EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Intellectual privilege, Intellectual privileges - Intoxicating drink, Intoxicating drinks

Intellectual privilege, Intellectual privileges

Intellectual privilege, Intellectual privileges, of the redeemed in world to come Ed 301-9; GC 677-8; SR 432-3

Intellectual progress

Intellectual progress, God would have His people make CT 237

Intellectual pursuit, Intellectual pursuits

Intellectual pursuit, Intellectual pursuits, how to perform 5T 459

indomitable will gives success in 4T 543

Solomon vainly sought happiness in ML 167

Intellectual qualification, Intellectual qualifications

Intellectual qualification, Intellectual qualifications, many ministers lack GW 93

Intellectual quality, Intellectual qualities

Intellectual quality, Intellectual qualities, safety does not lie in trusting your PK 82

Intellectual religion

Intellectual religion, is a form of godliness SC 35

soul is not satisfied by CT 540

Intellectual slothfulness

Intellectual slothfulness, let not, close up your path to greater knowledge CT 475; 4T 561

See also Intellectual laziness

Intellectual standard

Intellectual standard, many men’s, is far too low 4T 547-8

Intellectual strength

Intellectual strength See Intellectual power

Intellectual superiority

Intellectual superiority, evidence of, perplexing minds re what is truth is not TM 108

Intellectual taste

Intellectual taste, overwrought and exciting tales of fiction pervert CT 136

Intellectual training

Intellectual training, alone, is not sufficient CT 540

Bible is more effective than any other book for Ed 124

Christian cannot afford to separate spiritual from CT 167

do not neglect CT 540

man cannot reach Christ through mere CT 19

not most important during child’s first six or seven years CG 300

persons having limited, God has work for Ev 99

Sabbath opportunities invaluable as means of Ed 251

saving of souls is worth far more in school than CT 207


Intelligence, Christian should possess more, than worldling COL 333; 4T 545

elevated standard in, ministers should reach TM 194

God desires His children to have MH 149

God is Author of all 7T 128

God’s highest and noblest gift to man MM 221

great, high and broad forehead in Lucifer as sign of EW 145; SR 13

greater degree of, Bible study would lead men to FE 130

high level of, gospel workers must maintain Ev 556

human, Scriptures are grandest study for CT 395; FE 376

increases by use 9T 194

man was endowed with, at creation 8T 264

many animals display MH 315

mark of, mistaken concept of 5T 288

questioning and quibbling are not 3T 255

minister must have, to be successful GW 111; 3T 553

most effective, obtained in school of Christ FE 357

sanctified, persons bearing responsibilities need 5T 549

Satan’s 5T 288

sign of dawning of, in little child DA 191

spiritual, how to continually increase in 4T 380

swayed by depravity, influence of 2T 407

virtue and rectitude should control 2T 407

when, can do greater harm than ignorance GC 573

work for God with MYP 26

work of SDA should be marked by CS 143

See also Knowledge; Understanding; Wisdom


beings with, not machine parts; able to choose TMK 290:2

Bible study increases HP 133:4

Christ distinguished for, even in morning of life OHC 59:2

Christian, weak people may be strengthened by our using TDG 75:4

devote, to God’s work harnessing habits in His power OHC 19:6

gift of God UL 340:3

gospel grasped by more than TDG 278:5

higher, in turning to God studying the Scriptures 1MCP 95:1

human, inspired by demons, will rend those it cannot control UL 285:3

increasing, important but not without grace TDG 175:2

limited, Scriptures understood well in spite of LHU 114:3

new spring given, when in contact with eternal OHC 59:5

Nicodemus considered himself gifted with; intellectual CC 292:2

own, not paraded before God in confession TDG 316:3

power of, depends on immutable laws RC 142:3

preserve talent of, by keeping active 2MCP 375:4

spiritual, increases with the eye fixed on Christ HP 127:3

superior, rejoice when those you teach develop TDG 132:3

superiority felt in, inspiration will not come when TDG 321:3

transformation of humans is mystery that taxes 3SM 169:1

trusting, leads to trying to correct the Scriptures UL 101:3

trying to strengthen, with earthly things TDG 271:4

use of, in perfecting self to work for the Master OHC 265:4

See also Perception


Intelligences, Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac was also for instruction of sinless, of heaven and of other worlds PP 154

heavenly: co-operate with human agent 6T 399

impress truth upon heart 6T 399

reports of success of gospel work thrill 6T 316

work with person who seeks perfection of character with determined faith COL 332

youth should be directed to work in unison with MYP 140

of universe witnessed vindication of John the Baptist’s unselfish service Ed 157

science of redemption is studied by, of unfallen worlds Ed 126; ML 360

Intelligences, heavenly

Intelligences, heavenly

all is seen by; hypocrisy unacceptable TDG 199:5

conqueror in sight of TMK 276:4

empowered disciples UL 100:4

interested in assemblies of the saints OHC 167:2

obey Christ’s word TMK 319:4

(unseen) sent to help;

in the battle HP 270:4

they survey the array of evil OHC 311:4

See also Angels; Beings, heavenly; Heaven, God and/or inhabitants of


Intelligent, as man becomes more, religious influence should radiate from him TM 245

