EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Obedient heart - Offerings

Obedient heart

Obedient heart, sacrificial offerings worthless without PP 634

Obedient soul, Obedient souls

Obedient soul, Obedient souls, are called the just TM 235

blessing promised to OHC 262:4

God opens His treasures to TMK 205:2

light will emanate from, with powerful influence 2T 693-4

peculiar treasure OHC 24:2

sons and daughters of God should be MM 256


Obesity See Fat; Grossness; Weight


Obey, when deficiency in our efforts to, is made up by Christ’s merit 1SM 382

Obituary notices

Obituary notices in Genesis CD 117; 3T 138


See Goals

Object, Objects

Object, Objects, cherished, may become idols 5T 174


See Goals; Things

Objection, Objections

Objection, Objections, against truth, God does not propose to remove every DA 588

gospel workers need to learn to answer 4T 263

gospel workers must be prepared to meet EW 102

meet, with a “Thus saith the Lord” Ev 464

opponents’, how to deal with EW 102; GW 375-6

raising of TM 108

Satan will present many, to keep SDA from their duty EW 63

See also Doubt


obstinate person raises, too much TDG 351:3

press through, by faith God has blessed UL 206:4

worldly, danger in presenting truth to avoid TDG 185:3

yielding, when they are not sustained RY 118:4

Object lesson, Object lessons

Object lesson, Object lessons, Christian home should be MH 352

for mankind, plan of life given to Israel intended as MH 188

for people who claim to serve God PK 252-3

from cultivation of soil Ed 111-2

from nature Ed 113-20

for teaching children Ed 119-20

used by Christ in teaching 2T 579-80

teaching children by means of 6T 105

from plant development, for child training COL 82; Ed 106

given at birth of nation of Israel MH 403

in nature, not obliterated COL 18; CT 186; Ed 17

Israel might have been world’s, of health and prosperity MH 283

land of Israel was to be, in culture of soil COL 289

little rills forming river as Ed 116-7

parents and children should be, of what families may be AH 17

parents are to be, to children CG 510

sacred feasts were to be, to Israel COL 220

sacrificial offerings as 1SM 233

SDA are to be, in temperance Te 82

SDA homes and surroundings should be MH 196

significant, John the Baptist used DA 104

simple, teach people by means of MH 198-9

smiting of gourd vine was, to Jonah PK 272

unselfish labor of Christians in past should be, to SDA AA 109

use: in teaching Bible to children Ed 186

in teaching SS lessons 4T 70

in teaching Scripture lessons CT 181

in teaching youthful minds 4T 70

waters of Marah as MM 119


Objectors, who go over and over same ground GW 376

Oblation, Oblations

Oblation, Oblations, ceremonial, were to cease with Christ’s death DA 233; GC 328

pleasure parties as, to Satan CT 367; 8T 66

praise and thanksgiving as COL 298; PK 566

Obligation, Obligations

Obligation, Obligations, acknowledgment of, to God strengthens one’s sense of obligation CS 80

are mutual 4T 410

Christians’ great, to Christ places them under obligation to souls He died to redeem 5T 170

