EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Josephus - Judge, Judges


Josephus, Jewish historian GC 33

Joshua (high priest)

Joshua (high priest) PK 583; 5T 469

returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel PK 560

Satan resisted prayers of 9T 240

Zechariah’s vision re COL 166-70; FE 274; MB 116-7; PK 581-92; 5T 467-8; 9T 240; TM 38-9

Christ was defending Angel in 5T 468-9

represents God’s people in antitypical day of atonement 5T 472-3

warnings of Haggai aroused PK 575


experience of remnant will be like Mar 213:3

represents unworthy ones TDG 226:2

promise to, is for remnant people LHU 347:6

Joshua (son of Nun)

Joshua (son of Nun) PP 481-524; 4aSG 58-65; 4T 148-64

accompanied Moses up into Mt. Sinai PP 313, 315, 319

Achan’s sin searched out by PP 494-5; 3T 264-5, 267-70, 520; 4T 491-2

adult when he left Egypt SR 163

Ai taken by Israel under PP 493-4, 499

Amalekites routed by Israel under, at Rephidim PP 298-9; 3SG 258-9; 2T 107-8; 4T 531

Angel’s visit struck, with awe 1T 410-1

another than, must guide God’s people to true rest of faith MB 1

anxiety and self-distrust of, re work before him PP 482

anxiety of, for Israel’s future PP 521

as oldest man in Israel PP 511

as successful leader, lessons from PP 554

associated with Moses in government of Israel PP 463

attempt of, to quiet tumult of rebellious Israelites 5T 377

belonged to tribe of Ephraim PP 513

bitter disappointment suffered by PP 392

Canaanite power broken by Israel under PP 543

Captain of the Lord’s host appeared to PP 487-8, 493, 496; SD 160; 4aSG 61-2; SR 178; 4T 159-60

