EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Law, Laws (Part 2 of 2)

are harmonious FE 409

are laws of God CD 23, 464; CH 386, 390; Ed 99, 196; FE 71; MH 146; 6T 369

as commonly understood PP 114

as truly divine as precepts of Decalogue Ed 196; MH 113

avaricious spirit is made, by cultivation 4T 540

be careful to live in harmony with 3T 161

be controlled by ML 156; MYP 95

beautiful harmony in God’s laws in, see MYP 410

birds obey, which govern their being CT 189

cannot be: disregarded without disregarding God’s laws 7BC 939; 2SM 346-7

violated without violating God’s law CH 21

Christ lived in conformity to, throughout His lifetime DA 50

conform with all of God’s working FE 409

connected with laws given by God to created intelligences 3BC 1144

conscience blunted by shunning duty to live in harmony with CD 49

controlling natural life, all men need to become acquainted with COL 348

cross must be borne if you would be in harmony with 3T 51

daily practices should be brought into harmony with MM 227; 6T 371

danger of exalting, above nature’s God MH 462

Daniel and companions obeyed Te 271

Daniel was taught to conform to, in all his habits CD 154; CG 166

disregard for: confused brain caused by CH 458; 5T 197

God is not responsible for suffering that follows MH 234

inexcusable, life of children destroyed by FE 60

irritable temper caused by CH 458; 5T 197

life span is shortened by CH 41

man becomes guilty of robbery by COL 346; MYP 235

pastors are accountable for willing CH 506; Te 169

physical penalty for, appears in form of sickness Te 143

sickness caused by CG 105

students’ health is destroyed by FE 74

unstrung nerves caused by CH 458; 5T 197

do not resist MM 273; 9T 153

educate your faculties to work in accord with 5T 522

erroneous reasoning of men of science re PP 103

established by God MH 114; 5T 445

everything in nature is governed by MB 48; PP 52; 1SM 216

everything that conflicts with, creates diseased condition of soul SL 29

experience opposed to, is not reliable 3T 69

failure to live in accord with, disease caused by MH 227

false science re 8T 259

few people know anything about CH 38

fixed, results of inattention to 2SM 448

flowers obey MB 97

germination of seed as related to MM 9; 1SM 294

given for man’s good Ed 103

God and, relationship between MM 9

God and His works cannot be explained by PP 113; 8T 258

God can make, instruments of blessing or of destruction PK 125

God continually uses, as His instruments MH 416; 8T 259

God controls PK 125; PP 103

God does not annul 8T 259

God does not propose to change man’s physical organism in order that he may violate CD 161

God does not work through His law to supersede 6T 186

God is greater than PP 104

God is Maker of PP 103

God is not bound by, so as to make Him nature’s servant 6T 186

God requires that men obey 3T 63

to preserve their health CD 160

God uses, in supervising things of nature MM 9

God works continually through 8T 259

God works in and through PP 114; 6T 186

God works through calm and regular operation of Ev 139-40; TM 190

governing each plant must be complied with in its cultivation Ed 111-2

governing growth of seed, Christ ordained COL 82-3; CT 140; Ed 106-7

governing seed sowing COL 33

governing things of nature are to control men Ed 103

great, govern world of nature FE 124; 5T 724; 9T 221

that guide alike star and atom control human life Ed 99

great men seek to solve by, hundreds of questions relating to creation and providence FE 409

growth demands careful attention to Te 11-2

habits contrary to, war against soul Te 61

habits of eating and drinking should conform to CG 392

habits of life must be brought into conformity to CH 69; SL 29

healed person should obey MH 227

ignorance re: as they relate to your body is sin 6T 369

God is not pleased by CT 467

sickness caused by MYP 218; WM 126-7

willing, pastors are accountable for CH 506; Te 169

independent, God’s words say nothing re 3BC 1155

Scriptures say nothing of 1SM 294

instituted by God 1SM 294

involved, success in agriculture and gardening depends on attention to Ed 111-2

leaf’s growth as related to MM 9

let children and youth become acquainted with CT 188

life of birds is governed by CT 189

live in harmony with MH 47; 3T 144, 161

living in harmony with, result of DA 367; MH 47

make, plain CH 21; 3T 161

man who does not regard, to which brute creation yields obedience 2T 474

man’s natural powers must be governed by 5T 522

men fail to honor God by obeying CT 189

men have exalted, above nature’s God 8T 257

many people regard Bible history as unreliable because they cannot explain GC 522