new, Christians daily face SD 265

of stewardship for God, rests upon every human being Ed 137

underlies every other Ed 139

sacred, Christ condemns abuse of DA 616

that SDA owe to every human being Ed 139


blessings produce continual AG 149:3

firm, to God and others OHC 174:2

moral, restoring people to a sense of TDG 71:4

neglected, Christ’s love awakens TMK 208:2

sense of,

for influence, essential for new believers TDG 211:3

to God and humanity, in Christ OHC 184:2

to perfect holiness TDG 17:5

work, faith and continual prayer needed in view of TDG 187:5


Oblivion, hopeless and eternal, awaits the finally impenitent GC 545


Obscurity, gospel workers may be left in, for a time 2BC 1003

John the Baptist joyfully accepted DA 179; GW 56

of modern sorcerers, mysteries of heathen worship replaced by 5T 193

Observance, Observances

Observance, Observances, ceremonial See Ceremony; Rite

Jews were occupied with, which God had not required DA 395-6

outward, cannot take place of simple faith COL 159

that are of no value Ev 192

Observation, Observations

divine, realization of UL 119:5

kingdom comes not by, but by His Word and Spirit TDG 193:5

mind should be trained and disciplined by LS 275

take celestial, and know where you are going FE 183


Christ was a close UL 57:3

Obstacle, Obstacles

Obstacle, Obstacles, Christian must overcome 5T 312

Christians should be led by, to seek help from God PP 294

conquer, or they will conquer you 3T 497

courage and perseverance gained by learning to surmount MH 366

decide with firm purpose to conquer 3T 497

disappear before demands of faith DA 431; PK 595

do not let, awaken in you unrest and complaining PP 294

efficiency and ability gained by overcoming SD 326

energies of men of power called to action by MH 500

faith increases by conflict with MYP 121

faith is living power that overrides 2BC 995; 4T 163

God will remove, or give strength to bear them 4T 147

God would have Christians arouse and possess strength to surmount 2T 628

God’s appointed conditions of success AA 524; MH 471

God’s message will triumph over AA 601

God’s method of discipline MH 471

God’s people grow stronger as they meet and overcome LS 92

gospel workers must meet LS 305; 6T 306

gospel workers must not wait for, to be removed EW 63

great: acceptance of truth encounters GC 460

people determined to obey God find way through 5T 183

promulgation of truth encounters GC 460

greatest, to advancement of gospel work 1SM 122

how, prove to be blessings 3T 494

how gospel workers should meet PK 595

how to meet 4BC 1160; GW 269; 4T 147

in God’s work, SDA must surmount many 7T 54

increase soul’s need of Christ MYP 112; SL 90

make men strong 3T 495

men are tempted too often to falter before PK 595

must be met: and overcome one at a time MYP 46

and surmounted MM 333; 5T 454

at every turn 3T 497

in God’s service Ev 445

must be overcome 5T 312

never disappear before halting and doubting spirit GW 262; PP 290

outward and internal, there will be struggle with 5T 231

overcome when God helps CH 367; 4T 539

patience and endurance needed to meet 5T 344

permitted by God: as greatest blessings MB 117; MH 500

as test of faith PK 594-5

practical lessons learned by, re application of principles of Christian life 5T 344

press your way through 1T 663; 6T 462

promises for Christians who overcome SL 83

regarded too often as insurmountable CH 548

removed as Christians lay hold of God’s promises MM 335

Satan will place, in gospel workers’ way CH 548

seemingly insurmountable: Christ gives strength to overcome 1BC 1113; 5T 378

Christians may have courage to overcome 1BC 1113

duty of God’s people before PP 437

how to meet SD 207

Moses overcame, by simple faith FE 344

serious, every reformation encounters GC 396

strength increases with every, surmounted 5T 183

surmounted only by patient toil 5T 552

to advancement of God’s work, do not fear 8T 10

to redemption of God’s people, removed by presentation of “Thus saith the Lord” 8T 10

whoever has courage to reform must encounter 4T 636

why God allows gospel workers to meet Ev 306

why God permits His children to encounter MB 117; MH 470-2

why many professed Christians are useless before DA 73

youth need to learn to surmount MH 366

See also Barrier; Circumstance; Difficulty; Hindrance; Obstruction


energetic person overcomes FLB 316:3

God calls for people refusing to be hindered by HP 327:4

heaven imparts help to surmount HP 165:5

meet, unitedly and follow Jesus through them UL 141:4

negative ones lacking faith not to be; (hindrances) 1MCP 45:0

placed before those who might have been won to Christ OHC 241:5

prayer and weeping over, but God makes the way clear HP 229:5

push needed in character to overcome 2MCP 801:2

regarding, as impossibilities HP 109:2


in time; work in ways that are open TDG 221:4

like the sun disperses clouds OHC 22:2

seekers of eternal life not to be disheartened by OHC 361:3

seen at every step UL 370:5

victory in surmounting, if we do all in our power TDG 374:2

See also Perplexities; Problems


Obstinacy, children’s CG 237-8

Christ manifested consistency without Ev 636

confounded sometimes with independence 4T 239

in known transgression, separates soul from God 4aSG 76

in maintaining erroneous opinions, diseased stomach often causes 7T 257

independence is not 4T 239

much, must be overcome 4T 486

people who defy God by TM 75

Pharaoh sowed and reaped 1BC 1100; COL 84-5

spirit of, developed in children and youth by arbitrary restraint and harshness CT 264; Ed 279

terrible thing to cherish CG 237-8

See also Stubbornness


bad trait; harm done if it is not overcome TDG 351:2

Christ’s consistency never became HP 54:4

not shown when Christ dwells in the heart TDG 357:6

Obstinate person

Obstinate person, approach, in spirit of kindness and affection 6BC 1086

conversion of, Spirit’s work in Ev 288-9


Obstructions, to His work, God will remove all MM 335; 8T 10

See also Barrier; Obstacle; Opposition

Occupation, Occupations

Occupation, Occupations, care of plants and animals as, most favorable to spiritual development Ed 43

