EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Mind, Minds (Part 1 of 4)

Mind, Minds

1. Body and

2. Children’s

3. Classes of

4. Dealing with

5. Faculties of

6. Human

7. Law(s) of

8. One man’s

9. Ought (or need) to be

10. Ought not to be

11. Qualities of

12. Should be educated (trained) to

13. State (condition) of

14. Young

15. Youth’s

16. Miscellaneous


1. Body and

are closely related CD 161

close relationship between, explain to people CH 543

great sympathy exists between 4T 60

intimate relation exists between CH 28; MH 128, 241; PP 601

mother knows little of mutual influence of FE 59

mutual influence of FE 59

mysterious and wonderful relation exists between 3T 485

react on each other 3T 485

relationship between, Peter understood CD 166-7

study 2SM 434

sympathy existing between 3T 69-70

is very great 4T 60


ability to tax powers of, valuable HP 217:4

abuse of, refused when price of redemption considered CC 35:4

appetite must not harm; relationship important 3SM 283:2

duty to preserve powers of HP 192:2

faculties of, required for climbing spiritual ladder OHC 68:5

harmonious action of 2MCP 407:1

impaired by violating laws of nature RC 142:4

mother’s temperance important for her child’s CC 130:2

power of, used for God by those growing in grace TMK 106:5

progression is law of HP 183:4

respected and improved by one taking name Christian HP 286:3

taxed by excess, not by labor itself TDG 33:3

use, for Christ considering His sacrifice 1MCP 319:1

wearied by worry HP 113:2

work given to benefit TDG 133:2

2. Children’s

active: cannot be kept unoccupied CT 121

how sensational fiction affects MH 444-5

should be kept constantly employed CSW 116

are: active AH 282, 284

impressible FE 266

impressionable CT 192

plastic AH 436

baby’s: education of CG 300-1

effects of smile upon AH 436

is most impressible CG 26

likened to polished plate of artist AH 436

molding of, mother should be careful in trusting to others the CG 302

only teacher of, mother should be CG 300

parents should be only teachers of 2SM 437

should not be educated from books CG 300; 2SM 437

balancing, in right direction at right time is most important work 3T 146

bent of, Bible teachers can gain much by observing CT 181; Ed 188

parents who allow children to follow their 3T 26

boy’s, debased by self-abuse 2T 404, 481

depraved, objectionable literature that suits 2T 481

developing, parents’ duty to give right direction to 3T 146

why parents have no time to patiently develop 3T 147-8

devils make most powerful efforts to sway 1T 387

different qualities of CG 207

divert, from trifling pain or hurt CT 123

do not tax very young, with study of books FE 416

with study of music FE 416

fortify, with firm and pure principles CT 131

girls’, debased by self-pollution 2T 481

health of, out-of-door life promotes 4T 136

idle, Satan makes workshop of CG 120

improvement that mother must make in order to improve 3T 147

influences that greatly affect CG 196

is impressible in early life 4T 499

keep, clean and pure ML 91

labor and responsibility as safeguards for 2T 481

long speeches burden 2T 420

mold, by discipline 3T 25

most susceptible: during first years of life CT 132

when reason is awakening CT 143

mother has much to do with molding 1T 307

mothers should be cheerful and happy who have to train 3T 146

much study and earnest prayer is needed to know how to deal with 3T 146

not properly developed and strengthened, parental responsibility for 3T 132-3

parents and teachers should fasten, on grand truths of God’s word ML 107

parents should provide proper food for CT 121

parents should train, to think and act for themselves 3T 132-4

parental responsibility for filling, with ennobling thoughts or vicious sentiments CT 121

poisoned by injurious influences 1T 387

proper food for, parents should keep well informed in order to provide CT 121

restless, as result of self-pollution 2T 481

right principles must be established in AH 323

Satan seeks to control CG 93; 2T 360

Satan works to fill, with unreal and trivial thoughts CT 121

seek to occupy CG 188

self-abuse weakens 2T 361

sensitive, mother should not let her depression cloud 1T 387

set guard about 5T 520

should be trained to think and act for themselves 3T 132-4

should study God’s word diligently CT 121

storybooks enchant, bewilder, and poison 1T 135

susceptible and expanding, longs for knowledge CT 121

train, to think CT 149; FE 369

training of, by parents CG 188

unbalanced by witnessing frequent fits of hysteria 5T 310

weakened, parental indulgence that gives Satan free access to 2T 481

well-balanced, teachers should seek to develop FE 53-4

wrecked while parents sleep on 2T 481-2

See also Child

3. Classes of

accustomed to trashy reading craves stimulation as drunkard craves drink FE 163

active: do not find time to heed every temptation 1T 395

unoccupied with better things will heed Satan’s suggestions CG 33

youth’s, need employment CG 341; SD 140

actuated by infidelity and unbelief: strives to make place for itself TM 290

strives to obtain adherents TM 290

acute, sharpened by long practice in evading truth 1SM 195

adhering to principle in transactions of ordinary life holds claims of duty above those of pleasure and inclination PP 223

