EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Society devotee, Society devotees - Song, Songs

Society devotee, Society devotees

Society devotee, Society devotees, children not to be educated as AH 322; 2BC 1039

Society distinction, Social distinctions

Society distinction, Social distinctions, how Christ looks upon 1SM 259


Socrates, Greek philosopher AA 236, 241

Soda (saleratus)

Soda (saleratus), biscuits made yellow and heavy with, break down digestive organs CD 343; 2T 537

bread made with, that is totally unfit for the stomach CH 117; 2T 537

breadmaking with, harmful and unnecessary MH 300

compounds made with, unfit to enter stomach CD 319-20, 343

digestive organs enfeebled by CD 319

do not introduce, in any form into stomach 2T 537

eats stomach’s coatings 2T 537

effect of, is fearful 2T 537

entire system often poisoned by MH 300; 2T 537

good bread can be made without MH 300-1; 2T 537

graham gems made with sour milk and, not best CD 319-20, 343

hot biscuits raised with, should not appear on our tables CD 319-20, 343

inflammation of stomach caused by MH 300

why people use, in making bread and biscuits CH 117; 2T 537

See also Baking powder


1. City of

2. Figurative

1. City of

angels hurried Lot out of DA 240; EW 279; GC 512; PP 160-1, 166-7

angels sent to destroy GC 631-2; PP 139, 157; 3SG 103; SR 78-9

curse of Almighty visited 4T 191

destruction of PP 156-70

as act of mercy GC 543

balls of fire caused 5BC 1122

fiery blasts caused 7T 89

fire and brimstone rained from heaven caused PP 162-3; TM 75

fire from heaven caused EW 45; GC 431; GW 126; PK 297; 1SM 63

lessons from 1BC 1090; 5BC 1103

occurred in Abraham’s time GC 431; PP 139

sinful practices that led to 4BC 1161; CD 17-8, 446; CH 23-4, 110; Ed 209; GC 269, 431; MYP 85; PK 297; PP 156-7; SD 232; 4aSG 121; 1T 395; 3T 162-3; 4T 110, 191; 5T 78, 232

sudden and unexpected PP 162

warning to future generations PP 162-5; 5T 232-3

why God caused GC 543; TM 75

God was revealed to, through Abraham PP 368

king of, Abraham was honored by PP 135

last day of PP 157-8

last night of PP 157-64; 5T 233-4

Lot in, bore gospel message COL 126

Lot was rich on entering, but left with nothing PP 160-1; 7T 89

Lot’s reluctance to leave PP 160-1; 2SM 354

Lot’s residence in 1BC 1092; MYP 419; PP 133, 157-8, 168-9; 4T 110; 6T 342

unfortunate results of Ev 78; PP 133, 156-70, 174

modern cities fast becoming like COL 54; Ev 25, 30; 9T 89

part of Lot’s family perished in MYP 419; PP 160-1, 168

people of: Abraham not a stranger to PP 157

Abraham pleaded with Christ for PP 139-40; SR 80

Abraham’s sword saved, from Elamites PP 139

Abraham’s worship of unseen God was ridiculed by PP 157

activities of, when destroyed 5BC 1122; CH 23-4

did not receive light given to SDA 5T 624

did not want God in their thoughts TM 335

guilt of, as compared to those who have clear light today 2T 488

habits that would make us like CD 17

probation’s close for 1BC 1093-4; PK 297; PP 139, 157-8; 5T 234

sins greater than (or equal to) those of PP 165; 2T 488; 3T 380; 4T 191

presence of 10 righteous persons would have saved 5T 714

ruin of, abundance of bread and idleness led to PP 156; 2T 371

site of PP 133, 156, 162, 167; 4T 111; TM 75

after its destruction PK 229; 7T 89

Babylon became as, place forever accursed PK 533

symbol of corruption GC 269

world is becoming like 4BC 1144, 1161; CG 441; CH 112; DA 122; Ed 228; FE 286, 317; GW 125-6; PP 167; 4aSG 131; 5T 218, 601; 8T 49; 9T 43; Te 186; TM 457

