EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Sermon, Sermons (Part 1 of 2)

Sermon, Sermons

Sermon, Sermons Ev 118-326; GW 147-75

1. Classes of

2. Delivery of

3. Preparation of

4. Sabbath

5. Subject(s) for

6. Miscellaneous

1. Classes of

acted, that are far more powerful than preached discourses CH 537

apostolic, Christ was theme of every AA 594

argumentative, minister who was inclined to present 3T 237

seldom soften and subdue souls Ev 172; 1SM 158

based on great original lie which Satan told Eve 1T 342

best, that lazy man could preach 5T 179

braced with firm and eager purpose, SDA need men with 3BC 1137; ChS 177

camp meeting 6T 31-88

period of rest should intervene between 6T 56

should not follow one immediately after another 6T 56

casual, do not preach 6T 58

cheap, do not present 6T 58

Christ’s: debating ministers have little knowledge of 3T 216

enter into everyday life of Christian 3T 216

gratified and charmed the most intellectual 3T 214

long and difficult words not used in GW 169; 4T 260

presented truth in simplicity 4T 314

so plain and simple that humblest mind comprehended them 3T 214

were calm, earnest, and impressive Ev 184

were plain, close, searching, practical 4T 396

Christ’s most important, preached to only one listener 3T 217-8 See also Christ 20. As speaker