many people who dwell on, lose sight of God’s continual and direct agency 8T 259

many SDA live in direct opposition to FE 150

med. institutions should teach people to live in accord with CD 447

mote in sunbeam is under MB 48

move in harmony with 3T 76

nature honors persons obedient to Te 271

nature obeys 6BC 1067; COL 81; MM 7; 8T 327

neglect of, life of children destroyed as result of FE 60

man’s duty in case of CH 381

not arbitrary exactions 5T 445

not self-acting MH 416

not self-operating 3BC 1155; MM 9

not self-working 8T 259

not set in motion to cause: leaf to appear of itself 1SM 294

seed to work itself 1SM 294

not so fixed that God cannot interfere 8T 259

obedience to: all human enjoyment may be traced to 3T 161

benefits of CH 222

earth should produce its treasures in COL 289

health can be recovered or preserved only in MH 113

health reform is to teach 3T 161

is obedience to divine laws 3BC 1144

path of, is direct path to heaven CH 222

promotes man’s happiness CD 23, 464; CH 386, 390

students should be taught to live in 3T 142

third angel’s message is to urge CH 21

true happiness and success can be found only in Ed 103

urge 3T 161

obey 7BC 939; MM 273; 9T 153

in order to have health and happiness MH 386

obeyed by earth reveal that it is under God’s control CT 395; FE 375

of matter: do not become infatuated with 6BC 1068

many people dwelling on, lose sight of God’s continual and direct agency 8T 259

study of, what must not be overlooked in 1SM 293

of sowing and reaping COL 85; PK 86

holds true in man’s relations to others PK 86

of variety, in home AH 154

in nature AH 154

of vegetable kingdom, life preserved through death in COL 86; DA 623; Ed 110

opened to minds of Adam and Eve by God Ed 22; PP 51

operation of 3BC 1155

lessons from 8T 327

ordained by God for: all operations of nature 1SM 216

government of all operations of nature PP 52; SD 40

order and harmony of, natural world depends on obedience to MB 48

parents should study MH 380

parents should understand CH 39

people who obey, insignia that honors CD 28; PK 485; MYP 241; Te 271

people willingly ignorant re, suffer penalty of transgression 6T 370

persons seeking healing should work in harmony with MH 232

physician sins against himself in not conforming to 5T 442

planets are governed by SL 76

punishment for abusing 3T 141

servants through which God effects results 3BC 1155; MM 9; 1SM 294

stars are guided by MB 97

stars are under ML 39; TM 489; 9T 258

stars yield common obedience to, that controls their actions TM 489

study, as they relate to human body 6T 369

carefully 6T 369

that feelings and thoughts are encouraged and strengthened as they are given utterance MH 251