Intelligent being, Intelligent beings

Intelligent being, Intelligent beings, children should be treated as DA 515

God cares for men as CT 422

life of, great principles of righteousness should control MB 48

man was created as, by God MH 415

Intelligent Christian, Intelligent Christians

Intelligent Christian, Intelligent Christians, seek to become CT 504

Intelligent faith

Intelligent faith, men need GW 162

Intelligent person, Intelligent persons

Intelligent person, Intelligent persons, alarmed at world outlook 6T 417

gospel hook must be properly baited to catch Ev 556

how the ignorant may become Ev 356

not qualified to teach unless he has firm hold on God TM 278

Intelligent piety

Intelligent piety, requisite qualifications of, God’s service needs MYP 42

Intelligent service

Intelligent service, Christ can be best glorified by CT 361

Intelligent trust

Intelligent trust, have, in God’s word PP 115-6



1. Ill effects of

2. Miscellaneous


1. Ill effects of

animal organs strengthened 3T 51

blood corrupted or inflamed 4T 30

body energies sapped CD 22-3; FE 139

body filled with disease 4T 31

brain benumbed 4T 31

brain-nerve power weakened 3T 50; Te 148

compared to fire destroying happy homes GW 387; MH 344

compared to full-grown lion CG 402; Te 178

cruelty Te 54

degradation Te 54

do all possible to arouse people against MH 346

eats like cancer in social body MH 352

faculties beclouded GC 586

hereditary PP 561

higher faculties subjected to animal appetites and passions MYP 236; Te 146

individual effort needed against CG 409

indulgence of appetite strengthened 4T 30

lower passions caused to blind conscience 4T 31

lust given loose reign 4T 31

man’s noble attributes perverted DA 256; MH 91

mental and physical degeneracy CH 49; Te 174

mental energies of mind sapped CD 22-3; FE 139

mind’s higher powers enslaved by baser passions 3T 50-1

moral power weakened CD 18

moral powers benumbed MYP 237; PP 101

most effectual way to secure posterity against 4T 175

much misery 4aSG 146

Nadab and Abihu disqualified for holy office PP 361

need of looking deeper into causes of Te 195

on guardians of justice DA 222

on head CD 101

on physical, mental, and moral power Te 146

passions inflamed 4T 31

people held as in vise Te 58

perceptive faculties benumbed MYP 236; 3T 50; Te 148

physical energies wasted CD 18

premature death 4aSG 130

self-control lost MH 172

sound warning against ChS 219

spiritual powers benumbed PP 101

spirituality undermined SL 25; Te 18

stomach injured CD 101

strife Te 54

terrible, questions that arise re 3T 564

violation of laws of man’s being MYP 237; Te 146

violation of principle and God’s law in man’s physical nature 3T 50

way prepared for indulgence of lower passions PP 101

world filled with disease MM 240

world taken captive MM 25

wretchedness Te 54

2. Miscellaneous

act of, do not deny Christ by one CG 399

after Flood CH 110; 2SM 412

Alexander the Great fell as victim of CG 96; 4T 348

antediluvian CH 109-10; PP 101; 2SM 412

in eating and drinking CD 373

begins at home often MH 334

begins at table FE 140; 3T 563

in use of unhealthful food 3T 487

better to prevent, than to combat full-grown evil Te 194

bulwark against, mothers must help children to build CD 226

cause of, need of looking deeper into CG 402

charity ought not to encourage 6T 278

charity that often leads to MH 195

Christ rebuked ML 186; Te 193

churches foster 2SM 413

college students endangered by 4T 435-6

common habits of, children tempted to indulge CD 399

curse of, legislative halls and courts of justice should be free from MH 345

danger from, great 4T 454

dangers of, medical men should instruct people re 6T 110

Paul cognizant of 4T 454

degradation of, Christian’s duty to save souls from 3T 489

demon of: Christ can help men to conquer CG 401

is of giant strength FE 143

not easily conquered 3T 567

do not flatter yourself that, does not affect spirituality CH 67

is no sin CD 62, 165; CH 67

drunkards too often made by lessons of, given in home SD 212

effort to put down, not always directed to right point MH 335

embraces overeating Te 162

every form of: among people in Christ’s time CD 225

greater moral power required now to resist 3T 488

guard strictly against 9T 160

increased after Flood CD 374

failure to control appetite is 4aSG 125

fills world MM 322

first steps in, often taken in childhood or early youth Te 178, 270

food rich and highly seasoned encourages Te 156-7

guard against Ed 202

first approach to MYP 243

habits of, in seeking education CT 413; FE 352; MM 83

heading of, list of fearful crimes under LS 242; 4T 385

highway to, described Te 182-3

horrors of, human pen cannot fully delineate GW 387; Te 205

how mothers lay foundation for, in children FE 139-40

how parents give children first lessons in Te 182-3

how to overcome 4T 32-3

in almost everything, exists on every hand CH 99; FE 153; GW 244

in desire, led to fall of Adam and Eve CW 125

in diet, exercise of patience and self-control made nearly impossible by CD 243; CG 461

