EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Providential care - Public speaker, Public speakers, ministers as

Providential care

Providential care, all living creatures daily depend on God’s PP 115

God’s, over Samson PP 568

Providential dealings

Providential dealings, God’s people should remember His 6T 365

need of understanding Ev 199

Providential interposition, Providential interpositions

Providential interposition, Providential interpositions, God’s, will aid church during loud cry Ev 694

Providential opening, Providential openings

Providential opening, Providential openings, see and press into 9T 130

Providential opportunity, Providential opportunities

Providential opportunity, Providential opportunities, failure to improve Ev 394-5; 9T 51

Providential working, Providential workings

Providential working, Providential workings, God speaks to men through His SC 87

God’s will revealed to men in 5T 512

how to recognize, of God 5T 512

when church will see, of God 9T 46


Providing, God has thousand ways of, for His people of which we know nothing DA 330; MH 481


Provision, every, made by God to meet needs of man’s spiritual nature SD 19

faithful persons will never be placed in position for which God has not made COL 173; GW 263; MH 248; ML 217

made by God for man to: act on better plans than worldlings do COL 358

become like Him MB 76

have help which He alone can give LS 245-6

overcome sin 5T 574

scanty, God can increase your PK 242-3

teach people to use, given them by God MM 262

Provocation, Provocations

Provocation, Provocations, consistent life unruffled under MH 494

do not retaliate when under 5T 347

few words hastily spoken under, effects of MH 494

gentleness of spirit under, more effective than forcible argument DA 353

gospel workers under, duty of DA 353

hasty words spoken when under, results of MM 210

how to meet MYP 327

how to react to 5T 347

impatience under: leaders of God’s people warned against PP 420

keeping gentle under, effectiveness of DA 353

meekness under, evidence of indwelling Saviour 5T 597

significance of COL 403

met in right spirit, develop Christian graces MH 487; 5T 344

patient forbearance needed when under MH 494

person guilty of, show special acts of kindness to MM 210

resolve to be patient under MYP 136

say nothing to cause, of Satan’s forces TM 222

self-control needed when under MM 206; PP 421

sin committed while under, not excusable PP 420

testing temper will come MH 487; 5T 344

unruffled spirit under, most conclusive argument is MH 494

what to do when under MM 210, 253-4; 2SG 267


anger not stirred by, if God controls OHC 274:4

gentleness under, by having Christ in the heart RC 59:4

God helps parents forbear under HP 209:2

good kind of: provoking unto love TDG 70:7

patience under TMK 139

patient response to; speak with meekness VSS 67:1

restrain the hasty word in spite of OHC 291:2


in HP 365:2

is best reproof for OHC 174:3


Provoked, being not easily, is fruit of tree of love 2T 134-5

do not become impatient when CS 115

Provoking word, Provoking words

Provoking word, Provoking words, what to do when tempted to speak AH 342-3


Proxy, church members cannot work by 6T 263

gospel work cannot be done by CH 390; MH 147; MM 251; 9T 41

minister cannot do personal work by GW 188

no one saved by 4T 610


Prudence, consult, instead of taste and appetite in family spending 2T 431-2

exercise 3T 482

false, do not be controlled by MYP 28

God does not condemn use of, in things of this life CS 159

highest human, needed in business AH 381

importance of, in gospel work ChS 239

Nehemiah’s PK 633, 635-45

See also Common sense; Tact; Understanding; Wisdom

Prudent manner

Prudent manner, med. miss. work must be carried on in 7T 110

Prune, Prunes

Prune, Prunes, dried, recommended MH 299

recommended CD 311, 324

for sanitarium patients CD 445

for undernourished pregnant woman 2T 384

Prune sauce

Prune sauce CD 105


Pruning, God’s way of DA 676-7; 3T 534

Christian made more fruitful by SL 82; 4T 354-5

fits men for heaven 3T 67

painful for a time, produces good ML 93

patiently endure SL 82

Pruning knife

Pruning knife, God’s: bitter trial as DA 677

Christian made more fruitful by 3T 112, 543; 5T 229

Psalm, Psalms

Psalm, Psalms

1. David’s

2. Miscellaneous

1. David’s

Christ sang, at carpenter’s bench 7BC 936

composed: for use by priests PP 711

for use in sanctuary service PK 333; PP 711, 752-3

to be sung by Israel PP 711

eloquent description of PP 754

express his thoughts and meditations on divine things 4aSG 93

God exalted by, as His people’s strength and deliverer PP 716

in 2 Samuel 1, sung when he received news of death of Jonathan and Saul PP 696

in 2 Samuel 22, composed while Saul hunted him 4aSG 93

Israel sang, on way to annual feasts PP 711

last four, study FE 371

manifest spirit of fervor, devotion, and holiness 4aSG 93

many, composed in wilderness 4aSG 93

most of, arranged in his early life 4aSG 93

pass through whole range of experience PP 754

recount dangers and deliverances he experienced 4aSG 93

spirit, fervor, devotion, and holiness shown in 4aSG 93

sung accompanied with skillful music PP 637, 641; 4aSG 93, 113

sung by David himself PP 637, 641-2; 4aSG 93

sung by Israel 4aSG 88

in Hezekiah’s time PK 333

themes of PP 642

2. Miscellaneous

chanted when ark of covenant was brought to Jerusalem 5T 318

Christ sang, to express His gladness DA 73

when under trial AH 443

God’s name and wondrous works exalted in FE 97

grand Hebrew, chanted on way to Passover PP 538

of Asaph, sung in temple services PK 333

sung in schools of prophets FE 97

that should be studied in SDA schools 3BC 1142; CT 457

used in all coming ages PP 642


Christ sang, when His patience was tried HP 246:5

David’s most eloquent CC 181:6

See also Songs

Psalm 1

Psalm 1, written by composer of Psalm 119 4T 526

Psalm 2

Psalm 2, David composed DA 778

Psalm 3

Psalm 3, David composed, in darkest trial PP 741-2

when he fled from Absalom Ed 165

Psalm 8

Psalm 8, prophet composed 3T 377

Psalm 9

