EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Roman Catholic leader, Roman Catholic leaders - Rye flour

Roman Catholic leader, Roman Catholic leaders

Roman Catholic leader, Roman Catholic leaders, cruelty of, to Christ’s ambassadors GC 568, 668, 577

demanded that: Sabbath be profaned GC 65

Sunday be hallowed GC 65

use of Scriptures by GC 521

Roman Catholic music

Roman Catholic music, unsurpassed GC 566

Roman Catholic penitent, Roman Catholic penitents

Roman Catholic penitent, Roman Catholic penitents, laws of God violated by, in violating laws of nature GC 569

Roman Catholic power

Roman Catholic power, by its outside attraction and gorgeous display deceives all nations 7BC 983

represented in Revelation 17 7BC 983

Roman Catholic prelate, Roman Catholic prelates

Roman Catholic prelate, Roman Catholic prelates, oath of, to persecute heretics GC 565

oath of allegiance of, to pope GC 565

raised in resurrection of the wicked GC 668

Scriptures misused by GC 51

Roman Catholic priest, Roman Catholic priests

Roman Catholic priest, Roman Catholic priests, confession of sin to, degrading and defiling GC 567-8

degradation of, ceremony of GC 108-9

raised in resurrection of wicked GC 668

Scriptures misused by GC 51

See also Priest

Roman Catholic procession

Roman Catholic procession, dream re company like 1T 578

Roman Catholic readers

Roman Catholic readers, shutting door in faces of CW 65

Roman Catholic religion

Roman Catholic religion, not dull and meaningless round of ceremony GC 566

Roman Catholic seminary, Roman Catholic seminaries

Roman Catholic seminary, Roman Catholic seminaries, Protestants patronize GC 566

Roman Catholic worship

Roman Catholic worship, pomp and ceremony of, seductive power of GC 566-7

Romance, Romances

Romance, Romances, articles of: do not honor SDA publications CW 22

not needed in SDA periodicals CW 18; 7T 157

that should find no place in SDA periodicals CW 17-8

cheap and worthless, SDA publishing houses should not advertise or sell CW 147

do not treat life as, but as reality WM 153

girl injured by reading 2T 559

real experiences of life are more fascinating than 7T 157

religious life not to be presented as, from pulpit CW 21

in SDA papers CW 21

Scriptures are more valuable for study than CT 455

stories of, not essential to man’s well-being CW 147

style of, SDA periodicals should not present truth in CW 147

unfits reader for real life 3T 152

works of, that are curse to readers MH 445

See also Book; Fiction; Novel; Story


and fables, Bible study better than UL 215:5

articles not to present truth in the style of TDG 282:2

life not to be treated as; work out your salvation TSB 51:2

minds allowed to dwell on, will ruin soul and body OHC 334:4

time strips marriage of imagined HP 203:3

Roman centurion, Roman centurions

Roman centurion, Roman centurions, Christ’s death verified for Pilate by DA 773

of guards who crucified Christ, confessed faith in Him DA 770

servant of, Christ healed DA 315-8; MH 63-6

See also Cornelius; Julius; Miracle

Romance tale, Romance tales

Romance tale, Romance tales, effects of love of, on children AH 411

Roman citizen, Roman citizens

Roman citizen, Roman citizens, not deprived of liberty without fair trial AA 217

not subjected to torture AA 509; SR 316

Paul was AA 112, 217, 410, 422, 430; 6BC 1084; Ed 64; EW 205; SR 316

freeborn AA 410; 6BC 1065

rights and privileges of, in Paul’s time AA 217-8, 428, 430

Silas was AA 217; EW 205

unlawful to scourge, except for most flagrant crime AA 217

wealthy, hundreds of slaves owned by AA 459

Roman coin

Roman coin, Caesar’s name and image stamped on DA 602 See also Coin

Roman court

Roman court, accusation against Christ that would have no weight in DA 204-5

under Nero, moral atmosphere unfavorable to Christianity at AA 462; 5T 182

Roman emperor

Roman emperor, second Jewish temple enriched with gifts by DA 575

Roman Empire (government)

Roman Empire (government), authority of: Christ did not infringe upon DA 461; MH 88