affected, body sympathizes with MH 241

aimless, falls easy prey to evil Ed 190

all, gospel workers are brought into contact with MH 495

must be met in miss. work 4T 554

allowed to run on trifling and common things becomes weak, frivolous, and deficient in spiritual power 5T 272

allowed to wander must be brought back SL 93

amused and abused by reading fiction, nature study benefits 4T 581

another person’s, physician should not dare to try to control MM 114

association with different, value of 5T 583-4

at peace with God, bodily conditions more favorable as result of 3T 170

balanced in wrong direction by a few pleasing inducements 3T 73-4

balanced properly, how to develop 3T 26

barred by prejudice against reception of truth TM 105-6

beclouded: by eating too much on Sabbath 3SG 254

indulgence of passions causes 3T 491

intoxicating drink causes Te 288

overindulgence in eating produces CD 55

stimulants cause 4T 28

tobacco and intoxicating liquor cause Te 35, 59

with doubt in Bible study 5T 705

with evil cannot appreciate truth FE 188

beclouded and partially paralyzed by narcotics, are easily overcome by temptation Te 64

befogged and confused on Sabbath as result of eating too much 6T 357

befogged by sensual malaria 7BC 909

believer’s, should be elevated, refined, ennobled, and spiritualized 4T 358

benumbed, narcotics cause CH 432

stimulants cause CH 432

besotted: intoxicating liquor produces CT 367; 8T 66; Te 71

pleasure parties that produce CT 367; 8T 66

tobacco produces Te 71

bewildered: by smooth words 1T 615

God’s power appears as foolishness to 4T 585

blinded by: error become separated from heaven AA 232

Satan into carnal security 2T 478

Satan to corruption teeming all around them 2T 478

broadened and elevated, pure and strengthening thoughts produce CT 121

brought into communion with God’s mind is affected beyond estimate AA 126

burdened, Christ’s promise to relieve DA 454

calculating and acquisitive, wisdom far above that of CS 177

calm and hallowed, Christian’s conversation and deportment should reveal 5T 113

calm and healthful, love for exciting amusements intoxicates SD 131

carnal: cannot comprehend mysteries of spiritual things 4T 585

constant war must be maintained against 2T 479

craves conformity to world FE 311; LS 351

craves similarity to world FE 311

dwarfed and crippled by earthly allurements 4T 581

finds no pleasure in contemplating God’s word FE 182

God’s law kills 1SM 213

how, slips unconsciously into crime 4T 13

is enmity against God 4T 13

likened to desolate wilderness FE 182

must be subdued 1T 162

must die 3T 475

rebels against God’s will 4T 13

rejects truth MYP 274

Satan invents earthly allurements for 4T 581

set on fire by Satan 4T 86

cast in inferior mold, influence of 3T 155

cheapened by wrong home influences CG 200

cheerful: cultivate 2T 434-5

how body is affected by 4T 60

is health to body 1T 702

is strength to soul 1T 702

Christ’s: confidence in fellow men is essential to possessing TM 189

God gives us 5T 515

how man’s mind becomes one with COL 312

how sinner can have DA 675

what it means to have 7BC 903

clean, students should come forth with MM 111

clear: do all possible to maintain CG 364

flesh foods must be given up in order to have CD 383; Ev 663

food God has given that we might have ML 132

for discriminating between right and wrong, strict temperance essential to MH 345

lawmakers need Te 46-7

men in courts of justice need Te 46

needed to appreciate exalted order of truth 2T 66

persons who study God’s word need to keep TM 114

physical appetites must be controlled in order to have MYP 236-7

thinking after God’s order requires CD 335

times of crisis call for Te 148

clear and vigorous to comprehend spiritual things, eat more simple and less food in order to have MH 307; 6T 357

