EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Law, Laws (Part 1 of 2)

Law, Laws

1. Ceremonial

2. Civil

3. God’s

4. Health

5. Human

6. Moral

7. Mosaic

8. National

9. Natural (of nature)

10. Of God’s government

11. Of God’s kingdom

12. Of heaven

13. Of kindness

14. Of life

15. Of life and health

16. Of love

17. Of man’s being

18. Physical

19. State

20. Miscellaneous


1. Ceremonial

abrogated at Christ’s death 6BC 1096; Ev 598; 1SM 239

attitude of early Christians toward AA 188-9

attitude of some ministers toward 1SM 239

breakers of, punished by Sanhedrin as apostates from Jewish faith AA 405

ceremonies of, were prophetic 6BC 1095

were typical of mysteries in plan of redemption 6BC 1095

Christ as man’s substitute must conform in every particular to DA 50

Christ gave DA 307; PP 367

Christ was typified in rites and ceremonies of PP 373

Christ’s death made, null and void AA 194; SR 307

Christ’s work as related to PP 367

connected with moral law 1SM 238

divisions re, in apostolic church 6BC 1111

erroneous teachings re PP 365

false teachers urged that Gentile converts keep AA 383

Gentile converts and, controversy in early church re AA 188-200; SR 303-9

decision of first general church council re AA 404; 6BC 1108; SR 307-8

Gentiles are free from obligations of AA 195; 6BC 1108; SR 307

God’s purpose in giving 6BC 1094-5

gospel gives significance to 6BC 1095; PP 368

has no force since Christ died 6BC 1095; 1SM 238

Jewish Christians: cherished regard for AA 405

thought Gentile converts should keep AA 192

Jewish converts permitted to observe, if they wished 6BC 1111

Jews exalted, and rejected Christ AA 387

Jews’ regard for 6BC 1097

Judaizers insisted that observance of, was essential to salvation 6BC 1108

Judaizing teachers insisted that Gentiles keep AA 188-9; 6BC 1110

as condition of church fellowship AA 189

moral law and, broad and clear distinction between PP 365

Moses wrote, in book PP 365, 466; 4aSG 55; SR 171-2

nonconformity to, exposed Christians to hatred of Jews AA 404

observance of, Jews released from AA 390

of circumcision, requirements of DA 456

Paul gave due honor to GW 118

Paul’s former zeal for AA 228

pronounced glorious 6BC 1095; PP 367; 1SM 238

purpose and place of, in plan of salvation 6BC 1094-5; PP 367

re defilement, as related to Passover DA 723, 742

rites and ceremonies of, given by Christ 6BC 1095

ritual: delivered by Christ to Moses PP 373

forbade eating of blood DA 390

Jewish leaders made void God’s law in strictly enforcing DA 541

re leprosy DA 262; MH 67

was to be performed by Israel until type met antitype in death of Christ PP 365

schoolmaster to bring men to Christ 6BC 1109-10; 1SM 233

second agitation re, in Antioch of Syria AA 197-8

some of Christ’s disciples were zealous for AA 197

true position and value of, Paul showed PP 367

types and shadows of, Christ was revealed in 6BC 1096; 1SM 237

great truths set forth by FE 97

virtues of, Judaizing teachers stressed 1SM 236

washings and sprinklings enjoined in, illustrate thoroughness of work accomplished for repenting sinner 4T 122

were lessons in parables 4BC 1176

why Christ instituted 1SM 230

worthy of its divine Originator 6BC 1095; PP 367

yoke referred to by Peter in Acts 15:10 AA 194; SR 307

2. Civil

against Sabbath observance, there will be 4BC 1172; 7BC 910; EW 282; GC 615-6, 626-7, 635; PK 512; 1T 353-4

against sale and use of intoxicating liquors should be enacted and rigidly enforced GW 388

