EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Cabinets of kings - Camp meeting

Cabinets of kings

Cabinets of kings, light of truth is shining on 8T 40

Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz, Spain GC 304

Caesar, Caesars

Caesar, Caesars, glorifying exploits of MYP 256

Jewish nation chose, as king instead of Christ 5BC 1149

laws given to nearly every nation by AA 461-2

palace of, souls won for Christ in AA 461-8; MB 34

Paul preached in stronghold of COL 78

Paul’s appeal from Festus to AA 430

payment of tribute to, Christ’s comment on DA 601-3

Caesar Augustus

Caesar Augustus, used by God DA 44


Caesarea, Christianity in, before Paul’s arrest 6BC 1066

Cornelius converted in AA 132-42; GC 328; SR 282-90

Herod Agrippa I died in AA 150-2

Jews massacred in, by Gentiles 6BC 1066

Paul with Philip at AA 397

Paul’s imprisonment at AA 415, 419-32

splendor of 6BC 1066

Caesarea Philippi

Caesarea Philippi DA 411, 418

Caesar, Julius

Caesar, Julius, not great in God’s sight 4T 519

presumption and mad ambition led to fall of CG 96; 4T 348

satanic in cruelty 4T 519


Café, vegetarian WM 285

closed on Sabbath in San Francisco, Calif. WM 112, 285

See also Restaurant


Cafeteria See Restaurant

Caffeine drink, Caffeine drinks

Caffeine drink, Caffeine drinks See Coffee; Drink


Caiaphas, character of 5BC 1101; DA 539, 703

Christ regarded by, as his rival DA 704

Christ’s mission blindly acknowledged by DA 540

Christ’s resurrection reported by Roman guard to DA 781

Christ’s trial before 5BC 1104-5, 1137; DA 703-7, 741-2, 745; GC 643, 667

Christ’s trial before Pilate witnessed by DA 726

crucifixion of Christ witnessed by DA 774

guilt of, greater than that of Herod Antipas I and Pilate DA 737

high priest without divine authority 5BC 1101

Jewish high priesthood ended with 5BC 1100-1

Jewish nation represented by DA 737

Judas Iscariot’s confession before DA 722

less experienced than Annas DA 698

not a priest after order of Melchizedek 5BC 1105

office of high priest bought by 5BC 1105

Peter and John tried before AA 62-4; SR 250-3

priestly robe rent by 5BC 1104-5; DA 708-9

prophecy of, re Christ 5BC 1137; DA 539-40

Sadducee DA 539, 703, 708

Sanhedrin counseled by, to destroy Christ DA 539-40

Sanhedrin’s presiding officer DA 703

second advent will be seen by DA 707-8; GC 643

sense of sacredness of offerings lost by 5BC 1137


reaction of, at resurrection of Christ UL 263:3


Cain PP 71-9; 3SG 47-50; SR 52-6; TM 77-8

Abel murdered by 6BC 1109; DA 618; Ev 598; GC 46; PP 74; 3SG 49, 62; 4aSG 121; CD 373; 1SM 233; SR 54; TM 77-8

