EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Prophetess - Providence of God, Providences of God


Prophetess, Anna as DA 55

false, at Mauston, Wis. 2SG 294-5a; 1T 244

Huldah as PK 398-400

Miriam as PP 288, 382; 3SG 236

EGW did not claim to be 1SM 31-6

EGW was called, by other people 1SM 32, 36

work of, EGW’s commission embraced 1SM 36

EGW’s ministry included more than 1SM 32, 36

Prophetic books

Prophetic books, some people teach that, are sealed GC 380

Prophetic chain

Prophetic chain, extending from eternity in past to eternity in future Ed 178

Prophetic chart, Prophetic charts

Prophetic chart, Prophetic charts, Fitch (Chas.) devised GC 392; SR 366

of 1843, should not be altered EW 74

time setter who made 2SM 113

See also Chart; Diagram

Prophetic gift

Prophetic gift See Prophecy; Prophesying

Prophetic history

Prophetic history, apostles brought hearers down through 4T 401

Daniel 2 shows remarkable events to transpire in FE 411

fulfillment of, in past 2SM 109

yet to come 2SM 109

great waymarks showing God’s people their bearings in 2SM 101

presented in symbols to Daniel and John 1BC 1106; 2SM 319

show people where they are in CW 27; 5T 716

three angels’ messages in Ev 613

young ministers should be familiar with GW 98

Prophetic image, Prophetic images

Prophetic image, Prophetic images, of beast of Revelation, use of Ev 577

of Daniel 2 4BC 1168-9; FE 410-3; PK 491-502; SL 34-6

position of God’s people in 1T 360-1

Prophetic interpretation

Prophetic interpretation, ablest opponents could not overthrow, of Millerite Adventists GC 405

principles of, attitude of some Millerite Adventists re their GC 411

Prophetic lines

Prophetic lines, “new lights” in, manifest in misapplying God’s word 2SM 104

Prophetic past

Prophetic past, light from, brings out Christ’s life DA 799

Prophetic period, Prophetic periods

Prophetic period, Prophetic periods, last and longest, 2300 years of Dan. 8:14 are 7BC 971; EW 243; GC 351

Miller’s (Wm.) arguments from, found impregnable GC 340, 411, 457

Miller’s (Wm.) interest in GC 323-9

no, extends to second advent 7BC 971; EW 75, 243; GC 456

some Millerite Adventists abandoned their former reckoning of GC 411

See also Seventy weeks; One thousand two hundred and sixty years; Two thousand three hundred years

Prophetic power

Prophetic power, spirit of, given to Daniel Ed 56; PK 485

Prophetic prayer

Prophetic prayer, Hannah uttered, under inspiration of Spirit PP 572

Solomon offered PK 335

Prophetic promise

Prophetic promise, truthfulness of, how to realize MH 258

Prophetic records

Prophetic records, opened to Paul at his conversion AA 115, 119

why many people refuse to give time and study to AA 583

Prophetic scriptures

Prophetic scriptures, exact fulfillment of, instance of PK 531

reverent and prayerful study of, God’s blessing attends DA 234

Prophetic scrolls

Prophetic scrolls, John the Baptist studied DA 103

Prophetic study

Prophetic study, importance of, Christ urged DA 234

Prophetic subjects

Prophetic subjects, tremendously important, much more should be said about FE 335

Prophetic symbols

Prophetic symbols, lifelike representations of, used in evangelism Ev 205

Prophetic time

Prophetic time, end of, Rev. 10:6 refers to 7BC 971

was closed in 1844 EW 243

See also Prophetic period

Prophetic truths

Prophetic truths, old and familiar, Christ did not disdain to repeat Ev 56

Prophetic utterances

Prophetic utterances, during dark years of destruction of Judah PK 464

Prophetic writer, Prophetic writers

Prophetic writer, Prophetic writers, inspiration of Ed 46; 1SM 15-23

Prophetic writings

Prophetic writings, in East, predicted coming of divine teacher DA 59

Prophetic word

Prophetic word, power of Pharaoh’s empire battled in vain against DA 32

Prophets and Kings

Prophets and Kings, preparation of, by EGW in 1910 2SM 230


Propitiation, Christ became, for man’s sin 6BC 1096; PP 279

mystery of God’s love in giving Christ as, for man’s sin COL 128

result of belief in Christ’s, for man’s sin COL 378

sinner can be saved through, made by Christ 6BC 1076

See also Expiation


Proportion, great, of believers appearing to be genuine will prove to be base metal 5T 136

