EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Judged - Judgment of God, Judgments of God


Judged, everyone will be, by God’s word at last great day 4T 584

men will be: according to light given AA 232; TM 437

according to their deeds (works) COL 312; 4T 386

according to what they might have been TM 147

according to what they ought to have done but did not do COL 363

as they judge one another DA 314; MB 123-4; MH 484; 7T 279

SDA Church will be, by privileges and advantages she has had 8T 247

youth will be, according to faithfulness in stewardship MYP 234


Judging, another person’s heart, forbidden Ev 313

based on gossip 5T 95

belonging to God, do not attempt to do MH 484

belongs to God, and not to man AA 276

between God’s servants, no human being is given work of AA 276; Ev 328

character and motive, man is not given work of COL 71

God has never given you work of, your brethren 5T 347

God’s work of, be careful not to attempt to do MH 484

gospel workers warned against, each other AA 276

leave work of, to God MB 58

motives and actions of other people, warning against PP 385-6

much is involved in 8T 85

not, but doing MB 123-52

other people: persons often most severe in PP 625

Sermon on Mount forbids DA 805

person who will not be found MH 489

warnings against 8T 84-5

you are incapable of, because you cannot discern motive DA 314

spirit of, danger of fostering 5T 342

work of: belongs to God alone AA 276

given to Christ COL 74

never given to man 5T 347

See also Criticism

Judging spirit

Judging spirit, warning against 4T 326


1. Investigative (prior to 1,000 years)

2. Of the wicked (during 1,000 years)

3. Executive (at close of 1,000 years)

4. Day of

5. Miscellaneous

1. Investigative (prior to 1,000 years) GC 479-91; LS 241-4; PP 357-8

angels as ministers and witnesses in GC 479

angels keep books of records of men’s lives for GC 487

began in 1844 Ev 223; GC 422, 424, 436, 480, 486; 1SM 125; 5T 692

began with: people who first lived on earth GC 483

righteous dead EW 280; GC 483, 490; 5T 692

book of life used in 7BC 987; COL 310; GC 480-1, 483-4, 490

book of record of men’s sins is used in GC 481

book of remembrance used in GC 481

books of heaven used in COL 310; GC 480, 483, 486-7, 548; PP 357-8; 1T 100; SR 378

books of record kept in heaven are used in GC 421-2, 480-2; PP 357-8

character is tested by God’s law in GC 482

Christ is His people’s Advocate in GC 482-4

Christ’s work in GC 423-32, 479-91

cleansing of earthly sanctuary foreshadowed GC 421-2, 425; PP 357-8; SR 378

cleansing of heavenly sanctuary involves work of GC 352, 421-2, 425; PP 357-8; SR 378

close of: bottles of God’s wrath cannot be poured out until after TM 446

Christ will receive His kingdom at EW 280; GC 426-8, 479-80

Christ’s followers will be ready at, for second advent GC 425

decree pronounced at GC 490-1; 4T 387

destiny of all men will have been decided at COL 310; GC 428, 490; SD 355

door of mercy will be closed at GC 428

no man knows how soon, will come GC 490-1

probation ends at GC 428, 490-1

second advent will take place at GC 485

sins of the penitent will be blotted out at GC 485

state of world at time of GC 491

closes with the living EW 280; GC 483, 490; 1SM 125; 5T 526, 692; 6T 130

coming of Christ to GC 479-80

considers cases of each successive generation GC 483

contemplate, often GC 488

continues till all cases are decided GC 436

Daniel foretold GC 424, 426-7, 479-81

deals only with cases of professed people of God GC 480, 486; 4T 384

deals with lives of all who have believed on Christ GC 483

decides cases both of the living and the dead GC 436

definite time of, first angel’s message announced GC 457

determines who are prepared for God’s kingdom GC 428

every man’s case closely investigated in GC 483, 486, 490

every man’s case decided for life or death in EW 280; GC 436

every man’s work reviewed by God during GC 482

every name is mentioned in GC 483

every professed Christian has case pending in 1SM 125

examination of cases of the living in, follows that of the dead GC 483; 1SM 125

extends to close of probation GC 436

first angel’s message was given to prepare men to stand in GC 436

God the Father presides as Judge in GC 479

hour of, has come PK 716

immediately precedes second advent GC 352

is: closing work in heavenly sanctuary GC 428

work of examination of character GC 428

judgment of the wicked is distinct and separate work from GC 480

king’s examination of guests at wedding represents COL 310, 312; GC 428

last phase of, is for righteous living EW 280; GC 436, 483, 490; 1SM 125; 5T 526, 692; 6T 130