things that philosophers and scientists attribute to CT 440

trampling on, health sacrificed by 2T 473-4

true experience is in harmony with CH 109; 3T 71-3

unvarying CG 284

violation of: affects men individually CH 119

all human suffering may be traced to 3T 161

continual, is continual transgression of God’s law 4T 30

disease and suffering as penalty of 3T 178

disease is result of 1T 516; 4T 75

excessive study by students is MM 79

God will not preserve men from consequences of CD 29; CG 396; MYP 242; Te 156

gross, modern society is affected by CH 112

heedless, warning against CH 373

how pregnant woman is affected by 2BC 1005-6

indulging depraved appetites and lustful passions is CH 21

is sin MH 228

is transgression of law of God CH 20; 6T 225; Te 16

is violation of God’s law 1BC 1105

man’s present habits of living in 3T 138

men have violated God’s laws by GC 569

many afflicted persons have brought disease upon themselves by 3T 179

many people ignorantly live in 3T 161

not sensibly felt by man during first 2,000 years CH 19

penalty of, people bring upon themselves Te 141

people seem willing to remain ignorant of results of 3T 140

people who have lived in ignorance re 3T 178

premature death caused by 3T 165

presumption in 4T 45

produces physical, mental, and moral degradation Te 214

Satan’s purpose in leading men into Te 16

sickness caused by CG 361; CH 24; MH 234; 3T 164; 5T 194

Solomon’s shattered nerves and wasted frame were result of 3BC 1165; ML 167

some people knowingly live in 3T 161

sure penalty follows CG 444

sure results produced by MH 234

what to do when sickness is result of CH 456

when God’s law is violated by 3T 161

world’s woeful condition is due to CG 441

violators of, must pay (suffer) penalty CD 182; CH 22; 2T 68; 3T 162

whatever conflicts with, creates diseased condition of soul CH 68

wise men exalt, above nature’s God 1SM 295

wonderful, result of obtaining clearer and brighter views of 4T 414

work in harmony with 2SM 286

in treating the sick CH 382

working in harmony with, does not deny or hinder faith CH 382

See also Section 4, above; Sections 14 and 15, below

10. Of God’s government

Christ magnified SD 48

Christ’s death magnified 1SM 302

confederacy of evil united against TM 18

duties and regulations of true life are same as ML 190

expounded upon mount, persons not acquainted with 1SM 316-7

Israelites were to reveal, to world 4BC 1181

Moses studied, in Pharaoh’s court 1BC 1098

obedience to, loyalty is signified by 2T 452

rebellion against, sin is MB 51

Satan urged that changes be made in GC 498

true meaning of, Christ’s work was to explain SD 55

virtual denial of, sin is 1BC 1083

11. Of God’s kingdom

are regulations for true social life WM 288

are to be exalted throughout world SD 44

baptism is pledge to observe Ev 307

Christian’s loyalty to, grows with the emergency 7BC 981

fate of people who refuse to obey TM 235

Gentiles led by Israel to misinterpret COL 293

it is possible for man to obey 5BC 1129

made known for people of all nations and tongues 1SM 225

obedience to, brings health and happiness 3BC 1143; CT 454

persons who are not wise enough to understand FE 484

seek earnestly to learn what constitutes COL 280

Ten Commandments contain 1BC 1105

12. Of heaven

children should be brought into harmony with CSW 49

“God with us” is assurance of power to obey DA 25

God’s will is CG 79

law given on Sinai is revelation of MB 46

nations in world to come will own no other law than 7BC 988; MH 506; PK 732; 8T 42