in insane madness 1BC 1087

Abel’s obedience and faith reproved by PP 74

acknowledged no need of God’s mercy COL 152

Adam and Eve hoped that, might be Deliverer DA 31

Adam’s first-born son PP 82; SR 53

after murdering Abel, lived only to harden his heart PP 78

angel sent to reason with 3SG 48; SR 53

anger of, on seeing his offering rejected PP 73-4

apostasy of, led to antediluvian corruption and violence GC 543; PP 78, 325

bloodless sacrifice offered by 1BC 1086; PP 71; 3SG 47-8; SR 52-3

acknowledged no dependence on Christ TM 77

disobedience manifest in Ev 598; PP 71-2; 3SG 47-8; SR 52-3

evangelistic effort that is like 4T 395

expressed no faith in Christ 1BC 1086; DA 165

expressed no penitence for sin PP 72

God rejected PP 71-3; 3SG 48; 4aSG 148; SR 53

good in itself but without Saviour GW 156; 4T 609

lacked blood of atonement 4T 395

lacked sacrificial blood to make it acceptable 6BC 1109; GW 156; 4T 395

man’s effort to save himself is like 1SM 364

morality that is like 1SM 382

preaching that is like GW 156

presented without virtue of divine mediation PP 73

principle that governed presenting of PP 123

was Christless CW 80; GW 156, 162; 4T 447

when good works are like 1SM 382

brand (mark) placed on EW 213

man who wears 1BC 1087

city founded by, and named after his eldest son PP 81

class of people represented by COL 152; PP 72-3; 3SG 50; SR 54

crime of, Adam’s grief over PP 82

descendants of: called sons of men 3SG 60; SR 62

chose own time for work and rest 3SG 53; PP 81

did not respect Sabbath PP 81

dispersion of PP 81

distinguished by earthly and material progress PP 81

Enoch witnessed for God among PP 86; 8T 330

had very beautiful daughters 3SG 60

marriage of Seth’s descendants with PP 81; 3SG 60-1

practiced idolatry 3SG 60; SR 62

example of, greater portion of world followed PP 73, 325

face of, expressed his guilt as murderer DA 754

revealed his wrath 1BC 1086

filled with doubt by Satan 1BC 1087

first occupation of, was as tiller of soil PP 81

given to murmuring and infidelity PP 71-2

gospel was preached to 1SM 231

had no respect for God or His commandments 3SG 115; SR 89

hatred of, for Abel 1BC 1087; 3BC 1159; GC 46, 500; PP 74, 210, 651; 3SG 49; SR 53-4

head of line of bold and abandoned sinners PP 78-9

history of, lessons from PP 73

infidel at heart re promised Saviour SR 52

influence of, upon his descendants PP 325

instrument of unrighteousness 5BC 1104

jealous of Abel 3SG 49

land of, Enoch preached in GW 52

led way in crime of murder PP 81

life of, God’s purpose in sparing PP 325

murderer PP 82, 153

first MH 340; 3SG 51

murmured against God before Abel’s death PP 71-2; SR 52

murmured because of curse resulting from sin 3SG 47-8

no confession of sin made by COL 152

older than Abel PP 72; 3SG 48; TM 78

only partial obedience rendered to God by PP 72

not victim of arbitrary purpose on God’s part PP 72

parents’ fallen nature inherited by PP 80

prototype of Pharisee class COL 152

rebellious feelings of, against God PP 71; 3SG 96

refused to repent when shown his wrong 3SG 49

required to present burnt offerings before God 3SG 47

resorted to falsehood to conceal guilt PP 77; 3SG 49

rum seller is classed with Te 41

sacrifices offered by, at gate of Garden of Eden PP 83-4

sentence pronounced on, 15 centuries before Flood PP 78

sin in, God’s love did not excuse COL 316

thank offering to God by COL 152

thought God had treated Adam harshly TM 77

unbelief and rebellion chosen by PP 72

unbelief of, re gospel 1SM 231

very unlike Abel in character PP 71; 3SG 47; SR 52

was instructed in plan of salvation 3SG 47

was unbeliever re need of sacrifices 1SM 231

wealthy persons who are like 1T 480

went out from God’s presence to dwell elsewhere COL 200; PP 81

why God spared, after Abel’s death GC 543; PP 78, 325


and Abel, represent two classes Con 22:2

guilt acknowledged by, but fled as if to escape his sin TMK 260:3

offering of,

discourses of some are Christless like 3SM 168:3

law presented destitute of Christ as was FW 18:1

like Christless discourses VSS 342:3

like trying to take first steps to Christ alone FW 76:3

strange fire used by Nadab and Abihu was like Con 81:1

rebellion of, against sacrifices, instigated by Satan Con 22:1

refused example of Abel UL 41:5

youth with passion of, to mark God’s words CC 26:3


Cain-worshipers 1BC 1088

Cake, Cakes

Cake, Cakes, child sick with diarrhea called for CD 240

children given, to quiet them CG 389; 2SM 435

children’s stomachs abused by CD 239

cream See Cream cake

do not eat, between meals CG 388

grease-filled, how can God’s blessing be asked for? 3SM 275:2

harmful use of CH 111

indigestion caused by MH 301

not best food CD 332

for camp-meeting diet 2T 602

plain, for pregnant woman 2T 384

rich: blood fevered by 4T 141

blood of bad quality produced by 2T 368

counsels minister should give to users of Ev 439

discard CD 87, 333; MM 274

do not bring, on campground CD 55

eater is injured by 5T 162-3; CD 88; CH 111-2; 2SM 413

healthy laboring man’s digestion would be deranged by CD 55

is gross article of food 4T 141

nervous system unduly excited by 4T 141

not good for children and youth CD 235, 340; CG 390

positive testimony against, borne by JW and EGW in their work in presenting the health message 3T 21

prepared with spices is not best food 2T 400

relish for wholesome diet is destroyed by 4aSG 130

stomach crowded with 2SM 416

stomach is injured by 4aSG 130

various kinds of, ill effects of indulging appetite in 4aSG 130

sponge, eaten by child sick with chills and fever CD 241

sweet: digestive organs disordered by CD 332, 395

disturbance of stomach caused by CD 112

food combination including, disturbs stomach CD 112

stomach ruined by CD 411

with milk or cream, is objectionable dessert CD 335

EGW did not often serve 4aSG 154; 2T 487

Calamity, Calamities

Calamity, Calamities, angels commissioned to save godly persons from AA 153; DA 348

