EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Institutional work - Intellectual pride

Institutional work

Institutional work, books dedicated to advancement of, people should sell 9T 83

can be successfully carried forward only in sacrifice CH 316

must not be left to men who mingle the sacred with the common 5T 550

Institutional worker, Instiutional workers

Institutional worker, Instiutional workers See Institution

Instruction, Instructions

Instruction, Instructions, Christ gave some, to His disciples alone TM 34-6

Christ’s manner of giving, by means of Scriptures 4T 401

effective method of, parable teaching was COL 21

faithful, pastor must give people AA 394

given by Christ, were so simple that all understood Him 5T 588

given from God, danger in least departure from CH 458-9; 5T 197-8

let wisdom from above pervade all, given in SDA college 5T 32

method of giving, to youth in schools of prophets PP 593

needed, ears should be quick to catch all 1T 707-8

practical, needed by children in religious experience 5T 42

religious, should be given from earliest years 6T 93

town or city that failed to give, to youth in Christ’s time DA 69

varied manner of, youth should receive education in 3T 131

work of, begun here will continue through eternity 5T 301

See also Teaching



continues through angels Mar 249:4

was of highest order TDG 168:4

was simple and practical TMK 50:3

divine, heard when all laid at the foot of the cross HP 107:5

given in early days of the message is safe to follow today FLB 296:3

God sends; Testimonies to be studied 3SM 358:2

Judas would not receive TDG 267:5

messages of, Holy Spirit gives SDAs HP 347:3

methods of, to be varied to develop the mind 1MCP 189:4

needed in lines of health reform OHC 267:3

parental, children without RC 180:6

pleasant, children and youth need RC 186:6

willingness to receive, TDG 295:3; UL 300:4

seek virtue TDG 243:2

Word of God is the only true source of TDG 281:2

See also Counsel

Instructor, Instructors

Instructor, Instructors, impetuous, question that Christ asks of 4T 419

in modern schools, lead students over field of study comparatively useless FE 469

See also Teacher


Instructor See “Youth’s Instructor”

Instrument, Instruments

Instrument, Instruments, Assyrians used by God as, to carry out His purpose PK 291

be grateful that God condescends to use men as 3T 209

God has ordained that men should be His 1T 174; 2SG 245

God is not straitened for, to do His work 1T 261

God surprises men by revealing His power through, of His own choice TM 106

God will do work if we furnish Him 9T 107

God will use men as, as long as world stands 3T 418

humblest, sometimes selected by God to do greatest work 6BC 1083; COL 363-4

king of Babylon used as God’s, against impenitent Judah PK 422

men are, in God’s hands to accomplish His purposes GC 343

men are only, in God’s hands to do His will 5T 626

of unrighteousness, how man becomes DA 313

polished, in God’s hands 5T 515

simple, used by God to carry forward His work 2SG 283


humans chosen by Christ as His; die to self TDG 270:5

humble ones used as, if they use their talent TDG 330:5


God sows seeds of truth with HP 188:4

may grow in power and usefulness HP 224:4; TMK 324:5

Instrumentality, Instrumentalities

Instrumentality, Instrumentalities, appointed to lead His people, God is insulted when men despise and reject PP 402; 3T 355; 5T 680