See also Siddim

2. Figurative

apples of, Satan offers COL 232-3

Enoch did not locate in, to save it 1BC 1087

Lots in every 6T 136; TM 195

rulers of, Jewish leaders addressed as DA 590

spiritual, France as GC 269-70


cities becoming as TDG 152:2

conditions today (1875) as before; similar practices TSB 120:1

destruction coming like; worldly pleasures HP 362:5

frivolous behavior of, degenerated TSB 147:1

God would have saved, for ten; consider Christian influence 2MCP 434:1

idleness ruined TDG 133:5

immorality began in, by one man and woman TSB 126:2

impurity of, will not escape wrath of God TSB 119:3

influence ten would have had on, compared to our influence HP 104:5

moral pollution today same as before destruction of UL 21:2

practices of,

brought destruction by flood and fire TSB 121:0

leading youth into, by handling them TSB 125:3

San Francisco and Oakland like LDE 114

tent pitched too near, to breathe atmosphere of heaven TSB 162:3

warning given to flee from modern UL 363:2

Sofa, Sofas

Sofa, Sofas, in home, suggestions re AH 153


1. Cultivation of

2. Miscellaneous


1. Cultivation of TM 242-5

action of brain and muscle equalized by FE 323; LS 354

Adam and Eve given work of MH 189; PP 50; 2SM 355; TM 243

Adam and Eve were instructed in FE 314

around Cooranbong, N.S.W. LS 358

Australian students instructed in AH 508

blessing to worker LS 354-6

bosom of, holds rich stores for faithful worker to garner TM 243

brain and heart and strength must be brought into FE 318

co-operation of man with God in COL 289

cultivation of mind should be combined with TM 244

deep plowing in, importance of FE 368

do work of, cheerfully, hopefully, and gratefully TM 243

education for the soul in COL 88

education must be given re WM 184-5

excellent outdoor exercise MH 265

exercise of brain power and tact needed in TM 243

extensive knowledge re, is needed FE 317

God gave Israel directions re COL 289

God works no miracle for him who neglects ChS 228; Ev 652-3

good work for children CT 186

how ignorance and slothfulness affect FE 326

how to teach youth by means of Ed 111

ignorance in, does its baleful work FE 326

importance of, in SDA schools CT 186-7

intelligent men needed in FE 323

Israel was to be object lesson in COL 289

Israel was to instruct nations in 1BC 1112

laws for, given by God 1BC 1112

lesson children may learn in COL 87-8

lesson book for man LS 361

made more difficult by curse upon earth 4aSG 155

missionaries need to be instructed in FE 512

mistaken ideas re CG 356

more diligent efforts need to be made in CD 312

muscles developed by FE 323; LS 354

narrow and unvarying routine in, produces discouraging results FE 317

nature lessons in COL 126

Negroes need to be instructed in 7T 228

new and sensible plans needed for TM 244

part of all-round education TM 244

patient labor will work wonders in FE 323

people need to be instructed in FE 317

by precept and example FE 324

plow deep and often in COL 88

plans and methods of, education should be given re FE 318

proper, elevates and ennobles TM 245

reasoning powers should be exercised in TM 243

redeemed will engage in, in new earth EW 18; 1T 68

san. patients need outdoor exercise in 7T 78

schools should give instruction in CT 534; FE 512

science should be brought into CG 355-6

spiritual lessons learned from COL 88; Ed 111-2; TM 242-3

students in schools of prophets engaged in Ed 47; PP 593

students should be instructed in CT 311; FE 325, 538

thousands in cities would be better off engaged in LS 355-6

EGW’s experience in, in Australia TM 242-3; WM 328

work of, sin has greatly multiplied 2SM 355

youth should be instructed in AH 138

youth should be trained to love CT 311; LS 355

2. Miscellaneous

Adam forced to struggle with, after his fall PP 50

barren, as means of instruction PP 599

Christ drew lessons from 2T 580

becomes more barren because of curse on the earth 4aSG 155

children should be given, to cultivate CG 126

children should be reared where they can cultivate AH 146

cursed because of man’s sin PP 59; 3SG 45; SR 40, 52

development of capacity of, requires thought and intelligence FE 323; LS 354

double curse upon, after Cain killed Abel SR 54

exhausted, by rank growth of thistles ML 83

by tangled vines ML 83

farmer is provided, by God 5T 724

first curse upon, was light SR 54

fruitful, as means of instruction PP 599

God gives virtue to 6T 185

God’s curse upon, felt more decidedly every year 1BC 1085

in God’s work men have to break, at a venture LS 360

in which seed is cast, effect produced by COL 43

nature and preparation of, students of agriculture should study Ed 219

observance of sabbatical year benefited PP 532

overgrown by thorns, reclaimed only by diligent labor COL 56; Ed 111

power in COL 63; Ed 104; 6T 185

productivity of, rotation of crops helps FE 323

properly and intelligently cultivated yields treasures for man’s benefit 6T 178; TM 243

rest needed by, after several years of cultivation FE 323

third curse upon, when Flood came SR 72

tiller(s) of: blessings enjoyed by Ed 219

Cain’s first occupation was PP 81

God’s people in patriarchal times were Ed 33-4

if your work is to be, make a success of it COL 359-60

illustration for DA 623

many of world’s greatest men have been Ed 219

treat, as precious treasure TM 245

uncultivated, grows up to thorns and briers AH 468

uncultivated heart’s, produces weeds and brambles 4T 202

unproductive, OT instruction should be followed re FE 323

without God’s blessing, could do nothing FE 326

worked by impulse, will not produce riches COL 88

yields no harvest without hard work COL 88

See also Agriculture; Farm; Garden; Land; Orchard


Adam found relief and safeguard in struggle with TDG 133:2

Christ’s lessons taught by HP 114

cultivation of, teaches spiritual lessons TDG 12:6

preparation of,

for the garden 3SM 328:1

in the heart TMK 281:2


Solace, in trouble, true religion alone can be 5T 509; 6T 83 See also Comfort; Consolation; Sympathy

Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse, did not cause darkness when Christ died DA 753