bad, increasing 1T 201

be peaceably subject to DA 602

divorce by, does not always mean divorce in God’s sight AH 344

do not go to, if it can be possibly avoided 1T 201

earthly government cannot exist without GC 584

earthly governments will enact, to oppose laws of God’s kingdom 7BC 949

enforcement of, maltreatment that called for 2T 384

God still has something to do with 1T 202

licensing sale of intoxicating beverages GW 386; MH 343-4; Te 203-5

church members who favor GW 386

daring impiety seen in enactment of PK 186

evils of Te 203-5

foster evil they profess to restrict MH 342-4

increase burden of taxation GW 386-7

legalizes downfall of souls Te 39

sanctions ruin of souls MH 344-5

thwart enactment of GW 387-8

vote against GW 387

made after close of probation 1T 204

make it high crime to take false oath 1T 202

men would experience much suffering if it were not for 1T 202

need of, to close up liquor saloons Te 208

obey MB 72

as long as they do not conflict with God’s law DA 602; 1T 361

requiring delivery of fugitive slave to master 1T 202, 264

restricting religious liberty will be made by civil authorities DA 630

sale of intoxicating liquors is protected by GW 386

some, are good and some are bad 1T 201

some professed people of God are prejudiced against 1T 203

soon will be against God’s people 5T 236

Spirit controls, to some extent GC 610

spirits will urge that, be obeyed as laws of God GC 591

Sunday See Sunday law

that Christians must not obey 1T 202

things interpreted as antagonistic to, warning re speaking and writing 6T 394

what will happen when religious observances are enforced by GC 581

when God’s people should comply with MM 84

world would be much worse without GC 610; 1T 201, 203

worldly policy will urge outward compliance with 5T 712

See also Sections 8 and 19, below; Legislation

3. God’s

acknowledge no laws but, in church MM 89-90

acknowledge no laws that collide with TM 16

all, ordained to life PP 522

all nature expresses Te 214

all your habits should conform to MM 275

are higher than laws of men 3BC 1139

are not arbitrary exactions MH 114; 5T 445

beneficent, God works through 7BC 916

called judgments in Scriptures PP 310

See also Judgment

cannot be violated with impunity CD 448

carrying out, results of AH 372-3

Christ has given, for men’s happiness and joy DA 516

Christ made, for men DA 516

Christ’s: children who will disrespect AH 308-9

sea and waves obey 4T 288

world today rejects PK 185

Christ’s grace enables man to obey MH 115

Christian is controlled by MYP 95

condemning blasphemers to death PP 408

designed for man’s good MH 146

designed to bring His people closer to Himself 5T 445

each, is enactment of mercy, love, and saving power 3BC 1153

erroneous idea that God is restricted by His own FE 329; GC 525; PP 114

erroneous idea that operation of, can exclude divine freedom GC 525

promise of God that is 7BC 947

established: all your habits should conform to CD 56

cannot be violated with impunity MM 223

for the good of all mankind MH 113

eternal, that he who accepts truth must proclaim it 7T 13; TM 290

Father is fountain of all GC 479

for presentation of first-born sons, particularly significant DA 51

founded in most immutable rectitude SD 267

framed to promote happiness of persons who keep them SD 267

given by Christ for man’s good, sick people should be taught how to study CH 221

given for cultivation of soil 1BC 1112

given for government of man flow from heart of infinite love 2SM 217

given in nature and revelation, teach children to obey Te 157

given to govern all human intelligences CG 506

given to Israel: better than those of most civilized nations PP 465

call attention to MH 114

guarded interests of the needy WM 217

God can work in harmony with PP 114

God does not annul Ed 148; PP 114

God does not work contrary to Ed 148; PP 114

God gave, for benefit of the poor PP 536

God has, that He has instituted MM 9

God has given men, by which to live Te 281