Jewish priests held in restraint by 5BC 1100

plot to charge Christ with usurping DA 461

Simon Zelotes as uncompromising hater of DA 296

Barabbas excited sedition against DA 733-6

Christians accused as rebels against GC 40

Constantine made Sunday a public festival throughout GC 53, 574; SR 329

Corinth was great commercial center of AA 243

criminals banished to Isle of Patmos by AA 570; SL 71-2

cross was associated with power of DA 416

crown removed from Israel passed in succession to Ed 179

decree of, for enrollment of peoples of her vast dominion DA 44

dominion of, Moses was shown Israel under PP 475

eagles of, gospel penetrated to GC 41; SR 321

fall of, lesson from PK 548

favor of, Herod the Great’s only security was DA 61

heathenism of, little communities of slaves and peasants in conflict with COL 78

idolatry of, centurion educated in DA 317

insurrection against, Christ was accused of plotting DA 725, 737, 773

Jews permitted to maintain form of separate government under DA 30

Jews’ duty to support, while under protection and power of DA 602

Jewish insurrection against, was frequent DA 725

Jewish nation became subject to, because of apostasy DA 106, 602

Jewish religion protected under AA 253

Judea brought directly under control of, at removal of Archelaus DA 104

national hatred of Jews against DA 104

one of world’s great empires Ed 177; MB 5; PK 535

pagan: papacy succeeded to power and seat and authority of GC 439

Satan’s agent in war against church in first centuries after Christ GC 438

symbolized secondarily by dragon of Revelation 12 GC 438

paganism was religion of, during first centuries after Christ GC 438

Pilate under suspicion by DA 737

power of, not used by Christ for His work AA 17

pride of, Jews hoped Christ would humble MB 70

revolt against, Jews would have supported John the Baptist in DA 178

rise and fall of, presented in prophecy Ed 177; PK 535, 548

rule of, Jews bitterly opposed DA 737

Sanhedrin had no power under, to inflict capital punishment DA 204

Sanhedrin’s authority under DA 698

standards of See Roman ensign

treason against, Christ was condemned on false charge of DA 737, 773

why, perished PK 548

Roman ensign (standard)

Roman ensign (standard), idolatrous: set up in holy ground about Jerusalem GC 26

symbolized her power MB 69

troops bowed in homage to MB 69

image on, regarded by Jews as abomination 4BC 1145

Roman games

Roman games, brutal Ed 210

Roman garrison

Roman garrison, Capernaum was seat of MB 70

Roman governor, Roman governors

Roman governor, Roman governors, heathen symbols and customs introduced into Judea by DA 104

Jewish revolt under, quenched in blood DA 104

Sanhedrin subordinated by DA 133

tyranny and extortion of DA 104

Roman knight

Roman knight, Jews dragged, around Jerusalem’s walls 6BC 1065-6

Roman law

Roman law, cruel policy sanctioned by AA 445

Roman master, Roman masters

Roman master, Roman masters, treatment of slaves by AA 459

Roman official, Roman officials

Roman official, Roman officials, Christ was careful lest, should be aroused to fear insurrection DA 232

