EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Salvation Army - Sanctuary (earthly)

Salvation Army

Salvation Army 8T 185


Samaria, Baal worship introduced into, by Ahab PK 114

Christ’s labors in AA 106; DA 183-95; MH 27-8; 8T 31

city of: founded by Omri PK 114

Jehoshaphat’s visit to PK 195

location of PK 351

surrounded by Syrian armies in Elisha’s time PK 258-9

taken by Assyrian armies PK 291-2, 305, 339, 351

cities of, 70 disciples sent by Christ to DA 488

gospel proclaimed in, by apostolic church AA 103-11; DA 488

heathen colonists from Assyrian provinces settled in PK 567

Jacob’s well in DA 183

persecuted Christians found asylum in AA 106-7

Peter’s labors in DA 194

Philip’s labors in AA 106-7; MH 139

remnant of 10 tribes of Israel left in, by Assyrians PK 567

school of prophets established in FE 97

vale of Shechem in DA 183

See also Shechem

Samaritan, Samaritans

Samaritan, Samaritans, adversaries of the Jewish exiles who returned to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel PK 567

all Scriptures except writings of Moses were rejected by DA 193

apostate Israelites allied with PK 674-5

believed Messiah would come to redeem world DA 193

Christ mingled freely with AA 19; DA 193; MH 26

Christ treated, with utmost kindness and courtesy DA 193; MH 26

Christ was denied hospitality by AA 540-1; DA 486-7; SL 58; SR 268; 2T 566

not long after His transfiguration DA 487

Christ’s first disciples cherished enmity toward DA 193

Christ’s labors among AA 106; DA 183-95; MH 27-8; 8T 31

claimed to worship true God PK 567

clung to their traditions and forms of worship DA 188

contempt of, for Jewish religion and temple DA 188

desire of, to help build second temple PK 567-8

despised, Christ labored to save 5BC 1134

faith of, corrupted by idolatry DA 189

false reports circulated by, against Zerubbabel and his people PK 571

false Smerdis induced by, to forbid rebuilding of second temple in Jerusalem PK 572-3

good, parable of See Parable

graven images reverenced by DA 188; PK 567

had some knowledge of God DA 402

heard Christ gladly at invitation of woman DA 192

idols regarded by, as reminders of God DA 188; PK 567

idolaters in heart and practice PK 567

idolatry not wholly renounced by DA 188

Jacob as honored patriarch among DA 184

James and John wanted to call fire down on AA 540-1; DA 487; SL 58; SR 268; 2T 566

Jew would not borrow from DA 183

Jew would not receive kindness from DA 183

Jews and: great difference between, was in religious belief COL 380

source of schism, emulation, and enmity between DA 188; PK 674-5

were bitter enemies COL 380; DA 183; PK 674-5

Jews despised MH 26

Jews did not regard, as their neighbors COL 376; DA 498

Jews regarded, as strangers and enemies COL 376; DA 498

as unclean COL 376

Jews traded with, only in case of necessity DA 183

Jewish prejudice against, Christ was free from DA 188-9

labors of apostolic church among, after Christ’s ascension AA 103-11; DA 488

leprous, Christ healed DA 348; MH 134

opposed work of Zerubbabel and his people PK 567-73

origin of, mixed race formed by inter-marriage of Jews with heathen PK 567

Pharisees poured bitterest curses upon COL 380

plotted against Nehemiah and his work PK 642-3

religion of, was mixture of Judaism and heathenism PK 674-5

scriptures on which, based faith in Messiah DA 193

Simon Magus deceived GC 624-5

simple faith of DA 198

social intercourse with, Jews were forbidden to have DA 183

some ancestors of, once belonged to Israel DA 188

temple erected by, on Mt. Gerizim DA 188; PK 674

tried to hinder building of second temple 4BC 1175-6; PK 571, 578

why 12 apostles were not sent to, at first DA 351

worshiped in accordance with Mosaic ritual DA 188


Christ associated with, accepting their hospitality 3SM 238:2


angels were beside, who cared for the stranger HP 295:5

colored people and the story of SW 26:1

parable of, actual occurrence RC 229:4

woman, See Woman of Samaria

Samaritan leper

Samaritan leper, healed, returned to thank Christ DA 488; MH 134

Samaritan religion

Samaritan religion, idolatry in DA 188

Samaritan village

Samaritan village, rejected Christ DA 487-8; GC 570; SL 57-8; 2T 566

Samaritan woman

Samaritan woman, Christ’s experience with, at Jacob’s well AA 106; DA 183-95; Ed 231; Ev 267-8; GW 194-5; MH 27-8, 102-3, 156-7; ML 227; 2SM 403; 3T 217-8, 322; 6T 64; 8T 30; TM 226, 390

Samaritan work

Samaritan work, gives character to gospel work WM 132

that SDA are to do Ev 567


Samson 2BC 1005-8; PP 560-8

belonged to tribe of Dan PP 560

born during early years of Philistine oppression PP 560

burial of PP 567

consecrated as Nazarite from birth CD 218; PP 562

corrupt woman led, to deprave his strength PP 457

death of PP 567

Delilah betrayed, to his enemies PP 565-6

eyes of, Philistines put out PP 566

failed to give God glory for victories 2BC 1006

Gaza’s gate taken away by PP 565

giant form of PP 567

God called, to position of great responsibility SD 187

God raised up, to deliver His people CD 218; Te 90

home of, at Zorah PP 562-3

in peril, had same source of strength as had Joseph SD 187

infatuation of, for Delilah 2BC 1007; PP 565-6

influence of wicked associates upon PP 562, 568

Israel judged by, 20 years PP 564

after slaying Philistines with jaw-bone of ass PP 564

Joseph and, contrasted 2BC 1007

lesson that, needed to learn first SD 187

life of, intimacies of youth darkened PP 562

lessons from 2BC 1007; PP 567-8

lion slain by PP 564

long hair of: no virtue in PP 566

symbolized his condition as Nazarite PP 562

token of loyalty to God PP 566

men of Judah delivered, to Philistines PP 564

marriage of, with heathen woman PP 562-3

transgressed God’s command PP 563-5

Nazarite vow of: broken by licentiousness 2BC 1007; PP 565

broken by use of wine PP 565

symbolized by unshorn hair PP 562

parents of See Manoah

path entered by, ended in shame, disaster, and death SD 187

Philistines captured, after bribing Delilah PP 566

Philistines condemned, to hard labor PP 566

Philistines imprisoned, at Gaza PP 566

Philistines slaughtered by, with jaw-bone of ass PP 564

Philistines’ fields and vineyards wasted by PP 563

physical strength of, extraordinary PP 562

physically the strongest man on earth PP 567

prayer of, for relief from present suffering 2BC 1006

last PP 567

miraculous answer to 2BC 1006-7

refugee in rock of Etam, from Philistines PP 564

repentance of, under affliction by Philistines PP 566

separated from wife PP 563

30 men of Askelon killed by PP 564

training to be given, in habits of strict temperance CD 218; MH 379; PP 562

vile passions given full sway over 2BC 1007; SD 187

weakest man in self-control, integrity, and firmness PP 567

wife of, Philistines murdered PP 563-4


mother of, instructed by God CC 130:2


Samson, Italian monk GC 178-9


Samuel PP 569-74, 581-2, 589-93, 603-21, 627-41, 663-4, 668

administration of, as judge 2BC 1012-4; CT 143; MH 372; PP 590-1, 603-4, 614, 663; 4aSG 67