lives of all of Christ’s professed followers are reviewed in COL 310

makes decisions on individual cases TM 448

marriage of Lamb is consummated in EW 280; GC 426-8

men’s lives will be tested by God’s law in GC 482

message re, could not be given till time of end GC 356

proclaimed after 1798 GC 356

must be performed before second advent GC 422

names blotted from book of life in GC 483; PP 326

names in book of life are reviewed in GC 484

names retained in book of life in GC 483-4, 490

no man knows how soon, will pass to the living GC 490; 5T 692

no probation after COL 123

of rebellious angels before their expulsion from heaven 3SG 37-8; SR 18

of the living, is about to begin 5T 526; 6T 130

we know not how soon, will begin 5T 692

only question asked in, “Have they been obedient to My commandments?” GW 315

opening of, first angel’s message announced GC 352, 355-6, 424

prophecies present succession of events leading down to GC 356

persons for whom Christ intercedes in GC 484

persons whose names are accepted in GC 483

persons whose names are rejected in GC 483

persons whose sins are blotted out in GC 483-4

precedes: judgment of the wicked GC 480

outpouring of God’s wrath TM 446

resurrection of the just GC 482

second advent COL 310; GC 352, 422, 485, 490, 548; SD 355; SR 378

probationary time continues during GC 428; 4T 387

record of men’s sins is used in GC 481

rewards of the righteous will be apportioned in COL 310

righteous dead are judged first in EW 280; GC 436, 483

righteous dead, cases of, have been passing in review in 1SM 125

righteous dead not present in person at GC 482

righteous living are judged last in EW 280

rule of life by which everyone must stand or fall in DA 640; MH 104-5

Satan as accuser of God’s people during GC 484

Satan’s activities during GC 484

sentence of each person by, is recorded by his name 1T 198

separation between the good and the bad immediately follows COL 122-3

services of typical Day of Atonement foreshadowed GC 421-2; PP 357-8

shown to EGW in visions 1SM 65

sins blotted out in 5T 331

sins of penitent believers removed from heavenly sanctuary by GC 425, 485-6

sins of truly penitent will be blotted from books of heaven during GC 421-2; PP 357-8

sins that will not be blotted out in GC 486

special work of purification among God’s people during GC 425

specified time fixed for GC 548

standard of character in, God’s law is GC 436, 482

subject of, needs to be clearly understood GC 488

subjects of Christ’s kingdom are made up in EW 280

takes place before: marriage of Lamb GC 428

outpouring of seven last plagues TM 446

second advent COL 310; GC 352, 485

takes place in: courts of heaven COL 310

heavenly sanctuary GC 422, 490; LS 278

most holy place of heavenly sanctuary GC 480

time of, men still living on earth during COL 310

we are now in 1BC 1118; GC 490; SD 355

use made of every talent will be scrutinized in GC 487

warning re, given at appointed time GC 352-3

work of, described GC 479-91

work of judging the living by, is about to begin 5T 526; 6T 130

your duty during GC 425; 1SM 125

See also Sanctuary (heavenly)

