EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

School age - Schools of prophets

School age

School age, book of nature should be studied by children before they reach FE 157, 416; 3T 137

child should be trained to share in home duties before reaching FE 416-7, 420

child’s health before he reaches, consideration that should be given to FE 145

child’s lessons before reaching, should include habits of industry FE 416-7

child’s only schoolroom before reaching, should be in open air amid flowers and nature’s beautiful scenery 3T 137

child’s only textbook before reaching, treasures of nature should be 3T 137

eight to ten years is best, for child Ed 208; FE 61, 157; 3T 137

field or garden is child’s best schoolroom before he reaches Ed 208

injury done to children by sending them to school before they reach proper FE 145, 416; 3T 137

lessons from books may be taught by mother to child before he reaches FE 416

mother should be child’s teacher before he reaches FE 416

parents ought to be children’s best teachers until they reach FE 156-7

parents should be children’s only teachers until they reach FE 61; 3T 137

training that parents should give children before they reach FE 157, 416-7

School bench

School bench See School seat

Schoolbook, Schoolbooks

1. Bible as

2. Objectionable

3. Miscellaneous

1. Bible as CG 41-4; CT 421-30, 453-9; FE 467-74

as bread from heaven CT 390

as educating power, more valuable than writings of philosophers of all ages CT 428

without rival 5T 24

book of highest value CT 389

books for study of sciences must harmonize with CT 426

chief textbook FE 381; 6T 162-7

do not neglect, for writings of infidels COL 41; CT 453

does for mind and morals what books on science and philosophy cannot do CT 422

education to be secured by searching COL 42-3

essential for every child and youth FE 383

exalt and ennoble CT 427; FE 385-6

first place in educational system should be given to CT 422; 5T 21

grand book of study should be FE 384

grandest study for human intelligence CT 395; FE 376

great FE 384, 390-1; 6T 131; 8T 157

highest and most important textbook FE 231

highest educating book in world CT 427; FE 384

highest place in education should be given to Ed 17

make: basis of all education FE 490

foundation of education CG 310

groundwork and subject matter of education FE 474

mere reading of, not sufficient CT 423

more effective than any other book FE 131

most effective CT 448

most important educational book FE 444-52

most important textbook FE 384-5

must be studied above all other books 6T 162

must not be: given secondary place FE 394-5, 404

sandwiched between infidelity CT 16; FE 474

never set aside, for human productions FE 384

no other study should be exalted above 5T 587

religion of, most essential part of education 5T 28

should lie at foundation of educational work CT 203-4

study book of highest value CT 389

study of: essential for this life and for eternal life FE 376

need and importance of CSW 35-6; CT 353, 455; FE 129-30, 517; 5T 522

objectionable kind of Ed 227

specially needed 6T 131

students are benefited by CT 450

take, as study book CT 455

teachers should be able to educate children re CT 168

value of CT 395-6, 422-30, 453, 455-9; FE 376-7, 382-6, 393-6, 406, 517; 1SM 245; 5T 24-7

vision re CT 458-9; 6T 162-7

youth cannot understand truth without CT 427

2. Objectionable FE 167-73, 381-9; MH 446; 6T 162-7; 8T 306-9

containing: concealed thorns of skepticism re science and philosophy CT 187

darkness of heresy and error FE 167

disguised skepticism and infidelity FE 99

erroneous sentiments CT 389

expressions of dissolute men FE 175

fairy tales CT 187; MH 446; 8T 308-9

fictitious stories MH 446; 8T 308-9

infidel sentiments COL 41, 108; CT 458; FE 168, 170, 174, 328; MM 90; 6T 164-5; 8T 306

infidelity FE 167

myths MH 446; 8T 308-9

perversion of truth 8T 309

sentiments not in accord with God’s word FE 517

sentiments of unbelievers FE 175

skeptical sentiments COL 41

specious errors FE 184

suppositions of world’s great authors 6T 160

do not use FE 490

erroneous and polluted FE 388

exciting and unhealthful CT 182

failing to present proper foundation for true education FE 381

God’s word placed in questionable or objectionable light in COL 41; FE 328; MM 90

mixing good and evil 6T 162-3

mixing superstition, specious reasoning, and error with portions of true philosophy and instruction FE 171