charge given by Moses to, as leader of Israel PP 463, 469-70; 4aSG 56

Christ appeared to PP 487-8, 493; 4aSG 61-2; SR 178; 4T 159-60

Christ instructed Israel by mouth of 2BC 994

Christ was with Te 13

command given to, re book of the law PK 465

consecration of, as leader of Israel by Moses PP 463-4; 4aSG 56

courageous and resolute PP 481

courageous report of, after spying out Canaan Ed 149

covenant renewed by Israel with SR 182

death of, Israel’s experience after 2BC 1001

Israel lamented SR 182

despondency and distrust felt by 2BC 996

did not enter with Moses into cloud on Mt. Sinai PP 313

discretion of, in dealing with Achan’s sin 3T 268-70

division of Canaan for Israel under PP 510-20

experience of, lesson from SL 15

faithful as spy 4aSG 21-7

faithfulness of, lesson from 2T 124

farewell message of, to Israel PP 521-4; 4aSG 64-5; SR 181-2

firm to maintain truth in midst of danger PP 482

first sword used by, sword of Spirit was 2BC 993

Gibeon saved by, from Canaanite attack PP 507-10

Gibeonites deceived PP 505-6

given faith and courage by Spirit AA 53

given to meditation and prayer SR 178

God’s counsel not sought by, in planning assault on Ai PP 493

grapes of Eschol eaten by 4T 154

had his God to guide him 2BC 993

home of, Timnath-serah was PP 521

inflexible leader who would not depart from strict justice PP 513

inspired by living faith in God PP 481

Israel assembled by, in vale of Shechem PP 499-500

Israel did not completely conquer Canaan under PP 511

Israel led by, across Jordan PP 483-5, 488; 4aSG 59-60

Israel was instructed by, in writings of Moses PK 465

Israel’s history reviewed by 2BC 1000; PP 523; 4aSG 64-5; SR 181

Israelites sought to stone EW 14; PP 390; 4aSG 24; SR 161; 4T 151

jealousy of, for honor of Moses PP 381

Jericho fell to Israel under PP 487-96, 554; 4aSG 62-4; 4T 160-1

King Jabin of Hazar defeated by Israel under PP 510-1

known chiefly as warrior PP 481

last words of PP 521-4

keen rebuke to Israel PP 523

leader of Israel after Moses’ death PP 462-3, 481; 4aSG 56, 58; SR 175; 4T 156

leaders of Israel assembled by, at Shechem before his death PP 522-4

life of, devoted wholly to God SR 181

long attended Moses PP 463

man of: prayer PP 487-8

quiet and unpretending fidelity PP 482

wisdom, ability, and faith PP 463

meekness of SL 15

noble character and unselfish spirit of PP 515

noblest testimony to character of, as public leader PP 524

older than Caleb PP 511

opposed cowardly spies 4T 149, 151

persevering and prompt PP 481

petitions of, doubt and unbelief mingled with 2BC 996

pillar of 12 stones set up by, at Gilgal PP 613

prayer of, inspired by Spirit PP 509

prime minister to Moses PP 313, 481-2; 4aSG 58; SR 175; 4T 156

qualifications of, as leader 4T 156

religion in time of, same as religion today 2BC 994

rewarded for loyalty to God 4aSG 26

rule of, Israel prospered under PP 603

set apart as leader of Israel, by laying on of hands PP 463

soldier PP 319

solemn transaction written by PP 524

spy in Canaan PP 389-92, 511; 4aSG 59; SR 159-60, 175; 4T 149, 156

spies sent by, to Jericho PP 482-3

student of Scriptures 2BC 993-4

sun and moon commanded by, to stand still PP 508

steadfast when others wavered PP 482

Timnath-serah given to, for inheritance PP 515, 521

uncorruptible and unmindful of selfish interests PP 481

unfaithful spies denounced PP 390

what would happen if God’s people today were as faithful as 2T 124-5

whole law of Moses read by, to Israel at Shechem PP 503

wholly followed God 2T 124

wise general 2BC 993

wise leader 4aSG 64; SR 181

with his varied capabilities, enlisted in God’s services COL 301-2


Achan thought by, as apt to lead people to sin TDG 134:3

courage for, because he was given a

great work LHU 114:5

varied capabilities of, talents God used for special work RC 319:2

Joshua, book of

Joshua, book of PP 524; 4aSG 65; SR 182


Joshuas, faithful, church needs 4T 156

fearless and singlehearted, God calls for ML 310

God’s people today need SD 207


Josiah, king of Judah 2BC 1032, 1038-9; 3BC 1133; DA 216; PK 383-407, 410, 415


experience of, when the law was read to him RC 57

idols destroyed by CC 200:2


Jotham, king of Judah PK 305

Jots and tittles

Jots and tittles, bring, of God’s word into daily practice COL 314

erroneous teachings that seem to be, will become snares 1SM 169

many, wasted by poor people CD 258

Journal, Journals

Journal, Journals, educational See Educational journal

health See Health journal

private, do not reveal writers’ sinful deeds 4T 10

SDA, should be used with larger books CM 122

temperance See Temperance journal

Journalist, Journalists

Journalist, Journalists, god of many, little better than Baal GC 583

Journal of Commerce

Journal of Commerce, of New York, quoted GC 334

Journal of Paris

Journal of Paris, quoted GC 276

Journal of the Rev. Joseph Wolff

Journal of the Rev. Joseph Wolff, by Joseph Wolff, quoted GC 359-62


Journey, longest, performed by taking one step at a time MYP 144

Jovial disposition

Jovial disposition, leavening effects of, in church Ev 643

Jovial mood

Jovial mood, persons who run in, as naturally as water flows downhill 3T 473

Jovial talk

Jovial talk, too much, both men and women indulge in 2T 455

Joy, Joys

Joy, Joys, absence of, is not evidence that a person is or is not sanctified SL 10

abundant, liberality of Macedonian believers brought them AA 343-4

angels sang with, over Christ’s resurrection DA 780

angels’, in working for happiness of others 3T 381

apostles’, on seeing resurrected Saviour DA 803

avenues of, God does not close to His people any SC 46

Christ brings, to all classes DA 277

Christ carried, wherever He went SC 120

Christ’s: being blessing to humanity was DA 312

in His humiliation and pain DA 624

salvation of man was DA 142; GC 671; 2T 686; 4T 54

throughout eternity DA 624

what it means to enter into ChS 269; COL 361, 364; CS 213; DA 142, 312, 523, 624, 651; GC 647; MH 504; SL 57; 2T 491, 686, 709; 3T 387; 4T 54, 224, 615; 8T 34; 9T 59, 285

Christ’s highest, is to have His people share His glory TM 20-1

Christ’s sacrifice compensated by, of seeing earth peopled with immortal beings GC 652

Christian life should be one of GC 477; MYP 138

Christian should express, in life and character 5BC 1145

Christian’s, is proportionate to his faithfulness as steward of God’s goods CS 136