2. Of the wicked (during 1,000 years) EW 52-3, 290-1; GC 660-1

Bible used as statute book in EW 52, 291; GC 661

book of death used in EW 52, 291; GC 661

book of life used in EW 52

Christ as judge in DA 210; EW 52-3, 291; GC 661

follows second advent EW 52-4, 290-1; GC 660-1

redeemed will participate in EW 52, 290-1; GC 661

Satan and his angels judged in EW 291; GC 661

work of, close of EW 53, 291; GC 661

distinct and separate from investigative judgment GC 480

3. Executive (at close of 1,000 years) 7BC 986-7; DA 637-8; EW 52-4; GC 665-72; LS 241-2; 3SG 85-7; SR 422-6; 4T 384-7

books of record opened in GC 666; LS 241; SR 422-3; 4T 384

Christ as judge in DA 210; EW 52-4, 291; GC 666; PP 339

Christ will pronounce sentence in GC 666

Christ’s coming for, Malachi and Jude foretold GC 425-6, 548-9

condemnation in, as result of neglecting heaven-sent opportunities DA 490

coronation of Christ in GC 668-9; SR 421-6

decision of, will turn upon one point DA 637

faithful picture of all men will be presented at 1T 501

God will be vindicated in DA 58

God’s government vindicated in 7BC 986; DA 58; GC 670-1; PP 338-9

God’s law vindicated in PP 338-40

great amount of evil works is accumulating for 2T 160

Ledger of Heaven opened in LS 241; 4T 493

lost soul will understand in, nature of his rejection of truth DA 58

man’s accountability in, for pain caused to others COL 178-9

panoramic view of great controversy given in GC 666-7; SR 423-4

particular persons mentioned as present at GC 667-8

plight of the wicked in GC 666-71; PP 557-8; LS 242; 4T 384-7, 493

revelation of man’s life record in 2T 160

Satan fully unmasked in GC 670

Satan will have no excuse to offer in GC 503

Satan will recall in, his evil history GC 669

Satan’s machinations exposed in GC 670

Satan’s plight in GC 669-71; PP 339

scenes of, terrors of Sinai were to represent PP 339

souls will rise up in, to condemn unfaithful minister 3T 243

tables of God’s law seen in Christ’s hands during GC 668

why Christ has been appointed to execute DA 210

wicked have no one to plead their cause in GC 668

will reveal that no cause for sin exists GC 503

will take place in presence of all worlds 7BC 986; SD 361

work of, close of GC 671-3

4. Day of

Christ as judge in PP 339-40

Christ will come in glory at PP 339-40

Christ’s prophetic portrayal of DA 637

church members charged in, of having robbed God 4T 481-2

confession of sins in, by the impenitent PP 498

consternation of persons unprepared to meet God in PK 726

decisions made in, will surprise many MM 133

described EW 52-4, 291-5; GC 665-72; PP 339-40; 4T 384-7

destiny unalterably fixed in MYP 307-8

dream re CG 560-1

every transaction of life will be impressed on wrongdoer’s memory in PP 498; 4T 493

facing CS 127-30

fate of persons in, who drift along thinking of themselves DA 641

hidden sins will be proclaimed in, to whole world PP 498

how to face CS 127

how youth’s fun and frolic will appear to them in MYP 43-4

impenitent must face God’s justice in PP 557-8

is great day of God’s vengeance TM 132

Isaiah’s vision of COL 372

live with reference to CG 560-1

lost souls may accuse you in, for influencing them to ruin MYP 31

lost souls will understand in, nature of their rejection of truth DA 58

men must be judged in, by light and privileges granted them 5T 624

men must render account in, for use of God-given talents PP 558

only two classes of people in DA 637

opportunities now thrown away will be revealed in CS 125, 127

persons whom Christ will commend in WM 314

plight of sinners against great light in MYP 87

reason for sinner’s condemnation will be read in SD 343

record of your words must be met in MYP 328

regret in, for time wasted in self-gratification MYP 398

rejecters of God’s mercy and grace must face His justice in PP 557-8

remorse of professed Sabbathkeepers in, for wasted lives 1T 131

remorse of sinners in, who have robbed God MYP 307-8

results of: robbing God in tithes and offerings will be revealed in CS 86

soul-saving work will be manifest in MYP 23

revelations made in, re unfaithful professed Christians CS 128

reward of the faithful in MYP 145

scene of, depicted in Matt. 25:31-46 DA 637

sinner will acknowledge in, justice of his condemnation PP 393

solemnity of COL 318-9

standard of right and wrong in CH 70

terrible scenes of, described PP 339-40

test of, mere profession of Christ not enough to meet 4T 18

test of God’s searching questions must be borne in MYP 17

things now forgotten will appear as witnesses in, to approve or to condemn SD 270

too late for the unprepared in, to secure well-grounded hope 1T 133-4

tribute of children to godly mothers in MYP 330

trumpet will summon men to presence of Judge in PP 339

unfaithfulness will be revealed in CS 128

warn and prepare men for Ev 25

will reveal results of efforts to win souls MYP 23

you must meet in, slighted opportunities and neglected privileges CS 127

youth will not plead their present excuses in 4T 623

5. Miscellaneous

account must be rendered in, for way money has been spent AH 368

accusation made by lost souls in, against unfaithful church members CS 189-90

actions will be distinctly recalled in 4T 385

all nations are to pass in, before God 7BC 986

Bible will be used in, in last day EW 58

books of heaven opened in 4T 481

character will be tested by 6BC 1088

Christ will pass, on every soul DA 210

Christ’s mission on earth was not to execute DA 210-1

coming: description of LS 241-2; 4T 384-7

minister’s duty to warn world re 3T 243

warn people to prepare for 2T 632

confessed sins go beforehand to 1T 263

conscience will bear witness in, against evildoer Ed 144-5

decision of, no appeal from 4T 116

decisions made in, human judgment will have no place in MM 133

does not take place at death GC 548

each soul receives, according to light received DA 210

each soul rewarded in, according to faithfulness with which he fills his sphere 6T 439

every action will come into TM 224

every business transaction must be met in WM 218-9

every case decided in, for life or death EW 280

every word and action will be brought in review before FE 261

everyone must give account of himself to God in Ed 188

fate of persons in, who have sinned against great light MYP 87

fearful histories will be opened in, to world TM 146

fearful realities of, will test every man’s work 3T 31

future, Jude refers to GC 548-9

not needed if men go to rewards at death GC 549

God has awful account to settle with world in TM 39

God will be exonerated in DA 58

God’s covenant will be brought forth in PK 187

grand review that will take place at ChS 263

great rule of, God’s law is PP 349

how some men’s sins go beforehand to 7BC 916; 1SM 124; 5T 331

life records made known when books are opened in SL 40

man will be rewarded in, according to his works 4T 481

men must face one another in Ev 638

men will be condemned in, because of neglect of opportunity of learning what is truth DA 490; PP 55