Agag slain by PP 632; 4aSG 77

aged prophet when Saul became king 2BC 1013; PP 604-5, 614

aged when he died PP 664

birth of PP 569-70

birthplace of, Ramah PP 572

burial of, David not at PP 664

childhood and youth of AH 536; 2BC 1010, 1021; CG 197; CT 488, 537; FE 96; MH 372; MM 42; PP 571-3, 581, 592, 614, 663; SD 161; SL 15; 1SM 319; 3T 472; 7T 17

example for youth of today 2BC 1010; 1SM 319

first three years of 2BC 1008; CG 197

under Eli’s care 2BC 1008, 1021; CG 197; PP 571-3; SD 161

coat made by Hannah for, every year LS 120; PP 572; 2SG 108

commissioned as prophet PP 581-2, 589-90

when 12 years old 2BC 1010

company of seers with, at Ramah PP 653

crown of glory awaits AH 536

David anointed as king by 2BC 1018; CT 43-4; Ed 266; PP 637-42; 4aSG 77-8; 6T 197

David learned lessons from PP 653

death of PP 663-4, 668, 676

dedicated as child to God by mother CT 143, 537; PP 570-2; 1SM 319; 5T 304

Eli and, friendship between 2BC 1021; PP 573; SD 161

Eli given warning message by PP 581-2, 589; SR 185; 1T 119; 3T 472-3; 4T 516

Eli trained, in sanctuary service CG 197; PP 572-4

faithfulness of AH 297; 2BC 1008; COL 301; CT 537; PP 573, 607, 614; 3T 472; 5T 304

God’s counsel sought in prayer by PP 605

headquarters of, in Ramah PP 604

home of: David’s flight to PP 653

in Ramah Ed 46; FE 96; PP 572, 593, 604, 608, 632, 653

Saul feasted at PP 608-10

impersonated by Satan 2BC 1022-3; PP 679-80, 683; 4aSG 84-5

intercession of, Israel given feeling of security by PP 663

Israel rejected, as ruler 2BC 1018; PP 604-8, 615

Israel warned by, re results of having a king PP 606-7

Israel’s follies in time of, God’s people may repeat today LS 323; TM 464

Israel’s ingratitude to PP 615

Israel’s request of, for a king PP 604-5; 4aSG 65-6

Israelites wandered far from God in time of SC 38-9; 5T 640

judged Israel all his life PP 663

judged Israel from his youth 2BC 1012; 4aSG 65; 4T 517

King Saul reproved by, for disobedience in war with Amalekites PP 630-6; 4aSG 72-7; 4T 146-7; 5T 88

for presumption at Gilgal PP 618-21, 627; 4aSG 69-72

King Saul’s disobedience grieved PP 630-1

labors of, after his rejection as judge of Israel 2BC 1018; PP 603-41, 663-4

lamb presented as burnt offering at Mizpeh by PP 590

leaders of Israel convened at Mizpeh by PP 590, 611

life of, self-serving priests and elders rebuked by PP 607

linen ephod worn by PP 573

loved Saul as his own son PP 627

more influential than King Saul PP 663

name of, signifies “asked of God” PP 570

national assembly convoked at Gilgal by PP 613

parents of PP 569-70

parting words of, as Israel’s ruler PP 614-5

piety and devotion of, Israel became weary of PP 607

prayer(s) of PP 605, 611, 626; 4aSG 74

Israel given victory in response to PP 590-1; 4T 517-8

rainstorm sent in answer to PP 615

president of schools of prophets PP 663

reign of judges closes with 2BC 1008

religion carried into duties of life by PP 573

Saul anointed as king by PP 609-10; 4aSG 67-8

saved through Christ’s merits AH 536

schools of the prophets founded by 2BC 1037-8; Ed 46; FE 96-7; MH 372; PK 224; PP 593, 663

service of, exception to rule re Levites PP 573

sons of, described 2BC 1012-3; PP 604; 4aSG 65

judges at Beersheba PP 604

stone memorial set up between Mizpeh and Shen by PP 591

20 years after Philistines took ark of covenant PP 591

story of, lesson from CG 490

teacher in school of prophets 2BC 1018

tenderness of, toward King Saul 2BC 1013

threefold office of judge, prophet, and priest held by 2BC 1011; PP 604

too indulgent with sons PP 604

training given by mother to AH 536; FE 96; MH 372; PP 571-2, 592

during first three years 2BC 1008; CG 197

tribute of, to his faithful mother AH 536; CG 197

worship at “high places” began in time of PP 609

youth of, passed at sanctuary 2BC 1008; PP 573

youth who consecrate themselves to God as did CT 537


character of,

pious from childhood; not like Eli’s sons RY 49:3

traits listed RC 195:4

coast of, sewn with prayers for being pure, noble and true RC 195:3

discipline needed by, different; he served God from childhood 2MCP 809:4

Eli’s affection drawn by RY 49:3

faithfulness of, talent God used for a special work RC 319:2

God accepted, because of his pure heart and reverence RC 251:7

great as God estimates character RC 195:7

Hannah’s release of, not deferred; taught love for God early RC 195:2

life consecrated as that of, God values greatly RC 251:8

pleasure of God in; others may have same experience LHU 339:8

thoughts of, as a child directed to Creator by surroundings RC 195:2


Sanballat, Horonite ChS 173; PK 635, 641, 653-6, 674, 676; 3T 571-4

San Bernardino, Calif.