God is now as jealous for, as in days of Elijah PK 185

God made, to govern man’s existence CH 19-20; 3T 139

God of nature is not restricted by FE 329; MM 91

God placed man under PP 49

God saves men under a 1SM 377

good and just, God is head of Te 48

governing all living things, Christ made DA 516

governing events of life are to control men Ed 103

governing God’s people are received from Him through His word and Spirit 5T 270

governing heavenly beings, Lucifer sought to excite dissatisfaction with GC 495

Satan insinuated doubt re PP 37

governing human system should be strictly regarded Te 213

governing universe, promises to persons who keep 1BC 1105

heaven’s first, is order CH 101; 6T 201

mind must be kept open to CT 403

higher, of future immortal world TM 209

higher than earthly laws, church is to represent TM 17

ignorance re, displeases Him DA 824

immutable: intellectual power depends on CD 29; CG 396; MYP 242; PK 489; Te 156

longevity depends on CD 29; CG 396; MYP 242; PK 489; Te 156

physical strength depends on CD 29; CG 396; MYP 242; PK 489; Te 156

in man’s physical nature, deplorable ignorance re MYP 237; Te 146

violated by intemperance 3T 50

in nature: correct model for physical development of man accords with MH 292

effect follows cause with unerring certainty in COL 84; Ed 108

see beautiful harmony in MYP 410; SD 45

in their physical frames, teach children how to obey CG 187

include laws of health CH 25; 3T 164

Israel were called out of Egypt that they might keep FE 287

Israel’s, re conscription of men for military service PP 548-9

laws governing human system should be strictly regarded as Te 213

laws of nature are CD 23, 464; CH 386, 390; Ed 99, 196; FE 71; MH 146

Levitical: become familiar with 1BC 1110

forbade high priest to rend his garment DA 708

given to Moses by Christ DA 709

made by God and exalted equal to Himself SR 19

make, plain to children CG 558

man alone disobeys 3BC 1144

man is justly required to obey CT 99

man’s first duty is to obey 3T 164

men disregard, when they disregard laws of health 2SM 346-7

men of science who do not understand PP 114

men will set up their own laws to counterwork DA 763

many people wish to enforce what they regard as DA 509

Moses administered, for Israel in His name PP 374

most noble and pure and just, Moses recorded FE 393-4

mother should order her life according to AH 252

natural and moral, life and happiness depend on obedience to FE 61

students need to learn more re FE 61

natural and spiritual, disease is result of violating CT 466-7; DA 824

not given for Jewish nations alone SD 44

obedience to, spire of grain bursts through ground in COL 81

obey, in all your work CH 575

to letter 2T 43

obeyed in heaven, men are to obey in word and action SD 13

obeying: Christ was what men should be through MH 51

condition of fruit bearing is COL 305

great changes can be made in physical system by 2SM 32

happiness found in SD 66

health is preserved only by MH 113

health promised as reward of DA 824; MM 221

health should be secured through MH 113

how Israel would be blessed by COL 288

is man’s first duty CH 24-5

man’s life, salvation, happiness, and peace depend on 3BC 1153

promotes physical, mental, and moral health ML 180

ocean obeys 4T 287

of action and reaction, in plan of salvation CS 346; 3T 382; 9T 253; WM 302

of Christ’s kingdom: are simple and yet complete 7T 215

love is ML 52

many people will undertake to execute DA 509

of Christ’s life, Father’s will was DA 486

of divine administration, streams of beneficence are kept circulating by 7T 170

that Christian is to benefit others 7T 170

of eternal rectitude, heaven-born love and Christlike principles underlie MB 49

of God’s dealings with children of faith DA 148

of higher order than laws of world, Christians are to be governed by WM 296

of impartation, God designs to keep streams of benevolence flowing by means of 7BC 947

of justice and equity, must be strictly obeyed in transactions with others 1SM 114

