EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Sacrificial lamb - Salvation

Sacrificial lamb

Sacrificial lamb, Christ was represented physically as well as spiritually by MH 51

offered daily pointed to Lamb of God GC 19

represents Lamb of God PP 277

See also Animal sacrifice; Lamb

Sacrificial service, Sacrificial services

Sacrificial service, Sacrificial services, became meaningless after Christ’s death DA 165, 757

central object of, Christ was FE 97; PP 565-6

Christ as symbolized in, was manifested to patriarchs CT 462

Christ instituted GW 118

Christ’s life and teachings were symbolized by COL 127

corrupted by superstition, idolatry, cruelty, and licentiousness PP 364

Egyptians learned of, from Israelites 1BC 1107-8

had in itself no virtue to set men free from sin DA 175

had no more value than serpent of brass to free men from sin DA 175

John the Baptist studied, anew after Christ’s baptism DA 136

meaning of, Jewish teachers perverted FE 397-8

perverted by Israel concealed God COL 18

pointed to Christ as Lamb of God 6T 39

pointing to Christ has passed away DA 166

prophecies relating to Christ are closely linked with AA 227

sacredness of, destroyed by Jews in great measure DA 590

specifications of, Christ’s life and death fulfilled GW 118

symbolic teaching of DA 317

teaching of, Christ was to be lifted up before nations by Israel through AA 14; COL 290; PK 19, 71; 8T 25-6

time for cessation of, was when Christ died DA 233, 757

types and shadows of, pointed to Christ 6BC 1096; 1SM 237

reveal gospel of Christ 6BC 1096; 1SM 237

was given to reveal God COL 18

were: revelation of God PP 592

typical of Christ’s sacrifice DA 165

why God gave Israel definite instructions re, at Sinai PP 364-6

Sacrificial worship

Sacrificial worship, entire plan of, foreshadowed Christ’s death DA 165


Sacrificing, duty of, does not rest alone upon the rich 2SG 155

Egyptians received traditions in regard to 3SG 303

God’s word has much to say re 3T 549

ministers should set example in, for truth 2T 336

Paul never wearied of, for cause of Christ AA 354


Sacrilege, personal use of what has been pledged to God is 4T 470

sin of, committed by King Saul at Gilgal PP 633-4

taking funds from God’s treasury in order to serve self or others in secular business is no better than 9T 246-7; GW 224

Sadducean doctrine

Sadducean doctrine, fundamental principles of, apostles preaching resurrection of Christ were overthrowing TM 68

Sadducee, Sadducees

Sadducee, Sadducees, apprehensions of, re Christ’s resurrection SR 254

arrest of Peter and John instigated by SR 250

character of, molded by their ideas of God DA 604

Christ charged, with error of belief DA 605

Christ derided by FE 242

Christ did not charge, with hypocrisy DA 605

Christ overthrew theory of, re death DA 538

Christ questioned by, re resurrection of the dead DA 603-6

Christ’s most desperate enemies among DA 703

Christ’s teaching rejected by DA 604

cold and unimpressible scoffer GW 55; 8T 332

eager to kill Paul AA 412

eligibility of, to priestly office DA 604

erroneous doctrines of AA 60, 78, 411; 5BC 1077; DA 209, 537-8, 603-6; SR 250, 254; TM 68

Christ’s disciples influenced by DA 793

favor of ruling power courted by DA 405

high priests usually chosen from among DA 604

hold on common people by, not strong DA 604

ignorant of: God’s power 5T 388

Scriptures 5T 388

imprisonment of Peter and John abetted by AA 61

John the Baptist heard by 2SM 148

John the Baptist’s message to 5T 225-6

licentious habits of 5BC 1077

lived only for themselves DA 605

malice of, toward Christ DA 537

men of poisonous principles and corrupt practices 5T 225

not as numerous as Pharisees DA 604

opposed early church TM 68

opposed work of apostles AA 60-1, 78

party of priests, skeptics, and Jewish aristocracy DA 405

Pharisees and: doctrinal disagreement between AA 411; DA 387, 393, 603-4, 705

Sanhedrin membership divided between DA 705

united against apostles AA 60-1

united against Christ DA 405, 537-9

poor people despised by WM 171

present at Paul’s trial at Jerusalem AA 411-2

priestly, John the Baptist spoke plainly to DA 218

proud, bold, reckless, ambitious, and cruel DA 539

reaction of, to Christ’s miracles CH 527; DA 537-9

regard for one another by, little DA 604

resurrection of Lazarus embittered, against Christ DA 537-9

rich and lordly DA 405, 604

sect of: Caiaphas belonged to DA 703, 708

most of priests belonged to DA 405, 604

unworthy characters largely composed 5BC 1077

selfish exclusiveness of, Christ rebuked DA 605

skeptical re God 5BC 1077

skeptics and materialists, practically DA 405, 603

union among, little DA 604

why Christ spoke in parables to 3T 426

Sad heart

Sad heart, fact of, face should not reveal FE 68


Sadness, all our, works together for our good ML 185

Christian’s life should not be marked by GC 477

God does not want anyone in Ev 488

if you look for, you will find plenty of it AH 430

is fruitful cause of disease 1T 702

lack of genuine religion produces AH 431

life of, life in which fear of God is cherished is not COL 162

listless and indolent and selfish, should give place to cheerfulness 2T 326

of exiles returning to Jerusalem from Babylonian captivity PK 564

religious life is not one of Ev 180

there will be, in gospel work 5T 134

things that bring, do not think on 2T 319

what to do when depressed by 2SM 242-3

will press every soul 3BC 1163


brings back disagreeable effect 2MCP 662:1

courage in the hope of the cross instead of HP 52:3

encourages disagreeable scenes UL 102:2

God permits UL 65:2

health harmed/destroyed by 2MCP 458:2; UL 102:3

Jacob lay down in, with repentance and fear TDG 323:3

life in which God is cherished is not one of TMK 142

nothing can make, while Jesus makes glad by His presence RC 278:5

others made sad by our HP 274:4

permitted in making straight paths for our feet HP 265:3

put away HP 273:2

refuse OHC 70:5

remove the stone (sin) that has caused OHC 87:4

sobriety does not mean; the Lord is coming TMK 141:3

talk of goodness of the Lord as a cure for VSS 132:3

truth of Christ does not tend to TMK 136:2

what can bring, if mind fixed on eternal? OHC 319:2

world cannot cause, when Christ makes you glad HP 249:4

See also Darkness; Depression; Mourning; Tears; Shadow; Sorrow


Safe, God’s people are, only as they exalt Christ 8T 145

only when committed to the right 8T 96

men are made, by looking unto Christ SC 72

no man is, one moment unless his life is hid with Christ 1SM 190

without connection with God 4T 542

Safe-conduct, Safe-conducts

Safe-conduct, Safe-conducts, given to heretic, Roman Catholic disregard for GC 107, 153-4, 163

given to Huss (John) was violated by emperor under papal pressure GC 107

given to Luther (Martin), Charles V rejected papist’s plea to violate GC 153-4, 163