San Bernardino, Calif. CH 554; FE 520; LS 405; MM 265-6


1. True (genuine)

2. Miscellaneous


1. True (genuine)

accomplished by steadfastly beholding Christ 6BC 1117

accomplished only by: faith in Christ GC 469

Spirit’s power GC 469

avenues of soul to knowledge are not closed by CT 449; FE 136

believers are united by, in bonds of tender sympathy 5BC 1141; SD 102

Bible: defined GC 469

described 1T 339

does not consist in strong emotion SL 10

has to do with whole man CH 66; SL 7

Paul did not hesitate to stress importance of SL 86

seeks to know God’s requirements and to obey them 5BC 1147

spurious sanctification of today is not 5BC 1147

Bible clearly teaches what is GC 469

Bible teaches how to attain GC 469

blessing(s) of: Christian may enjoy SL 85

John enjoyed SL 65

justification places man where he can receive 7BC 908

man must learn meaning of self-sacrifice in order to gain AA 560

selfish and gluttonous persons cannot enjoy CD 164; CH 66; SL 25

body should be preserved in 3T 83

characteristics of persons who have ML 254

Christian cannot maintain, without special effort on his part 2T 472

conditions to receiving 1SM 377

consists in cheerful performance of daily duties in perfect obedience to God COL 360

continual indulgence in hurtful lust makes, impossible CD 44

correct physical habits encouraged by CH 68

correct understanding of, persons who have SL 50

course of, by which Christian may be assured that he shall never fall SL 94

Daniel made no claim to SL 42

Daniel’s life as illustration of SL 23, 52

defined 6BC 1098; CD 165; COL 360; GC 469-70; SD 334; 5T 306

defined as: continual growth in grace 7BC 947; 1T 340

daily conformity to God’s will LS 237; 4T 299

dying of self daily LS 237; 4T 299

entire conformity to God’s will SL 9

fulfillment of covenant made by God with His people 7BC 908

harmony with God 6T 350

implanting of Christ’s nature in humanity COL 384

living and active principle entering into everyday life CD 57; CH 67; SL 28; Te 19

nothing less than daily dying to self 4T 299

oneness with God in character 6T 350

purity like Christ’s purity SD 348

result of lifelong obedience AA 561

truth received in heart and practically carried out in life 1T 339-40

working out of principle of love AA 560; SD 49

definition of, error to be avoided in 6BC 1072

display is not Ev 510

doctrine of, Bible GC 469

embraces entire being GC 473; SL 7

essential truth re, that all should understand FE 432

evidence of SL 8-9

mere noise and shouting are not 2SM 35

pleasant and self-satisfied feeling is not 8T 235

evidenced by: careful improvement of talents 7BC 908

circumspect conversation 7BC 908

conscientious regard for God’s commandments 7BC 908

explained CD 57

feelings are not criterion in SL 10

feelings should be included in 2T 251

fitness for heaven MYP 35

fruits of GC 478

God labors for man’s, day by day AA 532

God wills that His people have 2T 170; 8T 64

God’s people may claim 2SM 32

God’s plan of, for man 8T 64

greatest hindrance to, indulged appetite is 9T 156

health-reform message essential to 9T 154

how Paul attained 8T 313

importance of, need of persons who teach 5T 227

impossible while man: continues indulgence of hurtful lust CD 44; Te 148

is controlled by appetite and passion 3T 570

in home, will be brought into church AH 306

incompatible with use of tobacco CH 83

inspires search for truth CT 449; FE 136

is Bible doctrine GC 469

John’s life exemplified AA 557; SL 55, 59

justification precedes 7BC 908

leads man to: manifest spirit of humility GC 470

obey God’s commandments 5BC 1146

living and active principle that enters into everyday life CD 57, 165; SL 28

man is brought into accord with God’s law by GC 467

man must live in harmony with God’s law in order to experience CH 69

man’s part in attaining 8T 64-5

meaning of: few people understand 7BC 909

girl who did not know CT 254

what to do to understand MM 275

means: culture and training of capabilities for God’s service ML 261; 1SM 33

habitual communion with God 7BC 908

perfect love, perfect obedience, perfect conformity to God’s will AA 565

to believe truth and practice it ML 261

misrepresented by some SDA Ev 599

most powerful agency of, God’s word as 8T 193

must go on: continually 1SM 317

day by day and hour by hour FE 136

need of, church members should be impressed with 6T 86

no, aside from truth FE 432

except through obedience to truth SL 67

without obedience SL 66-7

no Bible, for persons who cast part of truth behind them 1T 338

for persons who reject part of truth 7BC 947

not all who profess, possess it SL 7

not merely show or outside work 1T 339

not merely theory, emotion, or form of words CD 57, 165; CH 67; SL 28; Te 19

nothing less than daily conformity to God’s will 4T 299

obedience brings MM 215

of character: needed TM 451

truth in receptive heart works DA 142

of Christ, imparted through Spirit SD 294

of heart and life, God accepts only 2T 335

of soul, practice of truth is essential to Ev 290

of soul and mind, determined efforts needed to secure CW 106

of Spirit: all righteous demands of God will be met through 1SM 166

characterizes persons having seal of God 7BC 980

Christ is ready to give CT 490

excitement is not favorable to Ev 612

exert living influence for God through SD 15

liberality produced by AA 344

mind and heart cleansed by GW 310

pray for 8T 40

seen in thought, word, and deed CH 372; CT 491

of tongue, essentials to 2T 185

of whole being, need of MM 333

Spirit effects AA 53

offered through Spirit’s cleansing power TM 97

only true sign of, obedience to all of God’s commandments is 7BC 908

Paul’s, was constant conflict with self 4T 299

Paul’s teaching re SL 26

perfect observance of Sabbath that leads to Ev 290

persons who are ignorant of work of grace on heart and profess SL 9

depend wholly on feelings and emotions SL 9

persons preserving body in, will receive finishing touches of immortality 2T 355

persons who do not know what is SL 49

persons who follow Christ most closely are least disposed to boast of SL 79

personal, more effective than display 6T 116

pleasant and self-satisfied feeling is not 5BC 1146

practical lessons of, ministers need to present 3T 27

practicing truth means 1SM 33

preached by some men who know not what it is 1T 336

principles of, Paul sets forth SL 27-8

process of, no stopping place in AA 560-1; 7BC 947; 1T 340

profession of gospel is of no avail without COL 50-1

progressive work of, advances from one stage of perfection to another ML 250

received by obedience to principles that are transcript of God’s character 6T 350

received through channel of truth 1T 339

relation of, to habits of eating, drinking, and dressing CD 57-8, 165; CH 67; SL 28

rely on Christ as your 5T 472

result of, words that fitly describe SL 96

result of constant conflict with self LS 237; 8T 313

righteousness imparted in MYP 35

Sabbath as sign of CH 223; 6T 350; 7T 107

science of, people need to understand CW 29

senses need Ev 86

sin appears exceedingly sinful to persons who have SL 10

special effort on man’s part is needed to maintain 2T 472

Spirit’s work in GC 469

Spirit’s working effects COL 384

steps by which, is attained GC 470

subject of, how to present 1SM 377-9

successive steps in MYP 116; SL 94

taught by Christ LS 80

temperance is essential to CM 132

in daily life CH 121

thoughts should be included in 2T 251

three faithful Hebrew youth possessed SL 39-40

through: obedience to God’s commandments SD 194

obedience to truth AA 565; Ev 599; ML 252; 2SM 44

through truth: meaning of CSW 19

need of understanding what Bible teaches re Ev 596

will effect transformation 1T 704

vigorous work of, must go on day by day within CT 449

woman who did not possess SL 66-7

work of: begins in home CG 481; ML 261

continues as long as life shall last SL 10

is daily work MYP 114; SL 10, 92

is not work of day or year 3T 325; 8T 312-3

is not work of hour or day 1T 340; 2T 472

is not work of moment, hour, or day AA 560; 7BC 947; 1T 340

is progressive GC 470; ML 250; MYP 116, 121; SL 94; 2T 472

is work of Father, Son, and Spirit 7BC 908

is work of lifetime AA 560; COL 65-6; 1SM 317; 3T 325; 8T 312-3

light of health reform aids in CH 22

man’s part in 8T 312-5

many people do not understand 2T 472

no stopping place in AA 560-1; 7BC 947; 1T 340

2. Miscellaneous

Cain’s offering likened to talk of those who claim, yet transgress God’s law 7BC 908