supposedly safe because used in worldly schools FE 381; 6T 164

used in SDA schools FE 167-73, 381-9; 8T 306-9

which should never have been placed there FE 383

vision re CT 401-3; 6T 162

weaving men’s fanciful interpretations into Scripture subjects CT 187; 6T 162-3

which should be expelled FE 174, 388, 517

written by: atheists 8T 306

infidels COL 41; CT 26-7, 401-2, 424, 458; FE 175, 407; 6T 164-5; 8T 306

pagans CT 26-7; FE 175; 8T 306

persons ignorant of great themes of Bible 1SM 244-5

persons who deny God’s existence FE 173

persons who pour contempt on God’s word FE 173

skeptics FE 173-5

supposedly great authors CT 444; FE 446

3. Miscellaneous

church school, should bring God’s law to attention of students 6T 203

college See College textbook

education must not be confined to 6T 126

for study of history 8T 306-8

for study of theology 8T 306-8

God’s, which SDA should use 8T 222

many, unnecessary for training SDA youth CT 389

SDA need to: prepare their own CT 458; FE 381

select their own CT 458

study of, alone is not sufficient 6T 126

use of, by uninspired authors COL 41; FE 383

used currently in educational institutions FE 381

used in SDA schools FE 167-73, 381-9, 446-7

worldly, educators cautioned re CW 121

See also Author; Book

School bookkeeper

School bookkeeper, question re CS 271


Schoolboy, playing truant, who is cheated by? 2SM 163

whose influence is pernicious 2T 406

School building, School buildings

School building, School buildings, America needs, in many places 6T 109

Australia needs, in many places 6T 109

church schools need CG 310

suitable 6T 203

erection of, must be extended from city to city GW 435

Europe needs, in many places 6T 109

furnishings of, economy required in 6T 208

simplicity should be preserved in TM 179

investment of means in TM 324

large outlay of means in, shun 8T 49

location of FE 312-3

repairs of, income from tuition, room, and board should cover 6T 210-1

should not be crowded close together CT 311; 6T 182

simple and humble, need of 6T 139

students should care for CT 312

students should erect CT 311; 6T 182

School building program

School building program 6T 181

borrowing money for, sometimes proper 6T 207

economy required in 6T 208

School business manager

School business manager, question re CS 271

School cook, School cooks

School cook, School cooks, best talent must be secured for CS 270

economy should be practiced by CS 270

need to know how to save and economize CS 270

skillful and thorough, need of FE 226

wages paid to, should be good and reasonable CS 270

waste of food should be avoided by 6T 209

School cottage, School cottages

School cottage, School cottages, do not build, near school buildings proper CT 311

should not be crowded close together CT 311

students should erect CT 311; 6T 182

School discipline

School discipline, CT 153-7, 264-70; Ed 283-297; FE 277-84; 4T 205-6, 420-2

Christ’s methods should be followed in CT 266

Christian CT 264-70

co-operation between parents and teachers in maintaining CG 335-6; CT 153-5; Ed 283-6, 293; FE 246; 4T 428-9; 5T 51-2, 89

correct FE 454-66

courtship and See Courtship

difficult when parents fail to support teacher 5T 51-2

enforcements of CT 101-3, 153; FE 57-61, 277-84

teachers’ duty re CT 214; Ed 279-80; FE 278

erroneous ideas re 3T 133-4

expulsion of students in enforcing See Student

failure of parents to co-operate with teacher in 4T 428-37; 5T 89

faithfulness and love should reign in CT 212; 5T 653-4

harsh, there should be no CT 152

how teachers can maintain CT 211-2; Ed 289-94

how to administer FE 456-7

indulged girl who was indignant re 2T 558-9

judicious, modern schools show deplorable lack of PP 594

kind of, having no beneficial influence upon school FE 277

healing nothing and curing nothing FE 277

lax, usefulness of educational institutions nearly destroyed by FE 64

love and kindness must be united with CT 265

mistaken idea that some teachers have re CG 324

more forgiveness, sympathy, and love should be practiced in FE 282

must be maintained TM 182

old and young students must not be treated alike in CT 101

order and, church members should ever be on side of 4T 435

parents who justify children’s complaints against 5T 112

parents who manifest bitter opposition when their children receive 5T 51

parents’ credulity in accepting children’s reports re 4T 428-9, 435

parents’ duty re 4T 428-9; 5T 51-2

problem of, with children never disciplined at home CT 102, 155; 4T 197, 199, 429

