EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Scripture, Scriptures (Part 3 of 3)

God’s storehouse of unsearchable riches 7BC 964

God’s voice is heard in 5BC 1147

as surely as if men could hear it with their ears 6T 393

God’s voice speaks in, to man’s soul COL 59, 132; CT 171; FE 433; MH 122; ML 283; MYP 257; SC 112; 4T 441; 6T 393; 7T 205; 8T 157

God’s will revealed by, to man ML 24; 4T 312, 449; 5T 24, 84, 512, 533

God’s word is expressed in 4T 449

gospel workers should closely search FE 109

grand central theme of, gain knowledge of CT 462; Ed 190

great and grand book of study should ever be FE 384

great agency in transforming character COL 99-100

great agent for strengthening intellect FE 111

great educating book FE 256

great detector of error and falsehood GC 186

great educator COL 107; FE 171

great elevator of human race 5T 322

great final scenes in world history are revealed by PK 537

great Guidebook for man FE 131

great instrumentality in transforming character 8T 319

great lesson book for man COL 107; 8T 157

great lesson book for students in SDA schools 8T 157

great necessity of searching, for yourself FE 123

great problems of duty and destiny unfolded in PP 596

great standard of right and wrong CT 422

great system of truth in, not discerned by hasty or careless reader Ed 123

great themes in, handled with dignified simplicity GW 100

great truths essential to salvation are made clear as noonday in SC 89; 5T 331

greatest of all educators CH 369

greatness of themes of, should inspire faith in them as God’s word Ed 170

groundwork and subject matter of education should be FE 474

guide and stay to Daniel and companions PK 428

guide in: child training CG 256, 515

safe paths leading to eternal life SD 70

guide through: life 5T 264

perils of dark world to heaven 1T 125

Guidebook for inhabitants of fallen world 7BC 944; SD 190; 1SM 16

Guidebook of God’s people FE 384

Guidebook showing men way to heaven SD 190; 1SM 15

Guidebook to Paradise of God MYP 277

haphazard manner of quoting, is disgraceful in minister 2T 501

have been robbed of their power COL 40; PK 626

have fullness, strength, and depth of meaning that is inexhaustible CT 182

have highest claim to reverent attention CT 139

have withstood Satan’s assaults SD 190; 1SM 15

heart is softened by 5T 264

heed, as if God were really present and speaking 5T 84

help children to become more intelligent in GW 208

hidden treasure found in COL 107

high standard set before you in, you can attain to 5T 264

higher value must be placed on 5T 533

highest educating book in world CT 427; FE 384

highest place in education should be given to Ed 17

hold up, as rule of life 6T 395

how, can be educating power Ev 581

how Christ used, in teaching MH 21-2

how Christ will use, to reach persons who do not study SC 115

how God’s word was expressed by human utterances in 7BC 945-6; 1SM 21

how infidels and skeptics treat 1SM 19; 5T 701

how men wrest GC 521; 1SM 19

to their own destruction CT 463

how others can know that you believe 6T 403

how parents cause children to disbelieve and doubt 4T 195

how to become mighty in Ev 366

how to find, sure guide 5T 303

how to interest children in 8T 320

how to know what God requires in 5T 214

how to prepare for time when God’s people shall be deprived of ML 28

how to read MYP 274; SC 90

how to study CSW 19, 23; FE 127; SC 90

in families CG 511

how to use, in home miss. work 6T 428-9

how true meaning of, will be made evident FE 187

human wisdom should not presume to lessen force of one statement of 5T 711

humblest and uncultured person can discern way of salvation in SC 107

Huss (John) accepted, as the one infallible guide GC 102, 249

Huss’s (John) use of, in Bohemia SR 337

imagery in: beauty of Ed 192

lofty CG 507

Spirit fills mind and heart with CT 172

immeasurably superior to productions of any human author Ed 125

immortal Book EW 220

impart brightness and warmth perpetually, yet never exhausted COL 132

imparts gladness and holy joy 5T 264

impassioned eloquence in CT 429; FE 542

implicit confidence in, regarded by many people as evidence of weakness GC 583; PK 625

implicit faith needed in, as a whole and as they are 7BC 919-20

increased light will shine from, when God’s people practice truth they already know FE 216