carrying spirit of self-exaltation GC 471

cloak (garb) of: presumptuous sins committed under 2SM 26

Satan’s agents in 1T 335

ungodliness will prevail under Ev 593

worst sins practiced under LS 83

deception re SL 16

disregarding God’s law GC 471

is not genuine GC 472

doctrine of extreme, which claims that one cannot sin LS 133

entire, tobacco users falsely claim GC 474

erroneous idea of many people who claim 1SM 312

erroneous ideas re AA 554-5; LS 84; SL 9-10; 8T 293

at Claremont, N.H. LS 79-84; 2SG 46-8

false and dangerous SL 7

wrong conception of God’s law has led to GC 465

erroneous theories re: dangerous in practical results GC 469

false in doctrine GC 469; 1T 334-40

in modern religious movements GC 469

spring from neglect or rejection of God’s law GC 469

erroneous theory that a person cannot sin because of LS 83

evidence needed to judge a person’s 5BC 1147

false: based upon emotions SL 9

blighting influence of LS 237

consisting of talk and will worship SL 7

dependent upon feelings SL 9

false and bewitching theory re SL 12

false doctrine of Ev 595, 600; 8T 293

dangerous Ev 595

false ideas of what constitutes 4T 299

false ideas re Ev 595-600

false theory(s) of: contrasted with true SL 7-17

effects of 1T 322

love for third angel’s message destroyed by 1T 334-5

minds confused and bewildered by 1T 335

false views of, in Vermont LS 133

fanatical concept of LS 79-84; 2SM 27

instantaneous, no such thing as GC 471; SL 10

many people who profess, God’s word cast aside by 1T 338

ignorant of work of grace on heart SL 9

meekness is precious fruit of SL 14

Methodist doctrine of LS 28-9, 46; 2SG 14, 22-3; 1T 22-3, 37, 335

mind expanded by CT 449; FE 136

not genuine unless it renounces sinful pursuits GC 475

nothing short of, God will accept 2T 295

of church, is God’s object in all dealings with His people AA 559

of submission, persons desiring to be ruling power need GW 269; SD 97

people who falsely claim, trumpet their good deeds SL 14

people who sing and pray and shout, described 1T 338

persons claiming to have, who cry: “Only believe” GC 471; LS 84

who cry: “You must have charity” AA 554-5

persons who claim, but are at war with God’s law 5BC 1087

persons who profess to have, and claim they cannot sin GC 473; LS 79, 83-4; 5T 139; 8T 293