Huss (John) was given, by both king of Bohemia and Emperor Sigismund GC 105

Luther (Martin) was given, to attend Diet of Worms GC 145, 150, 153-4, 163

Safe course

Safe course, only, obedience to all of God’s requirements at whatever cost is 5T 365

Safe ground

Safe ground, persons who co-operate with Christ are on 1SM 172


Safeguard, Christ is believer’s, against temptation CH 594

Christ’s presence is only, against Satan’s power DA 341

daily watchfulness and prayer should be your 4T 139

experience of poverty, self-denial, and privation as DA 72

God will build, around His people CG 256

indwelling of Christ in heart is only, against evil MB 118

life’s, habits of self-denial and self-reliance as 2T 648

man’s only: God’s word is 2SM 326

hold upon God is PP 568

moral principle strictly carried out is 2T 352

no, for person whose heart does not have truth of Christ SD 284

obedience to God’s commandments is only, for individual integrity PK 83

obedience to God’s word is, against evil sweeping world to destruction MH 131

Scriptures are, against deception GC 625

against delusive power of evil spirits GC 593

against false teachers GC 593

for believers in times ahead GC 593-602

Scriptures should be studied as only, against Satan’s wiles 2SM 58

temperate man’s only, total abstinence is MH 446

useful occupation is one of surest, against evil CT 275

work as, against temptation PP 50

youth’s surest, useful occupation is Te 210


Safety, believer’s only: being master of self under all circumstances is 4T 431

being thoroughly conversant with Scriptures is Ev 604; 5T 519

Christ in heart and life is MH 511

clinging to Christ is 5T 429

constant distrust of self is COL 155

constant watchfulness and prayer are 5T 141

constantly seeking wisdom from God is TM 211

dependence on Christ is COL 155

earnest prayer and living faith are CH 411; 4T 575

feeling your weakness and clinging to mighty Deliverer is 3T 473

firmly rejecting first approach to presumption is 3T 483

following Christ is 2SM 378-9

following Christ’s counsel is TM 502

following where Christ leads is 2BC 1004-5; SD 154

giving no place to devil is 3T 482

God’s written word is 4BC 1173; 1SM 158

habitual watching is TM 233

humbly walking with God is SD 91; 4T 538

implicit trust in Christ is 2T 279

is to live like watchman 2T 283

keeping eyes directed upwards is EW 269; 1T 180

keeping fast hold of Christ is 2SM 59

keeping with brethren is 2T 227

learning of Christ is FE 470

living like watchman is 2T 283

lying low at foot of cross is 4T 608

obedience to God is PP 269

obedience to God’s word is CH 290; FE 501

preserving ancient landmarks is CH 459; 5T 199

preserving Christ’s lowly spirit is TM 219

repulsing Satan with God’s word is 3T 482

responding to Spirit’s appeal without delay is COL 281

separation from people living in darkness is 4T 109

shielded by God’s grace every moment is 3T 324

sobriety and vigilance are 3T 374

standing as God’s peculiar people is 5T 78

standing constantly in light of God’s countenance is Ev 121

studying and doing duty carefully is FE 92

surrender of all to Christ is SL 95

thorough conversion is 5T 519

trusting in God and being sanctified by truth are 1T 621

trusting your way implicitly to God is PP 556

truths God has been giving His people in past are Ev 610

under all circumstances is to be master of self in Christ’s strength 4T 431

union with Christ is ML 340

walking humbly with God is 5T 517

walking in God’s way is 2BC 1032

walking with Christ is 1SM 79

watchfulness and prayer are PK 82

watching unto prayer and counsel together are TM 191-2

church’s, in God’s holding the four winds TM 444

light given by God should be respected for LS 328

comparative, in valley of humiliation PK 60

constant dependence upon divine power gives DA 382

do not let your, for eternity hang upon peradventure TM 443

eternal, depends on building on Christ DA 599

fiction lover’s only, total abstinence is MH 446

individual, entire consecration to God affords 7BC 952

inebriate’s only, total abstinence is MH 446

learning lessons given to others affords TM 438

many people do not avail themselves of means provided for their Te 106

no: away from cross 2T 279

except in constant connection with God 4T 542

except in strict obedience to God’s word PP 621

except in taking “Thus saith the Lord” 2SM 327

for one moment while separate from Christ SL 93

for persons not familiar with God’s word SD 190

in following impulses 5T 423

in transgression of God’s law 1SM 213

in trusting your own wisdom and integrity PK 82

in withholding tithes and offerings from God CS 67

without God’s protection in any place or position 8T 50

without self-control 2T 320

of God’s people, depends on watchmen’s faithfulness GW 14

lies in understanding His law PK 191

path of: obedience to God is PP 591; 3T 108; 4T 97

obedience to God’s will is CG 233; 4T 76

temperance in all things is 3T 561

vain philosophy represents path to hell as Ev 609

perfect, obedience to God’s commands affords MM 169

price of: eternal vigilance is CT 258

individual vigilance is 6T 148

sleepless vigilance is TM 365

reading and following Scriptures affords 2T 563

refuge of, opened to man by Christ DA 504

trusting in God continually gives 2T 72

union with Christ is our only, in last days 8T 240

youth’s only, unceasing watchfulness and prayer are 3T 374

See also Security


careless sense of, Satan takes advantage of our TMK 240:3


alone provides FLB 221:4

as constant counselor is only OHC 259:5

depended on is only 1MCP 39:3

followed is only; as He leads 1MCP 320:4

given entire control for OHC 306:3

is RC 21:5

is only, UL 214:6

any mind may be estranged from God TSB 158:1

as current of evil increases TMK 307:6

to those who receive Him LHU 221:7

Christians have greatest, trusting in Jesus LHU 376:5

closeness to Christ is the only AG 271:5

committing the life to God UL 222:3

constant pleading to be kept by God’s power is only 3SM 154:3

conversion, daily power of, is only; yielding TDG 13

course of, follow, even though it involves self-denial TDG 174:4

disciples on sea would have felt, had Jesus been with them TDG 110:4

distrust of self is essential for OHC 212:6

exercise of living faith is our only FLB 138:2

false assurance of,

awakened only by God’s wrath Mar 264:3

not work of Ellen White RC 54:4

feeble efforts insufficient to assure, from Satan’s attack TMK 269:2

following Christ’s footprints assures TMK 303:2

garrison of truth is only HP 199:5


controls, for the good of His children OHC 318:5

is our only, in perils that lie ahead TDG 174:5

offers, as darkness closes about the world TMK 284:4

humility before God is position of RC 261:8

joined to Christ is only; avoiding friendship with world TDG 354:4

living life of faith and good works is only TDG 310:5

none anywhere TMK 212:2

obedience is only CC 20:4, 34:5

only, in believing the whole Bible OHC 210:4

path God chooses for us is the only TMK 249:3

prayer is, for Christian TMK 267:4

pure and good place of: God’s organized body RC 199:2

repentance and conversion is only; some accept deception TDG 248:2

right thinking is only HP 164:4; 2MCP 613:3

sense of carnal, prevalence of TMK 267:4

state of heart determines TDG 27:4

subordination to God is the only; competing for influence 3SM 20:3

trusting Christ gives a sense of AG 259:3

walking humbly with God HP 258:3

watchfulness is only HP 255:6

Word of God,

is, against wiles of Satan HP 348:2

not human opinions, offer RC 113:3

See also Assurance; Confidence


Sages, Athenian, Paul heard by AA 236

Saginaw Co., Mich.