choice of, mistakes made in Ed 267

rules that ensure safe guidance in Ed 267

clothing should be suited to MH 293

craftsman’s, Christ worked at Ed 77

diet should be suited to MH 297

God will call men from various, to give last message 9T 170

make a success of your COL 359-60

manly and useful, substitute for frivolous and corrupting diversions 5T 90

of God’s people, in patriarchal times Ed 33-4

requiring sedentary habits, are most dangerous FE 319

useful: appointed to Adam and Eve as blessing Ed 21

benefits of Ed 21

better than games 2SM 321-4

boys and girls should be taught MH 194

one of surest safeguards against evil AH 284; CT 122, 275; Te 210

various, need to be learned FE 319

worldly, engross minds of many GC 464

See also Trade


faithfulness in, rewarded, even though humble OHC 222:2

obedience brings dignity to humblest UL 25:3

See also Trade; Work


meaning of command to UL 62


Occurrences, life’s common, God tests and proves men by 2T 133


Ocean, boisterous waves of, God controls 3BC 1141

boundless: God’s love compared to ML 289, 365

God’s superscription may be seen on Ed 100

tiny rill as compared to ML 289, 365

broad and deep, impress of Deity seen upon PP 599

broad and fathomless, associations broken up by 7BC 988

broad and restless, teaches lessons that all should heed CT 190

Christ made DA 184

does not reveal God’s personality as it is in Christ 8T 265

grand, declares God’s handiwork 5BC 1143

is in constant motion LS 87; ML 130

lives lost in, as grains of sand 4T 288

mists ascending from, fall in showers to water earth DA 21

no engulfing, in world to come 7BC 988

obeys: God’s law 4T 287

God’s voice 4T 287

old, speaks of God in its ceaseless roar CT 54; MH 411

Pacific See Pacific Ocean

persons whom all waters of, could not drown 1T 81

restless, theme for study 4T 581

restless waters of, God’s power exhibited in movements of LS 230; 4T 287

roaring waves of, fearful beauty in LS 229; 4T 287

source of all springs and fountains DA 21

takes to give DA 21; Ed 103

tempestuous, ships sinking in 2SM 315-6

terrible in its wrath LS 229; 4T 287

waters of: God balances 4T 287

God’s handiwork seen in MH 419

kept within boundaries by God’s power 4T 287

obey God’s word SL 76

reveal God’s handiwork 8T 265


measureless, Christ’s love contemplated as at the edge of 1MCP 251:2

motion in, constant, fulfills law of obedient action 1MCP 115:1

prayer of Ellen White to calm TDG 362

vessels of, sink into watery grave Mar 175:5

Ocean voyage, Ocean voyages

Ocean voyage, Ocean voyages LS 229-30; MH 240; 1T 80-1; 4T 287-8

O’Connor, Bishop

O’Connor, Bishop, quoted GC 565


Octavia, Nero’s first wife AA 486

Oct. 22, 1844

Oct. 22, 1844, Millerite Adventists regarded, as time for second advent GC 400


Odd, search by apostates for something 1SM 41

study of Scriptures to discover something GC 520; 1SM 170

truth finds some people 1T 415

worldlings will regard SDA as, when we reach His standard for us FE 289

See also Singular

Oddity, Oddities

Oddity, Oddities, avoid, in presenting truth 2SM 23, 44; 1T 415

fanatics whose religion was spiced with 2T 553

minister’s, exert bad influence 1T 227

in bodily exercise Ev 137

mistaken for humility CG 415; 2SM 476

Odd notions

Odd notions, false impressions given by, re God’s work Ev 132

Odds and ends

Odds and ends, Scriptures are not a heap of 7BC 989


Oded, prophet PK 649


Odor, sweet, Christ’s merits imputed to His people come up before Father as 5T 174