because they did not believe truth PP 55

men will be judged in, according to their deeds 1T 100

many children will rise up in, and condemn parents for not restraining them 1T 219

message of, carried to large part of world by Wolff (Joseph) GC 361

Miller’s (Wm.) preaching led sinners and infidels to prepare for EW 231

no doubt that we are nearing 2T 355

no need for, if people go to their rewards at death GC 548-9

of the dead in great day of final award PP 357

of world was future in Paul’s day GC 548

only that which accords with God’s law will stand in COL 316

only two classes recognized in COL 283

only two classes represented at ML 278

people whom Christ will commend in DA 638

prepared for, keep God’s law if you would be GC 436

prophecies re, against the disobedient PK 393

mingled with promises of final and glorious deliverance PK 427

record of your thoughts and words will be seen in Ev 638

records in books of heaven must be met in AH 17

remember that your case will soon pass in review before MH 485; 8T 85

repent in order that your sins may go beforehand to 1SM 111

revelation made in, re God’s government DA 58

reward given in, for doing little things well MYP 145

rule of, God’s law as GC 639

scenes of, meditate much on GC 601

secrets and motives of heart will be revealed in CG 560

separation of wheat from tares in COL 74-5; TM 234-5

sins of the righteous go beforehand to GC 620

sinners will be condemned in, because they reject light TM 437

solemn, God’s searching eye upon everyone in 4T 385

solemn scenes of, should be kept before people 5T 421

souls will rise up in, to condemn minister for his unfaithfulness 3T 243

spiritualism teaches that there is no Ev 608; PP 688

standard in: God’s law is 2BC 997; 1SM 211

God’s word is 1T 126

tables of God’s law as 1SM 225

standard of righteousness in, God’s law is 5T 627

test of: ground on which works can bear 1SM 114

only Bible truth and religion will stand FE 127

surface work will not stand 1T 663

true religion alone will stand Ev 359

work of each person must stand 4T 608

work that will stand ChS 263

test of character in, God’s law is COL 314

time for, to judge the dead EW 36; LS 117

time of, is most solemn period TM 234

tribunal of, with award of eternal penalties awaits sinner PP 461

unheeded light and warnings will rise up against you in 3T 363

use made of every talent will be scrutinized in GC 487

warning re, announced just before second advent COL 227

words will be distinctly recalled in 4T 385

work of, is reserved for God TM 47

not left to man TM 47

work of separation is accomplished by, when gospel mission is completed COL 122

works are to bear inspection of 2T 88

wrongs committed will be vividly impressed on wrongdoer’s memory in 4T 493

you must meet in, souls you have neglected 6T 425

your every word and deed GC 487

your life record will pass in review before God in 8T 85

your words and actions will be reviewed in TM 224

Judgment (condemnatory)

Judgment (condemnatory), church members who sit in, on minister and his sermon COL 45

consider your own case before passing, on someone else TM 440

how everyone passes, on himself DA 57

in passing on others you pass sentence on yourself DA 314

Jews passed, on themselves when they rejected Christ DA 468

no liberty for any man to pass, on others DA 805

of others, has been committed to Christ COL 74

is prerogative of God alone DA 805

persons who presume to sit in, on others TM 294

warning against MH 485; 7T 278-9; 8T 85

we are not qualified to sit in, on others MB 124

worshiper of self passes, on himself DA 57

See also Criticism; Faultfinding; Judging

Judgment (human)