Saginaw Co., Mich. LS 185; 2T 12

Sailor, Sailors

Sailor, Sailors, neglecting to use chart and compass, illustration of ML 25

pilot needed by, when going over sandy bar or up rocky river 5T 264

some, are courageous when all is calm 4T 90

Tyrian, Solomon employed PK 72

See also Mariner

Saint, Saints

Saint, Saints, adoration of GC 83

invocation of GC 58, 175, 568; SR 333

mediation of, cannot atone for sin GC 220

Roman Catholics invoke GC 73

no buried, comes between Christ and sinner 7BC 914

so-called intercession of, greatest falsehood invented 7BC 913

worship of images of EW 211; GC 43; SR 323

Saint, Saints

Saint, Saints, dying, “Stand up for Jesus” were words of 5T 341

injustice done to least of Christ’s, is done to Him 3T 518

Luther (Martin) wanted to be preserved from fanatical church in which there are none but GC 190-2

men can be, in this world through Christ’s grace ML 273

sinners and, line of distinction drawn between MYP 390; TM 87

we must be saints first on earth in order to be, in heaven AH 16, 317; 6BC 1072; CG 481; ML 273; TM 145

weakest: crown of glory may be worn by AA 313

how, can be more than match for Satan and all his angels 5T 293

Satan and his hosts cannot destroy PK 513

See also People of God


angels sent to help the weakest, trusting FLB 205:7

being, begins by being saints here RC 303:6

blood of, Babylon has not been sparing with 3SM 426:3

called to be, as quarried stones TMK 151:5

Christ exemplified in, on earth AG 66:2

condition of, in the New Earth Mar 355:5

David as; feelings are clear; he refused revenge TSB 175:3

death of, precious; God cares about persecution TDG 371:2

difficulties of, not of Christ’s designing TDG 34:4

heavenly, are first saints on earth AG 66:2; Mar 326:5; 3SM 191:1; TMK 278:4

mockers ignored by, at end of time 3SM 428:2

perfecting of,

by all the gifts given for the church 3SM 25:1

by Christ’s intercession TDG 74:5

period of intense affliction endured by HP 371:3

praises of, supplemented by angel choirs OHC 167:3

privilege of being, here; prepare character for heaven HP 182:6

reward for, seen by Ellen White; this world spoiled RC 350:6

righteousness of, denoted by white linen 3SM 424:2

sinners appear as, when led by an unholy spirit TDG 150:3

sleeping, called from the graves to immortality FW 115:2

united in spirit and action UL 322:5

war against, discerning Satan’s attacks in OHC 19:4

weakest, member of Christ’s body HP 283:4

worship at feet of, by synagogue of Satan Mar 287:8

zeal of, transmitted in living oracles TMK 347:3

St. Albans, Vermont

St. Albans, Vermont 1T 661-2

St. Bartholomew Massacre

St. Bartholomew Massacre AA 85; GC 272-3

St. Charles, Mich.

St. Charles, Mich. 2T 12, 14

St. Clare

church members in, to do duty; piety important TDG 81:4

St. Gothard Pass

St. Gothard Pass, in Swiss Alps LS 289

St. Helena, Calif.

St. Helena, Calif. CT 212; Ev 405; LS 427; 1SM 24, 176; 2SM 249, 405; 4T 284; 5T 368; 7T 37, 99, 127, 132; 8T 30, 81, 87, 97, 104, 138, 195, 201, 206, 231, 236, 247; WM 112, 285-6, 330, 339

churches of, miss. work by WM 339

help people coming to, spiritually and physically 2MCP 409:4

institution at, activity recommended for one who came to TDG 129:5

See also Sanitarium, Calif.

St. Helena island

St. Helena island GC 360

St. Helena Sanitarium

St. Helena Sanitarium TM 266; WM 339

banquet given by, for prominent residents of St. Helena, Calif. WM 285

diet provided at CD 405-14

different order of things required of CD 406

donations for, appeal to Battle Creek Sanitarium in 1890 for 8T 138

established to treat the sick without use of drugs CD 406

flesh should not be served by, to patients CD 406-14

formerly called Rural Health Retreat CD 296, 405-14; CW 127-8; 2SM 282; TM 266

had treatment rooms in San Francisco in 1900 WM 112

occasionally referred to as “Health Institute” 5T 477; Te 192

Pacific Health Journal published in interest of CW 127-8

should not be molded to meet any person’s appetite or ideas CD 406-7

simple and wholesome food served at, youth who disliked Te 192

teaching health reform at CD 296

unsound argument used for serving flesh foods at CD 409

use of homeopathic doses of medicine at 2SM 282

used by God for accomplishment of His work 5T 477

why physicians and helpers at, did not wish to discard flesh diet CD 408

wrong kind of education given in 2SM 282

St. Louis, Mo.

St. Louis, Mo. Ev 34-6, 398-9, 401; WM 288

spirit of church at, relating to blacks SW 11:1

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church, in Rome, indulgences sold to help build GC 127

St. Simeon

St. Simeon, altar of, roll purported to have been found on GC 576

Saints’ Everlasting Rest

Saints’ Everlasting Rest, by Richard Baxter GC 253

Salad, Salads

Salad, Salads, prepared with oil and vinegar, objections to CD 345

Salamanca, N.Y.

Salamanca, N.Y. LS 319; 2SM 193; TM 460

Salamis, Cyprus

Salamis, Cyprus AA 167-9


Salary See Income; Wages

Sale, Sales

Sale, Sales, in house of God, minister’s duty re 1T 472

of books See Colporteur

of patented articles, not wrong 1T 664

See also Selling


defects pointed out when making RC 272:6

honest equivalent taken in making 2MCP 438:2; TDG 337:3

See also Business, transactions of


Salem, Jerusalem’s ancient name PP 136, 703

Salem, Mass.

Salem, Mass. GC 307

Salem, Ore.

