This Day With God


Invitation to All, June 21

Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. Luke 10:2. TDG 181.1

I had been unable to ride for some time, owing to hip and spine difficulties, and during the drive home [from Healdsburg College] I became very weary. But I am so grateful to my heavenly Father that He strengthens me. TDG 181.2

Recently, open air meetings have been held by our brethren at Calistoga [California].... The next one will be held near St. Helena, if a suitable place can be found. We desire to do all we can to warn those around us of the soon coming of the Saviour. I believe much good will be accomplished as we take up this work. My heart is drawn out for those in darkness, who know not the truth.... TDG 181.3

I hope soon to visit the soldiers’ home at Yountville. For several months a company of workers have been going there every other Sabbath to hold a song service. At first only a few attended the services, but now there are from seventy-five to one hundred present every time. Sometimes a thirty-minute talk on some Bible subject is given. At a meeting held a few weeks ago, the soldiers were asked if they would like to have a short Bible study after the song service. About a dozen said they would. But when the time came for the reading to be held, over fifty were present. The workers take reading matter with them, and when the soldiers are asked whether they would like it, their faces light up, and their hands are eagerly stretched out to receive the books and papers. TDG 181.4

Last Sabbath one intelligent-looking man in the home said to one of our brethren, “Before you came here to sing for us, I spent nearly all my time in drinking and carousing with my companions. But since you have been coming here, I have found a much better way to employ my time. I have given up liquor drinking and am spending my spare time in reading the Desire of Ages.... TDG 181.5

We hope that the work for the soldiers will go forward. Several are interested, and those in charge of the home recognize the good work that is being done. I fully believe that some of these old men, perhaps many, will be saved. I wish that all our people could see the many doors that are open before them.—Letter 112, June 21, 1903, to Elder and Mrs. J. A. Burden, while laboring in Australia. TDG 181.6