order and cleanliness are 4T 142

order is TM 26

Satan urged that change be made in PP 38

unselfish service is CT 32-8

willful violation of, brings disease and suffering MH 224

God cannot bless persons who continue in MH 224

13. Of kindness

Christians should observe 5T 95

effects of, in family CG 548-9

how, may proceed from your lips 5T 653

how to make your tongue keep 6T 69

let, be upon your lips AH 345; 3BC 1164; MB 98; ML 178; 7T 50; 9T 41; WM 76

mother should practice, in home life CG 216

must be on parents’ lips CG 66

14. Of life

activity is COL 364

college graduates should better understand CG 343

college students should have better understanding of CT 296; FE 146

disregard for, injury is done to body by CD 40; Ev 262

established in man’s being, conscientiously regard 6T 369

every action should be in perfect harmony with CH 446; 7T 136

false experience arrays itself against CH 109

first principles of, health journal should explain fully 1T 552-3

for earth and heaven, law of self-renouncing love is DA 20

for health preservation, educate people in MM 259

for universe, great principle which is DA 21

God’s word should be made CT 501

great, law of service is Ed 103

in schoolroom, co-operation should be Ed 285

inform yourself re MH 128

knowledge of, God has enabled man to obtain MH 232; 2SM 286

obtain CG 361

live in perfect harmony with WM 130

Lucifer broke, in heaven DA 21

make it, that nothing shall cause you to turn from God SD 186

many people unwilling to make effort needed to understand CH 456; 5T 194

ministers should obey 6T 376

much injury done to body by disregard for CD 40

obey 4T 35

conscientiously MH 128

obeying, is personal duty 6T 369; Te 215

physicians should teach people importance of 5T 445

parents should understand FE 143

physicians’ practice may be contrary to, in some cases 5T 194

principles of great, made known to man in Eden MB 50-1

will exist unchanged in Paradise restored MB 50

right relation to, ensure your health by placing yourself in CH 49

some SDA show contempt for 5T 196-7

teacher who should pay special attention to FE 147

violation of: does not end with guilty trifler Te 56

effects of, seen in offspring of violator Te 56

hereditary effects of Te 56

man cannot glorify God while given to CD 44; Te 148

men break God’s law by CT 190

mortality rate is increased by continued 3T 140

nature protests against every CH 112; Te 56

penalty will fall for Te 56

some people are suffering as result of 4T 417

See also Sections 4, 9, above; Sections 15, 17, and 18, below

15. Of life and health

all your habits should be in harmony with SD 172; Te 82, 190

children should be trained to live in accord with CG 392

co-operate with God by observing 2SM 346

disregard for, astonishing 3T 140

show people evils of 6T 225

divine mercy has led SDA to accept 5T 196-7

do not violate 4T 404

God desires that men obey CH 563; Ev 261; GW 239

habits and tastes and inclinations must be educated in harmony with CD 28; Te 148