Solar system

Solar system, stars of, reflect light of sun DA 465; Ed 14; GW 50

Soldier, Soldiers

1. Of Christ (cross)

2. Of nation’s army

3. Miscellaneous

1. Of Christ (cross)

aged and worn, who will take place of? LS 276-7

all Christians should be ChS 35

be brave as 2SM 272

be faithful as MYP 138-9; SD 245

be patient as ChS 275

be true and loyal as TM 269

bold, truly converted soul is 5T 569

Christian’s duty as Ev 618; 2SM 124

in time of danger 2BC 1003

under every circumstance MYP 30

Christians are 6T 140; TM 296

company of, when God’s people will move in order as EW 271

concerted action needed by, in all departments 5T 534

courage and strength needed by, to fight successfully SD 219

cowardice or treachery of one, can bring disaster to entire army 5T 395

cowards among 3T 316

deserters from 2SM 213-4

does not follow his commander unless he obeys his orders 7BC 949

ears keen to hear are needed by TM 236

experienced, should be last to show cowardice in warfare 2T 286

faithful: endure hardness as 2T 102

obey His orders 4BC 1146

qualities that make 3T 327

stand unshrinkingly in forefront of battle AA 362; GW 16

toil in battle as TM 148

youth should be MYP 138

God calls for, who will not fail or be discouraged ChS 240

God honors men by choosing them as His 6BC 1119

good: bear hardships and trials without murmuring as 3T 423

endure hardness as 1T 692

Jeremiah was called to endure hardness as PK 407

needed 1T 508

have no right to rest from warfare 5T 597

hearts of, youth whom Satan uses to steal away MYP 138-9

John Mark’s failure to endure hardness as AA 170

kind of, that is needed 4T 81

life of, is one of toil, hardship, and danger 5T 394

minister’s duty as AA 362

ministers are not to serve alone as ChS 35

must not faint in day of trial 5T 597

need to: exert positive influence for good 8T 45

fight cheerfully against natural inclinations and desires MYP 74

gird on armor to press back moral darkness 3T 325

obey orders without hesitation Ev 648

press forward in unity to victory 7T 14

stand ready to battle when needed 3T 316

stand shoulder to shoulder in vindication of God’s law SD 269

not all can be officers among 5T 394-5

obligated to crusade against Satan 3T 254

often in hard and difficult places 1SM 115

old and gray in Christ’s service 2SM 229, 406

Paul as 6BC 1065

rejoicing of, in praising God 7T 17

seen battling with army of world 8T 41

should not stand still CSW 78

skill of, tested in conflict for right 3T 272

struggle that Christians face as SD 269

true, SDA youth should be trained as CT 166

undisciplined and erratic, God would not have His army composed of Ev 95

united action by, is essential 4BC 1146

unwilling to fight battles but ready to share spoils of victory 3T 316

well-drilled, church should be taught to work as Ev 115; 1T 649

educate new converts like Ev 340

work as 2SM 71

work of whole-souled, as far-reaching as eternity AH 33

young people must train and educate themselves as FE 217, 219

your obligation as 5T 279

youth can endure hardness as, in Christ’s strength MYP 96

2. Of nation’s army

cruel treatment of, in Civil War in USA 1T 255, 365-6

deserters from, treatment of 2SM 214

enthusiasm and ardor of, believers must catch CH 35

lives of, forfeited if they let prisoners escape AA 445

men who have served as 2T 286

officer dictating to, illustration of 9T 146

Roman See Roman soldier

sufferings of, during Civil War in USA 1T 255, 365-6

training of, in Switzerland GW 74-5

war’s hardening and demoralizing effect on PP 737

warned not to commit acts of violence DA 107

who pierced Christ’s side will witness second advent GC 643

young men drafted as, duty of 2SM 335

See also Army; Military service; War; Warfare; Warrior

3. Miscellaneous

angels in form of, will protect God’s people GC 631


Christian, UL 230

See also Cross, soldiers of

faithful, under the bloodstained banner RC 213:6

fight as, and conquer in Jesus’ name TMK 192:2


calls, and offers them power TMK 337:4

works with; good soldier not independent TDG 125:2

home for, witnessing in TDG 181

life of, without rest until heaven OHC 361:4

preparation as, learning meekness of Christ TDG 125:5

spiritual, taxing work of HP 259:4

Soldiers’ home, Soliders’ homes

Soldiers’ home, Soliders’ homes, miss. work in old WM 339


See Seriousness

Solemn thing

Solemn thing, to die, but more solemn to live 5T 466

Solitary place, Solitary places

Solitary place, Solitary places, desolate and, in time of trouble God’s people will dwell in GC 626

Solitary vice

Solitary vice See Secret vice


Solitude, Christ’s, in world He had created DA 422

that only frets and wears, do not indulge in PP 294; SC 122

See also Alone; Care; Fretting; Worry

Solo, Solos

Solo, Solos, that are not suitable for religious services Ev 510


Solomon Ed 48-50, 152-3; FE 498-503; PK 25-87; 4aSG 96-101

1. Before apostasy

2. Apostasy of

3. During his apostasy

4. Marriage(s) of

5. Writings of

6. Miscellaneous


1. Before apostasy

Adonijah’s conspiracy against PP 749

ark of covenant transferred to temple by PK 38; 4aSG 113-4; SR 193

babe restored to mother by PK 57

beloved in his mother’s sight 2BC 1023

better qualified than Adonijah to be king PP 749

blessed with riches and honor CS 139

changed his place of worship to Jerusalem 2BC 1025

compared to sturdy old oak of Bashan 2BC 1031-2

David abdicated in favor of 3BC 1128; PP 749

David installed, as king 2BC 1025

David warned, re Shimei 2BC 1025

David’s charge to, re building temple PP 751

David’s large experience enabled him to counsel 5T 723

David’s last charge to AA 94-5; MH 174; PP 753; 4aSG 95-6; 5T 509; TM 173

David’s pride and hope 2BC 1023

devotion to God marked many years of PK 32

dream given to, at Gibeon 2BC 1025-6; PK 28, 45, 75; 4aSG 96; 9T 281

early life of, bright with promise PK 25; 7T 217

illustrious 2BC 1023

early years of reign of PK 27

admirable PK 32

glorious FE 498; PK 47, 53

moral uplift and material prosperity during PK 34

regard for God’s law gave Israel strength during PK 465-6

schools of prophets influenced Ed 47-8

earth’s richest, wisest, and greatest king 9T 281

endowed naturally with large reasoning powers and good judgment 3T 449

endowed with wonderful wisdom FE 502; PK 59

fame of: great PK 32-3

secret of PK 32-3

world-wide PK 51

foreigners led by, to worship God PK 47

filial love and reverence shown by, exemplary 2BC 1025

God warned, against apostasy PK 47

of his danger FE 502

God’s gracious assurances to PK 335

God’s name greatly honored by PK 32

God’s plans for PK 25

God’s promise to be with PK 30-1

government of, in striking contrast with customs of other nations PK 52

great opportunities given to, to witness for God PK 70-1

greatest king that ever wielded scepter 2BC 1031; 5BC 1087; PK 58; SD 75

greatness of PK 51

honor disclaimed by, for conception or erection of temple PK 66

humility of PK 28, 30, 47-8

in seeking divine wisdom 3T 449

in his youth Ed 152-3

character preserved in purity by 2BC 1024

lacked discipline of David’s early experience Ed 152

lived luxuriously 2BC 1033

made David’s choice his own Ed 48

mother loved and respected by 2BC 1025

religious experience of 2BC 1023-4; PK 27-30

school of prophets influenced Ed 48

self-denial not required of 2BC 1024

sought God for guidance and wisdom 2T 305-6

influence of, great while true and humble PK 47, 51

interested especially in natural history PK 33

Israel became strong among nations under PK 25

Israel reached height of her greatness under Ed 48

Israel’s prosperity under 4aSG 98

kingdom of, extent of PK 51, 70

knowledge and insight of, nations marveled at Ed 153

luxurious court maintained by PK 56

luxury of 2BC 1033; ML 167

mightiest ruler of earth 2BC 1031

night vision given to, at Jerusalem PK 45, 75

no king like, among many nations 2T 306

path of duty made plain by God before PK 46

popularity and glory of, many people envied 2BC 1030

prayer of: at beginning of his reign 2BC 1025-6; PK 28-31; 4T 212; 9T 281

at dedication of temple 3BC 1130-1; Ed 49; PK 40-5, 66, 335, 359

in kneeling position 3BC 1130-1; PK 40

prophetic PK 335

proclaimed king: before David died PP 749

by appointment of David PP 749

by divine appointment PP 749

in David’s closing years PK 25

while young man PP 751

Queen of Sheba visited PK 66-7

religious welfare of, David’s solicitude for PP 750-1

ruler just, compassionate, and God-fearing Ed 49

Spirit impressed 9T 281

temple built by 2BC 1027; 5BC 1093; GC 23; PK 35-6, 63-6; PP 748-50; 2SM 174; SR 193; 5T 723