proper, students who should be brought under 4T 205-6

question of, should be understood CG 323

rebellion of children against, as result of laxity at home 4T 199

reproof given in FE 456-7

school faculty divided re FE 454-5

settled maxim that should be followed in all CT 212

severe, results of 3T 133-4

warning against FE 222

strict, teachers may make mistakes in enforcing FE 249

teachers should bind students to their hearts by cords of love and CT 265

students having spirit of independence should be brought under 4T 205-6

students having superficial education are most ready to complain of FE 65

students should co-operate with teachers in maintaining CT 98, 265

students who regard, as oppressive CG 326-7

suspension of students in FE 277-84

talent for, every school needs CT 211

teacher needs constant supply of wisdom and grace to maintain 4T 422-3

teacher needs pitying tenderness and love in, for souls under his care 4T 422

teacher should never be harsh or condemnatory in CT 214

teachers’ duty to maintain CG 324

that is not Christlike FE 68

use of the rod in, by teachers CG 323-4; CT 116-8

wise, need of CT 153

parents should co-operate with teacher to encourage FE 270

School education

School education, all youth should be given privileges of CT 44

all-round, need of 6T 177

based on Scriptural foundation, SDA children need CT 205

best, that children and youth can receive FE 231

Bible should be basis of all FE 490

every essential branch of knowledge needed in 6T 152

God’s word should be foundation of CT 166; FE 541

industrious habits should be part of FE 313-4

parents should give children 1T 398

practical work should be part of FE 538

should be pure CT 390

should be undiluted with heathen philosophy FE 388

thorough, need of FE 117-20, 373

wrong ideas of 5T 587

See also Education

School examination, School examinations

School examination, School examinations, elementary, value of CT 215-6

students who find, too trying CT 270

School exercises

School exercises CT 502

School faculty

School faculty, duty of, to work on higher plane 6T 145

meeting of, indiscreet words dropped to students re consultations in FE 454-5

teachers’ duty re FE 454-5

salaries of, income from tuition, room, and board should cover 6T 210-1

sound judgment needed by 6T 145

See also Teacher

School farm, School farms

School farm, School farms, as living parables to students 6T 181

Australian, described 6T 187

essential lessons learned on CT 534

is God’s property 6T 187

is Lord’s farm 6T 192

land for, preservation of 6T 181, 184

lands of, disposal of 6T 181, 184

managers of, Spirit promised to aid 6T 185

many kinds of fruit trees should be cultivated on 6T 185

orchards should be planted and cultivated on 6T 187

should be lesson book 6T 187

in nature 6T 181-2

students given practical training on 6T 192

students should learn many spiritual lessons on 6T 185

superintendents well qualified should manage 6T 181

vegetable gardens should be cultivated on 6T 185

youth should be trained in agricultural pursuits on 6T 181

School farming

School farming, encourage 6T 177-9

School finance, School finances

School finance, School finances 6T 206-18; FE 510-1

everything connected with, should be perfectly straight CS 271; FE 510

plan that would help, if carried out CT 526-7

plan to better condition of 9T 78-9

president of school should look carefully after CS 271; FE 510

systems of, must be sound 6T 211

School fund, School funds

School fund, School funds, do not overdraw CS 271; FE 510

misappropriated without anyone understanding how it came about FE 510

misappropriation of CS 271-2

school president should faithfully report use of CS 271; FE 510

temptation to misappropriate, in way bringing no special benefit to school FE 510