clearer, looking to Christ makes 5T 744

clinging to doubt, will be left in darkness PP 432

clogged with matter it cannot impart FE 339

commencing to run in channel of: animal magnetism is almost sure to lose balance 1T 297

phrenology is almost sure to lose balance 1T 297

common people’s: do not put crib too high for CW 19

success of gospel workers will be in reaching 3T 39

too much talk about coming down to 5T 581

conceited and deceived, revelations that flow from imagination of 2SM 90

confused: improper diet causes MH 307; 6T 357

intoxicating drink causes Te 36

on points clear and easy to be understood in Bible 5T 705-6

conscientious, treatment of persons of 1T 615

consecrated, Spirit puts forth its highest energies to work in MH 159

content to take low level, result of 2T 414

contented, is health to body and strength to soul MH 241

contented and cheerful: cultivate 2T 434-5

is health to body 1T 702

is strength to soul 1T 702

promotes health and longevity MH 241

continually exercising to grasp weighty and important truths 4T 545

controlled by: another person is never again strong and reliable MM 116

restless and irrepressible energy TM 291

controlled by God, habits should be under control of COL 348; SD 171

controlled by Satan, among pub. house leaders 5T 407

converted, sees divine power in God’s word 8T 301

corrupt, takes pleasure in contemplating scenes that awaken lower and baser passions 2T 410

corrupted: by attendance at rabbinical schools of Christ’s time 8T 310

by continual repetition of “They say” or “It has been said” 8T 310

craving stimulation of trashy reading MYP 281

crazed: baleful drugs produce CW 134

opium produces CW 134

sensational or demoralized literature produces CW 134

crippled and dwarfed for want of zeal and earnest, severe taxation 4T 415

critical and sharp Ev 212

crowded with mass of matter it cannot digest, cannot walk in light of God 7T 205

crowded with mass of matter it will never be able to use, becomes dwarfed and enfeebled FE 447

cultivated: choice of simple and appropriate clothing reveals CG 413; Ed 248; MYP 353

commanding love and respect SD 132

is measure of man CT 475; MH 499; 4T 561

reflected in countenance SD 132

Daniel’s, plainness of diet benefited 4T 515-6

darkened, unhealthful food produces CD 426; FE 143; 3T 569

darkened by indulging in sin DA 106; 5T 682

David’s, clear and strong in his old age PP 749

debased: baleful drugs produce CW 134

boy who had 2T 404

cannot be elevated from corruption while it is being educated to enslave its moral and intellectual powers 2T 479

man who had 2T 95

opium produces CW 134

problem of elevating, from corruption 2T 479

sensational or demoralized literature produces CW 134

debilitated, indulgence of passions causes Te 183

deficient in spiritual power as result of running on common and trifling things 5T 272

degraded by debasing thoughts PP 459

depending on judgment of others, will be misled Ed 231

depraved: duty of Sabbathkeepers who have had 2T 479

passion controls many CH 629

through perversion of thoughts and feelings 2T 252

depressed, mother can and should control her 1T 387

depressed and gloomy, living in close and ill-ventilated rooms produces 1T 702-3

deranged, as result of “no-work” doctrine LS 86-7

derives strength from food it receives CT 121

devoted to God, develops harmoniously under Spirit’s guidance DA 251

devoted to self and not to good of others 2T 187

different, Satan has different delusions prepared for EW 261

directed to high and holy ideals, evil finds little foothold in Ed 190

disagreeable, talking about Satan makes 6T 62

disciplined: by education 3T 160

that does not waver between right and wrong PP 223

disciplined properly, needed for time of emergency TM 149

discouraged, needs mild treatment MH 244; 3T 184

discriminating, colporteur work calls for 4T 603

diseased: as result of self-abuse 2T 469-70

Christ as restorer of MH 243-4

consciousness of rightdoing is best medicine for CH 628; 1T 502

cured by looking to all-healing Physician 3T 184

dealing with persons of, is nice work 3T 184

how to deal with MM 210

many invalids die from 4aSG 145

physician should know how to minister to 3T 168-9, 184

physicians and helpers should not forget they deal with 3T 182

physicians need discernment, patience, kindness, and love in treating 3T 184

service that is as medicine to GW 270; SD 97

surest remedy for 2T 325

diseased and distracted, faithful physician can help 5T 444

disordered, disordered stomach means MM 80

diverted from God, Satan controls 4T 560

divided, minister should not work with TM 312

divine, has men for every place 6T 241

record of creation has been preserved in purity by FE 536

drifting, Satan makes suggestions that fill MYP 42

drunkard’s, Satan acts through MM 114

dull and stupid on Sabbath, overeating causes CH 577; MH 307

dwarfed, God is not glorified by CD 18; 3T 486

produced by constantly dwelling on fear of ceremonial defilement DA 150

dwarfed and cheapened, feeding on writings of uninspired men to neglect of God’s word produces COL 41; CT 441; ML 107; 1SM 244

