EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Prayer and effort - Preparation

Prayer and effort

Prayer and effort, effort and prayer, should be business of life CH 367; 4T 538

Prayer and testimony meeting

Prayer and testimony meeting, as part of Sabbath services 6T 361

Prayer-answering God

Prayer-answering God, have confidence in MH 199

Prayer band, Prayer bands

Prayer band, Prayer bands, among institutional workers 7T 195

church members should form, for success of evangelistic efforts Ev 111-2

pray in, for one soul after another 7T 21

youth should form MYP 197


Prayerful, when Christian should be doubly MYP 419

Prayerful abstraction

Prayerful abstraction, life of quiet, do not cultivate merely 2T 673

Prayerful consideration

Prayerful consideration, persons most in need of careful MM 209

subject for 2T 81

Prayerful frame of mind

Prayerful frame of mind, promise to persons who keep in 6T 69

Prayerful life

Prayerful life, Christ’s GW 255-6; 2T 508-9

is not enough GW 143

Prayerful meditation

Prayerful meditation, on sacred themes, devote some time daily to MYP 114

right character is formed as outgrowth of FE 87


Prayerfulness, imitate Christ’s life of 1T 615

Prayer-hearing God

Prayer-hearing God, have confidence in MH 199

watch and co-operate with COL 146

Prayerless home

Prayerless home, cause for great sadness CG 518

EGW did not feel safe in, for a single night CG 518

woman whose house became 2T 281

Prayerless person

Prayerless person, is not Christian 2SG 257; 1T 158

Prayer list

Prayer list, pray for one soul after another on 6T 80-1

Prayer meeting, Prayer meetings

Prayer meeting, Prayer meetings, amusement disqualifying you for, is dangerous CT 337