of justice and righteousness must not be set aside in gospel work 5T 562

of kingdom of heaven, your actions must be in strict conformity to SD 42

of liberty: God’s law is DA 466

God’s law will ever be honored as GC 504

perfect, falsely represented as yoke of bondage TM 473

of obedient action, God has established LS 87; ML 130

of Passover, re use of unleavened bread PP 278

that was fulfilled when Christ died on cross DA 771

of physical development, parents should become acquainted with Ed 276

of physical life: ministers should understand 6T 376

punishment must and will follow transgression of Te 143

transgression of, is transgression of God’s law Te 143

of reciprocal dependence and influence, should be recognized and obeyed 6T 242

of redemption by kinsman DA 327

of restitution in right lines, explained 7T 170

of righteousness, Adam transgressed holy FE 429

of sacrificial offerings, Eli’s sons disregarded PP 576

of self-renouncing love, law of life for earth and heaven is DA 20

of service: binds man to God and fellow men COL 326

Christ gives, to His followers COL 326

Christ’s whole life was under AA 359; DA 649

great law of life is Ed 103

written in all things of nature Ed 103

of spiritual nature, that by beholding men become changed GC 555

of temperance, must control every Christian’s life CH 42

of tithe See Tithe

of types and shadows, Christ’s death brought end to PP 365

of universe, erroneous idea that God does nothing contrary to GC 525

ordained for government of living beings PP 52; SD 40; 1SM 216

owner accountable by, for evil done by beast known to be dangerous MH 343

persons making no decided efforts are not working in harmony with FE 124

physicians must give earnest heed to CH 589; MM 292

physicians should teach patients to obey MH 118

provisional and temporary, Bible presents PP 370

rashly disregarding, results of CH 49

re both spiritual and physical well-being of man MH 114

re distribution of property, benefit of carrying out Ed 44

re education, committed to Israel Ed 40

re leprosy DA 262; MH 278

re men who should minister in sanctuary PP 398

re Sabbath See Sabbath

re servants PP 310

re vicious animals Te 288

referred to in Galatians 6BC 1109-10

regulating sacrifices and offerings, ceased at Christ’s death EW 215

relationship of, to natural and spiritual world CT 189

righteousness characterizes all 1SM 198

sanction no unreasonable or selfish restrictions DA 204

sanitary, enforced in Israel before entering Canaan MH 277

Satan claimed that angels did not need SR 18

Satan regarded, as restriction of liberty SR 18

spiritual, healed persons should obey MH 227

violation of, is sin MH 228

that men must ask if they would receive 1SM 377

that no man “liveth to himself” CT 33; 6T 236

that strength is acquired by effort Ed 123

that whoever believes truth will make it known 7T 13; TM 290

through which God works: book of nature speaks of MH 462

nature makes us better acquainted with 8T 328

Scriptures make us better acquainted with 8T 328

true beauty is secured by coming into harmony with Ed 198

true religion brings man into harmony with PP 600

two, Bible presents PP 370

duty of editor of Signs of the Times re controversy over CW 75

twofold system of: given to God’s people 6BC 1094-5; PP 365

the moral law and the ceremonial law comprised 6BC 1094-5

typical: agreed with facts of Christ’s life and death 5BC 1125

met antitype in Christ’s death SR 273

unquestionable evidence presented by symbols and shadows of GC 349

universal dominion of Ed 100

unnumbered worlds obey CT 66

used continually by Him as His instruments PP 114

various, recorded by Moses PP 311; 4aSG 53, 55; SR 170-2

violation of: in our physical organism results in violation of Ten Commandments CD 17; CH 39

mankind suffers because of MM 187; 6T 224

many people bring disease upon themselves by MH 113

transgression of laws of physical life is Te 143

violation of laws of nature is GC 569

violation of laws of your being is CD 17

violation of laws of your physical organism is Ev 266

violation of God’s constitution and, man’s degeneracy caused by 4aSG 124

what is within reach of persons who live in harmony with SD 47

what to do when laws of earthly rulers are opposed to 5T 713

what would be result if, were never violated CD 20; 2T 368

wisdom and beneficence of, results of perceiving MH 147

wise and beneficent, God works through CT 426

worlds on high are under MB 48

written, scribes professed to be expositors of FE 236

written on every fiber, nerve, muscle, and function of human body Ev 265-6; Te 213-4

