EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Intoxicating drug - Isolation

Intoxicating drug

Intoxicating drug See Drug


Intoxication, beer really causes MH 332

coffee produces, to certain extent MH 326

fermented wine really causes MH 332; Te 277

hard cider really produces MH 332; Te 277

intellect of Nadab and Abihu paralyzed by Te 44

partial, Nadab and Abihu led to fatal sin by PP 361

shameless, reason dethroned by PK 523

tea produces, to certain extent 2T 64

with hopes that will never be realized 5T 478


anger is a form of; learn eloquence of silence 2MCP 582:4

spiritual, UL 317

deceived in, and sustaining evil work TDG 312:5

See also Alcohol; Alcoholics


Intrigue, cuts off meditated acts of benevolence 4T 81-2


Satan exercised RC 60:5



speak word in season without waiting for OHC 298:4

Invalid, Invalids

Invalid, Invalids, advised by physician to go to springs, make ocean voyage, or visit foreign countries might regain health by exercise and cheerful spirit CD 302; 2T 530

afflicted with imaginary disease 4aSG 145; 2T 523

amusements prescribed by physicians for 2T 137-8

apparently very conscientious, yet bigoted and self-sufficient 5T 196-7

avowing contempt for laws of life and health CH 457

believing, more sure of recovery 1T 556

promise of recovery for 3T 172

can resist disease by: refusing to settle down into inactivity MH 246

refusing to yield to ailments MH 246

care of, suitable home needed for 1T 494, 638

chronic, country surroundings tend to restore health and happiness of MH 264

living amid attractive country surroundings benefits 7T 77

lying in sunshine benefits MH 264; 7T 77

much cooking has filled world with 7T 135

sitting or lying in shade of trees benefits MH 264; 7T 77

class of, that must be dealt with by tender sympathy MH 244

complaining, exercise as effective restorer to MM 107

confirmed: improper dress produces MH 293

lack of outdoor exercise produces MH 293

seldom need to suspend all activity MH 238

controlled by imagination, are to be dreaded 2T 532

counseled in 1864 to dispense with medicines, exercise in open air, eat temperately, and engage in healthful labor 4aSG 145