dwarfed and deformed, feeding on vile trash provided by Satan produces FE 94

dwarfed and enfeebled: absorption in commonplace and trivial matters produces FE 536

as result of dwelling on commonplace matters only PP 596; 4T 546

crowded with mass of matter it will never be able to use FE 447

dwarfed and not properly balanced 3T 33

dwelling on Christ, molding of character as result of TM 388

dwelling on disappointed hopes 2T 247

dwelling on God’s will becomes strong in truth 4T 526

dwelling on sad things, picturing possessor’s condition as very bad 2T 324

dwelling on self, remedy for 2T 326-7

eager to disclose their sentiments TM 291

earthly: difference between spiritual mind and ML 44

finds no pleasure in God’s word MH 460

God’s word as desolate wilderness to 8T 319-20

educated, Christians should have 4T 548

educated to: enjoy physical taxation in practical life becomes enlarged FE 229

feed on trash is unable to see beauty of God’s word FE 452

educated to criticize and doubt and cavil, because they cannot search into God’s purposes 5T 701

will fall because of unbelief 5T 701

elevated, students obedient to God may come forth with 8T 323

energetic, needed to appreciate exalted order of truth 2T 66

enervated, coffee causes CD 421; CH 441

enfeebled: baleful drugs produce CW 134

by reading frivolous and exciting tales 7T 165

by self-abuse 5T 91

frivolous and exciting tales produce CM 143

idleness produces CT 279; PP 156

opium produces CW 134

sensational or demoralizing literature produces CW 134

tobacco causes Te 58

enfeebled and dwarfed, dwelling on commonplace and trivial matters causes CT 13, 396; Ed 124; FE 378, 536; ML 23; PP 596; 4T 546; 5T 24

enlightened by Spirit may discern truth from error 8T 290-1

ennobled: by grasping things that are eternal FE 110

dwelling on exalted themes produces MYP 66

students obedient to God may come forth with 8T 323

Enoch’s, educated to run in right channel 2T 122

trained to devotion and to love purity 2T 122

enslaved by mammon: cannot retain thoughts of God and heaven 3T 385

loses its remembrance of God 3T 385

eternal, man must place himself under control of 6T 241

ever on stretch to invent new amusements and diversions to gain health 1T 565

excited by study 3T 490

exercised re different points of Scriptures that test them 2T 692-3

expanded, students obedient to God may come forth with 8T 323

expanding constantly, as result of learning more of God’s wisdom, love, and power 5T 702-3

fascinated by light reading 4T 498

feasting on sensational stories: lives in unreal world FE 162

unfitted for practical duties of life FE 162

feeble, that cannot see through God’s purposes 1SM 16

feeble or diseased, danger of person controlling MH 243

feeding on exciting and sensational stories is not satisfied without this trashy food FE 163

fevered, indulgence of passion causes Te 183

feverish, as result of cider or fermented wine 5T 357

feverish and unstable: by use of wine and cider Te 93, 278

mild intoxicants cause Te 93, 278

few men’s, not sufficient to direct God’s work 9T 260

fickle, marriage does not always make firm a AH 57

filled with rubbish: as result of improper reading 4T 498-9

cannot be conversant with Scriptures 4T 498-9

finite: is inadequate to grasp the infinite SC 108; 5T 701

that see most perfect and beautiful harmony where before they discerned only confusion and broken purposes 5T 706; 9T 194

works of God cannot be explained by 4T 585

fortified with Bible truth is needed to stand through last conflict GC 593-4

free and happy, consciousness of rightdoing produces CH 28

how body is influenced by cheerfulness of CH 28; ML 150; 4T 60

freed from perverting influences can receive Christ’s lessons CT 376

frivolous, is low in scale of moral worth 5T 128

nature study benefits 4T 581

fruitful, person living on flesh diet may not expect to have CD 389

girl whose, thought she could never get well unless she got married 2T 324

girls’, proper amount of exercise around the house improves 1T 394

given to: diversion by foolish stories and idle tales, brilliancy of God’s word is eclipsed to 1T 125