seeing sinners saved should be PK 172

work of saving souls should be 5T 481

element of Christian character CG 173

expressed by redeemed in songs of triumph SC 126

faith in God’s love and overruling providence fills heart with PP 600

father’s, over returned prodigal son COL 207; 3T 104

found by the poor, is often very limited GW 189

found in path of obedience and duty CT 98

fruit of, new creatures in Christ bring forth SC 58

fruit of Spirit SD 32; 5T 169

fullness of, reached in hereafter PP 602

future, which Paul expected as recompense of his labors Ed 70

God desires earth to be filled with COL 290

God has, in store for His people 8T 247

God is not unobservant of, that cheers His people SC 100

God’s, in His people TM 414

God’s promise to make His church, of many generations AA 601

greatest, service in life to come will be Ed 309

that God can bestow upon men CS 23; SC 79

harvest of, reaped by sowers of seeds of truth TM 175

heart must be filled with, in order to have perfect health CH 587

heart throbs with, in responding to Spirit SC 117

heart’s deepest, comes from deepest humiliation 3T 459

hearts that count it, to suffer for truth’s sake 3T 406

heaven is all AH 430

heaven is full of 7T 244

higher and holier, how to find 4T 54

highest, man was created to find in God his Ed 124-5

in Christ is fullness of, forevermore TM 390

in God’s service SC 124

in heaven, over sinner who repents 4T 264

when Christ ascended after resurrection DA 833-4

in Spirit, is health-giving and life-giving 7T 273

inexpressible, filled heaven when plan of salvation was announced EW 151

keep your, before God SC 100

let beauty and sweetness fill heart with SC 117

life’s greatest, three things that constitute Ed 297

life’s true, found only by people who work PP 50

life-giving and health-giving, implanted in soul by Christ’s love MH 115

light of, Christianity does not quench SC 121

little, many persons striving to keep God’s commandments have AA 563

little ecstatic, during midnight cry of 1844 SR 370

man could not find, in holiness after he sinned SC 17

most satisfying, won through God’s grace PK 60

never-failing, fed by streams flowing from God’s throne MH 253

no real, can be found in paths forbidden by God PP 600; SC 46

of Christ’s salvation, when God’s people shall understand 1SM 113

of communion with God in life to come PP 602

of high and low, Christian should enter into COL 386

of holiness, Spirit pleads with hearts to seek SC 28

of seeing fruition of gospel work Ed 70

of the redeemed, when they meet in mansions prepared for them MM 134

will continually increase 5T 702-3

offerings of, bring daily to God 5T 574

only real, is in obeying Christ SD 195

outworking of Christ’s character in His people will be His, throughout eternity DA 624

Paul’s: over faithfulness of Thessalonian believers AA 255-6

over repentance of erring Corinthian believers AA 325-6

over steadfastness of Colossian believers AA 471, 480

persecution should bring, to Christ’s followers MB 30

person filled with, of Christ’s indwelling Spirit SC 78

purest: found where contentment reigns 3T 382

found where self-sacrificing love is ruling principle 3T 382

not found in riches 3T 382

springs from deepest humiliation AA 319; 5T 168

purity’s, heart under conviction sees SC 24

redeemed will find, in presence of God and angels SC 126

redeemed will have, as result of Christ’s conflict with enemy GC 652

religious life is one of Ev 180

reverent, David’s dancing in PP 707

salvation of sinners should be our 2T 115

Samaritan filled with, after listening to Christ DA 191

satisfying, health and vital energy given to body by 4T 579

vigor given to mind by 4T 579

selfish person cannot enjoy, of unselfish love COL 364

set before Christ, explained COL 403; DA 410, 523; Ed 70; GC 671; MH 504; PK 172; 1SM 141; 2T 115, 686; 4T 615