of believers supposed to be genuine will heed seducing spirits 6BC 1065


Propositions, false, assumed as truth TM 360-1


Proprietor, God is, of sanitarium CH 423

original, God is Ed 137


Propriety, love imparts, to its possessor GW 123; MH 490; 4T 559

parents should be examples of, in home CG 110

rules of, children must learn to observe CG 101

sense of: Christ’s grace in heart imparts DA 515

education that imparts Ed 241

influence of grace gives MB 135

strict sense of, physician should cherish MM 149

when will youthful sisters act with? 2T 459


God prompts questions of UL 240:4

need for workers with, in city missions TSB 243:2

sense of, from influence of grace UL 36:2


Proselyte, Jewish, Herod Agrippa I was professedly AA 143

Nero’s second wife was AA 485

Prospects, dark

faith holds to promises of God in spite of TMK 232:5


Prosper, God will cause the humble to, in their labors 3T 307

God’s hand can, or withhold 3T 547

God’s promise to cause Health Institute to 3T 175

lay by in store for charitable purposes as God has caused you to 1T 191

lay by in store for God’s cause as He has caused you to 1T 192

man dishonest with God cannot truly CS 77

people who have so little faith they do not give to God’s cause as they 4T 77

person whom God has caused to, should render to Him that which is His 2T 599

persons who give less to God’s cause as they 3T 479

why God causes one man to, while withholding from another 3T 547

you are in danger when you 8T 124

you will, if God’s blessing rests upon you 2T 496


Prosperity, arouses natural inclination to presumption CS 148; PK 60

as trial 4T 85

attitude of some believers in, toward systematic giving 3BC 1130

Australian school’s, in time of drought 1SM 102-3

Babylon in her, forgot God 4BC 1168

Babylon’s Ed 175

blinds eyes and deceives souls 2T 184

causes many people to become independent, self-sufficient, and forgetful of God 4T 544

Christ knocks through, given to you 7BC 967

church’s, depends largely on religious education of youth FE 388-9

church members to whom Christ will not give SD 13

college’s, test of 5T 31-2

danger in CS 147-53

danger lurks in midst of Ed 48; PK 59; PP 716

danger of, to spirituality PK 59-60

dangerous to spiritual life CS 148; PK 60

David imperiled by PP 716

David influenced away from God by 4aSG 86

David’s mistakes during his 4aSG 92

destroys foolish of earth 2T 42

elevates to presumption Ev 561

enjoyed only as meekness and love are active 5T 168

failure to carry out in, resolves made in adversity 2T 279

faith ought to increase with 4T 77

family 2SM 182

glittering allurements of CS 139

God can give, to workingmen who acquire means honestly 3BC 1158

God is His people’s 3T 482

God is to be honored in PK 479

God permits, to test hearts of some people 3T 51

God tests men by means of 7BC 967; 3T 547; 4T 619; 5T 261

God tests many poor people by 1T 482-3

God’s people are kept in, only by His mercy PK 426

God’s standing promise of, to persons faithful in systematic benevolence 3T 395

gold of Joseph’s character was undimmed by MM 37; 4T 544

gradual backsliding resulting from 2T 280-1

grave danger to, of God’s work 9T 257; TM 489

history shows how dangerous is Ev 561

institution’s 2SM 182

is result of divine beneficence 4T 476

is time of danger 8T 124

Israel in her, forgot God 2BC 1002

Israel was to be object lesson of, for world MH 283; 9T 165

Israel’s: depended on entire obedience to God’s instructions 4BC 1176

depended on obedience to God PP 451, 463

depended on obedience to God’s law 1BC 1117; COL 288; PP 451; 4aSG 49; SR 187

faithfulness in tithes and offerings was condition of PP 527

God’s glory and power were to be revealed in COL 288

God’s purpose in COL 288

Ten Commandments were foundation of PP 732

terms of COL 288; PK 18

under David was due to God’s blessing PP 747

Israel’s greatest, was when they acknowledged Jehovah as king PP 605

Israelites were to be marvels of, before nations COL 288

Israelites’, contributions for religious and charitable purposes were one condition of PP 527