death of, because nature is outraged MM 223

diseased mind has caused 4aSG 145

delicate idleness and selfish gratification make FE 419

deprive themselves of sunlight too often 2T 527

destitute, church’s duty to 1T 273-4

diet of, care needed re CD 295

diseased imagination encouraged by 2T 533; 4T 94

diseased physically, mentally, and morally 4T 547

disposal of property by 4T 479

do not confine, for weeks or months in close rooms CH 55

do not deny, light and physical labor 1T 555

do not encourage, to inactivity MH 238

draft of air should not come directly upon CH 56; 2SM 460

drug, is generally peevish, irritable, and always sick 4aSG 137

emaciated, exercise would give life and strength to CD 302; 2T 530-1

free use of air benefits CD 302; MH 246

how health and strength may be recovered by MH 246

sunlight in abundance would give life and strength to CD 302; MH 246; 2T 530-1

exercise in useful labor benefits CH 199-200; MH 246

exercise out of doors benefits 2SM 456; 2T 526

kept feeble by inactivity of mental and physical powers 4T 95

flesh foods should not be prescribed for CD 411

flocking to health resorts of southern California, evangelize 7T 98

fragrance of trees and flowers benefits MH 264

guard themselves against fresh air and use of water CH 55

happier when employed 1T 557

having feeble lungs, overheated air harms 2T 527

having no real located disease 4aSG 145

having nothing to do, become morbid and irritable MH 239

become self-centered MH 239

healed, inclined to worship physician who saved his life MM 149

health of, improved under judicious treatment 1T 493

home for care of, means needed for establishing 1T 494, 638

how, may regain health 2T 530

idleness ill affects MH 239

imagination causes some people to become 2T 524

in church, should prove blessing to church 1T 273

in danger of exaggerating his difficulties CH 199-200

in nine cases out of ten, need physical labor to save them 4T 95

would regain health by eating temperately and by exercising CD 302

inactivity is greatest curse to most MH 240

inclination of, to center thoughts upon themselves 2T 535

to fear exercise 2T 535

lifelong: compliance with demands of fashion causes 4T 635

dress that causes 2SM 478; 1T 461

might be well if they only thought so MH 241

poisonous drugs may make 4aSG 135; 2SM 452

reading of fiction makes MH 446

students who become Ed 208

why some young women become 3T 150

light employment in useful labor benefits MH 240

living amid scenes of nature benefits AH 510; MH 262

living merely to eat and breathe 2T 533-4

many: need to think of others instead of themselves MH 256

think themselves worse than they really are 4T 94

will ever remain so 3T 69

medicine needed by, outdoor life as 7T 77

mental condition of 4T 497-8

minds of, need to be directed to Christ 3T 184

should be occupied in cheerful and useful work 4aSG 145; 1T 557

minister’s wife who filled bill of 2T 567

moral sensibilities of, need to be aroused 3T 170

movement cure is not best remedy for 3T 78

must not: settle down into state of inactivity 4aSG 145

yield to diseased imagination 2T 535

need relief from pain before mind can be reached 3T 169

need to: call will power to their aid 2T 533

cultivate cheerful spirit 2T 530

eat temperately 2T 530

engage in proper physical exercise CH 199-200; 2T 530

exercise as much as possible in open air 4aSG 145; 2T 526

improve in habits of eating 4aSG 145

learn to take care of themselves 1T 638

rise above their aches and pains MH 246

rouse their will power MH 239; 2T 534-5

seek to impart sympathy instead of requiring it MH 257

venture something 2T 534

walk out by faith 2T 535

work in open air 7T 85

needing cheerful and healthful labor 4aSG 145

nervous, warning against use of mind cure in treating MM 113

outdoor life is only remedy needed by many MH 264

persons caring for 4T 547

physician’s duty to MM 38; 3T 168

poisoned sometimes by his own breath 7T 82

poisonous drugs produce 2SM 454

poor circulation of blood is chief reason why many people become 2T 525

prescription of amusements for, disapproved 2T 138

pure air needed in abundance by CH 55; 2SM 456; 2T 526

pure water is blessing to 2SM 456

recovery of, how to effect more easily 1T 557

rejoice in sunshine MH 264

remedy for, physical exercise as MH 239

work of doing good as 2T 534

rooms of, sunshine needed in MM 225

sanitariums located in country benefit 7T 77

saving of time and money for 2T 530

scenes of nature benefit MH 264

self-made MM 107