appear to be capricious outbreaks of disorganized forces of nature PK 277

as disguised blessings Ed 270

as judgments of God, threaten travelers on land 5T 234

by land and sea: are portentous 9T 11

follows calamity DA 636

increasing constantly 2SM 51

Sabbathkeepers will be accused of bringing ChS 155; GC 590

Satan works through GC 589-90

testify that end is near Ev 219

will be charged to laxity in Sunday observance ChS 155

will increase more and more ChS 155

come upon all 3BC 1140

designed to lead men to humble hearts and repent COL 213

during stirring up of nations to one deadly combat ML 308

follow one after another DA 636; Ev 27

in rapid succession GW 265; 2SM 391

frequent, God’s purpose in 8T 252

God charged with neglect or cruelty because of AA 481

God not unobservant of, that befalls His children SC 100

God permits 2SM 315-6

to arouse people to sense of danger 8T 252; 9T 93

to call men out of their selfishness COL 388

God’s agencies to arouse people to danger PK 277

great, early Christians charged with causing GC 40

not sure index of great crimes and sins 3BC 1140

great loss of life and property will be caused by PK 277

great men account for, by supposed science FE 409

greatest, hunger for temporal food is not 1SM 277

Israel’s apostasy resulted in Ed 263

hearts harden in spite of 5T 234

Israel’s disobedience swiftly followed by PK 394

Jew’s additional burden of suffering under DA 471

Joseph transformed by PP 214

lesser, suffering rather than disobey God is DA 121

men will attribute, to violation of Sunday ChS 155; GC 575, 590

most awful and unexpected, will come Ev 27

national, God alone is shield and strength in time of 1T 260

of every kind and degree, coming upon earth 6T 389

permitted to come upon persons unfaithful in tithing 6T 390

present-day, show what will come upon whole earth 7T 83

purification of Israel by 4BC 1144

refuge in time of, God is 7BC 946

restrained by God for sake of few who serve Him GC 632

scenes of, God’s people are entering into 9T 62

San Francisco, Calif., struck in 1906 by Te 26-7

Satan’s power to cause GC 589-90

sudden and unlooked-for, shows whether there is real faith in God’s promises COL 412

Sunday observance will be enforced as means of averting GC 590

terrible, man to whom loss of little of this world seemed like 1T 698

meaning of, taking place from week to week 8T 252

Satan uses drunk persons to cause 2SM 52

treat, as disguised blessings Ed 270; 7T 272

ungodly cities soon will be visited by Ev 29; 7T 83; WM 135

unlooked-for, shows whether man has faith in God’s promises COL 412

visited sometimes upon all people 3BC 1140

why God permits COL 388; CS 23; 6T 389

why God permitted, to befall Israel PK 255

wrongdoers charge, upon God’s messengers PK 139

See also Casualty; Disaster


Calculation, close, business transactions call for 4T 540


1. Historical

2. Men like

1. Historical

1BC 1113; SD 207; 2T 124-5; 5T 303-4, 383

adult when he left Egypt SR 163

disappointment suffered by PP 392

grapes of Eschol eaten by 4T 154

Hebron given to Ed 149; PP 511-2, 697

home in Canaan given to 5T 304

Joshua aided by, in dividing Canaan PP 512

Nabal a descendant of PP 664

oldest man in Israel, except Joshua PP 511

Spirit gave faith and courage to AA 53

spy in Canaan Ed 149; EW 14; PP 388-92, 511; 4aSG 21-7; 2SM 369; SR 159-61; 4T 149, 151; 5T 376-8

vigor of, unabated at fourscore years PP 512

voice of, clear and ringing 4T 149

waited 40 years for his inheritance PP 513

2. Men like

God’s work needs 1BC 1113; ML 310; SD 207; 2SM 369; 4T 155-6; 5T 130, 134, 262, 380, 383; TM 407

temperance work needs Te 256

Calf, Calves

Calf, Calves, Egyptians regarded, as symbol of Deity PK 100; PP 316-7; 3SG 274-5, 279

golden: worshiped by Israelites at Mt. Sinai AA 316; 1BC 1109; 7BC 941; CT 351; EW 163; PK 100; PP 316-7, 320, 324, 334-5, 350, 372, 426; 3SG 274-6, 279-80, 283-4; 4aSG 19, 28; 3T 296, 298, 340; 4T 514-5, 531-2; TM 98-103