Schoolgirl, definition of meekness as given by WM 153

lacking in modesty and decorum 2T 559

School grading system

School grading system, hinders students’ real progress sometimes CT 177

School graduate

School graduate See Graduate

School graduation exercises

School graduation exercises See Graduation exercises

School ground, School grounds

School ground, School grounds, private dwellings should not occupy 6T 183

provide ample FE 423

Satan is on FE 225

should be dedicated to God as His schoolroom 6T 183

students on, grotesque mimicry engaged in by CT 350

students should be taught to keep, in order CT 211

teacher should awaken students’ interest in beautifying Ed 212

School home, School homes

School home, School homes 6T 168-75

at Battle Creek College, too much money spent in furnishing 6T 210

at College View, Nebr., too much money spent in furnishing 6T 210

Christian sociability can be effectually taught in 6T 172

discipline in, deceived parents who take sides with children against FE 53

families should not be permitted to settle near FE 494

home atmosphere needed in 6T 168

keep, clean and orderly 6T 170

miss. field in CT 552

mistaken idea that resident students should live in CG 330-1

object of establishing 6T 168-9

persons in charge of: bear grave responsibilities 6T 168

essential qualifications of 6T 168-9

great managing ability needed by 6T 169

great tact needed by 6T 168

love and Christlike sympathy must be linked with discipline by 6T 169

men and women of prayer and wisdom needed as 6T 169

much patience needed by 6T 168

must be tender and wise 6T 169

must be true to principle 6T 169

should act as parents to students 6T 168

should mingle with youth 6T 169

should show parental interest in students 6T 168

stern and unbending dignity should not be manifest by 6T 169

religious exercises in 6T 174

important educational feature 6T 174

should be pleasant 6T 174

should not be wearisome 6T 174

treat, with greatest solemnity and reverence 6T 174

Sabbath meetings in, plan well 6T 174-5

some resident students better off living in CG 330-1

students develop social traits of character in 6T 172

students in, domestic duties of 6T 169-71

Schoolhouse, Schoolhouses

Schoolhouse, Schoolhouses, build, for education of Negro children 9T 201

erect, in new fields GW 456

pioneer SDA assembled for worship in TM 26

School industry, School industries

School industry, School industries CT 307-18; 6T 176-80

as branch of education 6T 176-80

essential to education of youth 6T 191

financial loss of CT 316

financial problems of CT 315-7

health-food business as, parents can find work in CH 495-6

how to start CT 315-7

list of needed ones: agricultural establishments 3T 153, 155

agriculture CT 58; 6T 177; 8T 227-8 See also Agriculture

all kinds of labor 6T 191

bookbinding 6T 176

carpentry 6T 176

flower gardening CT 187; 6T 176

gardening Ed 218; 6T 176

health-food business CH 495-6

horticulture 6T 176

industrial establishments 3T 153

manufacturing establishments 3T 155

mechanical work CT 58

presswork 6T 176

printing 6T 176

tentmaking 6T 176

treatment rooms Ed 218

typesetting 6T 176

workshops Ed 218; 5T 23

need of 6T 182

in SDA schools for Negroes in Southern States of USA 9T 201-2

in Southern States of USA 7T 232; 9T 201-2

to give students employment MM 323

question of, must be brought to front in Australian school FE 323-4; LS 355

start, to give students employment MM 323

useful, students should be taught CT 310

various: needed in SDA schools CT 310

SDA schools should teach CT 315

taught in schools of prophets CT 276; MH 186

wise and energetic men needed to supervise 6T 182

work in, provides strength for both muscle and intellect FE 322


Schooling, highest grade of, given by Christ FE 360

School kitchen, School kitchens

School kitchen, School kitchens, keep, sweet and clean 6T 169-71

School leader, School leaders

School leader, School leaders, cannot be too careful of their words and acts CT 256

duty of, re amusements CT 348-9

hand of, should not be placed on arm or shoulder of girl student CT 256

lips and hands of, warning re CT 256-7

should find out school’s true financial standing each month FE 511

should make school what God designs FE 510

solemn lessons for, Moses’ sin and its result are FE 508-9

undue familiarity by CT 256

See also School management; School president; School principal

School life

School life, cannot be lived acceptably without habits of system and order FE 302

children who will have little difficulty in CT 150

do not regard, as time for pleasure seeking FE 300

everything in, must be done decently and in order CG 66

influence of association is never stronger than in FE 297

preparations children should receive at home for CT 150

principles of God’s word should be brought into CG 321

purpose of, in this world 1SM 245

take your religion into FE 82

youth may sow seeds in, which will bear harvest FE 191

School management

School management 6T 206-18

can be improved in some schools 6T 210

counselors to, ministers should serve as 6T 216

criticism of, parents warned against Ed 284

how to improve 6T 210-1

matters that parents should take to Ed 284

most efficient, secure 7T 280

must be learned from God FE 531

needless and expensive habits should be laid aside by CS 271

small companies of student workers should labor under CT 311

talent needed in CS 271

wise, needed to keep institution out of debt CS 270

School manager, School managers

School manager, School managers FE 510; 6T 145-50

able men needed as 6T 215

business ability needed by 6T 215-6

cost of every undertaking should be estimated by 6T 215-6

counsel of men of prayer should be sought by 6T 215

covetousness should be hated by 6T 215

customs of world must not be imitated by 6T 143

duty of: re industrial training CT 310-1

re politics FE 475-84; GW 391-6

re school industries CT 315-7

when institution begins to run in debt 6T 210

duties and responsibilities of 6T 206-18

equality should be preserved by 6T 215

God-fearing men needed as 6T 215

half-converted, are stumbling blocks to others 6T 141

men of truth needed as 6T 215

message to, re danger in amusement CT 348

methods and plans should be changed by, when school is not meeting expenses 6T 210

must allow no carelessness in expenditure of means FE 510

needs of God’s work elsewhere should be kept in mind by 6T 215-6

needs to: do his very best 6T 215

feel responsibility for unconverted persons in institution 7T 146

guard carefully against debt 6T 208

labor with pure motives 6T 215

opposing teaching of religion in SDA schools, reproved 6T 141-3

outgo must not be allowed by, to exceed income CS 271

physiology should be understood by 3T 141-2

plans of world must not be copied by 6T 143

qualifications of 6T 215-6

should be: able to teach accounting 6T 216

guided by Spirit 6T 215

spirit of censure and criticism should not be manifested by CT 316

teachers should heartily co-operate with 6T 210

things that God will require of CS 271

unity should be preserved by 6T 215

See also Institutional manager; School leader; School president; School principal