dying of indolence MM 107

sitting in open air benefits MH 264

spiritual, self-made 4T 74, 235

sunlight needed by 2SM 456

tempted when brain and muscle are idle 4T 95

thoughts and feelings that should be resisted by 2T 535

treatment in SDA health institution benefits 1T 494

treatment of CD 293; CH 55-6; MH 246; 2SM 456; 1T 555; 4T 94-104, 547

tricks that diseased imagination plays on 2T 525

two people who were 2T 646

unreasonable dread of cold affects 2T 526

variety and mixture of foods that tend to make CD 411

wasting their own energies 2T 533

weak from lack of exercise 4T 75

weary of city life MH 264

well-regulated labor benefits 1T 555

whims and notions which destroy 2T 535

why many people ever remain 3T 69

will power in, needs to be kept awake 1T 557

willful in refusing to take daily outdoor exercise 2T 526

what is most helpful to, in nine cases out of ten CD 302; 2T 530

who would recover health, should not discontinue physical exercise 2T 529

with diseased mind, need to be diverted from themselves 4aSG 145

woman in danger of becoming MM 108

woman who did not need to be CD 293

young women who think that they are MM 106-7

youthful, large class of MM 106-7


exercise, air and sunlight would give life to many OHC 223:3

inaction not good for; it harms health 2MCP 604:2

rest is seldom helpful for; useful labor 1MCP 119

wives who become lifelong, pining for love TDG 335:3

Invalid girl

Invalid girl, lack of physical exercise makes 2T 528-9


Invalidism, cherishing, very poor business MM 296

much, intemperate eating causes CD 58

young woman’s MM 109

Invalid women

Invalid women, advice to 2T 533-4

busy with light employment 2T 528-9

lack of physical exercise makes 2T 528-9

Invention, Inventions

Invention, Inventions, all right, have their source in Christ COL 349; CT 277

before Flood 1BC 1089

devised by Satan to imperil human life CS 219

God is behind all, of human minds FE 409

man’s, God has not been in all of 4aSG 155

many of modern, ancients did not need 4aSG 155

of rapid means of traveling, God has caused FE 409

Satan uses, to engross minds in things of world CS 218-9

some new, inspired by Satan 4aSG 155

that EGW approved and recommended 1T 665


deceitfulness of human, turned from pure waters to 2MCP 783:2

good, God is source of TDG 32:4

many, now as before the flood CC 34:4

Inventions and patent rights

Inventions and patent rights, investments in, warning to SDA who wish to get rich by 1T 551

some people try, in search for wealth 5T 261

speculation in, by investments 1T 305

Inventive faculty, Inventive faculties

Inventive faculty, Inventive faculties, God has raised up men with, to construct agricultural implements 4aSG 155

men with large, gospel should be taken to COL 230

should be among first to hear gospel call CS 139

Inventive genius

Inventive genius, God entrusts men with, for accomplishing His work FE 409

Inventive power, Inventive powers

Inventive power, Inventive powers, good cook needs CD 260

men are using, to devise most powerful machinery that can wound and kill 8T 50



God takes, of money lent and spiritual advantages TDG 85:3; TMK 220:3


Investigating, allow no one to do your FE 307

Investigation, Investigations

Investigation, Investigations, close, no doctrine loses anything by CW 35

earnest, of Scriptures COL 111-4

God invites fullest, of His law 9T 64

habits of, youth who do not encourage themselves in 3T 142

no perfection found in any man’s GW 301

of doctrine(s), how pioneer SDA conducted CD 187; 3T 326-7; TM 24-6 See also Doctrine

warning against unchristian spirit in CW 41

of erring brethren 3T 105

of other people’s opinions CW 44-5

of Scriptures: by Bereans AA 231-3

spirit of, determines character of assistant at your side TM 108

with persons claiming to have light TM 105-11

of secrets which God has not revealed, warning against PP 55

of SDA doctrines by world’s great men 5T 546

persons not reluctant to submit their positions for CD 187; CW 37

shameful and one-sided 4T 324-5

test of, pillars of SDA faith must stand CW 44; TM 107

that only serve to make matters more obscure than before CW 49

time of God’s, is at hand PP 124


plow deep with; become intellectual giants 1MCP 101:3

spirit of, aroused by SDA students in public university 3SM 234:1

Investigative judgment

Investigative judgment See Judgment

Investigative power, Investigative powers

Investigative power, Investigative powers, Christians should use, to see and correct evils in themselves 5T 96