exaggeration of truth 4T 496

loose thought needs to change MH 455; 8T 315

low passion as result of self-abuse 2T 470

self-abuse, impure thoughts fascinate 2T 470

gloomy: drag out miserable existence 1T 304

eating at all hours produces GW 241

intemperate eating produces CH 565

talking about Satan makes 6T 62

goaded to madness by pursuing one line of thought FE 321; LS 354

God requires of us, that cannot take assertions of another 2T 130

good: God wants men of 5T 581

unbalanced by being directed in wrong channel 2T 326

why SDA have so few men of CG 507; FE 165

gospel worker’s: must be sanctified 7T 61

narrowed by inconsistent course GW 144

no man should seek to control TM 293-4

Spirit quickens and energizes faithful FE 242

gossipers’, Satan stands by to excite 2T 185

great, erroneous idea that doubting is sign of 4T 584-5

world needs good men more than 4T 522

greatest, become bewildered if not guided by God’s word GC 522

not guided by God’s word in research become bewildered PP 113

guided by discretion and sound judgment: does not become narrowed down to one object 5T 563

has comprehensive ideas 5T 563

looks at things from every point of view 5T 563

harassed continually with anxiety AH 150-1

has most powerful influence on health 2T 523

healthy, depends on normal condition of vital forces CD 426

what to do to possess 4aSG 148-9

heathen See Heathen mind

Hebrew youths’, great truths of God’s providence and of future life were impressed on PP 592

highly cultivated, Bible unfolds truth that has astonished and charmed 5T 700

highly educated but without self-control COL 335

humble, elevates men above petty trials and real difficulties 4T 610-1

hypnotized by seducing influences 8T 293

idle, is Satan’s workshop Ed 190

Satan improves opportunity to educate 1T 399

ill-balanced, parental neglect resulting in FE 67

persons with, who imagine themselves very religious 3T 172

illuminated by: Spirit DA 494

study of God’s word ML 27

immortal, privilege of study by GC 677; SR 432

impenitent, is under Satan’s control DA 466

impoverished, mechanical workers who have 4T 546

impure, girl of 2T 559

in fever of unrest: for something new and exciting 4T 578

wine and cider cause Te 93, 277-8

in lethargy when stomach is overburdened with food 5T 163

incapable of taxing effort, superficial study produces FE 257-8

indolent, teacher should not be content with CT 199

true teacher is not content with Ed 278

indolent and aimless, falls easy prey to evil Ed 190

inferior, look away from Christ to merely human standard 5T 75

infinite, wisdom of Bible is wisdom of FE 444

inquiring: given by God to youth and children CT 200; FE 368

hungering for knowledge of God’s will are never satisfied 4T 446

student’s, should be respected FE 390

that finds Bible full of light and knowledge 5T 705

insane, novel reading causes thousands of MYP 290 See also Insanity

insane on one subject, suffering of imaginary pecuniary want by 2T 238

intelligence of varied, God’s work needs 5T 581

intelligent, God’s teaching commends itself to understanding of 1T 230

truth should be presented in attractive manner to 1T 414

intoxicated with amusements it craves SD 131

invalid’s: how to occupy properly 1T 557

should be diverted from self 4aSG 145

should be occupied with active labor 4aSG 145

invalid’s pain may need to be relieved in order to reach his 3T 169

invalids whose, should be engaged in cheerful and healthy work 4aSG 145

kept: in fever of unrest by moderate use of intoxicating drinks 5T 357

under constant excitement by excessive reading MYP 281

laboring men’s, let others do thinking for them 3T 157

lacking refinement and cultivation, described 4T 445

lascivious, evidence of 2T 458-9

lazy and dwarfed, inaction makes TM 242

lazy and undisciplined, do not be content with FE 119

God does not want us to be content with CT 506

learning to depend on excitement and are uneasy without it 1T 565

left in state of inaction: grow more and more inefficient 2T 188

lean on others to do brain work 2T 188

left to deal with commonplace subjects: becomes narrow 4T 499

loses power of expansion 4T 499

left to itself and uncultivated is generally low, sensual, and corrupt 1T 399

left to loose thoughts need to change 3T 474

like: babbling brook 4T 498

leaf trembling in wind PP 223

old curiosity shop Ev 648-9

listening to Satan’s sophistry becomes subject to his will 4T 584

listless and dreamy, remedy for 2T 249

living in pure and holy atmosphere does not become trifling, frivolous, vain, and selfish CG 188