See also Incense

Oecolampadius, Johannes

Oecolampadius, Johannes GC 182-4, 212

Offense, Offenses

taking RC 318:5; TMK 298:4

trivial, Jewish priests and rulers sometimes severely condemned DA 616

unnecessary, avoid giving ChS 226; Ev 637

when Paul had no fear of giving AA 394

Offense, Mount of

Offense, Mount of See Olives, Mount of

Offensive person, Offensive persons

Offensive person, Offensive persons, whom Christ freely accepts MH 99

Offering, Offerings

Offering, Offerings 9T 49-60

1. Freewill (willing)

2. Giving

3. Kinds of

4. Poor person’s

5. Withholding

6. Miscellaneous


1. Freewill (willing)

advancement of God’s cause depends on 4T 464

appeal for, of goods lent to men by Christ CS 51-2

as tokens of gratitude to God AA 75; 5T 150

betokened loyalty of Gentile converts to God’s organized work AA 399

better than urgent calls for raising means 3T 510

brass mirrors given by Israelite women as PP 347

bring: proportion of your substance to God as 1T 222

to camp meeting 2T 576, 601; 3T 510

to Christ’s feet PP 753

to sustain God’s work CS 114

brought to God on special occasions 2T 573

children should earn money for CG 126

debt is no excuse for not giving 1T 225

each person should be free to decide how much he will give as 1T 238

esteem it a privilege to give 1T 177

faithfully recorded 1T 238

give: according as God has prospered you 1T 191

as expression of gratitude to God 6T 386

cheerfully, for erection of church buildings 4aSG 6-7

for Christ’s cause 4T 464

in appreciation of God’s bounties CS 198

in gratitude for God’s blessings 2T 598

give your, after tithe has been set apart CSW 130

apart from tithes CS 81

give your heart to God as MYP 70

given for mission work, as proof of love to God and men CS 52

given in faith and love, blessings brought by 4T 76

giving, confession of wrong in connection with MB 58-9

enriches giver 2T 653

God accepts only PK 61; 3T 396

God calls for COL 300; 2SG 249; 6T 446

to advance His work CS 215

God marks man’s motives in giving 1T 177

God needs 1T 177

God receives, as sacrifice of grateful obedience 2T 653

God requires all that men have as 4T 214

God’s people must bring, to Him 1T 237

gratitude to God expressed by PK 707-8

gratitude to God should be shown by 2T 576, 601

humble and contrite heart’s, God will receive 2T 653

Israelites were to bring, to God COL 300

large sums of, deposited in temple treasury DA 155

man’s benevolence should be shown by 3T 413

man’s first care should be to render, to God PP 106

not given to enrich God 2T 653

offerings to God should be 1T 221

people must not be bribed to give, to sustain gospel CS 203

poor person’s smallest, as acceptable as largest donations of the rich 3T 398; 9T 224

pretended, of Ananias and Sapphira 1T 221

required for special occasions AA 337

responses to calls for 9T 126

sacrifices made for God’s cause must be EW 50-1

sanctuary was built with 2BC 1027; CS 203; PP 343, 526, 529; 4aSG 5-6; 2SM 173-4; SR 151-3; 4T 77-8; 6T 468; WM 291-2