Investment, Investments

Investment, Investments CS 45

capital for, God has lent to men 2T 668

enterprise which man values most is seen by his 1T 691

extravagant, should not be seen in SDA med. institutions MM 168

how Satan leads SDA to make wrong 5T 154

how Satan outgenerals some SDA in their 2T 664-5

in business interests in cities 2SM 357

in business speculations, warning re 1T 305

in earthly enterprises, persons considering 2T 196-7

in enterprise of securing eternal life, no risks run in 2T 280

in evangelism Ev 62-3

in God’s cause (or work) 1T 226, 691-2; 6T 452; 9T 270-1; WM 266

brings men closer to Him 3T 405

brings real satisfaction 5T 733

by wealthy persons 9T 114-6

children should be taught to make CSW 140-1

in establishing sanitariums and schools 9T 58

in Loma Linda Sanitarium 9T 272

made by few believers in proportion to their means 3T 398

makes men become more wedded to it 3T 389

now is time for 9T 131

why some wealthy believers do not make 3T 386

will bring rich returns 9T 49

will prove safe CS 151; 2T 681

without interest or at low rate of interest 9T 71

in helping the poor and needy, laying up double treasure by Ed 141

in inventions See Invention

in lands CS 45; 5T 151-2; 9T 57-8

in life insurance See Insurance

in patent rights, heavy losses from Ev 62-3; WM 266

speculation by 1T 304, 551

in patents 1T 225

in publishing work, make 4T 596

in secret organizations 2SM 132-3

in SDA institutions is safe 4T 596

in worldly enterprises, Satan pleased to have God’s people make 5T 152

large, in uncertain enterprises 2T 280

motives that guide men in making 1T 691

of too much of God’s means in one locality 8T 49

that are snare of last days CS 243

unchristian practices in 5T 277

unwise CS 243-4

very uncertain CS 242

wise and perfectly safe 1T 693


Christ calls attention away from unwise UL 355:6

discussion of, involving Ellen White TDG 130

faithful, of God’s treasure UL 45:2

good works as a safe, (in 1 Tim. 6:17-19) TDG 130:9

Holy Spirit directs, for God’s cause and glory RC 266:2

in patent rights, counsel against UL 93:5

in the cause, directed by the Holy Spirit UL 29:4

Satan may make your first, successful UL 21:3

selfish, condemned by God UL 234:3

spreading truth to new territory is profitable RC 202:2

successful, gifts for souls and God’s glory are TMK 223:4

worldly riches are poor; they will crumble to dust TDG 152:5

Investor, Investors

Investor, Investors, who will have title to eternal life 1T 693


blessed as property is held subject to God’s call OHC 194:5


Invincible, nothing more, than soul that feels its nothingness and relies wholly on Christ’s merits MH 182; 7T 17

than soul that feels its nothingness and trusts in God PK 174-5

Invitation, Invitations

Invitation, Invitations, Christ’s: to follow Him MH 25

to sinners DA 151, 328-32, 403; MH 512

to young men to enter His service MYP 25

given in Rev. 22:17, let all join in presenting 5T 207

God’s, is also command CT 419

to each youth to give his heart to Him MYP 408

gospel, not to be narrowed down to select few DA 194

last, is sounding to men COL 237

needed in public meetings, to backsliders and unbelievers 1SM 144-51

no more, to follow third angel’s message 5T 206-7

public, made by Elder Corliss 1SM 152

sinners should be given, to prepare for Christ’s coming 6T 65

special, men come to God by MB 131

to meals, not always safe to comply with CD 169

what to do when accepting CD 169

voice of, you may never again hear COL 281


accepting, to learn of Jesus TMK 89:2

accepting words of UL 42:2

all who hear, are to echo it HP 339:4; TDG 327:3; TMK 337:3

Christ gladdened homes where He received TDG 249:2

given earnestly, when united with Christ VSS 185:0

God gives, in many ways: through Bible and believers FW 64:5

heavenly, God’s messengers are to repeat TDG 30:4

rejoicing in, to drink but not accepting it for self TMK 105:3

See also Christ, invitation of

Iona Island

Iona Island, miss. center GC 62

Ionia, Mich.

Ionia, Mich. 1T 600

Iowa, U.S.A.

Iowa, U.S.A. 1T 147, 356-7, 382, 518, 594, 655, 675, 680; 3T 109; 4T 430-49

gift of Christ’s sacrifice appreciated at 1881 meeting in TDG 176:2

Iowa Conference

Iowa Conference MM 137-8; 5T 372


Ireland, Columba and colaborers went from, to Iona GC 62

earthquake of Lisbon felt in GC 304

Scotland received gospel from GC 62


Iron, cold, minister’s efforts like blows on 5T 616

hidden in earth by God Ed 214

ministers must make, hot by striking Ev 647

piece of, man nearly as unimpressible as 3T 547

strike not only when, is hot Ev 647

take, out of manner of work for Christ WM 90

out of your soul WM 90

tested in furnace MH 471

Iron band, Iron bands

Iron band, Iron bands, carnal security compared to 4T 228

habits and customs gird people as with 3T 71

many persons convinced of truth are held as with 1T 646

selfishness that girds people as 2T 58

self-righteousness compared to 4T 228

Iron heel

Iron heel, father who had 2T 85


Ironing, young women who think it unladylike to do 1T 686

Ironing time

Ironing time, Christian’s, this is 5BC 1131

Iron mixed with clay

Iron mixed with clay, in feet of image PK 498-9

represents mingling of churchcraft and statecraft 4BC 1168-9

Iron ore

Iron ore, melted by limestone burning beneath earth’s surface PP 108; 3SG 79-80

Iron rule

Iron rule, ministers warned against making Testimonies an, for inexperienced souls 5T 669