Joseph’s fidelity in PP 222

Judah’s, loyalty to God was condition of PK 411

leading to destruction 2T 42

man who could bear adversity better than 3T 417

man whom God tested with a measure of 3T 307

men entrusted with, prayers needed for MH 212

many hearts hardened by 2BC 1012

many people ruined by 4T 544

many people so hardened by, that they forget God SD 57

they forget wants of fellow men SD 57

marked, attended establishment of SDA organization TM 26-7

publishing houses should show 4T 392

marvels of, obedience to God’s law would make Israelites be COL 288

material, of Solomon’s early reign PK 34

wide dissemination of righteous principles is conducive to PK 34

more dangerous to spiritual life than adversity and affliction CS 148; MH 212

multiplies mass of professors 4T 89

national: Bible principles are cornerstone of GC 277; PP 599

bound up with acceptance of divine principles Ed 238

depends on citizens’ virtue and intelligence GW 388

Moses as God’s instrument gave principles that are cornerstone of Ed 69

principles of God’s law underlie true Ed 174; PK 500

secret of true ML 24; PK 500

obedience to God’s commandments results in MH 187; PP 533

of brethren, rejoice in 5T 242

of David’s reign, schools of prophets aided in laying foundation of Ed 47-8

of God’s cause, depends much on ministers 1T 442-3

first consideration of SDA should be WM 279

of God’s people: consists in being connected with God 2T 689

conditions laid down for 5T 567

depends on obedience to His precepts 3BC 1129

depends on wholehearted obedience and devotion 7T 212

hid with Him in Christ 7T 212

represented by beautiful figures in nature PP 450

of individuals, principles of God’s law underlie all true Ed 174; PK 500

of institutions, conditions essential to 6T 223

conditions remain unchanged for 6T 224

of Solomon’s reign, schools of prophets aided in laying foundation of Ed 47-8

of the wicked, why God permits GC 48

of USA, secret of power and GC 441

outward, your path will not always be one of MYP 102

people today dream of PP 167

persons blessed with, base ingratitude of many 2T 574, 599

duty of CS 20

pride of, caused Solomon’s separation from God Ed 153

in Solomon’s reign PK 51-60

promise of, as result of serving God 4T 495

as reward of allegiance to God PK 411

to people who serve God 4T 495

proved Solomon’s ruin CH 290

sanitarium’s: depends on God’s favor 6T 223

does not depend on influence of head physician alone CH 338

does not depend on physicians’ skill and knowledge alone 6T 223

only hope for CH 293

Satan says that overconscientiousness keeps SDA from PP 440

Satan tempts some Christians by throwing, in their path 1T 142

school’s, moral power is test of 6T 143

secret of, of Solomon’s early reign PK 33-4

Solomon fell into temptation during his 2BC 1033; 4aSG 100

spiritual: as result of self-sacrifice 6T 102

closely bound up with Christian liberality AA 344-5; CS 49

comes when mind and heart are subject to divine will 5T 115

conditional on obedience to God’s law CG 80

continues only as long as man depends on God CS 147

depends on obedience to God’s commands PK 575

is in proportion to works of faith 4T 234-5

make, first consideration in choosing surroundings 5T 232

men are so weak they cannot bear much 2T 149

student’s, teacher should feel deep interest in 5T 31

temporal: Bro. Root’s wheat field blessed with 1T 575

conditional on obedience to God’s law CG 80

dangerous allurements of, to church GC 42

depends on faithful obedience to God’s commands PK 575

lack of, resulting from neglect to put God’s interest first PK 573-4

promised to persons faithful in systematic benevolence 3T 395

promised to persons willing to advance by faith PK 577

Sunday observance will be urged as means of restoring GC 590

test of, Joseph bore Ed 52

time and attention should not be diverted from God by CS 20

true (real): Bible contains principles that lie at foundation of ML 24

conditions of all 6T 223

depends on continuance of covenant relationship with God PK 570

depends on obedience to God’s law PK 708

Deut. 26:17-19 sets forth conditions of 6T 223

fear of God is foundation of CH 29; ML 149; PK 508

soul to whom, can never come 2SM 182

true generosity is too frequently destroyed by 1T 482

woman whom God proved with 2T 278-9, 281

work that church fails to do in, she will have to do in terrible crisis 5T 463

world will be looking for many years of, when end comes GC 338-9

worldly, people look forward to many years of GC 338

See also Advancement; Progress; Success


blessing of, lost without faith in God’s Word 3SM 310:3

character defects revealed by UL 208:6

danger of, CC 193:5

history of many shows HP 243:3

financial, not always best TMK 232:4

fruit of long cultivation TDG 190:6


forgotten by; time and attention diverted RY 96:1

to receive back in proportion to TDG 349:2

labor indispensable for TDG 133:3


for, with pledge of faithfulness TMK 221:4

needed by those with HP 243:3

presumption from, one is consecrated UL 259:2

rejoicing in, Ellen White troubled by seeing UL 37:3

Satan gives, to those naturally selfish and covetous OHC 189:3

show of, in God’s work, losing firm faith in Him TDG 80:4

spiritual life endangered by UL 259:2

spirituality preserved by withholding UL 369:3

use, to become more like Christ TDG 310:6

virtues not seen in, developed by opposition OHC 359:6; TDG 47:5

wish of Ellen White for Edson and Emma TDG 367:2

See also Wealth


Prosperous, persons closely connected with God may not be, in things of life 4T 525

Prosperous man

Prosperous man, Bible picture of Ed 142

Job as example of Ed 142

Prosperous position

Prosperous position, persons in, are in greatest danger of losing their souls Ev 561

prayers should be requested for Ev 561

Prostitute, Prostitutes

Prostitute, Prostitutes, young people doing gospel work among, are in danger WM 254