mixed multitude instigated worship of PP 324; 3SG 274, 283

was insult to Christ 3T 339

was insult to Jehovah PP 317; 3SG 275

two golden, set up by Jeroboam I at Bethel and Dan PK 100-1, 282, 285


California, churches in 2SM 46-7

cities of, evangelize Ev 403; 8T 35

earthquake of, in 1906 Te 26-7

See also Earthquake

fanaticism in 2SM 46

four winds about to blow in 5T 152

fruit abundant in CD 415

God honored His people in 5T 533

gospel work in, dream re LS 208-10

extend and confirm LS 209

strangely neglected 7T 110-1

visions re 3T 434; 4T 227

miss. work needed in LS 209

publishing house in 1T 105

represented at Gen. Conf. of 1878 LS 238; 4T 302

southern: appeal to ministers, physicians, and teachers in FE 520-4

cause of God must advance more rapidly in LS 399, 404

cities of, do not build or purchase large buildings in Ev 406

different localities of, evangelistic work needed in Ev 405-6

establishment of sanitariums in MM 324; 7T 85-7

evangelistic work needed in health resorts of Ev 405-6

God’s cause is to make rapid advancement in LS 404

gospel work in LS 399-400

gospel workers in 9T 277-80

gospel workers must give warning message to people of CH 233

health resorts of, reach invalids flocking to 7T 98

health restaurants needed in 7T 55

many small sanitariums should be established in LS 400; 2SM 200; 7T 97-8

med. miss. work in LS 399-400, 403-5; 7T 55-6, 98

ministers and colporteurs needed in CH 233

people from all parts of America visit, yearly CH 233

reputation of health resorts in, will increase LS 400; 7T 98

san. work in CH 231-3; LS 399-400

san. workers in 7T 95-8

three sanitariums in MM 329

securing of properties for san. work in LS 400; 7T 97-8

visited by thousands seeking health CH 233; LS 400, 404; 9T 84

See also Southern California Conference

truth should be made power in LS 209-10

See also Pacific Coast


fanaticism in, professing to cast out devils (1909) 1MCP 40:1

Knight’s Canyon, dangerous journey through OHC 11:2

Calistoga, Calif.

Calistoga, Calif. Ev 405

Call, Calls

Call, Calls, comes to each person to place all on altar of service PK 221-3

constantly increasing, to give money for gospel work CS 290

God’s, to young men to enter His service 5T 87

help others around you without waiting for, to distant field 7T 62

of the hour, answered by coming of the man 6T 332

self-sacrifice is required to answer PK 172-3

to God’s work, do not lament 9T 254-5

erroneous idea re 2T 553

need of unmistakable evidence of 1T 209


Christ gives; commitment to one person is wrong PM 278:2

lay persons to receive, to proclaim truth with power PM 386:4

Master of assemblies gave, to come into line TDG 35:2

more should give, with life and words TDG 223

not urged until duty is felt UL 108:4

presenting, own thirst quenched while TDG 229:3

Caller, Callers

Caller, Callers, invite, to take part in home Bible study CSW 43

Calling (vocation)

Calling (vocation), highest and noblest, labor for God is 5T 411

holy, responsibility and duties of GW 13-29

woe rests on him who dishonors his GW 20

is drawing of sinner to Christ 1SM 390

some people with no, have been encouraged into field EW 94

whatever your, your first interest is to win souls DA 822


high, pressing on to, not standing still TDG 322:4

humblest, dignity in, by working from principle OHC 186:4

humblest, elevated as petitioner does all unto the Lord HP 67:4

youth to make, sure OHC 76:2


Calm, all is unpretending, with persons who trust in God 2SM 97

be, when misjudged and mistreated 8T 129-30

forbearing and, God wants His people to be always 7T 156, 199

help for keeping, in words and deportment 2SM 59

keep: under false accusation PP 520

when your business is in trouble SC 122

while undergoing trial 8T 132

parents should be, when punishing children CG 249

people walking in light can afford to be TM 164-5

physician should meet annoying experience with 3T 182

Calm assurance

Calm assurance, found only by following Christ’s counsel TM 502

Calm faith

Calm faith, prayer for the sick calls for 2T 147


Calmness TM 227-9

cultivate GW 317; 2SM 22, 60

God’s work is ever characterized by 2SM 42

maintain 2SM 22

meet death with, of unwavering faith AA 465

meeting opponents’ objections calls for EW 102

meeting opposition calls for 3T 426

ministers should cultivate 3T 426

nurses should manifest MH 221

of fear of God, does not lead to haphazard work 8T 189

think with, and work without excitement TM 227

though you often fail to reveal, do not give up struggle MYP 136

that should attend our religious services 2SM 43

to act with justice and discretion, men cannot depart from God’s counsel and retain PP 658