Irony, is stronghold of some peculiar minds 2T 555

keen and cutting, Michal’s PP 708-11

Nicodemus used, in talking with Christ DA 171

See also Sarcasm


Irrationally, people who eat and work, talk and act irrationally 1T 618


Irregularity, students’ habits of, to be dreaded CT 394; FE 373


angels can never endorse CET 199:1


Irreligion, devotion should take place of 4T 582

Irreligious person, Irreligious persons

Irreligious person, Irreligious persons, cannot be happy ML 158

most, even have their hours of conviction 6T 71


Irresolution, no place for, in labor of apostles AA 595

weakness in gospel workers Ev 647


Irreverence, children’s, in house of God 5T 497

in attitude, in house of God 5T 499

in deportment, in house of God 5T 499

in dress, in house of God 5T 499

man stoned to death for, toward God PP 407-8

mixed multitude corrupted with, for God PP 408

scars of, left upon soul 5T 41

school principals’ 2SM 313

slipshod and careless preachers’ 5T 582

study of Bible with, Satan is beside you in TM 108

teachers’ 2SM 313

temptation to, is strong for youth MYP 265

too much, in church 5T 496-7


shun person showing OHC 257:2

See also Shouting


Irreverent, shun people who are AH 47

Irreverent manner

Irreverent manner, do not speak in, of great and dreadful God EW 122

use of words “God Almighty” in EW 122

using God’s name in, displeases and disgust angels 1T 410


Irrigation, of Egypt, by machinery in Moses’ time 4aSG 54


Irritability, children’s: diet that causes CD 181; ML 146

feeding too often causes CD 229

improper eating causes 4aSG 132

mistake made by mothers in dealing with FE 150

self-abuse causes 2T 392

coffee causes 4aSG 128

diet that produces 2SM 437

disordered stomach often causes MH 310

dyspepsia causes 2T 364

eating at any or all times causes CG 388

evils of 1T 385-6

guard against 2T 314

hasty, should cease 2T 406

mother’s, seen in child 2SM 431

must be overcome 4T 84

of temper, eating habits of child proverbial for his FE 151

fiery condiments that cause FE 151

parent should not poison family with CG 246-7

sour stomach causes CD 112

sweet foods cause CD 321

tea causes 4aSG 128

teacher’s, tendency to Ed 277

tobacco causes Te 60-1

See also Fretfulness; Impatience


attachment to young man opposed, and caused 1MCP 302:1

avoided by simplicity in preparations OHC 281:2


Irritable, woman who was naturally 2T 230

Irritable disposition

Irritable disposition, flesh foods cause Te 160

Irritable spirit

Irritable spirit, eating has much to do with 2T 697

teacher’s, influence of CT 191


Irritated, speak gentle words when you are WM 153

Irritated feeling, Irritated feelings

Irritated feeling, Irritated feelings, kind words soothe PP 666-7

See also Feeling

Irritated stomach

Irritated stomach See Stomach

Irritating substance, Irritating substances

Irritating substance, Irritating substances, digestive organs work to free system from 2T 383

discard, from diet Te 179

food should be wholesome and free from CD 339

See also Condiment; Spice, Stimulant

Irritation, Irritations

Irritation, Irritations, be patient, kind, forbearing, and cheerful amid MH 487; 5T 345

betray no, by tone of voice CG 261

calling for much drink, remedy for CH 120

children’s, improper clothing causes MH 382

not fruit of Spirit GW 287; SD 290

parents warned against 1T 384-5

voice full of, unbecoming to teacher CT 171

See Annoyances

Irving, Agnes

Irving, Agnes WM 323

Irving, Sister

Irving, Sister, Dorcas work for WM 322, 324-5

Irwin, G. A.

Irwin, G. A.