Schoolmaster, ceremonial law as, to bring men to Christ 6BC 1109-10; 1SM 233

God’s law as, bringing sinner to Christ 1SM 213

God’s law is, condemning sinners to punishment 1SM 341

harsh and domineering, teachers must not have too much of spirit of CT 253

moral law as, bringing men to Christ 1SM 234

Ten Commandments as, to bring men to Christ 6BC 1109-10; 1SM 233

School meal, School meals

School meal, School meals CS 272

expense of providing, income from tuition, room, and board should meet 6T 210-1

School money

School money, misuse of, warning against CS 271

School of Christ

School of Christ, absentees from, who have forgotten sound of Teacher’s voice FE 346; CT 410

advancement in, will continue throughout eternity FE 544

advantage gained by student in 4T 413-4

all-important lesson of meekness should be learned in GW 447; 6T 117

apostles were educated in GW 25

apt learners in, gospel workers should be FE 520

apt students in, be SD 90

are you learning daily in? 8T 195

as diligent student in, learn to lay your burdens on Christ 8T 126

as mind enlarges and expands in, pure streams of light pour into soul 4T 414

baptism is not graduation from 6BC 1075

Christians must learn in, in order to be savor of life unto life FE 255

Christlike meekness is taught most effectively in FE 343

church is educated and disciplined in MB 31

college teachers should be learners in 5T 91

conf. president should learn of Christ in GW 417

daily lessons to learn in, all have SD 89

determine to learn in MM 200

diligent students in, be 5T 571

discipline in, trial of faith is part of 5T 578

dull student in, show that you have not been SD 82

educate yourself in 5T 335

education in: everyone should have 6T 148

that all should receive GW 283

trial is part of AA 524

education of authors is deficient if they have not learned in FE 381

educators need to learn meekness and lowliness in FE 169

every student in, may draw from God’s storehouse of natural science SD 75

failure to learn in, haphazard work done as result of FE 255

injury done to church as result of FE 255

faithful students in, aim to be SD 72, 79

first students chosen for Ed 85

gospel workers should learn daily in AA 369

has claims on students in SDA schools CT 50; FE 543-4

high standard of attainment is reached by student learning daily in GW 60

if all learn lessons taught in, there will be sufficient means to establish med. miss. work in many places CH 319

if students are diligent in, vice and immorality will be expelled from their midst 4T 273

imperfect and one-sided characters show they have learned lessons imperfectly in GW 144

learn A B C of religion in FE 304

learn in: as humble child ML 102

how to be fair and noble in dealing with brethren 8T 195

how to dismiss doubt and evil surmisings 8T 195

to wear His yoke of restraint and obedience 6T 214

learner(s) in: count every favor of God too good for them 6T 183-4

excel both in quality and extent of their education 4T 273

God promises to answer prayer for outpouring of Spirit upon 5T 390

persons who would be qualified to mold character of youth must be FE 191

physician should be MM 35

prayer that we may be GW 301

teacher cannot be true educator until he becomes CT 65

teachers should be FE 191; 6T 201-2

training and education of lifetime often must be discarded by one in order to become CT 20; 8T 314

we are invited to become ML 96

we are to be, in order to teach others MM 293

we must be 1SM 351; 4T 367

learning daily in, brings peace which no worldly circumstances can change 5T 487

learning in, results of SD 85; 4T 116

we need to be FE 361

lessons learned daily in, temptation to be first is quenched by CT 372

lessons learned in, lead you to work out your salvation 8T 124

must be put into practice SD 90

lessons must be learned in, in order to perfect Christian character and have oneness with Christ 3T 529

lessons of highest value are to be learned in 8T 124

lessons teachers should learn in FE 278

lessons that are taught effectively nowhere except in FE 343

lovers of flattery should learn A B C of religion in SD 73

lowliness of heart is taught most effectively in FE 343

many people lose desire to learn meekness and lowliness of heart in FE 352

meekness and lowliness must be learned in DA 330; FE 352, 450; SL 15; 4T 527; 5T 334, 487, 568; 6T 397

men are brought into, by being connected with Him 4T 273

men who toil long to learn in MYP 34

most effective intelligence can be obtained in FE 357

most learned man’s knowledge is foolishness if has not learned in, how to lead souls to Christ 6T 318

