 69


Telescope, glories of heavens now seen through Ed 303


Television See Avenue; Drama; Ear; Eye; Hearing; Seeing; Sense; Sight; Sound; Theater

Temper, Tempers

Temper, Tempers, all kinds of unkind, indulgence of 2T 52

allow your, to cool before correcting child CG 246

amiability of 2SM 237

amiable, essential to moral fitness for any position 4T 367

seek to preserve CG 424

angry, how to deal with MYP 135-6

bad: Christ alone can strengthen men to fully overcome their 5T 335

it is easier to play the martyr than to overcome 3BC 1160

only remedy for persons who have 3BC 1161

poor cooking causes CD 256; MH 302; 2T 373

results of nurturing 1SM 110

scanty food produces MH 302

bear decided testimony for God in your 6T 365

beauty of, all beauty of art cannot compare with COL 298; PK 566

bold and ardent in, King Saul was PP 627

carnal, in children should be trained and subdued 4T 92

many church trials caused by 4T 92

cheerful, recommends minister anywhere 3T 466

cheerful and happy, encourage 4T 255

child’s, mother should subdue CG 82; 1T 390

child’s evil, cannot be cured by parent’s exhibition of passion CT 117

should be dealt with in humility, patience, and prayer CT 117

child’s first manifestation of, should be subdued 1T 218

child’s passionate outbursts of, parents’ duty re CG 194-5

child’s pleasant, how to preserve CG 286

children of vicious, may need painful punishment 2T 259

children’s, harsh words sour 3T 532

Satan begins to work with, as soon as they are born AH 202

childish, put away 4T 347

Christlike, God’s promise to answer prayer for AA 564

promised gift that you may ask of God in prayer Ed 258

coarse and uncourteous CG 278

criticize your, closely 1SM 89

displays of, that were fits of insanity 2T 572

do not allow affliction to sour your AA 261

easily excited, man who had 2T 697

even, health is essential to acquirement of 9T 160

leader in God’s cause should be man of MM 164

evil: children should not be allowed to indulge CT 113

God’s assisting grace can give victory over all 4T 349

is grievous to Christ DA 649

John had to overcome DA 295

man can overcome every 1T 144

must be overcome 1T 143

must be subdued CG 42

teachers’, have done bad work FE 278

excited, does not impress people or gain sympathy 4T 348

father’s hasty and violent, stamped on his children 2T 402

fiery, is frequently united with envy and jealousy 2T 74

fitful, impressed on children by parents CG 278

good, cultivate 3T 420

government of, physical, mental, and moral health depends on proper 4T 501

grace of Christ is to control COL 102

happy, that sickness will not make irritable ML 193

that weather or circumstances will not disturb ML 193

hard and rough, religion of Christ softens GW 122

harshness of your, strive silently and prayerfully against AH 443

hastiness of, overcome all CG 68

hasty: child should be taught to subdue his FE 67

children should be taught to subdue their CT 124

compared to lion 2T 425

grieves friends and angels 2T 163

man who had 2T 163

many people falter and fall because of indulgence of 4T 348

must be overcome to win heaven 4T 38

naturally, teacher must not excuse his wrong course by plea that he has CT 233

often causes sincere and painful regret as well as self-condemnation 2T 425

only sure remedy for 2T 425

parental neglect that leads to FE 67

SS teacher should not manifest CSW 173

seek God’s help to overcome CG 267

subdued by religion of Christ MYP 136

wife should be careful not to stir up husband’s 2T 430

word of love and encouragement does most to subdue 7T 266

wounds possessor’s own soul 2T 163

you must subdue your 1T 310

hasty and easily roused, oil of Christ’s grace soothes and subdues MYP 73

hasty and fitful, do not indulge 1T 126

hasty and passionate, man who had 2T 84

scolding encourages, in children CG 94

hasty and uncontrolled, must be overcome 5T 117

holy, accessible to every repentant and believing soul DA 311

is fruit borne on Christian tree 6BC 1080

impetuous: has no tendency to elevate 2T 403

must be overcome 2T 431

naturally, blind man who had 3T 515