God has placed, in hands of His people to do His will and way TM 424

God uses various and many, in His work AA 355; CM 140

God’s important, Satan makes special attacks upon LS 271

human, God works through 4T 473

three, that God uses to spread truth Ev 547

Instrumental music

Instrumental music See Music


Insubordination, diet of flesh food fosters 1BC 1112-3

fruit of murmuring against reproof 4T 199

has kept God’s people out of heavenly Canaan Ev 696

how to prevent, in college 5T 89

lording it over God’s heritage produces TM 361

Lucifer and his angel followers fell through 3T 418

spirit of, implanted in hearts of children and youth GC 584

warning against 4T 90

that meekness could not quell 3T 342

unparalleled spirit of, in rising generation FE 64

See also Definance; Insurrection; Rebellion; Revolt



contrasted with loveliness of Christ TMK 125:2

Insult, Insults

Insult, Insults, bear, meekly 5T 344

believers who will not be able to endure, in great crisis 5T 81

Christ bore, patiently DA 89

without retaliation 5BC 1081

Christian should be blind to MB 16

coarsest, Christ submitted with perfect calmness to DA 734

David’s experience under cruelest wrong and PP 738

given to God, failure to care for your body is CD 16

given to Spirit by refusal to heed God’s message through His messengers TM 54

great, given to God by despising His instrumentalities PP 402; 3T 355; 5T 680

greatest, that men can inflict on Christ 3BC 1160

highest, to God’s goodness TM 280

how to be blind to 2T 567

many believers will yield to powers that be rather than be subject to PK 188

personal, how to meet 7T 156

worst, to dignified womanhood 2T 458


Christ came to show how to bear UL 139:6

Christ’s example of patience under TMK 139:2

offered to a child of Christ is as done to Him TDG 109:2

rise above, by ruling spirit RC 292:4

self guards against HP 249:5

See also Provocation

Insulting word, Insulting words

Insulting word, Insulting words, respond to, by gentle answers 5T 344


Insurance, life 1T 549-51

few people realize returns from investment in 1T 550

means belonging to God should not be invested in 1T 550

only kind of, which heaven sanctions 1T 550

SDA should not engage in 1T 549

worldly policy leading from simplicity and purity of gospel 1T 550

Insurance policy

Insurance policy, that entitles man to eternal life 7BC 944

value of which someone else receives after your death 7BC 944


Insure, man whom God will never, for everlasting life MM 123


Insurrection, Christ was careful lest Roman authorities should be aroused to fear DA 232

creator of, plan to accuse Christ before Romans as DA 699

Paul and Barnabas accused of, at Iconium AA 178

Peter and John accused of, by Jews AA 80

spirit of, in history of gospel work 4aSG 37

See also Insubordination; Rebellion; Revolt; Revolution; Sedition



God is personal not, like a perfume TDG 273:5


Integrity CG 152-5

Abraham was man of SR 75

among sanitarium workers CH 408-11

attribute of God ML 331; MYP 35

bartered by many men for bag of silver shekels PP 497

can be maintained under all circumstances PK 545

cannot be bought or sold MH 198

Christian: maintain to the last your ML 313

maintain with resolute fixedness of purpose your MH 453; 8T 313

must be sought with resistless energy MH 453; 8T 313

opposed to all deception and pretense 5T 235

teachers as examples of FE 504-11

true, physician’s example of 4T 545

cultivate, earnestly CT 226; 4T 656

daily example of, importance of 5T 706

Daniel and companions decided to maintain their MYP 27; PK 483

do not swerve from, in time of emergency 4T 117

essential qualification of teacher Ed 277

firm, needed for moral fitness for any position 4T 367

shines as gold amid world’s dross and rubbish 4T 310

God needs men of PP 574

God will never forsake you while you preserve your 3T 293

God’s people must have, that cannot be flattered, bribed, or terrified MH 498; 5T 297

grand consciousness of, religion that bears critical world’s scrutiny with 4T 191