adult children’s requests granted against your TDG 39:2

appeal to best, in discussing misunderstandings UL 106:2

appeals not considered above 3SM 86:0

appearance used for SW 10:1

ask God for sound, and for light to impart to others RC 159:3

blunders in, of others, without Christ UL 28:3

capacity for, accountable to God for TMK 93:2

character of self to receive; not of others UL 157:4

Christ left no excuse for following; obedience possible 3SM 135:2

civil, alcohol and tobacco perverts Con 82

clearer with Scripture study HP 139:4

clouded by many words UL 280:3

confusion by Satan of thought and HP 215:3

errors of,

no one should feel to be without LHU 309:5

not to be criticized as sins LHU 225:6

evil talkers ashamed of, if you reveal Christ TDG 221:5

exercise of, important in character building TDG 190:6

failing to let God choose FW 27:1

finite, trust God’s guidance rather than HP 103:2


assuming God will come to our terms HP 150:4

despising counsel 3SM 23:1

follows natural inclination TMK 251:3


gives UL 74:3

judges us according to our, of others TDG 21:6

permits people to follow TDG 16:2

hall of, Jewish leaders remember, when Christ returns Mar 282:8

harsh, wisdom from above does not cause TMK 185:3

independent, wrong to follow, irrespective of brethren CET 203:1

is foolishness TMK 269:4

keep off seat of HP 178:3

minister to admit frailty in, pointing women to Jesus 2MCP 767:1

not to be trusted in choice of marriage partner LYL 36:6

offending in, Satan works to cause HP 178:3

one person not to exercise, for all RC 319:2


on fallen one TSB 242:3

on others only when purposes reach fruition RC 379:3

on those having had fewer opportunities OHC 233:3

perversion of,

follows loss of self-control to passion 1MCP 228:4

when sin is sanctioned OHC 258:3

prayer reveals weakness of our own HP 213:3

relied on by some; need for prayer not felt (1888) 3SM 171:3

religion of Christ sanctifies HP 141:5

rule for, “do ye even so to them”; also for us HP 225:5

sanctified by truth HP 180:3; OHC 34:4

sanctified in preparation for angel society TMK 250:6

self-gratification corrupts 3SM 289:2


by close, prayerful study 1MCP 95:1

by pure appetite and habits CC 248:6

submitting to, of others for progress of God’s work Mar 233:2

taking over God’s work and passing, on supposed wrongs TDG 291:3

thinking not of own, because of trials TDG 306:5

thoughtless, compared with appropriate reproof UL 366:2


in choice of marriage partner TSB 22:3

not own, drawing from Source of knowledge TMK 126:4

own, for what is spiritually best UL 48:3

own, not blending with others TDG 125:2

unerring, taught from the Word UL 87:3

weakness of our, depending on God because of TMK 304:3

weed own garden instead of, on others UL 366:4

wife would have brought balance to, of J. N. Andrews RY 112f; TSB 34:3

wine prohibited to maintain justice in Con 82:5


to be taught; none go alone to heaven UL 300:6

to spouse HP 204:4

See also Criticism

Judgment (mental)

1. One man’s

2. Miscellaneous

1. One man’s

erroneous idea that, must dictate in God’s work 9T 261; TM 298-304

God’s service is not committed to 3BC 1129

God’s work is not to be controlled by 9T 260-1

gospel workers should not have to rely on TM 298-9, 301

is not authority that God invested in church 3T 493

is not sufficient to be trusted by church 3T 445

is not to control that of believers in present truth 3T 501

judgment of several counselors is safer than 5T 30

must not be set up in opposition to that of church 3T 428

never regard, as supreme Ev 685

not perfect on all subjects GW 481

should not be judgment for other minds 3T 492-3; 9T 260

should not control and mold conference 9T 277

stamp of, God’s work should not bear 3T 493

2. Miscellaneous

ability of, men in responsible positions should credit other men with having some TM 302

any man’s: do not rely wholly on 9T 284

gospel workers should not rely wholly on 5T 724

no man’s judgment should be surrendered to another’s 3T 492; 9T 260

best men err in, when left to themselves AA 198

better-balanced, Spirit gives to man DA 251; GW 286

blinded by superstition and bigotry 3T 73

calm, when impulse and emotion get mastery over 2SM 17

move from, more 4T 139

children should be taught to exercise their own FE 58

Christ pities and helps people who err in 9T 222

Christianity sanctifies FE 84; ML 262; 8T 63

conf. presidents cautioned not to rush acceptance of their personal 9T 278

confidence in your, course that will not inspire TM 500

counsel and, angels guide ministers in TM 484

deceived soul’s, Satan can pervert 3T 351

do not follow your own, regardless of opinions and feelings of brethren TM 30, 503

do not let your, be swayed solely by influence of others 3T 105

do not rely on man’s PP 622

do not think your, is most reliable 5T 727

educate your, so it will not be feeble and inefficient SD 283

enslaved by depraved and unnatural appetite 4T 28

error in, as result of perverted sympathy 2T 649

errors of, often prevent right understanding of matters MB 68

exercise, in every action of life DA 369

exercise and cultivate, that it may be well balanced with other mental faculties 3T 32-3

father who was dictatorial in, toward family 4T 126-7

feeling must not get mastery over 2SM 18, 91

finite, man judges in accordance with his 8T 183

position of trust calls for more than 4T 387

God does not force any man’s GC 541

God’s word sanctifies CG 484; 1T 310

good, increases gospel worker’s usefulness hundredfold GW 119

man who did not manifest 5T 478

gospel refines and sanctifies 7T 67

gospel workers must have room to exercise their own TM 302

harsh: most careful attention to outward proprieties will not shut out all GW 123; MH 490