large degree of patience impossible to person exercising 4T 141

in eating: council and board meetings ill-affected by 7T 258

disease caused by CD 121

felt in form of headache, indigestion, and colic CD 101

grows with children’s growth 3T 489

keener and holier emotions blunted by 3T 487

parents debilitated by 2SM 433

parents teach children 4aSG 132

results of 3T 310

seen in quantity as well as quality of food CH 576

sickness caused by MYP 218; WM 126-7

system prostrated by 3T 487

talking and acting irrationally caused by CG 398

what is comprehended in CG 398

in eating and drinking: ability to study Bible is impaired by CD 52

corrupt passions excited by 4aSG 131

exists on every hand GW 244

fine sensibilities benumbed by 4aSG 124

first great evil 4aSG 131; 2SM 417

health sacrificed by 4T 408

lower passions indulged as result of PP 378

moral power weakened by 3T 486

nobler faculties benumbed by CH 111; 2SM 412-3

people need to be shown evils of 6T 111

society affected by 2T 356

in eating healthful food: system injured by CD 131

system prostrated by Te 167

warning against 3T 487

in eating too much good food, sin of 2T 412

in efforts to acquire means 3T 398

in reading: brain perniciously affected by MYP 281

ill effects of CT 134-5; 2T 410

habit that grows and strengthens CT 135

in secret societies 2SM 126

in Sodom and Gomorrah 4aSG 121

in study, species of intoxication CT 405; FE 340

warning against CT 413

in work: avoid MM 230; 2SM 297

exists on every hand GW 244

many people given to 4aSG 131

parents debilitated by 2SM 433

warning against FE 153-4; 1T 478

includes hurtful indulgence of any appetite or passion CG 394; Te 137

increasing everywhere GC 586; MM 85; 3T 562

indiscriminate giving to all who ask help may encourage CS 163

indulgence in any, results of 3T 486

is sin Te 17-8

Israel’s, in Samuel’s time 2BC 1008

keep yourself from all Te 82

legacy of enfeebled intellects left by, for next generation 4T 31

lies at foundation of: all evil in world Te 165

all suffering 2SM 411

most of life’s ills CG 394; Te 137

world’s moral depravity MH 335

lion of, how parents may avoid Te 179

mothers’ duty re 3T 563

must be met CW 123

not limited to use of intoxicating liquors CG 394; Te 137

numerous holidays increase evils of Te 30

obedience to God’s law would save men from Te 228

of Nadab and Abihu, Daniel and companions acquainted with story of PK 482

origin of prevailing, traced to home LS 222-4

others’, life of innocent people often sacrificed through DA 222

parents should begin crusade against, at home MH 334; 3T 567

parents sow, in children Te 182

people who flatter themselves that, is no sin SL 25

persons rescued from MH 178

should work to save others MH 179

power of, efforts needed to control 3T 562

only way to be secure against CG 401

predisposing cause of, often found at home table Ed 202-3

pregnant woman’s duty re CD 225-6

prevention of, by proper training of youth MYP 233

progress of, parents’ work to stay MH 352

tobacco devotee can do little to stay 3T 569

reason dethroned by GC 589

relation of crime to, law-enforcement officers well understand Te 23

roots of, lie deeper than mere liquor drinking Te 196

lie deeper than use of alcohol and tobacco Ed 202

rulers should be held guilty of crime when they yield to DA 222

Satan works through, to destroy man’s mental and moral powers DA 122

seen everywhere CD 150; MH 126

sensual indulgence follows GC 589

SDA must witness against MM 322; 9T 38

sister of licentiousness and profanity CH 441; Te 198

some people sacrifice two thirds of their physical, mental, and moral powers through MYP 236

unnatural exhilaration of, on mind and spirits Te 50

victims of: be patient and forbearing toward MH 172

dangers to be avoided in work for MH 178

disappointments that may be expected in labor for MH 177

for time being are under demon’s power MH 172

in dealing with, we are not dealing with sane men MH 172

institutions for, do noble work MH 342

men of all classes and professions among MH 172

must be roused to fight battle in their own behalf MH 174

we live in age of 5T 354

what to do when working against MM 288; 9T 163

what to remember in working against CD 205

why Satan tempts men to MYP 236

work must be done for people fallen through MH 171

worst sort of selfishness 4T 31

would not exist if God’s word were faithfully obeyed CG 407

wrong habits of diet lead to Ed 247

See also Drunkenness


Adam and Eve’s fall caused by HP 193:5

avoid all, as a witness in presence of unbelievers UL 342:2

destroys moral powers given to man AG 161:3

eating habits and unhealthful food responsible for RC 246:5

foundation of all moral evils AG 164:6; HP 194:3

God will not always tolerate CC 35:2

guard against first approach of CC 248:5

in eating and dressing engrosses minds Con 59:0

increasing, CC 35:3

within Christianity Con 73:1

licentiousness and profanity are sisters of TMK 314:2

not defended by those understanding Christ’s temptation TMK 314:3

patience forfeited by OHC 69:5

sin of Noah’s time and of today CC 35:2

temptation planned for those with TMK 313:3

truth lifts one from, or he is lost TDG 81:3

See also Dissipation

Intemperate desire

Intemperate desire, of Adam and Eve, Eden lost as result of MH 129

Intemperate eating

Intemperate eating, invalidism caused by CD 58

sin of 1T 618

worse than intemperate working 2T 412

See also Eating (6. Intemperance in); Gluttony

Intemperate habit, Intemperate habits

Intemperate habit, Intemperate habits, disease caused by MH 171; 6T 254

society’s, depreciating effects of ML 97

Intemperate indulgence, Intemperate indulgences

Intemperate indulgence, Intemperate indulgences, vital energies of body and mind reduced by 3T 561


Intemperately, people who eat and work, talk and act irrationally 1T 618

Intemperate person, Intemperate persons

Intemperate person, Intemperate persons, cannot be Christian 3T 51

cannot be patient 7BC 944; ML 97; 2SM 434; 1T 618; 2T 95; 4T 244

cannot possess calm and well-balanced character Te 32

Christian’s duty to work for MM 268

digestive organs of, effects of disturbed condition of Te 32

do not vote for, to be placed in positions of trust Te 47

first attention should be given to physical condition of MH 172

gospel work for MH 171-82

higher powers of, enslaved by passions 3T 51

need wholesome and unstimulating food and drink MH 172

not necessary to drink alcoholic liquors to be CG 398; 1T 618; Te 138

physician’s duty to MH 114

question that faces 4T 32

transmit disease to offspring 4T 30

transmit their inclinations and tendencies to offspring 4T 30; Te 170

Intemperate reading

Intemperate reading, many people never recover from effects of MYP 280

See also Reading

Intemperate working

Intemperate working, intemperate eating is worse than 2T 412

See also Work


Intensity, message of truth should be given with Ev 697

of desire to save sinners, true Christian manifests Christ’s 7T 10

permeating everything on earth TM 116

taking possession of: every earthly element DA 257; Ed 179; PK 537

world as never before Ed 260

terrible, coming conflict will be marked by GC 11


Intentions, empty, without deeds are not acceptable to God 4T 187

good, it is not enough to have GC 598; TM 441

Jesus accepts sincere, to obey God as man’s best service and makes up for the deficiency 1SM 382

your very best, not always accepted by God as best MH 473

See also Aim; Motive; Purpose


Intercession, altar of perpetual, altar of incense as PP 353

Christ’s, for His people See Christ

make mighty, to God for help now Ev 704

ministers should make, with God for His people 4T 268

Moses’, arm of vengeance held back by 3T 358

Samuel’s, gave Israel feeling of security PP 663

spirit of, that will be manifest among God’s people 9T 126

symbolic service of, centered in holy of holies of sanctuary PP 348


chain that binds humanity to throne of God TMK 78:2

Christ’s, See Christ, intercession of

contrition of Israelites during High Priest’s LHU 319:2


not needed to help Christ’s intercession LHU 319:3; TMK 73:4

physical cleanliness required for 3SM 273:3

merits of Christ presented in, as our substitute RC 75:3


Intercessor, Christ as See Christ

Christ knows what it means for sinners to stand before God without PK 691

God’s people must live without, during time of Jacob’s trouble GC 614

man will be without, during time of trouble EW 71, 280; GC 425

Moses as, for Israel PP 318-9

no, during seven last plagues EW 280

only one, able to pardon transgression 7BC 914

man can have 7BC 914



executes His self-appointed work as TMK 74:4

is the only TMK 73:5

Christ’s work as, to introduce us to God HP 77:2

confidence in Christ as HP 50:2


Interdict, Prague placed under, second time by pope GC 104

terrors of papal, upon city of Prague GC 100-1

Interest (on money)