Christless: is like Cain’s offering CW 80; GW 156; 4T 447

men are not pricked to heart by GW 156

what is wrong with GW 156

clear, accurate, and convincing, are needed Ev 648

clear and connected, need of Ev 181

commonplace, men of small experience can get up CW 85

readers of SDA papers need more than CW 85-6

connected, needed on practical subjects 4T 407

consisting of theory alone, do not present one 4T 315

continual, Paul’s courage and faith were AA 464

convicting and converting people to Christ, need of 4T 313

cut short about one third would be better Te 237

cutting a man all to pieces: do injury unless dictated by Spirit 3T 508

is sometimes positively necessary 3T 508

denunciatory, little good is accomplished by Ev 304

out of place before congregation 3T 508

destitute of dew and rain of heaven TM 337

doctrinal: are essential 4T 394

practical discourses needed with 3T 237; 4T 396

practical godliness should be woven into Ev 142; LS 304

some ministers are able to present only a few 4T 414-5

too many long Ev 641

dry and formal, do not present 2T 543

dry and lifeless, belittle God’s message 6T 48

dry and spiritless: do not feed sheep 1SM 158

without free gift of Christ’s righteousness Ev 186

without Spirit’s power 6T 48

elaborate, golden opportunities lost by delivering 4T 313

eloquent, do not convert souls GW 155

reception of gospel does not depend on GW 155

entirely theoretical, not needed in new fields 4T 395

evangelistic, distribution of reading matter should accompany Ev 159

every, should help people to see more plainly what to do to be saved GW 153

exclusively theoretical, ministers should not present 4T 321

explaining Scriptures stir people deeply Ev 151

family unity that is most effectual, on practical godliness SD 223

first, preached on immortality of soul GC 533

first gospel, spoken in Eden by God Himself Te 284

fixed or stereotyped, ill effects of 5T 251

flowery, do not convict sinners GW 155

people do not need GW 154

for children and youth 2T 420

for statesmen and learned men should present truth in simplicity Ev 350

for students CT 403

for youth, let your life be hourly a FE 51

long, are not best GW 210

godless, opportunities lost as result of 4T 447

that is like Cain’s offering 4T 447

good, why few souls are often won by GW 196

half as long would do more good Ev 348

hardest to practice is self-denial CS 29

highly informative, needed at large SDA gatherings CW 126

important, Bible study should follow 6T 68

impressive, every passing event is text for 9T 63

influenced by reading of books containing false sentiments 9T 68

intellectual, that fail to reveal Christ GW 170

John the Baptist’s, were plain, pointed, and convincing 5BC 1089

large list of, minister should do more than preach MM 301

largely theoretical, not best in new fields GW 159

last, some hearers may be listening to their GW 158; 4T 394

leaving people to go away unimpressed and unfed GW 154

living: consecrated life is a daily 4T 609

has greater power than any discourse given in desk 4T 380

how minister can make his life a 4T 380

long (lengthy) 2T 116-8, 672; TM 256-8

are wearisome and exhausting 2T 118

burden children’s small minds 2T 420

do not benefit 2T 672

do not deliver, on new and startling subjects TM 428

do not present Ev 157, 439; 2T 116-7, 672; TM 257

draw on speaker’s time and strength Ev 157

evil of TM 256-8, 311

exhaust preacher Ev 177

frequent preaching of, injures vocal organs Ev 667

less success comes from 2T 117

make preacher’s brain weary Ev 177

ministers become excessively weary in 2T 116-8

ministers needlessly use up strength and vitality in 2T 116-8

never weary hearers by Ev 178

not best for young people GW 210

not needed in miss. meeting 6T 436

people cannot retain and digest all of Ev 177, 439; TM 256

people cannot retain one half of Ev 439

people’s interest decreases before close of 2T 116-8

positively injures religious interest 4T 261

puts undue strain on whole nervous system Ev 667

Sabbath observance does not consist in listening to 2T 583

some, are one third or one half longer than they should be 2T 116-7

some, would be better if cut up into three Ev 176-7

soul-winning work is better for church than Ev 356

tax hearers and speakers TM 256

tax hearers’ patience GW 168

tax speaker’s strength GW 168

too many SDA ministers err in preaching Ev 177

two thirds of, are lost Ev 177

use up minister’s vitality TM 312

voice can be cultivated so vocal organs will not be injured by 1T 649

wear out both minister and people Ev 348

weary people Ev 157

long and labored, message should not be presented in GW 167

not appropriate for camp meetings 6T 55-6

long and protracted, exhausting effects of Ev 183-4

weary and break down preachers 2T 117

long and tedious, ministers killing themselves by 2T 616

long doctrinal, too many Ev 641

long-drawn-out, largely made up of anecdotes TM 336

that do not touch hearts TM 336

making little impression on hearers GW 33

making people smile but impressing them little 1T 435

many: are without cross of Christ 4T 394

confessing Christ in conversation is more effective witness than CT 554

present only theory of truth TM 151

would be better if cut in half Ev 441

many of today’s, do not awaken conscience and bring life to soul PK 626

mechanical, too many ministers go into pulpit with 5T 252

most convincing, in favor of Christianity is unstudied and unconscious influence of holy life AA 511; GW 59; SR 318

most difficult to preach is self-denial CS 29

most effective, living the principles of truth is 2SM 201

most eloquent, Christianity exemplified in daily life exerts tenfold greater influence than 4T 547

on Ten Commandments is to do them 4T 58

much more powerful, some SDA ministers need to present 8T 36

old, caution re reliance upon 5T 252

old-fashioned, we need Ev 179; 2SM 19

one third or one half longer than they should be, weary people 2T 116-7

plain, pointed, and solemn are needed 1T 437

planting seed of truth too deep GW 169

poorly organized, produce little good Ev 649

popular, effects of 4T 394

powerful, high pitch of excitement does not make Ev 657

practical: giving that preaches CS 29

needed as well as doctrinal 2T 341

needed with the doctrinal 2T 543; 3T 237; 4T 396

preached by dress, influence of 4T 641

preached from many pulpits, do not awaken conscience COL 40

preached from pulpit: are not substitute for Spirit 1SM 127

cannot do personal work that is needed GW 188

faithful work in erecting institutions will be as 7T 94

life as living sermon has greater power than 4T 380

living sermon more powerful than 4T 380

may be soon forgotten LS 382

number of, minister’s true honor and glory is not in 4T 416

righteous words and deeds are more powerful for good than all ML 114

sermon preached in lives of advocates of truth too often counteracts 9T 21

too often counteracted by church members’ lives 9T 21

true home’s influence is more powerful than any MH 352

well-ordered and well-disciplined family tells more than all AH 32

preached in lives of God’s professed people 9T 21

preached to one-man audience GW 167

prepared to attract attention to preacher 5T 159

presented at large SDA gatherings should be of reformative nature Ev 514

presenting flood of words without meaning, people do not need GW 154

presenting reasons for SDA faith, should be published in little leaflets Ev 160

presenting truth in its purity, need of 1T 414-5

presenting truth warm from glory, need of 2T 617

printed in leaflet form should be circulated as widely as possible Ev 160, 232; 6T 37

prolonged until alpha is forgotten in long-drawn-out assertions CT 403

published, should be more than commonplace CW 85

rambling, do not present Ev 181

ranging high into heavens do not fortify people for greater battles of life Ev 182; GW 153