institutional workers should strictly adhere to 4T 573

invalid who avows contempt for CH 457

knowledge of, gospel workers should use their CH 566; GW 242

living in accord with, blessed results of Te 163

man has no right to violate Te 213

men do not enjoy more of God’s blessing because they do not observe CD 16

minister should observe, in public speaking 2T 616

obey Te 145, 150, 216

observance of, health is to be restored by intelligent CH 221

observe, when praying for the sick 7BC 938

parents’ first business is to understand 3T 568

physicians should instruct patients re CD 448

physicians should show people how to live in right relation to MM 224

remaining in sinful ignorance re, is sin CT 295

sanitarium workers should strictly adhere to CH 408

strict observance of, good health may be had by 3T 557

use of drugs is not favorable or natural to MM 223

violation of: do not indulge in harmful practices in MM 225

drinking intoxicating liquor is Te 196

eating improper food is Te 196

indulging inclinations and appetites is CD 161

gospel worker should not labor where, would be required Ev 73-4

judgment day will reveal how God regards CD 40

willful, is sin CT 295

war with: indulgence of unnatural appetite is Ev 266

use of tea or coffee is Ev 266

use of tobacco or intoxicating liquor is Ev 266

wrong habits of eating and drinking do violence to CD 164; CH 66; SL 25

See also Sections 4, 9, 14, above; Sections 17 and 18, below

16. Of love

calls for full devotion to service of God and man CT 32; Ed 16

foundation of divine government is GC 493; PP 34

God’s law is Ed 76; MB 97; SC 9

great: binds human worker to will of God DA 329

proclaimed on Sinai DA 329

revealed in Eden DA 329

sin is outworking of principle at war with GC 493

written in heart in new covenant DA 329

heaven is ruled by PK 311

how God taught Paul re Ed 65

must be written on tablets of soul 5T 360

obeyed by all when Eden shall bloom on earth again MB 50

perfect accord with, happiness of all created beings depends on GC 493

should rule your speech AH 440

17. Of man’s being

action is MH 237

all functions of human body were placed under MH 415

all parts of human body were placed under MH 415; 8T 264

all people should become acquainted with Te 159

are laws of God CD 19; 6T 373; Te 213

as important as God’s word MM 221

as truly divine as God’s word CD 17; MM 221

babies’ condition worsened by inattention to 2SM 465

be careful to keep Te 188

character must harmonize with 4T 202

children should ascertain wherein their parents have violated CH 37

children should be taught to obey CG 105

disregard for: God’s law is violated by MM 221

large proportion of man’s infirmities are result of CD 44

results of CT 189-90

suffering and disease brought by 2T 473

do not violate, by neglect of health reform AH 251; 2T 67

eating unwholesome food works against Ev 266

encourage people to study CH 390

established by God 2SM 411; 6T 136; TM 195

established in your being, repent of having violated MM 230

flow of blood to body is regulated by Ed 99

formed by God to govern man’s body CD 19

health is ensured by careful conformity to CD 20; CH 39

health is result of obedience to MH 128

health reformers should defend 6T 136

heart’s action is governed by Ed 99

heed PP 601

ignorance re: is sin CH 40

majority of diseases caused by CD 19

many people remain in inexcusable 4aSG 137; 2SM 453

thousands of children die as result of FE 160

willing, is sin COL 348

knowledge of, student needs MH 450

majority of diseases are caused by ignorance re CD 19

majority of people are ignorant re 3T 140

man has disregarded 2SM 411

many persons educated in sciences do not understand CD 20-1

mothers should never violate AH 251

mothers who violate 2SM 433-4

natural, governing man’s being must be obeyed CH 20

living in harmony with, is needed to live perfect life CD 118; 3T 163

neglect of, office workers endanger their health by 1T 588

obedience to: health is ensured by CH 39

obedience to God involves 1BC 1118

professional men should teach, by precept and example 5T 442

willful deviation from, is sin Te 213

obey MM 224

in order to be free from pain and disease CG 105

of digestion, time and thought should be given to CT 298

of heredity, by His incarnation Christ accepted results of working of DA 49

parents should become acquainted with Ed 276

of mental development, parents should understand Ed 276

of mind See Mind

of right living, keep in health by obeying CT 293

parents should become acquainted with CG 22; FE 59; Te 178

patients who should clearly understand 3T 178

people do not take time to become intelligent re Te 147-8

people need to understand AH 88

perfect obedience to God calls for conformity to CT 295

permission to violate, God does not give MYP 236

physician should observe MH 134

pregnant women should give close attention to AH 259; CH 79; 2SM 432

preserve your health by ceasing to transgress CD 85; CH 37

privilege and sacred duty to understand ML 148

seek health by living in conformity with MM 13

solemn injunction of Te 164-5

strictly regard every Te 213

students should obey COL 108

study MH 128, 147

in order to preserve health PP 601

teachers should become acquainted with FE 59

violation of: as truly a sin as breaking Ten Commandments CD 17; CH 39-40; 2T 70

breathing poisonous air is 2SM 458

children should be taught that they must pay penalty in suffering for CT 126; FE 160