inexhaustible source of light CT 171

infallibility of, Protestant doctrine re SR 337

infallible authority of, as rule of faith and practice GC 249

infallible guide under all circumstances ML 25; 5T 264

infallible revelation of God’s will GC 7

inquiring mind that finds, full of light and knowledge 5T 705

inspiration of Spirit in giving GC 5-7

inspired book GC 5

inspired by Spirit 1SM 43

instruction given in, only way to success is 6T 132

instruction in, re character we must possess CT 429

re wonders of universe FE 129

instruction of, all can understand 8T 299

instruction of children in way of, is not easy CG 233

interpreters of, God’s people should be living 5BC 1135

results of blindness and prejudice on part of CSW 23-4

is: foundation of all true education CG 316

inspired by God and written by holy men FE 100; 5T 264; MYP 444

knowledge CT 15; FE 535

mine of truth never exhausted 5T 266

mine of unsearchable riches of Christ COL 107

unerring guide 4T 312

is perfect guide 6T 355

under all circumstances FE 100; MYP 444-5

Israel perverted, to conceal God COL 18

Israel’s richest heritage was PK 466

Israelite parents were to teach children by means of FE 442

Jehoshaphat sought to instruct his people thoroughly in PK 191

Jeremiah appealed to, in efforts toward reform PK 466

Jerome demanded that his teachings be tested by GC 114

Jews did not rightly read, in Christ’s time 1SM 408

Jews possessed DA 212

jewels buried in, are inexhaustible FE 444

jewels in, discovered by digging for them 1SM 16

jewels of truth are scattered throughout CT 437

jewels of truth do not lie on surface of FE 188

joyous work of opening, to others 9T 118

keep close to ML 28

keep voice of, ever before people Ev 296

keep your, with you SC 90

kept in state of obscurity during 1,260 years GC 267

key which unlocks scripture is MYP 259; 8T 157

knowledge imparted by, essential for all students CT 422

knowledge in, which men need above all other CG 513

knowledge of God’s grand and glorious works in nature is furnished in 3T 374

knowledge of great plan of salvation is given by FE 308

laborious task of reproducing, in Wycliffe’s (John) time GC 88-9

language of, should be explained according to its obvious meaning GC 599

Latimer’s (Hugh) statement re SR 351

Latin, found by Luther (Martin) at university GC 122; SR 340

leaders of Israel perverted COL 292

learn from, principles upon which men are to labor and live 6T 189

reasons for SDA faith CSW 23

learn something new from, every day 5T 266

Lefevre’s (Jacques) attention directed to GC 212

lessons in, for people in every position in life ML 23

let God take care of His 1SM 17

let, speak directly to people in clear and distinct utterance Ev 204

lie at foundation of all education CT 206

worthy of its name FE 448

life and health given by CSW 22

lives recorded in, are authentic histories of actual individuals 4T 9

light flashed to mind by 6T 150

light given in, men refuse to heed COL 265

light shed by: on book of nature 7BC 916; MH 462; PP 115

on distant past where human annals cast no light CT 429; FE 542

on far-distant past where human research cannot penetrate CT 52; Ed 173; PP 596

on life’s great problems GW 100

on science CT 426

like mine full of precious ore FE 182

like sun shining on earth COL 132; CT 171

locked up in dead languages for ages GC 79

logic and rhetoric in, God has not put Himself on trial in 7BC 945; 1SM 21

love for: best means of cultivating CT 463

continuous study is one of best means of cultivating Ed 191

reading exciting books destroys EW 58

lowering of spiritual tone of life as result of robbing, of their power PK 626

Luther (Martin) accepted, as sole authority in doctrines GC 126; SR 342

Luther (Martin) acknowledged, as foundation for faith GC 120; SR 340

Luther (Martin) met opponents with GC 132

Luther (Martin) regarded infallible authority of, as rule of faith and practice GC 249

Luther (Martin) urged that his teachings be tested by GC 166

Luther’s (Martin) most powerful weapon was, in struggle with papacy GC 195

made Wycliffe (John) what he was GC 94

make: earnest study and rule of life 4T 376

foundation for all study FE 451; MH 401; 6T 198

foundation of education CG 310

foundation of teaching MH 401

intensely interesting to children 5T 322

man of counsel in education FE 184

man of your counsel CH 371; CT 484; 1SM 228; 5T 264

rule of your daily life 5T 264

their own expositor CG 511; CSW 42; TM 106

their own interpreter GC 173, 354

your constant companion LS 326; TM 467

your guide and counselor CT 396; FE 93; MH 465; 5T 547, 559

your rule of life CT 138; MYP 257; 1T 134; 4T 631

make principles of, elements of character Ed 172

make right application of, to your individual case MM 37

make your ideas and views conform to CW 36

man individually must learn from, condition of salvation FE 451

man is dependent on, for knowledge of world’s early history MM 89

man may read through, and fail to comprehend their deep and hidden meaning SC 90

and fail to see their beauty SC 90

man must meditate on, to be profited by them COL 59-60

man of counsel to persons who search them for light CT 442

man’s application of, Spirit does not respect every point of TM 70

man’s counselor 5T 507

man’s dearest treasure should be 5T 525

man’s duties to God and fellow men specified distinctly by FE 446

man’s ideas of science are to be tested by MH 462

man’s only safeguard in trial and temptation CT 422

man’s whole duty is defined in FE 186

men able in, gospel workers should be GW 193

men are on holy ground when they take, into their hands FE 195

men cannot explain, without Spirit’s aid 1SM 411

men may have witness in themselves that, are true SC 112

men mighty in, need of PK 624

men often err in applying, to themselves 5T 332

men versed in, eloquent sophistry is powerless against simple reasoning of GC 455