Interest (on money), borrowing of money on, to pay heavy taxes PK 646-8

churches pay out much money by, on debts CS 259, 261, 263

continual, many churches burdened by payment of CS 263

exorbitant, brother in need of help should not be charged 5T 350

give, with principal to God instead of exalting self TDG 200:5

God expects, on talents entrusted in proportion to capital CS 48

God is due, from the principal of talents lent HP 186:5

high, declared by financial schemers UL 21:3

high rate of, borrowing money at PK 647-8

institution should avoid having to pay, in making improvements 7T 206

investment of money without, in God’s cause 9T 71

lending of money without, to needy brethren PP 532

money should be loaned without or at low rate of, to help institutions get out of debt 9T 71

money that will accumulate no, in bank of heaven 9T 131

much money swallowed up by paying, on debts CS 259

no, without principal TM 166

payment of, on borrowed money may be proper for God’s work in some cases CS 278-9

savings account drawing, families should have AH 396; 2SM 329

needed for case of sickness AH 396; 2SM 329

wealthy believers have no right to take, from poor brethren 1T 534

See also Usury

Interest, Interests (preferred focuses of attention)

Interest, Interests (preferred focuses of attention)

1. Religious

2. Miscellaneous

1. Religious

aroused in town or city, follow up 6T 100

awakened, must be followed by personal labor GW 364

created by presentation of truth, no circumstances sufficiently important to call minister from 2T 540-1

destroyed by harsh and denunciatory speech 3T 247

do not trust to presentation of fanciful things to arouse Ev 137

express, in souls in peril TM 150

follow up, after camp meeting 9T 120-1

great, must not be managed by children 5T 262

if, in spiritual things were as great as interest in things of world 5T 275-6

labor to create, many discouragements met in 3T 218

little, development of 3T 218

raised up but left to sink, reproof given to minister re 3T 231

2. Miscellaneous

arousing, to learn how to be saved FW 64:2

believers who study their own, without concern for needs of others 3T 514

best, God does not ask us to give up anything that would be for our PP 600

bound with Christ’s HP 53:3

choosing own, gains cheap applause and loses heaven HP 170:5

Christ should be made the highest TMK 309:3

church member has pledged himself by baptismal vows to guard, of his brethren 5T 480

common duties like dress and food not to absorb TDG 279:5

common, mind occupied with, takes a low level OHC 111:2

differences in, among believers but all united 1MCP 54:0

earthly, prevent attention to eternal things OHC 280:2

educational See Educational center


affections for, are trammeled by Satan TDG 328:4

approach Bible as one whose, hangs in balance 1MCP 325:2

Christ urges that earthly things not crowd out TMK 57:3

depend on using talents for saving souls TMK 113:4

involved in placing treasure in heaven TMK 223:4

of importance now OHC 197:3

seeking; even our salvation TMK 170:4

way prepared to violate; wrong eating and dress TMK 317:3

eternal things to receive greater UL 147:2

first, make God’s service your MB 110

God is concerned about all our UL 87:5

highest, demand close attention and energy 8T 316

make God’s service your MB 99

humanity’s, Christ linked Himself with DA 152

identified with Christ LHU 124:4

kind, at home prepares for heaven TDG 147:5

long sermons are not best for arousing, in miss. work 6T 436

manifest in God’s cause is shown by investment in it 1T 691

many of God’s people have centered their, in world 5T 277

misconception about you might be removed by TDG 19:4

need of, in God’s work 5T 276


instead of keeping pure and giving example TSB 158:0

morbid devotion to, is far from true godliness DA 86

vital, in your own keeping OHC 94:5

must be swallowed up in interest for salvation of souls 3T 505

should be ever secondary to God’s work 3T 500

teacher’s duty to manifest, in students Ed 232

placed in Christ’s care when weakness realized TMK 62:5

sacrificed for good of others RC 157:2

Scriptures have something of, for every mind Ed 125

selfish, Christ did not consult, but kept commandments TDG 207:4

dealing for, offends God TMK 176:2

examining UL 140:4

overbears God’s mercy and love 3T 514

results in neglect to arise and build in God’s cause CS 261

subordinated LHU 366:2

selfishness in CME 25:3

SDA should be last to manifest lack of, in health reform CH 50-1

sincere, makes counsel effective TDG 21:3


fragrance of, in association with brethren TDG 276:6

workers sent to awaken, where Jesus was to go TDG 113:2

subordinate; heart may be hardened 1MCP 271:2

temporal, should never become all-absorbing 5T 459

to be secondary; God expects faithfulness FW 92:2

true Christians are ready to sacrifice their own, rather than to cause dissension among brethren 5T 242

true shepherd has, in all relating to welfare of flock GW 190

truth must hold, if entrusted with divine things TDG 18:6

undivided, some ministers fail of success because they do not give to their work their GW 382

standing on the Lord’s side TDG 131:4

unselfish, needed in SDA institutions LS 248

woman whose earthly, were greater than desire for righteousness and part in God’s kingdom 4T 105

women seeking counsel shown, by Satan’s agents 2MCP 701:0

Word of God to be studied with discipline and 1MCP 95:2

worldly, bind youth for Satan’s service FLB 323:3

See also Earnestness; Enthusiasm

Interested persons

Interested persons, hold fast to, until they are confirmed in faith 6T 65

work of instructing 4T 263


Interference, man’s, God’s way of working out His plans must not be impeded by TM 209