See also Law of God; Ten Commandments

4. Health

are God’s laws 2SM 226

attention to: give careful MH 219

much sickness might be prevented by CH 389; MH 146

teachers should give FE 147

be informed re MH 234

carefully observe 5T 311

careless inattention to: is sin Te 188

mental breakdown caused by SD 172

some people made sick by 4aSG 145

carelessness re, inexcusable in persons who teach others how to live 7T 74

much disease caused by MM 49

children and youth should understand MH 402

children should be given instruction re 7T 65

disobeying, apoplexy caused by 4T 502

moral powers weakened by 3T 140

disregard by many people for, re diet CH 153

disregard for: contributes to mental breakdown CT 299

disease invited by 2SM 469

eating at all hours is GW 241

many people brought to untimely graves by FE 321; LS 353-4

physicians warned against CH 588-9; MM 292

prepares way for disease MH 234

eat and drink in accord with ML 141

eating and drinking in accord with, promote virtuous actions CH 577

educate yourself to live in harmony with CG 361; Te 244

failure to obey, disease caused by MH 227

ministers indisposed because of 4T 264

give proper attention to Ed 205

God calls youth to obey MYP 243

God would have men study GW 243

godliness does not conflict with 3BC 1156; CH 29; ML 149

godliness is in harmony with CH 627

gospel workers should study Ev 439

health institutions should teach people re CH 452

ignorance re: among students FE 71-2

is willful sin in ministers and physicians 5T 441

prevails CH 504

willing, is sin CG 392-3

intelligently obey, to prevent disease MM 223

knowledge of, essential to child care Ed 275

God has made it possible for men to obtain CH 454; 5T 193

students should have FE 72

thorough, impart Ed 196-7

laws of God include CH 25; 3T 164

many people in shadow of death who have not obeyed 6T 373

mother should order her life according to AH 252

neglect of, morbid conditions result from Ed 196

nurses should obey MH 219

nurses should teach people how to live in harmony with 2SM 296

obey 4T 35

obeying: benefits of ML 141; SD 212; Te 188

do not regard, as sacrifice or self-denial CH 390

is inestimable privilege and blessing Ed 201; MH 147

is not matter of sacrifice or self-denial Ed 201

many people might recover from sickness by CH 261; MM 259; 2SM 281

needed in sickroom MH 219

physicians should teach importance of 5T 445

should be matter of earnest study CG 392

observe, in cooking 2T 602

offense against, transgressor must pay in his own body penalty for every 4T 409

people who understand, will shun extremes MH 319

persons who would obey, should give time and thought to body’s needs CT 298

personal obligation to carry out CG 393

physician whose practice was contrary to CH 456

physicians generally do not give enough attention to MM 223

physicians should instruct patients re CD 448; MM 224

place yourself in right relation to CD 155; Te 191

quantity and quality of food should be in strict accord with 2T 367

reason or, many people consult taste instead of MH 323

regard for, many people eat at all hours without CD 182; CH 565; SD 172

resolve to obey 2SM 226

some SDA show contempt for 5T 196-7

strict attention to, JW was enabled to rally from paralysis by LS 247; 1T 105

strict obedience to, much disease would be prevented by CH 61

strictly obeying, need of 2SM 460

prevent disease by 4aSG 140

strictly observe Ev 659

tastes and habits of eating should be educated in accord with CD 408

teach people to live in harmony with CG 361; CH 449

teacher diseased or overworked should give special heed to CT 300

true religion and, go hand in hand CM 131; ML 135; 4T 553; 7T 137

violation (transgression) of: appetite affected by Ed 204

careless or willful, is sin Ed 196-7

children and parents suffer penalty of 2SM 425

children may be affected by parents’ MH 234

courtship that involves AH 56; MYP 457

degeneracy caused by 4aSG 124

disease caused by CH 366

disease’s relation to MH 127

foundation laid by, for liquor habit MH 176

human family guilty of 4aSG 120

in dress MH 227

in eating and drinking MH 227

in working MH 227

judgment will reveal how God regards CD 40

leads to breaking of God’s law Te 80

many people live in 4aSG 134; 2SM 451