Prostitution, houses of, danger in visiting WM 254

liquor seller’s work fills MH 338; Te 24

Parisian house of, ridiculous fashion which arose in 1T 270


Prostration, as aftereffect of using stimulants CD 423; Te 78

by Satan’s power breathed upon his agents EW 44

coffee causes, of physical, mental, and moral forces CH 441

nux vomica causes 2SM 446-7

of nervous system, false stimulants cause 4aSG 129

physical, JW suffered 4T 277

sense of, strychnine causes 4aSG 138

under Spirit’s power LS 38, 55; 2SG 27-8, 220; 1T 31, 45-6


Prosy, Herald of Health should not become CW 128-9

Protecting care

Protecting care, God’s: mountains are never-failing assurance of GC 66

over birds 8T 273

over His obedient and faithful children in all ages PP 449

over His people in time of trouble GW 265

withdrawn from persons disobeying His law GC 589


Protection, angels gave, to ship carrying EGW to Oregon LS 230; 4T 288-9

angels give, to people who walk humbly before God PK 571

angels give God’s people, from unseen dangers 3T 373

as God’s people draw near to Him for, He lifts up standard against enemy PK 571

Christ will make you secure under His SD 77

Christ’s: God’s people cannot know how much they owe to GC 36

of His people against Satan’s power MH 94

persons who are assured of PK 587

Christ’s promise of, to the faithful DA 490

Daniel and companions always turned to God for PK 493

God’s: assured to persons who faithfully serve Him EW 60

assured to persons who trust Him MH 94

forfeited by marriage with unbelievers 5T 365

forfeited by venturing on forbidden ground Ev 604-5

Jews caused, to be withdrawn from them GC 35

not assured to persons who deliberately venture on Satan’s ground Ev 607; MB 118

over Israel as long as she was faithful PP 499

persons without, will find no safety in any place or position 8T 50

shields His people from Satan’s malice 5T 467

God’s promise of, from evil MYP 102

in time of trouble depends on previous repentance of sin SR 98

increased, God’s workmen must have 3BC 1153

Israel’s, obedience to God’s law was to be COL 287-8; PK 18

Noah’s ark found, in haven among mountains preserved during Flood PP 105

promised to God’s children GC 513

shield of, God’s promise is to be His people’s CD 411

wall of, God’s law around men as 1BC 1105

JW and EGW given, in train wreck LS 153-4; 1T 94-5

wicked will be without, from Satan’s power after probation closes GC 614


abides with those who love God HP 32:2

angels provide,

against destruction by Satan HP 101:3

in day of affliction LHU 341:4

in path of duty, but not on Satan’s ground 2MCP 700:2

ask for only sure, for you and your children TDG 194:2

being shut in with the Lord gives, from Satan’s power TDG 358:6

chambers of, in Isa. 26:20; by Christ and angels Mar 270:2

Christ’s, pass unharmed under shadow of HP 176:3

claiming, while rushing into danger OHC 93:3

(covert) from the storm OHC 251:4

dismiss enemy and put away suspicions to have God’s TDG 74:3

Ellen White experienced God’s, when following path of duty TMK 353:2

feet firmly planted on truth to experience TDG 358:4

for those praising Him and blessing others RC 102:5


called on for, as mind loves to dwell on Christ TMK 240:4


as we draw near to Him OHC 85:5

to keep His way OHC 317:6

gratitude for HP 101:3

humble given, from the wicked HP 30:2

lost when we go where sin is HP 254:4

parents to pray for, from Satan HP 90:6

presumption forfeits Con 85:3


to striving Christians UL 246:5

to those who have put away sin HP 264:2

removed from Belshazzar when sins at fullness TSB 139:3

Scriptures provide, against temptation TDG 259:5

(shelter), Christ as, for one walking prayerfully TDG 260:6

souls trusting in Christ given, through His law TDG 109:2

trust in God for HP 176:5

trusting and faithful ones promised TDG 297:2

while called to be laborers with God TDG 199:3

See also Christ, protection of; Safety; Sanctuary; Satan, protection from


Protest of German princes in 1529 AA 68; GC 197-211; PK 627; 6T 403


“Protestant,” name of, origin of GC 197; PK 627; 6T 403

Protestant, Protestants

Protestant, Protestants, attitude of, changing toward Romanism GC 563, 566, 571-2

Church of England persecuted other GC 443

class of, who deceive themselves GC 448

collaboration of, with Roman Catholics against people who reject their dogmas GC 574, 578, 580-1, 607; 5T 449

compromises and concessions made by, surprise papists GC 566

door opened by, for papacy to become dominant in America GC 573

failure of, to finish Reformation GC 297-8; SR 354

God’s people will be persecuted by GC 574; 5T 449

heresy falsely charged against GC 51

homage paid to papacy by, in Sunday observance GC 448-50, 580; 6T 193

in France, persecuted GC 224-30, 271-3, 278-9

in Netherlands, persecution of GC 239-40

in USA, foremost in grasping spiritualism’s hand GC 573, 588

prayerful study of Bible will reveal character of papacy to GC 572

religion of, Bible only as basis of GC 448

religious liberty and GC 200, 563

Roman Catholic schools patronized by GC 566

Satan’s wonder-working power will delude GC 588

state support sought by, for church institutions GC 573, 607

Sunday observance by 4BC 1172; FE 288; GC 54, 447-8, 578, 581; SR 330; 5T 449

threefold union of papists, worldlings, and GC 588-9; 5T 451

toleration for, Sweden helped to obtain GC 244


apostate, Sabbath keepers pursued by, in New World Mar 188:3

change in; hands clasped with Catholicism LDE 130

churches of, See Churches

influence of, given to Papacy in enforcing Sunday Mar 179:3

man of sin loved by; God’s people too bold 3SM 426:3

persecution by, more than rivals that of Romanism Mar 194:3


accepted by; liberty restricted 3SM 386:1

and, combined to bring persecution 3SM 387:1

power of (image to beast) oppresses nonconformists 3SM 385:2

republicanism and, lamblike horns of Rev. 12 Mar 193:3

United States’ guilt full when, surrendered Mar 216:2

warn, of dangers of losing liberty 3SM 386:2

See also Protestantism

Protestant America

Protestant America, image to papacy will be formed by 7BC 976; GC 445; SR 381-2

Protestant cause

Protestant cause, betrayed by a leading adherent GC 211

Protestant church, Protestant churches

Protestant church, Protestant churches, allied with worldly powers, follow steps of papacy GC 443

American, reformation needed in GC 297-8

apologizing to Roman Church GC 572

apostasy of, as daughters of Babylon GC 384-90, 444-5, 571-2

attitude of, changing toward Bible GC 340-1, 596; SR 354

Babylon’s daughters GC 382-90

Beecher (Charles) quoted re GC 388, 444-5

civil power’s aid sought by 7BC 976; Ev 235; GC 383, 445

commandment keepers will be persecuted by GC 592; 5T 449

darkness of, re Romanism’s aims GC 565

desire of, to restrict liberty of conscience GC 443

European, reformation needed in GC 297-8

eyes of, false charity blinds GC 571

failure of, to discern signs of times GC 565

fall of, not yet complete GC 389

loss of spirit of reform repeated in nearly all GC 385

many of God’s people still in GC 383, 390

modern efforts in, to “new-model the cause” GC 385

much of antichrist in GC 384

multitudes in, creedbound GC 596-7

papal spirit permeates GC 384, 573; TM 473

papal supremacy acknowledged by, in Sunday observance GC 448-9

reform greatly needed in GC 298; SR 354

Reformation principles betrayed by GC 298

Roman Catholic example followed by GC 340, 383-9, 443, 445, 523, 573

Satan’s means of corrupting GC 298

Sunday observance will be enforced by Ev 235; GC 580

taking sides with man of sin 4BC 1163

united with state, following Roman Church’s example GC 383

uniting of, on points of doctrine GC 444-5

when, will join hands with popery 7BC 910; 5T 451, 712

world’s favor sought by GC 571

Protestant Confession

Protestant Confession, read at Augsburg in 1530 GC 206

Protestant countries

Protestant countries, of Europe, people easier to reach with truth in 6T 25

Roman Catholic churches increasing in number in GC 565-6

Protestant faith

Protestant faith, churches professing, greater part of Christ’s followers are in GC 383, 390