Intermarriage See Marriage

Intermediate school

Intermediate school See School

Internal organ, Internal organs

Internal organ, Internal organs, affected by taking cold, judicious exercise helps 2T 530

blood driven from extremities to, when feet or limbs are cold MM 230; 2SM 296-7; 2T 531

blood unduly called to, by indulgence of passions CH 587

compressive dress cramps and crowds out of place MH 292

filthy clothing affects CH 61

functions of, compressive dress hinders MH 292

skirts sustained by hips pull down MH 292

taking cold may cause, to suffer inflammation 2T 530

tight corsets compress 4T 635

International Tract Society

International Tract Society, need of moving, away from Battle Creek 8T 76


Interposition, in behalf of His people, we shall soon see God’s TM 206

Interpreter, Interpreters

Interpreter, Interpreters, Joseph used, in communicating with his brothers PP 226

some SDA working in foreign fields can teach truth through FE 537

See also Translator

Interview, Interviews

Interview, Interviews, personal, Christ’s work was largely made up of COL 229; Ev 58, 443; MYP 203; 6T 115

test of any, disciples who were ready to stand Ev 554

Intimacy, Intimacies

Intimacy, Intimacies, have no needless, with person who does not respect God Ev 607

John’s, with Christ Ed 87

men may be admitted into closest, with God MB 131

of youth, darkened Samson’s whole life PP 562


Intimidation, do not fear, in advancing God’s work 9T 141

Satan’s, God would not have His people give way to DA 123

See also Threat


used in Noah’s day CC 36:2


Intolerance, among all classes of people, example that encouraged DA 150

manifest in Massachusetts Bay Colony GC 293-4

mercy and forbearance are preferable to 4T 65

papal spirit of, Reformers were not entirely free from GC 293

prevalent in Christ’s time DA 509

priestly, America as asylum for persons oppressed by GC 441

religious: intellectual culture is not safeguard against GC 227

Protest of Spires was solemn witness against GC 204

will gain control in USA GC 605

spirit of: beware of indulging 2SM 127

carefully shun GW 302

development of, in USA has been foretold GC 442

use of civil power by church inevitably results in GC 442

See also Bigotry; Persecution


followers of Christ not to have HP 310:4


Intoxicants, conscience caused to lose sensibility to sin as result of PP 362

desire for, created and fostered Te 24

human wrecks produced by, seen everywhere MH 330-1

maddening, results of selling Te 54

man who forms habit of using, is in desperate situation MH 344

mild, ill effects of using MH 332-3

milder, appetite for stronger stimulants fostered by MH 446

ministers warned against use of Te 45

no argument needed to show ill effects of, on drunkard MH 330

physician should abstain from MH 133-4

popular drinks that are MH 326, 338

Satan leaves nothing undone to create and foster desire for MH 338

sensibilities blunted by Te 45

should never pass lips Te 36

sold as popular drinks under pleasing names MH 338

solemn and fearful warning against PP 362

some people never really drunk are always under influence of MH 333

tea as CD 426; SL 32

warning against PP 362


Intoxicated, Satan does not force men to become 2T 294

Intoxicated person

Intoxicated person, robbed of his reason Te 288-9

See also Drunkard; Drunk person

Intoxicating cup

Intoxicating cup, of selfishness and worldliness 5T 461

Intoxicating drink, Intoxicating drinks

Intoxicating drink, Intoxicating drinks MH 330-46; Te 11-292

1. Ill effects of (general)

2. Ill effects of (mental)

3. Ill effects of (moral or spiritual)

4. Ill effects of (physical)

5. Sale of

6. Seller of (or dealer in)

7. Strong

8. Traffic (business) in

9. User of

10. Miscellaneous

1. Ill effects of (general)

colporteur should explain CH 463

compared with those of tobacco MH 328; 3T 562; Te 59

curse to race CG 404

enslavement of drunkard 1T 549

frightful accidents MH 331

God’s judgments brought upon earth CH 432

hereditary Te 38

in railroad cars improperly ventilated 3T 562

laws of life and health violated Te 196

millions of dollars wasted Te 28-9

on Herod Antipas DA 222

railway accidents MH 331; Te 288

san. patients should be shown CD 445; Te 248

shipwrecks MH 331

on high seas Te 35

sick people should be shown CD 311

steamboat disasters Te 288

stupefies 4T 30; Te 71

temperance work helps many people to see 7T 75

temple of God defiled Te 142

terrible accidents Te 34

thousands of families deprived of comforts GW 386

train wrecks Te 34

whole being degraded Te 65

wives and children suffer 1T 362

2. Ill effects of (mental)

brain benumbed 2T 268

brain confused Te 38

brain diseased 3BC 1162

brain injured CH 463

brain maddened GW 386

brain nerves destroyed Te 58-9

brain powers destroyed 9T 12

control of mind set aside CG 404

faculties beclouded Te 103

higher powers of mind paralyzed 2T 268

intellect benumbed 3T 561

men made mad CH 432; MH 346

mental powers debased 3T 561; Te 142

mind beclouded MH 345; Te 288

mind besotted CT 367

mind confused CG 404; PP 362; Te 268

mind enfeebled Te 58

mind unbalanced 9T 12

reason destroyed GW 386; 5T 441; Te 29, 204

reason dethroned Te 25, 228

reasoning faculties destroyed 4aSG 125

reasoning powers paralyzed 3T 561; Te 37

senses benumbed DA 222; 3T 568

senses perverted GW 386

thousands robbed of reason Ev 530

will power weakened 3BC 1162

3. Ill effects of (moral or spiritual)

animal passions bear sway CD 269

animal passions excited 3T 561

animal passions given sway CG 404

awful murders Ev 529; Te 24

crime(s) Te 59

chief source of Te 277

debasing 3T 561

every degree of 4aSG 125

most horrible CH 432

multiplied GW 386

of all kinds Te 12

defiling 4T 309; Te 142

happiness destroyed GW 386; Te 204

havoc wrought among higher classes 6T 256

life destroyed 5T 441

madness and woe Te 198

man becomes like beast 1T 362

man brought down to level of brutes 4aSG 125

man led to deal treacherously with fellow men Te 281

man made a menace to his family, neighborhood, and country Te 276

man made little better than brutes FE 314

man placed wholly under demon’s control Te 32

man robbed of hope of life to come GW 386

man’s nature made brutish CG 404; Te 29

moral powers debased 3T 561; Te 142

morals debased CG 404; PP 362; 3T 561; Te 268