God’s cause needs 4T 415

men will be judged by, in last day EW 58; 1T 135

men without Spirit’s guidance are likely to wrest or misinterpret 5T 704

men wrest, to evade their truths FE 309

manglers of, ministers who are 2T 342

many people delight to find in, things to puzzle others GC 526

many people neglect, to quiet their consciences GC 572

many people who read, cannot understand their import 8T 58

many people who read and even teach, do not comprehend them CW 36

many professed ministers do not accept all of, as inspired COL 39

many souls weep and pray for light on, in secret places LS 337

many subjects in, too deep for men to comprehend fully SC 106

many things in, which some men cannot explain SC 105

many treasures of, lie far beneath surface Ed 123

marginal references of, Miller (Wm.) used GC 320

mark out true Christian character with exactness 5T 332

means of developing spiritual nature Ed 124

meddlers warned to keep hands off 7BC 920

med. miss. workers should be well acquainted with 8T 156

meditate upon 3BC 1145; SD 109

mere verse-by-verse explanation of, that is of no benefit MH 514

method used by Jewish teachers to explain 6T 249

mind finds in, subject for deepest thought and loftiest aspiration 5T 25

mind is elevated by 5T 264

mind must be open to understand MYP 64

mine of unsearchable riches of Christ COL 107

minister’s ability to understand, should grow GW 142

ministers should become familiar with 2T 499

ministers should quote, correctly 2T 501; 3T 465

ministers should seek answers from, to meet opposition 3T 49

ministers who make, say things not written therein GW 105

ministers who wrest GW 105

ministers’ messages should be tested by 5T 301

miraculous manifestations will never supersede 2SM 48, 100

misapprehension of, no excuse for person who perishes through FE 187

misquoted by opposing ministers Ev 433

misuse of 1SM 43-4

in Living Temple 1SM 202

to support erroneous theories 1SM 161

more effective than any other book as means of intellectual training Ed 124

most ancient history is found in Ed 125

most effective agency in salvation of souls 6T 288

most effectual means of strengthening intellect CT 396; SC 90

most highly cultivated minds astonished and charmed by SC 107

most important educational book in SDA schools FE 444-52

most instructive and comprehensive history men possess Ed 173; FE 84; PP 596; 5T 25

most perfect educational book FE 394

most potent book to elevate thoughts CT 460; SC 90

most powerful weapon against papacy GC 88

most profound philosophy in Ed 125

most valuable code of politeness is found in AH 423

most valuable of all books to students 5T 61

most valuable rules in, for social and family intercourse AH 423; ML 200

most valuable teaching of, not gained by occasional or disconnected study Ed 123

most wonderful book FE 395-6

multiplication of, in last days EW 214, 220

multiplied so that every family could possess them EW 214

must be given in language of men 7BC 945; 1SM 20

mysteries (difficulties) of Ed 169-72; SC 106-11; 5T 699-711

among strongest evidence of their divine inspiration Ed 170; SC 107; 5T 700

are not argument against them Ed 170; SC 106-7; 5T 700

attitudes toward, proper and improper 5T 700-2

why men cannot comprehend Ed 171; SC 106; 5T 700

mystical construction put upon, is dangerous FE 386

nature and, relationship between Ed 128

needed as counselor re marriage MYP 447

neglect of, to follow impressions GC 7-8

neglected, youth exhorted to flee to 1T 508

neglected by youth while idle stories are read attentively CT 139

neglected too much in education of youth CT 423

never paraphrase, to point a witty saying Ed 244

never put, in background because of cowardice 5T 27

never quote, in jest Ed 244

never refuse to examine, with truth seekers CW 44

new book to: disciples after Christ’s ascension DA 507

many people who read SDA publications LS 215

new light made by Spirit to shine from COL 132

new light will shine on, when heart is in harmony with it FE 183

new views of, be careful about presenting TM 106

no, during first 2,500 years of history GC 5

no better guide than, when in difficulty 5T 559

no book so potent to elevate thoughts as FE 126

no man can improve, by suggesting what God meant to say or ought to have said 1SM 16