should be shunned in dealing with fellow believers 2BC 999

shun, in case of misunderstanding PP 519

hasty, may lead to disastrous results 2SM 93

how, becomes more sound and trustworthy SD 72

how Satan comes in and perverts 4T 560

gospel workers should be men of EW 102

independence of, natural pride of opinion leads to 7BC 906

young ministers warned re 3T 321

independent: consider that others as well as you have right to 4T 126

no one should strike out on his own Ev 97, 212

warning against persons who move according to their TM 56

individual TM 301-4

claim made for right of 3T 360

conf. presidents who will not let gospel workers exercise TM 301-4

danger in regarding, as supreme AA 164

each gospel worker should use and improve his 9T 277

give men chance to exercise their TM 301-2

God has given to every man his 9T 277

gospel workers must have room to exercise TM 301-2

right of, refusal of German princes to surrender GC 201

should not be sacrificed to another person’s judgment GC 597

should yield to Gen. Conf. in session 9T 260-1

use of, gospel workers should be given work requiring TM 302-3

when, should yield to that of brethren AA 163-4

indulgence of appetite or lower passions confuses TM 473

infallible in, persons in responsible positions must not think themselves TM 347

responsible positions do not make men TM 493

infatuation that overthrows AH 71

intelligent, liquor-drinking jurors cannot render Te 281

tobacco-using jurors cannot render Te 281

intemperate and immoral men’s, property and life and reputation insecure when left to Te 47-8

is faculty of mind that should be properly developed 3T 33

Israelites controlled by their own, in rebellion of Korah 3T 360

King Saul allowed his impulses to control his PP 650

lack of, God’s cause brought into disrepute by 2T 403

hasty and inconsiderate actions result from Ev 366-7

liberty of, man who is unwilling to grant others 4T 126-7

man who passed, upon other people 2T 424

man’s: God does not force GC 541

partial and imperfect SC 30

Satan seeks to pervert 3T 550

men who in counsels venture to pronounce, upon God’s work TM 294

minister should move according to his best, trusting result with God 3T 14

ministers should respect, of brethren TM 30

needed to know when to speak and when to keep silent 3T 507

no man is appointed to be, for another gospel worker TM 491

no man’s, should be surrendered to that of any other one man 9T 260

no one man is invested with authority to be, for other minds 9T 261

of all ministers is needed now 4T 608

of brethren, ministers should respect TM 503

of Gen. Conf., full measure of authority vested by God in 9T 261

of leaders of God’s people, believers who do not highly esteem AA 163-4

of men of experience, respect 4T 380

of universe, God will be exonerated in DA 58

other people’s, cultivate deference to 3T 422

persons who err in, Christ pities and helps those 9T 222

perverted, darkens understanding 4T 147

perverted by: deceitfulness of riches 2T 658

delusions of spiritualism 3T 417

eating rich and unwholesome foods CG 398

eating too much Te 138

eating too often CG 398

intemperate eating Te 138

unbelief 4T 147

poisoned by prejudices and wrong opinions LS 326

poor, poverty as result of WM 201-2

prejudices that confuse, no time now to cherish 9T 216

private: abuse of right of AA 261

danger re 5T 30

right to 3T 492

should be subject to judgment of Gen. Conf. 3T 492

prompted by selfishness, warning re 5T 727

rash, Christ reproved 3T 93

ready, gained through training and exercise 3T 497

reason and, despised by false theory of holiness 1T 322

respect due to, of brethren AA 279

ripened by Bible study GC 94

same, God would have His people be of 3T 360

sanctified, departments of SDA work should illustrate 7T 93

self-confident believers who do not highly esteem, of brethren AA 163-4

selfishness beclouds TM 392-3

sinful practices that pervert 1T 618

sound: ask God for ML 109

be guided by 1T 356-7; 3T 222

Bible study develops PP 599

close and careful study of Scriptures produces ML 24

erroneous speculations that tend to confuse 2SM 15

faith gives 6T 472

God’s work needs men of MYP 65

gospel workers should be persons of EW 98

Israel’s 70 elders were to be men of AA 94

knowledge of God gives men TM 210

leader of med. institution should be man of 4T 546-7

men of, needed in positions of responsibility Te 268

never narrow in its workings 5T 563

zeal should be balanced by LS 214

student’s, teacher should not control FE 58

superior, men who exalt themselves as persons of TM 364

superstitions that confuse 2SM 224-5

training plants and flowers improves 4T 136

true religion sanctifies CH 629; PP 600; 2T 252

truth sanctifies 1T 216, 415

unbiased, needed in considering questions and subjects that are new and ever liable to rise 2T 129-30