self-denial needed in making 2T 127

special objects calling for 4T 468

take up, to help institutions pay debts 9T 71

to purchase institutional properties 9T 272

temple was built with 2BC 1027; 3BC 1129; PP 526, 751-3; 2SM 174; 4T 77

temple was rebuilt with PK 559-60

used in Israel to maintain ordinances of divine service PP 528

Waldensian pastors were supported by GC 68

youth should bring, to God 1T 238

2. Giving MYP 306-8

acknowledges: God’s claim on men by creation and redemption 6T 479

God’s sovereignty 4T 477

church elders and officers should urge faithfulness in CS 107

consider, privilege and not task 1T 170

deception in, history of Ananias and Sapphira is perpetual warning re 5T 148

designed to counteract selfishness in man 3T 393

devils seek to keep men from EW 266-7

feelings are not to be followed in 5T 151

God has made provision in, for gospel work COL 300

God supplies men with resources for, to advance His work CS 36

God’s treasury would be full if His people were faithful in AA 338

gospel workers should lead in 2SM 187

in proportion to means received of God 3T 410

is best way to express love for Christ 3T 413

is tribute of loyalty to God 4T 477

Israelites’ liberality in 4T 77

liberality in, during Moses’ time CS 203

puts covetousness to flight 4T 485

mismanagement that causes people to discontinue CM 96

not left to impulse CSW 129

people sanctified through truth will be faithful in CS 74

plan for, systematically week by week 3T 412

regard, as Christian duty 3T 393

rule laid down for 5T 735

selfishness in, God’s curse surely follows 5T 268

should be proportionate to light and privileges enjoyed PP 528

should become habit 3T 393

spirit needed in 2SG 249-50

spirit of, by apostolic churches 3T 413

Christ commented on DA 614-6

3. Kinds of

best, give your 1T 221

that any man can make is lame 4T 379

blemished, were not to be brought to God’s altar MH 130; PK 489

burnt See Burnt offering

Cain presented to God, of fruit PP 71-2

children’s: as rivulets make big rivers CS 293

as rivulets supply stream of beneficence CSW 129

Christ accepted DA 564

money box used for saving AH 388

please God 3T 412

small, help God’s cause CSW 141

Christian, compared with Jewish 4T 79

consecrated, as fragrant incense before God TM 362

continual, of olive oil for lamp of sanctuary 9T 248

costing self-denial, God regards as precious 2T 127

costly, will not open gates of heaven for giver SD 233

dedicated to God, angel faithfully records 2T 518

seen in heavenly record in day of God 5T 151

dedicated to God’s work, must be used as donors design 2T 518

deficient, displease God 2T 259

expensive, without pure love is too poor for God to accept 2T 653

faithfulness in, results of 6T 450

first fruits of field consecrated as AA 337

for building churches, liberality needed in giving PP 344

for God’s work, how to increase 3T 401

should be in proportion to light and blessings enjoyed 3T 392

for helping the poor, give regularly 5T 151

from orchard and field, given at Feast of Tabernacles Ed 42

given in spirit of self-sufficiency or pharisaism, God does not accept 6BC 1118

given unwillingly and grudgingly, God does not accept 5T 285

given with trueheartedness and gladness of soul, is not small COL 359

given without spirit of reverence and gratitude, God does not accept 6BC 1118

giver of, suitable object needed before 2SG 235; 1T 194

God does not despise humblest, bestowed with readiness and sincerity 2T 282

gold and silver, significance of 2T 653

gratitude See Thank offering

imperfect, God is robbed by 3T 404

impure and tainted, do not bring to God TM 146

inferior, God does not accept 3T 546

lame, displease God 2T 259

God does not accept 1T 196, 221

lame and diseased, bear God’s curse CS 202

large: caution re giving of EW 93

given to secure God’s favor SR 332

many people who should bring, are content to give feeble pittance to God CS 153

people who give, to God’s cause and let brethren suffer 2SG 235

liberal, given only when it brings honor to giver SD 57

God’s institutions should be sustained by 4T 464

like widow’s two mites EW 121

making no show often stand highest in God’s sight DA 615

meager, persons who will be disappointed to find that God will not accept their CS 128

obtained by sharp transactions, God does not accept CS 145

obtained by transgressing God’s law, offensive to Him 5T 360; Te 99

of believer with hatred in heart, is abhorrent to God DA 310

of broken heart and contrite spirit, God accepts 3T 533

of church member connected with liquor business is stained with blood Te 231-2

of dealer in intoxicating liquor, God will not accept MH 340; 5T 360; Te 99-100

of impulse, gospel work should not depend on CS 200

of joy and gratitude, bring to God daily 5T 574

of persons having other gods before Him, God does not accept 1T 282

of self-denial, crisis in God’s work calls for 6T 465

one twentieth of income as, many believers do not give 4T 474

peace See Peace offering

perpetual, shewbread kept always before God as PP 354

physician’s, that God does not accept MM 125

pittance that God will not accept as 2T 128

poorest and weakest child’s most humble, God accepts 2T 258

rich person’s, should be proportionate to his property 4T 474

richest: too meager in comparison to gift of Christ CS 200, 288

too meager without obedience and unselfish love 3T 57

will seem unworthy of Christ’s acceptance 4T 485

sacrificial, Jews were required to present 4T 467

sick, displease God 2T 259

sin See Sin offering

small, acceptable to God when given with love and devotion DA 615

looks large to selfish heart 2SG 232

many people give, who spend freely for rich furniture and fashionable clothing CS 294

selfish heart clings as closely to, as to large 2SG 232; 1T 191

that is of great value in God’s sight CS 178

upon which God smiles and blesses DA 615-6; GW 467

smallest, persons who can give only 9T 245-6

that is priceless gift in God’s sight GW 467

stinted: brought to God almost unwillingly 2T 128

Christ hates 2SG 238; 1T 195

covetousness leads to 1T 221

do not give, for building churches 1T 196

God does not accept 4aSG 7

God is displeased by 1T 196

recorded in heaven 1T 221

some families afflicted because of 1T 221

some people bring, to God AA 75

some people cursed in harvest and flocks because of 1T 221

wealthy persons who give CS 155-6

youth inclined to give 2T 127-8

thank See Thank offering

too poor to bring to Christ SD 236

trespass See Trespass offering

unacceptable to God, raised by church bazaars, concerts, suppers, fairs, dances, lotteries, and festivals CS 204-5; WM 289-92