Protestant government

Protestant government, principles of its Constitution as, USA will repudiate 5T 451


Protestantism, apostate, image to beast represents GC 445

authority of God’s word set above physical church by GC 204

Bible principle of, Puritans held GC 291

confederacy of, with infidelity and popery 4BC 1141

degeneration of, into formalism SR 354

since Reformers’ days GC 571-2

distinctive doctrines of, Wycliffe (John) taught GC 89; SR 337

divided into many sects GC 383

divisions among supporters of, weakened it GC 211

in Bohemia, papal hordes trampled GC 254

in Denmark, royal edict protected GC 242

in France, efforts under Francis I to exterminate GC 227-30

in New World, Sabbathkeepers will be persecuted by GC 616

Jesuit order devoted to overthrow of GC 234-5

lamblike horns representing 7BC 975

national religion in England GC 251

papacy’s effort to undo all that has been done by GC 565-6

popery and, confederacy of infidelity with 4BC 1141

pope’s statement re GC 277

power of conscience set above magistrate by GC 204

principles of, legislators will abjure 5T 525

republicanism and, fundamental principles of USA GC 441

speaking of, with dragon’s voice 7BC 983

strongholds of, smallest countries became GC 236

suppression of, French Reign of Terror was result of GC 226-7

Sweden as bulwark of GC 244

threefold union of Romanism, spiritualism, and GC 588-9; 5T 451

true spirit of, seek to arouse 5T 716

two distinctive doctrines of SR 337

Protestant principle, Protestant principles

Protestant principle, Protestant principles, Bible only as rule of faith and duty is GC 204-5

essential, Protest at Diet of Spires contains GC 197, 203

God will interpose when legislators abjure 5T 525

God will interpose when USA abandons TM 206

secret of USA’s power GC 441

vital, Puritans who held GC 291

Protestant Reformation

Protestant Reformation EW 222-6; GC 120-264; SR 340-55

continues to close of earth’s history GC 78, 148; SR 353

counterfeit of, Satan’s efforts to introduce GC 186, 192-3

darkness resting on Christendom was swept back by SR 354

did not end with Luther (Martin) GC 148; SR 353

divine hand prepared way for GC 96; SR 337

doctrines of, persons of all ranks defended GC 195

enemies of, unwittingly helped to advance it GC 149-50

evils of fanaticism charged against, by its enemies GC 397

failure of Charles V to crush GC 197

failure of Protestants to complete SR 354

God raised up men to carry forward EW 225

God’s choice of instrumentalities for GC 171

greatest day of, was at Augsburg in 1530 GC 207

hindered and retarded by differences AA 348; CW 76

Huss (John) in Bohemia prepared way for GC 96

in Denmark GC 241-2

in England GC 245-65; SR 350-2

in France GC 211-36

in Germany GC 120-70, 185-210; SR 339-50

fanaticism jeopardized GC 186-93

in Netherlands GC 237-41

in Sweden GC 243-4

in Switzerland GC 171-84, 231-4, 236

light of, means used by papacy to quench GC 235

Luther delivered effectual blow for, at Worms 1T 375

monks became colporteurs during LS 305

not to be supported by civil power, according to Luther GC 209

papacy arrayed France against GC 277, 282

power of prayer shook world in GC 210

precepts of God’s law unsealed by GC 230

principles for which adherents of gospel stood in AA 68

principles of, Protestant churches have betrayed GC 298

Sabbath kept in every generation since GC 453

Sabbathkeepers brought to light by SR 353-5

schism of popes prepared way for GC 86-7

Scriptures given to all people by GC 596

seeds of, Waldenses planted GC 78

spirit inspired by, gradually died out GC 298; SR 354

Spirit used Waldensian Christians to prepare way for AA 53

truth carried to all classes during 6T 403

uphold same principle upheld in 6T 402

vital principle of, words of Luther (Martin) that contained GC 126

work of, was to give God’s word to men GC 388

workers in, angels protected GC 208

world was presented an open Bible by GC 230

worst enemies of, rose from its professed friends GC 187

Wycliffe (John) laid broad foundation for GC 93-4, 96; SR 336-7

Protestant Reformer, Protestant Reformers

Protestant Reformer, Protestant Reformers, angels moved on hearts of EW 222

at first did not intend to separate from Roman Church DA 232

banner of truth and religious liberty held aloft by AA 68-9; 6T 402-3

built on Christ GC 210

contribution of, to building of church AA 598

devotion of, to Christ’s cause 6T 403

doctrine of second advent cherished by GC 302-3

early, brief history of SR 335-9

quoted GC 288

erroneous interpretations of Scripture received by FE 450

erudition of, ahead of their age GC 243-4

first angel’s message not preached by GC 356

harsh and censorious spirit of, how God regards 4T 486

jealousy and faultfinding met by PP 404

leading, men from humble life GC 171

light given to, great FE 450

light given to SDA is greater than that given to FE 450

lives of, ministers should study 2T 152

mistakes made by, great 1SM 402

not free from papal spirit of intolerance GC 293

opposition met by GC 459, 609

papal errors not all recognized by SR 353

persecuted with relentless fury GC 609

ready to sacrifice all for truth’s sake PK 627; 6T 403

Sabbath honored by some SR 353-4

spirit of, few followers now actuated by DA 232

suffered for Christ’s sake 1T 78

Sunday observance by SR 353

testing of all doctrines by Bible was urged by GC 609

work of, in God’s plans SR 353

world’s true nobility includes Ed 254

Protestant teachers

Protestant teachers, Sunday observance by GC 579

Protestant world

Protestant world, concessions of, persecution will be result of 7BC 975; 2SM 368; 5T 716