amusements leading to neglect of, are dangerous 3T 223

attend, faithfully SC 98; 4T 461

attendance at, devotees of fashion neglect 4T 631

how to increase 4T 70

once a week is not fruit-bearing 5BC 1144

backslidden testimonies cast shadow in 2T 578

be prompt in attending CSW 170; 2T 577-8

benefits of 6T 175

blessings of, do not miss MYP 140-1

cold and frozen prayers in, cast a chill 2T 578

cold stiffness should be laid aside in 2T 578

do not make, tedious CSW 170; 2T 577

too long 2T 579

educate mind to love 2T 268

exhortations in, that cast a chill 2T 578-9

fear of man should not be taken to 2T 579

feel it a privilege to take part in GW 171

formality should be laid aside in 2T 578

frequently poorly managed 4T 70

fresh themes needed in, to enlighten others CSW 109-10

gather as united family in 2T 579

God’s servants are to declare message from heaven at MYP 140

God’s strength for witnessing granted through Mar 38:2

hard speeches are out of place in 5T 607-8

held at Health Institute 3T 166-7

indulgence of appetite affects CG 392; 2T 368

interest in: courtship should not lead to loss of AH 72; MYP 457; 3T 44

marriage plans should not cause lack of AH 50-1; MYP 459-60

Miller (Wm.) aroused GC 332

killers of, persons who are 2T 578

little differences should not be taken to 2T 579

lively and interesting 1T 146

make: attractive 4T 70

instructive 2T 579

interesting ChS 211; 1T 146; 2T 578-9

most interesting of gatherings 4T 70

precious seasons 2T 578

profitable ChS 211

seasons of special help and encouragement ChS 211; GW 171

spiritual and social 2T 579

Millerite Adventists established LS 21; 1T 14

Millerite Adventists held, in orchards and groves LS 60-1

ministers who pray same lifeless prayers at GW 437

neglected by many people who attend preaching 4T 70

not place to: censure and condemn one another 5T 607-8

open privacies of heart 2T 578

object of 2T 578

people who are seen and heard at ChS 244; 4T 461

persons forward and ever ready to talk in 4T 70-1

persons who are not needed at 4T 565

persons who prefer to attend concert instead of MYP 140-1

persons whose influence is felt at ChS 244

personal troubles should not be taken to God in 2T 578

plans for, call for thought 4T 70

pray in, for openings for truth to enter Satan’s strongholds 6T 80

for present blessing 1T 146

prayers in 2T 577-8

should be adapted to occasion and company present 4T 565

should be brief and right to point 4T 71; 5T 201

prayers long and mechanical in, weary angels and men 4T 70-1

prayer season in, should not exceed ten minutes 2T 578

prejudices should not be taken to 2T 579

pride should not be taken to 2T 579

private prayers should not be offered in 1T 146; 2T 578

promptly start, at appointed hour CSW 170; 2T 577-8

prostration under Spirit’s power in 2SG 26-8

pub. house, for its workers 4T 461; 7T 194-5

pub. house workers should attend 4T 461

purpose of, is not to tell God all you know 2T 578

reserve should not be taken to 2T 579

sanitarium: how to conduct 3T 167

means of removing prejudice 3T 167

patients benefited by 3T 167

san. workers should not be deprived of 3T 167

several long prayers are out of place in 2T 577

should begin on time, even with two persons present 2T 577-8

singing at 2T 578

some people do up their praying at, for several days 2T 578

students should not neglect, because of studies 4T 425

subjects proper for discussion in 4T 565

talks long and prosy in, are out of place 4T 70

testimonies in, should be adapted to occasion and company present 4T 565

testimonies of the timid and retired at, talkers who crowd out 4T 70

unkind feelings are out of place in 5T 607-8

vanity should not be taken to 2T 579

EGW felt duty to pray in EW 11; LS 32; 2SG 20; 1T 26

EGW loved, as a girl LS 45

why many people do not desire to attend 4T 629

See also Company; Praise meeting

Prayer meeting killers

Prayer meeting killers, who may be named 2T 578

Prayer season

Prayer season, pub. house workers should have 7T 195


Praying, allow no one to do your FE 307

eloquent in, minister must do more than merely be 2T 609

God wants His people to do more, and less talking 7T 183

in church, order needed in 1T 145

in meeting, do not be too lengthy in 2T 321

lengthy: all out of place 2T 617

does not benefit people who hear 2T 321

in high key is improper 2T 617

injurious to one’s self 2T 321

is wearisome and exhausting 2T 118, 617

not in accordance with gospel 2T 617

long and earnest, that is presumption PP 441

long and tedious, some preachers killing themselves by 2T 616

ministers could be, while working with hands CH 564

more, needed among SDA FE 531

much, needed in God’s work TM 251

much more, men who make God their trust will do less talking and LS 323; TM 464

protracted, extremely wearing 2T 116-8

too little, done with understanding 2T 582

with Spirit 2T 582

with watching thereunto 2T 582

too much, that is not praying EW 115

that wearies angels and displeases God EW 115

with children, neglect of duty of AH 266

with eyes open, theory re GW 313

with families, part of miss. work CH 542

with interested people, many persons will be called to labor by 9T 172

working and, is SDA position 2SM 97

you must do much CSW 121

Praying company

Praying company, rainbow will seem to encircle GC 636

Praying household

Praying household, morning and evening heavenly universe notices CG 519

Praying mood

Praying mood, keep in 2T 701

Praying mother

Praying mother, influence of, impossible to estimate power of AH 266

Praying people

Praying people, God’s faithful, as shut in with Him PK 590; 5T 475

Praying saints

Praying saints, angels offer smoke of fragrant incense for CG 519; ML 29

Praying soul

Praying soul, not one, ensnared by enemy 6T 404

Praying together

Praying together, binds hearts to God in enduring bonds 6T 175

let there be more 6T 66

Pray short

Pray short 2T 578


Preach, minister who loved to Ev 441

what to, and not to preach 1SM 155-63

Preacher, Preachers

Preacher, Preachers, able, should not be tied up in SDA centers of influence LS 422-3

active exertion benefits 4T 411

administrator in God’s cause does not need to be TM 321

allegations that, may advocate their own peculiar views in preaching TM 30

announces theory of truth 6T 260

artists who were, pictures drawn in Prague by GC 99-100

cannot influence youth as can devoted youth ML 122

class of: who ought to be turning soil instead of preaching 5T 582

whose influence is not pleasing to God 2T 614

whose lives contradict what they preach 4BC 1170; 2SM 147

dealing in holy things, may not be holy in heart 2T 456

do not try to become, but become ministers for God ChS 92

efforts of many, not what they should be 4T 536

faithful, must bear more pointed testimony than did John the Baptist 1T 321

few, among SDA in pioneer days 1T 442

few able and holy ministers among AA 328

God’s cause does not need, so much as earnest and persevering workers 3T 557; 4T 413

half converted, God does not work with 4T 402

living: are few 4T 389

every person professing truth should be 1T 260

100 needed where there is now only one 4T 389

powerful influence can be wielded by 4T 118

words and actions and dress are 4T 641

words of life and salvation must be proclaimed by CS 39

many church members put their hope in 6T 434

many church members rely on, to keep their weak faith alive 6T 434

mere, gospel laborers are needed much more than 5T 256

ministers need to be pastors as well as 5T 528

most useful, men who can affect feelings to greatest degree are not necessarily 1T 622-3