Psalm 9, prophet composed PK 429; 3T 377

Psalm 11

Psalm 11, David composed, in wilderness of Ziph PP 660-1

David sang PP 660-1

Psalm 16

Psalm 16, David composed 3BC 1155; SC 69

sweet singer of Israel composed AA 227

Psalm 17

Psalm 17, David composed 3BC 1142-3; PP 452; 5T 397

Psalm 18

Psalm 18, David composed DA 437; PP 715-6; 1SM 299

David’s remarkable deliverances commemorated in PP 715-6

David’s victory over Ammonites is referred to by PP 715-6

Psalm 19

Psalm 19, David composed PP 413; 1SM 216; 4T 15; 5T 683

read, often 3BC 1143

study 3BC 1145-6

Psalm 20

Psalm 20, David composed PP 716

study 3BC 1145-6

Psalm 22

Psalm 22, Christ’s crucifixion referred to in PK 370

Psalm 23

Psalm 23, David composed DA 476-7; Ed 164; PP 413

David’s experiences as shepherd lad reflected in Ed 164

Psalm 24

Psalm 24, angels sang, at Christ’s ascension DA 833; EW 190-1; PP 707-8

Christ’s ascension referred to by DA 833; EW 191

sung at David’s removal of ark to Jerusalem PP 707-8

Psalm 25

Psalm 25, David composed 3BC 1146; 5T 630

Psalm 27

Psalm 27, David composed, while a fugitive Ed 164

place, in reading and spelling lessons 3BC 1142; CT 457

Psalm 28

Psalm 28, study, in SDA schools 3BC 1142; CT 457

tells of poor returns for God’s benefits 3BC 1142; CT 457

tells of rich blessings bestowed by God 3BC 1142; CT 457

Psalm 29

Psalm 29, study, in SDA schools 3BC 1142; CT 457

sweet singer of Israel composed MB 44

tells of poor returns for God’s benefits 3BC 1142; CT 457

tells of rich blessings bestowed by God 3BC 1142; CT 457

Psalm 32

Psalm 32, David composed 3BC 1146; SC 25

tells of David’s agony of spirit after he sinned PP 724-5

Psalm 33

Psalm 33, David composed PP 716

Psalm 36

Psalm 36, David composed PP 413

Psalm 37

Psalm 37, David composed 2T 448; 8T 127

Psalm 38

Psalm 38, David composed 4T 535

Psalm 39

Psalm 39, David composed MB 43; 2T 504

Psalm 40

Psalm 40, read and study 6T 59

Psalm 42

Psalm 42, David composed Ed 164; GW 257; 4T 534-5

while a fugitive Ed 164

David’s prayer in GW 257

Psalm 44

Psalm 44, David composed PP 716

Psalm 45

Psalm 45, David composed MB 49

Psalm 46

Psalm 46, David composed Ed 165; PK 203

Luther (Martin) sang, on receiving discouraging news LS 258

Psalm 48

Psalm 48, David composed Ed 165; PK 203; PP 731

Israel sang, at Passover time PP 539

Psalm 50

Psalm 50, David composed DA 434

Psalm 51

Psalm 51, David composed 3BC 1147; 4BC 1165; COL 206; DA 174; MB 114; PK 320; PP 460, 724-5; SC 25; 1SM 330; 5T 639; 6T 43

after his great sin Ed 165

David’s penitential psalm 4aSG 88-9; PP 724-5

filled with precious lessons 3BC 1147

Psalm 56

Psalm 56, David composed, after Amalekites sacked Ziklag PP 692

Psalm 57

Psalm 57, David composed, in cave of Adullam PP 658

Psalm 61

Psalm 61, David composed PP 413

Psalm 62

Psalm 62, David composed PP 413

Psalm 63

Psalm 63, David composed, while fugitive in wilderness Ed 164

Psalm 65

Psalm 65, hymn of praise chanted in David’s time PK 133-5

Psalm 66

Psalm 66, Christ often sang 3BC 1148

David composed 3BC 1148; 4T 533

Psalm 68

Psalm 68, Christ often sang 3BC 1148

Christ’s ascension referred to in AA 32-3

Psalm 69

Psalm 69, Christ’s suffering referred to in AA 225

Psalm 71

Psalm 71, David composed 3BC 1148; PK 341; PP 413; 2SM 227-8; 1T 422-4

Psalm 72

Psalm 72, Christ often sang 3BC 1148

David composed PK 26-7

promises to David and his house referred to by PK 26-7; PP 754-5

Psalm 73

Psalm 73, David composed 3BC 1149; PP 413

Psalm 76

Psalm 76, sung in Hezekiah’s time PK 362

written 1,000 years before Christ GC 23

Psalm 77

Psalm 77, David composed 3BC 1149

Israel’s passage through Red Sea referred to by PP 287

Psalm 78

Psalm 78, tells of poor returns for God’s benefits 3BC 1142; CT 457

tells of rich blessings bestowed by God 3BC 1142; CT 457

study, in SDA schools 3BC 1142; CT 457

written 1,000 years before Christ GC 23

Psalm 80

Psalm 80, David sang COL 214

Israel depicted in, as vine brought out of Egypt COL 214

sung in Hezekiah’s time PK 359

Psalm 81

Psalm 81, tells why Israel was scattered 3BC 1142; CT 457

study, in SDA schools 3BC 1142; CT 457

Psalm 83

Psalm 83, sung in Jehoshaphat’s time PK 200

Psalm 84

Psalm 84, David composed GW 257; 4T 534

Psalm 88

Psalm 88, David composed PK 341

Psalm 89

Psalm 89, promises to David and his house recorded in PP 754-5

study, in SDA schools 3BC 1142; CT 457

Psalm 90

Psalm 90, study, in SDA schools 3BC 1142; CT 457

Psalm 91

Psalm 91, entitled “The Shield of Omnipotence” 8T 120

second advent described by 3BC 1150

study, in SDA schools 3BC 1142; CT 457

Psalm 92

Psalm 92, David composed 3BC 1148

study, in SDA schools 3BC 1142; CT 457

theme of DA 282

Psalm 93

Psalm 93, study, in SDA schools 3BC 1142; CT 457

Psalm 94

Psalm 94, David composed PP 413

Psalm 95

Psalm 95, entitled “Jehovah Reigneth” 8T 121

Psalm 99

Psalm 99, Solomon cited PK 39

Psalm 101

Psalm 101, David composed CT 119

David’s vows recorded in CT 119

Psalm 103

Psalm 103, David composed MB 114

Psalm 104

Psalm 104, David composed PK 134-5

hymn of praise chanted in David’s time PK 133-4

Psalm 105

Psalm 105, entitled “A Hymn of the Promised Land” 8T 107

Israel’s history recorded in 8T 107; TM 98

read, at least once a week TM 98

Psalm 106

Psalm 106, entitled “A Hymn of the Captivity” 8T 109

Israel sang, at Feast of Tabernacles DA 448

Israel’s history recorded in 8T 107; TM 98

read, at least once a week TM 98

tells of Israel’s apostasy at Beth-peor PP 684

warning in, for last days TM 98

Psalm 107

Psalm 107, entitled “Song of the Redeemed” 8T 112

Israel’s history recorded in 8T 107

Psalm 113

Psalm 113, Christ sang, at Passover Ed 166

Psalm 116

Psalm 116, Christ sang, at Passover Ed 166

Israel sang, at Passover time PP 539

Psalm 117

Psalm 117, Passover hallel sung by Christ and disciples DA 672-3

Psalm 118

Psalm 118, Israel sang, at Passover time PP 539

Psalm 119

Psalm 119, David composed 3BC 1152-3; 6BC 1065; ChS 155; COL 186; DA 398; Ed 48; FE 133; GC 466, 600; GW 257; MM 124; SD 190; 1SM 216; 4T 534, 633; 5T 136, 452; 9T 92; TM 21, 373