in Palestine, Christ did not denounce DA 272; MB 59-60

were continual offense to Jews MB 59-60

Jews secretly aided by, in persecuting Christians AA 102

Jewish leaders bribed AA 98

not to investigate Stephen’s death AA 101; SR 266

listened to John the Baptist 2SM 152

no effort made by, to hinder Jewish persecution against church SR 267

protested against illegal death sentence passed on Christ by Sanhedrin DA 715

sent to arrest Christ were silenced and subdued by His calm voice DA 581

sentence of death passed by Sanhedrin must be ratified by DA 698

silenced and subdued by Christ’s words DA 581

Roman oppressors

Roman oppressors, rabbis fiercely hated Ed 65

Roman ruler

Roman ruler, Christ’s interest in MH 24; WM 257

sat in palace on Mt. Zion DA 103

Roman seal

Roman seal, Christ’s tomb sealed with DA 778-9, 794 See also Seal

Roman servants

Roman servants, were slaves DA 315; MH 63

Roman servant or slave

Roman servant or slave AA 456-60, 522; DA 315; MH 63

Roman soldier, Roman soldiers

Roman soldier, Roman soldiers, Christ arrested by, in Gethsemane DA 694-6

Christ’s trial witnessed by DA 715, 723, 731, 735

crucifixion of Christ by DA 744, 746, 754-5, 756, 770-3; SR 222-3

from Herod’s barracks, heard John the Baptist 2SM 148

interposed to keep mob from killing Christ DA 715, 731

Jewish collisions with MB 69-70

life of, forfeited by letting prisoners escape AA 445

listened to John the Baptist 2SM 152

mocking, raised in general resurrection of the wicked GC 667

raised in special resurrection of the wicked GC 643

Paul in custody of AA 407-16, 439-41, 445, 447-50, 509-10

Peter in custody of AA 146-9; SR 255, 293-5, 297

Pilate delivered Christ to, to take Him to Herod DA 728-9

restrained from breaking Christ’s limbs DA 771-2

second advent witnessed by GC 643

softened by what they saw and heard of Christ DA 771

stationed at Christ’s tomb 5BC 1110; DA 778-85; EW 182-4, 189, 208, 265-6; 1SM 303, 305; SR 229-33

stationed in Sanhedrin judgment hall at trial of Christ DA 703-4, 715, 731, 735, 737

surrounding Christ, not all hardened DA 735

Romans, Epistle to

Romans, Epistle to AA 373-82

Paul wrote AA 447; 1SM 67

at Corinth AA 372-3

Romantic castle-building

Romantic castle-building, unfits people for usefulness 2T 251

Romantic project, Romantic projects

Romantic project, Romantic projects, mind should not be centered on 2T 249

Roman wealth

Roman wealth, second Jewish temple embellished by GC 25

Roman yoke

Roman yoke, Israel under DA 215; GC 25, 594


See Papacy

Rome (city of)

Rome (city of), Appii Forum was 40 miles from AA 448

burning of: Christians accused of AA 487

Nero suspected of causing AA 487

occurred in year after Nero set Paul free AA 487

Paul accused of instigating AA 489-90, 494

called Babylon GC 237

catacombs under hills outside of GC 40

Christians banished from, as result of complaints by Jews in reign of Claudius AA 349; 6BC 1063

Christians of, in Paul’s day 5T 182

Christianity in and near, in Paul’s time AA 447-513

church established in, before Paul went there AA 373

20 years after Christ’s crucifixion 6BC 1063, 1067

church of, Paul’s epistle to See Romans, Epistle to

See also Roman Catholic Church

Claudius banished Jews from AA 349; 6BC 1063

conditions in, in Paul’s day 5T 182

drunk with blood of martyrs GC 133

Galba’s march against, to overthrow Nero AA 497

gospel penetrated GC 41

gospel workers sent out from, by Paul AA 453-6

instruction given to Christians in, helped other churches AA 373

Jews banished by Claudius from, returned in large numbers AA 450; 6BC 1083

Jews in, Paul’s labors for AA 450-3

Jewish insurrection in, shortly before Paul was in Thessalonica AA 229

John summoned for trial in, by Domitian at AA 569-60; SL 71

Luther (Martin) visited GC 124-5; SR 341-2

number of Christians in, persecution by Nero greatly lessened AA 489

Onesimus converted in AA 456-60

Paul died as martyr in AA 509-13; SR 315-9

Paul witnessed for Christ in AA 449-513, 537; 6BC 1056; SR 315

Paul wrote from: Epistle to Colossians AA 471-8

Epistle to Ephesians 5T 730

Epistle to Philemon AA 456-60

Epistle to Philippians AA 479-84; MB 34

2 Timothy AA 498-503, 508; 4T 352-3

Paul’s contemplated journey to AA 291, 373, 413, 463-4

Paul’s first imprisonment in AA 449-88

Paul’s first trial before Nero in AA 485-7

Paul’s imprisonment in, furthered gospel work there AA 463-4; GC 208

Paul’s journey from Caesarea to AA 439-49

Paul’s labors in, blessed with many conversions AA 485

Paul’s second imprisonment in AA 489-513; SL 96; SR 315

Paul’s second trial before Nero in AA 492-7

Paul’s second voyage to AA 489

Peter died as martyr in AA 537-8; 6BC 1056; SR 315-6

Peter witnessed for Christ in AA 537; 6BC 1056; SR 315

pontifical palace in, roll favoring Sunday observance had its source at GC 576

Puteoli was 140 miles from AA 447

Scriptures sold without restraint on streets of GC 288

Simon Magus in 6BC 1057

white marble sent from, to embellish second Jewish temple GC 25

world’s metropolis in Paul’s time AA 461, 463

Rome, Council of

Rome, Council of, reaffirmed decisions of previous councils re Sunday observance GC 575

Rome, N.Y.