such as Satan can create TM 83

sweetest, sincere repentance brings MYP 108; 3T 481

tears of, in healed paralytic’s home MH 79

tide of Christ’s, faithful Christian helps to swell COL 403

transport of, unselfish liberality threw early church into AA 344

trials received as educators will produce 4BC 1183

true, found only in unselfish service MH 362

only people who work find PP 50

true Christian’s, will be in heaven EW 112

trusting in God brings 2T 320

unrenewed heart finds no, in communion with God SC 17

unselfish ministry that brings SC 79

wellspring of: all along road to eternal life MB 140

Christ dwelling in soul is COL 162

Christ is FE 84

men on earth may have MH 253

where Spirit reigns there is DA 153

words cannot express, of him who takes God at His word MYP 98

See also Gladness; Happiness; Rejoicing


assurance of God’s love brings HP 58:2

believers have, given only by Christ HP 7:3

bring heaven’s, into your life HP 245:5

cheerful service brings HP 226:6

choose to have, appropriating God’s promises 3SM 163:4


and Him crucified to be the theme of RC 284:7

being our Saviour brings us OHC 148:3

changes sorrow to; humans often cannot help LHU 277:4

dwelling in the soul is a wellspring of TMK 142:4


as we do OHC 57:3

in being a blessing to humanity HP 240:6

followers of, have HP 262:4

gives certain and satisfying TMK 142:2

provides greatest LHU 230:4


find, in bringing peace and happiness to others HP 180:5

should possess, and show it to the world HP 95:2

to show, to world CME 26:3

clear conscience and gratitude bring, for better circulation 2MCP 407:1

coming to Christ with TMK 341:3

commands of God are HP 183:2


from drinking of the water that Christ offers OHC 65:2

when crown is received LHU 348:2


with Christ brings HP 33:3; UL 197:5

with heaven revealed by HP 246:6

contemplation of the grace of God brings HP 164:5

coworkers experience, in working for Christ OHC 195:3


awaits one who surrenders all HP 262:2

soul winners have, beyond comparison RC 256:7

evidence of being Christian is not; it is “thus saith Lord” 2MCP 810:1

experience of, is our privilege TDG 101:3

face shows, revealing God’s love AG 325:2

fears and, commit, to God in prayer TDG 22:4

foolishness (levity) is no foundation for, in God’s love HP 245:3

fullness of,

assurance of Jesus’ provision to save brings TMK 142:5

Christ wants us to have TDG 354:2

for those who trust and serve God TDG 266:6

in Christ UL 268:6

truth brings RC 111:4

with Christ in the heart RC 277:6

given to others,

by those stamped with the inspired word Mar 107:4

reflects on the giver TMK 92:4


offers, to worshipers TMK 263:3

people of, filled with, to brighten paths of others HP 61:2

wants, for you; He does not give burdens too heavy FW 78:3


expressed to others when it is in the soul HP 123:3

love brings FLB 237:7

goodness of God brought, to Ellen White UL 350:5

gratitude from souls saved through our labor brings RC 236:3


little known HP 61:3

when we have been filled with power HP 368:5

learning condescension of the Father in giving Jesus brings RC 297:5

life to show, because Christ has promised LHU 109:5

living by faith and looking to His appearing is highest HP 163:5

minds seeking amusement do not have, of Christ TMK 142:3

nature’s quiet beauty brings TMK 148:3

obedient ones only have LHU 150:5

our, as Christ’s, in seeing humans obey OHC 148:4

overcomers bring, to universe of God LHU 150:4

perfect, only in heart where Christ reigns TMK 95:3

praise God for, in the Lord HP 222:3

prayers that are spiritless and faithless give no, to God TDG 285:2

privilege to have, in the Lord HP 246:6

prospect of dwelling with and enjoying Christ forever HP 352:2

representing Christ should bring, for our workers 1MCP 352:2

sense of God’s love and care brings HP 75:4

sin replaced by Christ’s righteousness brings CME 26:3

success over difficulties brings HP 229:6; UL 116:5

suffering for Christ increases final Con 93:2

suppressing reaction to criticism brings HP 176:2

thanking Christ should give more, than thanking friends AG 325:3

thanksgiving and praise increases RC 285:5

those who keep their eyes on Christ know UL 78:3

trials not to keep us from UL 252:2

trials produce, if received as educators AG 325:5; UL 324:6


God in sorrow or CC 28:4

the love of Christ brings TDG 230:5

truth brings HP 140:6

using abilities, watching, learning of Christ, etc. brings TDG 200:4

willing obedience brings HP 183:2

Word of God brings lasting FLB 22:6; HP 134:6; LHU 111:8

Word of God shared with others brings TDG 346:4

words that bring, children to learn to speak 1MCP 179:2


for souls will have SW 60

with Christ enter His TDG 202:2

See also Happiness; Peace and joy; Rejoicing