no man should pronounce sentence upon 1SM 42

no other literature can compare with, in value MH 459-60

no sophistry in CH 369

not accepted as standard of faith by apostate Christians GC 45; SR 324

not given in: continuous chain of unbroken utterances 7BC 945; 1SM 19

grand superhuman language 7BC 945; 1SM 20

not given to substantiate error GW 303

not sealed but unsealed CSW 35

not studied as they should be 4T 498

not tiresome book to children CT 171

not written for scholar alone CG 513; SC 89

nothing in, that is not essential 5T 303

nothing more essential than, for students FE 377

novices in, when parents will have no excuse for being CSW 21

young men who are, should not enter ministry CT 539

nowhere sanction use of intoxicating wine MH 333

obey, as God’s voice FE 133, 308

objections to 7BC 944-6; 1SM 19-21

Oecolampadius (Johannes) adhered steadfastly to, in debate GC 183

of all books, are most deserving of closest study CT 421; FE 129

one of God’s lesson books MH 400

one portion of, links into and explains another EW 221

one promise in, no human mind can exhaust Ed 171; ML 26

one sentence of, more valuable than 10,000 of man’s ideas or arguments 7T 71

one verse of, concentrate mind on meaning of DA 390

importance of concentrated study on Ed 189

only authentic account of creation is found in FE 84

only book giving positive description of Christ FE 382

only book that can satisfy: heart’s cravings 5T 24

questionings of mind 5T 24

only book that tells men what to do to be saved FE 451

only infallible authority in religion is GC 238

only safe principles of action are found in AA 506

only sufficient and infallible rule GC 173

only sure means of intellectual culture 8T 319

open, presented by Reformation to the people GC 265

open life’s great problems to man’s understanding AA 506

open the, before the tempted and struggling MH 173

to someone in darkness ChS 144

open to view long vista of eternal ages ahead FE 543

open words of life to men FE 433

opened in homes of people by apostles DA 351-2

opened to disciples by Christ 4T 401

opening of, in Piedmont valleys CS 303-4

operation of God’s providence in giving, to men 7BC 944-5; 1SM 19-20

opinions not clearly sustained by, discard CW 37

opportunity of becoming intelligent in, do not neglect CSW 22

opposition and trials should drive men to SC 80

other literature is of little value when compared with 8T 319

papacy’s policy to keep, locked up in unknown tongue GC 269

parables of, are food for children CG 506

parents should become conversant with CSW 19-20

parents should interest children in PP 504

parents should make, their textbook 5T 322

parents should unfold, to children CT 136

parents’ textbook for educating children 4T 198; 5T 322

parents’ use of, in child training CG 242-3

pearls of, must be dug out by painstaking effort 7BC 945; 1SM 20

penned by Paul, contain some things hard to understand 7BC 919

people forbidden to read, on pain of death EW 214

people should be given: as they read Ev 434; 5T 388

as word of infinite God COL 39

people should be taught healthful living as it is taught in 6T 224

people who love sin turn away from 1T 441

people who say some things in, were divinely inspired and others were not 1SM 23

perfect as they are, do not answer to God’s great ideas 7BC 946; 1SM 22

perfect guide 6T 355

under all circumstances FE 100; MYP 444

perfect guidebook in MM 255

perfect harmony runs through all GC 6; 1SM 25-6

perfect in their simplicity 7BC 946; 1SM 22

perfect order or apparent unity not always seen in 7BC 945; 1SM 20

perfect standard of character in FE 100; ML 25; MYP 444; 4T 312; 5T 264

perfect standard of truth in Ed 17

person who studies, with humble and teachable spirit finds them a sure guide 5T 303

persons boasting of disbelief re, generally know little of their teachings 1SM 45-6