murder in antediluvian world Te 25

passions stimulated to activity COL 54; 9T 89

resistance to temptation destroyed Te 38

satanic propensities strengthened Ev 265

self-control destroyed Te 34

sense of right and wrong confused MH 345

sensibilities benumbed Te 58-9, 253

soul’s finer sensibilities benumbed 3SG 116

vilest debauchery encouraged Ev 265

violence multiplied GW 386

whole families ruined Te 24

worship of God hindered CD 426

4. Ill effects of (physical)

ability to resist disease undermined MM 11

body enfeebled Te 58

body weakened CG 404; PP 362; Te 268

detrimental to health CS 134

digestive organs injured CH 463

health destroyed GW 386; Te 204

myriads hurried to drunkard’s grave GW 386

nerve power lessened 3T 488-9

nerves injured MH 328

spark of vitality still left is extinguished in man CD 423

stomach diseased 3BC 1162

5. Sale of

business that means robbery MH 337

childhood affected by Te 205

form army to stop MH 346

laws against, should be enacted and rigidly enforced GW 388

laws licensing, endanger every member of society GW 386-7

evil results of GW 386-7

laws of the land protect GW 386

laws permitting, church members who favor GW 386

destructive work carried on under GW 386

legalization of Ev 529

guardians of public welfare have proved unfaithful to their trust by Te 26

virtually licenses commission of crime Te 26

means robbery MH 337

on railways and steamships Te 34

prohibition of, vote for GW 387-8

Scriptures picture work of Te 28

vote against GW 387-8

6. Seller of (or dealer in)

accountable to God for: degradation of souls Te 40

every penny received Te 40

results of his work Te 33

sins of drunkard Te 289

attitude of, toward drunkard’s family Te 33

Bible picture of work of MH 337

blood of souls is upon Te 28

bottle put to neighbor’s lips by Te 37, 40

business of, terrible MH 337-8

candies containing alcohol are given to children by, to entice them MH 339

converted under preaching of Wm. Miller GC 332

deals out that which corrupts and destroys mind and body Te 28

do not rent buildings to Te 204

drunkard is not given by, equivalent for his money Te 39

drunkard’s debts collected from his suffering family by Te 33

drunkard’s family robbed of food and clothing by GW 386; Te 204

forbidden to sell intoxicants to drunkard, but is permitted to make drunkards of youth MH 342

gifts of, God will not accept for His altar the MH 340

God will render just judgment against MH 341-2

granting of licenses to, evil results of Te 203-5

guilty of: robbery Te 32-3

worst kind of robbery GW 386; Te 32-3, 204

harvest reaped by, on holidays Te 30

has account to settle with God Te 41

haunts of, human beings are wrecked and ruined in MH 339

hellish work of Te 205

holidays provide patronage for FE 312

houses of, built with wages of unrighteousness Te 27

upheld by violence and oppression Te 27

how God looks upon MH 341-2

human family is being destroyed by Te 75

licenses granted to, on plea that they bring revenue to public treasury MH 343

mighty destroyer of souls stands behind MH 338

ministers who dare not say anything to offend MH 340

money in tills of, needed to alleviate suffering humanity Te 29

money needed for bread is put into till of MH 189

money taken from the poor by, needed to feed and clothe their families FE 312

names of, written in records of persons whose hands are full of blood Te 40

not ignorant of result of his work GW 386; Te 203-4

Satan stands behind Te 24

whose conscience is seared as with red-hot iron Te 33

without excuse in judgment day Te 41-2

work of: almshouses filled by MH 338; Te 24

burden of taxation brought to community by MH 345

crime of sanctioning MH 343

criminal courts and prisons filled by MH 338; Te 24

houses of prostitution and dens of vice filled by MH 338; Te 24

insane asylums and hospitals filled by MH 338; Te 24

license laws protect MH 342

people who sustain, share in his guilt MH 342

results of Te 28

7. Strong

abstain wholly from CG 401; Te 186-7

appetite educated for 2SM 420

appetite for, remedy for Te 119

beer awakens taste for MH 332

brain is benumbed by 2SM 420

brain power is destroyed by Te 119

cider awakens taste for MH 332; 5T 356

cider drinking leads to use of 5T 356-7

contributes much to increase of crime and disease SD 212; Te 59

craving(s) for, intemperate eating that produces 3T 487-8

some people will be almost overcome again and again by MH 173

desire for, flesh food excites Ev 265

strengthens with use 4T 653

total abstinence is needed to overcome Ev 264

evils of, united and intelligent effort needed to reveal CW 123-4; Te 252

God-given powers are beclouded by CW 123-4; Te 252

Godlike manhood sacrificed to, instance of 2T 268

holidays encourage spending of money for FE 318

John the Baptist was forbidden to use DA 100, 149; MH 333; 3T 62

judges under influence of, injustice committed by MH 345-6

jurors under influence of, injustice committed by MH 345-6

lawmakers under influence of, oppressive laws enacted by MH 345-6

lawyers under influence of, injustice committed by MH 345-6

man who loves, described 3T 242

Manoah’s wife was forbidden to use DA 149; MH 372; PP 560-1

many people regard, as only solace in trouble MH 172

means are worse than wasted on Te 272

members of legislative councils should not use Te 289

millions of dollars spent for Te 30

mind is beclouded by MH 345-6

money spent for, should be used to make land productive FE 318

Nazarite was under perpetual obligation not to use PP 562

power that appetite for, has over men 5T 358; Te 96

pregnant woman should not use MH 373

priests of Israel were expressly prohibited to use Te 268

refuse, when offered it by honored or wealthy men SD 174

sense of right and wrong is confused by MH 345-6

some wealthy people overcome by MH 210

stimulus of, effects of 3T 242-3

stomach of person addicted to CD 236, 340

thirst for, rich and stimulating diet leads to Ed 203

tobacco excites CG 404; MH 328

total abstinence from, true temperance calls for Te 196

use of: God’s word forbids Te 42, 53-4, 92

intemperance in eating prepares way for MH 334

judges warned against Te 53

lawmakers warned against Te 46-7

rulers warned against Te 53

warning against 5T 510

user of, should not be received into church fellowship until he abandons it Ev 264