impulsive: given license by petting and excusing it 4T 90-1

is not incurable 4T 90-1

not cured in children by coaxing, pleading, and seeking to pacify it 4T 90-1

not remedied by petting and excusing it 4T 90-1

physician of naturally quick and 3T 181

raging like caged lion 4T 92

infirmities of, must be cured before Christ’s second coming 2T 355

insane, man of 4T 365

irritability of, eating habits of child who was proverbial for FE 151

fiery condiments that cause FE 151

irritable: as result of disregard of nature’s laws CH 458

is one result of disregard for nature’s laws 5T 197

transmitted by tobacco and liquor user to his children 4T 30-1

irritated, Christ manifested no DA 619

soothed by meekness of Christ MB 16

Joseph’s, was kept sweet by his religion 1BC 1097

keep your, subject to Spirit CT 191

little children’s, parents’ duty to subdue early 1T 218

make constant effort to curb your 5T 335

morose: is opposite of meekness 3T 335

takes no pleasure to itself 3T 335

wounds and pains others 3T 335

mother’s AH 252

overwork tends to sour CH 159

must be: brought into subjection to God’s will 5T 384

regulated by God’s word AH 241

natural, fear your own TM 187

men entrusted by God with great responsibilities must not move under impulse of their TM 211

outbreaks of: ruin of thousands caused by soothing 4T 92

soothing, is not laying ax at root of the evil 4T 92

strengthen at every exhibition 4T 91

warning against 4T 90

outburst of, it is not difficult to teach child to stifle CG 194

overwork has ruinous influence upon 2SM 282-3

parents defective in CG 275

parents’ unsubdued, disgusts children CG 280

passionate: can be held in subjection 1T 310

excuse given for, never heals wounds 4T 348

parents should control their CG 94

victory can be gotten over 4T 348-9

peculiar, some people have inherited 9T 222

person who gives way to MYP 91

persons co-operating with Christ will become refined in CT 100

persons of unbridled, are not Christians 3BC 1161

persons who have not bridled SD 142

perverse, God is dishonored by exhibitions of 5T 325

should be checked in child as soon as possible CG 93

perverseness of: envy is not merely 5T 56

it does not add to your enjoyment to cultivate 2T 590

overcome all FE 193

perverted by indulgence of appetite CH 68; SL 29

placid, how to have CT 234

pleasant and amiable, helps to make man a person of influence 4T 367

pray for grace to control your 1SM 380

preserve Christlike, when tempted to become imperious and impatient TM 247

provocations to test, there will be MH 487; 5T 344

quick: do not indulge TM 261

must be overcome 4T 360

person of, should not occupy position of responsibility TM 261

received at birth 2T 74

teacher should not manifest CT 152

transmitted by parents to children 2T 74

quick and impetuous, man who had 2T 423-4

rash and impetuous, meekness enables possessor at all times to control SL 15

resentful and ambitious, of John yielded to Christ SC 73

selfish, is developed in early youth CG 491

sin of unamiable, must be positively and firmly put away 7BC 941

sour, prepare food so that it will not make CD 251; MM 270

sour stomachs make CD 251; MM 270

soured, unhealthful food causes 4aSG 132

Spirit makes men like Christ in SD 311

spirit of Christ in, should be maintained in schools CT 170

students should become refined in FE 464

sunniness of, reaches hearts 3T 80

sunny, is essential qualification for teacher Ed 277

sweet, bring children up to have CT 127; MH 386

food of poor quality does not make CD 240

sweetness of, as sunshine of home 4aSG 132

overworked mother neglects to cultivate CH 159; 4aSG 132

teacher’s duty to control his CT 193-6

teachers should keep their, under control CT 191

things that provoke, what teachers should do re CT 196

turbulent, celebrated emperor who gained victory over CG 95

un-Christlike: must be overcome FE 265-6

persons in responsible positions should beware of MM 181

teachers should guard against FE 263

uncontrollable, influence is lessened by indulgence of 4T 367

uncontrolled: largest share of life’s annoyances is caused by ML 81; MYP 135; 4T 348