unwilling: God does not accept CS 202; 4aSG 7

God wants no 1T 546

God would not have His treasury replenished with 3T 393;

value of smallest, presented in faith and love 3T 397

voluntary: are part of revenue of God’s work AA 74

constitute revenue of gospel 5T 149

diffusion of light and truth is made dependent on 5T 148

given for rebuilding temple PK 559

proclamation of gospel depends on 9T 246

what would happen if God’s people were liberal in PP 529

weekly mission, gathering of CSW 129-47

widow’s two mites as DA 614-6; 2T 666-7

like small stream widening and deepening through ages DA 616

without your heart, God does not accept 2T 169

yearly, do not bring merely a 1T 237

for Negro SDA work, in 1907 9T 225

4. Poor person’s

accounted precious by God 2T 198-9

as acceptable as largest donations of the rich 9T 224

as acceptable to God as those of the rich 7T 295; WM 203

as sweet-smelling savor to God CS 30, 347

comes up before God as fragrant incense AA 341

God is pleased with DA 615

how God estimates value of 3T 399

how God regards 2T 282

proportioned to his income CS 73

should be proportionate to his property 4T 474

small, cheerfully given is greatly valued in God’s sight CS 30

weighed in balances of sanctuary WM 203

5. Withholding

Ananias and Sapphira purposed to rob God by 2T 128

covetousness leads many to rob God by 3T 269

do not rob God by 1T 221

flimsy excuses made for MYP 307

God is robbed by 2T 259; 3T 411

God’s curse upon persons guilty of 2T 167

leanness and poverty brought by 3T 269

let nothing tempt you to rob God by 5T 271

let there be no robbery of God by MM 215

many of God’s people guilty of 5T 151

many people led to rob God by CS 249

more than is meet, tends to poverty 5T 268

no safety in CS 67

people who rob God by, rob themselves of eternal riches 2T 653

rob themselves of His blessing 3T 395

professed Christians rob God by GC 475

robbing God by 2T 197

deprives the guilty of His blessings 5T 644

violates plain injunction of Jehovah 5T 644

works deepest injury to the guilty 5T 644

selfish, illustration of results of PP 527

sickness and death brought by 2T 199

sinfulness of 2T 575, 599

some people rob God by, while spending money for tobacco CH 84

6. Miscellaneous PP 525-9

amount of his, each person is to determine what shall be 4T 469

appreciation of God’s favor expressed by PP 753

appreciation of God’s mercies and blessings expressed by 3T 393

appreciation of God’s sacrifice shown by 6T 480

appropriate, for helping the poor and suffering WM 274

to advance God’s work 6T 384

are evidence that people have grace of Christ 6BC 1059

as: fruit of love and gratitude to God 6BC 1059

grateful acknowledgement of indebtedness to God 5T 267-8

sacrifice well pleasing to God 6BC 1059

spiritual sacrifices 7BC 925

as token of gratitude to God AA 75; CS 297; PP 187-8

for His continual mercies and blessings 2T 573

for His gift of Christ CS 19

better not to give, than to give grudgingly 6BC 1105; CS 199

bind each, on altar with willing obedience and pure love 5T 269

bring, to God 1BC 1086; DA 107; 9T 51; TM 305

of best that you possess PP 344

bring to God’s treasury your, for miss. work MYP 306

bring your: for support of evangelistic work Ev 86-7

into God’s storehouse CS 65, 67

into God’s treasury CS 88; MYP 308

to God with joy and gratitude CS 198

brought in sincerity, God accepts 9T 55

brought to sanctuary for sabbaths, new moons, and special feasts PP 352

cannot recommend man to God or earn His favor 6BC 1059

cheerful giver of, God’s promise to bless 4aSG 7

children should earn money for AH 387-8

Christ demands, of your whole heart and undivided affections 1T 160

Christ did not lessen man’s obligation to present, to God DA 397

Christian businessman should give, in proportion to his capital 4T 468

Christians should not give less, than did Israelites AA 337

church debts paid by 6T 102-3