confederacy of, with man of sin 7BC 975; 2SM 367

image of beast formed by 2SM 380

Roman Church gaining favor with GC 563

Sabbathkeepers will appear to, as Mordecai in gate 5T 450

Sabbathkeepers will be persecuted by 2SM 380

Seventh-day Adventist name rebukes 1T 223

Sunday observance by 7BC 979; PK 184; 1T 223; TM 140

treading in papacy’s footsteps 2SM 359

wonders after beast 7BC 977


Proud, Christ’s grace does not make men 7BC 947

God’s people must be less 2T 566

See also Pride

Proud heart

Proud heart, inquiry of many a SC 45

Proud in spirit

Proud in spirit, person who is, golden gates of heaven will not be lifted up to COL 404

Proud look

Proud look, men may deny Christ by 1T 304

Proud person, Proud persons

Proud person, Proud persons, conversion makes, meek and lowly in heart GC 462; SC 58

how, can become meek and lowly CT 293

talented men often are PP 553


Provender, pure, shepherds should feed flock with CT 433; 1T 229

Proverb, Proverbs

Proverb, Proverbs, “As the twig is bent” CG 18; FE 156

in mouth of unbelievers, girls who become 2T 460

Solomon’s PK 33-4, 79-80

“The world owes me a living” MH 195; 6T 278

See also Maxim

Proverbs, book of

Proverbs, book of Ed 135; 7T 218

Solomon wrote 3BC 1158; CG 38; CT 50, 108, 190; FE 57; PK 34; 2T 143; 3T 131; 4T 208, 333; 7T 218

before his apostasy PK 57-8

in his strong manhood PK 57

3,000 years ago CT 127

Providence of God, Providences of God

Providence of God, Providences of God, acknowledge, in all things 5T 427

advancing, leaders of church at Jerusalem failed to keep step with AA 400

advancing in knowledge of, result of PK 264

afflictions falsely attributed to 2T 69

all perplexities in, will be understood in life to come 9T 286

all resources and facilities furnished by, call into requisition 5T 454

all that perplexes us in, will be made plain hereafter SC 113; 5T 706

babies’ death erroneously attributed to 2SM 426, 467-9; Te 58-9

babies’ suffering falsely charged to 2SM 468-9

Battle Creek Sanitarium was established by 4T 545

be ever ready to move as fast as, opens way PP 423

be ready to go wherever, leads you Ev 159

be willing to bear patiently and cheerfully whatever sufferings you may be called to bear under 2BC 1003

book of, each person is given page in DA 313

bounties of, speak to every soul re SD 139

brings before His people persons needing help WM 268

brings His people in contact with the unconverted daily CS 186

brings men into different positions and varied circumstances to reveal hidden defects of character MH 471