long permitted to dwell only on earthly things, it is difficult to change habits of thought of MYP 113

magnifying little matters into mountains Te 71

men of brightest, have been degraded and lost MH 351

men of different, needed in God’s work TM 251

men of masterly, have left literary work for those who follow PP 83

men of small, delight to quibble, criticize, and question 4T 445

Mary Magdalene’s, was habitation of demons DA 568

master, whose works should not be used in SDA schools CT 26

minister should educate his 2T 671

minister whose, beholds picture of faithful and wise steward 4T 397

minister’s, few hours of manual labor daily tends to relax 4T 264-5

more clear and vigorous, Bible study results in CH 369

more evenly balanced, Bible study produces CT 452

more refined, what would make Christianity acceptable to 3T 375

mortal, cannot penetrate secrecy in which God dwells and works 5T 302

most beclouded, God’s word is sufficient to enlighten 2T 454-5

most highly cultivated, astonished and charmed by Bible’s simplicity SC 107; 5T 700

most highly educated, God must ever remain clothed in mystery to SC 105; 5T 699

practice of Bible truths enables man to obtain moral power to rank among 1SM 244

mother can and should do much to control her, when depressed 1T 387

mother should not neglect to beautify her 3T 564

mother’s, baby is affected by CH 79-80

mothers should cultivate their 3T 147

mothers whose, hunger for varying and exciting scenes of worldly life 3T 147

narrow, characteristic of 3T 167

Peninnah had PP 569

narrowed and debased, earthy thoughts produce CT 121

narrowed and dwarfed, through accumulation of money 3T 385

natural, leans to pleasure and self-gratification CT 325, 337

naturally taking low level, it is dangerous to be conversant with 3T 125-6

never exalted above level of humanity, man sinks lower and lower as result of PP 91

never required to grapple with difficult problems loses power of growth PP 596

new, new heart means CT 452; MYP 72

noble, mistaken evidences of 4BC 1138; 2T 426

Solomon’s, became weak and inefficient through evil associations 7T 218

noble and independent, evil counselors swayed Solomon’s 7T 218

not all, are molded alike 4T 128

reached by same methods 6T 116

not cherishing light, Satan has great power to confuse 4T 231

not decidedly under Spirit’s control, Satan takes control of TM 79

not disciplined for work, men of ability have labored at great disadvantage because of FE 108

not disciplined to study becomes trifling and frivolous MYP 357

not educated to dwell on religious themes becomes weak and feeble in these things 2T 189

not educated to make a business of serving God 3T 385

not elevated to highest standard loses power to retain what it once gained 5T 537

not exercised in acquisition of knowledge sinks into ignorance, superstition, and fancy 4T 443

not fully consecrated to God, Satan seems to have full control over 2T 359

not fully controlled by Spirit, Satan’s power over 3T 300

not guided by God’s word in research become bewildered PP 113-4

not kept in calm and healthful state of thought is under excitement SD 131

not lifted up by faith to contemplate infinite wisdom and love, man sinks lower and lower as result of PP 91

not properly occupied dwells on improper things 1T 395

not settled on self are wanted 5T 568

not sufficiently occupied with proper subjects, suffering of 5T 91

not under Spirit’s control, it is difficult to deal with 2T 636

not well-balanced, family who possessed 1T 704

nursing mother’s, affects nursling’s nourishment CD 228

affects nursing baby CD 228; 2SM 432-3

occupied with: frivolous reading, trifling conversation, and worldly pleasure MYP 66

improper reading matter cannot do God’s work with clear perception 7T 204

of Cyrus, Gabriel sought to counteract evil influences working on PK 572

of disciples often excited by curiosity FE 339

of many believers, Satan has control of 3T 475

of nervous invalids, sad results of using mind cure on MM 113

of questioners and doubters, how Satan gets full control of 4T 585

of superior intellectual attainments, Satan leads captive many 4T 422

of the redeemed: acquirement of knowledge will not weary SR 432

acquisition of knowledge by, in world to come GC 677

opportunities for study given to CT 55; Ed 304-9; GC 677-8; SR 432-3

will continually expand 5T 702-3

once possessed by error can never expand freely to truth MM 89

once yielded to strict control of devil, weakness of 3T 414

one Christian’s, is not to be controlled by another 8T 212

one corrupt, can sow more evil seed in short time than many can weed out in lifetime 2T 403