Christ is not respected by injury done to your body in CD 43

creation of perverted appetite is CD 161; 3T 63

deplorable results of CD 121; 2SM 441

disease caused by 2T 94

excessive labor as 1T 477

girding of waists that is 1T 461

how children are affected by 2SM 425

ignorance is no excuse now for CH 21

inefficiency results from CT 299-300

intemperance in work is 2SM 429

intemperance of any kind is MYP 237; Te 146

is sin 2SM 440

light of health reform was given that men may see their sin in 3T 161

man must suffer ills resulting from 6T 369

men may enjoy fruits, vegetables, and grains without 3T 50

many people live ignorantly in 3T 161

needless, is violation of God’s law 2T 538

parents’, children suffer because of 2SM 430-1; 2T 383

penalty affixed for every CD 19

penalty of suffering follows 2SM 411; 1T 588; 2T 68; 3T 161; 4T 417

persons allowing taste to rule will suffer penalty of 2T 383

premature death caused by 2T 94

repent of 2SM 297

sinfulness of CH 21

study after full meal is 2T 413

use of unhealthful food is 2SM 411

violent exercise after full meal is 2T 413

wearing of heavy skirts that is 1T 461

woman’s dress that is 2SM 478

violators of, must pay penalty by suffering disease 2T 536

working against, is violation of God’s law Ev 266

written by God on every part of body Ed 196

See also Sections 4, 9, 15, above; Section 18, below

18. Physical

blessings brought by, to persons who obey 5T 445

children should be brought up to conform to 3T 141

Christ is author of CD 43

danger and unhappiness brought by, to the disobedient 5T 445

disregard for, mental and moral weakness results from 3T 51

power of self-control is destroyed by 6T 370

warning against MM 293; 3T 68

father should become acquainted with 2SM 429

God is author of COL 347

God requires men to place themselves in right relation to CD 20

governing your body must be obeyed 1BC 1118

habits of eating, dressing, and sleeping should be in accord with 3T 138

habits should be made to conform to 3T 69

man’s only safety is to live in strict conformity to Te 60

ministers should educate themselves to speak according to 4T 404

mother should acquaint herself with CH 39

mothers should be instructed re 2SM 466

obeying: be champions in favor of 2SM 226

co-operate with God by MH 176-7

eat and dress with simplicity in 3T 51

physicians warned not to disregard CH 361; MH 135

promise implied in every MH 114; 5T 445

students’ employment and amusement should be regulated with reference to 3T 142

students’ habits should be in accord with FE 146

violation of: God’s law is transgressed by CD 43

is contrary to Bible Te 147

is transgression of moral law COL 347

large share of sickness is caused by CH 49

many professed Christians live in MYP 238

parents’, affects future generations Te 174

people who indulge appetite will feel penalty of CD 161

premature death as result of CH 19

puts violator out of harmony with universe Ed 100

retribution follows MM 264; 3T 486

suffering as consequence of CH 19, 49; 3T 139

with which husband and father should be acquainted MH 373

See also Sections 4, 9, 15, and 17, above

19. State

conform to, in all things possible 9T 238

law of God is above 1T 201-2

obey, when they do not conflict with God’s law 9T 238

SDA med. students should be trained to meet tests specified by CT 479; FE 490

time is coming when obedience to God will be punished by GC 459

what to do when claims of, conflict with those of God’s law SL 38

when Sunday observance in obedience to, will be opposition to God GC 605

will conflict with God’s law GC 459

See also Sections 2, 5, and 8, above

20. Miscellaneous

all righteous and good, Decalogue is foundation of 1T 361

anarchy seeks to sweep away all Ed 228

arbitrary, graces of character are not developed by Ed 237

children should be helped to understand, that govern them CSW 49

Christ is above all DA 285; 4T 120

Christ was independent of 4T 120

before His incarnation 7BC 904

definite and unvarying, life is controlled by Ed 195; FE 71-2

doctors of, Christ rebuked dishonest practices of MM 122

ecclesiastical, decrees of church councils re Sunday observance were incorporated into GC 575

erroneous theory that human beings are, to themselves MM 97

fixed: erroneous idea that operations of nature are conducted in harmony with PP 114

erroneous idea that universe is governed by GC 525

everything is under PP 52; SD 40; 1SM 216

help children to see that all things are under Ed 287

highest, spiritualism leads many to believe that desire is Ed 227-8; Ev 608; GC 555; PP 688

indispensable condition of man’s existence PP 49

just and righteous, Abraham maintained authority of PP 142

transgression of, inevitably results in misery and ruin GC 286

men are not at liberty to make standard of, for themselves AH 342

Moses enacted, for world instead of for Egypt Ed 69

obedience to, essential to cultivation of character Ed 112

of all true living is “something better” Ed 296

of almsgiving is more urgently needed now than under Hebrew government 3T 392

of chastity, physicians warned against carelessness re CH 365

of childhood, powers of Christ’s mind and body developed gradually in keeping with DA 68