continual imparting of, sowing beside all waters requires 9T 132; TM 424

converts should be instructed re 6T 447

do not give, to be seen of men 2SG 235

due to God’s treasury, not offset by gifts to charity 9T 248

duty re, exceed rather than fall short of giving 4T 485

effort to raise, carried to extremes 3T 510-1

eloquent appeals for, SDA should not have to resort to 3T 413; 4T 474

essential part of God’s worship in Israel COL 300

for God’s cause, that is real sacrifice 1T 636-7

forbidden ways of securing, for God’s work CS 204-5; WM 289-92

frequent appeals needed for, to sustain foreign missions 9T 55-6

frequent calls for, church members should not complain of 9T 55

funds that you should give for, do not pay personal debts with 1T 220

give: abundantly CS 85

as Christmas gift AH 478, 480-3

as you purpose in heart 5T 149

for missions by economizing MYP 299-300

in accordance with blessings God has bestowed on you 2T 574, 599

in accordance with your appreciation of gift of Christ 4T 484

in accordance with your appreciation of God’s blessings 2T 573-4

in consideration of God’s great goodness to us CS 80

in proportion to light and privileges enjoyed PP 528

in proportion to what God has entrusted to you 2T 667; 4T 467

on holidays MYP 311

willingly CS 85; 5T 268

with cheerful alacrity CSW 142

with cheerfulness CS 199

with thanksgiving and prayer 6T 467

given for religious purposes since Adam’s time 3T 393

given to God’s cause, minister who dishonestly used 1T 227

God accepts, as act of humble obedience to Him 5T 267-8

God asks for, from His children 4T 477

God blesses giver of CS 75; 5T 267-8

God calls for, besides tithes CS 82

God claims, from your goods CS 46

God delights to honor, given by loving hearts DA 65

God does not compel men to give CS 82; 3T 393

God does not estimate, according to amount given 9T 224

God does not need men’s CS 18; 2T 652; 4T 477

God never requires of His people more, than they can give 5T 269

God ordained that gospel work should depend on PP 528

God requires, of His people 2T 652-3; 4T 472

God requires men to return, to Him CS 75; 5T 267

God requires that: be brought weekly and monthly 1T 237

be made at stated times 3T 393

be proportionate to giver’s income 3T 405

God values, according to love prompting sacrifice 3T 398-9; 9T 224

according to motive which prompts giver 2T 667

God wants men to give, regularly and systematically CS 81; CSW 129

God’s blessings to Israel were proportionate to their 3T 395

God’s plan re CS 75

carry out regularly and systematically CSW 138

God’s returns to us will be proportionate to our, to Him CS 91

gratitude should be shown to God by 5T 150

gratitude shown to God by PK 707-8

gratitude to God expressed by CSW 140; 2SM 212

grudgingly doled out, for religion SD 57

have faith that God will enlarge His people’s 6T 467

heart is most precious, given to God 3BC 1162; SD 98

heart-stirring appeals for, needed to awaken man’s dormant sympathies 3T 396

needed to break through man’s selfishness 3T 396

hold, as sacred for God’s work 9T 247-8

how to present, in righteousness 4BC 1182

Israelites presented, at yearly convocations 2T 573

Jews presented, at birth of children AH 473; CSW 143; SD 152

lame, churches should not be built with 1T 196

let your, be sanctified by prayer AH 482

Levites were supported by Ed 148

liberal, given yearly by Israel 3T 546

liberality in, appreciation of God’s blessings revealed by 9T 132

love to God expressed by CS 52; CSW 140; PP 753

man’s misuse of, God’s blessing cannot be turned from giver by DA 614

misapplied by wrong management, promise to donors of 2T 519

misapplied under high priest Eliashib PK 670

must be sprinkled with blood of atonement 1BC 1086

niggardly practices in giving CS 287

no, too precious to give to Christ DA 565

no less of God’s people required now in, than of Israel COL 300; CS 71; 2T 574, 599