unimpaired, person whom God will reward with AH 302; ML 147; MYP 244

unprofitable reading spoils 9T 43

unsafe for man to confide in his own 4T 361

unsound, men who criticize and pronounce TM 294

use of stimulants produces Te 78-9

use of tobacco confuses Te 60

weakened by: former errors EW 101-2

influence of spiritualism EW 101

worldly amusement spoils 9T 43

yield your, when necessary without sacrificing principles of truth 2T 436

you may err in, but do not lose hold on Christ 8T 130

your own, do not lean on TM 464

you cannot safely put confidence in, in all things TM 420

youth’s, how parents may enlist CG 242-3

See also Counsel; Decision; Opinion

Judgment (punishment and reward)

antediluvian world received LDE 241

being poured out Mar 175:3

certainty of LDE 240f

day of,

recompense of true workers in TMK 326:4

seventy were to declare; (visitation) TDG 113:6

day of retribution and rewards TDG 280:2

(doom) Christ reluctant to pronounce, on Jerusalem TDG 109:5

events of blessing and, will mark advance of the work TDG 195:6

God’s arm strong to save is also strong to execute TMK 356:4

now in the land saying “Be Ready” Mar 106:2

plagues fall as the Lord in, walks through the earth Mar 264:4

protection removed at time of Mar 242

repentance does not excuse from TSB 179:1

righteousness of Christ essential to escape coming 3SM 419:1

Sabbath not left to Mar 238:3

some will cry Lord, Lord in day of FW 56:0

storehouse of, for sinners who have had light 3SM 418:3

time of, time of mercy for those learning truth TDG 163:6

warnings of; those who resist, will be burned TDG 163:4

withheld waiting until all hear message HP 314:5

workers with God to warn of RC 258:5

Judgment of God, Judgments of God

Judgment of God, Judgments of God, about to fall on world 6T 407

abroad in land already 4BC 1161; GW 265; LS 412-3; 2SM 229, 391; 5T 99, 136, 234; TM 187; WM 136

speak in solemn warning 8T 252

angels are commissioned to execute TM 431

are impending CH 556; Ev 45

upon wicked cities PK 275-6

are in world 9T 97

are proportionate to His people’s intelligence and warnings that they despise 4T 165