most useful lesson learned in, is that intellect is supreme only when sanctified FE 450

natural science is treasure house of knowledge for student in COL 125; 8T 325

one lesson learned in, is that God’s love for us is greater than that of our parents 8T 126

patience must be learned in SD 88

persecution educates and disciplines us in AA 576

persons ceasing to learn in, meet with infinite loss CT 51; FE 544

persons who compose councils need to learn meekness in 5T 559

physician who has learned in CH 500; MM 150

physicians educated in, who can work in Christ’s lines are needed CH 500

playing truant from, meekness shows that you have not been SD 82

real refinement of thought and manners is best obtained by learning lessons in GW 283

reverence for sacred things is taught effectively only in FE 343

show others that you have been learning in 5T 568

sincere learners in, promise for 5T 303

spiritual success comes only to persons who learn meekness and lowliness in 6T 397

student(s) in: both old and young among CT 51; FE 544

can engage in pursuit of knowledge without becoming dizzy from height to which he climbs 4T 413-4

clearer views of laws of science and nature are obtained by 4T 413-4

heeding Teacher’s instructions constantly advance in wisdom, refinement, and nobility of soul CT 51; FE 544

many Scripture passages pronounced unimportant or a mystery by learned men are full of comfort and instruction for GC 599

never graduate CT 51; FE 544; ML 361

prepare to enter higher school where advancement continues throughout eternity CT 51; FE 544

teacher learning in, hides self in Christ CT 266; FE 278

remembers he is dealing with blood-bought heritage FE 278; CT 266

teacher learns in, to be patient, humble, generous, and noble CT 266

teacher should learn daily in CT 211; FE 525

in order to uplift youth having lax training at home FE 397

teacher’s safety lies in learning daily in CT 266; FE 278

teachers and students may learn in, to be patient, humble, generous, and noble FE 280

teachers learning daily in, can wisely educate youth CT 191

will work in Christ’s lines FE 260

teachers not learning daily in, are not fit for position they occupy FE 223

teachers should study in FE 116

teachers willing to sit in, will know far less in their own estimation than they do now CT 373

training in, meaning of DA 330

true culture is best obtained by learning lessons in GW 283

we are in, in this life 5T 344

we are to learn in SD 72

we must learn in, in order to be qualified to enter higher grade 5T 502

we shall surely err unless we are constantly learning in SD 91

what we should learn in, about speech COL 337-8

willing student in, man must be CT 449

willingness to learn meekness in, brings rest and peace SD 76

youth are students in SD 78

youth should learn in, to be meek and lowly of heart FE 101

School park

School park, beautify, with fragrant flowers and ornamental trees 6T 187

School patron, School patrons

School patron, School patrons, purification of school atmosphere is obligation to 4T 206

when, will not be disappointed CT 206

School playground

School playground, child’s physical training on CT 108

Satan on, watches your amusements CT 283; FE 225

School preceptor, School preceptors

School preceptor, School preceptors, privilege of CT 58

School president

School president FE 504-11

duty of, faithfully to report use of all school funds CS 271; FE 510

to guard himself diligently FE 475; GW 391

to look carefully after finances of institution CS 271; FE 510

questions that, should ask himself FE 510

students should pray for FE 293

underlying principles of bookkeeping should be understood by CS 271; FE 510

School principal, School principals

School principal, School principals FE 504-11; 5T 587-9

accountable to God for souls under his charge CT 102

alone, character of SDA schoolwork should not be decided by 6T 162

amounting to no more than soap bubble 5T 587

baptism of Spirit needed by 6T 153

children lacking respect for CG 98

do not employ, unless they have knowledge of health reform 6T 370

duty of, to kneel in public prayer 3BC 1130-1

God’s law should be delight of FE 510

high privilege of 6T 156

lawless students hurt soul of FE 248

man of physical strength needed as CT 213-4

must not think that Bible religion will clip his wings 5T 587

needs living connection with God CT 89

reverence required of 2SM 313

should be able to: do thorough work as a disciplinarian CT 213-4

train students in habits of order, neatness, and industry CT 213-4

should never let worldly policy cause God’s word to be placed in background 5T 21

students should pray for CT 553

teachers should co-operate with, in maintaining school discipline FE 454

trials of, with disorderly students FE 454

what students can do to lift burden from CT 219

See also School leader; School manager; School president

School regulation, School regulations

School regulation, School regulations, apparently needlessly exacting, obey FE 302