largest share of life’s daily corroding cares is caused by 4T 348

many families made unhappy by 4T 92

most heartaches and irritations are caused by ML 81; MYP 135

warning against 4T 90

your, may witness against you MYP 201-2

unhappy, persons who make earnest efforts to subdue their SL 15

unholy, restrain every word that would arouse CG 259

why many professed Christians have COL 99

unless men control their, they are slaves to Satan 1T 310

unnatural, SDA leaders should not move under impulse of their TM 211

unsanctified, Peter had much DA 673

teachers should not manifest CT 194

unsubdued, God’s cause is marred by man’s 4T 86

wayward, children lacking moral strength to restrain CT 112

well-regulated, exerts good influence on all around 4T 368

winsome, Bible presents many illustrations of Ed 241-2

wrong, received at birth 5T 325

year-old child’s, relatives who laugh at CG 288-9

you may testify by your, that Christ dwells in you CW 67



ceases when abiding in Christ HP 187:4

comes from unrenewed heart OHC 336:4

endangers mind and life 2MCP 792:2

following Christ in seeking mastery over TMK 280:4

parent teaches that God is displeased with RC 186:6

rubbish that keeps Jesus outside OHC 352:4


as the Sea of Galilee was HP 17:4

by Christ UL 321:4

child follows parent’s example in losing 2MCP 519:1

children to be taught,

self-restraint instead of indulging HP 210:3

to control RC 169:2

control UL 137

controlled by grace of Christ 3SM 239:3

death of, needed by a woman befriending married man TSB 141:1

eating and drinking relate to the state of 2MCP 386:2

harsh, plan of salvation softens OHC 238:3


asking for meekness while indulging UL 22:4

man with, could create prejudice against SDAs 3SM 397:1

no excuse for AG 235:3

unconverted have, and unwillingness to learn TDG 291:3

words of love and encouragement subdue PM 137:1


attainable by every repenting believing soul RC 293:6

developed; we expect too little 2MCP 601:0

with Holy Spirit in control 2MCP 552:3

indulgence of, youth made mad by TMK 209:3

irritated, silence is rebuke for one with OHC 293:4


by grace 1MCP 292:4

by silence and prayer HP 30:3; LHU 341:2

overeating disorders 2MCP 388:3

parents never controlled by RC 186:3

rebellious, quelled by the Holy Spirit HP 31:2

refined by mercy in the grace of brotherly kindness OHC 72:3

selfish, and swearing on the same dark list VSS 144:3

softened by religion of Jesus HP 181:4

sour when stomach is sour; keep body in subjection 2MCP 394:1

subdued under the religion of Christ RC 293:3

sweetness of, reveals the Spirit of Christ in the heart TDG 357:6

taught to children by example UL 94:4

test of, grace developed by meeting rightly HP 231:3

unchristlike, heaven would be no heaven with TMK 95:2


causes most of life’s hurts RC 292:8

conquered; uncouth manners overcome 2MCP 523:1

worsened by response to impatient words RC 293:2

Temperament, Temperaments

Temperament, Temperaments, ardent, persons of 2SM 59

ardent and positive, woman who possessed 2T 282, 437

blending of varied, is benefit to each CG 205

children have varied CG 207

children’s, parents should study their 1T 384

endless variety of, pastor meets with GW 338

excitable See Excitable temperament

fretful and unhappy, man who had 3T 59

God deals with each person according to his GW 208

God has ordained that persons of varied, should associate together AH 427; CG 205

gospel worker’s, is not what makes his work successful GW 252

happy, man who did not have 1T 694

hasty, harsh criticism of 4T 269

highly excitable, duty of person of 4T 214

highly sensitive, leads possessor to imagine neglect, slight, and injury when they do not exist 1T 709

impulsive See Impulsive temperament

man whose, was his enemy 4T 240

mulish, minister reproved because of his 2T 708

natural: religion men profess is colored by their 3T 504

results of failure to overcome 1T 142

transforming power of truth upon man’s CT 194

truth is to act upon man’s FE 263

nervous See Nervous temperament

peculiar, physician who had 3T 183

peculiarities of, each person needs to understand his 4T 69

persons sluggish in: eating too much is especially harmful to MH 308

need plenty of physical exercise MH 308

should eat sparingly MH 308

persons who have most disagreeable, need your love, tenderness, and compassion FE 281