Salem, Ore. LS 231-2; 4T 290-5, 330


Saleratus See Soda


Salesmen, ministers who act as 1T 472

Salisbury, W. D.

Salisbury, W. D. 1SM 149


Saliva, eating slowly allows, to mingle with food CD 420; CH 120

thorough mastication needed to mix, with food MH 305

tobacco colors 4aSG 127

Salivary glands

Salivary glands, flow of, water taken with meals diminishes CD 420; CH 119-20


Salivation, of mouth, calomel causes 2SM 447

Sallow countenance

Sallow countenance See Countenance

Sallow skin

Sallow skin See Skin


Sallust, Roman historian, passage quoted from Te 156


Salome, Herodias’s daughter CT 340; DA 221-2; Te 50; TM 84-5

Saloon, Saloons [selling intoxicating drinks]

Saloon, Saloons [selling intoxicating drinks], ax should not be used to break into Ev 587; Te 235

called drinking houses Te 37 See also Public house

closing of: circulate strong and stirring appeals for Te 250

domestic happiness would be promoted by Te 208

public order would be promoted by Te 208

college students tempted by FE 62-3; 4T 435-6, 651

everything possible is done to lure youth into Te 282

help W.C.T.U. in opposing CH 437; WM 163

in California, in 1906 Te 26

inducement for husband to spend more time at home than at MH 294

misery and crime caused by Te 26

money wasted in Te 29

open to the foolish Te 24

oyster supper in, SDA youth who ate FE 63

passers-by tempted by Te 187

public sentiment should be aroused to close CH 436-7; LS 221; 4T 275; Te 26, 28-9

reform will not be effective until, are closed on all days of week Te 208

Satan uses, in work of ruin and destruction Te 273-4

scattered all over cities and towns Te 37

slaves of appetite spend money at GW 386; Te 204

victims of strong drink continually tempted by 7T 82

weapon against, God’s word is Te 235

would be closed for want of patronage if men kept God’s law Te 164

youth charged with murder committed in, story of Te 264

youth tempted by FE 63; 4T 435-6, 651

See also Barroom; Dramshop; Groggery; Public house


Saloonkeeper, publican LS 356

See also Rum seller


1. Figurative

2. Literal


1. Figurative

Christ’s followers as, of earth 2SM 476

church as, of earth 2SM 67

God’s people as: are to be corrective influence in world CH 592

are to preserve world from corruption CT 323; DA 306

of earth 4BC 1164; 5BC 1085; DA 439; MB 35-8; MYP 349, 363-4; PK 231-2; 2SM 478; 1T 262, 303, 345, 425, 460; 2T 443; 5T 389; 9T 28; Te 165; TM 422

