Counsels on Health


The Example of Joseph

Would that the example of Joseph might be followed by all who claim to be wise, who feel competent in their own strength to discharge the duties of life. A wise man will not be governed and controlled by his appetites and passions, but will control and govern them. He will drawn nigh to God, striving to prepare mind and body to discharge aright the duties of life. CH 588.1

I wish to impress upon the minds of physicians the fact that they cannot do as they please with their thoughts and imaginations and at the same time be safe in their calling. Satan is the destroyer; Christ is the restorer. I desire our physicians to fully comprehend this point. They may save souls from death by a right application of the knowledge they have gained, or they may work against the great Master Builder. They may co-operate with God, or they may counterwork His plans by failing to work harmoniously with Him. CH 588.2