careless disregard for, students warned against CT 99-100; FE 464

children should not be coaxed or bribed to obey Ed 290

Christian students should encourage compliance with CT 98

defiance of, young men who manifested 4T 430, 436

dislike and contempt for, how to deal with CT 264

disobedience to, student engaging in wicked sports in FE 297; 4T 436

students who co-operate with teachers in discouraging 4T 432

disregard for, how heaven regards students who show 4T 429

lack of home training that results in 4T 429

enforce CT 153; FE 54

few and well considered, need of CT 153; Ed 290

once made should be enforced Ed 290

influence of student who defies 4T 430

just, youth need to see benefit of compliance with CT 99-100

justice of, students should help to see CT 153; Ed 290

lack of respect for, Satan’s agents among students manifest 4T 422

med. students should not infringe on CT 481-2

need of, for guiding conduct of students CT 153, 264-5

re courtship and marriage FE 62

obedience to, how to secure Ed 290

parents should co-operate with teacher in enforcing CT 153-4

school will become demoralized if, are not carried out 4T 428

slight deviations from, teachers who are exact in denouncing and punishing FE 222

strict, needed to regulate conduct of students 4T 430-1

students should act in harmony with CT 264-5

students should help to frame CT 153; Ed 290

students showing disrespect for, registered in heaven FE 246-7

students tempted to disregard, duty of CT 265

students who refuse to obey, should return home CT 265; FE 54; 4T 205-6, 422

teachers who infringed, but were severe upon students FE 222

to regulate studies to certain hours 3T 138

young men who attempted to break down 4T 433

wise, God justly requires obedience to 4T 434

Schoolroom, Schoolrooms

Schoolroom, Schoolrooms, Ed 207-8

as generally constructed (in 1865), not conducive to health 2SM 436

beautifying, teacher should awaken interest of students in Ed 212

best, for children during first eight or ten years of life Ed 208; FE 61; 3T 137

children should not be confined many hours in FE 59-60; 3T 135

children who bring spirit of respect and reverence into SD 122

children who manifest respect and reverence in CG 148-9

Christ’s presence needed in FE 66; 5T 653-4

confining very young children in, ill effects of FE 145-6

discipline in, use of rod to maintain See Whipping

excessive confinement in, ill affects students FE 72

foundation laid in, for various diseases 2SM 436

foundation of lifelong illness is often laid in Ed 207

garden of Eden as Ed 20

God’s own, lands that should be regarded as COL 87-8

hard place for children with inherited enfeebled constitutions 2SM 436

influence that children should carry into CG 485

lack of plenty of sunlight in, results of MH 274-5

lacking good ventilation MH 274

children should not be crowded into FE 145

children’s health injured by 3T 143

disease caused by Ed 207

lungs poisoned by air of FE 59

little children’s: field or garden is best Ed 208

fields and hills should be CG 48

nature’s audience chamber should be FE 61

open air and out-of-doors should be FE 157; 3T 137

maintenance cost of, income from tuition, room, and board should cover 6T 210-1

many, not large enough for healthful accommodation of students FE 59

miss. field in CT 552

needed as much as church building 6T 109

no place for surface work Ed 278

order in, students’ co-operation needed to maintain Ed 285

place for, in basement of church and aboveground GW 435

place of worship should not be used for 5T 496

principles of physiology and hygiene should be practiced in CT 298-9

proper ventilation needed in Ed 207; FE 59; 2SM 436; 3T 135

restless boy in, what to do with Ed 285-6

rules governing, should represent voice of school Ed 290

students’ help in framing, benefit of Ed 290

Satan present in every exercise in CT 283; FE 225

spirit of, co-operation should be Ed 285

students bring into, influence of home training CG 319

teacher accompanied by angels in FE 265-6

teacher should take Christ as companion into 5T 653

teacher’s duty when Spirit’s presence is manifest in CT 364; 8T 62

temperature in, regulation of CT 299

unhealthful conditions in Ed 207

what angels should see in CT 170

See also Classroom

School routine

School routine, interruption of, by physical culture is not real hindrance Ed 213

of worldly schools, SDA schools should not follow CT 56

School rule, School rules

School rule, School rules See School regulations

School seat, Schol seats

School seat, School seats, children’s posture ill-affected by Ed 207; 2SM 436

hard and ill-formed, children’s health affected by 2SM 436

healthful action of lungs and heart should be ensured by 2SM 436

ill-formed, action of lungs and heart cramped by Ed 207

unnatural posture encouraged by Ed 207

poorly constructed, children deformed by sitting in 3T 143

School’s financial standing

School’s financial standing, auditing of, should not be left to ministers or committeemen 6T 216