Psalm 120

Psalm 120, David composed, in wilderness of Paran PP 664

Psalm 121

Psalm 121, David composed, in wilderness of Paran PP 664

Israel sang, at Passover time PP 538

Psalm 122

Psalm 122, Israel sang, at Feast of Tabernacles DA 449; PP 412

at Passover time DA 76; PP 538-9

Psalm 125

Psalm 125, Israel sang, at Passover time PP 538

Psalm 126

Psalm 126, Jews sang, on returning from Babylonian captivity PK 559

Psalm 132

Psalm 132, David composed 1T 203

Psalm 133

Psalm 133, David composed, in cave of Adullam PP 658

David sang PP 658

Psalm 139

Psalm 139, David composed SD 314; 2T 536; 6T 375-6

Psalm 141

Psalm 141, David composed PP 667; 7T 258-9

Psalm 144

Psalm 144, David composed CT 496; FE 513-4

Psalm 145

Psalm 145, sweet singer of Israel sang MB 44

Psalm 146

Psalm 146, David composed GC 545

Psalm 147

Psalm 147, David composed FE 371

study FE 371

Psalm 148

Psalm 148, David composed FE 371

study FE 371

Psalm 149

Psalm 149, David composed FE 371

study FE 371

Psalm 150

Psalm 150, David wrote FE 371

study FE 371


Psalmist, royal, Christ’s descent from AA 247


Psaltery, music of, band of prophets played PK 38; PP 610


Psychology, Bible contains true principles of ML 176

science of, Satan works through MYP 57; 2SM 351; 1T 290-1

See also Mind


Holy Spirit’s work not explained by 3SM 309:0

principles of, in the Holy Scriptures 2MCP 781:1

See also Mind; Philosophy



Ellen White engaged in labor for, since 1844 TDG 24:3

services for, See Worship services

See also Crowd; People

Publican, Publicans

Publican, Publicans, Abel was prototype of class represented by repentant COL 152

Christ ate at tables of DA 215

as honored guest DA 274; MH 26

Christ labored to save COL 185-6; WM 257

Christ’s counsel to 2SM 150

Christ’s words were beginning of new life to MB 129

confederacy among, to oppress people DA 555

extortion by, almost a universal custom DA 555

grossly immoral DA 595

interest among, re Christ was widespread DA 273

Jews detested and abhorred DA 275, 552-3

Jews serving as, despised as apostates DA 272

John the Baptist baptized DA 595

less bigoted and self-sufficient than Pharisees DA 275

Levi-Matthew as See Levi-Matthew

listened to John the Baptist’s preaching DA 105

most hated of Roman officials in Palestine DA 272

Pharisee and, parable of See Parable

Pharisees censured Christ for mingling with COL 185, 368

Pharisees denounced and cursed, as infidels DA 595-6

Pharisees hated and despised 5BC 1088; DA 272-5, 595

saloonkeeper as LS 355-6

social standing of DA 272-3

warned not to commit injustice DA 107

Zacchaeus as See Zacchaeus



as honored guest of HP 181:3

opposed prejudice against 3SM 238:3

felt need of Christ’s help CC 284:5

self was nothing but shame to the praying HP 69:4


Publication, of erroneous theories, guard against CW 154

of imaginary theories, warning re men determined on CW 155

of truth, is God’s ordained plan 1T 590

pub. houses need facilities for doing great work in 4T 464

of truth through press, church organization essential to TM 26

office of See Publishing house

Publication, Publications

Publication, Publications

1. Circulation (distribution) of SDA

2. Health (SDA)

3. Sale (selling) of SDA

4. Miscellaneous SDA

5. Objectionable

6. Of other religious groups

1. Circulation (distribution) of SDA LS 216-8; 1T 551-2; 9T 65-75

at camp meetings 9T 81-8

by miss. workers has exerted influence GC 612

by students of school in Loma Linda MM 82

economize to have means for CS 295

God’s blessing promised to persons engaged in FE 537

God’s people not doing twentieth part of what they might do in LS 217

great work silently goes on through FE 212

lowering of prices to increase 4T 597

men needed to give their whole time to LS 217

men of good address needed to engage in LS 217

ministers should promote 1T 687

missionaries should engage in LS 217

need of, from house to house 9T 123

in evangelistic work MM 306

one of most important branches of gospel work 1T 687

sale of merchandise with 1T 687

should increase in all languages CW 15

students should engage in MM 323

success in, God alone can give 7T 158

teachers should engage in MM 323

truth will be multiplied by CM 151

vision re, on March 2, 1907 9T 65-7

whole churches raised up as result of ChS 146; CM 150

wide, give CH 436; 6T 313

need of 4T 600

wider: give 9T 67

need of 4T 392

will result in greater demand for them 4T 392

will bear fruit under latter rain GC 612

wise, make CM 8

2. Health (SDA)

believers need CM 134

circulate CM 131

among neighbors CH 462; ChS 219

circulation of, is most important work CH 445; CM 131

should not be made all-absorbing CW 139

colporteurs should sell ChS 152-3; CM 132

health books should have permanent place among CM 134

health reform should be brought out clearly in MM 325

light continually given to SDA in CD 341-2

much needed by world CM 90

multiply 6T 379

needed greatly CH 462; ChS 219

reach many people not interested in Bible subjects CM 132; CW 123; Te 251

should educate people in health reform CH 449

unbelievers need CM 134

work of, follow up Te 169

3. Sale (Selling) of SDA 4T 388

as training for ministry GW 96

at Gen. Conf. sessions 1T 688

at prices too low 4T 597

burden of, should not rest on ministers 1T 472, 688

by colporteurs See Colporteur

by ministers entering new fields 1T 472, 688

important and most profitable evangelistic work CM 140

in evangelistic efforts 1T 472, 688

ministers may engage in, at proper times 1T 472, 688

ministers should not engage in, when it can be done by others 1T 472, 688

ministers who should not be burdened with 1T 472, 688

ministers’ duty re 1T 688-9

thorough training should be given in Ev 108

4. Miscellaneous SDA 4T 388-93; 9T 61-4

alone, contact of individual mind with individual mind can do more than 3T 204

angels hover over readers of, who search for light LS 215

awaken interest in truth for this time 6T 315

break down walls of prejudice and superstition LS 214

bring as many souls to Christ as does preached word CM 150

can go where meetings cannot be held CM 8, 141

can reach many people who cannot hear minister’s voice CM 4

carefully selected, sanitariums should keep in sight 4T 586

carry: from city to city Ev 573; 9T 34

from country to country Ev 573; 9T 34

to ends of earth 9T 26

to people and urge them to accept ChS 146; 4T 392

church members can do miss. work by distributing 8T 245

church members should use, in miss. work 3T 61

containing present truth, money that should be spent for ML 89

deciding destiny of souls 3T 207

demand for, greatly increasing 3T 92

denominational, use of income from 9T 62

depository for, needed in every important place 1T 473

evangelists should scatter CT 469

every family should read 4T 391

everything tending to divide God’s people should be avoided in CW 78

from SDA presses, have definite and far-reaching work to do CW 14

from SDA publishing house, bear signet of God LS 206

gain admittance often where living messenger cannot WM 95

go where minister’s voice cannot be heard ChS 153

God has message to be proclaimed through 7T 115

God uses, to spread truth Ev 547

great object of, is to exalt God 7T 151

importance of getting, before public ChS 145; 4T 390

in many languages, available to every part of world 9T 122

independent CW 152-8

influence minds in other countries LS 214

instruction that should be often repeated in CW 24

instrumental in bringing as many souls to Christ as does preached word ChS 146

introduce, into families 4T 390

issuance of, delayed by having to wait for illustrations CW 170

issue, in many different languages 4T 79; 9T 62

larger, means of increasing circulation of 1T 551-2

lead people to search Scriptures ChS 145; 4T 390

let, be working among people LS 304

little companies should go forth to scatter 9T 172

make effort to place proper value on 4T 600

many people are to scatter, in unworked areas 9T 33-4

many wealthy people cannot be reached by 6T 78

ministers should use, with their preaching LS 217

mission of, similar to John the Baptist’s 7T 139

more can be accomplished through, when accompanied by living preachers LS 205; 3T 204