Joyful, Christian may be, in looking to life beyond SC 125

how to be, in tribulation GW 266

persons abiding in Christ will be, in God 4T 626


Joyfulness, true Christian exhibits Ev 630

Joyless people

Joyless people, world led to suppose that God’s people are TM 175


Joyous, Paul was, in prospect of death AA 510

Joyous life

Joyous life, true, Christ formed within brings SC 47



1. Antitypical

2. Special

1. Antitypical

commencement of, at second advent EW 35, 286; LS 103

fanatical doctrine re 2SG 75

2. Special

song of freedom of, sung when school debt is lifted 6T 477

Jubilee trumpet, Jubilee trumpets

Jubilee trumpet, Jubilee trumpets, Christ’s name was sounded by DA 212

sounded on Day of Atonement PP 533

Jubilee year

Jubilee year, celebration of, in Israel Ed 43; MH 184; PP 533-4

fiftieth year 1BC 1112; Ed 43; PP 533

great year of release PP 533


Judah, Jacob’s son, Benjamin’s surety PP 227, 230; 3SG 163-4

birthright’s crowning blessings given to PK 683; PP 235-6

eloquent plea of, in Benjamin’s behalf PP 230; 3SG 164

Jacob’s benediction for PK 683; PP 236

Joseph saved by, from dying in pit 3SG 141

name of, denotes praise PP 236

sale of Joseph to Ishmaelites was proposed by PP 211

Judah, kingdom of

Judah, kingdom of, alliance of, with Egypt PK 423

apostasy of, Jeremiah’s messages of mercy given during PK 466

prophets’ exhortations seemed of little avail during PK 466

armies of Israel and Syria invaded, in Isaiah’s time PK 305

in reign of Ahaz PK 328

Assyrian attack threatened, when Isaiah began prophetic mission 5T 749

Assyrian forces withdrawn from, after Samaria fell PK 339

Assyrians invaded, in Hezekiah’s reign PK 349-60

Babylonians laid waste PK 386

Chaldeans used by God to chastise PK 425

chastisement determined for PK 385, 423

defenses of, Jehoshaphat strengthened PK 196-7

encouraged to maintain friendly relations with Babylon PK 423

end of, dark years of destruction and death that marked PK 464

final overthrow of PK 451-63

final sentence pronounced upon PK 425

God’s final judgments pronounced upon PK 436

God’s purposes for PK 426-7

God’s purposes in scattering, among nations PK 371-2

in danger of Sodom’s fate PK 306

invaded and delivered in Jehoshaphat’s reign PK 198-203

Isaiah’s messages heeded by some men in PK 320

Jeremiah foretold scattering of, among nations PK 426

Jeremiah warned, of impending judgments PK 424, 432, 450

messages of doom sent to, mocked and derided PK 450

Nebuchadnezzar executed leaders of, as traitors PK 459-60

never to occupy former position among nations PK 423

not to have another king until Christ should set up His kingdom PK 451

outlook dark for, in reign of Ahaz PK 324

people from ten tribes united with, in Rehoboam’s reign PK 93

prosperity of, during Hezekiah’s last years PK 347

questionings of truehearted in PK 384

rebellion of, against Nebuchadnezzar PK 423

remnant of, fled into Egypt PK 460

lessons learned in captivity by PK 453

sentence pronounced against PK 425

shorn of strength by repeated transgression PK 328

sins that brought Babylonian captivity upon PK 182

traitors in, during Nehemiah’s administration PK 657-8

utter ruin of, Jeremiah foretold PK 469

warned against war with Nebuchadnezzar 4T 169

Zephaniah prophesied of God’s judgments upon PK 389

Zera the Ethiopian invaded PK 110-2

See also Judea

Judah (tribe of)

Judah (tribe of): border of, Jerusalem was on PP 703

only a few miles from Samaria PK 351

Christ was born of PP 236

God delighted to honor 1BC 1108; CT 59

Hebron the chief city of, when David began to reign PP 697

King Saul rejected and acknowledged by PP 611-3

kingdom given to PP 235

lion a fitting symbol of PP 236

men of, Samson delivered to Philistines by PP 564

Messianic promise given to PK 683; PP 235

mountains of, David’s flight into PP 657

one of largest and most powerful tribes of Israel PP 611

remnant of, returned with Zerubbabel from exile PK 559-60

territory of, Ammonites invaded PP 557

tribe of Simeon given small portion in PP 236

when, will not vex Ephraim 1SM 385


Judaism, customs and traditions of, Jewish Christians tended to cling to AA 197

Lichtenstein (Marcus) converted from 3T 192-3

pale of, parable pointing to gospel work outside of COL 226

relic of, Sabbath declared to be GC 53

Sabbath made a fast to show hatred for GC 52-3

stronghold of, Jerusalem AA 44

system of, compacted prophecy of gospel DA 211

Judaizer, Judaizers

Judaizer, Judaizers, influence of, on apostolic churches 6BC 1108

Paul opposed work of 6BC 1111

Judaizing party

Judaizing party, opposition of, to Paul’s work 6BC 1111

Judaizing teacher, Judaizing teachers

Judaizing teacher, Judaizing teachers, controversy aroused by, in early church AA 188-200