of condemnation, may be read in briers and thistles 1BC 1085; 1SM 291; 8T 256-7

may be read in thorns and tares 1BC 1085; 1SM 291; 8T 256-7

of duty: is supreme 2BC 995; 4T 163

Sermon on Mount was given as 7T 268

should hold sway over human reason 2BC 995; 4T 163

of evil, in world to come there will be no reminders of Ed 303

of family, golden rule should be made AH 423; ML 200

of God See Law of God

of good taste, Christ never violated GW 317

of hygiene, parents should understand CT 126

thousands of children die from parents’ ignorance of CT 126

of modesty, courtship that violates AH 56; MYP 457

of moral training, parents should understand Ed 276

of mutual dependence, old and young are linked by 4T 420

runs through all classes of society PP 535

of right living, keep in health by obeying CT 293

of sanitation, students should not be exposed to danger by neglect of CT 299

of science, result of obtaining clearer and brighter views of 4T 414

of selfishness, God’s law of love is represented by Satan as DA 24

of self-destruction, law of self-serving is DA 624

of self-preservation, law of self-sacrifice is COL 86-7; DA 623; Ed 110

of self-respect, brought to view in Matt. 22:39 Te 213

of self-sacrifice, is law of self-preservation COL 86-7; DA 623; Ed 110

of self-serving, law of self-destruction is DA 624

of speech, exact truth should be MB 67

for teachers is love, tenderness, patience, and self-control Ed 293

of your life, to honor God should be MYP 29

promoting ability to do God’s will, live in harmony with GC 473

seek to bring every power of being into harmony with 5T 542

proper respect for, Christ would not fail to show DA 706

teach children that their wills are not to be made CG 194

teach children to be subordinate to CG 97, 186

that institutions and individuals must not become self-centered 7T 145

there can be no government without PP 49

violation of, erroneous claim that answer to prayer would be GC 525

See also Enactment



best obedience to, assures most service OHC 182:5

Spiritual strength obtained by helping others is TMK 164:4

well-being of Israelites all within the province of TDG 77:2

See especially Law of God

essential for human existence HP 146:2

eternal, represented by the church HP 282:3

everything is under OHC 137:2

heaven’s, harmony with, requires obeying those laws here UL 105:3


accepting, instead of God’s disqualifies for heaven UL 140:5

authority of, maintained by Abraham CC 49:3

conformity required to, making you disloyal to God HP 151:4

conscience attacked by; God’s tenderness exhausted 3SM 417:2

defiance of,

assumed by reports of persecution SW 74:2

avoid 3SM 396:4

avoid unless necessary to honor God 3SM 395:1

by imprudence; avoid irritating neighbors 3SM 399:1

difficult to avoid; do not make provision 3SM 398:5

God’s people charged with 3SM 428:1

enacted calculated to oppress; move forward carefully TDG 250:4

favor will be shown to those bowing to Mar 195:4

government requires HP 146:2

humans frame, but transgress law of God TDG 220:5

leaning on arm of, disgraceful; worldly principles 3SM 303:3

manufactured by satanic agencies UL 285:2

no toleration for those opposing Mar 188:3

opposing a “thus saith the Lord” leading into sin TDG 84:2

oppressive, false sabbath enforced by 3SM 406:3

reaction to unjust, not to be announced beforehand 3SM 399:0

Sunday, See Sunday, laws about

time for God to work when, exalted above Laws of God Mar 262:5

humanity placed under higher, than nature OHC 137:2

immutable, longevity, intellect and physical strength depend on RC 142:3

international, for violation of God’s law 3SM 415:5

moral, world to be judged by FLB 83:4


results of violation of, not withheld by God RC 142:3

See Nature, laws of

objects of creation work under, of obedient action 1MCP 115:1


none who disregard, able to stand in day of trial OHC 266:4

violation of, causes weakness 2MCP 567:2

reading of, to Josiah RC 57


liberty proclaimed by FLB 91:3

mind brought under, as a new law OHC 152:3; TDG 124:2

seen in ark in heavenly temple with light shining OHC 138:2

ten-commandment, Christ’s death did not change FLB 89:2

See also Commandments; Law of God