are to be tested by Bible 5BC 1147

pray daily for, of Sabbath to rest on you 6T 353

pretended, that permits transgression of God’s law 5BC 1099

pretty-looking theory of, warning against 1T 335

spurious 5BC 1147

blighting influence of LS 237

cry of “Believe in Christ” by claimants of LS 84

doctrine of, deceptive influence of LS 237

foreign to Bible religion GC 471

in New England LS 237

leads men to follow their feelings and impressions GC 193

mesmeric influence associated with LS 81-3

of group transgressing God’s law LS 83

one of Satan’s most successful devices GC 193

still does work of deception GC 193

will not search Scriptures 5BC 1147

theory of: that is dangerous in its influence SL 7

that is false in itself SL 7

that is peace-and-safety theory 1T 335

that whitewashes souls in darkness, error, and pride 1T 335

EGW’s testimony re, in Methodist class meeting 2SG 22-3

whitewashed garb of professed, God will soon tear off 1T 336

woman who professed, but would not give up tobacco pipe CH 68

See also Holiness


accomplished only by faith in Christ and Spirit’s power Mar 231:5

achieved by power of the Holy Spirit and truth OHC 212:3

angel goes before those with, who sound warning TDG 282:3

appetite hinders 3SM 291:4

atmosphere of heaven when we have complete 3SM 200:5

believing a lie will not put us in the way of FW 122:2

Bible, character formation in harmony with God’s law Mar 231:4

body, soul and spirit have, when mind like God’s 2MCP 613:3

catching the spirit and mind of Jesus RC 20:3

caution in defining RC 77:7

changes in views and feelings result from 3SM 200:4


is, of all who believe in Him RC 82:7

is our RC 21:5

nature of, implanted by the Holy Spirit TDG 224:2

works to bring, to His people OHC 327:4

claim of,

brings Satan success UL 231:5

God’s law has not been made important TDG 237:6


disliking standard of righteousness 3SM 203:3

in disobedience is a deception FW 41:3

opposed to the law FW 121:1; 3SM 199:2

wonder-working power at time of 3SM 353:1

communion with God HP 129:5


for the whole being OHC 43:5

needed RC 102:4

not an impossible standard Mar 62:2

required UL 27:4

sends through the strait gate UL 234:5

through Christ, our righteousness TMK 55:5

contentment with; not burning for indulgence TSB 98:3

continuous work as we cooperate HP 129:4

conversion (daily) for, OHC 214:5

conforming to God’s will TDG 251:3

cooperation with God required in HP 20:4

cultivation of lower passions is not fruit of TSB 86:1

daily, planned for by God 3SM 201:1

danger in false theories of Mar 231:3

Daniel an example of true Mar 235:3

definition of,

holiness without and within OHC 214:5

in Exodus 31 UL 124:2

in Sermon on the Mount 3SM 202:1; UL 284:2

to give self wholly OHC 212:2

direction of, words show work in VSS 21:2

discussed UL 65:5

Ellen White accused of saying that law keeping produces 3SM 153

Enoch’s growth and fellowship with the Father and Son HP 337:4

evidence to judge: respect for God’s Word FW 51:3

example of Christ shows possibility of 2MCP 527:4

excitement is not 3SM 204:2

faith working by love brings TDG 150:2

falling into sin is possible while working toward TDG 148:4


bewitching influence of, professing God’s leading FW 55:1

emotions and feelings in NL 55

encouraging egotism, pride, etc. FW 96:3

feeling Scriptures unimportant is mark of FW 52:0

glorifies self instead of God FW 87:2

if based on emotions and not Scripture Mar 233:6

instant; letter to a deceived woman UL 231

leads from the Bible; religion becomes a fable FW 53:3

not producing good fruit 3SM 146:3

report about a non-SDA minister 3SM 152

requires only belief; (modern) FW 52:3

self-exaltation and disregard of law mark Mar 232:2

surprise of those with, when sheep and goats separated FW 44:4

trusting feelings rather than studying LHU 152:5

false teachers of, say, “Only believe” FLB 217:2

feeling does not indicate NL 55

freedom from doubts, fears and gloom OHC 33:4

genuine, in Rom. 8:1-9 (walking after the spirit) FW 97:2


labors for, and humans to cooperate HP 129:4

makes everything work for UL 314:5

object of, for us in all His dealings OHC 213:2; RC 37:5

promises of, become, through Christ RC 78:5

wants to provide TMK 191:6


given to one who represents, to the world RC 108:7

of, communicated by those who reverence truth TDG 353:5

revealed in character 3SM 198:4

and in works is TDG 224:2

groups (small) to study and pray to receive TDG 11:3

growth in knowing the character of Christ brings RC 304:5; TMK 166:2

hated by those not wanting to reform UL 140:3

head and heart, needed by workers in vineyard TMK 323:4

heaven prepared for those having UL 367:6

Holy Spirit needed in the work of 3SM 201:2

Holy Spirit’s, by following Christ’s instruction HP 311:4


required to understand TDG 326:2

shown by those who experience Mar 235:2

impossible in disobedience,

known sin FW 30:3

while believing FW 31:2

indulgence hurts body and mind and prevents Con 62:0

inheritance among those with HP 227:4

instantaneous, foreign to the Bible Mar 232:2

is simply loving God in obedience FW 87:1


followed by; progressive work 3SM 191:3

is accompanied by TDG 358:5

know; pray for divine Spirit 3SM 200:4

lack of,

among us; avoid display of excitement 3SM 374:4

in one who knew the theory of the truth 3SM 146:2

law of God learned and lived for OHC 139:2

licentiousness guarded against by those claiming TSB 103:2


affected by 3SM 146:3

to show that truth has influence of OHC 326:3

lifetime work; perfection not reached at once 3SM 193:1

light of health reform to be an aid in CME 46:2


brought into the life by HP 31:4

for God and neighbor is FLB 120:6

obedience and conformity UL 99:2

meeting attended by some with popular theory of FW 53:2

mental powers intensified by; energy in faith 3SM 308:3


and lay members to advance in LHU 291:2

need, to reach people VSS 303:0

misunderstanding of, by those disliking the Word 3SM 203:3

need for,

contending with varied dispositions 2MCP 434:3

for God to work among His people TDG 341:5

through the Holy Spirit TDG 213:2

to protect reputation of faith OHC 32:4

not theory or emotion but living principle RC 144:4

now, not at some distant day RC 213:4

obedience during life is UL 166:5


is; many misunderstand this work FW 85:2

of Christ provided 3SM 139:2

required for FW 29:1; UL 50:3

lost by ignoring Sabbath Mar 238:6

to law of God is TDG 148:3

to the truth brings OHC 275:6

outer, absence of, through denying Christ as righteousness FW 15:1

partaking of the divine nature is to have RC 20:3

Paul’s, result of a constant conflict with self HP 26:3

people are told they have, when they do not understand 3SM 204:1

petitioner for grace to love receives, for difficult tasks HP 67:4

plan for fulfilling Christ’s prayer for UL 123:6

popular theories of, from neglecting the law Mar 231:3

powers and thoughts in captivity to Christ HP 190:3

practical, home religion is OHC 179:6

prayer for, on tongues, thoughts and minds 3SM 193:3

preserving body for best service to God is RC 144:4

pride in knowing Word of God without power of FW 25:0

produced in ways we least expect OHC 313:2

professors of, tested by law and testimony FW 55:1

progressive work, HP 31:4

as obedience is continuous TDG 148:3

continuous like obedience FW 85:2

lifetime UL 284:3

provision for; pardon and salvation are possible 2MCP 792:4

purpose of God in dealing with us 3SM 202:2; UL 284:3


by no roundabout way UL 70:5

when walking with Christ UL 131:4

Satan claimed 3SM 199:1

SDAs might claim 3SM 258:1

seal impression in wax illustrates HP 66:4

self-righteousness with many; they are deluded FW 29:2

showing effects of, to not deny Jesus TMK 306:2

signs of,

in fruits of meekness, love, etc. NL 55:1

obedience, using talents, conversation FW 53:1

temperance and self-denial RC 144:5

sin still a danger for those wanting FW 85:3

spiritual poison given with doctrine of FW 32:3

strive for and receive UL 99:5

surrender to God without reserve OHC 214:5

training in little things needed in progressive HP 66:4

transformation into Christ’s likeness OHC 212:3

translation prepared for, by LHU 301:3


acceptance of truth in Jesus RC 199:4

Bible doctrine of Mar 231:4


does not produce, when law denied FW 31:3

helps us understand HP 145:2

leads to OHC 329:4

not wanted by some claiming FW 121:2

of Christ brings RC 308:5


by the Holy Spirit LHU 123:2

in unexpected ways UL 109:2

on mind and character OHC 106:4

only by constant contact with life RC 21:4

when in oneness with Christ UL 31:6

when taken inside TSB 87:0

seen as providing, for the soul 3SM 181:2

valueless unless allowed to produce HP 145:2

union with Christ by faith brings RC 77:8

unites believers together and to Jesus in sympathy TDG 272:5

unity with Christ in TDG 298:2

unknown to many who claim it FW 121

virtue of Christ gives RC 318:2

warning against counterfeit, in Orebro, Sweden FW 51:1

weakness felt by those who experience RC 61:5

whole being,

receives, TMK 106:5

in the purity of Christ TDG 188:5

until we reflect Him TMK 311:4

Word of God,

is the means of accomplishing RC 101:3

lived and followed brings FLB 21:5

produces TDG 204:5

studied for, with contrition FW 122:0

tests claims of; “Thy word is truth” FW 51:2


of a lifetime, HP 26:3; NL 55:1

bringing will into conformity 3SM 202:3

heart is a medley PM 91:2

of heavenly devising TMK 199:3

toward, instead of tearing down the church 3SM 19:1

work of,

begins in the heart TMK 165:2

to go deeper UL 124:3

See also Character, change of; God, sons of; Growth, spiritual; Holiness; Holy Spirit, sanctification of; Progress, spiritual; Truth, sanctification through


Sanctified, believer’s only safety is in being, by truth 1T 621

Christ desires that, shall be His helping hand AA 478

God’s people are to be, through obedience to truth AA 565; 2SM 43; 6T 350

through truth 2T 479

God’s people need to be, by Spirit every hour TM 223

how God’s word makes men COL 99-102

man becomes, under Spirit’s working AA 49-50

man cannot be, while cherishing health-destroying habits 3T 162

man may become, by God’s help MYP 23

man must be, through power and prevalence of truth MYP 391

man’s faculties are to be COL 99

ministers need to be 4T 315

people who claim to be: but are far from holy SL 8

claim to feel elated and happy SL 10

testimony of SL 10-1

while transgressing God’s law GC 472-3

who boast of living without sin SL 10

persons truly, overcome every hurtful lust SL 32

persons who profess to be, and claim they cannot sin GC 471-3; Ev 600; 5T 139; 8T 293

profession of persons not, by gospel is of no avail COL 50-1

work of becoming, light on health reform is given to aid in CH 22

Sanctified character

Sanctified character, Daniel’s life as example of CH 66; FE 80

Sanctified flesh

Sanctified flesh, erroneous doctrine re 2SM 34

See also Holy flesh

Sanctified heart, Sanctified hearts

Sanctified heart, Sanctified hearts, is in harmony with precepts of God’s law AA 563

sanctified principles are revealed by MM 171

Sanctified lip, Sanctified lips

Sanctified lip, Sanctified lips, presumptuous words that will not be uttered by AA 561-2