habits of, how to acquire 4T 561

hold fast your, while undergoing trial 8T 132

how youth can have, of a Joseph or Daniel 5T 321-2

in little things, gladdens path of life PP 574

individual, only safeguard for Ed 229

invincible power of ML 331

Joseph could not be tempted to turn aside from his course of MYP 27

Joseph suffered because of his PP 217-8; 3SG 144-5; SR 102

learn to combine sense of, with sunniness of disposition GW 122

lofty, God’s work calls for men of 3T 25

maintain (preserve) your 2T 72; 5T 14

at any cost to self GW 447

by Christ’s grace 1SM 127

by not imitating practices of the ungodly 5T 14

even at cost of life 4T 237

man whom Satan could allure from, for trifling advantage 4T 37

men soon depart from, when they cast off fear of God PP 557

men who will stand steadfast in, God calls for CH 290

moral: gospel workers should be men of 3T 23

needed to resist pollutions of last days 3T 567

no amount of gold can supply 3T 23

secures God’s favor 3BC 1158; SD 111

youth possessing, can resist strongest temptations 4T 623

must bind God’s people up with Him 5BC 1097

noble, shines forth in life and character 5T 280

of character, countenance reflects 5T 402

maintain your, under trial and discouragement MYP 80

of God’s people, tested and proved in temporal things 4T 309

of purpose, cultivate 3T 44

of soul: compromised by cherishing unholy desire 5T 177

compromised by tolerating impure thought 5T 177

God calls for 2T 335

should be firm against vanity, display, and flattery 3T 47

one of sterner virtues MH 391; 2T 701

path of, not free from obstruction DA 667

persons whose, will be of purest character 3T 303

pub. house workers need 3T 23

pure and sanctified, how to have 4T 63

sacrificed by many people for luxury and display PP 102

Samson was one of the weakest in PP 567

Satan tempts men to depart from principle and sacrifice 4T 577

sharper who sells his, for worldly gain 4T 617

should characterize: your every act GW 141

your life MM 131

soul that all powers of devils cannot sway from 4T 358

spotless, Christ was example of DA 243

sterling, not cultivated as it should be 4T 306

stern, weave into character principles of CG 157; MYP 45

strict: danger of venturing from PP 440

deviation from, is not gain but loss 4T 355

do not depart from, for a time to gain worldly advantage PP 440

follow, in all things MM 170

parents should set example in, for children CG 489

required in minutest details of affairs of life PP 309

student should cherish FE 473

teach CT 270

world has right to expect, of Bible Christians 5T 179

strictest: everything should be done with 3BC 1158

gospel workers should cherish principles of CM 154

Joshua was to follow course of 2BC 993

not safe to depart in least from 2T 306

parents should set example in, for children 8T 199

sanitarium manager’s dealings should be governed by CH 410

should govern your actions toward fellow men 4T 487

strong, need of men of GW 141

successful minister must have GW 111; 3T 553

sure result of following in way of righteousness FE 352; MM 83

trial used to test and prove 4T 117

true, should mark all your actions 2T 158

unbending, honest man manifests 4T 310

shines like pure gold CG 153; ML 330

unsullied, cannot be bought or sold 7T 27

unswerving, should be carried into all relations of life FE 82

youth of, examples of MYP 27-8

youth should not turn aside from their course of MYP 27-8


act with strict, as Jesus would TDG 343:3

attribute of God HP 179:6

blends with justice and kindness RC 306:6

business, shines as gold when tested 2MCP 438:1; TDG 337:2


building requires OHC 84:4

traits which are objectionable covered by 2MCP 437:4


difficulty in holding fast TMK 352:2

shines through criticism and test HP 243:2

conscious, yielding OHC 94

Daniel had unbending OHC 249:2

environment important for UL 363:2

follow strict, in all details of life RC 272:2

gift of Holy Spirit dependent on TMK 170:3

God demands, in large and small matters HP 154:5

hold fast, in God’s strength to realize His promise TMK 268:3

influence of UL 125:3

justice and Christian kindness, combination of OHC 229:7

learning of Christ to combine sympathy with TMK 218:4

least departure from, hardens conscience OHC 266:5

loss of,

makes soul a battlefield and brings doubts OHC 94:4; TMK 248:3

opens to Satan and brings doubts and fears 1MCP 321:3

when communion with God is broken TDG 232:4


only by feeding on the Bread of Life TDG 11:6

relying on God’s strength HP 260:4

moral, happiness depends on OHC 63:2

Noah distinguished by, amid corruption and ridicule RC 322:3

others struggle to maintain, as we do OHC 236:2

reputation for, worth much for one just beginning OHC 226:3

Satan knows power of, and tries to prevent it HP 243:3

seek, with energy and maintain with purpose HP 26:3

soul cannot be weakened if, is maintained TMK 248:4

sunniness needs to be combined with 3SM 238:4

swerving from, leads to final ruin OHC 347:4

unbending, shines like gold through criticism RC 272:5

victory through Con 78:4

work to be done in TMK 290:5



1. Classes of

2. Qualities of

3. Miscellaneous


1. Classes of

active, persons who make free use of flesh foods cannot have 2T 62

benumbed, stimulants produce 4T 214

that cannot be aroused Te 183

brilliant, sanctified by Spirit diffuses light and purity 2T 407

child with brilliant, parents’ duty re CG 188

controlled and sanctified by Spirit, power in 4T 519

controlled by: carnal desires clamoring for gratification CH 22

religion has transforming power 3T 84

converted, what Christ works within will be worked out under dictation of CD 35

corrupted, thousands of minds poisoned by literature produced by 3T 472

cultivated: is great treasure 3T 539

many women have neither breadth of thought nor 3T 565

needed in every part of God’s work TM 195

noble soul should be united with 4T 562

persons of, should be recompensed proportionately to responsibilities they bear 5T 551