as last effort to check evil course of His people 4T 165

beginning to fall on some places 9T 96; TM 458

burning of Review and Herald pub. house as 8T 91-103

cities soon will be visited with Ev 29; 7T 83

coming, how to escape DA 634

coming of, God has always warned men re DA 634

coming upon world SD 354; WM 136

only thing that can protect you from CW 24

delayed by jets of light 1SM 76

denounced against the rebellious 5T 190

desolation will be spread everywhere by 4T 52-3

disloyal persons must be visited with, in mercy 9T 93

doing their work already 6T 445; TM 398-9

effects of, on infidels and blasphemers PP 109

efforts of the wicked to stay LS 102

Elijah was accused of causing PK 139

execution of, when signal is given for PP 165

fall of, warnings precede 4T 179; 6T 19

falling in some places already LS 415

falling on despisers of His grace already 7T 103; 9T 11; TM 458

fearful, visited upon wrongdoer by ministering angels PK 435

will precede second advent 5T 753

fell heavily at times on rebellious kingdom of Israel PK 281

final, pronounced by Jeremiah upon Judah PK 436

final visitation of, revival of primitive godliness before GC 464

followed close on Israel’s heinous sin of fornication 2T 451

foretold by Moses, visited upon Israel PK 569

God is holding back, for warning message to be sounded 9T 97

God is loath to bring, upon world 5T 209

God’s people will be accused of causing EW 33-4, 36-7; LS 117

Habakkuk’s prophecy re, to fall upon Judah PK 385-6

hanging over earth’s inhabitants 9T 27

have begun to fall already 7T 103

heavy, foretold for Judah PK 309

San Francisco, Calif., visited by Ev 404

held back till His work is done 9T 97

impending, fall on world at time of second advent PK 389

Zephaniah’s prophecies re PK 389

in world already 9T 97, 126

increase of sins which brought, on antediluvian world and Sodom GW 126; 5T 601

Israel led to repentance by PK 155

Israel’s persistent disobedience forced God to speak to them through PP 588

Jeremiah pronounced upon: Jehoiakim PK 429-36

Judah PK 430-2; 4T 164-7, 173

large cities will be visited by Ev 403-4; LS 412

limit beyond which, can no longer be stayed PK 417; 4T 167

long-deferred, world is ready to be consumed by TM 407

man cannot avert 4T 181

men are not proof against TM 455

messages of, committed to Elijah PK 235

millions spared by visitation of, upon thousands PP 325-6

mingled with mercy prior to close of probation GC 629

ministration of, begins when offers of mercy are withdrawn PP 165

nations are preparing for 6T 405

Nineveh averted, by believing warning message PK 270-1; PP 97

not sent without: ample opportunity being given for repentance 4T 179

warning being given first 4T 179

Oakland, Calif., in danger of visitation of Ev 403-4; LS 412

Oakland, Calif., mercifully spared from visitation of Ev 404

outpouring of, prepare your children for CG 556

prepared for the sinful and rebellious 2T 448

present, Habakkuk given message of PK 389

reason for, may be understood TM 457-8

release from, rebellion of men after PP 332

repentance of Israelites as result of PK 155

retributive: are already in land 5T 99

God cannot always defer PK 426

Herod Agrippa I died under AA 152

nameless dread of, King Ahaz stricken with PK 328-9

visited upon Jerusalem 3BC 1133

we do not live in time of 3BC 1140

San Francisco, Calif., would be visited by Ev 403; LS 412

seen in: earthquakes LS 413; 5T 136; 9T 97

fire LS 412-3; 9T 97

floods LS 412-3; 5T 136; 9T 97

on land and sea already CD 40

peril by land and sea 5T 136

storms 5T 136

tempests 5T 136

war and bloodshed LS 413; 9T 97

sent as warning to men PP 109

sent in mercy GC 543

sent that nations may know themselves to be but men PK 429

sent to: arouse people to sense their danger PK 277

bring people to their senses 7T 103

cause sinners to tremble before Him PP 109

seven last plagues as EW 36-7; GC 427-8

See also Plague

SDA mammon-servers will be visited by 4T 252

severest, Judah without hope of averting PK 450

visited upon Israel in Ahab’s time PK 137

shall we wait until, fall? 9T 20

soon to fall on the wicked 9T 95

soon will be poured out on earth PP 166; 5T 233; 6T 408

soon will fall on large cites WM 135

souls perishing under, while church members neglect duty to warn them 6T 445

speedily coming EW 51

stayed because of His commandment-keeping people CG 80

stayed that He may plead with the impenitent PK 413; 4T 165

submission to His requirements would have averted, for Judah 4T 183

sure to follow persistent rebellion PK 276

swift, stayed by David’s repentance PP 722

swift-coming, compared to breaking of potter’s vessel PK 431

Jeremiah’s prophecies re PK 409

tempered with mercy PK 255, 444, 460-1; 4T 169

in time of Elijah and Elisha PK 255

terrible: awakened hearts in ten tribes of Israel PK 336

visited upon Egypt DA 51

visited upon Sennacherib’s army PK 361

visited upon ten tribes of kingdom of Israel PK 292, 336

time of destructive, is time of mercy for people who know not truth 7BC 979; LS 412; 9T 97

tremendous, coming upon guilty world TM 444

turned aside by humiliation and repentance PP 722

upon impenitent world is being delayed TM 458

use of intoxicating liquor is bringing, upon earth CH 432

visitation of: Judah was long spared PK 425

many professed believers taking course leading to 5T 350-1

third angel’s message is to be given to world before GC 449

visited upon: Ahab 5T 191

Ananias and Sapphira AA 72

antediluvian world GW 126; PP 90-104

Belshazzar MYP 229

David because of his sin PP 722

disobedient church leaders 8T 219

Herod Agrippa I AA 151-2; SR 297-300

impenitent world at second advent PK 389-90

Jerusalem symbolize events of second coming TM 232

King Ahaziah of Israel 5T 191-2

Korah and his followers PP 395-405; 3T 350-2

lands refusing to submit to Nebuchadnezzar 4T 169

persons who seek to destroy His people GC 627

Sodom PP 156-70

the wicked during time of trouble EW 33-4

unfaithful stewards of God’s means 2T 661-2, 199; 4T 484

worshipers of golden calf PP 325-6

youth of Bethel for disrespect to Elisha PK 235-6

visited upon Egypt PP 257-73, 279-80; 3SG 203-23, 228-9; SR 116-9; 1T 265

purpose of COL 287; PP 263, 333

visited upon heathen, practices that have called down GC 585

visited upon Israel 1T 283

because of sin and rebellion AA 315-6

in Elijah’s time 3T 276

purpose of PP 324-5

to lead them to repentance PK 309

visited upon kingdom of Israel: Assyrian captivity as PK 279-92

in Elijah’s time PK 120, 155

over century before Jeremiah’s time PK 415

visited upon the impenitent, exact fulfillment of prophecies re PK 445

when and why, are visited upon His people 4T 165

why, are long delayed 4T 165-6

are permitted to fall upon men PK 429

will be visited on oppressors of His people GC 627

will fall on anyone who wrongs, slights, or abuses His suffering or oppressed people 4T 620

will follow in quick succession LS 413; PK 277-8; 6T 408; 8T 252; 9T 97

will go throughout earth in last days COL 287

wise and merciful purpose in PK 292

work of, begins at sanctuary TM 431-2

See also Calamity; Disaster; Earthquake; Fire; Flood; Plague; Storm; Sword; Tornado; Volcanic eruption; War