much more can be done when living preacher uses LS 217

multiply CM 5; 5T 382

must not exalt human beings CW 98-9

must not resemble comic almanac CW 172

needed in other languages LS 205; 3T 205, 207-8

not a fiftieth part is done that might be done by scattering 2T 655

nothing savoring of dissension should be found in 7T 156

novelty and romance do no honor to CW 22

numerous CH 546; MM 242

on present truth, vision re value of 9T 65

on second advent, should be scattered from city to city 9T 34

should be translated into every language 9T 34

overseers of, matters to be considered by 1SM 165

parents who think they cannot buy AH 415

place proper value on 4T 600

plain and simple and illustrated, should be published at Nashville, Tenn. CW 146

pour out treasures of knowledge to all parts of world CS 39

precious light and powerful truth should be presented in LS 218

preparation of, God alone can give success in 7T 158

prepare reading class for preaching of truth LS 304

prices of 4T 388

mistakes made in lowering 4T 596-8

should not be set too low 4T 388

when too low, lead people to undervalue them 4T 597

print, in different (other) languages LS 204-5, 214; 3T 204

in Europe Ev 420

put, on proper basis 4T 600

reach many people who cannot be reached by ministers ChS 153

readers of, many calls from CW 111

reading: does not make men mental dyspeptics ML 89

many souls will trace their first convictions to CM 151; CW 181

more than 1,000 souls converted in one day as result of CW 181; WM 101

thousands of converts will trace their first convictions to Ev 693

recommended as Christmas gifts AH 478-9

religious, should be placed in rooms of sanitarium patients Ev 538

root and ground people in truth 6T 315

scatter, like leaves of autumn CM 5; 4T 79, 602

scattered through towns and cities, precious light given in CH 436

setting forth truth in many languages, at our command Ev 702

should bear signet of the Eternal 3T 207

should carry promise of Christ’s soon coming Ev 573

should go everywhere 9T 62

should go forth to all places CM 17

should lose no time in dwelling on things not essential 7T 158

should make spiritual basis of SDA faith clear and simple 7T 150

should not deal in personalities in meeting opposition 9T 241

should not elevate, praise, and exalt men CW 20-1

should prepare people to meet God 7T 139

should show that end is near ChS 146; CM 145; 9T 61

should strengthen every pin and pillar of SDA faith 9T 69

silent messengers enlightening and molding minds of thousands CM 5

silent messengers in every country and clime CM 5

silent messengers of truth 1T 590; 4T 389, 602; 6T 316

silent preachers 1T 592

small: many souls can be won to truth by circulation of 1T 551

need of more gratuitous circulation of 1T 551

what should be on each copy of 1T 551-2

sow gospel seed ChS 146; CM 150

study of, parents should seek help by CT 138

teaching truth, should be circulated everywhere 8T 162

temperance, follow up work of Te 169

that may safely be placed before youth ML 89

that should be found in SDA homes AH 416

three angels’ messages must be given to world in CW 27

translate, into every language Ev 573; LS 206; 9T 26

truth(s) contained in, angels prepare hearts to receive 1T 590

souls blessed by reading 1T 592

unnecessary changes in, caution against CW 151; 1SM 165

use: in house-to-house work WM 91

in many languages to carry truth swiftly to world 6T 403

in miss. work 4T 390

use of: camp meetings and 9T 81-8

in evangelizing America Ev 420

in gospel work 9T 61-4

in house-to-house work WM 95

in miss. work ChS 145-54

makes preaching more effective LS 217

voiceless messengers of truth 1T 590

voiceless preachers 1T 591

when, will bear signet of the Eternal 7T 149

wise use of, teach others to become workers for God by 9T 61

work of scattering 9T 63

See also Book; Leaflet; Literature; Paper; Periodical; Tract

5. Objectionable

containing false sentiments, gospel workers influenced by 9T 68

containing ridiculous pictures, clear your house of MYP 286

infidel, scattered throughout land ChS 146

of Satan and his agents, are increasing, EW 96

growing power of EW 96

of world, SDA periodicals should not quote at length from CW 20

popular, that educate youth in wickedness MH 444-5

that SDA should not print or sell CW 22; 7T 165-6

which lower truth CW 22

worthless, country flooded with 5T 402

6. Of other religious groups

Millerite Adventist, from USA were widely circulated in England GC 362

reformed doctrines spread from Geneva, Switz., by GC 236


defects to be removed from 3SM 97:1

go places where meetings cannot be held RC 253:2

go where living messenger cannot 3SM 114:2

God asked Ellen White to write truth for, to protect them TDG 126:2

God’s people to take, to new areas RC 202:5

scattering of, like the leaves of autumn HP 323:3

wicked condemned by, in the time of trouble Mar 290:4

wisdom in writing for, for the Southern field SW 94:3

See also Books; Literature; Papers

Public (drinking) houses

Public (drinking) houses, attractive invite workingman, wealthy idler, and unsuspecting youth MH 338

brilliantly lighted, alluring attraction of Te 24-5

located on almost every corner MH 338

money spent in, should be spent to make land productive FE 318

scattered over cities and towns Te 37

See also Bar (room); Saloon

Public instruction

Public instruction, loftiest models of, in Christ’s time CSW 109


Publicity, best, for camp meetings 6T 35-6

for SDA schools CT 206

camp-meeting Ev 125; 6T 35-6

great, given to gospel message by opposition AA 178

harmful, given to interests of apostolic church TM 34-6

healed leper gave, to Christ’s work DA 265

health-reform diet given, by means of entertainments and banquets WM 285-6

in evangelistic work Ev 128-31

in gospel work Ev 125

means of meeting prejudice 6T 38

means not used by Christ to obtain DA 260

must be given to SDA faith 6T 38

newspaper articles as means of, use Ev 129

newspapers as medium of, use 6T 37

no priest or ruler has right to forbid you to give, to your opinions TM 70

notices and placards as effective means of 6T 36

Pharisees unwittingly gave, to Christ’s work DA 473

press should be used to give, to SDA work 6T 36

Satan is pleased when his suggestions are given TM 165

Satan’s sentiments should not be given CW 93

spiritualists seek by debates to obtain, for their heresies 3T 485

startling, that is detrimental to gospel work LS 411

that savors of fanaticism Ev 130-1

too much, why Christ sought to avoid DA 260-1, 264-5, 485

unwise, given to SDA schools CT 205-6

in gospel work Ev 125

why Christ did not always seek, for His miracles TM 35

See also Advertising; Newspaper


minister gave wrong, after credentials withdrawn TSB 181:4

See also Notoriety

Public labor

Public labor, arduous, often keeps gospel worker away from family 5T 92

Public life

Public life, private and, SDA youth should be trained for places in CT 44

Public mind

Public mind, must be agitated 4T 389

should be deeply stirred to investigate health reform 3T 162

Public notice

Public notice, eager desire to urge men into, is evidence of backsliding 5T 75

Public official, Public officials

Public official, Public officials, gospel message should be given to 6T 78

many, feel need of something they do not have 6T 78

Public opinion

Public opinion, favors profession of Christianity 5T 172

Zedekiah as cringing slave to PK 458; 4T 184

Public relations

Public relations See Advertising; Publicity

Public school

Public school See School

Public service

Public service, persons called to, duty of COL 336

Public speaker, Public speakers, general

Public speaker, Public speakers, general

acceptable, college should qualify young men to become 4T 406

better, how young people can become CT 247

Christ as: came right to the point Ev 171

seldom attempted to prove that truth is truth Ev 171

spoke in manner so as to commend truth to conscience Ev 171

was calm, earnest, and impressive in His discourses Ev 184

do not regard ministers as mere 4T 393

eloquent, Paul was CT 251

erroneous idea that, must race right along or they and the people will lose the inspiration Ev 670