temple dedicated by PK 37-50, 65-6, 335; 4aSG 98-9, 114; 2SM 312-3; SR 194

wisdom of: divinely inspired PK 33

given by God FE 414

wonder of world Ed 48

wisest and most exalted of kings 2BC 1025

wisest and most merciful of rulers PK 55-6

wisest king that ever sat on throne 4aSG 97

wisest king that ever swayed scepter 7T 218

wisest of Israel’s monarchs GC 23

wisest of kings GC 509; PP 457

wisest of mortals 2BC 1028; PK 64; 4aSG 101; 2SM 176

worldly honor given to PK 51

2. Apostasy of

beginnings of 2BC 1026; 2SM 173

ceasing to depend on God led to GC 509

darkened his life PK 51

deviation from right principles led to PK 65

harm done by, he could not undo PK 84

history of wasted years of, recorded for after generations PK 79-82

warning lessons in Ed 154; PK 85

indulgence of appetite and passion led to 1SM 269

Israel influenced by 2BC 1028; Ed 49-50; PK 58, 84; 2SM 176; 7T 218

occurred in his later years 6T 250

results of, repentance could not efface 2BC 1031; Ed 49

seemed well-nigh hopeless PK 75

self-sufficiency, pride, and self-exaltation led to 7T 217

some men remained true to God during PK 84

things that led to Ed 49

to idolatry 4aSG 100-1

warning to every soul 2BC 1031

was gradual PK 55

3. During his apostasy 2BC 1028; Ed 49; FE 498-9; PK 51-74; 2T 306

after morning of great promise Ed 49

alliances made by: commercial and political PK 52-4

gold and silver secured in abundance by CH 290; FE 501

led to his ruin CH 290; FE 501

with heathen nations 7T 217

with idolatrous nations 6T 250

with nation after nation PK 54

with unbelievers CH 290; FE 501

altars erected by, to heathen gods Ed 153; PK 76

ambition of, to excel other nations in power and grandeur PK 55

association of, with idolatrous women 2BC 1026; 2SM 173

awakened as from dream PK 77

character of, enervated and effeminate PK 58

weak and vacillating 2BC 1031

countenance of, dark with despair 2BC 1030

cruel and exacting PK 55-6

cupidity and shortsightedness of PK 72

degenerated into tyrant PK 55-6

despot PK 56; 4T 628; 7T 218

discipline of suffering turned, to God PK 77

dishonored himself, Israel, and God 7T 218-9

extravagance of 2BC 1026; PK 88-9

primary causes of PK 61; 2SM 173

supported by grinding taxation of people 4T 628

failed to rule his own passions 2BC 1031

faith of, association with idolaters corrupted Ed 49; 7T 217

atheistic doubts supplanted PK 58

false gods worshiped by Ed 49; 7T 218

future dark with despair to PK 76

glory assumed by, that belonged to God alone PK 65

God broke His covenant with 2BC 1032

god of, self-indulgence became 7T 218

God sent severe judgments to arouse PK 77

God’s high purpose for Israel lost sight of by PK 71

grinding taxation of the poor by 7T 218

heathen idols worshiped by PK 52

heathen shrines and altars erected by, on Mount of Olives 2BC 1032-3, 1038-9; 3BC 1165; PK 57, 402-5

heathen wives influenced: into idolatry 2BC 1025, 1031; PK 56; SD 165; 2T 306

to forsake temple and God 6T 250

to turn away from God 4T 508

to worship in groves of idols 6T 250

high places built by, evidences of his crimes 2BC 1031

honor and integrity sold by, to glorify himself PK 55

horses and chariots multiplied by PK 56

idolatrous women turned heart of, from God PK 673

in costly decorations, destitute of heavenly adorning 2T 497

indulgence of appetite and passion by, incurred God’s displeasure Te 14

injudicious friends chosen by 3BC 1131

intellect of, wine beclouded 2BC 1033

Israel’s spiritual decline rapid during FE 499

kingdom of, adversaries harassed and weakened PK 77

laws of nature violated by 3BC 1165

learned emptiness of life that seeks highest good in earthly things Ed 153; PK 76

license mistaken by, for liberty PK 58

lust of, for political power and self-aggrandizement 7T 217

lustful passions gained victory over 2T 306

messages of reproof sent to PK 77

money expended extravagantly by ML 167

money selfishly absorbed by, in ambitious projects PK 55

oppressive PK 56

overcome by sin 4T 12

overmastering desire of, to surpass other nations in outward display PK 55

perfection and beauty of character overlooked by, in seeking outward beauty 4T 628