persons seeking discrepancies in, do not have spiritual insight SC 110-1

persons who dissect, to say what is inspired or not 1SM 17, 23

persons who exercise their power of ridicule upon 1SM 18

persons who read, in light of their own views 2SM 82

persons who reject God’s last message will pervert SD 280

persons who say that they can prove anything by 1SM 19

persons who search, for truth 3T 449

persons who try to harmonize their disobedience with 1SM 213-4

persons who wrest, from their true meaning 1SM 213-4

persons whose explanations of, it is not safe to trust 5T 705

perversion of, by separating words from context GC 521, 539

Universalist minister’s GC 537-8

Petri (Olaf) made, test of doctrines GC 243

Pharisees perverted and misapplied DA 409

picking flaws with, warning against 1SM 17-8

place of, in education CT 421-63

in home CG 505-15

in SDA schools FE 467

placed in framework of error 2SM 83, 112

plain statements of, ignored by men to follow their own reason CSW 24

poetic utterances in, earliest and most sublime Ed 159

poetry in: has called forth wonder and admiration of world CT 429; FE 542

most impassioned and most pathetic Ed 125

sweetest and most sublime Ed 125

point on which all who profess to believe, are not secure 5T 701

point out: duties of both old and young clearly and precisely 5T 264

way of life with unfailing accuracy 5T 303

point to, as of unquestionable authority COL 39

point to God as their Author GC 5; 1SM 25

points clear and easy to be understood in, some people confused re 5T 705-6

points out clearly and precisely duties of both young and old 5T 264

popular heresy falsely ascribed to EW 219-20

popular theories and doctrines not founded in, are many SC 108

practical lessons abound in CM 103

pray daily for light of Spirit to shine upon FE 189

pray that Spirit will give you understanding in FE 357-8

pray to God to enlighten your mind in CSW 23

preaching directly from, in evangelistic work Ev 204

preaching from, in Bohemian language GC 99

precepts and requirements of, as elevated as God’s throne 3T 375

as pure as God’s character 3T 375

precepts of: carry into everyday life 5T 559

should be teachers’ textbook CT 430

should rule conscience GC 102

worn by Jews upon their person DA 612

precious promises in, lost sight of 1SM 372

precious things of, teach and write MH 459; 8T 319

preparation of, began with Moses GC 5

committed to finite man 7BC 944; 1SM 16

prepared for the poor as well as for the learned 7BC 945; 1SM 18

present: as end of all controversy COL 39-40

as foundation of all faith COL 39-40

as word of infinite God COL 39-40

present clearly what is essential for man’s salvation CT 438

presents perfect standard of character FE 100

preservation of, by God in ages past EW 214, 220

preserved by God: from destruction by devils EW 220

in their present shape by miraculous power SD 190; 1SM 15

through ages by miracle ML 27, 45

priests considered reading of, dangerous for people EW 214

principles of: are cornerstone of a nation’s prosperity GC 277

are sure safeguards of national greatness GC 296

as elements of character Ed 172

should be practiced in life 5T 706

should be taught by precept and example 5T 706

principles of government in, for control of state Ed 125

principles of life are revealed in MH 115

principles of right and truth are disclosed by FE 131

print and publish, just as they read Ev 232

printed and circulated in 50 tongues before 1804 GC 287

printed volume of: do not handle carelessly Ed 244

never put to common uses Ed 244

show respect for Ed 244

privilege of reading, when copies of them were few EW 214

prize, because they reveal God’s will to man CT 53

professed expositors of, Satan takes advantage of hesitation of MM 90-1

promises and provisions of, genuine faith has foundation in DA 126

proof from, before accepting any doctrine demand GC 595

proper place should be given to, in education of youth 5T 26

prophecies in, Jeremiah studied PK 469

prophecies of, fulfilled re Christ’s work DA 820

prove your positions from Ev 256

provided for the poor by American Bible Society 1T 689-90

providing, for the poor 1T 690

purest standard of morality is found in AH 423

purity of, preserved through ages by divine hand CT 52; Ed 173; PP 596; 5T 25

put your freshest thought into teaching CT 181

quality of food in, that Christians need SD 108

quoted to give falsehood the appearance of truth Ev 358

quoting, never use one expression of lightness and trifling in FE 194-5

rabbis placed forced and mystical construction on many parts of COL 39

rabbis would not admit that they had misapprehended DA 80

radiant light illuminating, vision re Ev 458

rationalistic philosophy seeks to set aside GC 193

read, over and over again 5T 273

read and understood by many people to please themselves 7BC 945; 1SM 19

readers of, receive glorious prize 4T 76

reading, in family worship Ed 186

reading tending to divert mind from, exclude 2T 338

reading that throws light on, is beneficial CT 137

records and history of, men’s natural tendency to evil makes it easy to doubt FE 329

record(s) of, is in harmony with itself Ed 129

is in harmony with teachings of nature Ed 129

results of questioning reliability of 8T 258

Reformation gave, to all people GC 596

Reformers urged that all doctrines be tested by GC 609

religion of: does not consist in mortification of body DA 86

is not detrimental to health 3T 172

is only safeguard for human being FE 111

tends always to elevate and refine 3T 375

religious teachers read, in light of their own understanding and traditions DA 459

relish for, people imbued with love of society have no 4T 624

reprover and corrector of moral evils 5T 322

require thought and prayerful research 4T 499

requirements of: are not halfway injunctions FE 103; MYP 447

strict compliance with, is blessing to body 4T 570

youth’s false ideas re 3T 374-5

respect CW 32

results if there were nothing in, hard to be understood 5T 533

results if uninspired persons had written PP 238

reveal: God as represented in laws of His government CT 395

in clearer lines God’s mercy, goodness, and grace MB 27

nothing that has no bearing on men’s actual lives 5T 303

past that human research seeks vainly to penetrate 5T 25

what men should know re God and His nature 8T 279

revealer of doctrines GC 7

revelation that comes through, centers in Christ 7BC 953

revelations embodied in, Spirit has not ceased to communicate light apart from GC 8

revelations of divine power in, mind should seek to comprehend 4T 546

rich and hidden meaning of, Spirit unfolds FE 390

rich in instruction 4T 198

rich mine of truth and beauty in 5T 322

rich promises of, are for persons who take up their cross and deny self daily 5T 303