must sharpen up their message CS 291

need to: attend fewer committee meetings 7T 247

do more than merely assail self-indulgence CS 291

drink first at life-giving fountain 4T 442

set forth Christ’s life of self-denial and sacrifice CS 291

study hearers’ countenances Ev 158

not all, sanctified by truth they preach 2T 334

not all men are CS 140

not particular enough in habits of eating 4T 416

of righteousness, how all Christians may become 5T 75

pulpit, whose lives contradict what they preach 4BC 1170

responsibility of, in last days 4T 377

selfish, has no credit with God for souls converted under his labor 4T 377

silent: in natural world 6BC 1067-8

SDA publications as 1T 591-2

Signs of the Times as CW 111

See also Book; Literature; Periodical; Publication; Silent preacher

singular, Noah was PP 95

sleeping, preaching to sleeping people 2T 337

some good colporteurs would make poor 6T 323

trained, God’s cause needs GW 92

voiceless, publications as 1T 591-2

warned not to be slipshod, careless, and irreverent 5T 582

when influence of, on listeners will be powerful 4T 118

Wycliffe (John) organized, to give gospel to England GC 87

See also Evangelist; Gospel worker; Minister; Pastor; Shepherd


exalting, because sermon stirs emotions VSS 290:3

fall of, unless certain truth is in the heart 3SM 411:5

flowers are TMK 213:2

home, church and world have, when Holy Spirit replaces self TMK 165:3

lessons of Christ needed daily by TDG 41:6

ministry for Christ doesn’t require being UL 322:5

praying for HP 93:2

understanding and sympathy of people to be maintained by VSS 216:3

young, message not well given by RY 35f

See also Ministers


Preaching, allegations that minister may advocate his own peculiar views in TM 30

alone: minister must not limit his labors to AA 527; Ev 338; 9T 124

ministry does not consist in DA 822; 9T 124

miss. work does not consist in Ev 265

will not do gospel work that needs to be done 9T 41

will not make men deeply feel need of souls perishing around them 8T 147; 9T 117

amusing stories should not be brought into GW 152; TM 318

apostolic, Christ was main theme of AA 157

appeal in, to intellect Ev 209; GW 152; TM 62

appeals needed in, for people to turn to Christ GW 159

argument in, good in its place GW 169

argumentative way of, cautions re GW 156

asking questions in, wisdom of GW 167

attitudes should not be assumed in, merely for effect GW 172

books of proper kind aid CW 146

bring nothing into, to supplement Christ GW 160

camp meetings need less, and more Bible study 6T 87

careful use of words in, increases its effectiveness tenfold 6T 122

Christ devoted more time to healing than to CH 34; DA 350; MH 19; 4T 225

Christ’s appointed means of instructing His people 5T 298

conversational tone in, when it is best to use GW 166-7

deep earnestness needed in GW 147

directness in, importance of GW 168-9

do not soar in, to point where common people cannot follow GW 154

earnestness and fervor should characterize GW 173

earnestness and positiveness in, cultivate Ev 296

effective, Spirit is needed to make 6BC 1084

Spirit’s efficiency makes GW 155

effective kind of, that SDA need today 6BC 1084-5

effectiveness of, words affect 6T 122

effectual, reaches hearers’ hearts GW 152

elaborate arguments in, John the Baptist did not use 8T 332

emotional in character, affects feelings but not heart and conscience 5T 301

produces no lasting good 5T 301

essential points of truth should be made as distinct as mileposts in GW 168; 2T 544