Sanctified principle, Sanctified principles

Sanctified principle, Sanctified principles, basis of every action should be 2T 380

Sanctified soul

Sanctified soul, not content to remain in ignorance 1SM 317


Sanctifier, Christ as, Sabbath as sign of 6T 350

Spirit as SL 15

Sanctifying effect

Sanctifying effect, God’s word is to have, on His people COL 101-2

Sanctifying grace

Sanctifying grace, Christ is great depository of 1SM 398

Sanctifying power

Sanctifying power, Christ’s, Sabbath is sign of DA 288


Sanctity, garb of, gluttony sometimes hidden under 3T 491

indulgence of baser passions sometimes hidden under 3T 491

See also Holiness


“Sanctuary,” as used in Bible, refers first to Mosaic tabernacle as pattern of heavenly things GC 417

refers secondly to “true tabernacle” in heaven, to which earthly sanctuary pointed GC 417

Sanctuary (earthly)

Sanctuary (earthly) Ed 36; EW 252-3; GC 409-22; PP 343-58; 4aSG 5-11; SR 151-7

1. Court of

2. Holy place of

3. Most holy place of

4. Service(s) of

5. Miscellaneous

1. Court of PP 347-8, 352-3; 4T 159

brazen altar of burnt offering in See Altar

brazen laver stood in, and beside door of tabernacle 4T 159

curtains that formed entrance of PP 347

daily service performed in PP 352

description of PP 347

entrance of, was at eastern end PP 347

hangings of, were only half as high as tabernacle walls PP 347

laver in See Laver

priests left shoes in, when entering tabernacle GW 173; PP 350; 4T 159

priests washed hands and feet in, before entering tabernacle GW 173; PP 350; 4T 159

sounds in, hushed while high priest was in most holy place MH 437-8; 8T 284-5

2. Holy place of EW 252-3; GC 412, 414, 418-22; PK 684; PP 347-9, 352-5; 4aSG 8-11; SR 154-5, 377

altar of incense in See Altar

atonement made for GC 419; PP 355

blood of sacrifice was sprinkled by priest in, in behalf of sinner PP 357

called holy place PP 348

candlestick in See Candlestick; Lampstand

cleansing of, by removal of sin from it PP 355

daily service performed in PP 352-4, 357

defilement of, by transfer of sin to it PP 355

description of PP 348; SR 155

furniture in EW 252-3; GC 411-2, 414, 418; PP 348, 352-4, 356; 4aSG 9; SR 154-5, 184

golden altar in See Altar

high priest bore names of his people in COL 148; GW 34; PP 351

priests ministered daily in GC 418; PP 352-4, 357

priestly ministration in COL 148; EW 253; GC 418-21, 428-9; GW 34; PP 352-5, 357, 359, 367

ceased while high priest ministered in most holy place GC 428-9

most important part of PP 354

represented Christ’s priestly work of ministration on which He entered at His ascension GC 420

shewbread in See Shewbread

table of shewbread in See Shewbread

veil of See Veil

3. Most holy place of Ed 36; EW 252-3; GC 412, 414, 418-22, 428-35, 479-91; PK 684; PP 347-9, 352-8, 367; 4aSG 8-10; SR 153-6, 184, 377-8; 4T 124

ark of covenant in See Ark of covenant

atonement made for GC 419; PP 355

awful mystery of, Christ’s glory dwelt in DA 212

called holy of holies PP 348

cherubim in See Cherubim

cleansing of, by removal of sin from it PP 355

death penalty for unbidden person presuming to enter MH 437; 8T 284

deep mystery of Ed 36

defilement of, by transfer of sin to it PP 355

description of PP 348-9

fire blazing out from, Nadab and Abihu consumed by Te 280

furniture of EW 253; GC 411-2, 418-21, 433-5; PP 348-9, 352-6, 367; 4aSG 7-10; SR 153-5

guarded from intrusion DA 775

hidden glory of, revealed through Christ SD 228

high priest entered: on Day of Atonement for cleansing of sanctuary GC 419, 428

to minister but once a year MH 437; 8T 284-5

with fear and trembling MH 437; 8T 284-5

high priest presented blood of sin offering before God in, for the truly penitent GC 429

high priest’s ministry in AA 33; DA 757; EW 253; GC 400, 414, 417-22, 428-31, 485, 489-90; MH 437-8; PP 348-9, 352, 355-6, 358, 426; 4aSG 9-10, 102-3; 1SM 125, 344; SR 155-6, 184; 4T 124; 8T 284-5; TM 92

duty of Israelites during GC 419-20, 430-1, 489-90; PP 355

no ministration in holy place during GC 428-9

on Day of Atonement GC 418-20; PP 355-8

worshipers bowed in silent awe during MH 437-8; 8T 284-5

worshipers sent up petitions for God’s mercy during MH 437-8; 8T 284-5

Hophni and Phinehas presumptuously entered 2BC 1011

mercy seat in See Mercy seat

no priests ministered at altars while high priest was in MH 437-8; 8T 284-5

not sacred after Christ’s death DA 757

only high priest could behold PP 352

only high priest could enter SR 155-6

opened only on Day of Atonement for cleansing of sanctuary GC 433

prophet could not enter GW 21

reverence shown for 1T 652

Shekinah in See Shekinah

special work of atonement by high priest in, once a year GC 418

symbolic service of atonement and intercession centered in PP 348

veil of See Veil

was sacred to God’s presence MH 437; 8T 284

work by high priest in, completed yearly round of ministration GC 419

yearly service in, by priest PP 357

4. Service(s) of PP 352-8; GC 417-21

blood and incense used in, were symbols pointing to Christ as mediator PP 353

central object of, Lamb of God as Ed 47

ceremonies in, Christ’s death was prefigured by 6BC 1115-6

Christ’s sacrifice was foreshadowed in 1SM 233, 309

David aroused new interest in PP 711

David composed glorious anthems for use in PP 752-3

David composed psalms for use in PP 711

death penalty for disorder in 5T 274

despised and neglected when priests were corrupt and wicked PP 577, 609

forms of worship maintained in, Moses was given instruction re PP 352

God gave specific directions as to how everything was to be done in 5T 268

God used to teach Israel Ed 41

gospel was taught in 1SM 233

held in contempt in Samuel’s time PP 609

illustrated plan of redemption GC 415

important truths taught by GC 414

re heavenly sanctuary PP 357

incense used in See Incense

Israel was taught salvation through Christ by means of EW 253

Israel’s tithe was devoted to CS 71 See also Tithe

lesson taught by, re pardon of sin through Christ Ed 36

Levites assisted priests in MH 353

Levites were separated into three divisions for PP 375

men who did, were educated in gospel truth 6BC 1109

morning and evening PP 352-4

order in, lessons from 5T 274

original purpose of, Jews wandered far from DA 155

Paul pointed his hearers beyond, to Christ’s priestly ministry in the heavenly sanctuary AA 228