Rome, N.Y. CH 465; LS 216; 1SM 360; 4T 301


paralytic suggested removing tile from FW 67:3

Room, Rooms

Room, Rooms, boys should know how to put, in order Ed 216

children should put, in order AH 300

children’s, parents duty re CG 111

should be pleasant and sunny FE 155

cold, perspiring person should not sit in 1T 703

weary person should not sit in 1T 703

cool, perspiring person should not enter CD 302; MM 230; 2SM 296

disorderly, mothers should not keep AH 254

filled with liquor fumes, it is dangerous to remain in Te 58

filled with tobacco fumes, ill effects of remaining in MH 328; Te 58

heated by stove, delicate girls injured by staying in 2SM 471

how to air SD 107

make, as cheerful as possible CH 100; FE 155

man with terribly broken skull was cared for in well-ventilated 2T 18

need thorough ventilation and plenty of sunlight MH 274

not exposed to light and air, become damp CH 57; 4aSG 142; 2SM 462

not in constant use, accumulates dampness MH 275

overheated: babies should not be kept in MH 381

ill effects of working in 2T 530

kept too warm, lungs weakened by 2SM 305

office workers warned against 1T 590

people made drowsy by GW 166-7

teaching is more effective than preaching in GW 166-7

poorly ventilated: danger of taking cold while sitting in CH 57

ill effects of living in MH 274; 1T 702-3

ill effects of remaining in 2T 530-3

sickness contracted from 2SM 458

proper ventilation of, importance of Ed 200; CG 125; 1T 702-3; 2T 527

needed day and night SD 171

should be sunny and inviting TM 245

sleeping See Sleeping apartment; Sleeping room

student’s neat and orderly, angels linger in 6T 171

warm and comfortable, aged persons need MH 275

See also Sickroom

Roomer, Roomers

Roomer, Roomers, influence of church members on 4T 513

Room temperature

Room temperature 2T 526-7, 533

excessively hot, person with cold should avoid 2T 530

maximum, 65 degrees should be 1T 703

Roosevelt, N.Y.

Roosevelt, N.Y. LS 171, 178; 1T 264, 272, 326, 643-4


Rooster See Cock

Root, Roots

1. Figurative

2. Of plants

1. Figurative

and branch, Satan and followers will be destroyed as DA 763; GC 673

church member must have life and, in himself WM 111

of bitterness See Bitterness

of dissension, do not nurture TM 469

2. Of plants

combined with other things, health foods may be made of CD 470

fibers of, should not be crowded or misplaced in transplanting plants Ed 111-2

nature of, learn 2SM 297

nuts and, healthful foods may be made of MH 298

of flowers, God nourishes SD 75

simple, treating disease with 2SM 279

simple remedies made of 2SM 297-8

right use of, make MM 230-1

treating sick people with 2SM 297-8

various, health foods may be made of 7T 126

vine’s, sends nourishment through branch ML 11

Root, E. H.

Root, E. H. LS 173; 2SM 307; 1T 570-2, 574-5

Rope, Ropes

Rope, Ropes, of sand, promises like SC 47; SR 289; 5T 513

Rose, Roses

Rose, Roses, children may see Christ in Ed 120

gather, instead of thorns SC 117; TM 502

in new earth EW 19; ML 354; 2SG 54; 1T 69

of Sharon, pink in Harmon garden was called 1T 19

ornamental, do not cover Christ’s cross with SD 266

thorns covered with PP 600; SC 10


lily not to try to be like; God gives variance 2MCP 426:3; OHC 90:5

work of Master Artist seen in tracery of OHC 254:3


Rosebush, lesson from MB 128; SL 13

training of DA 516


Rotation, of crops See Crop

of earth See Earth


Rottenness of soul, how to get rid of 2T 323

Roughest cases

Roughest cases, humanity’s, how to handle 3T 422


Roughness, out of place in family discipline AH 174; CG 216; 2T 366

put away all ChS 226; Ev 637; SD 315


removed from individual as jewel TDG 122:4

Rough person, Rough persons

Rough person, Rough persons, gospel doctrines never make 7T 67; 8T 63, 140

leaven of truth makes, gentle COL 102

religion does not make 2SM 202

truth does not make AH 422; CG 110; CH 101; CT 365; Ev 173, 400; GW 333; 2SG 288; 4T 320

Rough place, Rough places

Rough place, Rough places, earth’s, labor for the needy in Ed 270

Round Grove, Ill.