dissension in Corinthian church caused by 1SM 236

erroneous doctrine taught by AA 188-9; 6BC 1110; 1SM 236

factions created by, in apostolic churches 6BC 1110

influence of, Paul had to meet 1SM 236


Judas, apostle See Jude


Judas, Paul stayed three days at house of, in Damascus AA 118-21; SR 271; 3T 431


Judas, prophet, at Antioch in Syria AA 195, 197


Judas (fig.), President Wm. McKinley shot with pistol by a WM 338

some, may introduce himself into ranks of God’s workers MM 303

Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot DA 716-22; Ed 91-3

1. As disciple of Jesus

2. Betrayer of his Lord

3. Characteristics of

4. Miscellaneous

1. As disciple of Jesus

admitted among Christ’s disciples 5BC 1102

advanced idea continually that Christ would reign in Jerusalem DA 718

angered at implied rebuke, surrendered his soul to Satan Ed 92

appropriated money wrongfully for personal use 4T 487

appropriated to himself: funds of Christ and apostles DA 559, 718; 4T 42

means belonging to God CS 220

at first celebration of Lord’s Supper DA 653-5

at last Passover supper with Christ DA 644, 653-5, 662, 717-8, 720

at Simon’s feast DA 559-66, 720

became angry when his faults were reproved GC 44

became Satan’s representative DA 295

believed Christ was Messiah DA 294

brooded in his soul purposes whose ripening he little dreamed Ed 86

carried purse containing means for use in Christ’s work 4T 487

character of, Christ fully understood DA 653

more satanic than divine SL 59

cherished: evil desires, revengeful passions, dark and sullen thoughts DA 295

his own judgment and opinions Ed 91

cherishing of doubt by, result of DA 719

Christ coolly received DA 294

Christ dealt tenderly with DA 295

Christ did everything possible to save DA 655

complained of gifts made to Christ 1T 192

Christ read heart of, as open book DA 295

Christ rebuked 4T 42

for criticizing Mary DA 560-3

Christ saw good material in 4T 486

Christ spoke no word of direct reproof to Ed 91

Christ’s disciples anxious to have, among their number DA 294

Christ’s efforts to save Ed 91-3; CS 220

Christ’s last act of love for 5BC 1138-9

Christ’s patience and forbearance toward MH 493; TM 47

Christ’s tactfulness in dealing with DA 563

continued in fraudulent practices after ordination DA 295

continuous secret and subtle antagonism of Ed 92-3

constraining power of Christ’s love felt by DA 645

controversies and misleading sentiments introduced among disciples by DA 719

corrupted by love of money 4T 41

coveted costly ointment Mary poured on Christ 1T 192

covetous disposition of, cutting rebuke to EW 165

criticized Mary’s “waste” of ointment DA 559

cultivated disposition to criticize and accuse DA 717

did not surrender: fully to Christ DA 717

his love for money DA 717

his worldly ambition DA 717

disciples confused by DA 719

early experience of, with Christ DA 716-7

ears of, lesson after lesson by Christ fell unheeded on DA 295

element of antagonism introduced among disciples by Ed 91

endowed with power to heal the sick and cast out devils DA 717

evidence of Christ’s divinity given to DA 655

fastened upon himself habits of dishonesty SL 59-60

feet of, Christ washed 5BC 1138; DA 645

felt in his own person evidence of Christ’s power DA 717

flattered himself that he kept church out of much difficulty DA 717

funds given for the poor were wrongfully appropriated by DA 563; EW 165

given to sharp scheming 5BC 1101

grudged Mary’s offering of ointment to Christ 4T 487

had: great influence over other disciples DA 559, 717

practical and financiering ability 5BC 1101

had same opportunities as: John SL 59

other disciples DA 294-5

Peter and John 5T 557

hardened his heart against repentance DA 645

when his defects were pointed out DA 295

hearer only and not doer 5T 557

heart of: Christ read DA 294-5

reproof given by Christ rankled in DA 563-4

set on earthly treasure 1T 192

helped to distribute food to 5,000 DA 718

hoped to secure: high position in Christ’s kingdom DA 294

wealth and worldly honor by connecting with Christ PP 452

in inner circle of disciples Ed 92

indulged in thoughts of questioning and rebellion DA 718

indulgence in sin by, invited temptation GC 44

joined disciples when Christ was popular DA 716

keeper of funds for Christ and disciples 4T 41-2

money of disciples used by, for his own use DA 559

most severe toward James and John DA 644

much of contention for supremacy among disciples originated with Ed 91-2

murmured because of Mary’s gift of ointment to Jesus DA 559-64; 1T 192; 4T 550

next to Christ on left side at last Passover supper DA 644

not insensible to beauty of Christ’s character DA 294

opinion of, regarding each of other disciples DA 717

ordination of, as one of Christ’s disciples DA 293-4; Ed 93

planned constantly to benefit self 6T 264

practical and financiering ability of 5BC 1101

recommended to Christ by other disciples DA 294

reproof rejected by DA 295, 563-6, 717, 720

regarded highly by other disciples DA 717; Ed 93

regarded himself as farsighted DA 719

religious fraud 5BC 1102

Simon of Bethany influenced by DA 566

sought highest place next to Christ DA 644

soul of, Christ hungered for DA 645

speculator 5BC 1101

thought he could manage church’s finances 5BC 1101

thought himself an honor to God’s cause DA 717

thought himself financier superior to fellow disciples DA 559

training of, for gospel work GW 414

treasurer for disciples DA 559, 717-8

trusted to do evangelist’s work DA 717

urged his presence among disciples at their ordination DA 293

very disappointed when Christ was not made king DA 719

violated his conscience AA 558; SL 59

wanted more aggressive warfare on Christ’s part DA 718

wanted to be church’s counselor DA 719

was to learn while working with Christ 5T 557

witnessed many of Christ’s miracles DA 717

worldly policy plans constantly cherished by 5BC 1101

2. Betrayer of his Lord

betrayed Christ 5BC 1101-2, 1123; DA 695-6, 716; EW 166-7, 269; GC 44; 2T 203; 4T 41-2, 488; 5T 557; TM 267, 504