exalt Christ in, as sinner’s refuge GW 158

explanation of unimportant points in, avoid GW 168

expressions should not be used in, merely for effect GW 172

fanciful eloquence in, is out of place GW 153

fanciful interpretation in, avoid GW 147

fanciful presentations in, avoid GW 153

fervent responses from congregation showing they understand 5T 318

finespun theories in, John the Baptist did not use 8T 332

God’s appointed means of saving souls 5T 300

gospel: Christ’s promise of success in AA 29

God’s chosen agency for saving souls 5T 87

includes more than sermonizing WM 32

gospel work requires something more than 8T 82

half of time given to, should be given to house-to-house work Ev 463

harshness should be eliminated from GW 163-4

healing and, Christ’s ministry combined MM 62-3

hearts of hearers need to be reached by TM 62

help people by, to see more plainly what to do to be saved GW 153

high tension in, minister should not work up to Ev 658

highest aim in, minister who makes eloquence his GW 153

illustrations in, use chaste and dignified GW 166

in listless manner, ministers warned against 2T 504

interesting meeting requires something more than 8T 82

irrelevant anecdotes in, avoid use of GW 166

is small part of gospel work for salvation of souls 4T 69

kind of: that begets false security 5T 104

that plants seed of truth too deep GW 169

that will never do work that God designed 2SG 300

knowledge should be imparted by Ev 209-10; GW 152; TM 62

lacking godly example, humble and devoted lives are more effective than ML 220

last part of long, detracts from force and interest of first TM 311

least self-sacrificing part of minister’s work is GW 186

leave preliminaries and come to subject at once in 2T 117

levity in, let there be no GW 147

long, in high key is improper 2T 617

long and difficult words in, Christ did not use GW 169

long preliminaries in, warning against 2T 616

matters of minor consequence should be left out of GW 148

method of, that successful evangelist used Ev 197

minister whose, causes him to be regarded as actor GW 154

ministers engaged in constant, need rest and change CH 563

ministers must lift up Christ in GW 156-60

ministers must not race along in Ev 670

ministers should devote more time to educating than to 7T 20

ministers should do less, and more teaching Ev 338; GW 76; 6T 87-8

ministers should not act like theatrical performers in GW 172

ministers who should devote less time to 4T 317

ministers’ duty re GW 147-5; TM 309-11

ministry means more than 4BC 1159

most effectual, that unbeliever has are believers’ good works 2SG 235

need of change of heart should be presented in GW 159

not best medicine for church Ev 356

not most important part of gospel work GW 468

object of: not merely to amuse Ev 209; TM 318

not merely to convey information Ev 209; GW 152; TM 62

not merely to convince intellect Ev 209; GW 152; TM 62

not to entertain GW 152

of Christ crucified, people are to be converted by ML 219

of His word, God ordained 4T 118

ordained by God for diffusing light DA 459

of truth, opposition that will be met by GC 458-9

on argumentative subjects, danger of too much CW 79

on Christ’s intercessory work, needed GW 154

on doctrines, danger of too much CW 79

on importance of God’s law, needed GW 148

on matters of minor importance, warning against GW 313

on Matthew 24, needed GW 148

on prophecies, needed GW 148

on Sabbath day, generally should be short 6T 361

on Sabbath question, needed GW 148

on second advent, needed GW 148

overbearing and severe expressions should be eliminated from GW 163-4

passing too rapidly from point to point in, danger of GW 168

people should be helped by, to grasp vital truth GW 154

personal work should accompany GW 188; 4T 317

plain language in, Christ used GW 169

poetical descriptions in, avoid taking high range into heavens by GW 153

points that should be made as plain and forcible in, as language and truth can make them GW 168-9

power of persuasion needed in GW 173

powerful, working up to high pitch of excitement is not Ev 657

practical suggestions re GW 165-71

preachers who ought to be tilling soil instead of 5T 582

protracted, minister should not exhaust himself in 2T 117-8

purpose of, is to arouse and convict sinners 4T 118

rash expressions should be eliminated from GW 163-4

rational methods of, work with all MM 28

remember that you speak before God while 6T 56

requirements of law and gospel should be made plain in GW 154

sensational, amounts to very little CT 433; Ev 474

SDA work includes far more than Ev 261

short and to point, needed Ev 296

sleeping preachers who are, to sleeping people 2T 337

slow and tedious, warning against 2T 544

some men can do more by colporteur work than by 6T 323

some ministers’, has been merely sermonizing GW 156

speak in, as if whole heavenly universe were present 6T 56

speak in sincerity in GW 147

Spirit as source of vital heavenly fire in 6T 88

Spirit’s place in GW 155

style of, that does not exert best influence TM 318

subjects of, that Christ regarded as essential GW 313

successful, house-to-house work makes Ev 433

teaching is more effective than, in overheated room GW 166-7

tedious, because of too great concentrativeness GW 169

that is: powerless before opposing influences 2T 344

destitute of saving blood of Christ GW 156

waste of time GW 168

things to remember while GW 152

third angel’s message will not be proclaimed merely by MM 263

to children GW 208

to small congregations GW 167

too dry and formal, warning against 2T 543

too much, in SDA churches WM 110

trifling in, let there be no GW 147

truth should be clothed in chaste and dignified language by GW 166

under which people grow hard and cold 3T 553

voice should not be raised to high pitch in Ev 659

without exercise of living faith, will be in vain ML 13; 5T 228

without house-to-house work will fail to great extent TM 313

without personal work will fail to great extent GW 188

without Spirit’s aid is of no avail DA 671; GW 284

without Spirit’s unction, loss results from GW 151; 4T 447

youth of little experience should not engage in, to churches Ev 50

See also Discourse; Public speaking; Sermon; Sermonizing; Speech; Voice; Voice culture