perverted appetite indulged by 3BC 1165; Te 14

polygamy corrupted 7T 218

polygamy practiced by 4aSG 100

profligate PK 58

reign of, changed to despotism and tyranny PK 58

ruins of idolatrous worship of, still seen in Christ’s time 2BC 1038

ruins of pagan shrines of, witnessed 1,000 years to his apostasy 2BC 1032-3

Satan’s effective agent GC 509

satisfaction sought by, in pleasures of sense Ed 153; PK 76

seed sown by, reaped by his people in harvests of evil PK 79

shattered nerves and wasted frame of 3BC 1165

sin of, love of women was 2T 306

sins and excesses of 2BC 1031

sins of, God did not sanction 4aSG 100

words that should silence skeptic re 2BC 1026; 4aSG 100

slave of passion PP 457

spirit of covetousness cherished by 2BC 1026; 2SM 173

taxed his people heavily PK 55-6, 88-9

things learned by, from bitter experience Ed 153-4

thoughts gloomy and soul-harassing troubled, night and day PK 76

thoughts of outward display so engrossed, that he failed God 4T 628

tool and slave of others PK 58

transgression of, results of PK 61-74

turned from God and sought wisdom from other sources FE 414

tyrannical and oppressive ruler Ed 49

tyrannical oppression by 2BC 1026; PK 61

unhappiness of, amid abundance of things of this world 3BC 1165

virtue surrendered by, to lustful passion 2T 305

wavered between right and wrong like giddy youth 2T 306

wine freely used by 2BC 1033

wisdom of, became foolishness 3BC 1165; 1SM 249

women deceived and ruined 2T 306

world drew, away from God FE 502

worshiped in high places 2BC 1025

4. Marriage(s) of

children born of 2BC 1033

forbidden PK 54

rash and sinful 2BC 1033

unscriptural 4T 508

warning lesson from PK 673

with heathen princesses FE 498-9; 6T 250

with heathen women, corrupted his faith Ed 49

with idolatrous women 2BC 1033; PK 88

with Pharaoh’s daughter PK 53

idolatrous Egyptian princess FE 498

with women of idolatrous nations 4aSG 100

5. Writings of

book of Ecclesiastes 3BC 1164-5; Ed 154; FE 186; GC 545-6, 549; PK 79-80, 323

his autobiography 3BC 1164

written in his later years Ed 153-4

written in his old age 3BC 1164

book of Proverbs CG 38; CT 50, 108, 190; FE 57; PK 34; 2T 143; 3T 131; 4T 208, 333; 7T 218

written before apostasy PK 57-8

written in his manhood PK 57

later, warnings for youth in PK 80

proverbs PK 33; 4aSG 97-8

in later years PK 79-80

Song of Solomon MB 49

songs PK 33; 4aSG 97-8

of praise PK 33

written by Spirit’s inspiration MB 49

6. Miscellaneous

admired and praised as temple’s architect and builder PK 66

aged persons warned by 2BC 1031; 3BC 1165; PK 82

apparel of SD 75; 3T 375

splendor of SC 124

as nation’s head, was to be light to surrounding nations FE 498

beacon of warning to men today 2BC 1031

beloved of God Ed 153; PK 51; PP 457; 2T 306; 6T 250

bride of, in all her glory 7BC 942

candlestick of, removed because he forgot God 2BC 1032

character traits in, worthy of emulation PK 48

confession of, to unsuccessful chase after happiness ML 167

could not escape blasting results of his sin PK 78

Egyptian wife of, converted FE 498; PK 53

experience of, warning to men today PK 59

face of, dissipation left impress on ML 167

failure of, to depend on earnest prayer GC 509

first became corrupt at heart, then apostatized, and finally worshiped idols 4T 628

first step of, into idolatry 2BC 1025

fortified cities built by, at gateways of commerce PK 71-2

gardens of 3BC 1165; ML 167

glory of, wonder of world Ed 48

history of, lessons from 2BC 1024; 3BC 1131; FE 498-503; PK 82, 85; 7T 217; 9T 281-4