Christ suffered with, giving compassion for abuse TDG 263:2

cultivate and maintain, following Christ’s example TMK 178:4

faith in God gives energy and LHU 61:4

imagining the presence of Jesus produces OHC 41:3

living faith in God gives, and strength of character 3SM 308:3

passionate words responded to with FLB 265:4

pure religion that does good works produces TDG 25:5

retain, although threatened with loss TMK 232:4

See also Patience

Calm spirit

Calm spirit, under perfect control, better even in roughest company 4T 486

tired parent in danger of not manifesting CG 246


Calomel, cancers, tumors, ulcers caused by 2SM 449

chemical poison 2SM 445

preparations of: dangerous mixtures poisonous to system 4aSG 139

have caused wretchedness and destroyed millions 4aSG 139

terrible effects of, on human system described 2SM 444, 445, 447, 449

torments system as long as particle is left in it 4aSG 139; 2SM 449

vision concerning persons drugged with 2SM 444-9

Calumny, Calumnies

Calumny, Calumnies, be willing to suffer, as did Joseph 3SG 146

families will leave truth because of, against brethren they love TM 411

persons who delight to trace words of 5T 244

prohibited PP 311

recompense of people who stand for truth is 1SM 73


Calvary, Christ was buried in new tomb near SR 228

Christ would have passed through, to save one soul COL 187; DA 483; MH 135; 8T 73

See also Cross

crosses on, during destruction of Jerusalem DA 577

crucifixion of Christ on DA 741-57; GC 18

felons and murderers were executed at DA 741

keep cross of, before people 6T 54

light from, nature illuminated by Ed 101

location of: near Mount of Olives DA 576

outside of boundaries and gate of Jerusalem DA 741

outside of walls of Jerusalem 7BC 934; 4T 121

seen from Mount of Olives DA 577; GC 17-8

mighty arguments of, Christ vanquishes Satan by 5T 471

Romans crucified many Jews at DA 577; GC 32

sacrifice made for man on, remember 3T 251

scenes of, pride and self-esteem cannot flourish in hearts that remember 2T 212-3

soul’s true value is explained by 3T 188

thought of, emotions awakened in hearts by DA 661

See also Cross


atmosphere of, in missionary toil LHU 229:5

blessing of, reach up for HP 52:2

blood marked the way from the manger to RC 57:5

Christ paid our ransom on TMK 84:3

cord let down to lift man, measured only by OHC 45:2

cross of, See Cross

Deity suffered and sank under agonies of TMK 70:2

God’s crowning work represented by LHU 232:3; OHC 13:4; TMK 69:4

immutability of God’s law (not abolition) proclaimed by FW 118:2

knowledge of, experience of Eph. 3:17-19 gives OHC 365:3

learn cost of redemption from UL 223:4

looking to, will not excuse duty FLB 93:2

love from, faith for salvation working by FW 72:1

love of Christ seen in HP 270:3

love shown at, is immeasurable TMK 73:5

path of, pointed to in Rev. 3:21; overcoming encouraged TMK 256:2

remembering, subdues hearts TMK 132:4

self-righteousness shows contempt for OHC 264:3

soul valued by looking to OHC 174:2

value of the soul understood only by HP 192:2

See also Cross; Crucifixion

Calvin, John

Calvin, John GC 219-24, 233-4, 236, 292, 303, 364; SR 339

Calvinist, Calvanists

Calvinist, Calvanists GC 244, 292


Cambyses, king of Persia PK 572

Camden, N.Y.

Camden, N.Y. LS 129, 141; 2SG 124, 133-4, 150; 1SM 188

Camel, Camels

Camel, Camels, Abraham owned PP 172

Amalekites escaped on, from David PP 693

Egypt had, in Moses’ time PP 267

not easy for, to go through needle’s eye 1T 141, 151, 172-3

Queen of Sheba used PK 66

straining at gnat and swallowing, meaning of DA 617; 1T 144

Camel’s hair

Camel’s hair, garment of, John the Baptist wore DA 102


Camp, cleanse, of moral corruption TM 427-8

enemy’s, faith plants its banner in heart of SD 202

Israel’s, organization and plan of Ed 37-8; PP 374-5, 447


cleansing of, from licentiousness TSB 188:3

put out of, for neglect of cleanliness and order 3SM 274:1


Campaign, house-to-house educational, needed to teach people to prepare wholesome food CD 443