Round Grove, Ill. LS 160; 2SG 214-5, 217, 295a; 1T 245


Routine, binding habit of CT 394; FE 373

See Monotony; Rut

Roving disposition

Roving disposition, man who had 2T 423

Roxbury, Mass.

Roxbury, Mass. 2SG 67

Royal court, Royal courts

Royal court, Royal courts, many a lad of today will stand in Ed 262

Royal line

Royal line, youth of today called to take their places in Ed 254-5

Royal person, Royal persons

Royal person, Royal persons, persons think it a privilege to see SD 8


Royalty, cedar as emblem of PP 450

glitter and pomp of, sorrows and perplexities concealed by Ed 152; 1SM 259

of heaven, insignia of MB 75

ring as token of GW 140


Christ laid aside, and took human nature 1MCP 184:4

Royalty, Royalties, publishing

diversion of, from work in the Southern field SW 95:3

from books 5T 563-8; 7T 176-81

lowest, Ellen White accepted; still Great Controversy held back PM 355:0

plan of not giving; James White assented PM 233:3

reduction of,

promise to promote books in connection with PM 207:2

spirit of injustice in; Ellen White shown PM 207:3

scheming to reduce PM 149:3

some have had fair; figuring back royalties not needed PM 236:2

unfairness in PM 232:2

See also Authors, royalties for

Rubbing board

Rubbing board, washing clothes on FE 74-5


Rubbish, clear away, of criticism and complaint 7BC 937

of suspicion 7BC 937; 9T 193

of earth, unfits men for translation 1T 705

of human wisdom and tradition, jewels of truth buried beneath 6T 132

of world clogs channels of many souls 2T 184; WM 165

piled at heart’s door, let Spirit burn away 5T 490

remove, from heart’s door for Christ 1T 143; 4T 612, 617


clear, so Christ can enter TDG 74:2


Rude, Christ was never DA 353; GW 117


Rudeness, in dealing with others, there should be no TM 262

in words and manners, home training revealed by CG 143

is not energy 4T 569

minister’s, should not be permitted GW 172

to children, manifest no CG 216


absent when abiding in Christ TMK 93:4

Christ never had; blunt ways displease Him TMK 306:4

commandments broken if, shown in the home 1MCP 157:1

Ruffle, Ruffles

Ruffle, Ruffles, in children’s dress 4T 642

in dress Ed 248; MYP 346; 3T 376; 4T 631, 642

inward adorning neglected for 3T 376

inferior quality of 4T 631

money misspent for AH 388; 4T 391; 5T 156

parading of, at church services 5T 499

time misspent on CSW 20

undue perplexity over 4T 629

when additional, sink into insignificance Ed 248


Ruffled, one is never on vantage ground when ML 335; 9T 184

Rug, Rugs

Rug, Rugs, to be taken up and shaken AH 300 See also Carpet


Ruin, eternal, world hurrying on to 9T 14

future, strife and hatred bring 5T 243

general, coming on earth 5T 295

many might have been saved from DA 141

national, national apostasy as signal for 2SM 373

national apostasy will end in 7BC 977; Ev 235

Satan’s temptations lead to GC 589-90

wages of sin is GC 668


Lucifer brought irretrievable, on himself TDG 287:4

national, result of restricting liberty in the U. S. Mar 216:2

Satan seeks your, claiming that good will come from sin TMK 125:4

Satan’s object now as in Eden TMK 121:2

Rule, Rules

Rule, Rules, arbitrary, graces of character not developed by Ed 237

cast-iron, teachers should lay side 5T 654

crushing spirituality, do not impose on God’s people 5T 727

exact, cases of all people cannot be met by 2T 673

ensuring safe guidance in choice of occupation Ed 267

fixed or set: better to pray than to make Ev 117-8; TM 191-2

God’s people not to be bound about by MM 284

gospel work needs no Ev 105

for diet, ministers who have no 4T 416

for giving to God’s cause 5T 735

for keeping man from disease and premature death CD 16

for rising and retiring at regular hours, youth who disregard SD 114

given by God for man’s guidance SD 78; 2SM 217

need of strictly obeying CG 65-6

golden See Golden rule

in all things, “Thus saith the Lord” is to be CD 30; CH 70; FE 78

in gospel, men think they can improve on TM 192

invention of, to force obedience MB 123

iron: God dishonored by making of TM 367, 494