adultery by one doing; conscience lacking TSB 154:2

Christ in, without showing Him in the heart TDG 272:3

Christless, on theories 3SM 169:2

eloquence is not enough for; study is needed VSS 324:0

excitement not to be caused by; wrong reactions VSS 402:0

fervent, earnest and convicting, by John VSS 364:4

Holy Spirit must attend; practical experience needed 3SM 189:2

influencing for Christ without FW 65:0

knowledge not the only objective of; reach hearts VSS 272:3

more than, needed by one counseled TSB 136:3


felt for, while colonizing and doing nothing CL 23:5

for manna in, instead of dry theories 3SM 186:1

in the South is for teaching simple people not SW 91:4

object of, heart examination; also for minister’s life VSS 302:1

oddities and eccentric movements in TDG 359:4

older ministers to be invited for, when present RY 35

people not reached by, if speaker lacks sanctification VSS 303:0

practice to harmonize with; otherwise sin is confirmed VSS 301:2

qualification for, lacking by neglect 1MCP 103:3

simplicity in VSS 340:0

tame, unacceptable; preach with power VSS 231:1

theories and arguments in, leaving out Christ’s love FW 16:0

topics for, abundant; avoid unclear mysteries 1MCP 43:4

truth plainly presented in VSS 322:1

words of John the Baptist’s, rang in ears VSS 360:1


for God includes more than; humans have body, too TDG 185:4

to do more than VSS 235:4

working in prejudiced area without much SW 73:4

See also Audience; Sermons; Speaking; Speech; Voice

Preach less

Preach less and educate more GW 193


Precepts, all, receive force from Christ’s words 6T 54

God’s, are true and righteous altogether 4T 336

See Rules


Preceptor, school See School preceptor


Precipice, brink of, do not see how close you can walk on MM 143

shun 2BC 1031

verge of, soul trembling on Ed 150; MB 94


Precipitancy, that retards 6T 192; TM 244


Precision, greater, business in various branches of God’s work should be done with TM 181

Precocious maturity

Precocious maturity, children should not be forced into COL 84; CT 142; Ed 107 See also Prodigious


Predestination DA 827; GC 261 See also Chosen; Decree; Election; Foreknowledge

Prediction, Predictions

Prediction, Predictions, false prophets made, that actually came to pass 2SM 76-7

King Saul’s, at Ramah PP 654

Satan’s ability to make PP 687

See also Prophecy


Pre-eminence, danger of seeking 4T 239

James and John asked for DA 650

leaders of apostolic church did not covet AA 209

men who eagerly study how to secure, warning to 5T 175

worldly, should not exist among Christians DA 437

See also Superiority; Supremacy


Pre-existence, Christ’s See Christ

Preface to New Testament

Preface to New Testament (edition of 1534), by Wm. Tyndale, quoted GC 547

Preference, Preferences

Preference, Preferences, men’s personal, God does not consult 1BC 1083

principle of, has no place in Christ’s kingdom DA 650

their own, gospel workers and 9T 187

See Tastes


Preferment, desire for, leads away from simplicity of true godliness TM 109


Pregnancy AH 258-9; 2BC 1005-6; CD 218-9, 221, 225-6; CH 79; MH 371-5; PP 560-2; 2SM 427-32; 2T 378-84; Te 90-1

appetite of woman during, may be variable, fitful, and difficult to gratify 2T 382

appetite of woman should not be allowed to run riot during 2T 382

care that woman needs during AH 258-9; 2SM 427-8, 432; 2T 381-2

child is nourished by woman’s lifeblood during MH 372

child’s physical frame is built up from mother’s lifeblood during MH 372

clothing of woman demands attention during 2T 382

correct habits of life are required during Te 90

diet of woman during MH 372-3

affects quantity and quality of her blood 2T 382

error re 2T 382

should be simple and nutritious MH 373; 2T 382-3

special care needed in 2T 382

distressful case of: foods that were recommended for 2T 383-4

in which a little domestic wine would have done woman no injury 2T 384

wherein small amount of least hurtful flesh food was advised for woman during 2T 384