Satan is preparing his last, against church GC 510; 5T 294

Campbell, Emily

Campbell, Emily 2SM 239

Camp meeting

1. Attendance at

2. Children attending

3. Cost of holding

4. Evangelistic follow-up work after

5. Food provided at

6. Gospel workers at

7. Location of

8. Medical workers at

9. Ministers at

10. Particular

11. People attending

12. Preparation (personal) for

13. Program of

14. Raising of funds at

15. Speakers at

16. Miscellaneous

1. Attendance at 6T 41-4

better to let business suffer than to miss 6T 39

blessing of, how some people lose 2T 602

blessings derived from LS 344-8; 5T 165

differences and alienations among brethren should be laid aside before 5T 165

God desires all who can to attend 2T 575-6, 601

God’s people need to meet together in 6T 32

necessary, even if it requires sacrifice 6T 40

results of neglecting 4T 115

source of spiritual strength 4T 115

with disputings, doubts, and murmurings, results of 5T 165

2. Children attending

Bible kindergarten for Ev 582-4; 6T 105

conversion of, work for 6T 105

meetings for Ev 150, 582-4

needed daily 6T 105

twice a day 6T 105

plans suggested for teaching 6T 106-7

ramble in fields needed by Ev 584

reviews conducted for 6T 106-7

spiritual preparation of 5T 164

walks should be taken by 6T 105

work for Ev 584; 6T 105-8

how to organize 6T 106-7

3. Cost of holding 2T 576, 601; 6T 34

economy needed in 6T 34

EGW gave funds to help meet LS 363

4. Evangelistic follow-up work after Ev 82-3, 109-10, 293, 399, 431-2; 6T 72-86; 9T 120-1

church school as part of 6T 108

house-to-house work needed in Ev 432-3

location of evangelistic effort in 6T 74

med. miss. work in 6T 112-3

mission established as part of Ev 432; 6T 74

money should be reserved for 6T 36

organized and protracted effort needed in 6T 73-4

people trained as colporteurs in 9T 120-1

plan for Ev 293; 6T 72

problems of 6T 73

training schools for gospel workers as part of 6T 74

5. Food provided at CD 329; 5T 163; 7T 41

cheese should not be sold as CD 369

diet of CD 55; 2T 603

should be plain and simple CH 121

eating of unnecessary preparations as CD 369

flesh food formerly served as 6T 112

flesh foods should not be served as CD 462; 6T 112

good bread needed in 5T 163

graham gruel as 2T 603

preparation of CH 121; 5T 162-3

recipes for 2T 603

rich pies and cakes harmful as 5T 162-3

too much time spent in needless cooking of 5T 162

unhealthful foodstuffs sold as CD 329-30

vegetarian diet of, best CD 462; 6T 112

warm, need of 2T 602

wholesome and nourishing, need of CH 121

6. Gospel workers at

Gen. Conf. workers among, duty of 9T 81

need to remain till its close 6T 73

personal work to be done for people by 6T 46

students and teachers can render valuable service as 9T 86

variety of gifts (talents) needed among CH 339; 6T 46, 48

7. Location of

in cities Ev 79

results of Ev 82

where truth has not been proclaimed Ev 21

will draw out thousands of people 6T 72

in different places, vision re Ev 150

in different towns, recommended Ev 61

in large cities, recommended Ev 69-70, 79, 82, 654; 1SM 105; 6T 33; 7T 41

in large towns, recommended 6T 33

in many places, recommended Ev 399

in out-of-way places, not recommended Ev 79; 6T 34

in same place for several successive seasons, may be advisable 6T 33

in same place year after year, not recommended 6T 33-4

near large city, co-operation of all gospel workers needed for 6T 46

wiser generalship needed in planning Ev 79

8. Medical workers at

labors of, needed 6T 110

medical advice should be given by 6T 112

medical men as, should be respected 6T 110

med. miss. work needed to be done by MM 250

men of wisdom and sound judgment needed as 6T 110

men who respect the ministry of word are needed as 6T 110

needed as guardians of people’s health 6T 110

people should be instructed by, on temperance 6T 110

physicians should share in work of CH 339

tent needed for use of physicians and nurses as 6T 112

who are victims of unbelief, not needed 6T 110

young, should share in work CH 557; 6T 48-9

9. Ministers at

circulation of SDA literature should be promoted by 9T 71-2

duties of 6T 44-8

faith of other churches should not be ridiculed by 5T 165

need of 7T 253

need to counsel and pray together daily 6T 50

people should be built up in holy faith by 6T 44

other churches should not be whipped by 5T 165

seldom come prepared to labor for God 5T 165

sharp or crank things should not be said by 5T 165

should not be hurried away to attend to business matters 7T 253

Spirit vivifies 6T 88

strong force of, needed 6T 46

10. Particular

at Brighton, Vict., in 1893 LS 344-8