only God’s love in heart can make MB 38

minister’s words should be seasoned with 4T 400

saving: Christ’s righteousness as DA 439

Christianity as 5T 238

persons who would please God must receive DA 439

savor of, Christian’s vital power as MB 36

divine grace symbolized by 3T 559

with savor: be as MM 218, 323

persons who are as 5T 130

sanitarium workers should be as CH 211

strict adherence to truth is as 4T 356

without savor: life without God’s grace is as MB 37

mere profession of godliness is as DA 439

minister whose preaching was 1T 337

people who are as DA 306; MB 37; ML 166; 5T 256

persons without love of Christ are as DA 439

Pharisees’ condition as MB 37, 53

Pharisees’ religion affected society as MB 37

presentation of doctrines that is Ev 697

soul destitute of God’s grace is as MB 37

2. Literal

as seasoning CD 323, 340, 354; 2T 384

blood requires some CD 344; 9T 162

erroneous ideas re CD 344; 3T 19

free use of, is harmful CD 340, 420; CH 120; MH 305; 3T 21; Te 157

hot water and, in treating eyes 2SM 297

Jericho’s spring healed by use of PK 232

must be mingled with substance to which it is added MB 36; PK 232

must penetrate and infuse in order to preserve MB 36; PK 232

pillar of, Lot’s wife became 2SM 354; 4T 111; TM 75

preserves from corruption DA 439

saving properties of, spiritual lesson from 6T 259

Spirit compared to, because of His preserving qualities 4T 319

symbolic meaning of PK 231-2

undue amount of, avoid using CD 340

used in sacrificial services DA 439; Te 43

valued for its preservative qualities MB 35

EGW used some CD 203, 344

without saving properties, is utterly valueless 2T 443

without savor, cast out into pathways MB 37

is without power for good DA 439


be, to others; let your light shine TDG 316:5

children of God are, to preserve others and themselves RC 205:3

corrective influence as RC 198:7

grace preserves good and destroys evil like AG 124:5

influence of, to be totally preserved by Christlikeness TDG 201:2

saving properties of, absent TDG 92:4

true religion is like AG 124:5

useless, without fidelity in good works RC 41:2

without savor,

Christians not revealing Christ are TDG 25:6

selfishness in contacts makes us as TDG 201:5

words should be seasoned with TMK 137:5

Salt land

Salt land, persons who walk as if in AA 563

Salt of the earth

right living makes us TMK 186:2

Salutation, Salutations

Salutation, Salutations, beautiful, used by apostles DA 351

holy, mentioned in Gospels EW 117

needless, apostles were not to waste time in DA 351


Salvation DA 19-49; EW 125-7, 149-53; PP 63-70; SC 9-15; 3SG 46; SR 46-51

all heaven is interested in our MH 253; 1T 124; 4T 264, 577

all that is necessary for our, is given in God’s word 1SM 228

being baptized is not Ev 319; 2SM 381

believe that Christ is our 5T 167

believers who will not take trouble to work out their 2T 397

belongs to whole world DA 306-7

Bible is plain on every point essential to 5T 706

Bible teaches that through Christ’s mercy alone can you expect 1T 163

blessings of, are for every soul DA 403

burden of SDA work is, of souls CS 166

by faith See Faith

by works See Works

can be obtained only in God’s appointed way 5T 218

Christ offers to man 2T 590

Christ places, not upon profession merely MB 149

on faith that is manifest in works of righteousness MB 149

comes: through God’s seeking after us COL 189

to souls by accepting Christ as personal Saviour DA 556

complete, no one is so vile and wicked but that he can find in Christ 2T 453

conditions of: are ever the same 7BC 931

are laid down in God’s word 2T 691; 5T 692

are ordained of God MYP 108; 3T 481

are reasonable, plain, and positive 1T 440

it rests wholly with us whether or not we will comply with 5T 692

cost of our, the redeemed will have distinct and intelligent knowledge of GC 651

cross of shame and torture for Christ brought, to world TM 67

crowning blessing of AA 519

depends on: faith made manifest in righteous works MB 149

knowledge of God’s will as found in His word MYP 260

One behind all the promises AA 553

receiving Christ by faith 7BC 931

does not come through our seeking after God COL 189

does not depend on side issues 7BC 918

every fact immediately concerning our, will be made clear 2T 692

every provision is made to bring, within our reach 5T 543

first step toward 1SM 323

first steps in, many people are confused as to what constitutes 1SM 390

foundation of your hope of, examine closely 5T 530

God cannot work out man’s, without his co-operation 6T 372

God employs various agencies to effect 5T 46

God has spoken on, in plainest language 1SM 162

God’s promises re, are not yea and nay 5T 631

gospel workers who will see, revealed in remarkable manner TM 459

having your name on church book is not Ev 319; 2SM 381

how to obtain COL 117

how to work out your own SC 80

is: for all who would accept Christ DA 401

free gift from God COL 116

like sunshine DA 306-7

obtained only through Christ’s merits TM 97

through Christ DA 762

to be bought and sold without money or price COL 116-7

to be received by faith SC 61

to believer 5BC 1122

knowledge necessary for, is given by God to men from His word GC 7

last work for man’s, is now going forward TM 472

make effort for, before it is everlastingly too late 3T 549

man has of himself no means of COL 165

man who thought to buy, by liberal gifts to church 2T 86

men fail of, by their own willful refusal to accept it GC 262

means of, Spirit is freely bestowed to enable every man to lay hold on GC 262

message of, is communicated to men through human agencies DA 36

thousands in region of Decapolis heard DA 340-1

mistaken idea that men must do something to make themselves worthy of PP 431

nearly every false religion is based on principle that man can depend on his own efforts for PP 73

no amount of worldly wealth can obtain COL 117

no man can of himself work out his own 6T 372

obedience to God’s law is essential to 1SM 218

of fellow men, God has given man part to act in 4T 472

should be our primary interest 2T 659

of man cost dear price 1T 545

of world, Jews refused to surrender themselves to God for DA 36

only hope of, Christ is our Ev 596; PP 431-2

only means of, crucified and risen Saviour is AA 298

persons devoted fully to salvation of the erring are working out their own 5T 607

persons devoted to unselfish effort for good of others are working out their SC 80