Jewish regard for, as king 5BC 1093

lifework of, not wholly lost Ed 154; PK 79

magnificent buildings and public works constructed by PK 32

master workmen brought from Tyre by, to build temple 2BC 1029; PK 63

mistakes of, lessons from 2BC 1031-2

mother of See Bathsheba

name of, signifies “peaceable” PP 712

named Jedidiah 2BC 1023; PK 51

never so rich or wise as when he felt himself a child PK 30

on pinnacle of greatness became dizzy, lost his balance, and fell PK 68

surrounded with gifts of fortune PK 68

outlet developed by, at head of Red Sea PK 72

prayers of 2BC 1026, 1032; Ed 48; PK 30-1, 40-2, 47-8, 66, 335; SR 194

prosperity of, proved his ruin 2BC 1033; CH 290; FE 501; 4aSG 100

reigned: nearly two centuries before Uzziah PK 303

three centuries before Josiah PK 402-5

repentance of Ed 49; PK 75-86

few years before death 2BC 1033

in his later years Ed 153-4

sincere PK 84

spiritual labors after PK 78

repentant man when he died 2BC 1032

researches of: not confined to one branch of learning PK 33

reported by him 1SM 249

resulted in vanity and nothingness 1BC 1083

ruler that, should have been PK 26

search for happiness by, history of ML 167

ships used by, in trade and commerce PK 72

striking example of weakness of wisest of mortals 4aSG 101

temporary place of worship for Israel should have been prepared by 2BC 1025

terrible mistake of, God overruled PK 53

throne of 3BC 1165; ML 167

wealth of ML 167; PK 51, 54

wisdom given to, promised to God’s people today PK 31

youthful attendants of 3BC 1165


aged persons and youth warned by life of RY 178

blessings promised to, were conditional CC 188:7

Christ declared Himself to be greater than LHU 37:7

conscience of, hardened CC 200:4

David gives charge to, in 2 Chronicles 28:9 TDG 156:3

degradation of,

in building idols CC 200:3

instead of meeting potential TSB 189:5

example of, unsafe although he recovered from sin CC 197:3

idols set up by, destroyed by Josiah CC 200:3

judgment to come, presented in appeal of TDG 296:3

life of, denied words at temple dedication RY 180:1

old age of, connection with God lost in; he sought honor RY 182:2

repentance expected after life of sin as in case of, at great risk RY 179:2

rich are to learn from the history of CC 193:5

sins of, handed down TSB 191:4

talents misused by, a warning CC 197:4

turning aside from God as, forfeits His cooperation PM 177:2

Son, Sons

Son, Sons, of God: angels as MB 109

beautiful and triumphant, accompany Christ at second advent DA 739

Christ came to show how men are to be trained as Ed 74

conditions upon which men may be acknowledged as 5T 13

Hebrew boy was called, on completion of twelfth year DA 75

how Adam’s sons become SC 15; PP 64, 66; 4T 563

man is, as God applies the term SD 324

privilege of becoming, cheaply purchased by anyone SL 17; 4T 357

Seth’s descendants were called 3SG 60

See also Sonship

of men, Cain’s descendants were called 3SG 60

prodigal See Parable

two, parable of See Parable

See also Boy

Song, Songs

Song, Songs Ed 159-68; Ev 496-12

1. Improper

2. Sacred

3. Miscellaneous


1. Improper

boisterous, does not cheer heart in sickness and sorrow 5T 509

does not make you a man in God’s sight 5T 509

dance, from abyss below LS 191

heard in impressive dream 2T 595

entitled “To me that loved myself” will not be sung in heaven TM 456

flippant, not heard in schools of prophets FE 97

frivolous: drive angels away 1T 506

fit for dance hall 1T 506

seem congenial to youthful taste 1T 497

low and vile, from the abyss below LS 191

heard in impressive dream 2T 595

operatic, not pleasing to angels Ev 510

praising self, not heard in heaven TM 456

sung in social gatherings at Battle Creek, which made angels weep CT 339; TM 83

theater’s low, deprave imagination and debase morals 4T 653

war, from abyss below LS 191; 2T 595

heard in impressive dream LS 191; 2T 595

world’s use of, with mirth ending in weariness and disgust DA 148

youth singing, that make angels weep 1T 506

2. Sacred

Adam and Eve sang, of praise PP 50, 52; SR 22, 31

Adam will lead the redeemed in singing GC 648

adapt, to opening minds of children DA 69

agency appointed by God to prepare people for church above ML 286; MYP 265; 5T 491

angels break forth in, over transformation of sinners COL 102; SD 282; TM 49-50

when mother succeeds in dealing with defiant child 7T 48

angels cease to sing, when God’s people are discouraged or in peril EW 39

angels ceased to sing, when man sinned PP 63

angels join with God’s people in singing Ev 510

angels joined with Adam and Eve in singing, in Eden SR 31

angels listen to, sung by God’s people GW 171; 6T 367

angels sang: when Christ announced plan to save man EW 126-7, 151; PP 65

when Christ ascended to heaven 5BC 1146; 6BC 1053; DA 833, 835; EW 191; PP 476; 4aSG 119

when Christ was born DA 48, 308, 406; GC 46; PP 65, 475; 1SM 250, 303; Te 284

when Christ was raised from grave EW 182; 1SM 303

when Christ was victorious over Satan’s temptations 1SM 95

angels sing: in heaven EW 66; PP 37; SR 25; 1T 123

over sinners who repent COL 190, 237; SC 126; 7T 16

when God’s people are faithful EW 39

angels teach active church members how to raise their voices in ML 238

angels unite in, when God’s people triumph over enemy 8T 41

angels will join the redeemed in singing 7BC 922, 988

angels will put, of victory into our lips 3BC 1143

angels will sing, at second advent EW 16, 179; GC 641; LS 65-6; SD 359; 2SG 32; 1T 60

angels will welcome the redeemed to City of God by MB 100; 4T 328

angels’: God will teach His people a strain from MB 86

heard by Isaiah 4BC 1140

learn now PP 289; 5T 319

angelic choir joins with God’s people in singing AA 154

apostles sang, of praise in homes of people DA 351-2

Asaph’s, sung in Hezekiah’s time PK 333

burst of, at Christ’s triumphal entry DA 571

when ark of covenant arrived at Jerusalem PP 707-8

catch themes of, sung by heavenly choir SD 198; 6T 368

cherubim’s COL 197; 4BC 1140

childhood, recalled by memory Ed 168

children will sing, in courts of heaven CG 569

children’s, at camp meetings 6T 106

Christ brought gladness by, to the toil-worn and disheartened MH 52

Christ cheered his hours of labor with, of thanksgiving MH 52

Christ communed with heaven in DA 73

Christ expressed gladness of His heart by singing DA 73

Christ filled air with DA 20

Christ hears every WM 80

Christ is chanted to us in COL 317

Christ led His disciples in, at last Passover supper DA 672-3

Christ met temptation with Ed 166

Christ sang, at last Passover supper DA 672-3, 690; Ed 166

Christ united His voice in, with that of birds SD 135

Christ was often heard singing ML 238; WM 93

Christ welcomed morning light with MH 52

Christ’s mother taught Him Ev 498

Christ’s name as Messiah was long enshrined in DA 27; PK 710

commemorating Israel’s deliverance from Egypt does not belong to Jews alone PP 289