burial of DA 722

confession of: before high priest DA 721-2; EW 171-2

forced by awful sense of condemnation DA 722; 5T 637

was not result of true repentance DA 722; GC 620

Christ did not reproach, after betrayal DA 722

Christ exposed guilt of, as betrayer DA 655

covenanted with Christ’s enemies to betray Him DA 563-5, 645, 716, 720

demon possessed DA 645

did not expect Christ to permit Himself to be slain DA 720; EW 171

fell as dead man to ground in Gethsemane DA 694

gave himself to Satan by becoming slave of one vice DA 716

haggard and guilty appearance of, after betraying Christ EW 172

hanged himself EW 172

on lifeless tree DA 722

on road from Pilate’s hall to Calvary DA 722

lamented result and not guilt of his sin GC 620

led mob that arrested Christ in Gethsemane DA 695

made desperate by disappointment of his vicious dreams Ed 92

mutilated body of, dogs attacked DA 722

permitted old impulses to control him DA 645

priests informed by, re Christ’s prophecy re His resurrection DA 777

purpose of, in betraying Christ DA 695-6, 720-1

remorse of, after betraying Christ DA 721-2; EW 171-2

repentance of, not genuine SC 23-4

Satan led, to betray Christ 5T 103

secret purposes of, Christ read DA 654-5

sold Christ for: few pieces of silver EW 268; 2SG 233; 1T 192; 4T 41

price of slave DA 716

thirty pieces of silver CS 139; DA 716; Ed 150

traitor 5BC 1101-2; DA 644; GC 43-4; MH 493; 5T 44, 387

treachery of: Christ’s tactfulness in dealing with DA 563

fully known to Christ DA 654-5

not suspected by other disciples DA 645, 654

temple money was used to pay for 5BC 1123

turning point in history of DA 719

watched trial of Christ by Jewish rulers DA 721

when case of, was decided DA 720

when unpardonable sin was committed by DA 654-5

3. Characteristics of

acquisitiveness overcame 4T 487

as dry sapling 5BC 1138

avarice indulged by, till it overpowered all his good traits DA 564

bad gained ascendancy in, by cultivation 4T 607

capable of pre-eminence above his brethren in service Ed 86

close and covetous EW 165

covetous and selfish disposition of, Satan took advantage of EW 268

covetous man 4T 486, 550

covetousness of EW 268; 2SG 233

demon of selfishness possessed 5BC 1102

disposed to criticize and condemn Ed 91

economical habits of, parsimonious spirit developed by CS 219-20

had: financial ability 4T 486

form of godliness SL 59

naturally strong love for money DA 716

no heart for the poor DA 559

self-centered ambition Ed 92

selfish and parsimonious spirit 5BC 1101

superficial religion 5BC 1101

traits that might have been blessing to church DA 295

valuable qualities CS 219

had high opinion of: his executive ability DA 559

his own qualifications DA 717; Ed 93

heinous character of greed shown to, by Christ DA 295

hereditary and cultivated tendency of, to covetousness CS 219

lacked love and sympathy for others 6T 264

love for money was ruin of 5BC 1101-2; 4T 41-2

love of mammon overbalanced love of, for Christ DA 716

love of money became ruling power in CS 220; 4T 487

loved money more than Christ EW 171

loved praise of world 5BC 1102

mean-spirited man DA 296

penurious person 4T 42

polished, capable, and mean-spirited man Ed 86

ruling motive of, spirit of avarice became DA 716

selfishness corrupted 4T 41

self-sufficient man DA 295

sharpness shown in business by, to get gain 5BC 1101

sin of covetousness overcame 4T 41-2

stubborn, suspicious, and brooding spirit Ed 92

4. Miscellaneous

abhorred through centuries DA 716

apostasy of, left vacancy among apostles 9T 263

swept away self-sufficiency of disciples Ed 94

Balaam and, compared PP 452

Balaam’s fate similar to that of PP 452

Christ’s long patience with, significance of COL 73

could have been valuable to church 4T 486

covetousness led, to ruin PP 496; 4T 41

downfall of, lesson from 6T 264-5

history of: has lesson re fitness of men for work of God DA 294

is warning to persons who betray sacred trusts DA 716

lessons from COL 73; 4T 41-2

John and: represent Christian world AA 558; SL 60

striking contrast between characters of SL 59

striking contrast between experience of AA 557-8

Judean Ed 86

lessons Christ sought to teach to 4T 486

man of: commanding appearance DA 294

good address Ed 93

keen discernment and executive ability DA 294; Ed 93

many professed Christians are like 1T 192

methods of, based on worldly principles Ed 93

might have been among chief apostles DA 295

motive that led, to espouse Christ’s cause DA 718

one cherished sin led to ruin of PP 452; 4T 41

Peter and, had same opportunities and privileges 4T 487

professed to be disciple but in words and works denied Christ SL 59

refusal of, to walk in light led to his ruin GC 44

some believers like, will betray Christ to bitterest enemies 5T 690

sport of Satan’s temptations 6T 265

tall man DA 721

traitors like, professed Christians who will be GC 44

unfruitful branch of True Vine SD 291

unpardonable sin committed by Ed 92

unworthy church member COL 73

why, was lost TM 453

why Christ admitted, as disciple DA 293-4; 4T 41-2, 486; TM 46-7

why Christ did not dismiss, earlier 5BC 1102


accusers among brethren serve Satan as did TMK 184:4

admitted as church member but did not overcome defects TMK 177:3

Christ knew imperfections of, yet accepted him to learn TMK 182:3

church is God’s organization although some in it are like 3SM 17:3

church members like, Christ has instruction for TDG 172:5

defects not overcome by TMK 177:3

example of, following Christ while being selfish OHC 287:2

expected Christ to escape throng in Gethsemane; TDG 267:2

habit of, reinforced tendency toward covetousness 2MCP 598:3

hardened by cherishing evil traits of character TMK 182:4

hatred of, unchanged even after seeing Christ’s power TDG 267:3

heart of, desired only money and to be the greatest TDG 189:4

light rejected by others than TDG 267:4

not forcibly cut away from disciples by Christ UL 35:3

opportunity given to, but he refused right relationship TMK 177:3

pardon possible for, in Gethsemane but resistance needed TDG 267:3

powerless at last even though seeing his direction TDG 267:3

response to enlightenment felt by all the disciples except TMK 182:4

truth heard but not eaten by UL 35:3

valuable qualities in, but he was not teachable TDG 267:5

Jude (Judas)