robbed of power with resultant lowering of tone of spiritual life PK 626

Roman Catholic priests and prelates have misused GC 51

Roman Church withheld, from people GC 340, 388

rule and guide of life CSW 118

rule of, unwillingness to square your life by 1SM 45

rule of duty is revealed in 3T 322

rule of faith and discipline 1SM 416

rule of faith and practice EW 78

rule of life for men FE 390-1; 8T 157

rules in, are for guidance of parents and children AH 185

rules of, bring yourself under discipline of SD 83

rules of life found in, for men of every class and vocation 4T 416

SS student should become intelligent in CSW 18, 22

safeguard in trials 6T 132

Satan and his followers will be judged by EW 91, 265; GC 557; SR 397

Satan delights to have men criticize 1SM 17

Satan diverts attention from 5T 26

Satan has led many people to value, lightly GC 298

Satan is acquainted with DA 124

Satan is expert in quoting GC 530

Satan leads men to regard, GC 530

Satan leads men to regard, as mere fiction GC 557

Satan makes men regard, as no better than storybook EW 91, 265

as uninspired EW 91, 219, 265

Satan makes world believe that, are mere fiction SR 396

Satan perverts and misquotes Ev 591

Satan quotes DA 125; GC 530, 559; 5T 573

to justify temptations CS 204; WM 292

Satan studied prophecies of, re Christ’s first advent DA 115

Satan used, in tempting Christ DA 124

Satan’s followers misconstrue and pervert, to accomplish their object GC 507

Satan’s great antipathy and hatred for GC 557, 570

Satan’s hatred for EW 91; SR 327-8

Satan’s plans thwarted by EW 90, 264

Satan’s wiles exposed by 5T 322

science agrees with, when rightly understood CT 426

science and, relationship between CT 425-6; Ed 128-34

study of PP 112-4

science of, human theories too often put in place of 1SM 244-5

to learn of God and Christ is FE 414-5

science of salvation in: for all who will hear and do FE 187

is plainly revealed 8T 157

is science of all sciences COL 107

scientific investigation and, errors taught in schools and colleges re FE 541-2

scientific investigations that contradict, warning against MH 439

scribes of God wrote, as dictated by Spirit 4T 9

search for truth in, true seeker need not err in EW 221

searching maxims given in, to guide man CSW 68

secrets and wonders in, for lifelong study 7BC 945; 1SM 18

set aside publicly by France in 1793 GC 286-7

sets forth distinctly duties of old and young FE 100-1; MYP 444

SDA position and faith is in Ev 256

SDA rule of faith and discipline 1SM 416

SDA schools should keep, before youth FE 288

SDA schools should not set aside, for human productions FE 384

for infidel writings CT 453

SDA teachers should be qualified to educate in CT 168

SDA teachings should be critically examined and tested by Ev 69

SDA youth should be educated in CT 204

sharp contentions over, discovery of jewels of truth as result of 7BC 945; 1SM 20

should mold men’s actions, words, and thoughts Ed 260

should stand first as educator at home and at school 5T 322

show clearly how to be saved through Christ SC 107

show men way to Christ FE 308

silence of, re Christ’s early life DA 74

simple and complete system of theology and philosophy in CT 422; FE 129; 5T 700

simplicity and plain utterance of, the illiterate comprehend 7BC 945; 1SM 18

simplicity of, teachers should study CT 183

simplicity used in, highly cultivated minds charmed by Ed 170; 5T 700

sitting in judgment on, what it means to be found DA 468

skeptics ridicule, because of David’s great sin 4aSG 87

so plain that the unlearned may understand them GW 106; 2T 342

softens heart 5T 264

sold today without restraint in streets of Rome GC 288

sole bond of union of God’s people should be 1SM 416

sole infallibility of, is distinctive doctrine of Protestantism SR 337

solidity of mind imparted by CSW 22

some Christians in Dark Ages regarded, as only rule of life SR 335

some people try to make, testify to lie 1SM 245

some words in, learned men have changed EW 220-1

something in, to interest and instruct every mind CT 428; Ed 125; FE 542; ML 23

soother of nerves CSW 22

sound logic in CT 429; FE 542

speak to man in imperfect human language 7BC 945-6; 1SM 21-2

Spirit alone can keep men from wresting GC 599-600

Spirit always leads to 1SM 43

Spirit given as guide in understanding EW 221

Spirit inspired GC 7

Spirit is never given to supersede GC 7

spirit of liberty goes with GC 277

spirit of prophecy and, relationship between See Spirit of prophecy

Spirit opens meaning of, to eyes of your understanding FE 386

Spirit speaks through, to man’s mind DA 671

to man’s soul MYP 274

Spirit’s operations are always in harmony with AA 284

Spirit’s presence and guidance not rendered needless by GC 7, 8

Spirit’s thought embodied by, in human language GC 5-6

Spirit’s work during ages while, were being given GC 8

spiritual food for man CT 453

spiritual unity runs through 7BC 945; 1SM 20

spiritualistic manifestations offered in place of, by Satan EW 265

stand highest among books FE 394

standard by which: all experience must be tested GC 7

all teaching must be tested GC 7

men should be judged 1T 126

men should test their character and lives 5T 247

standard for youth who would be loyal to God SD 108

standard of character GC 7

standard of God’s people SD 262

statements in: do not overstrain meaning of 1SM 170

understood by some people to suit their own particular minds and cases 7BC 945; 1SM 20