calling His people to greater sphere of action 3T 405

carry out or give up your plans as, shall indicate SC 70; 7T 44

changes of, in gospel seed sowing GW 410

children’s death erroneously attributed to FE 145; MH 380; 3T 135-6

Christ studied, in His youth MH 366

Christ taught men to behold God manifest by His COL 23; 8T 202

Christ would not force, to come to His rescue DA 125

Christian’s submission to 3T 377

continual dependence on, need of 4T 360

controlled decision of Festus re Paul AA 429

conversion of wealthy persons in 2SG 244, 249

dark, will be explained in future life 8T 254

David brought by, to King Saul’s palace PP 643

David preserved by, against plottings of enemies PP 723

David was connected with King Saul by PP 649

dealings of, with the faithful and the unbelieving PP 290

death erroneously charged to 2SM 441-2, 451

direct interposition of, Satan’s efforts to destroy faith in 2BC 1011

disasters as warnings given by 4T 49

disease erroneously attributed to 3T 563

dispensation(s) of, David’s submission to GC 539

often seem dark 6BC 1091

sickness and death falsely charged to 3T 141

disposing of events is of PP 268; 3SG 239

does not permit men to know end from beginning 3BC 1136

endowments of, noble character is not due to PK 488

erroneously attributed to natural agencies DA 606

events of, God’s voice speaks to men in PP 126

Hand that directs all GC 169

events overruled by, in case of Wycliffe (John) GC 86

events so ordered by, that the poor are always with us WM 17

ever at work in affairs of men 3T 547

every advantage given by, improve 5T 129

failure of Jews in Babylonian captivity to respond to PK 599-600

faith in, Israel hesitated to move forward by 4BC 1175

finding fault with, finding fault with circumstances is nothing less than 2T 571

follow where, opens way LS 337

gifts of: bestowed on backsliding Israel PP 587-8

bestowed on Philistines PP 587-9

grateful praise and thanksgiving should be offered for SD 122

thanksgiving should be expressed for CG 149

God directs His work by His 7T 94

God orders what His, sees best MH 417

God speaks to men through SC 93

God’s goodness and compassion manifested in MB 26

God’s people are far behind CW 141

going contrary to, results of CH 49

good gifts of, show gratitude for PP 525

grace and, are closely connected 5T 400

great object in working out, is to try men COL 283

great truths of, taught to Hebrew youth FE 95; PP 592

guides His church TM 27

guiding, need of true conception of 9T 274

has ordained that His work be sustained by means entrusted to His people 3T 117

has provided men with means for aiding widows and orphans WM 216

how gospel work will be carried to completion by 5T 722

how men are tested by 4T 55, 116

how Satan would have men regard SC 116

how trials work for your good under MM 168

human wisdom misses 6T 151

humble dependence on, move with 3T 482

hundreds of questions re, how great men attempt to solve FE 409

husband who murmurs at, when wife dies 3T 527

impresses people to come to SDA meetings Ev 207

indications of: in nature were studied by ancient philosophers DA 59

watch for Ed 267

you shall see mighty results if you watch PK 660

interpreted erroneously as being arbitrary and vindictive MB 25

is continual school for man 4T 444

is going before us GW 28

Israel brought by, into mountain fastnesses at Red Sea PP 290

Israel’s wants supplied by PP 406

it is dangerous to contend with 3T 67

Jeremiah was encouraged by recalling, in his behalf PK 421

John the Baptist studied lessons of CT 446; DA 101

Jonathan’s friendship for David was of PP 649

lead men step by step in path of obedience CSW 79

lead seekers for truth PK 378

leading(s) of: Abraham’s attitude toward PP 128-9

in acquisition of properties for sanitariums 9T 270-2

ministers should follow LS 194

missionaries in foreign lands should follow 5T 392

our duty in regard to 2BC 1003

promptly follow PP 423

recount, step by step in SDA work 7T 210-1

venture and advance with 3T 14

leading through discouragement and perplexity, seek meaning of PK 578

led His people in 1844 GC 423

look into eternity 6T 151

man’s daily dependence on Ed 131

men enjoy bounties of, daily GW 261

manifest in decree of Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) PK 612

manifestation of, discerned in our daily experience MB 26

many people complain of, because they suffer discomfort and inconvenience ML 180

many people limit 4T 522

marvelous, connected with Israel’s history PK 369

have led many heathen to recognize God as Supreme Ruler PK 369

masterly acts of, rebellious men are not brought irresistibly to knowledge of truth by 3T 427-8

may place you in circumstances of great difficulty and trial for a reason 5T 182

may speak His will to you PP 712

meaning of PK 162

means obtained for gospel work by CS 215

missionary fields opened by, before His people TM 217

move along line of, in everything CH 382

move no faster than unmistakable, opens way before us 1T 560

movements of nations directed by DA 32

moves much faster than His people’s liberalities 7T 296; WM 268

moves on hearts of some rich people to use their means to advance His work 1T 174

movings of, watch for 5T 728

murmuring at, warning against 3T 302

mysterious: children’s deaths are not caused by MH 380

has been leading His people EW 255

may be solved by continued trust in God PK 175

which our shortsighted vision would lament AA 465

which permits the righteous to suffer persecution GC 47

mystery(s) of: cannot be fathomed by lifetime of study 4T 585

do not doubt God’s word because you cannot understand Ed 170; 5T 699

few people comprehend 4T 361

God’s word should not be doubted because you do not understand SC 106-7

prayer answered by 7T 245

rulers of Babylon appealed to men like Daniel to unravel PK 501

will be unraveled by Christ in world to come ML 361

mysteries in 2BC 995

needless repining over, sin of 5T 309

opening: be ever ready to follow Ev 323; 5T 567

church should follow on in GC 316

clear spiritual discernment is needed to follow 9T 173

danger of failing to discern Ev 298; 9T 173

discern and take advantage of LS 406

failure of SDA leaders to follow 3T 504

failure to discern, in building of second temple PK 564-5

follow LS 212-3; 3T 399

God’s people are behind times and not following 4T 388

how gospel workers may keep pace with 5T 722

in securing property for med. work at Loma Linda, Calif. 9T 173-4

Jews who failed to recognize PK 564

move forward by following 1T 420

older gospel workers may not be inclined to keep pace with 5T 723

prepare way for SDA to enlighten world 9T 173

openings of: be ready to follow Ev 80

energies of His people should be equal to 3T 23

God’s people do not keep pace with LS 212

quickly discern and eagerly enter MYP 148; 5T 321

opening path of, advance in LS 307

operation of, in development of character MH 471

in giving Scriptures to men 1SM 19-20

orders: everything in wisdom and righteousness GC 527

what He sees best MH 417; ML 10; 8T 273

outworking of, success as COL 353

overruling: crosses designs of men of corrupt heart PP 739

designs of enemies of church are subject to 5T 452-3

faith in, lightens burdens of anxiety and care PP 600

for accomplishment of His purposes PK 536

in carrying out plan of redemption GC 343

in experience of His workers GW 269-70

Paul spoke to Athenians re AA 238

Sadducees argued against DA 604

overrules for good in disappointments and pecuniary losses 4T 360

people brought to His people by, to receive truth LS 213

persons brought into truth by 1T 177

persons moving forward with, God blesses 1T 420

persons of means brought into truth by 2SG 244, 249

persons who will stand true wherever, calls them 4T 562

Pharaoh placed on throne by, at time of Israel’s deliverance PP 267

pioneer gospel workers should rest trustfully in 2SM 406

placed the poor always with us 3T 391

places men where they may learn of Him 2BC 1017; PP 633

plan of systematic benevolence was arranged by 3T 399

plans and work of His people do not keep pace with FE 209; LS 337

presides over: each individual TM 432

His church TM 432

world TM 432

presumptuous experimenting on 1SM 282

pure in heart see God in every FE 415; MYP 191

Puritans brought by, to America GC 291

purpose of, what to do when you cannot discern COL 61

questioning, mistake re MH 470-1

remarkable, Hezekiah’s reign characterized by PK 339

remarkable series of, in time of Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) PK 607

