This Day With God


Choose You This Day, December 19

Choose you this day whom ye will serve. Joshua 24:15. TDG 362.1

The wind is increasing until it blows a gale. I do not venture upon the deck [of the steamer Wairarapa]. I feel glad to keep still.... TDG 362.2

I was lifting up my heart to God for Christ, who stilled the tempest, to say “Peace, be still.” TDG 362.3

All at once the rainbow spanned the heavens. I could see the signs of God's promise in the bow in the clouds, and I was resting in confidence in His protecting arms.... TDG 362.4

The lady in waiting [i.e., stewardess nurse] is very kind to me. I gave her Steps to Christ and some papers and pamphlets. I talked with her in regard to her soul's salvation. I pointed out the perils of anyone whose life was on the sea. She said she had thought of this ofttimes, but she said, “If I could, I would be a Christian, but I cannot. It would be an impossibility to serve God on such a vessel as this. You do not know, you cannot have any idea of the wickedness of these sailors. The captain and mates are so closely of the same character with the crew of sailors that they have no influence to introduce reform, if they desired such a thing.” I asked why she did not seek some other employment. She said, “It would be no use. I have four children to support and I have not strength to do hard work.” She was a small, delicate, fine-featured woman.... TDG 362.5

I tried to open before her the danger of living a prayerless life. She said, “It is no use to pray here, or try to be religious.” I told her if the Lord had appointed her that place she would, if she would accept Christ as her Saviour, realize Christ as her refuge. She said, with tears in her eyes, “It is impossible. I know the company on this ship. I could not live religion here. I hope some time to have some place opened for me where I can support my family, and then I shall give my attention to serious things. If I could only be with my children and support them in a humble way I would only too gladly choose to do so.”—Manuscript 88, December 19, 1893, diary, en route to Sydney, Australia, from New Zealand. TDG 362.6