read, have little vitalizing force GW 165; 5T 251

restrained, that will never do work God designed 2SG 300

right to point on law of God, print in leaflet form Ev 232

same dry, ministers who preached from week to week the GW 437

same set of, minister who will not preach over and over the COL 130; GW 252

Satan’s, that echoed from pulpits of Christendom GC 533; 1T 342

scarcely mentioning Christ’s blood GW 156

set, man who feels that he cannot vary from GW 165

ministers should not hold to list of 4T 269

short: evangelists should present Ev 656

gain reputation of being interesting speaker by preaching Ev 177

give, and more Bible studies Ev 439

is more effective 2T 117

need of Ev 150, 348; 2T 118; 6T 56; TM 310

preserve your health by preaching Ev 177-8

remembered far better than long ones GW 167-8

two reasons for Ev 177-8

short, spiritual, and elevated, are needed TM 337-8

short and pointed, in old soldiers’ homes WM 339

short and to point, are needed CT 403; Ev 296; GW 167-8; 6T 55-6

shorter, need of Ev 348

sickly, Bible study is better than Ev 181

present anything but Ev 181

simple, ministers should present 1SM 167

smooth, make no lasting impression GW 149; PK 140

so many, Bible studies needed instead of 2SM 392-3

some, present opinions of men instead of God’s word AA 505

some men’s, why souls are not converted under 4T 441

soul-stirring, need of GW 177

tame, ministers reproved for preaching 8T 37

tame and formal, have little of Spirit’s vitalizing power GW 165; 5T 251

minister’s ability and usefulness is destroyed by preaching GW 165; 5T 251-2

tame and fruitless, cause of many MH 309

tame and lifeless, why so many 7T 251

tame and pointless, lull people to sleep 8T 36

tedious because of too much concentrativeness GW 169

theoretical, are essential GW 158; 4T 394

too long: causes good thing to lose its flavor TM 311

last part detracts from first part of TM 311

minister errs in presenting TM 256

one half of, would benefit hearer more than the whole TM 256

weary people 2T 543

too many, on claims of God’s law have been without Christ 1SM 371

twice too long, minister who generally preached TM 311

unreasonably long, effects of Ev 176

unity in minister’s family that is effectual, on practical godliness GW 204-5

unreasonably long, lack of time for preparation results in Ev 176

unsatisfying to hungry soul have been given in SDA churches 6T 53

weekly, systematic giving of tithes and offerings that would be CS 80

whole, when five words spoken privately will do more than Ev 285

wholly argumentative, ministers err in presenting GW 158; 4T 393

2. Delivery of Ev 168-77, 182; GW 147-74; 2T 615-6; 4T 404-5; 6T 58-61

antics in, that lend no force to truth Ev 640

apologizing in, time frittered away by 2T 616

wearies and disgusts people GW 168; 2T 616, 670; 3T 235-6

apostles expressed truth in, with clearness and earnestness Ev 171

avoid in: acting like theatrical performer Ev 640; GW 172

all coarseness Ev 640

arousing controversy 6T 58

attitude calculated for effect Ev 640

becoming wrought up to high degree of excitement 1T 445

becoming wrought up to high tension Ev 658

bitter sarcasm Ev 304

boisterous conduct Ev 640

bringing in something comical to create smiles 1T 435

bringing in unimportant ideas 6T 56; TM 309

casting drops of gall into hearers’ cups 6T 123

causing undue worry 6T 58

cheap and trifling words TM 318

cheap utterances GW 145

comic illustrations to create laugh 1T 649

covering too much ground Ev 175

covering up essential truths with words so as to make them cloudy and indistinct 2T 671