congregational, should be familiar ones Ev 506

singing of simple, has more charm than singing of choir Ev 509

converts in far-off countries will sing, of praise 7T 52

David communed with God through, amid vicissitudes of changeful life Ed 164

David composed, while a shepherd boy 2BC 1018; PP 637

David constantly sought themes for PP 642

David expressed in, his joy for forgiveness PP 725-6

David sang: accompanied with skillful music 4aSG 93

as if responsive to those sung by angels in heaven PP 642

re death of King Saul and Jonathan PP 696

when ark of covenant was moved to Jerusalem PP 704-5; 4aSG 113

while a shepherd boy PP 637

while playing on harp PP 660

David’s: exalted God as strength and deliverer of God’s people PP 716

help in child training CG 93

sung in Hezekiah’s time PK 333

sung with understanding PK 203

See also Psalm

David’s experiences reflected in Ed 164-5; PP 724-5

David’s “last words” recorded in PP 754

devotional, let voices be lifted in Ev 505; 4T 71

dream re people singing, seeming like music of angels EW 79

earliest, recorded in Bible Ed 162; PP 288

echo of angels’, awakened earthly homes Ed 168

effective means of: fixing God’s words in memory Ed 167

impressing truth on hearts Ed 168; Ev 500; ML 238; MYP 217; WM 93

effectiveness of, in church services 5T 493

emotion finds utterance in PP 288

express love of Christ by, of praise 6T 367

express praise and thanksgiving in MH 254

Father’s, over salvation of sinners COL 207

Feast of Tabernacles was celebrated with DA 448; PK 666; PP 412

glad, that should ring out from believers’ lips DA 794

God glorified by, of praise from pure heart 1T 509

God has, to teach His people MH 472

God is worshiped with, in courts above SC 104

God rejoices over His church with Ev 502-3

God’s people should gladden their pilgrim life by Ed 167

God’s promises chanted in, to sound of instrumental music Ed 39

good singing of, is subdued and melodious Ev 510

loud noise is not what makes Ev 510

gospel: should be sung with melody and distinctness Ev 504

singing of, by SDA students in wealthy homes CT 548

sweet, students can do much good by singing CT 547

great blessings received in response to Ed 162

Hannah’s prophetic prayer was PP 572

heart must feel spirit of, to give it right expression PP 594

heaven’s, thanksgiving is keynote of 7T 244

heavenly choir joins in singing of, by God’s people 7T 17

Hezekiah’s, of gratitude in prayer GC 546; PK 342-4

historical and prophetic, composed by Moses Ev 497; PP 467-8; 6T 364-5

history of Bible’s, suggests uses and benefits of music and song Ed 167

how soul is affected by Ed 167-8

Huss (John) sang, in his martyrdom GC 110

impenitent sinners could not gain in singing, sung by inhabitants of heaven GC 542

in baptismal service Ev 315

in church services 1BC 1111; 6T 367

as much a part of worship as prayer is Ed 168; PP 594

effectiveness of 5T 493

in family worship CG 522; Ed 186; MH 392-3; 2T 701; 6T 356-7, 359; 7T 43

in home, let there be AH 350; Ed 168

in miss. work CH 542; WM 70

in old soldiers’ homes WM 339

in public assembly of Israel PP 725

in religious services should not take place of Bible study Ev 501

in school, let there be Ed 168

in schools of prophets Ed 47; FE 97; PP 594

in SDA assemblies SD 198; 6T 368

instrumental music used with, in Israel Ed 39

Israel’s deliverance from Egypt was commemorated by PP 288-9

Israelite children were to learn Ev 497

Israelite parents were to teach children by means of FE 442

Israelites beguiled their journeys to Passover with DA 76

Israelites chanted God’s commandments in Ed 42

Israelites cheered by, in wilderness wanderings Ed 39, 42, 167

Israelites sang: at Red Sea Ed 162; PP 288-9, 382, 410

in exalted strains of melody Ev 496-7

in pilgrimages to annual feasts COL 299; Ed 42

in time of Ezra and Nehemiah PK 666

when ark of covenant was moved to Jerusalem PP 704-5; 4aSG 113

when Assyrian army was overthrown in Hezekiah’s time PK 362

when second temple was dedicated 3BC 1134

Jehoshaphat’s army sang Ed 163; PK 201-3; SD 199

jubilee, of freedom sung when debt is lifted from schools 6T 477

King Saul joined band of prophets in singing PP 610

learned amid shadows of affliction MH 472

lessons fixed in Israelite minds by, as they wandered in wilderness Ed 39

lessons taught by means of, to Israel Ed 39

let glorious harmony ascend to God in 4T 71

let praise be expressed in MH 254

let thanksgiving be expressed in MH 254

let voices be lifted up in, of praise Ev 505; 4T 71

let your, praise God ML 91

Levites sang, in Nehemiah’s time PP 115, 406

Levites’ ministry of, in temple service 3BC 1128

lift up by faith, of thanksgiving to God MH 254

lift up Christ in GW 160

lift your soul to God in, in time of perplexity 7T 237

long, sung before prayer Ev 511

make your work pleasant with CG 148

making forests vocal with melody speak of God CT 54; MH 411

many, are prayers Ed 168

many events of history linked with Ed 161

many hearts reached by ML 238; 9T 34

martyrs sang, of triumph in midst of crackling flames GC 41

means of fixing truth in children’s memory Ed 42

meekness makes its own, of happiness 3T 335

melody of, poured forth in clear, distinct utterance is soul-saving instrumentality 5T 493

should ascend as sweet incense 7T 94

ministry of Ev 496-500

power in CT 547

misuse of, by fanatics 2SM 45

morning stars sang, when Christ announced plan to save man PP 65

when earth was created DA 281, 769; Ed 22, 161; GC 455, 511; MB 48; PP 47, 65; 6T 349; 8T 197

morning stars will sing, when sin shall be no more MH 506; 8T 42

Moses embodied God’s commandments in Ev 500; SD 43

Moses framed events of Israel’s history in Ev 497; PP 467-8; 6T 364-5

Moses presented truth to Israel in Ev 497

new: converted soul breaks forth into AA 476

God desires to put, on your lips ML 174

sung by 144,000 GC 649; PK 591; 5T 476

that you may not have been taught to sing SD 179

of children and parents, heard in vision GW 435

of choir See Choir

of gladness, sung in other worlds GC 677

of heaven: educate your mind to be prepared to sing 2T 265

privilege of participating in 2T 266-7

that God’s people must learn on earth 7T 244

of Moses, first theme sung by redeemed will be TM 433

points to final victory of Israel of God PP 288-9

of Moses and the Lamb TM 433

Christ as all in all will be theme of TM 433

Christ foresaw the redeemed singing AA 601; MH 504

John was shown people singing GC 450; PP 289; 5T 753; 9T 17

new song never sung before in heaven PK 591; TM 433

144,000 will sing AA 590-1; GC 648-9; PK 591; 5T 476

prepare now to sing UL 306:4

redeemed will sing PK 591; 8T 43-4; TM 433

song of deliverance GC 649

song of experience GC 649

song of God’s providence TM 433

sung at final victory of Israel of God PP 289

of the Lamb: centers around cross of Calvary TM 433

second theme of the redeemed will be TM 433

song of grace and redemption TM 433

of Zion, learn here to sing 4T 462

sing, when tried by provocation AH 443

offer to God, of thanksgiving 3BC 1148

overcomers will sing, in City of God 4T 538

part of: devotion to God SC 103

worship of God Ed 168; PP 594

Paul and Silas sang, in Philippian dungeon AA 214; Ed 66; 3T 406

pilgrim travelers sang, on way to Jewish feasts COL 299

power of: to banish gloom and foreboding Ed 168

to implant principles of truth in memory Ed 39

to keep thoughts uplifted from trials and difficulties Ed 39

to promote harmony of action Ed 168

to quicken thought and awaken sympathy Ed 168

to soothe and calm restless and turbulent spirit Ed 39

to strengthen faith Ed 39

to subdue rude and uncultivated natures Ed 167-8

principles of truth and precious lessons fixed in memory by Ed 39, 42

records of God’s wonderful works chanted in, to sound of instrumental music Ed 39