open: needed to understand Bible MYP 64

Samaritan woman had Ed 231

Scriptures must be searched with COL 112

open to God’s: love will receive Christ DA 465

word is not satisfied with trivial and sensational subjects CT 139

open to Spirit’s impressions, God moves on ML 63

ordinary, possibilities of well-disciplined COL 335

other people’s, do not poison 2SM 166-7

over which brooding melancholy settled like dark cloud PP 643

overtaxed, seriously affects body 1T 304

overworked 4aSG 146

is specially susceptible to temptation GW 245

physical labor prevents 3T 152

overzealous, Satan seeks to lead into fanaticism AA 348

parents should discipline their CSW 19-20

parents whose, Satan has paralyzed 2T 481

parents’, how Satan seeks to control 2T 480

peculiar, whose stronghold is sarcasm and irony 2T 555

peevish and irritable under continual restraint in matter of dress 4T 643

people’s, must be agitated MB 33

perfectly balanced, man was created with CH 108; 3T 72

persons of greatest independence of, who think and act for themselves 1T 615

perverse, false reasoning may produce 9T 243

physician’s, should not ignore connection between sin and disease 5T 444

pleasure-seeking, nature study benefits 4T 581

poisoned by sophistry 1T 615

poisoned thoroughly with disaffection 3T 356

poisoned with error watch for opportunities to sow seeds of doubt FE 329

prejudiced, how Christ won attention of DA 254

prophet’s, guided by Spirit in selection of what to speak and write GC 6-7

prying and inquisitive, God does not lay open His plans to 5T 301

public, press is powerful means of reaching and influencing LS 214

should be stirred to investigate health reform CH 21

pure: become strong 8T 323

hearers and doers of God’s word have MH 466

licentious physicians who corrupt 5T 445

speaks words of same character CT 443

students who will have ML 262

questioning, that stumble over mysteries in Bible 5T 702

quick and discerning, can accomplish grand results for God 4T 47

quick to discern will go deep beneath surface FE 119

quiet and satisfied in God is on highway to health CH 628; ML 150; 1T 502

rational, service for God brings highest satisfaction to 6T 475-6

reading anything and everything is not beneficial to 2T 433

reasoning, should hear truth for this time CW 15

receiving low cast carry wrong habits through life CG 200

rendered unimpressible by disobedience 4T 254

renewed, person whom Christ will provide with 1SM 400

renewed by grace should constantly receive light, grace, and truth 2T 488

renewed by Spirit ML 44

beauty and light shine from God’s word for 8T 320

finds duty and light in God’s word MH 460

light shines from Bible for 8T 320

repining: may witness against you MYP 202

should be pointed to ever-fresh tokens of God’s love and care 5T 443

should be pointed to God’s wisdom and goodness in nature 5T 443

resting with peace and assurance in Christ 7BC 943

restless, as result of self-pollution 2T 481

wanting something new are constantly rising 1T 417

restless and active, children’s 2SM 438

restless and dissatisfied, knowledge of useful labor imparts energy and efficiency to 3T 336

right, gospel work needs workers of Ev 476

rightly trained, do not waver between right and wrong 3T 22

sad and gloomy, as result of thoughts running in impure channel 2T 324

leading one to weep and feel life is not desirable 2T 324

sanctified, appetites should be controlled by CD 52

sees divine power in God’s word 8T 301

Satan acts through, possessed by him MM 114

Satan leads, of ministers of different churches to cling to popular errors 1T 345

Satan seeks to debase, of persons uniting in marriage 2T 480

sensational, ready to catch up supposition and guesses as truth 4BC 1157

sensitive, doctrine of eternally burning hell unbalances 5T 444

erroneous doctrines unbalance 5T 444

sensual, high conceptions of art often held by GC 567

spiritual fables that prove ruin of MM 101

sick: faith in Christ brings relief to MH 244

how physicians should treat 3T 184

how to deal with MM 210

should be busily occupied 2SM 306

should have no time to brood over their condition 2SM 306

sympathy and tact needed in treatment of MH 244

sick people’s, attractive outdoor surroundings benefit 7T 82-3

relieved by contact with beauties of nature MH 265

slumbering, efforts to restrict liberty of conscience are God’s means of awakening MB 33