gospel worker as, should be taught to speak in clear and expressive manner Ev 665

in Christ’s teaching as, there is no long, far-fetched, complicated reasoning Ev 171

inspiration of, which sooner it is lost the better Ev 670

instruction given by God to EGW re herself as Ev 670

interesting, one way to become Ev 177

Paul changed his method as, after his experience in Athens MH 214

Paul’s earnest and logical reasoning as, held attention of audience AA 235

Paul’s intellectual power as, commanded respect of the learned AA 235

Paul’s power of oratory as, held attention of audience AA 235

person whose work is not that of, may be minister for God 7T 21

power manifested by apostles as, was revealed in clearness and earnestness with which they expressed truth Ev 171

ready, one gospel worker may be 9T 144

tedious, bad habits of speech make CT 247

tone of voice that Christ taught disciples to use as 2T 615

voice of Christ as, spoke slowly and calmly and reached people who listened Ev 670

EGW as, talked too loud in her younger days Ev 670

EGW’s development as LS 195

who can be heard, by proper training youth can become CT 247

why some, lack force and intensity needed to reach hearts MH 309

words of Christ as, were as sharp arrows GW 150

Public speaker, Public speakers, ministers as

Public speaker, Public speakers, ministers as CT 254-5; GW 153-5

1. Discourses of, their nature and content

2. Manner of delivery of

3. Mistakes of

4. Objectives of

5. Ought not to

6. Ought to

7. Pulpit demeanor and dress of

8. Response of listeners to

9. Sermon preparation by

10. Types of sermons to be avoided by

11. Use of vocal organs by

12. Miscellaneous

1. Discourses of, their nature and content

amusing anecdotes related by, may please unsanctified hearts 6BC 1091

spirit of Christ is not in 6BC 1091

best way that, can expose fallacy of error is to present evidences of truth Ev 170

can accomplish more good by simple explanations of God’s word than by argument GW 169

deep arguments by, reception of gospel does not depend on GW 155

discerning Christ most clearly preach simple truth of which He is center Ev 181

discourses of: often are too largely theoretical GW 159

should be short talks right to point GW 167-8

should have earnestness and power of persuasion GW 173

should lead people to conclude that they are men of thought, of solidity of character, who fear and love God Ev 171

should lead sinners to Lamb of God GW 172

should not exceed an hour TM 257

erroneous idea of, that it is not necessary to preach repentance and faith GW 158

few forcible remarks on doctrinal point by, fasten it in hearer’s mind much more firmly than does mass of matter that is not clear Ev 171-2

illustrations used by, should be chaste and dignified GW 166

inappropriate anecdotes by, do not convict sinner GW 155 See also Anecdote

irrelevant anecdotes by, detract from force of truth presented GW 166

lengthy discourses by, are taxation to him and to hearers TM 256

lengthy discourses of some, would have far better effect if cut up into three Ev 176-7

lengthy preaching by, benefits neither himself nor others 2T 672

lengthy sermons by, tax his strength and the patience of hearers GW 168

lesson worthy of consideration by, little girl’s complaint that contains CT 254

long and labored discourses should not be presented by GW 167

long sermons by, evil of TM 256-8

new and startling themes should not be presented by, at too great length TM 258

no discourse should be preached by, without presenting Christ and Him crucified as foundation of gospel GW 158

old-fashioned sermons by, we need Ev 179-80

people need more instruction by, re plan of salvation than on any other subject GW 158

pleasing tales by, do not convict sinner GW 155

poetical descriptions by, do not touch life experience and daily necessities of hearers AA 252; Ev 182; GW 153

may please senses and feed imagination of hearers Ev 182; GW 153

practical godliness should find place in every discourse of Ev 178

presentation of God’s law by, should lift up Christ as Saviour from sin GW 156

proclamation of third angel’s message by, calls for presentation of Sabbath truth GW 156

secret of success of, in preaching a living personal Saviour Ev 170

sermon one hour long by, is better than one an hour and half long TM 256

sermons of, in Sabbath services should often be short GW 171 See also Sermon

sermonizing by See Sermonizing

short and plainly made points by, are of greatest advantage Ev 181

short lessons should be given by, in plain and simple language GW 168

short sermons by, are remembered far better than long ones GW 168

sound and practical instruction in fundamental principles of Christianity by, is needed to meet immediate needs and present trials of struggling soul AA 252

strong meat should be dealt out judiciously by Ev 177

subjects presented by, should be often repeated GW 168

subjects that should be presented by, re Christ GW 154

tame and formal discourses by, have very little of Spirit’s vitalizing power GW 165

theoretical discourses by, are essential that people may see chain of truth GW 158

too great concentrativeness by, makes them tedious and wearisome to listeners GW 169

trifling anecdotes by, are out of place in pulpit TM 142

two reasons why discourses of, should be short Ev 177-8

vital points should be made as plain and forcible by, as language and proof can make them GW 168-9

when God’s law is presented as it should be by, it reveals His love GW 157

would reach more hearts if they would dwell more on practical godliness GW 158-9

2. Manner of delivery of

ability to speak plainly, distinctly, and in full, round tones is indispensable to CM 71; CT 217; 6T 380

calm and earnest reasoning from Scriptures by, is precious and fruitful Ev 170

calm and unhurried and earnest manner of speaking by, exerts better influence than does letting feelings become excited 2T 672

can educate himself to speak distinctly and impressively 2T 615

coarse and irreverent expressions by, are wrong 1T 649

coarseness and rudeness should not be tolerated in GW 172

common and cheap talk by, grieves heavenly messengers in audience TM 339

conversational tone by, can be effective when teaching in crowded and overheated room GW 166-7

danger that, will pass too rapidly from point to point GW 168

evangelist as, ability to speak plainly, distinctly, and in full, round tones is indispensable to CM 71; CT 217; 6T 380

flippant words from lips of, God’s word condemns TM 142

frivolous and joking, is not prepared to perform duty God has laid on him TM 142

hallooing and screaming by, truth loses much of its sweetness, force, and solemnity by 2T 615

haphazard words often used by, should be forever discarded 2T 707

harsh expressions by, grieve God GW 163

harsh words by, wound and discourage Ev 168

harshness of speech by, never brings blessing to them or anyone else GW 163-4

hastening through discourse as fast as possible by, is not best manner of speaking 2T 615