making of, for other people 7T 181; TM 494

training of children under 3T 132

ironclad, make for youth no MM 180

just, youth should be taught to respect CH 294

make it a, never to censure 4T 243

man’s, God does not estimate according to COL 364

man-made, desire to rule gospel workers by TM 491-2

need of, re time, place, and manner of worship 5T 491

need of consistent, that appeal to reason MM 284

of conduct, for Christ’s followers DA 523

of daily living, make Christ’s teachings the MH 142

of exact precision, gospel work needs no 1SM 85

of faith and discipline, Bible is 1SM 416

of institutions, re courtship MM 141-2

of life: Bible contains 4T 416

Christ’s presentation of DA 314

God’s law is AA 505; 5T 329

God’s precepts as 5T 84

men stand or fall in judgment by DA 640; MH 104-5

Philippians 4:8 as CH 630

strength of intellect given by PK 486

of modesty and reserve, courtship that violates MM 141-2

only sure and safe, is to do what God says AA 475; PK 83

orderly, youth need to follow ML 143

rabbinical See Rabbinical rule

SS should not be stifled by multiplicity of CSW 162

safe and sure, amid life’s perplexities and dangers Ed 229

sanitariums need, re courtship MM 141-2

school See School discipline; School rule

Scripture, make your conduct conform to FE 464

senseless, Christ tried to free people from DA 150

strict, youth should observe ML 143

three, that ensure safe guidance in choice of occupation Ed 267

to which there is no exception SD 40

too rigid, lead to disregard of all regulations AH 308-9

trying to reform churches by TM 192-3

youth should not be bound down by Te 211

See also Discipline; Government; Law; Regulation


disregard of God’s; strange fire offered PM 139:2

divine, guilt by turning from OHC 206:2

given by God UL 249:4

God’s, pure and lofty; love practiced OHC 73:4

heavenly host governed by, and we need to be disciplined OHC 230:4

importance of, in the home; parents to give living example PM 88:1

obedient children receive and cherish; (precepts) TMK 163:3

unbending, love is better than; teachers play with children 3SM 228:4

Word of God is perfect LHU 291:8; 2MCP 784:1

See also Law of God

Rule-or-ruin system

Rule-or-ruin system, evils of TM 280, 360

Ruler, Rulers

1. Divine

2. Earthly

3. Jewish

4. Religious

5. Rich young

1. Divine

God’s authority as, must be respected above man’s 5T 713

of nations, Lord God Omnipotent is FE 505

world is not without 5T 753

2. Earthly

absolute, Israel’s king was not to be PP 611

actuated by desire for gain or love for sinful pleasure GC 586

all under God’s rule and government 6BC 1081; FE 505

American, will yield to demand for Sunday law GC 592

apostates will stir up, against Sabbath-keepers GC 608

are God’s servants 6BC 1081

assuming to exalt themselves above God CG 492

attention of, fixed on events taking place Ed 179; MM 333; PK 537

base or unjust action should not be done by 6BC 1081

Bible lessons of priceless worth for FE 542

brand of antichrist on TM 39

bribes should be scorned by 6BC 1081

Christ foretold how church would be treated by GC 39

Christ has promised wisdom to speak before COL 252

Christ’s followers brought into conflict with DA 277-8

Christ’s servants are to lift Him up before DA 354

Christian’s duty to obey, in exercise of just and legitimate authority GC 278

claims of Ten Commandments above those of 9T 93-4

councils of, angels as spokesmen in Ed 305; GC 632

courtesy of Paul before GW 123; MH 489

devils’ efforts to control and influence 4BC 1173

dishonest or unjust act should not be connived at by 6BC 1081

divine Watcher’s word to PK 502

duty of, to be strictly temperate PP 362; Te 268-9

to refuse to be bought and sold 6BC 1081

Eastern, crimes tolerated in PP 717

Ezekiel shown a power above that of Ed 177

favor and support of, Christian religion sought GC 385

favors of, God’s people should not cut off TM 202-3

finding fault continually with, not wise 6T 394

God alone is above all Te 53

God has agents among GC 610

to thwart Satan’s plans 1T 203