Ellen White wrote on questions of 3SM 51:1


Isaac PP 146-55, 171-82, 207; 3SG 103-15; SR 79-87

Abraham believed God would raise, from the dead SR 81-2

Abraham’s faith shared by PP 152

Abraham’s offering of: as sacrifice 5BC 1081; DA 468-9, 756; PP 147-55, 749; 3SG 105-8; 1SM 273; SR 80-2; 1T 351, 454; 3T 368-9; 4T 18-9, 144-5, 253

Christ’s sacrifice prefigured by 1BC 1094; 3T 369

emblem of Christ’s sacrifice GC 18

on Mt. Moriah DA 112; GC 18; PK 37; PP 152-3; 3SG 105, 107; SR 80, 82

ram provided in place of, Christ symbolized by DA 112; PP 155

recorded for benefit of others 1BC 1094

when Abraham was 120 years old PP 147

when he had grown up PP 147

affections of, strong PP 171

beautiful in rosy health of youth 4T 144

birth of PP 146; 3SG 103; SR 79

in Abraham’s old age DA 98

when Abraham was 100 years old PP 146

birthright privileges and conditions made known to sons by PP 178

blind and infirm in old age PP 179, 207

buried in cave of Machpelah PP 237

child of miracle PP 151

Christ talked with, as he prayed in field DA 290-1

covenant promise renewed to Jacob by PP 183

deathbed of, Jacob and Esau met at PP 207

died at Hebron PP 207

disposition of, gentle and yielding PP 171

education of 3SG 112; SR 86

enlisted in God’s service COL 301

faithful believer in God SR 82

flocks of, near Beersheba PP 173

God’s assurance re, as child of promise PK 368

gospel understood by PP 366

home training of PP 175-6

in new earth 1SM 64

Ishmael envied and despised PP 146; 3SG 103; SR 79

Jacob deceived GC 616; PP 177-8; 3SG 114-5; SR 87-9

lived at Hebron many years PP 511

lived many years after Jacob deceived him 3SG 116; SR 89

loved and reverenced his father SR 82; 1T 454

loved Esau more than Jacob 3SG 113-4; SR 87

marriage of, to Rebekah PP 171-6; 3SG 108-13; SR 84-6

when 40 years old PP 175; 3SG 112; SR 86

oath made by God to 1T 203

quiet and peace-loving shepherd PP 177

respect of, for his father’s judgment SR 86

revelations of God’s will preserved through PK 682-3

solace of Abraham’s old age 4T 145

statement of, under Spirit’s inspiration PP 181

submission of, to God’s will 3SG 107

wealth of, Esau kept PP 207


belief in Abraham’s integrity caused, to be submissive TMK 20:3

offering of, Christ’s sacrifice prefigured by TMK 20:2


Isaiah, apostasy in Ahaz’s reign rebuked by PK 322-3

assured his mission would not be fruitless PK 308-9

call of, to prophetic ministry GW 21-2; PK 303-10, 371; 5T 749

Christ spoke through MB 43, 71

Christ’s glory seen by MB 43

death of, as martyr PK 382

sawn asunder 4BC 1137

faith of, visions of church’s glorious conquests strengthened PK 371

God exalted by, as Creator of all PK 315

God’s purpose for heathen is presented by PK 367, 371-8

gospel prophet MB 43

heaven’s glory described by FE 395

Hezekiah given message by, re Sennacherib’s army PK 359-61

Hezekiah instructed by, re fatal malady PK 340-2

Hezekiah reproved by PK 346-7

hope of, during last years of King Ahaz PK 330

humiliation of, on beholding God’s glory GW 22; PK 307

humility of GC 471

Israel called back to God by PK 311

looked down centuries to advent of Christ PK 373

message of comfort and encouragement borne by PK 321

message given to, in year that King Ahaz died PK 350

message that brought courage to PK 310

Messiah’s glory portrayed by DA 103

mission of, long and arduous 5T 751

obstinate resistance met by PK 306-7

patient and courageous teacher PK 309

pleadings of, response of men of Judah to PK 320

prophet of hope as well as of doom PK 309

prophetic ministry of: began in last year of Uzziah’s reign PK 305-6

began more than 100 years before Cyrus of Persia was born PK 551, 557

began shortly before Samaria fell PK 291, 305, 324

began soon after Hosea and Amos prophesied PK 306

began when Assyrians were about to invade Judah PK 305; 5T 749

began while he was young PK 305; 5T 749

began while Jotham was sharing burdens of state PK 305

during Ahaz’s reign PK 322-30

during Hezekiah’s reign PK 333-54, 361, 366