cultivated studiously, can be effectively used in God’s service CT 426

cultured, Satan uses many GC 509

enfeebled: entertaining error results in MM 89

intemperance produces 4T 31

liquor user transmits, to children 4T 30-1

tobacco user transmits, to children 4T 30-1

enlightened and cultivated, God wants man to secure all advantages of 4T 413

enslaved to serve animal appetites 2SM 431

exercised in one direction to neglect of other essential things 3T 32

feeble, men with strength of muscle who have 3T 157

giant, Satan is being of GC 670

good, man who had corrupt heart and 2T 407

great, is curse to possessor when made minister of vice 4T 520

greatest, cannot understand mysteries in nature 3BC 1141

not sufficient for God’s work MH 513

highest, cannot understand God’s nature 8T 279

keenest, God must remain clothed in mystery to SC 105; 5T 698-9

left to rust from inaction becomes debased 5T 311

liquor-drinking man’s, is enfeebled 4T 30

men of giant: antediluvians were GC 664; PP 90

who are babes in discipline 3T 495-6

who are cowards 3T 495-6

massive, men of God in antediluvian times had PP 84

mightiest created, cannot understand Godhead 7BC 914

most brilliant, never is substitute for God’s wisdom and power LS 245-6

most powerful in behalf of truth is one that Christ controls 9T 136

most vigorous, can never exhaust themes of God’s word 5T 29

perverted, can scarcely discern between true and false CT 113

influence of 6BC 1105

sanctified, will unlock treasures of God’s word 4T 422

sound, sound body is needed for 3T 152

superior, should not cling to others for support 3T 494

weakened by novels and story reading 4T 497

well-developed, woman needs 3T 152

young, should not be forced to neglect physical powers FE 146; 3T 137

2. Qualities of

brilliancy of, God gives 7BC 916

self-abuse impairs 2T 361

clearness of: importance of PK 486

indulgence of appetite impairs SL 23

sacrificed by indulgence of appetite CH 66; ML 75

great capacities of, person endowed with Spirit has TM 176

keen and sharp, may be advantageous in teaching CSW 168

mold of, received from opportunities and advantages ill or well improved CG 200

powers of, may be nicely balanced to work like well-regulated machinery 3T 33

sharpness of, Bible study gives GW 100

promised to Christian physician MM 34

vigor of, foods that impart MH 296

Israel was to be above all other peoples in MH 283

3. Miscellaneous

abuse of, by intemperate reading CT 135

alone, does not make man 4T 519

beautiful things of nature awaken MH 265

Bible is best and most effective means of purifying CT 396

Bible is without rival in disciplining CT 422

Bible study develops FE 432

Bible study is superior to all other study in strengthening MYP 253

cannot take place of moral qualities 2BC 1031

card playing offers nothing to strengthen 4T 652

Christ purchased your, on cross of Calvary 7T 159

Christ’s teachings never degrade or dwarf 3T 376

clear conscience invigorates 2T 327

close alliance with Source of knowledge and wisdom helps CT 510

coffee arouses MH 326

coffee seems to invigorate CG 403; 3T 487

coffee tends to becloud CD 426; SL 32

consecrate, to God’s service CT 544

continual study weakens 3T 142-3

conversion invigorates MYP 65-6

cultivate 4T 399

cultivating, ministers should see need of 2T 503

cultivation of, physical labor does not prevent 3T 152

poverty need not prevent COL 343

culture of, education calls for more than MH 398

give careful attention to 3T 26

Daniel’s plain diet benefited 4T 515-6

defiling habits debase FE 227

depth of human, may be measured COL 113; ML 108

developing, teachers need to know how to direct 3T 131

development of, false influences have checked 3T 142-3

dissolute habits debase 2SM 422

do not cultivate, at expense of the moral and spiritual CT 541

dwarfing, to cheap and vain things is sinful 3T 370-1

dwarfs in, humility does not mean that men are to be COL 363

dumb animals do not have 3T 132

eating between meals enfeebles 3T 136

education of, erroneous idea re 5T 522

enfeebled by partaking freely of flesh meat, butter, cheese, rich pastry, spiced foods, and condiments CH 114; 3T 136