God has set bounds to, beyond which they cannot go 1T 203

God is above 6BC 1081

God moves upon, in behalf of His people ChS 168; TM 202

God restrains 1T 203

God will overrule, till third angel’s message is proclaimed 1T 203

God will teach His people what to say when brought before TM 386

God’s agents among, angels aid 1T 203

God’s people will be called before 1SM 415; TM 119

God’s supremacy above that of 9T 93-4

God-fearing, will accept truth under loud cry of third angel 1T 203

good, qualifications of 6BC 1081; PK 26-8

has no civil or moral right to compel men to worship God PK 511

have Ruler in heavens 4BC 1169

heart of every, in God’s hand 3BC 1139

held in check and under God’s control 4BC 1173

ideal, qualifications of PK 26

in Solomon’s time, trampled God’s law underfoot PK 52

Knox (John) on Christian’s duty to GC 250-1

lesson which all, need to learn PK 521

little dependence can be placed on, in day of adversity COL 171

men should not be upheld by, in acts of oppression 6BC 1081

Medo-Persian, devils’ influence over 1T 295

mightiest, God’s message to PP 694

need of 1T 203

need to hear truth Ev 561

neglect of, to punish iniquity of subjects PP 728

no, authorized to come between God and man 9T 234

not to be worshiped as gods Ev 561

obedience to, Münzer (Thomas) denounced GC 191

of Christendom, decree that will be issued against Sabbathkeepers by GC 626

overruling Power has to do with affairs of PK 535

persecuting, will conspire against God’s people 5T 450

will conspire against Sabbathkeepers PK 606

person who fears God will honor GC 278

power of: imparted by God Ed 174; PK 502

should be used to terrify evildoer 1T 362

should be used without partiality and hypocrisy 6BC 1081

prejudice against 1T 203

recognition and support by, work of God’s kingdom is not clamoring for DA 510

represented as dragon warring against saints TM 39

requirements of, subordinate to God’s claims FE 79

respect for: enjoined PP 311

fifth commandment of Decalogue enjoins PP 308

ridiculed Christ’s claim to be king COL 77

robes and badges worn by, in Christ’s time DA 610

Satan controls many 1T 203

Satan has active agents among GC 610

Satan will urge, to destroy God’s people PK 590-1; 5T 475

SDA will be heard by Ev 560

some, will be converted and endure through time of trouble 1T 203-4

Spirit’s influence restrains, while Christ intercedes in heavenly sanctuary GC 610; 1T 202

subjects of, Bible lessons of priceless worth for FE 542

success of, depends on use of power bestowed by God Ed 174

traffic in intoxicating liquor should be prohibited by 3BC 1162

union of, with ministers of religion to dictate in matters of conscience AA 432

warned not to drink wine and strong drink Te 53

when Christians are not to obey PP 719; 1T 361-2

who became as children by continued transgression PK 323

whose principles are debasing, corrupt men have chosen 1T 362

why some, join church GC 386

wicked, under control of devils after probation closes 1T 204

will bow to Satan’s false theories FE 472

will rank themselves on side of man of sin 2SM 373

wise, will not permit people to be oppressed because they regard God’s law 6BC 1081

See Authorities

3. Jewish

called to be representatives of God to nation DA 156

Christ exposed character of DA 612

copies of Scriptures were to be made for PK 52

Moses given instructions for guidance of PK 52

precepts of God’s law were to be daily study of PK 465

who will rise in resurrection of the wicked GC 667

4. Religious

arbitrary, no man is to come into God’s work as FE 529-30

conference presidents’ disposition to be, displeases God 9T 270

exacting, leader of God’s people must not assume prerogatives of TM 491

gospel worker should never act as CS 147

no man set as, in churches TM 477

over God’s people, no man set as MM 165; 9T 270, 275-6; TM 495

youth are to be, over God’s kingdom within them Ed 204

5. Rich young

Christ interviewed by COL 390-6; CS 150-2, 210-1; DA 518-23, 719; 2SG 239-42; 1T 170-78, 207, 350-1, 483-4; 2T 679-80, 690; 4T 219-20