victims of, city presents temptation to 7T 82

wholly corrupted Ev 264

what to do when offered Te 200

wine awakens taste for MH 332; 5T 356

witnesses under influence of, injustice committed by MH 345-6

youth who would serve God cannot drink SD 174

8. Traffic (business) in

accidents by land and sea multiplied by MH 345

breeder of disease MH 345

brutalizes and destroys men PK 186

church members engaged in, contribute to support of church enterprises MH 340

give liberally to popular charities MH 340

help to support ministers of churches MH 340

church’s duty to members connected with Te 231

churches that virtually sustain MH 340

curse of, carried from Christian lands to heathen countries MH 339

strikes heart of home MH 339

danger from, make plain the MH 346

demand that lawmakers stop MH 346

dishonesty and violence in Te 27

enactment of laws legalizing, daring impiety seen in PK 186

expense incurred from fruit of, enormous MH 343

fallacious argument that revenue from, justifies licensing of it MH 343-4

folly of tolerating MH 343-4

gallows supplied with victims by Te 205

government expense as result of, far exceeds revenue derived from it MH 343

has on its side combined strength of money, habit, and appetite MH 340

has root in hell and leads to perdition Te 43

hellish work of, performed under law’s broad seal Te 205

human woe is perpetuated by, more than by any other business Te 41

interests of all men are imperiled by MH 345

is death-dealing traffic 3BC 1162; Te 43

is power in world MH 340

lawlessness caused to run riot by MH 345

legal enactments sanctioning, protest against Te 27

legalizing of, evil results of Te 32-3, 37-8, 203-5

families are ruined by Ev 529

law sanctions ruin of souls by MH 344-5; Te 39

Satan inspired PK 186

legislators who legalize, responsible for results of it Te 38-9

license laws foster, while professing to restrict it MH 342

licensing of, keeps temptation constantly before persons trying to reform MH 342

places it under law’s protection MH 342

life made unsafe by MH 345

life of, depends on creating liquor appetite in youth MH 342

means robbery Te 28

measures needed to prohibit 3BC 1162

men should destroy, as safeguard to themselves MH 345

men who do nothing to restrict, plight of MH 345

ministers who lack courage to oppose MH 340

need of doing away with 3BC 1162

needs to be stopped 3BC 1162

no useful equivalent given by, for money received Te 28

persons engaged in, accountable to God for drunkards they make MH 341-2

must answer to God for results of their work MH 341-2

power of, felt even in church MH 340

prisons crowded with criminals by Te 205

prohibition and MH 337-46

prohibition of, public sentiment should be created in favor of MH 346; Te 28-9

property imperiled by MH 345

public sentiment should be aroused to close Te 28-9

put forth more decided efforts to oppose CH 432

responsibility of churches for Te 43

society corrupted by Te 205

souls ruined by CH 432

tax burdens increased by Te 205

terrible results of Te 28

misery, shame, degradation, and death Te 231

no one can blind himself to Te 28

will be more terribly manifest in future MH 346

terrible scourge to nation Te 43

vice fostered by MH 345

violence and crime of every description caused by CH 432

votes that sanction, voters are accountable for Te 255

workhouses crowded with paupers by Te 205

youth’s morals imperiled by Te 205

9. User of

abstainer can endure more labor in course of months and years than Te 159

accountable for evils resulting from his wrong course of life 4T 31

answer must be given by, for degradation of his wife and children Te 33

are many Ev 566

cannot be trusted with lives of others MH 331

cannot have clear perception of right and wrong DA 222

demon influences Te 36

enfeebled intellect transmitted to children by 4T 30-1

guilty of unlawful acts he commits while under its influence 4aSG 125

habitual, is in desperate situation 3BC 1162

tobacco user can make but a poor plea to Te 72

inflamed blood transmitted to children by PP 561; Te 269

insatiable craving transmitted to children by PP 561; Te 269

irritable nerves transmitted to children by PP 561; Te 269

irritable temper transmitted to children by 4T 30-1

is responsible for all injustice he commits under its influence DA 222

makes himself Satan’s slave Te 34

man of fierce and easily excitable passions Te 277

mind not kept clear and composed by Te 35

moderate and temperate, no such thing as Te 165

polluted blood transmitted to children by 4T 30-1

responsible to a great degree for birth defects of children PP 561

Satan’s destroying influence over Te 34-5

tobacco smoker’s example has no salutary effect upon Te 69

trivial excuse made by, a cause for quarrels Te 277

truth must go to Ev 566

unable to judge calmly DA 222

voting for, evil of Te 254

weak morals transmitted to children by 4T 30-1

who got victory over it CD 466; Te 109

10. Miscellaneous

abstinence from, show need of Ev 534

man can be safe only by Te 36

temperance embraces more than CD 406; PP 562

air laden with fumes of, ill effects of breathing MH 328; 3T 562; Te 58

appetite for: alcohol put into confectionery to create, in children MH 339

coffee fosters 3T 569

created at home Te 178, 194

condiments encourage CD 340

flesh food produces CD 268

flesh food strengthens CD 487

liquor traffic’s life depends on creating, in youth MH 342

spices in foods encourage CD 340

tea fosters 3T 569

tobacco encourages 3T 488-9, 563

as liquid poison GW 386; 1T 362; 6T 111

banned in San Francisco, Calif., after earthquake of 1906 Te 26

banning of, violence and crime are reduced by Te 26

bear clear and decided testimony against Te 69

bleared and besotted wrecks made by, are everywhere SD 212

childhood is effected by use of Te 205

Christ did not provide, at feast of Cana DA 149

Christian should not drink Te 65

church members using, many Te 165