plan of See Plan of redemption

prerequisite of, obedience to God’s law is 1SM 225

proud heart strives to earn DA 300

responsibility for our, Christ carried awful weight of MH 18

sale of, by indulgence sellers GC 128

seek to fulfill high calling of being instrumental in, of others 2T 115

sinner has something to do to secure PP 431

sinner’s, God plainly reveals His will re 5T 631

terms of, are laid out in distinct lines in John 3:16 TM 370

testing question of, present light on 1SM 165

there is, only through Christ’s merits TM 97

there is no, without repentance 1SM 365

things necessary to, should not be considered secondary 4T 114

through faith in Christ is distinctive doctrine of Protestantism SR 337

to fully realize value of, one must understand what it cost 2T 200

too many people lean on experience of others for 2T 397

truly consecrated person will work for, of souls 5T 607

trust to merits of Christ for SL 87

truths essential to, Christ withheld no 1SM 173

uniting with church does not ensure your 4T 16

universal, erroneous doctrine of GC 537-8

taught by Spiritualism GC 556-7

way of, Christ came to teach men MYP 15

we are not to depend on what we alone can do for TM 455

we are responsible for our own MM 295

we cannot earn COL 117

we cannot effect our own TM 456

we could not be saved if, depended on our own efforts AA 553

we do not earn, by our obedience AA 563; SC 61

we have something to do in securing PP 279

we must work out daily our individual, in faith Ev 596

work of: co-operation of man and God in 4BC 1167

is not child’s play 2T 101

is not to be taken hold of at will and let alone at pleasure 2T 101

requires steady purpose and untiring effort 2T 101-2

work of gaining, is one of copartnership AA 482

works and, relationship between 6T 372


acceptance of,

as gift of God through Jesus TDG 176:4

desire for worldly favor weighs against TMK 310:2

is coming to Christ TMK 113:3

on Christ’s word without explanations FW 70:2

waiting for feeling before UL 312:2

actions determine; God helps us; we must come FW 48:2; NL 35:3

agencies of: divine influence and living faith HP 26:2

aim of all God’s dealings with individuals OHC 321:4

all done by Christ for, unwillingness to acknowledge FW 76:3

angels want to help us in the work of HP 102:3

another’s righteousness does not bring TMK 309:2

appreciation for,

lacking TDG 176:4

shown by life TMK 287:4

assurance of,

by following Christ in living faith RC 237:2

cheerfulness from having TMK 49:3


in Bible truth does not bring 3SM 192:0

in Jesus is not enough for TMK 115:2

(intellectual) is not enough for 3SM 195:0

is not enough for FLB 217:2; FW 52:2

believe and you will see HP 119:5

black and white find, through the same grace SW 55:2

blood of Jesus is the only, cleansing from sin 3SM 172:4

boasting impossible for; glory flows back to God TMK 109:2

by works, counsel on UL 376:2

call for, Christ never passed by RC 356:6

caring about, for others; church members sit idle PM 285:2

certain when we enter gates of the city TMK 162:3

change accompanies, according to John 3:1-16 FW 63:1


in harmony with Christ required for UL 305:5

needed for; (Christ’s) 3SM 132:5

not natural for, but like Christ’s character TSB 196:2

of professed Christians imperil, for prodigals 1MCP 192:2


barred from, by neglect of parents TDG 264:3

taught the provision made for TMK 145:3

chosen for, because of response to Christ’s drawing OHC 77:3


accomplishes, by inspiring faith TDG 216:2

as He presented Himself is sufficient for HP 366:3

as source of,

new understanding of FW 82:0

not understood by self-righteous FW 96:3

blood of, necessary for TMK 206:2

bought, for all nationalities SW 63:2

brought, at great cost UL 357:7

could not have accomplished, with spot of sin TDG 357:2

has pledged full, for all TDG 368:2

has sacrificed to bring, within reach FW 50:0; NL 37:2

held, when He came to the world HP 250:3

intended greater things in; channels needed TMK 330:5

made every provision for HP 154:6

(Mediator) felt inessential for TMK 206:3

presented, to all in simplicity TMK 50:4

provided, by giving Himself; divine nature 3SM 141:1

to be presented as the source of, not self VSS 340:1

to be relied on for, but He didn’t do it all 3SM 198:2

was willing to bring; angels marveled SW 26:1

worked out only way of TDG 155:4

Christians are to publish good news of PM 285:1

Christlikeness is provision for TDG 175:3



brings, within reach of all HP 361:2

required for UL 110:5

followers work for; Satan works for destruction TDG 171:3

infinite suffering wrought HP 44:4

work in, from our repentance to glory LHU 348:2


is hope of; we are unworthy TDG 261:5

secures, but we must repent OHC 351:4

claim Christ’s righteousness and wrestle with God for FW 75:2


boldly through the blood of the Lamb FLB 102:3

with neither grace nor obedience OHC 141:2

See also Saved, claim to be

commitment of those who receive HP 104:3

completeness of,

believe on the Son of God for FW 76:0

makes it great TMK 124:4

seen by the believer FW 106:2

seen in the atonement FLB 105:3

completion of work of; universe shown Christ’s ability Mar 341:5

concern for, lacking although purchased at great cost OHC 200:5

condemnation of lost shows God’s desire to give HP 361:3

conditions for 3SM 315; UL 329:2

ever the same TMK 299:3

confidence in, for it comes completely from Christ TDG 72:2

conflict in cooperation with God for 2MCP 757

confused ideas of, by not preaching the law FW 18:1

connection with God required in HP 184:5

conquerors through Him who gave His life for our FW 28:0

conversation should be on Christ and His HP 370:4

conversion is not the accomplishment of OHC 163:2


with God’s ministration for 2MCP 691:3

with heaven required for TMK 115:3

with Jesus for our part in working out TDG 358:3

cost of, See Salvation, price of

covenant reveals HP 137:5

covetousness and love of money a danger to RY 95:2

cross is only,

guarantee for TDG 287:5

means of; love stamped on mind LHU 252:4

cry to God in self-distrust and work out OHC 82:5

decision that Christ would die for Con 16:3

dependence on Christ needed for UL 333:2

depths in studying about FLB 76:5

determination to be right for restoration of TSB 66:0

difficult work in following Christ for 3SM 253:1

discerned spiritually and increases with contemplation TMK 205:5

disturbed by hearing of; preferring amusements 1MCP 128:1

doctrines of, Satan’s fallacies would root out Mar 156:4

drinking of stream of, for ourselves TMK 172:3

duty in, is more than waiting for change RC 108:2

each has part to act in OHC 197:4

earnestness for own, greater when active for others OHC 164:3


(higher) conforms to terms of TDG 168:3

on receiving, too little; possessions FW 20:2


human, cannot bring RC 65:4

required in TMK 204:6

toward, Satan is ready to paralyze LHU 152:5

Ellen White,

talked to lady serving her about TDG 362:5

wrote to youth out of concern for LYL 27:2

endangered by falling so far short of requirements TMK 130:5

energy on our part required in process of 3SM 198:2

eternity not enough to exhaust wonders of LHU 40:4

experience necessary for,

described HP 122

many have not had HP 87:2

explanations of process of, are unimportant FW 70:2


and works essential in TMK 229:2

claimed to be only requirement for FW 47:1; NL 34:1

in Christ alone for FW 19:0

in laying hold of HP 49:4

not the ground of, but the means for it TDG 329:2

prayer and depending on Christ for FW 71:2

required for, does the works of Christ TMK 316:2

seen in works not profession is the basis of HP 130:4

trusts Christ for, and leads to obedience FW 12:2

false claim that God does both the and the doing in OHC 91:3

family members seeking, will bring division OHC 328:4

fear and trembling,

felt by Paul and us in working out FW 49:3

in working out NL 37:1

fighting required of those who have received UL 377:6

first steps toward, acknowledge Christ’s power even in FW 76:3

force not used in TMK 235:2

found by going to Jesus, promising to obey 3SM 153:3

fountain of, refreshes and invigorates souls HP 352:5


of God needs to be appropriated for TMK 69:4

of God’s Son for, indifference to TMK 168:4

of our Lord TDG 72:2

gift of, 3SM 199:3