imperfect utterance by, dishonors God Ev 665; 6T 382

jumbling words together and raising their voices to unnaturally high pitch soon become hoarse 4T 405

language of, should be correct GW 145

loud and hurried speaking by, is not evidence of presence of God’s power 1T 645

lower tone of voice by, makes better impression than does loud speaking 2T 616

much better impression is produced by, when voice is toned right, has solemnity, and is so modulated as to be pathetic 2T 615

much of effect of discourses by, is lost because of manner in which they are delivered Ev 183

no license given to, to behave like theatrical performers in pulpit GW 172

no slang phrases or cheap utterances should fall from lips of GW 145

noise by, is not evidence of presence of God’s power 1T 645

people cannot get points made by, in their minds when he rushes matter through too rapidly 2T 616

playing on opponent’s words by, is out of God’s order 1T 649

raising his voice to unnaturally high key does not give evidence of great power of God Ev 668; 2T 617

raising their voices to very high pitch, destroy solemn impression made 2T 615

do violence to themselves 4T 405

rapid talking by, destroys much of effect of discourse Ev 667

should be avoided TM 339

rash and overbearing expressions by, do not harmonize with sacred work given them GW 163

reading his sermon produces little effect GW 165

sarcasm by, is out of God’s order 1T 649

severe expressions by, grieve God GW 164

shouting by, is more nervous power than calm power of Spirit Ev 184

speaking too hurriedly, ill effects of 2T 615-6

speech of, should be solemn and well chosen in every respect 1T 649

should be sound 2T 707

subjects presented in argumentative way by, while scarcely mentioning Christ’s saving power GW 156

thick and indistinct utterance should be avoided by TM 339

truth should be clothed by, in chaste and dignified language GW 166

unimportant points can be taken for granted by, without producing proofs GW 168

unwise words by, do harm GW 163

use of questions can be effective by, when preaching in crowded and overheated room GW 166-7

voice of, should not be raised to high key Ev 184

whining tone by: brings gospel ministry down and degrades it 2T 617

erroneous idea that impression of appearance of humility is made by 2T 617

hearts are not softened by Spirit as result of 2T 617

who seem to have drawn from armory of heaven only its thunderbolts 4T 536

witty things spoken by, may please unsanctified hearts 6BC 1091

spirit of Christ is not in 6BC 1091

words of: should be earnest and well chosen GW 172

should be select 2T 707

spoken rapidly and jumbled together lose half the force they would have if spoken slowly and distinctly 4T 405

that will be as arrows piercing souls of listeners GW 150-1

words of kindness and sympathy by, do good like a medicine GW 163

words spoken by, should have softening and subduing influence Ev 174

working himself up: into frenzy of excitement and gesticulation gives no evidence he has zeal for God 4T 405

to passion of delivery gives no evidence he has great power of God Ev 668

3. Mistakes of

failure of: to make direct appeals to souls trembling in balance GW 151

to make plain plan of salvation in preaching to intellectuals GW 170

to present Christ in relation to God’s law GW 156-7

to reveal Christ in preaching to intellectuals GW 170

to show that sin is transgression of God’s law in preaching to intellectuals GW 170

to take time for physical exercise MH 309

instead of apologizing, should commence his labor as though God had something for him to say GW 168; 2T 616

long preaching by Ev 176-7; 2T 617

long preliminaries and excuses by, weary the people GW 168

making sermon wholly argumentative GW 158

presenting larger mass of matter than hearers can retain and digest TM 256

presenting theory of truth without: presenting Christ as Saviour GW 158

raising their voices to high pitch 1T 645

taking it for granted that hearers are acquainted with gospel GW 158

talking loud and fast 1T 645

talking so long as to wear away first forcible impression made on hearers TM 256

too much matter presented in one discourse by, is detrimental in its effect TM 258

too ready to hurl denunciations against sinner, reproof for GW 157

trying to preach to intellectuals in congregation GW 170

using truth as scourge Ev 173

4. Objectives of

every sermon by, should help hearers to see more plainly what to do to be saved GW 153

evidences of truth brought out by, Christ should be presented as Saviour with GW 158

excitement is not what should be created by Ev 170

is not merely to: convey information GW 152

convince intellect GW 152

is not to entertain GW 152

preaching of the word by, should appeal to intellect and impart knowledge GW 152

should do more than appeal to intellect and impart knowledge GW 152

should not be to call attention to himself, his learning, or his ability GW 172

whole aim of, should be to bring sinners to repentance GW 172

5. Ought not to

allow sin to go unrebuked GW 149-50

appear antagonistic to government and law 6T 394

assume attitudes and make expressions merely for effect GW 172

be: ambitious for vain show of intellect and eloquence Ev 181

discouraged when audience is small GW 167

diverted to side issues not essential to salvation Ev 182-3

tedious and lengthy 4T 131

vehement in manner Ev 174

bring: amusing stories into his preaching GW 152

unsettled questions to the front to urge them publicly Ev 183

depend on lungs to do work in speaking 2T 616

dismiss congregation without presenting Christ as sinner’s only refuge 4T 316

dwell on God’s law without presenting Christ as Saviour from sin GW 156

dwell on perplexing questions that are of no vital consequence Ev 182

exalt himself GW 147

give people more than they can remember GW 168

hurriedly crowd words together without taking time to breathe 2T 615

lead hearers into waste tracts without water GW 154

lengthen out their discourses TM 257

let: his feelings become excited and control his voice and manner 2T 672

labor come on upper portion of vocal organs 3T 311

self appear in rash words GW 163

look at empty seats when audience is small GW 167

move by impulse in speaking Ev 688

place crib too high for sheep to reach it CT 435

plant seed of truth so deep tender blade will never reach surface GW 169

preach: sermon after sermon on doctrinal subjects alone Ev 178

when tired and exhausted Ev 181

prepare discourses so that every point in them is fixed and stereotyped GW 165

present: Christless sermons GW 156

pleasing fables or sensational stories to move fancy and excite emotions GW 147

ramble all through Bible Ev 181

relate irrelevant anecdotes in connection with sermons GW 166

shout out truth as through trumpet Ev 184

soar where common people cannot follow Ev 177; GW 154

speak: hurriedly and rattle off what he has to say 3T 311

of Christ as if He were man like themselves GW 165-6

too low 4T 131

stretch themselves unduly by bringing forward artificial embellishments Ev 181

strike one dolorous note Ev 180

strive for praise and applause of men Ev 181

suppose he can convert souls by eloquent sermons GW 155

talk of Christ’s life and teachings in commonplace manner GW 165

weary hearers by long discourses Ev 178

weary listeners 4T 132

6. Ought to

adapt gospel to souls hungering for bread of life GW 155

advocate truth while others advocate error GW 154

ask God to refresh him with dew of grace before speaking to people 4T 315

avoid all rambling Ev 181

be: careful not to rail once Ev 172

energized by Spirit Ev 697

ever conscious that he is messenger of God GW 172

foremost in lifting up Christ before world GW 156

full of God’s word TM 338

gentle in speech GW 163

guarded lest they hide truth under ornamentation GW 155

vitalized by Spirit 3T 420

bear God’s message with fearlessness, regardless of consequences GW 150

bear in mind that he gives people message involving eternal interests COL 336

become intelligent re most effective manner of using his God-given ability Ev 667