redeemed will join angels in singing MB 140

religious emotions should not be made too prominent in Ev 502

remembrance of, brings new meaning and purpose to life Ed 168

courage and gladness imparted to others by Ed 168

revival, can be sung on Sundays CT 551

Sabbath should be closed with, as sun goes down 6T 359

Sabbath should be welcomed with, at sunset on Friday 6T 356

sanitarium patients never forget, of praise and thanksgiving MM 27

selection of, by ministers Ev 506

self-praise is keynote of, sung by many in this world TM 456

seraphim’s 4BC 1140; COL 197; GW 21

Isaiah heard PK 310; 5T 751

shepherd’s, when he finds his lost sheep COL 189

simple: helps in colporteur work CM 91

helps in house-to-house work WM 93

should be sung in natural tone Ev 510

simplest, learn to sing CM 91; Ev 502; ML 238; WM 93

singing of, helps in house-to-house miss. work ML 238

sing, of praise and thanksgiving for conversion of souls CS 223

outdoors on Sabbath Ed 251

sing a thanksgiving, when tempted to give utterance to your feelings MH 254

singers of, warned against use of intoxicants Te 45

singing of, improvement needed in Ev 507

slaves’, of rapturous joy under loud cry EW 278

Solomon composed, of praise PK 33

souls in darkness are to hear, of praise and gratitude 9T 31

souls won to truth sing, of grateful praise Ev 414

Spirit manifested in, in schools of prophets Ed 47

spiritual, awake voice of SD 198; 6T 368

sung by God’s people in last great crisis Ed 166

sung by the redeemed: angels cannot sing from experimental knowledge 7BC 922

at close of 1,000 years GC 665; SR 422

at second advent DA 48; GC 650; PP 477; SD 359

burden and keynote of GC 665; SR 422

Christ waits to hear CT 48; FE 91; ML 320

cross of Christ will be theme of AA 273; DA 20; GC 651; MYP 115; SL 93-4; TM 433

faith hears Te 213

in day of final awards PK 366

in Eden restored 7BC 988; 3SG 89

in kingdom of glory 7BC 982; CH 264; LS 271; ML 321

in kingdom of God ML 339

in world to come DA 131; Ev 503; ML 347, 361; MYP 113; PK 730; SL 78, 91; 1SM 289; 3T 435; 6T 368

John was permitted to hear AA 583

no shrieks of tormented beings will mingle with GC 545

of their experience Ed 308

redemption will be theme of GC 416; ML 360; SC 88-9; 5T 318

such as mortal ear has never heard nor mind conceived Ed 307; PK 730

when conflict is over AA 602; MH 506-7; GC 671; ML 348; 8T 44

when they behold the Father’s glory GC 651-2

when they enter City of God 7BC 982

when they reach heaven EW 289; ML 346; SD 362-3; 9T 285

while ascending to heaven GC 645

sung improperly Ev 507-8

sung in natural tone, angels delight to hear Ev 510

sung on Day of Pentecost in praise for sins forgiven AA 38; 7T 31

sung under Spirit’s influence AA 38

Ten Commandments chanted in, to sound of instrumental music Ed 39

theme of, science of salvation should be Ev 502; GW 160; SD 224

triumphant, sung by God’s people during seventh plague GC 639

unseals springs of penitence and faith WM 93

uses and benefits of, history of songs of Bible is full of suggestions re Ed 167

value of, as means of education Ed 168

victorious physician will have, to sing in City of God MM 36

Waldenses sang, of thanksgiving in mountain retreat GC 66

weapon against discouragement MH 254

what children should learn re Ed 168

when heaven comes in touch with earth Ed 161

EGW joined with angels in singing EW 66

words of: should be sung in musical tone Ev 510

should be uttered clearly Ev 510

springs of penitence and faith unsealed by Ed 162; Ev 500; ML 238; MYP 217

think of meaning of Ed 168

3. Miscellaneous

ability to sing, is gift of God to be used to His glory 9T 144

bird See Bird

gift of, needed in miss. work ML 238; MYP 217

men superior in, obedience to God’s word would have made CT 440-1

persons who have gift of, God’s work needs ML 238; MYP 217

praising David angered King Saul PP 650

special gift of, some people have 7T 115

talent of: attracts people to evangelistic meetings Ev 498

Satan makes great use of Ev 498

should be cultivated and used to God’s glory Ev 498; 7T 115-6

See also Anthem; Chant; Choir; Hymn; Music; Psalm; Singing


Adam and Eve harmonized with angels and birds in Con 11:1; TMK 13:5

angels sing, as souls yield to Spirit OHC 152:5


is the melody of our RC 21:5

kept before children by HP 209:5

often held communion with heaven in HP 214:4

remembered childhood, when tempted; enemies joined Him VSS 412:1

sang, united with bird songs LHU 32:3

Christians have the right to sing, of rejoicing CME 26:4

fanatical exhibitions in, would hurt cause of God 3SM 376:2

gift of, needed UL 91:3

God lifted up in, when truth is in daily life HP 248:5

God wants to give us, and praise FLB 236:4

heart and lips to give; do not look at the dark side TDG 369:7

heavenly, praise and thanksgiving of church below taken up in OHC 167:2

humans would have been different in, but for disobedience UL 103:2

learn here, to Him that sitteth on the throne and to Lamb FW 78:4

learn, of Zion LHU 249:5

praise in,

for blessings; talk with God 2MCP 538:2

from saints when Zion arises TMK 273:4

to be in each household UL 33:3

sacred, penitence often unsealed by UL 91:3

saints sing, in day of final triumph 3SM 430:3

sweet and pure, in the home bring cheerfulness HP 94:6

when we see Jesus AG 358:5