beyond finite conception TDG 176:2

free for Christ’s sake OHC 118:4

gifts should flow for use in UL 374:2

glad tidings of, taken to those who have not heard TDG 325:2


brings, in His own way UL 65:4

considered, incomplete with only His own love HP 77:2

has given greatest gift for LHU 232:3

wants, for everyone HP 153:4; UL 307:5

wills, for all OHC 78:2

godliness needed for RC 351:6

God’s purpose in, completely fulfilled in Christ OHC 54:2

grace brings, worldly ones ridicule our belief that FW 91:1

grasp by faith and weave into character to bless others RC 205:5

greatness of,

expressed in taking threefold name at baptism UL 148:4

in simplicity and comprehensiveness HP 37:4

realized by learning of Christ Mar 120:4

hand seen by Ellen White reached out to bring 2MCP 808:2

hardened to the conditions of TMK 204:3

health reform light given for CME 31:1; OHC 267:2


gave most costly treasure for UL 255:5

is interested in our OHC 55:4, 321:3; TMK 234:6

heirs of, protected in the path of duty HP 255:4

hold, in the most precious vessel OHC 34:5

holiness required for, comes through the Spirit HP 129:2

Holy Spirit’s power needed for, by everyone HP 20:4

how to enter the gate of HP 263:2


depend on God in the work of HP 27:2

have a part in, TMK 115:3

natural deficiencies not taken to heaven TDG 344:4

to believe on Christ FLB 115:2

using God’s gifts FW 26:1

have no merit to claim RC 75:4

unable to provide own; Christ fights for them LHU 152:4

ideas of meriting, are false like penance of Catholic FW 20:0

ignorance not valid excuse for neglecting HP 153:4

importance of, HP 48:4

teaching, held highest by Christ 1MCP 245:3


to work out, without joining with divinity FW 71:1

while transgressing law; claim promises FW 89:0

impressing others for, by love of God in the life TMK 49:3

indifference to, while all heaven is interested OHC 351:5

individual choice of FLB 154:7

individually work out, because He works in us TDG 12:4

influence for,

living out the truth LYL 25:2

we are to be RC 198:7

interest in,

angels work through humans to arouse TMK 81:4

difficulty in arousing FW 64:2

of those needing divine polishing TDG 79:6

Israelites found, through Christ TMK 101:4

Jesus is the only source of, for He grants power TMK 316:2

joy of, as erring ones are revived UL 287:5


must be practiced for TSB 86:4

of God and Christ essential for TDG 135:6

of God necessary to accept HP 8:4

of way of, personally UL 34:3

knowledge of,

diffused abundantly in time of loud cry Mar 218:3

everyone has responsibility to give TDG 211:3

God chose humans not angels for imparting HP 331:4

requirements and, vague to many HP 167:3

terms to be know better OHC 264:3


of those not caring for their own Mar 39:2

of those who have not sought Mar 106:3


abolished, would have apparently provided FW 30:3

not abrogated for; foundation of God’s government 2MCP 565:2

without faith in the gospel cannot provide OHC 141:4

laws of, to be carried out to the letter UL 172:2

life of Christ reveals the only way to UL 139:4

lifetime is short for working out TDG 117:4

liquor and tobacco deaden realization of CME 39:4

looking afar off for the peace of TMK 112:2

Lord’s Supper a witness about our FLB 302:3

lost if death had come to one counseled TSB 65:1

love of Christ/God,

going no farther than the lips offers no TDG 299:2

is the only means of UL 120:2

is a principle working to secure LHU 152:5

making sure of, requires great diligence, etc. OHC 74:4

means more than many realize UL 134:4

means of,

misunderstood; new conversion needed FW 19:1

same for Abraham as for sinner today 3SM 195:1

mercy of God permits UL 43:7

merit for,

cannot be earned, valuable offerings impossible FW 25:1

lacking, but present Christ’s blood FW 106

messages for, rejected considering them partly inspired 3SM 69

method for, shown by the ladder Jacob saw 3SM 154:2

mind loses itself in the majesty of the Author of TMK 124:4

miracles of: Christ’s condescension and death RC 63:5

money cannot buy; you must give yourself HP 305:5

mothers’ instruction and prayers in Mar 308:4; RC 195:5

necessary to understand and not neglect RC 101:4

need of, dislike to have mind disturbed by HP 8:4

neglect of,

Heaven can do nothing more for TMK 204:2

indulging natural traits of character TMK 91:4

means eternal ruin HP 37

relate seriously to those with TMK 308:4

new birth essential for, includes baptism LHU 79:7

now is the day of HP 8:5

number to receive; no right to talk about 3SM 315:3


entitles no one to FLB 96:3

is requirement of, for Adam and for us LHU 139:6

or disobedience determines TMK 289:4

obscured by professing Christ while not following Him RC 65:3

obtained only by Christ HP 366:3

offering made for, completeness of TDG 270:5

offerings will not purchase OHC 197:5

only by taking Christ’s yoke, witnessing and faith FW 72:2

opinions are unsafe as basis of LHU 106:2

opportunity for,

must be accepted with cooperation TMK 235:2

rejected while others die without hearing TDG 187:4

with heart softened TSB 138:3

our part,

in God’s work of HP 150:4

is acceptance and working with God HP 157:5


consider TDG 83

responsibility in OHC 303:2

worked out not copying anyone 2MCP 427

own strength in struggling to win FW 26:0

pardon offered by; righteousness and victory TMK 124:3

parents will be asked about, for their children 1MCP 162:2

partnership required in HP 157:5; TDG 276:2

pearl of great price FLB 111:5; HP 49:6


not the reason for, but need; trust needed 3SM 147:2

of Christ’s sacrifice brings TMK 60:3

perseverance in gaining freedom of LYL 72:2

personal experience needed for AG 235:3

plan of / redemption, plan of,

amazement of repentant sinner about OHC 78:3

ample HP 80:5

angel’s pen could not portray the glory in TMK 10:3

appetite indulgence prevents appreciation of Con 62:1

appreciation for, UL 61:2

and comprehension TMK 256:3

possibilities and immensity of HP 248:2

arranged in councils between Father and Son HP 12:5

before the fall as blessing to universe TMK 18:2

beyond comprehension for humans or angels HP 14:2


passages studied to understand HP 138:4

truth about, little understood 3SM 188:2

cannot be,

fully comprehended AG 161:4

surpassed even by infinite wisdom AG 161:4


accepted every pang and indignity of HP 43:3

by His Spirit can teach us of 1MCP 43:4

child imparted, to rabbis TMK 28:3

devised, in love and is ready to fulfill HP 12:6

faithful in every particular of Con 39:1

mediation of, important in HP 77:2

complete recovery from power of Satan in RC 293:5

continual unfolding of TMK 197:3

designed to provide another trial LHU 74:6

discerning new depths of, in the kingdom TMK 371:4

divine power in, makes human effort successful 3SM 190:1

dwelling on, brings joy and safety OHC 365:2

Ellen White feared she might belittle, in writing 3SM 115:2

exalted views of NL 57:2

explained in the Scriptures 1MCP 94:2

fault not in, but in humans TDG 18:2

fulfilled in Christ’s grief and disquietude 3SM 129:1


just and justifier of believers through AG 161:4

left nothing obscure in HP 38:2

shows us, asking us to count the cost FW 92:2

has not been held up; Christ’s love left out FW 16:0

hearts melted by meditating on TMK 263:2

Holy Spirit,

impresses believer with truths of OHC 154:4

was to be molding agency in TDG 51:2

imperfect work accepted through Jesus by AG 260:3

impressed upon Abraham in offering up Isaac TMK 20:2

Jacob’s ladder designed to teach TMK 21:2


about, needed to appreciate God HP 11:2

our part in the work of OHC 299:5

larger purpose than to redeem man and earth TMK 366:4

law in, complete only in the cross LHU 150:5

light from past and present in LHU 229:3

made in the council of heaven OHC 78:2

meaning of,

Satan tries to pervert FW 118:2

to be studied OHC 113:5

mind to be taxed contemplating 1MCP 94:4

not understood by many young workers FW 18:3

pardon and restoration provided by TMK 96:3

part we act in, cannot be weighed HP 248:2

perfect and complete TMK 96:2

performing miracles in own behalf was not in Con 40:2

plainly revealed; many make it hard 3SM 151:1

prayer for correct views of OHC 146:3

presentation of, to be clear to intelligent people TDG 18:6


for all needs and emergencies HP 37:4; TMK 96:5