Satan watches persons of peculiar, selfish, and covetous 1T 142

strong, men of CS 276

student who has disagreeable, is most in need of love, compassion, and help CT 267

very unhappy, man who had 3T 552

wide difference in CD 494

yielding, persons who have 3T 302

that lack courage to condemn wrong ML 320

See also Disposition


active, too much work attempted by one with UL 250:2

allowance for; caution in dealing with brethren 2MCP 633:0

bring, into subjection to Christ HP 278:2

character to be formed regardless of HP 155:3

control of LYL 43:2

danger because of disposition and LYL 41:2

dealing with people with varied; pray for words 2MCP 434:3

defects of, balanced by partners when Jesus sent out disciples PM 294:2

differences/diversity of, TMK 285:2

bound in brotherhood to those with OHC 239:2

in God’s servants, to blend PM 103:1

of children requires patience and wisdom RC 175:4

within same family is God’s plan RC 190:3

each works in his own UL 332:5


eggs and meat inflame animal passions through 3SM 286:1

fanaticism a temptation for people with 3SM 373:2

God can mold any, by confidence in Him LHU 185:2

impulsive, restrained in youthful minds by God’s Word RC 176:2

misbehavior not to be excused by an inherited HP 270:2

modification needed in HP 296:2

offensive attributes of, retained by many HP 162:3

opposite, Christ’s love blends OHC 183:3

peculiarities of, to be softened to help others TDG 262:3

sanguine; domination of brethren to be avoided PM 139:3

Satan adapts temptation to TMK 34:5

sensitivity to influence depends on 2MCP 809:3

sunniness of, combined with integrity 3SM 238:4

temptations adapted to OHC 198:3

understanding of, important for home teacher 3SM 220:1

unity in spite of LHU 309:4

war against, that draws the will in wrong direction RC 108:6

working with one of different, strengthened disciples PM 294:2

See also Attitudes; Character, traits of; Spirit; Tendencies


1. Strict

2. Miscellaneous


1. Strict

banner of: colporteurs should hold up CH 463

colporteurs should step under CD 402

ministers should step under CD 402

Daniel and companions practiced, in licentious Babylon 4BC 1167; SD 174

essential in all habits of life CD 32; SL 23

God calls upon youth to practice CT 102

governors should be men of MH 345

habits of: as basis of right character AH 258

Daniel and companions were trained to, by parents CD 154; CG 166; PK 482

indispensable for securing blessings of prosperity GW 388

John the Baptist was to be trained to MH 379

Samson was to be trained to MH 379; PP 562

importance of AA 309

in eating and drinking, essential to health 3T 487

judges should be men of MH 345

law-enforcement officers should be men of MH 345

legislators should be men of MH 345

ministers should maintain, in dietetic habits CD 55

moral courage needed to practice SD 212

observe, in all habits of life CH 65; FE 80

in use of God’s bounties CD 29; Te 101

opportunity to cast your influence for, never pass by CH 441

our eternal destiny depends on 3T 489

parents should practice GW 388

persons who practice, rapid thinking done successfully only by MH 309; 7T 199

required of men in positions of sacred responsibility PP 362

teach, as remedy for disease MH 114

2. Miscellaneous Ed 202-6; 2T 354-76; 6T 374-5

advocates of, must not disregard its foundation principles 5T 197

should place their standard on broader platform Te 141

among Puritans GC 296

athletes must practice AA 311; 2T 357-8

ax must be laid at root in matters of Te 219

blow struck for, at Battle Creek in 1877 LS 221

books on See Book

bring your ideas and practices into harmony with CD 464; CH 451

broad platform of, God calls SDA to stand on CG 409

children should be taught Te 282

from cradle up CG 408; FE 153

Christ’s, never led to bigotry or austerity CT 262; Ev 636; ML 187

Christian warfare requires AA 311

Christians should lead in SL 32

Christians should set example in GC 475; Te 119

churches need instruction re 6T 378

comes first, and then patience 7BC 944; 2T 95

Daniel’s example of CH 64-8; FE 79; SL 29

defense of, stand firmly in CH 441

development of Christian character calls for, in all things CH 38

does not consist merely in abstaining from intoxicating liquors and tobacco CD 406