at Oakland, Calif. Ev 76

in Australia, believers encouraged to attend LS 344-6

lectures on health at 6T 112

Methodist, at Buxton, Maine, in 1840 LS 22; 2SG 12; 1T 16

national, at Battle Creek, Oct. 2-14, 1878 4T 301

11. People attending

able, should not come empty-handed 2T 576, 601

angels accompany the faithful among 5T 164-5

angels minister to 6T 40

Bible classes needed for Ev 473

business cares and burdens should be left behind by 2T 601

each of, must decide what it shall be to him 5T 167

education needed by, on health reform CH 339; 6T 112; 7T 41; Te 244

on health topics 6T 112

re use of flesh foods CD 462

encourage, to purchase SDA books 9T 71-2

every church member should be among LS 344-5; 6T 38-9

failure of, to prepare for Spirit’s visitation 5T 162

freewill offering should be brought by 2T 576, 601; 3T 510

home cares should be left behind by 2T 576, 601

intemperance of CH 531-2

lack of exercise by 5T 163

by persons accustomed to hard work 2T 602

message to, re SS CSW 184-5

needy, should be helped with food and lodging 6T 40

overeating by, ill effects of 2T 603; 5T 163

overeating should be avoided by 2T 602

penitential confession of sin by 2T 601

regularity in sleeping needed by 2T 602

rich and poor, labor for GW 436

self-examination needed by 2T 601

should be taught how to: be home missionaries 9T 81

conduct cottage meetings 9T 82-3

do practical miss. work 9T 82

give Bible readings 9T 82-3

practice principles of health and temperance 9T 83

present truths of third angel’s message 9T 81

present truth to others 7T 41

treat the sick 9T 83

sow seeds of truth FE 521

youth among, work for 6T 105-8

12. Preparation (personal) for 2T 601-2; 5T 16

avoid exhaustion in 2T 602

confession of sins should be one of first acts of 5T 163

deep heart searching should commence at home in 5T 164

each individual should critically examine his heart in 5T 163

eating and dressing should be secondary matter in 5T 164

empty the soul temple of all rubbish in 5T 163

heart preparation needed in 6T 42

mistakes made in 2T 602

needed in churches 5T 165

people should be informed what to do in 2T 602

preparation of clothing in 2T 602; 5T 162

preparation of food in 2T 602; 5T 162-3

sickness in, how to avoid 2T 602

spiritual work needed at home in 5T 163-4

13. Program of

Bible studies in, needed more and more 6T 87

Bible study groups in 6T 87

departmental business in 6T 44-6

educational work in, set apart men for 9T 82-3

great demonstrations in, not called for Ev 169

healthful cooking demonstrations needed in CD 443

instruction that church members need in 9T 81

music needed in Ev 150; 6T 62

instrumental 6T 62

praise service needed daily in 6T 62

prayer for the sick at CH 373

revival meetings needed in Ev 150, 583; 6T 64

from start to close 6T 64

Sabbath school in CSW 181-2

other interests should not crowd out CSW 185

school for church members in 6T 49

singing needed in Ev 150; 6T 62

social meetings in Ev 511

special interests needing promotion in 6T 70

educational work in new fields 6T 70

establishment of sanitariums in connection with gospel ministry 6T 70

foreign miss. work 6T 70

spiritual life among God’s people 6T 32

work of the ministry 6T 70

temperance reform should be presented in 6T 110

temperance principles should be presented in Te 244

temperance work needed in 6T 111

vary, from year to year 6T 36

WCTU women invited to take part in Te 224

WCTU workers should be invited in GW 384

14. Raising of funds at 3T 410; 6T 70

for various benevolent objects 6T 70

methods of, without making urgent calls 3T 510

urgent calls for 3T 410-1, 510

how to keep God’s treasury supplied without making 3T 510

use of pressure in, not best 3T 410

15. Speakers at 5T 165

appeals should be made by, in demonstration of Spirit 5T 166

discourses of, kind most needed 6T 53-4

should not be long and labored 6T 55-6

less preaching and more Bible study needed from 6T 87

less preaching and more teaching needed from 6T 87

too much preaching by, results of 6T 87

sermons needed from, kind of 6T 55-62

sharp and self-important, warning to 5T 165

talks short and right to point needed from 6T 55-6

16. Miscellaneous 2T 597-603; 5T 162-7; 6T 31-72, 87-8; 8T 185; 9T 120

absence from, detrimental to spiritual welfare 4T 115

advertising of 6T 35-6

angels walk through encampment during 6T 35

are “holy convocations” 6T 70

books should be sold in localities of CT 529

careless conversation is detrimental to 2T 597

circulation of SDA publications at 9T 81-8

cleanliness at, importance of 6T 35

conduct, so as to do most good 6T 34