grace AG 260:3

raising us to God’s ideal is the one end of OHC 71:3

refused by many UL 223:5

requires obedience FW 89:0

resources of God’s love exhausted in HP 37:2

restoration of humanity to original perfection FLB 76:2


in the holy oracles TMK 192:2

to Adam TMK 17:2

to Paul UL 309:2

roughness of human nature softened by 3SM 238:5


knew consequences of fulfillment of TMK 33:2

tries to prevent, claiming freedom from obedience RC 53:4

Saviour’s love felt in studying LHU 248:4

slowness in our carrying out UL 188:6

sober reflection of LHU 367:4

softens the temper and smooths the manners OHC 238:3

soon completed LHU 373:7

successful only by Christ becoming human AG 161:4

talk of, instead of difficulties LHU 216:3

temptation of Christ was foundation of Con 63:2

thanksgiving for UL 169:2

transformation by contemplating RC 304:5


better in passing through trials LHU 267:3

Christ’s sacrifice enables cooperation with Him in TMK 104:4

dimly by the Christian world LHU 152:2

requires higher thoughts 2MCP 663:1

the meaning of 2MCP 406:1

unfolding of, has been continued FLB 194:2

united with agencies of heaven by LHU 239:4

vague understanding of, and confused OHC 30:4

wisdom, justice, mercy and love displayed in TMK 10:3

wonderful in simplicity and fullness TMK 96:3

Word of God shows LHU 130:5

working out, for own soul and others TMK 87:3

See also Christ, mission of; Gospel

possessed by one who receives Christ HP 318:4

possibility of, depended on temptation of Christ Con 66:2

power for,

(divine) required TDG 344:3

is only in Christ; we are His tools 2MCP 492:3

not evident while presuming God’s favor TDG 294:5

power of God given for working out LHU 216:7

powers of mind and body are related to working out 2MCP 377:2

praise to God for, and gratitude to human instrument RC 257:7

prayer instituted for HP 75:5

preparation to seek LHU 252:4

present way of; simplicity of the gospel VSS 341:1

price/cost of,

contemplated by those who would be victors AG 271:3

expecting God’s favor because of TMK 79:2

infinite to Father and Son TMK 205:4

life of Christ; own standard is insufficient RC 55:6

paid for every person OHC 42:2

paid same for colored as for white SW 13:1

presenting life measuring with life of God 3SM 118:4

remembered when we look to the cross TDG 261:4

sensed when drawing strength from Christ TMK 132:4

Prince of life interested in your UL 47:6

prominence to power of Christ for 3SM 187:3

prosperity endangers HP 243:3

provision for, RC 114:4

ample but requires coming to Christ OHC 38:4

only under the Abrahamic covenant FLB 78:5

through faith in Christ TMK 58:2

purchase of,

at infinite cost RC 75:6

by faith and would oblige the Creator FW 20:0

realized if we trust God in darkness and light OHC 318:4

refusal of, inexcusable in judgment TMK 96:5

rejection of repeated messages of, while others unwarned TDG 187:4

repentance and laying hold on Christ required for OHC 52:4

reproof sent to teach way of TDG 167:4

required the gift of Christ OHC 12:3


both coming to Christ and being grafted TSB 135

cooperation with Christ TMK 21:5

more than attending church UL 264:2

responsibility in, seen in idea of overcoming FW 74:4

righteousness of Christ related to law is only hope of 3SM 168:3

risk of losing, by practices Christ forbids HP 167:3

sacrifice for,

shared by recipients LHU 325:4

value only in Christ’s LHU 319:3

sacrifice not made by partakers of OHC 201:3

sacrificial system could not secure LHU 24:7


disproved by one soul’s UL 223:2

opposed Christ’s work when souls asked about TDG 256:6

tried to counteract Christ’s work of TDG 256:3

science of,

first lesson of life 1MCP 358:2

heaven watches to see, in the church HP 101:2; OHC 172:4

submission in school of Christ for learning OHC 105:3

that can be safely searched into UL 196:5

search Scriptures to know conditions for LHU 114:3

secured by mutual contract HP 19:2

security in, is false while not working for souls PM 285:2

seek, from Christ, not mourning for wants 3SM 152:2


(dependence on) renounced in accepting AG 179:2

is not the source of; we are not sin-bearers others LHU 331:3

sermons to contain science of VSS 337:1

simple to secure HP 197:5

simplicity of, not understood FW 64:3

sin continuing prevents granting of UL 189:5


burden of, as, not securing worldly success OHC 308:5

hunger for, but often hear only pleasing speech FW 32:2

perishing unless someone works for their TDG 218:3

working for, essential for our own FLB 304:2

speaking news of, to everyone by converted soul VSS 321:0

strain to leave world for 3SM 155:1

strengthened for own, in giving light to others TDG 211:5

striving/struggle required for,

constantly HP 259:4; 3SM 360:4

suffering of Christ,

to be shared by all who receive HP 265:4

to bring OHC 265:4

we cannot be passive OHC 91:4

superficial faith thought to replace uprightness for FW 89:2


for, to be complete TDG 140:6

is required for, TDG 64:3

of own plans TDG 322:3

taste, when making full surrender TDG 101:3

teach importance of new heart for TDG 108:5

tell way of, in simple language VSS 249:1

theories of,

accepted not appreciating Christ’s sacrifice 3SM 190:1

Christ uplifted is better than, to change sinner LHU 297

do not bring 3SM 172:4

thoughts of, extinguished by a course of fun FLB 235:2

thwarting God’s plan for your UL 179:4

today trusting my Saviour HP 118:5

treasures of FLB 111:5


teach us trust in God for HP 269:2

will be seen connected with LHU 250:6

triumph of Christ is our; He is our substitute FW 74:4

trust an infallible Judge for, not human opinions HP 132:3

trusting Christ to work out HP 186:3



clear in the Bible LHU 130:6

not valued; not understood 3SM 188:1

brings, for God works in it TDG 50:5

clarified by Christ so it could be comprehended VSS 96:3

effective for, taught only by God TDG 112:4

trying too hard to provide your own UL 376:2

two forces at work in, divine influence and faith OHC 310:5

uncertainty of; hope is only in merits of Christ TSB 48:2

understandable from Bible for the teachable HP 105:3


better by soul united with God TMK 124:4

how to secure UL 56:2, 264:1

when Christ made sum of discourses VSS 311:1


above earthly gain OHC 308:5

because it saves from sin Mar 326:6

watching soberly for, with cheerfulness TMK 170:4

waters of,

come as a child to receive TDG 301:4

through humans if obstructions removed OHC 151:3


appointed by the Lord required for TDG 248:5

made for full; looking at shadows is unnecessary FW 75:3

of, appointed TDG 73:4

to have, told in John 3:1-16 FW 63:1

wells of, discovered by converts TMK 216:4

willingness for, He attends every step if we have TDG 72:2


for, purpose of SDA’s subjects of truth TDG 217:4

of world cannot measure or understand TMK 124:4

withholding a knowledge of, while souls depend on it HP 320:2

without, sadness in realization of being TSB 66:1

woe for rejecters of FLB 354:5

Word of God,

gives wisdom about UL 348:2

heard and received with meekness for UL 50:2

is word of, to the obedient TDG 120:2

makes one who studies it wise unto TDG 127:5


as Christ worked for, of lost AG 324:6

in own, for God does not work alone TDG 167:2

of preparing for, outlined OHC 82:6

work of/working for/out, TDG 72:2

alone; idea disagrees with Phil. 2:12, 13 OHC 91:3

between God and us HP 360:5

by Christ RC 107:5; UL 130:5

by practicing right doing UL 185:3

cooperate with Christ in UL 292:5

depends on us UL 25:2

enabled by accepting redemption TMK 47:4

for others RC 41:3; UL 50:5

no carelessness in command for TDG 344:2

not a contradiction TDG 72:2

of all classes SW 10:3

supremely important HP 310:5

thought to be partly own FW 26:0

undertaken and completed by Christ HP 359:4

with Christ FW 71:4

with fear, meaning of OHC 91


act no part in FW 24:1

do not allow us to claim 3SM 199:3

do not produce,

but are needed for it 3SM 147:1

look away from yourself 3SM 325:1

earn no part of OHC 118:4

in seeking, dishonors God and ends usefulness 3SM 190:1

of law do not produce, but harmony with it needed FW 95:3

writings of infidels shunned by those who value OHC 276:4

See also Christ, acceptance by; Heaven; Lost; Redemption; Sanctification; Saved; Souls, working for