some, are strong on certain points and very weak on others 3T 33

ever seeking to shape character of others according to their own ideas and measure TM 189

sound: in sound body is greatest of earthly blessings FE 59

in sound bodies are needed by God’s people 2T 375

preserve 4aSG 148

sour, talking about Satan makes 6T 62

speculating, drifting without chart or compass on unknown ocean PP 113

spiritual, God’s word as land of living streams to FE 182; 8T 320

stamped with idolatry, when engrossed with conceptions and theories that exclude God’s wisdom FE 186

strong: has been trained to think SD 204

hearers and doers of God’s word have MH 466

needed FE 226

students who will have ML 262

unbalanced and partially benumbed by intemperance in reading 2T 410

whatever promotes physical health promotes development of Ed 195

woman who had 3T 68

strong and active, discipline of well-regulated labor is essential to PP 601

strong in subduing self, how to have 2T 507

strong to battle with internal foes, how to have 2T 507

stronger, evil of merging individuality of weaker into MH 242

strongest and most cultured, God must remain clothed in mystery to Ed 169

student’s: expands and strengthens in efforts to grasp God-given truths FE 447

freshness of, lost by poring over books too much Ed 209

need to be cultivated and employed TM 242

neglect of physical exercise endangers FE 72

should be carried higher than now thought possible FE 536

should not be actuated by desire for self-exaltation PP 595-6

should not be lazy and dwarfed by inaction TM 242

true education points, to Creator PP 595-6

studious, most trying test for 4T 266

studying His word prayerfully, God reveals precious truths clearly to 2T 338

stupid or drowsy, from eating too much on Sabbath 3SG 254

submitted to Satan’s control is led from light to darkness 4T 231

surrendered to him, what Satan can do with 2BC 1019

tainted and corrupted by evil associates MYP 42

taking so low a level that God cannot help them CH 22

taught by Spirit listens to counsel TM 315

taxed too severely, degenerates CG 341

tender, what a child sees and hears draws deep lines upon CG 199

terribly befogged by Satan 2T 457

thinking men’s, labor too hard 3T 157

work while their bodies are robbed of strength and vigor by lack of exercise 3T 157

thousands of: enfeebled by reading sensational and demoralizing literature CW 134

faith of, in Bible is destroyed by phrenology and mesmerism 1T 296

poisoned by literature from corrupted intellects 3T 472

poisoned by science of mesmerism, psychology, and phrenology 2SM 351

tired, preaching or writing should not be done by Ev 181

too active, teacher’s duty re FE 60

too much on world, duty of 2T 188

too weak and narrow, doubting is sign of 4T 585

to perceive God in His created works, sign of 4T 585

trained by: daily tests acquires power 4T 561

Satan to decoy other souls MYP 42

trained: for debate 3T 216

in use of sarcasm 3T 216

trained for effective labor, learning from greatest Educator world ever knew produces CT 505-6

trained only in worldly science will not understand things of God GW 310

trained to run in channel of purity and holiness becomes healthy and vigorous 2T 408

troubled: music’s soothing effects upon PP 643-4; 4aSG 78-9

people who have MM 109

sanitariums should bring peace and rest to MM 109

truly free and happy brings new life to whole being MH 257

two, persons of 1T 288, 531

See also Double-minded

unaccustomed to meditation becomes trifling and frivolous AH 521; MYP 357

unbalanced 3T 32-9

as result of fanaticism 2SM 34-5

by cider or fermented wine 5T 357

by learned teachers mingling truth with error MM 91

fanatic who developed 2SM 64

gospel workers refusing counsel of brethren develop TM 56

gratification of sensual appetites causes 9T 12

how to deal with MM 210

how Satan leads false teachers to have TM 56

inclined to wild and immature movements Ev 611

intoxicating liquor causes 9T 12

led into fanaticism 2SM 17

mild intoxicants cause Te 93, 278

misled by strong expressions 2SM 91

novel reading causes MYP 290

overworking mental powers produces FE 350

pursuing one line of thought exclusively causes Ed 209

religion of some 1T 501-2

remorse for sin sometimes causes MH 244; 5T 444

result of accepting ideas and impressions of 2SM 320

Satan desires false teachers to have TM 56

Satan seeks to lead, into fanaticism AA 348

stimulants cause Te 78-9

story reading causes CSW 21-2

students carrying too many studies develop FE 350

things that produce, in children 3T 26

tobacco causes 9T 12

too abstemious diet produces CD 191