Jude (Judas), apostle 4T 221

forceful and positive Ed 86

less prominent among apostles Ed 86

prophet 1BC 1088

Jude, Epistle of

Jude, Epistle of, written by apostle 3T 221; 4T 22; 5T 255


Judea, Assyrians invaded, in Hezekiah’s time PK 352

Christ received His first disciples in DA 231

Christ’s birthplace in DA 820

See also Bethlehem

Christ’s early ministry in DA 155-83, 194, 213, 231; MB 2

Christ’s withdrawal from, into Galilee DA 181-3, 194, 232; MB 2

repeated again and again DA 232

desolation of, Jeremiah foretold PK 469

government of, under Rome’s control after Archelaus was removed DA 104

under Herod Agrippa I AA 143

kingdom of God first proclaimed by Christ in MB 2

Messiah’s coming was first announced in DA 231

money sent from Gentile churches for God’s cause in AA 390

on verge of revolution when John the Baptist began to preach DA 104

people from, Sermon on Mount heard by MB 4

revolts in, under Roman governors DA 104

Roman troops stationed throughout MB 69

spiritual gloom enshrouded, when Christ appeared FE 238

See also Judah


cities of, Christ toiled in lowly walks of life in TMK 324:4

Judea, wilderness of

Judea, wilderness of: John the Baptist was reared in DA 101

region round Sodom and Gomorrah became part of PK 229

road from Jerusalem to Jericho passed through COL 379; DA 499

Judge, Judges

Judge, Judges, angels are not man’s 9T 185

bribe should not be received by PP 311

bribed in France GC 280

cannot dream themselves into a character Te 47

Christ appointed as, to execute judgment DA 210

Christ as, in judgment of the wicked GC 666; SR 423-6

of all the earth DA 210

Christ as infinite, acquitted disciples of charge of Sabbathbreaking DA 285

Christ has been made man’s COL 74; DA 637; 9T 185

Christ only can be man’s 9T 185

Christ took humanity that He might be man’s 9T 185

class of, blessed by God Te 48

Creator will be acknowledged by, as only true and living God FE 375

do not set yourself up as, of other people DA 314

of other people’s motives and actions PP 385-6

each man must meet God as, face to face GC 488

enslaved by intemperate habits, many 7T 58

false cause should not be aided by PP 311

full control of mental powers is needed by Te 46-7

God has placed no man as, over gospel workers TM 293-4

God is, of man’s work Ev 328

God the Father assumed character of, toward Christ TM 246

God the Father has not been made man’s 9T 185

God the Father presides as, in investigative judgment GC 479

gospel message should be given to 6T 78

Israel’s: duties of PP 381, 603

earlier PP 543-59

Eli as PP 569-91

Mosaic prophecy partly fulfilled in time of PK 295-6

Samson as PP 560-8

Samuel as MH 372; PP 603-15

Samuel’s sons as, injustice committed by PP 604

were to be men of strict temperance Te 280

were to enforce laws that God had given PP 603

Jehoshaphat exhorted, to be faithful PK 197

keen eyes of, read countenances of prisoners AA 494

knowledge of truth may be brought to DA 354

liquor-drinking, injustice committed by MH 345-6; Te 48

little dependence can be placed on earthly, in day of adversity COL 171

lost in sin, Christian’s duty to COL 230

modern, model of judicial integrity for PP 381

need to be: men of strict temperance MH 345; Te 268

temperate in habits Te 46-7

Nero as AA 486, 493-4, 496

of all earth, point on which will turn final decision by 5T 612

of Philadelphia, Pa., quoted Te 23

perversion of judgment by, warning against PP 311

priests and rulers set themselves up as, to condemn Christ’s work DA 210

Roman, keen eyes of AA 494

self-centered, what causes men to become MB 123

self-constituted 2BC 1016; PP 625; 5T 279

evil work of 5T 95, 355

need to remember that God reads hearts 2BC 1013

usurps Creator’s prerogative PP 386

strong drink should not be used by Te 53

unjust, are deplorable 6BC 1081

parable of See Parable

using strong drink and tobacco, solicitation of funds from Te 29

wine should not be used by Te 53

work of, holidays increase FE 313

See also Magistrate


Christ recognized by all as, in day of final reward Mar 341:6

corruption of, coming; make sure truth is in your heart 3SM 411:6

decision of, may be “weighed in balance” OHC 139:5

God dishonored if seen only as TMK 263:4

God is our loving Father as well as OHC 176:5; TMK 262:2

humans not to be, of others UL 348:5

law of God will be nothing to Mar 195:4

met face to face by each individual HP 360:6

See also books of; Justice, divine; Reward, day of final