exert decided influence on side of, in all things 5T 361

families need instruction re Ev 515; 6T 378

fluent advocate of, who disregards its foundation principles CH 457-8

foundation of: all graces that come from God Te 201

all victories to be gained Te 201

friends of, SDA should stand in front ranks of GW 384

God requires, in all things 2T 69

God’s original plan of, seek to come back to CD 406

habits of: children should be taught 2SM 438; 3T 489

Daniel and companions blessed by Ed 55

failure of Xerxes I to practice 3BC 1139

habits of strictest, ministers above all others should form 3T 490

practice Te 188

has much to do with man’s restoration to Eden MH 129

history bearing upon, Bible is full of Te 267

how Christ would teach men that they need 3T 488

in all things CG 394-400

God’s people should take stand on platform of 3T 63

importance of CH 49-51

must be connected with gospel message 3T 62

preservation of health requires CG 396; CH 38, 120-1; ML 141; 4aSG 146; 2SM 416; 2T 68; Te 141

required of Christians CM 132; CW 124; 2T 46

SDA should learn meaning of MM 275

in amusements, great need of 4T 652

in daily life, essential to sanctification CH 121

in dress: essential 6T 374

practice MM 275

principle of religious life 6T 375

in drinking: essential 2SM 416; 4T 215; 6T 374

essential to preservation of health CH 120-1; ML 141; 4aSG 146; 2T 68

keep mind and body fit for service by 9T 158-9

practice MM 275

principle of religious life 6T 375

in eating: essential 2SM 416; 4T 215; 6T 374

essential to preservation of health CH 120-1; ML 141; 4aSG 146; 2SM 416; 2T 68

keep mind and body fit for service by 9T 158-9

must be practiced in order to be patient 2T 405

practice MM 275

principle of religious life 6T 375

in every pursuit, great need of 4T 652

in family diet 2SM 437-8

in sleeping, principle of religious life 6T 375

in work (labor) CH 99-100; 2SM 416

essential to health CH 120; 4aSG 146; 2T 68

essential to health preservation ML 141; 2SM 416

practice Te 139

law of, Christian’s life must be controlled by CH 42

laxity in, many SDA will fall in time of trouble because of Te 150

learn and practice MYP 233

lessons on, children should be taught from babyhood PP 562

given by angel DA 101; PP 560-2

live life of sobriety and AA 423

med. institutions should give clear instruction re CD 311, 445; Te 248

men cannot be sanctified unless they practice CM 132; CW 124

men must be renewed by divine grace in order to practice MH 179-80

message of, restaurants should proclaim 7T 115

ministers should set example in 3T 490

moral sensibilities of people need to be aroused re 6T 375

mother should practice, before birth of child AH 258; PP 561

must begin: at your table FE 160; 3T 489, 562; 4T 215

in families 3T 562

must regulate what you eat CD 406

must rise higher and higher as end nears 6T 112

needed to overcome sin 4T 35, 215

object lesson in, be Te 82

observed in all things, wonderful power in Ed 206

one fruit of Spirit CD 44; CH 69; GC 474; SL 30

one round in ladder of Christian progress AA 530

only path of safety is, in all things 3T 561

parents’ duty to instruct children in Te 176-81

pattern in, Christ is 2T 358-9

EGW sought to be CD 490

people at large SDA gatherings should be taught CH 449

perfection of holiness requires DA 101

persons who practice, victories reserved by God for 1T 618

place, on elevated platform in family circle and church Te 165

platform of true, tobacco user cannot win souls to Te 69

practice: in all things 1T 619; 2T 45, 60, 413

in childhood AH 15

in cooking Te 161

in daily life 4T 141

in every respect 4T 215

pregnant woman should practice AH 258; PP 561

for child’s sake CD 218

present: as part of gospel 7T 75; Te 246

in more positive and decided manner as end nears 6T 112

with all its advantages to health MM 259

preservation of health calls for 2T 697

required of: God’s people 3T 62

teachers Ed 278

restaurants need room for public lectures on 7T 115

sermons on, needed Te 237

SDA can do mighty work for Te 256

