Messages to Young People


Acceptable Social Gatherings

Every talent of influence is to be sacredly cherished and used for the purpose of gathering souls to Christ. Young men and young women should not think that their sports, their evening parties and musical entertainments, as usually conducted, are acceptable to Christ. MYP 391.1

Light has been given me, again and again, that all our gatherings should be characterized by a decided religious influence. If our young people would assemble to read and understand the Scriptures, asking, “What shall I do that I may have eternal life?” and then place themselves unitedly upon the side of truth, the Lord Jesus would let His blessing come into their hearts. MYP 391.2

O that every church member, every worker in our institutions, might realize that this life is a school in which to prepare for examination by the God of heaven, with regard to purity, cleanness of thought, unselfishness of action! Every word and act, every thought, is recorded on the record books of heaven.... MYP 391.3

It is through the power and prevalence of truth that we must be sanctified, and elevated to the true dignity of the standard set forth in the Word. The way of the Lord can be learned only through most careful obedience to His Word. Study the Word.—The Youth's Instructor, August 14, 1906. MYP 391.4