parents’, results of 2SM 426

penalty is affixed to every 2T 67

penalty paid for 2SM 414; 7T 65

pernicious, eating between meals or irregularly is CD 175; 4aSG 130; 2SM 414

results of 2SM 425, 429

sickness caused by 3T 164

teach children re results of CG 458-9

things that constitute CH 108

thousands are ruined for life because of 2SM 426

through ignorance MH 126

wanton, men have no right to commit CH 50

violators of: God cannot be glorified by healing the sick when they are 1T 561

God will not protect from sickness the continual 2SM 464

God will not work miracle for continual CH 59; 2SM 464; 4aSG 144

must sometime suffer from it CH 99

must suffer penalty SL 29

must suffer to greater or less degree FE 154

will be visited with God’s displeasure CD 402

See also Sections 9, 14, 15, 17, and 18, below

5. Human

all men who execute, should be law keepers DA 222

should be men of self-control DA 222

barriers of, what is worth more in school than many Ed 213

can deal with outward actions only ML 163; SD 39; 1SM 217

child’s wishes are, in some families CG 272

clamoring for recognition and support of, work of God’s kingdom is not DA 510

colliding with God’s law, do not acknowledge TM 16

cruel, idolatrous nations made SR 150

made by nations before Flood 3SG 302

directly opposed to God’s law, men who will seek to enforce 9T 234

ecclesiastical, embodiment of Sunday edicts in GC 575

enacted in disregard of God’s higher law 3BC 1139

enacted in England against circulation of Scriptures GC 89

exaltation of, above God’s law in great crisis Ev 235

exalted above God’s law COL 171

father’s wise and judicious, children should respect 4aSG 51

fugitive slave See Slave law

God’s law made void by 5T 712

governing med. practitioners, that SDA should respect MM 84

high priest permitted by, to rend his garments in horror for blasphemy DA 709

in home life, need of maintaining CG 86

Jewish, forbade condemnation of man to death on his own testimony DA 715

uncircumcised person entering inner temple courts was punished with death by AA 407

law of God and, men will be called to choose between DA 763

let not men prescribe, to take place of God’s law TM 209

like laws of Pharisees, be careful not to make MM 284

man has become, unto himself CD 40; Ev 262

men in authority will enact, to control conscience 7BC 949

men will seek by, to oppress fellow men DA 763

men will set up, to counterwork God’s laws DA 763

mark of beast received by trampling on God’s law in order to obey GC 604

mother should let child know that her word is CG 213

of caste, in Egypt in Joseph’s time PP 228

of enlightened nations are based on law of Ten Commandments Te 164

of force, Egypt’s military schools taught Moses Ed 65

of home: children should learn submission to ML 164

children should learn to obey CG 79; ML 164

let kindness be CT 155

universal kindness should be AH 421

what children should be taught re Ed 287

why children sometimes disregard CG 87-8

of man of sin, elevated above laws of God 4BC 1169

of school, let kindness be CT 155

what children should be taught re Ed 287

opposed to God’s law, men will exalt and rigidly enforce 9T 229

oppressive, have been enacted by drinking lawmakers MH 345-6

lack of divine authority for Sunday observance will be supplied by GC 592

ordained by ecclesiastical authority, Christ’s servants are not to teach DA 826

not included in gospel commission DA 826

papal, results of obedience to GC 446

points of, argued by opposing politicians 1SM 19

protection of, will be withdrawn from persons who honor God’s law GC 635

rabbinical See Rabbinical law

religious, secret of all MB 127

Roman, cruel policy sanctioned by AA 445

Sabbath observance will be forbidden by 4BC 1172

Satan moves on men to enact, that would impede God’s work GC 610

Satan seeks enforcement of, in defiance of God’s law GC 591

Satan seeks to make God’s commands of less force than 9T 229-30

Satan’s plan for, against Sabbath observance PK 184

soon disregarded when divine law is rejected GC 585

substituted for law of God GC 10

Sunday See Sunday law

that gospel workers should be afraid of TM 349

that youth should not marry unless they know how to care for children, need of AH 88