SDA lamentably ignorant re, many CG 361; CH 449

SDA should be in advance of all other people in MM 273

SDA should observe, in all things CH 505; MYP 307

SDA should set example in ML 254; Te 119

sick people must practice, to overcome disease 1T 487

standard of: ministers must lift up Te 245-6

must be raised higher and higher Te 69

must be uplifted CW 176

standing firm on side of, only perfectly safe course is 3T 488

study, in all things 2T 362

subject of: Christians need to be aroused on 3T 489

gather up all light on CD 155

great reformation needed on CH 432

important in working out salvation Ev 265; 9T 112

must be considered from Bible standpoint Te 151

needed in SDA sermons in every city Te 239

SDA should be in advance of all other people on 9T 158

some ministers and church members show little respect for 9T 158

strongly and clearly present Ev 530

EGW spoke to large audiences on 1SM 33

EGW spoke 21 times in succession on Te 284

talks on, can be given on Sundays CT 551

teach, from Bible standpoint Te 239

teach and practice, in all things 6T 375

tobacco users are not fit advocates of FE 144

true: Daniel and companions illustrated CD 28

defined PP 562

physicians should instruct people in 6T 233

reform in dietary habit, dressing, and sleeping is required by Te 196

sanitariums are established to preach truth of CD 162

teaches man to abstain entirely from that which is injurious Te title page

teaches man to dispense with everything hurtful PP 562

teaches man to use only healthful and nutritious food Te title page

teaches man to use judiciously that which is healthful PP 562

total abstinence from strong drink is required by Te 196

true religion teaches PP 600

true success in business calls for Ed 135

voting in favor of GW 387-8; 2SM 337

watchword of married persons should be 2T 477-8

what God’s word says on, present CH 548

EGW spoke on: at camp meetings CH 531-2

in Methodist church in Oregon 4T 290

in open-air meetings Ev 587

90 minutes before 5,000 people 4T 275

EGW used Daniel 1 as text on Te 265

EGW was called to speak on 1SM 33

EGW’s favorite subject was 4T 290

See also Moderation


articles on health and, needed PM 227:3

Bible standpoint in presenting 3SM 284:5

broad sense of, Ellen White spoke on CME 10:1

children need examples of 3SM 294:2

Christ lived in OHC 59:4

Christianity affected by; youth to speak for it CME 38:2

Daniel and companions kept, at risk of their lives HP 261:4

definition of LDE 81:1

Ellen White,

invited to repeat speech on, to another church VSS 392:1

told to speak on, as Lord’s messenger CME 10:1

exalted all through Word of God RC 154:6

firm in defense of TMK 314:2

food combinations are the beginning of loss of 3SM 292:0

fruits of the spirit include Con 62:0

godliness requires, according to Paul 2MCP 388:1

health injured by lack of; customs of world followed 1MCP 317:2

in use of good and abstinence from harmful RC 142:2

intellect kept unclouded by HP 193:5

lack of, See Intemperance

mind kept clear by, to know right and wrong 2MCP 390:1

ministers to instruct and warn in lines of RC 142:7

mother’s, important for her child’s mind and body CC 130:2

parents are to practice, and support teachers TDG 293:5

place of, in Peter’s list OHC 70:3

pledge for,

no excuse for not signing TMK 314:2

total abstinence CME 39:4

presentation of,

attractively TDG 136:2

more positive nearer the end of time CME 41:2

to be revived CME 37

preserves powers for service to God OHC 269:3

requirement of, in contrast with bad habits of world TMK 317:3

runners in Christian race have inducements for OHC 308:3

Satan leads away from AG 161:3

speak for every kind of: working, eating, drugs 3SM 280:2

strict, needed to reach highest attainments RC 144:3

understood correctly only from Bible standpoint RC 141:2

Word of God exalts; dangers and advantages specified 3SM 284:3

youth needed to speak against CME 38

youth who fear God are best defenders of TMK 314:2

See also Appetite; Health reform; Indulgence; Intemperance; Lust