why many people cannot harmonize their views of science with GC 522

statute book: by which men will be judged EW 52

in judgment of the wicked GC 661

of nations 8T 40

storehouse supplying souls with nourishing food CT 341; TM 88

stories of: are food for children CG 506

as means of educating children Ed 185

children should be interested in CT 137

well adapted to awaken children’s interest CT 181

strong expressions of, Satan leads men to misconstrue GC 535

student should keep, always near him Ed 191

student to whom, will not be tiresome book COL 132

student’s Guidebook CT 436

study to believe and obey 7BC 928

style of writing in, wide contrast in GC 6

subjects unfolded in, diversity in nature of GC 6

submit every desire and purpose to unerring test of 5T 192

suitable proof from, used by Luther (Martin) to sustained his position GC 157

suppression of: by Roman Church during Dark Ages GC 55-60, 266, 586; SR 332

foretold in prophecy GC 266

iniquity and spiritual darkness under GC 586

sure rule of all doctrine of life GC 203

surface view of, result of 7BC 945; 1SM 20

surrounded by Testimonies, EGW’s dream re LS 197-200; 2T 604-9

take, as man of your counsel 5T 264

as your study book 8T 299

take no man’s explanation of, whatever his position TM 155

tampering with, warning against GC 268

teach, in church school CG 315

teach men what nothing else can teach MYP 257

teachers in Christ’s time did not correctly educate youth in FE 448

teachers should search CT 391

teachers who inspire hearts with reverence and love for, need of PK 624

teacher’s Guidebook CT 436

teaching of Spirit cannot be contrary to that of GC 7

teachings of, Spirit illuminates and applies GC 7

youth need to study more closely MYP 444

teachings of false christs should be tested by GC 624-5

tell men how to: secure immortal life 5T 61

spend present life 5T 61

test of, bring every man’s teachings to DA 459

SDA faith should be submitted to TM 105

test that should be applied to ML 26; SC 111

testimony borne by, to their Author Ed 124

Testimonies and, relationship between See Testimony

Testimonies must never be put ahead of Ev 256

testimonies of different writers are presented by, in one book 1SM 21-2

textbook of God’s people CG 41-4; CSW 56; 6T 131

themes beyond power of human comprehension are presented by Ed 170

themes of, angels move on minds to investigate CW 140

theory that, have mystical secret in spiritual meaning not apparent in language employed GC 598

theories and doctrines erroneously supposed to be founded in, are many 5T 701

theories sought in book of nature that would contradict AA 272

time to read other books than, most youth find CT 139

Timothy had known, from childhood AA 203; 4T 398

Timothy was instructed in, by Paul AA 204

toleration of, granted by France in 1796 GC 287

tone of spiritual life lowered by robbing, of its power COL 40

tradition supplanted, to great degree in Christ’s time DA 69

traditions reverenced far above, by rabbis FE 438

transcript of God’s will AA 506

treasure found in COL 107

treasure house of: riches of God’s grace MB 25

unsearchable riches of Christ COL 126

treasure in, 1,000 years of research would not exhaust FE 444

treasures of, revealed only to earnest and prayerful seeker GC 69

treat, with reverential awe FE 384

true manna found in 7T 203

true meaning of, how to find CT 437

person who is in danger of perverting GC 521

true principles of psychology found in ML 176

true science and, are in perfect harmony MYP 190

true seeker is given advanced mental discipline by SD 108

true sense of, why many people cannot comprehend 1SM 136-7

true system of Christianity is presented by GC 64

truth unfolded by: with perfect adaptation to needs and longings of human heart 5T 700