prefigured service in heavenly GC 413, 418-22, 428; PK 684-5; PP 343, 352-8

rites and ceremonies connected with, true meaning of AA 228

ritual of: Christ’s coming as Redeemer was foreshadowed in PK 684

had been instituted by Christ DA 29

Jews in great degree lost sight of DA 29

pointed to heavenly PK 685

pointed to One who had power to change its requirements PP 547

salt was added to every sacrifice in DA 439

sacrificial, ceased to have sacredness and significance in spring of A.D. 31 DA 233; GC 327-8; PK 699

significance of GC 413-22; PP 352-8, 367-8

sin offerings presented in, during year did not make full atonement for sins PP 355-6

solemn, typified grand truths to be revealed through successive generations PP 367

spoils of Jericho that were devoted to PP 491

symbolized Christ’s work for man’s redemption PP 349

testified that God had not utterly forsaken Israel PP 406

transferred to temple at Jerusalem GC 412; PK 38; PP 514

tribe of Levi was appointed to DA 51, 433; PP 236, 277, 350, 375, 511, 526; 3T 345

types in, studied in schools of prophets Ed 47

typical: ended at death of Christ GC 417

foreshadowed Christ’s sacrifice for man 1SM 309

taught important truths re atonement GC 420

truly penitent had part in, on Day of Atonement GC 480

typified: grand truths to be revealed to future generations PP 367

services of heavenly sanctuary GC 420; PP 356-8

were revelation of God PP 592

were to terminate with Christ’s death DA 756-7; EW 209, 253, 259-60

work of atonement in typical, at close of year GC 421

yearly, pointed to final purification of universe from sin and sinners PP 358

taught important truths re atonement PP 355

yearly contribution pledged by Israelites for PK 667

5. Miscellaneous

all parts of, were to be perfect CT 60

architect of, Bezaleel as CT 59-60

Christ was COL 349

ark of covenant never returned to, during interval from Eli’s death till Solomon’s temple was built PP 514

at Shiloh 300 years PP 514

builders of: Bezaleel and Aholiab as CT 59-60 See also Aholiab; Bezaleel

given skill and wisdom by Christ COL 349

God gave wisdom and skill to 1BC 1108; 2BC 1027; CT 59-60; FE 315; PK 62; 7T 94, 132, 142

Spirit was placed on CT 59; GC 414

talented and skillful men employed as DA 208; 4aSG 155

built according to pattern shown to Moses AA 564; 2BC 1030; DA 208-9, 354; CT 62; Ed 35, 258; GC 413, 415; GW 254; PP 343, 356; 4aSG 5, 113; SR 151, 194, 376-7

called tent of congregation 2T 611

ceiling and roof of, curtains that formed DA 208; Ed 36; GC 412, 414; PP 347, 349; 4aSG 9; SR 155

Christ instructed Israel from 2BC 994

cleansing of: blood of animals was used in GC 417-8

by high priest once a year GC 418

ceremony of, lessons taught by GC 419

duty of Israelites during GC 419-20, 430-1, 489-90; PP 355

Hebrews 9 plainly speaks of GC 417

high priest performed, on Day of Atonement GC 419, 433

OT Scriptures tell of GC 417

on Day of Atonement EW 253; GC 352, 399-400, 417-22, 433, 480, 485, 489-90, 658; MH 437-8; PK 684-5; PP 352-3, 355-8; SD 225; 4aSG 10, 102; SR 155-6, 184, 378; 8T 284-5

prefigured Christ’s closing work of removing or blotting out His people’s sins from heavenly records GC 352

scapegoat’s role in See Scapegoat

typical, was accomplished by removal of sins which polluted it GC 421; SR 378

was closing work of atonement GC 352

was last service high priest performed in his yearly round of ministration GC 352

was removal or putting away of sin from Israel GC 352

yearly round of priestly ministration closed with PP 358

cloud of glory rested over PP 349, 377, 379, 385; 4aSG 10-1

construction of: acacia (shittim) wood was used in PP 347

all Israel was to co-operate in Ed 37

as object lesson in character building Ed 286

Christ instructed Moses re 6BC 1063

completion of PP 349-50, 374-5; 4aSG 10; SR 153

costly materials used in Ed 36; PK 61; PP 343; SR 152

freewill offerings given for 2BC 1027; CS 203; PK 61-2; PP 343-4, 526, 529; 4aSG 5-6; 2SM 173-4; SR 151-3; 4T 77-8, 468; 5T 268; 6T 468; WM 291-2

God arranged every detail of 7T 94

God required exactness, skill, tact, wisdom in 7T 142

God’s people were to provide material for 1BC 1108; PP 343-4; 4aSG 5; SR 151

gold used in PP 344-9; 5T 268

great variety of material used in Ed 37

half a year was spent in PP 349

highest artistic skill used in Ed 36

Israel was instructed re PP 343

lessons from 2BC 1027-8; CT 59; 7T 94

Moses received directions for, while in mount with God PP 313

Moses was given directions re DA 208-9; Ed 35; PP 313-4, 343; 4aSG 154

Moses wrote directions for, in book 4aSG 5; SR 151

not to be done on Sabbath 1BC 1108-9; PP 313-4

perfection required in, lesson from 7T 142-3

perfection was required in MYP 303; 7T 142

preparations necessary for PK 61; PP 343; 5T 268

privilege and honor granted Israel in Ed 36

self-sacrifice required for 2BC 1027

spirit of sacrifice needed in PK 61-2

dedication of, in wilderness PP 359, 374

did not exist in 1844 GC 417; SR 377

dimensions of, 18 feet in breadth and height PP 347

not more than 55 feet in length PP 347

Eli and sons as ministers of PP 575-82; 4aSG 103-4; SR 184-6

Epistle to Hebrews refers to GC 411

expenses and repairs of, half shekel was required of each Israelite yearly for PP 526