repining and murmuring at, we have something to do besides 3T 526

results of wrong diet erroneously charged to FE 140

Samuel detained by PP 618

Satan’s workings and snares must not be interpreted as 3T 491

says: “Go forward, not back into Egypt” 5T 372

school in which men are to learn GC 623

seen in light of eternity, what we shall understand from DA 240; Ed 304

selects humblest instruments sometimes to do greatest work 6BC 1083

separates men from friends and acquaintances sometimes GW 269-70

series of strange, Jonah’s confidence in God and His power was revived by PK 266-7

severity manifested through, for salvation of the wayward MB 22

smooth current of life disturbed by, when essential for success of character building GW 269

song of, will be sung by the redeemed TM 433

speaks to men 5T 235

special, are not proof of genuineness of religious work 2SM 48, 100

special, erroneous idea re MB 146

keeps air from being filled with pestilence and poison CS 17; SD 17

special dispensation(s) of, sad bereavement erroneously regarded as FE 60

violent attacks of sickness wrongly attributed to MM 297

special interposition of, in David’s life 4aSG 93

story of good Samaritan reveals DA 500

study carefully GW 454

study workings of, in great reformatory movements MH 442; 8T 307

suffering erroneously charged to 2SM 411; 3T 563

task assigned by, do faithfully MH 199

teaches and warns in various ways 4T 12

trial brought by, upon Abraham PP 129

troubles permitted by, to come 2T 641

unexplainable mysteries in 4T 163

various workmen sent by, into His vineyard Ev 104

visitations of, man whose way was hedged up by 2T 423

volume of, opened by Christ in home of Lazarus DA 525

watches over and shields human beings ML 291

watches over little brown sparrow DA 313

ways of, dark and mysterious may be 2SM 261

what to do when, seem dark and mysterious 6BC 1099

we enjoy, every day SC 121

wheel of, seize every opportunity offered in turning of 7T 14

turns slowly but surely 7T 235

when, sees fit to remove successful workers from His work PK 228

where you are placed by, He will keep you CT 258

why men are led into trial by 4T 85

wider stage appointed for them by, circumstances of daily life used to prepare men to act their part on DA 382

will open way for establishing small health centers Ev 535

will provide properties suitable for SDA institutions 7T 102

wonderful dispensation of, death by poisonous drugs erroneously attributed to 4aSG 134

wonderful workings of, mountains of difficulty will be removed by LS 415; PK 223; 9T 96

work assigned you by, do faithfully SC 83; 2T 576, 601; 3T 246

work where, shall call you MH 149

working(s) of: Bible reveals, to save fallen world FE 377

do not doubt God’s goodness because you cannot understand all GC 47; 5T 699

follow on to know TM 321

for Christians in Jerusalem GC 30-1

God’s voice revealed and recognized in 5T 512

how men often hinder, in their behalf ChS 239

how people hinder PK 633-4

in answering prayer 3T 415-6

in Christ’s life PP 239-40

in Daniel’s life 8T 153

in destructive fires at Battle Creek 8T 218

in events of Luther’s (Martin) life GC 169-70

in John’s banishment to Isle of Patmos AA 581

in Joseph’s life PP 213-4, 239-40; 8T 153

in providing our daily bread PK 241-3

in speaking to people of Sodom PP 157

mountains of difficulty will be overcome through LS 415

see and acknowledge TM 210

Spirit will help you to interpret aright 3BC 1156

you cannot always understand 2BC 1015

works to prepare ways and to provide opportunities for spreading truth 6T 24

Wycliffe (John) was shielded by GC 92-3

youth may be brought by, into association with the impure and intemperate AH 464


bounties of, overlooked to focus on trouble TMK 232:2

character defects revealed by TMK 282:2

dare accepted to prove the truth is stepping out of path of HP 255:5

depending on, trusting worthiness to Christ OHC 344:5

directed by God in rain and sunshine OHC 245:2

directs with a reason HP 226:2

each day’s record shows UL 280:5

God guides UL 177:4

God of, still walks among us, though not recognized RC 198:3


goodness seen in, as we come nearer TDG 173:5

property lent by; no merit by our gifts FW 21:0

leads in unexpected paths UL 109:2

likeness of Christ stamped upon soul by TMK 94:4

made plain in heaven RC 243:9

organization established under guidance of CET 196:0

place designated by, God will be helper in OHC 339:4

prepared for future attacks by dark hours of TMK 257:3

protection through, seen only in eternity HP 101:4

rejoice in all things believing in HP 123:2

revelation works with, showing God as first and last RC 198:3

sanctification through, in ways we least expect OHC 313:2

school for learning meekness Mar 275:2

trials are, to draw to God and remind of His care OHC 327:2

trusted by surrendered heart OHC 318:2

understanding, impossible; in God’s work FLB 282:7

volume of, every human has a page of record in OHC 28:4

wheels of, do not roll backward or stand still TMK 226:3

work assigned by, to be done quietly without worry HP 239:4