so as to preserve health of body as well as soul 2T 603

conducted properly, results of 6T 70-1

conducting of, improve manner of Ev 511

pays LS 348

conference president at, duties of 6T 45

cookstoves used at 2T 602

devils brought into 5T 165

discipline of organization and order should be presented at 6T 34

display in, avoid 6T 34

dissecting of character detrimental to 2T 597

duration of, should be two or three weeks 6T 33

earnest prayers needed at 5T 165

effective means of evangelism 6T 31-2

efforts at: church organized as result of Ev 110

churches raised up as result of Ev 82; LS 348

souls promised as result of 6T 72

enjoyment of more of Spirit at, wrong diet hinders 5T 163

expensive efforts in, no need for failure in 6T 72

fanaticism at 2SM 36-7

friends should be persuaded to attend 6T 40

God has message for SDA to proclaim at 7T 115

God’s appointed opportunities for giving early and latter rain TM 508

God’s design for, not fulfilled in some cases 5T 162

God’s final warning message must be sounded at 6T 32

gospel workers in training need benefits of 6T 48

hold, in gospel work for Negroes 9T 207

holy atmosphere of, unbelievers should feel 5T 165

importance of LS 348; 2T 576, 601

important agencies in SDA work 6T 31

influence detrimental to 2T 597

in large cities, best talent needed at Ev 70

men of varied gifts (talents) needed at Ev 70; 7T 41

interest in, should increase 6T 87

large, variety of gifts (talents) needed for 6T 46

large congregations broken into sections at, advantages of having 6T 87

larger number of, should be held each year Ev 82

literature should be wisely used at CT 530; 9T 87

literature used in miss. work at 6T 36

little accomplished by, lack of heart preparation results in 5T 165

localities of, ministers should labor in 6T 90

love feasts may be enjoyed at 6T 63

mammoth, in few places do least good 6T 33

managers of CD 329-30

many persons who attend no church are attracted to 6T 71

means of: sweeping away indifference, opposition, and prejudice 6T 70

winning thousands to truth 6T 71

missionary bands should distribute literature in city during 6T 36

need to be object lessons of good taste, order, and neatness 6T 34

not all subjects equally appropriate for presentation at 6T 55

not best place for instruction re: colporteur work 6T 44-5

cooking schools 6T 44-5

home missionary work 6T 44-5

SS work 6T 44-5

tract work 6T 44-5

not occasions for transaction of business 6T 44

not seasons for feasting CH 121

objective(s) to be sought in LS 228; 6T 31-3

devotion to spiritual interests should be 6T 44

earnest labor for salvation of souls is 5T 166

fourfold 6T 70

seeking God is 2T 601

parents need instruction at, re home duties CG 76

people of city should be invited to attend 6T 36

preaching at, should not be limited to only one or two persons 6T 87

regulations of Israelite encampment an example for 6T 34

restaurant at, arrangements for 7T 41

SS convention should not be held at CSW 185-6

sanitation at, give special attention to 6T 35

men of sound judgment needed to maintain 6T 35

Satan and his host work at 6T 41, 57

school for: church members 6T 49; 9T 82

elders and deacons 6T 49; 9T 82

gospel workers Ev 473; 9T 120-1

parents and youth 6T 49

pastors and other gospel workers 6T 49; 9T 82

seasons of special blessing may be had at 5T 167

separate, from business work of conference 7T 41

SDA faith and principles should be represented by everything done at 6T 35

sickness at 2T 602

how to prevent 2T 602

inquire into cause of 2T 603

safeguards against 6T 35

smaller, in many places do most good 6T 33

Spirit’s deep movings needed in Ev 169

Spirit’s work at Ev 264

spirituality may be injured by 5T 167

success of, depends on Spirit’s power 6T 42

should increase 6T 87

take Christ with you to 5T 164

tents used at Ev 48

care of 6T 35

for med. work 6T 112

things detrimental to 2T 597-8

transaction of business at 6T 44-6; 7T 41

two forces at work at 6T 41

victory over sin should be sought at 6T 53

visiting much is detrimental to 2T 597

vows should be renewed to God at 2T 601

EGW labored at, for temperance cause CH 531-2; Te 262

work at, how to conduct 9T 120-1

See also Conference meetings


Bible study groups in VSS 235

eagerness for truth in VSS 404:0

Ellen White enjoyed people in, but writing was important 3SM 106:1

invitation to community by people attending VSS 390:2

men not to be on exhibition at RY 36:4

preaching to be by experienced workers at RY 35

sermonizing decreases value of VSS 209:0

teaching at, by more than preaching VSS 232:3

truth requiring self-sacrifice to be preached in TDG 179:4