civilized people forced, upon heathen nations MH 339

converted user of, who sacrifices his liquor GW 436; Ev 264, 532

craving for, Satan fills men with Te 12

why it seems hard to deny 3T 488

crimes committed under influence of, people should be punished for 4aSG 125

criminal’s guilt is not lessened by use of 4aSG 125

devil devised, to ruin men Te 32

desire for, so strong that it eclipses all other desires Te 38

unnatural excitants cultivate CD 150

discard AH 499; FE 320; LS 353; MM 229; Te 242

drunkard longs for, to arouse his flagging energies 3T 227

education of appetite for, is presumption Te 61

erroneous idea that, helps laboring man to perform his task CD 339

fight against, as great evil Ev 265

give men maddened by, opportunity to escape from their thralldom MH 346

giving up, means hard battle CD 422; Te 103

glass of, avoid person addicted to one AH 48

reason sold for Te 276

God gives grace to overcome use of Te 103

God warns against use of Te 42

God’s forbidding use of, is not exercise of arbitrary authority Te 42, 54

habit of using: among Christians SL 32

drugs dispensed by physicians prepare way for MH 127

established by use of wine, beer, and cider MH 332

how to overcome Te 103-4

how youth are led to acquire MH 342

more and more women are forming MH 339

tobacco lays foundation for CG 404; MH 328

violation of laws of health lays foundation for MH 176

heathen men of intelligence protest against MH 339

insane desire for, drunkard is intoxicated with 3T 398

intemperance does not often begin with use of Te 228

intemperance embraces more than use of CG 394, 398; Te 137

intoxicates user Ev 611

is: deadly poison MH 339

liquid poison 1T 362; 6T 111; Te 24

poison GW 386

stimulant 3T 569; Te 32

jurors addicted to, dangerous to trust to decisions of Te 281

laws against use of, should be enacted and rigidly enforced GW 388

legalized use of, curse of Te 24

let not one drop of, pass your lips Te 198

live simply without 2SM 291

men do things under influence of, which they would not otherwise do Te 24

men of different vocations and stations in life overcome by 6T 256

men overcome by, erroneous view re 4aSG 125

men sell themselves to Satan for Te 24

men who choose to become like beasts by drinking 1T 362

manufacture of: Bible picture of work of MH 337

business that means robbery MH 337

fruits healthful and delicious used in GW 386; Te 12

grains nutritive are used in GW 386

products of soil greatly perverted in GW 386

Scriptures picture work of Te 28

milder, unsuspecting victims led into highways of drunkenness by MH 332

millions of gallons of, consumed yearly CD 423; MH 338; Te 28

ministers indulging in, many Te 164

moderate drinking of, is school that educates men for drunkard’s career 5T 357

money spent for: brings curse to spender Te 28

by higher classes MH 211

millions of dollars Te 28-9

needed to support missions Te 29

more, used today than before Te 23, 251

neighbor may be tempted to destroy himself by Te 232-3

never spend a penny for FE 319

never take any CD 420-1; CH 120; Te 101

only safe course is to touch not, taste not, and handle not 3T 488

overcome use of: by faith in God’s promises Ev 532

by God’s converting power Te 69

people need to be shown evil of 6T 111

person opposing, should not use tobacco CD 426-7

persons refusing to give up, do not appreciate their intellect SD 313; Te 143

physician should abstain from MH 133-4

pledge yourself to entire abstinence from Te 198

poison of, staying in air filled with 3T 562

positive testimony against, borne by JW and EGW in their work in presenting the health message 3T 21

professed Christians spit tobacco juice while speaking against 3T 569

reason is out when, is in Te 30

regarded by many as only solace in trouble Te 234

san. patients should not be allowed to have, in rooms 7T 95

san. patrons abstaining from, God will heal MM 263-4

sanitariums should exclude 7T 95

Satan controls men through Te 24

Satan entices men to sell their souls for MM 114

Satan laughs at decision to lay off, by degrees CD 166

Satan uses, to take men captive Ev 529

Satan’s plan to convert wheat, grapes, and fruits of earth into Te 12

savages poor and ignorant are taught to use MH 339

say No squarely and positively to CD 166

Scriptures contain many warnings against use of Te 52

SDA do not take into church membership persons who use Te 166

SDA restaurants must exclude 7T 95

SDA’s only platform is total abstinence from 7T 75

show why SDA discard CD 285; MM 286

shun and discard LS 353

sick people should practice total abstinence from all MM 228

sick people who will feel no need for Te 248

slave(s) of: falsehoods and profanity uttered by 3T 568

how people become Te 42

parent who may see his child become CH 114

slave to licentiousness and violence Te 36

slave to Satan’s will Te 36

stimulating foods and drinks prepare way for use of 3T 487-8

stimulus of, adds fuel to fire of fever 5T 195

taken on one plea or another, for some imaginary infirmity 4T 30

to prevent disease 4T 30

touch not, and let it alone Te 289

touch not, taste not, handle not 3T 488, 561; Te 289

use of: indulgence that leads to Te 182-3

is harmful indulgence 7T 58

is increasing TM 457

is intemperance Ev 266

ministers warned against Te 45

no argument needed to show evils of SD 212

no temperance in Te 289

roots of intemperance lie deeper than Te 196

species of idolatry FE 312; LS 351

tobacco using is only a step from Te 72

wars with laws of life and health Ev 266

wrong habits of eating lie at foundation of Ev 265

vast amount of God’s entrusted capital spent for CS 134

victim of, vivid picture of debasement and slavery of MH 330

what to say when offered Te 188

young men should stand as total abstainers from Te 188

youth are being educated to love Te 29

youth should be trained never to touch Te 187

Xerxes I under influence of 3BC 1139

See also Beer; Cider; Cordial; Drunkenness; Whisky; Wine