during time of peril for God’s people PK 305

ended in beginning of Manasseh’s reign 4BC 1137; PK 382-3

Judah invaded by armies of Israel and of Syria during PK 305

lasted more than half a century PK 382

lasted 60 years PK 310

scion of royal line MH 148; PK 305

sense of God’s purity and holiness overwhelmed PK 307

Spirit spoke through DA 112, 465

vision given to, in year that King Uzziah died 4BC 1139

re God in His temple GW 21-2; PK 307-8; 5T 750

re God’s holiness DA 246; GC 471; PK 314

re most holy place of heavenly sanctuary 4BC 1139-40; GW 21-2

re the future PK 320, 373

shows how closely heaven is connected with earth 5T 753

words spoken through, re-echoed in Sermon on Mount MB 43

wrote under inspiration of Spirit DA 174


book of,

forty-second chapter, call to read TDG 193:4

58, memorize, to recall when tempted 1MCP 95:3

See also the Scripture index


seen in temple by (according to verse quoted) 3SM 354:2

spoke through (Isa. 9:6) TMK 12:3

humiliated by feebleness of his praise RC 338:3

humility of, when he saw God’s glory Mar 235:4; TMK 175:3

prophecies of, about Messiah, Jesus clarified in temple LHU 77:4

temple interior described as revealed to RC 338:2

unworthiness sensed by, in seeing the Lord’s glory HP 177:2

vision of, people of God in last days represented by HP 177:4

Isaiah, book of

Isaiah, book of: Christ read from, at Nazareth 9T 202

closing chapters of, diligently study 4BC 1145

glorious things revealed in FE 395

prophecy(s) of: Ethiopian eunuch studied AA 108

fulfilling rapidly today PK 313

interest of Christ in, at age of 12 DA 78

John the Baptist referred to DA 134; MB 2

re Christ’s first advent AA 223; DA 56; PK 688

re Christ’s sufferings and death AA 225-6; DA 458

re Cyrus of Persia PK 551-2, 557

re restoration in Nehemiah’s time PK 677

re world-wide miss. work today PK 375


Ishbosheth, King Saul’s son PP 698-701, 742


Ishi, means “My husband” PK 298-9


Ishmael PP 145-7, 174; 3SG 101-5; SR 77-81

Abraham sent away PP 146-8; 3SG 103-4; SR 79-80

birth of PP 145-6, 174; 3SG 101-2; SR 77-8

disposition of, turbulent PP 146

father of great nation PP 146-7, 174; 3SG 104

heathen wives of, Hagar chose PP 174

home of, idolatry in PP 174

husbands who have spirit of AH 226

Isaac envied and despised by PP 146; 3SG 103; SR 79

name of, signifies “God shall hear” PP 146

repented in his latter days PP 174

wild and marauding life of desert chief chosen by PP 174

youth when Isaac was born PP 146


Ishmaelites, from beyond Jordan, Joseph sold to PP 211-2; 3SG 141; SR 101

Ishmael’s descendants, turbulent and heathen people PP 174

Island, Islands

Island, Islands, America and, bond of union may be formed between FE 204

Australasian school must extend its influence to 6T 473

cry of human woe is ascending to God from COL 179

desert, banishment of God’s people by persecution to 9T 227-8

funds should be provided for gospel work in 7T 215

God has firmament of chosen ones in reserve in PK 189

God’s message will go in power to LS 209

higher schools needed to train students from 9T 51

inhabited, disappear under seventh plague GC 637

lonely, God knows all about His faithful servants in DA 669

Macedonian cry comes from 5T 732

miss. work that must be done in FE 208-9; LS 338

openings for missionaries in, many FE 203

privilege of laboring for God in FE 207

SDA work must extend to 7T 172

some SDA are to be missionaries in WM 111

students from, should be trained as missionaries at Australian school LS 376

students in, two kinds of schools needed for training 9T 51

training schools must be established in 9T 51

three angels’ messages must go to Ev 19; GW 470; 6T 133

waiting for knowledge of God 9T 51

Islander, Islanders

Islander, Islanders, train, as missionaries to work for their own people 9T 51


Isms, no lack of, to delude Ev 358


Isolation, selfish, John the Baptist’s life was not spent in CT 446; DA 102

See also Seclusion


“Israel,” name of, given to Jacob MB 144; PP 198

signifies “a prince of God” 3SG 130; SR 95