numerous specified, required of Israelites AA 336-7

on Christmas tree, appropriate in church AH 482

parents should not permit children’s claims on them to rob God of 1T 221

personal sacrifices that brought, to God’s treasury 2T 518

persons failing to bring, God will visit 1T 238

persons very poor should give AA 341

persons who dole out, grudgingly 2BC 1012

place your, into God’s treasury ChS 221; 9T 247-8

plea of poverty is no excuse for robbing God of 2T 59

pledge, for support of missionaries CSW 135

pledge to give, sin of failing to keep 4T 470 See also Pledge; Vow

poor people are to bring, to God WM 206

praise to God expressed by 2SM 212

pray for God’s blessing on 6T 467

pray God to multiply His people’s 6T 467

prayers and, combine earnest efforts for God with 1SM 84-5

present your body to God as GC 473-4

present yourself to God as, as nearly perfect as possible PP 352-3

privilege of cheerfully giving 1T 546

privilege of giving, Macedonian believers rejoiced in AA 343

proportioned to giver’s income CS 73

propriety of receiving, from unbelievers ChS 167-77

reluctance of giver to bring, God notes 2T 519

render to God His own in MYP 307

requirement of, is evidence that all men have and are belongs to God 2T 653

reserve something regularly as, for God’s cause 5T 272

Satan seeks to have men give, grudgingly EW 267

save means for, by self-denial 9T 157-8

selfishness is true reason why some do not give 1T 225

sent on errands of love 7T 295

set apart savings for AH 395-6

should be used to: send truth to people in darkness MYP 308

spread gospel COL 300

spread printed truth 4T 472

support foreign missions ChS 221

support gospel work among foreigners in America ChS 201

support gospel workers 2SM 156

support home missions ChS 221

support the ministry 4T 472

sustain worship of God PP 525

should flow from men to God 6T 479

should not depend on miss. appeals 4T 474

solicitation of, from people of means for God’s work PK 634

stream of, must continually flow to keep men’s hearts open 3T 393-4

system of, given to church in its infancy 1SM 114

taken from persons too poor to give, should be returned to donors 3T 510-1

though given without merit, cannot be withheld without ruin 6T 481

unfaithfulness in: confession of 5T 643

God’s curse upon persons guilty of 5T 151

God’s work greatly hindered by 5T 151

used in Israel: for relief of the poor PK 646-7

to support the ministry COL 300

value of: how God estimates AA 342; CS 73-4; 2T 667

is according to spirit prompting giver 3T 412

motive that actuates giver determines AA 342

why many poor people have no, to give to God 3T 400

willingness of giver to bring, God notes 2T 519

wise men of East brought, to Christ CS 176; DA 65

would be multiplied tenfold if God’s people were faithful 4T 474

your motive in giving: is chronicled by God 2T 519

God knows 2SG 249

makes it valuable in God’s sight GW 222

youth should learn to give, regularly and systematically Ed 239

youthful heart as, to God ML 160

See also Donation; Tithes and offerings


amounts given for, depend on income HP 304:3

benevolence developed by; God does not depend on them RC 268:7

beyond tithe, for God’s cause and the poor HP 303:2

blessing of God on widow’s RC 268:3

blood of Christ necessary to make, perfect 3SM 339:1

Cain’s type of, without Christ FW 76:3

claimed by God to spread truth UL 126:4

favor of God not deserved by FW 25:1

giver praised for, but all comes from God FW 22:3

giving of,

as well as the tithes FLB 245:2

cheerfully as in view of universe HP 304:5

not to be beyond what a person has TDG 97:3

to God’s work lays up treasure in heaven TMK 223:4

with praise show appreciation for God’s gift HP 222:4


declared by AG 325:3

for God’s great gift to flow in OHC 198:2

heaven not purchased by OHC 118:2

in addition to tithe UL 113:4

indicate submission to God’s Spirit; (alms) HP 322:5

lamenting inability to give more UL 343:6

large, some enabled to make TMK 220:5

merit not earned from giving HP 306:3

names kept fragrant in heaven by prayer and HP 306:6

needed from God’s privileged ones UL 360

our best, to God is small; therefore our will must control us TMK 313:3

purpose of heart, not amount makes, acceptable HP 304:3

selfishness must not cause withholding of OHC 197:4

size of, acceptability to God not determined by TMK 220:5

songs of joy in bringing, although poor VSS 149:1

spoiled by thinking that it earns the favor of God FW 20:1

thank, poured out in prayer brings more joy RC 285:5

unacceptable if self is withheld OHC 197:5

unacceptable while having wrong feelings about others TDG 19:2

unwilling TSB 71:2

value of widow’s, increased by gifts of those touched RC 268:4

value, work and faith given in, first received from God FW 22:2

work of encouragement and healing needed besides CME 23:0

See also Gifts; Liberality


Offerings (ceremonial)

Adam told to teach regard for CC 22:5

Christ represented by TMK 101:3

lame, transgression causes TDG 101:3

reason for so many OHC 47:2; UL 219:3

See also Sacrifices