draft on woman’s vitality is considerable during 2T 382

excessive work by woman during: ill affects child 2SM 429-30

imparts bad quality of blood to child CD 221

robs child of vitality CD 221

false and mischievous advice re MH 373; PP 561

flesh food is not good food for woman during 2T 382

food of exciting quality should not be eaten by woman during 2T 382-3

foods that are not good for woman during 2T 382-3

great changes in woman’s system during 2T 381

greater amount of blood is required by woman during 2T 381

habits of woman during: affect child for good or evil CD 218

affect child more than external advantages or disadvantages CD 218

should be carefully regulated CD 218

special care needed re 2T 382

husband should be affable, courteous, kind, and tender to wife during 2T 383

husband’s duty to wife during MH 373-4; 2SM 427-8; 2T 383

increase of nourishing food is needed by woman during 2T 381

indiscretion during, penalty that must be borne by woman because of 2T 383

is important period 2T 382

lack of plenty of wholesome and nutritious food affects woman’s blood during 2T 382

life of woman during, error generally committed re 2T 381

Manoah’s wife instructed re her habits during 2BC 1005-6; CD 218-9; MH 372; Te 90

many women are not given half care during, that is given to animals in stable 2T 383

overeating by woman during, does injury to herself 2T 383

lays foundation of disease in her offspring 2T 383

overwork should be avoided by woman during CD 221; MH 373

period of, woman’s work should be lightened during 2T 381

poor circulation of woman’s blood during, ill effects of 2T 382

proper clothing during, prosperity of mother and child depends much on 2T 382

prosperity of mother and child depends much on nourishing food during 2T 382

self-control should be exercised by woman during CD 219; MH 373; PP 561; 2SM 432

self-denial should be practiced by woman during CD 218-9; PP 561

special care should be given to quality of food eaten by woman during 2T 382

strong drink should not be used by woman during MH 373

surroundings of woman should be pleasant and happy during 2T 383

temperance should be practiced by woman during AH 258; CD 225-6; PP 561

for child’s welfare CD 218

two lives depend on woman during MH 373

two lives instead of one must be nourished during 2T 378-9

wife’s burden should be lightened by husband during 2T 383

wife’s wants during, husband should be attentive to 2T 383

wine should not be used by woman during MH 373

woman does not need to gratify her every wish and impulse during PP 561

woman needs plenty of nutritious and wholesome food during 2T 378-9, 381-2

woman should accustom herself to cheerful thinking during CH 79

woman should encourage happy and contented disposition during CH 79

woman should guard her habits of life during MH 371-3

woman should not be governed merely by taste during 2T 382-3

woman warned against certain counselors during 2T 383

woman whose system craved material to convert into blood during 2T 384

woman’s body should be protected from sense of chilliness during 2T 382

woman’s care and burden should be lessened during MH 373

woman’s imagination should not control wants of her system during 2T 383

woman’s indiscretion during, innocent child must suffer because of 2T 383

wrong done by husband to wife during 2SM 427-8

wrong treatment of wife during, by husband 2T 378-9

See also Baby; Mother


Prejudice, close ears to person who would, you against brethren 4T 325

Prejudice, Prejudices

Prejudice, Prejudices, abrupt manners create, against truth 3T 242

another person’s, individual judgment should not be sacrificed to GC 597

apostles had to contend with AA 596

avenues to soul closed by CD 472

bar to reception of truth TM 105-6

between white people and Negroes, Satan makes it difficult to ignore 9T 208

bigoted spirit excites 3T 421

blinds men’s eyes 6BC 1097

blinds soul 3T 447

break down, against truth Ev 129

cherishing, evil results of 4T 215

Christian physician will meet much CH 34, 502

colporteurs arouse, by dwelling on doctrinal points CM 102

confusing judgment, do not cherish 9T 216

contact of mind with mind does much to remove 3T 204

cooking schools as means of breaking down CD 472

cruelty and strength of, not understood 3T 353

dies as Christian influence increases 5T 569

difficult to overcome LS 207; 3T 209

do all possible to minimize Ev 65

do all possible to remove, against SDA work 9T 238

do all you can to disarm GC 616

do not act from TM 146

do not be so full of, you cannot acknowledge a point disagreeing with your ideas TM 111