Gen. Conf. auditor should examine 6T 216

Schools of prophets

Schools of prophets, Ed 45-50; PP 592-602

Christ did not learn in TMK 189:4

Christ was not educated in FE 400

Christ’s apostles never attended 5BC 1088

David’s character influenced by Ed 48

David’s reign influenced by Ed 47-8

education in, simplicity marked every feature of PK 225

educational work of, Elisha fostered PK 240

Elijah educated youth in GW 102

Elijah re-established PK 224-5

Elijah’s farewell instruction to FE 512; PK 225

Elijah’s work in 2BC 1036

Elisha associated with Elijah in PK 225

Elisha fostered upbuilding of PK 260

Ezra taught in 3BC 1134

God’s purpose for Ed 46; FE 96; PP 593

to train God-fearing leaders and counselors for Israel Ed 46

to train teachers for Israel FE 96

to train youth PP 593

great blessing to Israel 2BC 1037; Ed 47-8; FE 96

industrial training in CT 276

instructors in, qualifications of Ed 46; FE 96; PP 593

special endowment of Spirit given to FE 96; PP 593

Israel’s prosperity as result of Ed 47-8

King Saul’s experience in PP 653-4

lessons educators should learn from PP 595

located at: Bethel FE 97; PK 224-5

Gilgal FE 97; PK 224-5, 240

Jericho FE 97; PK 224-5, 230

Kirjath-jearim Ed 46; FE 96-7; PP 593

Ramah Ed 46; FE 96-7; PP 593, 653-4

Samaria FE 97

many teachers in, supported themselves by manual labor Ed 47

method of conducting CT 436

method of teaching in, far different from that of modern theological schools PP 593

miracle of salvaging ax from river at Ed 217

models for SDA schools to follow 6T 137

modern institutions of learning compared with FE 98, 228; PP 594

OT parchment rolls used in Ed 47

oral teaching in Ed 47

physical and mental work combined in MM 81

principles of, school at Loma Linda, Calif., should be conducted on MM 75

psalms of praise to God heard in FE 97

Samuel as teacher in 2BC 1018

Samuel founded first regular 2BC 1037-8; FE 96; PK 224; PP 593

by God’s direction Ed 46

Samuel was founder and president of PP 663

SDA schools should be patterned after 2BC 1036; CT 168, 208, 282, 353, 548-9; FE 184, 223, 228, 489, 512; MM 75; 6T 137, 139, 152; 8T 230

SDA workers should be educated as were youth in 6T 441

Solomon’s early life influenced by Ed 48

Solomon’s reign influenced by Ed 47-8

Spirit manifested in prophecy and song in PP 594

Spirit was eagerly sought in FE 526

spirituality seen in, SDA schools should manifest CT 352

students from, on way to Passover PP 538

students in: called sons of prophets 2BC 1038; Ed 46; FE 96

God’s plan to translate Elijah was revealed to PK 225

Spirit came upon CT 373

students sustained themselves at: by labor as husbandmen FE 97

by manual labor CT 276; MH 186

by mechanical employment FE 97; PP 593

by their own labor Ed 47

by tilling soil PP 593

study in, grand object of PP 593-4

subjects studied in 2BC 1037; Ed 46-7; FE 96-7; PP 593-4

duty of prayer Ed 47; FE 97; PP 594

God’s will and His people’s duties FE 97; PP 593-4

Hebrew language Ed 47; FE 97

history, sacred 2BC 1037; Ed 47; FE 97; MH 441; PP 593; 8T 307

how to exercise faith in God Ed 47; FE 97

how to pray Ed 47; FE 97; PP 594

how to understand and obey Spirit’s teachings Ed 47; FE 97; PP 594

industries, various CT 276; MH 186

instruction given to Moses 2BC 1037; Ed 47; FE 97; PP 593

law of God 2BC 1037; 3BC 1134; Ed 47; FE 97; PP 593

melody, sacred FE 97

music 2BC 1037; Ed 47; FE 97-8; PP 593-4

poetry 2BC 1037; Ed 47; FE 97; PP 593

prophecy 3BC 1134; PP 594

reading Ed 47

Scriptures CT 422; Ed 47

song PP 594

system of sacrificial services PP 594

types in sanctuary service Ed 47

types and shadows of Mosaic law FE 97; PP 593-4

temple school conducted after manner of DA 78

three, in Elijah’s time FE 97; PK 224

time was given in, for faithful Bible study CT 436-7

two, in Samuel’s day Ed 46; FE 96-7; PP 593

set up after Elijah’s time FE 96-7

work accomplished by, Elijah cheered by PK 225

working of Spirit in CT 67-8

young men pious, intelligent, and studious were enrolled in Ed 46; FE 96; PP 593

young men trained by, for God’s service PK 224-5