with simplicity Ed 170; SC 107

truths contained in, contrast between heresies of Rome and GC 173

truths making up great whole of, must be searched out and gathered up Ed 123

truths of God are presented in words of men by GC 5-6; 1SM 25

truths revealed in, are all given by inspiration of God 5T 747

are expressed in words of men and adapted to human needs 5T 747

trying to explain what is imperfectly understood in, danger in 5T 705

turning with earnestness and reverence to, result of 5T 388

Tyndale (Wm.) urged that all doctrines be tested by GC 245

underlying harmony in, thoughtful and reverent student sees GC 6

understood only by humble and obedient seekers for knowledge COL 112

unerring counsel of God in 4T 441

unerring guide 4T 312; 5T 389

to men who keep God’s precepts AA 506

unerring standard for testing science CT 425

union of the divine and the human in GC 6; 1SM 25; 5T 747

unity and divine verity of, Christ showed 1SM 21

unlock Scripture UL 86:2

unquestionable authority of, Christ taught DA 253

uplift mind and soul that receives them MH 459

use, as proof in gospel work for unbelievers 1T 119

to show brother his error CW 50-1

use of: by papal leaders GC 521

forbidden in Netherlands under Charles V GC 239-40

means employed by papacy to suppress GC 235

utterances of, should be studied as God’s word 5T 704

validity of, stop criticizing re 1SM 18

valuable instruction in: for all men FE 542; ML 23

for every phase of human experience FE 542; ML 23

for every position in life FE 542; ML 23

value of, as means of mental development FE 84

Vaudois churches held, as only supreme and infallible authority GC 68, 249

very few copies of, in existence at different periods EW 214

vile apostasies recorded in, infidelity exploits sad history of 3SG 5-6

virtues taught in ML 160

voice from heaven addresses men in SD 190

voice of the Eternal speaks to men in 5T 25

Waldenses refused to surrender, to papal leaders GC 76

Waldenses regarded, as infallible authority and rule of faith and practice GC 68, 249

as only supreme and infallible authority GC 68

war against, during Dark Ages SR 335

millions joined in GC 288

was to be immortal while other books might be destroyed EW 220

way of life is made plain by, to the humble and uncultured Ed 170

way of salvation made plain by, for all to see 7BC 945; 1SM 18; 1T 163

wearisome task of multiplying, in Wycliffe’s (John) time SR 336-7

whatever is needful for saving of soul is found in FE 131

when men come to, reason must acknowledge authority superior to itself 5T 704

EGW’s mind locked re, for a time 1SM 206-7

whole of: is manifestation of Christ DA 390; GW 250; MH 122

is revelation of God’s glory in Christ MH 458; 8T 319

is revelation that comes through Christ 7BC 953

Luther’s (Martin) first look at GC 122; SR 340

not accepted by many ministers as inspired COL 39

people should be given, just as they read GC 521

perfect chain of truth in EW 221

some Waldensian manuscripts contained GC 68

EGW believed utterances in 7BC 944-5; 1SM 17

whole will of God for man is taught by FE 390; 8T 157

why, were written out for man EW 220

why infidels scoff at PP 238

why many people hate 2BC 1036

why many youth do not find, most interesting book ever perused 2T 410-1

why much in, is dark to men 6T 132

why Satan hates EW 264

why some things in, may appear mysterious ML 342

why teaching of, has no greater effect upon youth Ed 259

why Testimonies are needed besides LS 198; 2T 605

why youth do not regard, as most interesting book CT 139

wide range of style and subjects presented by CT 428; Ed 125; FE 542; ML 23

wisdom and understanding to comprehend, pray for 5T 266

wisdom of, eternity alone will disclose CT 443; FE 444

within comprehension of all people 7BC 945; CSW 23; 1SM 18

within reach of all GC 583

without rival: as educator CT 52; PP 596; 5T 24

in disciplining and strengthening intellect CT 422

in ennobling and refining character CT 422

word of, as law of God Te 213

words of: alone should be heard from pulpit PK 626

are not inspired, but writers were 7BC 945-6; 1SM 21

fixed in memory by Spirit MM 32

have power to open and shut heaven DA 413

persons who will misconstrue 1SM 19

world to come is described by FE 129

wrested by some people in favor of adultery 5T 140-1

writings of men and, cannot be put on common basis FE 181

written by: dictation of Spirit EW 90

human hands GC 5; 1SM 25

human men 7BC 945; 1SM 19

inspired men 7BC 945; 1SM 21

inspired penmen 7BC 945; 1SM 21; 4T 449

scribes of God as they were dictated to by Holy Spirit 4T 9

written by men differing widely in rank, occupation, and mental and spiritual endowments GC 6; 1SM 25

written for common people as well as scholars CSW 23

written in: different ages GC 6; 1SM 25

human mode of thought and expression 7BC 945; 1SM 21

plain and simple style CG 513

simple style for common people CG 513

Wycliffe (John) demanded that, be given to people GC 81

Wycliffe (John) exalted authority of, above that of pope GC 89-93

Wycliffe (John) fearlessly accused priesthood of having banished GC 81

Wycliffe (John) gave, to English people GC 88

Wycliffe’s (John) English translation of, people eagerly bought GC 88-9

young man’s guide CT 449-50

youth should be taught how, interprets Scripture Ev 581

youth should be taught to read and understand Ev 581

youth should faithfully obey, under all circumstances FE 102-3

youth should study MYP 21, 32

youth’s education should be founded on CT 204

zealously teach, to others 5T 525

Zwingli (Ulric) regarded, as only sufficient and infallible rule of doctrine GC 173-4, 177, 249

Zwingli’s (Ulric) appreciation of, as source of truth GC 174

See also Word of God