traditional, scribes professed to be expositors of FE 236

what cannot be done by ML 163; SD 39

what to do when, conflict with God’s law 1T 201; 5T 713

when God’s law was made void by DA 709

will be framed that will close doors now open to message Ev 33

wise, safeguard people against unqualified med. practitioners MM 84

6. Moral

as unchangeable as God Himself 6BC 1094

atonement and, relationship between 1SM 229

blessings brought to those who obey 5T 445

ceremonial law and, broad and clear distinction between PP 365

ceremonial law was connected with 1SM 238

Christ gave DA 307

Christ is Author of CD 43

Christ kept 1SM 231

Christ’s death did not in the least detract from obligation of PP 365

disregard for, results of 3T 51

endures as long as God’s throne endures 6BC 1097; 1SM 239-40

erroneous idea that Christ abolished PP 365

erroneous teachings re PP 365

essential part of God’s plan from creation 6BC 1094

existed before man was created 6BC 1097; 1SM 239

fails of its purpose unless understood in relation to Christ DA 608

given before Jews were in existence SD 44

God is Author of COL 347

God’s purpose in giving 6BC 1094

habits of life should conform to 3T 69

man can obey, only through Christ 6BC 1096; 1SM 237

man is amenable to PP 52; 1SM 216

man places himself out of harmony with universe by transgressing Ed 100

man’s only safety is to live in strict conformity to Te 60

ministration that made, glorious 1SM 237

never was type or shadow 6BC 1097; 1SM 239

not nailed to cross 1SM 239

obeying, co-operate with God by MH 176-7

eat and dress with simplicity in 3T 51

professed Christians cast contempt on AA 387; 1SM 229

promise implied in every MH 114; 5T 445

reveals sin to man 1SM 234

Sabbath observance is enjoined by 3T 392

schoolmaster that brings men to Christ 6BC 1109-10; 1SM 234

violation of: danger and unhappiness brought by 5T 445

is sinful Te 213-4

sin came into world by 1SM 237

transgression of physical law is COL 347

See also Law of God; Ten Commandments

7. Mosaic

amplified principles of Decalogue PP 364

book of, deposited in side of ark of covenant PP 466

Christ did not set aside DA 461; MH 88

civil, punishment of transgressors under 3SG 301

civil statute in, comment on MB 70

converted Pharisees insisted that Gentile converts should keep AA 191

Decalogue and, relationship between PP 311

delivered privately to Moses to communicate to people FE 506

designed to guard sacredness of Decalogue PP 364

extended to lower animals DA 500

hospitable spirit enjoined by, toward the poor PP 530

inscribed on plastered stones at Mt. Ebal PP 500

Jeremiah emphasized teachings of PK 411

Pharisees accused Christ of teaching contrary to DA 265

plot to charge Christ with despising DA 460; MH 88

question re, converted Pharisees raised SR 305

read to Israel every seventh year PP 503

reading of, to Israel in vale of Shechem PP 499-500

sorcery forbidden by, on pain of death AA 287

tender regard enjoined by, for the poor MB 72

were noble, pure, and just CT 428

written by Moses for Israel PP 364

written in book by Moses PP 466, 500; 3SG 300; 4aSG 55; SR 171-2

See also Section 1, above; Book of law

8. National

bear marks of infirmities and passions of unrenewed heart PP 465

Christian youth may properly aspire to enact FE 82

disloyalty to, be careful not to appear as encouraging 6T 394

Israel’s PP 311

men who enact and administer, should be men of strict temperance MH 345

respect for, obedience to God’s law leads to GC 278

statesmen compare, with statutes of Bible 8T 40

universal, re ambassadors PP 714-5

will be framed to oppose laws of God’s kingdom 7BC 949

See also Sections 2 and 19

9. Natural (of nature) 8T 259-60

Adam and Eve lived in harmony with DA 367; MH 47

all, designed for man’s good CD 23, 464; CH 386, 390; MH 146

ancient wise men exalted, above God 6BC 1068

animals are governed by SL 76

antediluvians held erroneous ideas re PP 96-7

antediluvians regarded, as fixed PP 96

antediluvians talked of 1BC 1090

appetites must be brought into conformity to CH 69; SL 29