Christ pointed out idol of 1T 171

Christ tested sincerity of DA 518

conditional promise given to COL 395

failed to love neighbor as himself 1T 171

first precept of Decalogue violated by 1T 484

had great possessions DA 518

had high estimate of his own righteousness DA 518

last six commandments of Decalogue not kept by 1T 172

love for God lacking in heart of DA 519

love of riches was supreme in 1T 171

loved gifts of God more than the Giver DA 520

loved his possessions more than God PK 221; 1T 172

member of honored council of Jews DA 520

might have become worker for Christ CS 152; PK 221

position of responsibility held by DA 518

possessions and exalted position were detrimental to DA 520

possessions were idols of 1T 484

represents large class of people CS 152

riches were idol of DA 520

saw Christ bless children DA 518

Ten Commandments not kept by 1T 171

unfaithful steward DA 523

world was god of COL 392


Christ’s conversation with FW 70

possessions were a god to UL 29:3

told to keep commandments; how many do this? TDG 239:2


Rulership, God’s, above that of earthly rulers 9T 94

punishment for rebellious against PK 276


attitude of, influences others; not sitting at Jesus’ feet PM 134:4

danger of sanguine person exercising, over brethren PM 139:3

desire for UL 351:4

self-exaltation absorbs the mind with the idea of 1MCP 274:1

spirit of, needs to be removed UL 289:8

wrong over Christ’s heritage UL 267:2


Ruling, church leaders’ desire for, over others 9T 275-80; TM 76, 363, 366, 494

over others, consecrated man does not seek PK 31

wife’s desire for, over husband 2T 572

See also Supremacy

Ruling power

Ruling power, compulsive, among God’s people there should be no TM 483

gospel workers wishing to be GW 269

in gospel work, warning re TM 483

man who feels invested with authority to make his will a TM 362

persons deserving to be, need sanctification of submission SD 97


Rum, mental and physical degeneracy caused by CH 49; Te 174


Rumanians, in America ChS 201

Rum drinker

Rum drinker, without rum, feels miserable CD 410; 4aSG 138

Rummery, S.

Rummery, S. 2T 23

Rumor, Rumors

Rumor, Rumors, circulation of 5T 295

floating, unity destroyed by 3BC 1163; TM 504

Rum seller

Rum seller, accountable to God for wretchedness he causes Te 41

business of, terrible results of MH 338

classed with Cain Te 41

leads men to become Satan’s slaves Te 40

tears and cries of drunkard’s family exasperate Te 33

unity frequently destroyed by TMK 184:3

works in copartnership with Satan Te 40-1

Runner, Runners

Runner, Runners, Grecian, prize sought by AA 311-2

Running ahead

Running ahead, of Christ, danger of 2SM 13, 59

Running to and fro

Running to and fro, God’s messengers should be seen ML 63

Rural area, Rural areas

Rural area, Rural areas, Christ preached in Ev 54

educational program needed in MH 192

evangelistic work in Ev 46, 50-1

get out of cities into AH 141; 2SM 141

ignorance and poverty in MH 192

missionaries should labor two and two in Ev 51

of America, establish schools in 6T 137

people in, easier to reach with truth Ev 46

recovery of health by living in Ev 51

See also Country (rural area)

Rural Health Retreat

Rural Health Retreat See St. Helena Sanitarium


Rush, hurry and, results of SD 37


Rushes, See Bulrush


Rushing, into something without knowing what to do 2SM 362

See Activities, hurried

Rushing ahead

Rushing ahead, where you are not wanted CSW 70


Russia, advent message taken from Germany to GC 364

millions in, truth not heard by LS 305


Russians, in America, gospel work among ChS 201

Rust out

Rust out, more people, than wear out 2T 526

Rusting out

Rusting out, from inaction, minister should die from hard work rather than from 2SM 221


See Groove

God’s people to get out of HP 321:6


Ruth, Moabitess, turned to true God COL 290, 301; PK 19

Ryan, Abraham F.

Ryan, Abraham F., poem “Better Than Gold” by, quoted MH 362

Rye flour

Rye flour, bread made of wheat flour and oatmeal and CD 321