first fruits were to be presented before God at AA 337; PP 526

furniture of Ed 36; GC 411-2; PP 347-9, 352; 4T 159

borne by Levites in journeys PP 375; 4aSG 28; 1T 652; 3T 345

described PP 347-9; 4aSG 8-9; SR 154

entrusted to tribe of Levi PP 350

Levites were not permitted to see PP 350

like that in the heavenly EW 252-3

See also each item of, by name

Gershonites cared for curtains and hangings of PP 375

Gershonites encamped at rear of, in wilderness PP 375

Gibeonites were made bondmen to PP 506

glory and beauty of PP 349

no language can describe PP 349

glory of God’s presence illuminated, like flame of light 4T 151

God designed FE 315; PP 343; 4aSG 5

God’s acceptance of PP 349-50

God’s glory hallowed 4T 159

God’s law forbade another worship than that of PP 518

God’s presence manifested in His glory over 3T 357

Goliath’s sword kept as relic in PP 656

heavenly sanctuary has taken place of EW 260

high priest came forth from, and blessed congregation after having made atonement GC 485; PP 426

high priest removed his people’s sins from, by virtue of blood of sin offering GC 422

high priest’s ministration in, when offering sacrifice AA 33; DA 25

how God indicated when, should be pitched or taken up PP 376; 4aSG 10-1; SR 156-7

how there could be sin connected with GC 418-22

Israelite hosts pitched their tents at distance from PP 375; 3T 345

Jews prayed with faces turned toward PP 353-4

Kohathites cared for ark of covenant and other furniture of PP 375

Kohathites encamped on south of, in wilderness PP 375

Levites bore, in Israel’s journeys PP 375, 705; 4aSG 28; 1T 650; 3T 345

Levites set up and took down, in wilderness PP 375; 1T 652; 3T 345

Levites were given charge of PP 350, 375; 5T 274

located at: Mt. Sinai PP 343, 359, 374-5

Gilgal PP 514

Shiloh until this town was destroyed by Philistines PK 415-6; PP 514, 547, 569, 571-2, 609, 656; 4aSG 105-6

Nob during King Saul’s reign PP 656

Gibeah in David’s time PP 711

heights of Gibeon PK 27, 30, 38

Jerusalem PK 38; PP 514; 4aSG 113; SR 193

Solomon’s temple PK 38; PP 514; 4aSG 113; SR 193

made like unto the heavenly 4aSG 113; SR 194

matchless splendor of, reflected glories of heavenly sanctuary GC 414

Merarites cared for pillars, sockets, boards, etc., of PP 375

Merarites encamped on north of, in wilderness PP 375

Moses and Aaron encamped in front of, in wilderness PP 375

no ministration in, during Samuel’s time as judge PP 609

only, that existed on earth GC 412

only ordained priests were to minister in PP 398

outpouring of Spirit on Pentecost carried minds of disciples from, to heavenly sanctuary EW 260

patterned after the heavenly 6BC 1095; GC 414-5; PP 343, 356-7; 4aSG 113; SR 194, 377, 381

in smallest details CT 60

pillar of cloud rested over, in wilderness Ed 38; PP 376; 1T 651

plans for: Christ made 3BC 1129; COL 349

God devised 4aSG 5; SR 151

God gave, to Moses PP 343

pointed to the heavenly GC 417

priests and Levites encamped around, in wilderness Ed 38; PP 374-5; 3T 345

priests ministering in, God specified dress to be worn by GW 173

priests not permitted to wear shoes in GW 173; PP 350; 4aSG 62

priests were to wash hands and feet before entering CH 81-2; GW 173; PP 347-8, 350; 4aSG 127; 4T 159

priestly ministration in DA 757; Ed 36; GC 352, 400, 417-22, 429-31, 480, 485, 489-90; PP 351, 355-8, 426; 4aSG 10; 1SM 125; SR 156

consisted of two divisions EW 253; GC 418-22, 428-9; PK 684-5; PP 352-5, 357

prefigured Christ’s priestly ministration in heavenly sanctuary GC 413, 418-22, 428, 433; PK 684-5; PP 343, 351-8; SR 378

presumptuous sin in, for which no expiation could be expected PP 580

served as shadow of Christ’s priestly ministration in heavenly sanctuary SR 377-8

sinful conduct in See Hophni and Phinehas; Nadab and Abihu

support of, tithes and offerings provided for PP 525-7

taught great truths re Christ’s death and priestly ministration PP 358

was typical GC 420-1, 433; PP 356-7

what was done in type in, is done in reality in ministration of heavenly sanctuary GC 420

purpose of, fulfilled through Christ Ed 36

record of penitent sinner’s sins remained in, until Day of Atonement PP 357

resembled heavenly sanctuary EW 252-3

reverence shown for 5T 491

sacredness attached to 5T 491

sacrifices of, are illustration of what Christ’s followers are to become PP 353-4

seen plainly by people outside PP 347

set up at opening of second year of Exodus PP 374

sin of the penitent rested in, until Day of Atonement PP 357

special preparation had to be made by all persons officiating in, before entering it 4T 159

stood in center of Israelite camp in wilderness Ed 38; PP 374-5

symbolic removal of sinner’s sins from GC 419-22, 485, 658; PP 357-8; SR 378

symbolic transfer of repentant sinner’s sins to 1BC 1111; GC 418-22, 480; PP 354-7; SR 378

taught that power was given through Christ to men for obedience Ed 36

temple of Solomon replaced GC 412

things connected with, were made according to pattern shown in mount DA 208

transportation of PP 375-7; 3T 345

two apartments in EW 252; GC 412, 418-21, 428; PP 347-8, 353, 355-7; 4aSG 8; SR 154-5, 377

God commanded that atonement be made for each of GC 418-9

holy places of heavenly sanctuary were represented by GC 414; PK 685; PP 356

priestly ministration in EW 253

types and shadows of, gospel was taught by PK 684-5; 1SM 233, 309

typical shadows of, no longer possess virtue 1SM 344

vessels of, made according to pattern shown to Moses in mount DA 208

walls of, described Ed 36; GC 412, 414; PP 347-9; 4aSG 9; SR 155

was: built by Moses GC 413

copy of heavenly sanctuary GC 414; SR 377

designed to honor God 5T 268

faint reflection of vastness and glory of the heavenly GC 414

figure of the heavenly EW 252-3; GC 435; SR 381

miniature representation of heavenly temple PP 343; 4aSG 5

pitched by man GC 413

portable GC 412; PK 38; PP 347, 375; 4aSG 10-1; SR 156; 5T 274

reared by men DA 166

sanctified by God’s presence 4T 159

sanctuary of first covenant GC 412-3

visible center of Israel’s worship PP 314

was dwelling (abiding) place of: Christ’s glory COL 288; PK 18

God GC 411; PP 343

God’s visible glory GW 254; 4aSG 10; SR 156

Israel’s invisible King PP 374

was structure of: great magnificence GC 412

surpassing splendor Ed 36

was symbol of God’s: dwelling place MH 437; 8T 284

presence with them DA 23; Ed 35

was type of: Christian church 7BC 931

heavenly sanctuary DA 166; GC 413-5; PP 343, 356-7; SR 376-7

work of atonement by high priest in, on Day of Atonement PP 355

See also High priest; Priest; Temple