begin discourse as if he knew he was bearing message from God GW 168

break bread of life to hearers GW 154

bring: Matthew 24 to attention of all GW 148

nothing into his preaching to supplement Christ GW 160

to hearers those things which most concern their present and eternal good GW 147

call attention to vital questions GW 154

carry Christ into pulpit 5T 161

close sermon while interest is great 2T 117; 3T 419

come to point at once 2T 118; 3T 211

condemn popular sins and indulgences of our day GW 159

conserve his strength 1T 646

defend truth in spirit of Christ Ev 173

determine that he will have none of self but all of Jesus TM 339

discipline themselves to clear and distinct articulation 4T 405

educate themselves to speak according to physical law 4T 404

encourage the obedient GW 150

endeavor to carry understanding and sympathies of people with him Ev 177

enjoin practical godliness GW 159

exalt Christ as sinner’s refuge GW 158

explain prophecies of Daniel, the Revelation, and Matthew 24 GW 148

feel: force of arguments they present in form of solemn and testing truth 1T 645

from his heart importance of words he utters GW 159

solemn duty to take himself in hand TM 339

give: clear and connected discourse showing that he understands points he would make Ev 181

full sound to every word spoken 4T 405

himself first to God in complete self-renunciation TM 339

people time to digest wonderful truths he presents Ev 177

truth point after point, slowly and distinctly Ev 177

govern his voice Ev 183

guard against saying rash things GW 163

guard tones of his voice TM 150

have reserve force for making strongest appeals 1T 647

help people to understand what is truth GW 154

instruct people that Christ is unto them salvation and righteousness GW 162

keep fresh ideas Ev 178

know how to speak with power and expression 6T 381

know their lips have been touched with live coal from off altar TM 256

lead: men to see importance God attaches to His law GW 148

sinner to look to Calvary with simple faith of child GW 156-7

learn to preserve reserve of vital forces 1T 645-6

leave out of discourses matters of minor consequence GW 148

leave preliminaries and come to subject at once 2T 117

let: his words come from deep down by exercising abdominal muscles 2T 616

lungs be only the channel in speaking 2T 616

no harshness come into his utterances or gestures GW 163

lift up: Christ in sermon, song, and prayer GW 160

their voice like trumpet and show people their transgressions GW 149

make: application of truth to heart of listeners TM 258

Christ great center of attraction in presentation of doctrines GW 156

decided improvement in manner of presenting truth Ev 184

each point plain Ev 202

earnest appeals that will reach hearts 4T 316

essential features of SDA faith stand forth clearly 3T 211

essential points of truth as distinct as mileposts so people cannot fail to see them GW 168; 2T 616

fervent appeals in every discourse to people to forsake their sins and turn to Christ GW 159

important points of truth plain Ev 178

known to sinner what God really is GW 157

plain the requirements of law and gospel GW 154

science of salvation burden of every sermon GW 160

their explanations clear CT 254

words of eternal life so expressive and impressive that hearers must feel their weight 6T 381

manifest: no levity or trifling GW 147

skill in education in Scriptural lines 6T 59

move calmly and speak slowly, letting Spirit give efficiency to truth Ev 668

plead with God to: enable them to lift up Christ as sinner’s only hope GW 155

imbue them with Spirit GW 155

practice what he learns Ev 667

preach: as if they believe what they say GW 151

God’s word so it will be easy to comprehend Ev 178

in way that will help people to grasp vital truth GW 154

old gospel doctrine, sorrow for sin, repentance, and confession Ev 179

short Ev 183

so people can catch hold of big ideas Ev 169

“the word” and not opinions and traditions of men GW 147

prepare himself for his task Ev 181

present: Christ as hope of the penitent and stronghold of the believer GW 160

Christ in His fullness GW 162

Christ’s imputed righteousness as free gift from God GW 161

God’s law and gospel together GW 161

God’s word in simple style Ev 178

gospel in its simplicity GW 155

light on Sabbath question GW 148

living truths that will cause sinners to tremble and resolve to be on God’s side GW 151

no fanciful interpretation GW 147

one point at a time Ev 202

only a few vital points in each discourse TM 309

Scripture proofs that God has sanctified seventh day GW 148

subjects that will be as green pastures to sheep of God’s fold GW 154

sure word of prophecy as foundation of SDA faith GW 148

present reasons of SDA faith and hope: in way that people can calmly weigh them and decide on evidences given 1T 645

with full control of voice and feelings 1T 645

present truth(s): as it is in Christ GW 154

clearly, slowly, and forcibly so it may impress hearer TM 257

so plainly transgressor cannot fail to discern importance of obedience to God’s commands GW 148

that will decide destiny of souls GW 148

though to do this calls for sacrifice of all they have GW 150

warm from glory 2T 617

with all grace and intelligence he can Ev 665

with earnestness revealing that God is with them Ev 169

present truth in: clear and simple manner GW 170

demonstration of Spirit TM 256

manner rightly representing Christ 2T 617

manner to preserve dignity becoming Christ’s ministers 2T 617

such manner that nothing of consequence be lost TM 257

way it can be understood TM 257

preserve natural tones of voice 2T 672

proclaim present truth with assurance and power Ev 180

put all: enthusiasm possible into his work Ev 177

pathos and melody possible into his voice Ev 183

realize that: some hearers may be listening to last sermon they will ever hear GW 158

Spirit impresses truth on the susceptible Ev 174

remember that favorable or unfavorable impressions are made by his manner of speaking GW 172

represent Christ worthily in manner of speaking 2T 615

sermonize less Ev 178

set array of evidences in clearest light and most pointed manner before people 1T 646

and urge them home by strongest appeals 1T 646

show that all who turn from plain “Thus saith the Lord” must suffer result of their course GW 148

simplify truth so that small minds may comprehend it 1T 437

speak: as little children CT 254

as one conscious of possessing power and authority from God GW 172-3

easy words that children can understand CT 254

right words in love Ev 174

short TM 258

slowly and distinctly Ev 177; 6T 383

slowly, firmly, and distinctly 4T 404

those things that are essential and that will instruct GW 147

with spiritual power 4T 131-2

speak God’s word: slowly, distinctly, and solemnly COL 336

so it will appeal to understanding and impress heart COL 336

with all earnestness its importance demands COL 336

speak in: clear and expressive manner Ev 665

manner to reach and impress people 2T 617

moderate manner so people may get his ideas fixed in mind as he passes along 2T 615-6

sincerity and deep earnestness GW 147

way that all can understand 9T 144

speak with: as much earnestness, faith, and interest to small audience as if thousands were present GW 167

reverence 2T 615

stand: as in God’s presence and before dying world GW 147

erect 4T 404

strive to make hearers comprehend power of truth GW 147-8

talk right to the point 4T 132

teach: great practical truths that must be brought into life GW 147

saving power of Christ GW 147

simple lessons given by Christ GW 154

tell of Christ’s power to save all who come to Him GW 154-5

throw out their words by exercising abdominal muscles 4T 404

train his vocal organs so as to keep them in healthful condition Ev 667

urge on hearers necessity of change of heart GW 159

warn: people that Christ is coming soon GW 148

the disobedient GW 150

watch: for interested souls in congregation 6T 68

lest they become tedious 3T 211

weed out storytelling from his discourses TM 176

7. Pulpit deportment and dress of

demeanor of, solemnity and certain godly authority mingled with meekness should characterize GW 172