covering up important vital points with array of words 2T 544

display (exhibition) of self 1T 437; 4T 313-4, 399

dragging in distantly related matters 2T 544

dwelling at length on any point not of vital importance 2T 671

dwelling tediously on one point 2T 670-1

dwelling too largely on theory 5T 158

dwelling too much upon minutiae 2T 543-4, 670

embittering and chafing people 6T 123

everything savoring of retaliation and defiance 9T 244

everything tending to fanaticism Ev 611-2

exciting emotions GW 147

exhibition of your smartness 5T 166

expressions calculated for effect Ev 640

extravagant expressions Ev 611

fanciful eloquence Ev 182

flying from your subject to matters foreign to it 6T 56

giving mass of words 2T 544

giving up to passion in Ev 668

grotesque attitudes and workings of features TM 339

habit of hurriedly rattling off what you have to say 2T 615

hallooing and screaming out 2T 615

harsh and cutting words Ev 304; 9T 244

harsh and loud notes 6T 67

illustrations that are not suitable Ev 208-9

irreverent expressions 1T 649

jumping up and down Ev 640

lack of gravity of speech 1T 380

laughing 2T 612

levity GW 147

lingering tediously upon one point 2T 671

long and many preliminaries GW 168; 2T 616, 670; 3T 235-6

losing time in explaining really unimportant points 3T 34

making apologies GW 168; 2T 616, 670

making Bible say things not written therein 2T 342

making God’s word offensive 6T 123

making slurs Ev 204

many words over little particulars 2T 670

matters of minor consequence GW 148

mere speechifying TM 143

mixing the comical with the religious TM 143

moving fancy GW 147

occupying time in talking of trivial subjects Ev 151

passing too rapidly from point to point GW 168; 6T 56

perplexing people 6T 58

petty details 2T 544

placing crib so high that people cannot reach the food CT 435

playing on opponent’s words 1T 649

playing on people’s feelings GW 382

pomposity 1T 648

pounding desk Ev 640

propensity for speechmaking 4T 261

raising voice to unnaturally high pitch 1T 645; 4T 405

rambling Ev 181

ranging high into heavens by poetical descriptions and fanciful presentations Ev 182; GW 153

references to church trials 5T 96

resorting to artificial embellishments Ev 181

sarcasm 1T 649

saying sharp and crank things 5T 165

seeking to please men’s senses and feed their imagination Ev 182

self-exaltation 6T 58

shouting out as through trumpet Ev 184

soaring where common people cannot follow you Ev 177; GW 154

spending too much time on minute particulars 2T 543-4

storming and hallooing Ev 640

storytelling TM 176, 318

straining to become orator 1SM 157

strange fire 1BC 1111; TM 318

striking anywhere that fancy takes you TM 337

telling amusing stories TM 318

telling humorous and irrelevant anecdotes to create laughter Ev 207-8, 640; GW 166; 3T 233 See also Anecdote

theatrical gestures, for they are offensive to God Ev 644

too much gesticulation Ev 641

trifling GW 147

uncouth gestures or attitude 1T 648

using up your vital force by improper speaking 2T 615

wandering from subject 6T 56; TM 311

working up to high tension Ev 658

bring into: God’s love Ev 599

more than mere theory of truth 4T 394

no more truth than people can grasp and assimilate 6T 57

plain “Thus saith the Lord” 6T 69

practical application of truths set forth 4T 394

practical godliness Ev 178

solid arguments TM 310

things essential to people GW 147

warmth of Christ’s love TM 153-4

wheat pure and thoroughly winnowed 6T 56

Christ came right to point in His Ev 171

Christ noted in, faces lighted up with joy DA 254-5; Ed 231

Christ’s, no long, far-fetched, and complicated reasoning in Ev 171 See also Christ 20. As speaker

come to point at once in 2T 118; 3T 211; 6T 56; TM 311

commune with God before TM 340

concentrativeness in, objection to GW 169; 2T 670-1

defective manner of speaking in, some talented men do themselves great injury by 4T 404

do not be long and labored in 6T 55-6

do not bring into: fanciful presentations Ev 182; GW 153

men’s opinions Ev 207

philosophy GW 16

science falsely so-called GW 16

your own suppositions Ev 214

do not speak in: in commonplace manner GW 165

in high key 2T 617

in listless manner 2T 504

in nervous and hurried manner CT 239-40

in unnatural strain 2T 617

in unnatural tone 2T 617

loud and fast 1T 645

more than one hour in most cases 2T 117

too fast (rapidly) Ev 667, 670; 1T 645; TM 339

too long and weary people 2T 543

too loud 1T 645

with forced voice 2T 617

with thick and indistinct utterance TM 339

do not undertake: unless you are converted 1SM 157; TM 440, 447

until you know what Christ is to you TM 155

until you know you have been converted TM 440

when tired and exhausted Ev 181

dragging distantly related things into, destroys its force 2T 544

dwelling tediously on one point in, wearies listener 2T 670-1

effect of, rapid talking destroys much of Ev 667

effectiveness of, things that tend to weaken TM 309

exalt Christ in, as sinner’s refuge 4T 394, 399-400

fanciful eloquence in, that causes people to forget truth mingled with oratory GW 153

fanciful interpretations are out of place in GW 147

follow Christ’s example in 4T 396

force of, bringing in something comical to create smiles often destroys 1T 435

gestures in: considered sample of those of all Sabbathkeeping SDA 2T 511

influence of 2T 511

should not disgust beholder 1T 648

grasp arm of strength by faith before 5T 159

hearers whom minister should remember in GW 152

heart preparation needed before 6T 50-1

help hearer by, to see more plainly what he must do to be saved GW 153

how to commence 2T 616

ideas and statements in, should be closely united as links in chain Ev 649

illustrations used in, ingenuity and tact needed re Ev 205

that do not exert correct influence Ev 209

inspiration of, talking too fast destroys Ev 670

John the Baptist’s 2SM 149

keep cross of Calvary before people in 6T 54

know when to stop in Ev 176

leave room in, for Spirit to speak GW 165