do not create, by agitating color line question 9T 209

in people of other denominations Ev 574

do not unnecessarily create Ev 144

do nothing to increase Ev 65

empty yourself of every, in searching God’s word FE 308

endeavor to remove, of persons favorable to Negroes in Tennessee 7T 233

enemies hoped to hinder gospel work by arousing DA 275

evil, is poisonous plant sown by Satan AH 196; ML 179

exchange, for candor 3T 448

extremists create, against health reform 2T 386-7

fanaticism creates Ev 612

feelings of, against fellow workers 3T 306

five things that melt away Ev 543

give no place for enemy to come in with GW 301

God marks your SD 309

guard against 4T 63

health reform publications help to remove CM 133

hearts of Pharisees were closed by, against Christ 1SM 70

high wall of, between Jewish leaders and Gentiles MB 42

built by selfishness and pride in Christ’s time MB 42

how evangelists can break down Ev 200-1

how God worked to overcome Peter’s, against Gentiles AA 136

how sanitarium can allay Ev 543

how to avoid creating 6BC 1088-9

how to break down Ev 445-7

in evangelism Ev 497-8

how to meet Ev 574

lesson on Ev 446

human mind is subject to 4T 9-10

influence interpretation of Scriptures 1SM 20

iron walls of, how to break down 3T 434

Jewish, could not be removed by argument alone AA 45

Paul’s concession to AA 204

Jewish leaders opposing Christ encased themselves in GC 595

kept a Jew from accepting Christ Ev 302

lay aside, in search for truth MYP 260

love of Christ in sermons breaks down Ev 189-90, 285

loving ministry breaks down COL 386

man who clung to his 4T 241

men entrusted with judicial functions should be unbiased by Te 281

many people ignorant of principles of healthful living because of CD 472; MYP 218; WM 128