deportment of, should be circumspect and not careless 2T 706

makes favorable or unfavorable impressions GW 172

dress of, makes favorable or unfavorable impressions GW 172

gestures of, should not strike beholder with disgust 1T 648

See also Gesture

grotesque attitudes and workings of features by, make heavenly messengers in audience ashamed of of them TM 339

undignified and boisterous actions by, disgust people of calm judgment and right views GW 172

lend no force to truth uttered GW 172

violent gesticulations by, greatly detract from impressions truth would make on hearts Ev 184

lessen force of demonstrations of Spirit Ev 184

8. Response of listeners to

eloquent speeches by, reception of gospel does not depend on GW 155

energized by Spirit makes impression on hearer TM 257

hearers cannot retain in mind all that is presented by GW 168

it is truth presented by, that affects hearts 2T 672

making: eloquence his highest aim causes people to forget truth mingled with his oratory GW 152-3

truths a reality can impress hearers with fact that he is in earnest 2T 672

ministry of God’s word by, efficiency of Spirit is what makes effective GW 155

power of voice of, is not what makes lasting impression 1T 645

presentation of truth in condemnatory manner by, turns people from it Ev 174

Spirit prepares hearts of listeners to receive God’s word from GW 155

things that should be remembered by, re his listeners GW 152

tones of voice of, have much to do in affecting hearts of hearers 2T 615

utterances of, must reach hearts of hearers in order to be effectual GW 152

why long sermons by, efface strong impressions made by truth TM 256-7

with Spirit’s aid can impress hearers without straining fine organs of his throat or lungs 2T 672

9. Sermon preparation by

details of sermon should not be arranged by, with such exactness that God has no room to lead their minds GW 165

grave error of, in preparation of discourses GW 165

that leaves them destitute of spiritual life and energy GW 165

See also Sermon

10. Types of sermons to be avoided by

argumentative sermons seldom soften and subdue the soul Ev 172

Christless sermons, effects of GW 156-7

comic illustrations to create a laugh are wrong 1T 649

fanciful representations of truth: do not supply food needed to fortify believer for battles of life AA 252; Ev 182; GW 153

do not touch life experience and daily necessities of hearers Ev 182; GW 153

may cause ecstasy of feeling AA 252; Ev 182; GW 153

may please senses and feed imagination of hearers Ev 182; GW 153

far less controversy needed and far more presentation of Christ Ev 172

fewer attacks made on authorities and powers the better Ev 173

flood of words without meaning is not needed GW 154

flowery discourses are not needed GW 154

flowery speeches do not convict sinner GW 155

sickly discourses do harm to truth Ev 181

smooth sermons preached do not make lasting impressions GW 149

twit and fling should be avoided in Ev 172

11. Use of vocal organs by

action of speaking by, should come on abdominal muscles FE 178-9; 2T 616; 3T 311

excessive use of vocal organs in repeatedly preaching long sermons by, brings undue strain on whole nervous system Ev 667

injures these organs Ev 667

general health of, injured by long and violent use of vocal organs 2T 672

how: can avoid terrible exhaustion liable to come through long and protracted preaching Ev 183

can speak to thousands with as much ease as to ten 2T 616

letting words come out from upper extremity of vocal organs of, is fretting and irritating them 2T 616

loud hallooing by, wears out his vocal organs 2T 615

lungs and throat should be merely channel of speaking by 3T 311

lungs and vocal organs of, destroyed by defective manner of speaking 2T 615

may overcome all tendency to consumption if they speak correctly 4T 404

modulations of voice are lost by, when he strains organs of speech Ev 668

overexertion or strain of vocal organs by, may cost him his life 2T 672

quick recovery may not be had from 2T 672

right speaking by, makes his chest become broader 4T 404

save their strength by speaking in lower tone instead of loud voice 2T 616

seldom need become hoarse if he educates his voice rightly 4T 404

simple rule by which, may preserve their life and usefulness much longer than men in any other profession 4T 404

slowly commit suicide by wrong habits of speaking 4T 404

some: are killing themselves by loud speaking 2T 616

greatly injure themselves by defective manner of speaking 4T 404

speaking from throat by, frets and irritates his vocal organs 2T 616

is not best way to preserve health or to increase efficiency of vocal organs 2T 616

speaking in unnatural strain and tone wearies himself and distresses people 2T 617

take full inspiration of air at every sentence 4T 404

talking in loud voice or in high key by, does great injury to speaker Ev 667

is not necessary Ev 667

talking rapidly from throat, soon becomes hoarse 4T 405

throat and lungs of, long and violent exercise of vocal organs irritates 2T 672

use of upper portion of vocal organs by, lays foundation for disease 3T 311

wears and irritates them constantly 3T 311

vital force of, used up by defective manner of speaking 2T 615

voice can be cultivated by, so lengthy speaking will not injure vocal organs 1T 649

wrong habits of speaking by, injustice done to themselves and truth by 4T 404

12. Miscellaneous

ability as, minister should not be measured by his 5T 255

acceptable, young men preparing for the ministry need to learn to become 4T 406

angels standing by side of, God communicates through Ev 172

are not actors but teachers of truth GW 172

argument by, is good in its place GW 169

attitude of, makes favorable or unfavorable impressions GW 172

should be in harmony with holy truths he proclaims GW 172

blemish of, be afraid to mention 5T 498

can afford to be fair and pleasant Ev 172

celebrated actor’s counsel to CT 255

Christ’s promise to give tongue and utterance to 4T 316

desire of, to please men leads them to suppress truth GW 150

God calls for, like Nathan, Elijah, and John the Baptist GW 150

how: can gain reputation of being interesting speaker Ev 177-8

may speak words he ought to speak at right time and with power 4T 316

how Spirit uses GW 155

human mixing in by, is not needed Ev 172

is not to use Spirit, but Spirit is to use him Ev 172

learned and eloquent, are not gospel workers most needed WM 75

learned testimonies presented by, reception of gospel does not depend on GW 155

love of approbation by, reproved GW 150

make themselves accountable for influence they exert on hearers GW 152

much can be done by, to make improvement in voice and manners 1T 649

often forgets that: Christ and angels are listeners in his audience Ev 183

he is God’s messenger Ev 183

preaching in crowded and overheated room would do better to teach than to preach GW 166-7

principal points of subjects presented by, should be gone over again and again GW 168

ready and having sharp intellect, is not one who counts with God 6BC 1091

relation of anecdotes or incidents by, to create laugh or light thought is severely censurable GW 166; 1T 649

several, whole Bible truth is presented more clearly and completely by CT 432

smart, who lack moral worth 1T 438

smart and eloquent, that is as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal 6BC 1091

some, make heavenly messengers in audience ashamed of them TM 339

speaking by impulse does not give evidence of great power of God Ev 668

Spirit is not servant of, but controlling power over him GW 155

statements by, giving your own coloring to 5T 695

time and strength wasted by, in long preliminaries and excuses when they begin to speak GW 168; 2T 616

time frequently lost by, in explaining points really unimportant GW 168

whom God accounts as precious gold 6BC 1091

work of, is not to make raid on government Ev 173

worldly policy is to have no weight with GW 150

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