many people prevented by, from receiving benefits of Testimonies 5T 695

med. miss. work as means of overcoming 9T 211

med. miss. work breaks down, against SDA faith CH 532; MM 241, 265-6

med. miss. work broke down, in Australia WM 327

med. miss. work removes, against SDA gospel work CH 497; WM 127

med. miss. workers can remove Ev 539

ministers cautioned re, against different views held by fellow workers TM 107

more attention to health reform would remove CD 76

Nathanael as example of DA 140; Ev 446; 6T 38

national, Christ was above 5BC 1134

national pride and, disposed Jews to commit murder DA 240

nationality’s dividing, Christ tears away DA 823

need of removing, of many people around SDA EW 61

of Christian leaders at Jerusalem, against Paul AA 401, 403

of color or caste, person who is lifted above 9T 209

of Jews against Gentiles, gospel was to utterly destroy SR 291

of Jewish Christians against Gentiles: broken down without controversy AA 142

cherished anew AA 401, 403, 405

utterly contrary to spirit of gospel AA 142

of wicked Jews, by all His miracles Christ could not overcome 3T 213

opposition arising from, SDA will meet 3T 406

opposition of, should not hinder SDA work LS 207; 3T 209

Paul did not approach Jews in way to arouse GW 118

Paul made unwise concession to remove AA 405-6

Paul’s labors in face of AA 177

people in chains of, divine wisdom needed in working for Ev 140-1

people’s, Christ was above 5BC 1134

persons who create, against Testimonies 5T 679

Pharisees appealed to people’s, against Christ DA 273

power of DA 472

publicity as means of meeting 6T 38

religious leaders will excite, against truth Ev 236

restaurants as means of breaking down MM 306

sanitarium workers who create Ev 543

selfish, minister encased in armor of 3T 462

understanding is darkened by DA 242

sharp thrusts upon other churches create CW 110

some people hear through medium of their own 5T 695

speak of and exalt Christ to remove 3T 91

speaking of inconsistencies of popular churches creates 4T 536

stand forth boldly and meet TM 404

strong, among temperance workers against SDA CH 437

gospel work where there is Ev 445

strong wall of separation built by, between different classes of men DA 403

stronger in hearts now than in Christ’s day DA 587

strongest, SDA battle with 4T 262

study best method of presenting truth without arousing GW 118

tyrant CD 472; MYP 218; WM 128

unwise concessions made by early Christian leaders to remove AA 405

unwise presentation of health reform creates GW 233

walls of, broken down by SDA publications LS 214

how to break down 7T 11

when walls of, between Negroes and white people will tumble down ChS 217

woman whose letters revealed 2T 565

work for the depraved removes much CW 124

work in way to remove, instead of creating it CD 472; 9T 34-5; WM 128

when doing miss. work 9T 34

working on Sunday may create 9T 235



by lawsuit against publishing house 3SM 305:3

by Sunday closing SW 75:3

consider condition and obey True Witness FW 84:2

in the South; hindrance to the work SW 68:1

attitude toward poor and colored reveals SW 13:1

broken down by presence of Lord at meeting of Ellen White 3SM 86:2

caused mob to kill Christ UL 40:4

Christ needed by ones with SW 13:2

circumstances reveal, in unsuspecting people 3SM 176:1

creation of, attempted by spies watching Christ TDG 143:4

difficulties from, for those working for the colored SW 44:0

Ellen White,

experienced, in 1888; prayer groups attempted 3SM 173:2

planned to leave Minneapolis in view of 3SM 177:1

field was difficult because of, of whites SW 83:2

freedom from, when will is in harmony with God’s will FW 16:3

God as counselor unaffected by TDG 184:2

guide for many; their minds are troubled TDG 188:3

health reform statements misused may cause 3SM 285; TDG 136:2

heaven will have no, to uproot TMK 371:4

judges and others would have, about Sunday work SW 72:3

knowledge of meeting, and ministering truth TDG 249:5

live and talk love of Jesus instead of working to stop SW 92:1

love in discourses would weaken VSS 208:1

melted by Sun of Righteousness HP 288:3

met against appendix of Desire of Ages 3SM 119:2

mind possessed by 3SM 164:2

misunderstanding of Christ’s lessons because of 3SM 82:2


Christ opposed, accepting the Samaritans 3SM 238:2

truth removes OHC 171

not of God; impulse is dangerous TDG 269:3

plans to avoid, in the South not to be published in church papers SW 68:2

professed Christians controlled by SW 86:3


conceding to SW 9:1

love of God melts SW 55:1

reaching people who have, as Paul did SW 77

resolved by unity with Christ SW 14:1

singing breaks down, if sanctified 3SM 335:2; VSS 425:2

strengthening of, avoided; plan for reaching blacks SW 15:1

stubborn man could create, against SDAs 3SM 397:1

time has not come to ignore; avoid closing minds (1895) SW 70:3


not agreeing with own ideas resisted by TDG 93:3

resisted by, about the law of God Con 75:3

to be preached without strong points to arouse SW 70:0


among the colored neglected because of SW 19

in a way that will not arouse TDG 269:5

workers in Southern field will need to overcome SW 64:1

working without much preaching in area of SW 73:4

Prejudiced minds

Prejudiced minds, how Christ won attention of DA 254

Prejudiced people

Prejudiced people, wisdom needed in presenting unpopular truth to 3T 426

Prejudicial construction

Prejudicial construction, beware of placing, on motives of heavily burdened gospel workers 7T 278


Prelates, ambitious, Satan used GC 53

papal, Christ’s followers persecuted by SR 424-5


Preliminaries, ministers warned against long, in preaching GW 168; 2T 616; 9T 142 See also Public speaker


Premature, persons who are, in desire to reform things appearing faulty 7T 279

Premature death

Premature death See Death

Premature decay

Premature decay See Decay

Premise, Premises

Premise, Premises, false, men fall into error by starting with 7T 181; TM 364

Satan would have men reason from 2SM 345


Premises, clean, families should realize need of 4aSG 141

God required Israel to maintain 4aSG 141-2

within reach of all at little expense 2SM 287; 5T 443

impurities on, contagious diseases result from 4aSG 141

order and cleanliness on, preserve 2T 614


attractiveness of, in simplicity and order; health TDG 331


Premiums, with periodical subscriptions, not encouraged 5T 401

Prenatal care

Prenatal care See Pregnancy

Prenatal influences

Prenatal influences, affecting children AH 258-9; 2BC 1005-6; CD 218-9, 221, 225-6; CH 79; CT 192; DA 117; MH 371-5; PP 118, 560-2; 2SM 421-34, 465; 2T 94, 351-2, 378-84, 391, 402, 405, 477-8, 480; 3T 140-1; 4T 30-1, 499-500; Te 90-1, 171, 292

bearing of, parents should become acquainted with Ed 276

See also Baby; Mother; Pregnancy


Preparation, Christians need to make, for future PK 626

day of God’s, great work must be done in 4T 594-5, 600

Review and Signs should disseminate light in 4T 598

SDA are to prepare people to stand in FE 472; TM 220

we live in Ev 218; 2SM 379; 5T 118, 590

for God’s kingdom is not haphazard work MM 202

to meet God 1T 123-6

work of, is individual SD 355


daily, needed to work out God’s purposes UL 274:2

day of,

is now HP 50:6

new light needed for 3SM 174:1

day of the Lord’s Mar 63:4

delay in,

may prove fatal TMK 350:4

to see God TMK 364:2

final 3SM 426

make best, then trust in God TDG 209:5

required to live in mansions Jesus prepares TMK 363:5

Satan allures from UL 344:2

simplicity in, allows time for God and loved ones OHC 281:2