erroneous supposition that constant study gives 3T 143

every flash of, is from Light of the world DA 465; Ed 14

exciting amusements tend to dwarf AH 521

exercise of all faculties of mind strengthens 3T 32

fashion deteriorates 4T 647

flesh foods becloud 2T 64

flesh foods enfeeble CH 114; 3T 136; Te 160

flesh foods seem to invigorate 3T 487

gift of God to be employed to His glory 1SM 258-9

giving loose reign to debasing passions causes, to suffer 4aSG 131

God expects men to use SD 314; Te 143, 195

gospel workers dwarfed in TM 303

gratification of lower passions shatters 4T 343

gratification of unnatural appetite benumbs 3T 162

habits have more to do than natural endowments in making men giants or dwarfs in CG 199; CH 112

happiness is not obtained by 2T 305; 4T 125

health has much to do with CG 187

improve in, constantly 4T 563

improvement of, most powerful incentives to CT 226

indulgence of perverted appetite benumbs FE 147

indulgence of perverted appetite injures 4aSG 129

inward peace invigorates 2T 327

irregular habits of eating enfeeble 3T 136

is lent treasure Ed 57

is talent 6T 451

kind of, that is power to build up God’s kingdom 6BC 1105

knowledge of God and Christ cannot be grasped by SD 233

leaders trusting to, will not stand at head of rank and file 5T 80

lent to man in trust by God 2BC 1029; 2SM 178, 215

light is given to, as man works with Christ 6T 477

lustful appetite beclouds 1T 486

man may have, and yet be valueless 2T 305

man’s: belongs to God 2SM 137

has been perverted 1BC 1089

is not omnipotent CT 53; 5T 24

must bow to great I AM SC 110; 5T 704

men of: God will convert, if men work faithfully and bravely AA 140; MH 216

God’s cause needs LS 277; 4T 415

needed as ministers and colporteurs LS 277

manner arousing, present truth in 2T 336

many children ruined for life by urging, to neglect of physical powers 3T 137

mildew of world perverts 4T 357

mind must invent, work, and wrestle to give hardness and vigor to FE 226

moral atmosphere that operates almost insensibly upon, to poison and ruin 3T 125-6

morbid appetite ill affects 2SM 416-7

mother’s, should not become enfeebled AH 233

mothers should cultivate CG 71

must be cultivated 5T 311; TM 374-5

to make the man 4T 519

must be: exercised in resisting evil MYP 106

placed under Spirit’s control COL 333; CT 426

must gain expansion and vigor and acuteness and activity FE 226

nature’s great medicinal resources awaken MM 231

need of strengthening MYP 22

needlessly beclouding CD 118

not accepted as ransom for transgressor CS 153

obligation to develop, to fullest capacity COL 333

outdoor life awakens SD 170

overeating has depressing influence on 2T 412

peace of Christ cannot be secured by 4T 559

peace of soul cannot be procured by SC 49

people who glory in, are brought to confusion 8T 127

people who worship 6BC 1069

persons who refuse to give up tobacco and liquor do not appreciate their SD 313

pork enfeebles 3T 136

prayerful Bible study disciplines FE 171

preserved by, abstemiousness in diet 3T 491

control of all passions 3T 491

proper bathing makes, brighter MH 276; 3T 70

Satan cannot touch your, unless you yield it to him 6BC 1105

Satan’s ruling passion is to pervert Ev 266

secret vice weakens 2T 402

self-abuse ill affects 2T 392

spirituous liquor benumbs 3T 561

stimulants weaken 4T 28

stimulating food and drink ill affect 3T 487

study of God’s word activates PP 599

study of God’s word invigorates MYP 65

superior to riches and physical power 4T 519

superiority in, God’s people should show COL 358; MM 200

supreme only as sanctified by living connection with God FE 450

takes its shape during childhood CG 199

taking course which beclouds your, is sin 2T 354

talent of, given to man for wise improvement CT 513; FE 48; MYP 170

man must answer for use made of PP 558

taxing, in study of God’s word gives mental ability FE 444

tea arouses MH 326

tea seems to invigorate CG 403; 3T 487

tobacco has paralyzing effect on MH 329

treasures of, given to men by God to test them PP 753; 5T 736

lay, as willing offering at Christ’s feet PP 753; 5T 736

true conversion strengthens and invigorates MYP 65

truth must be apprehended by 5T 272

unhealthy stimulants enfeeble 4T 34

unimpaired, how to preserve 3T 491

use of, determines person’s right to claim to be man 4T 519

vain show of, ministers should not be ambitious for Ev 181

waste of, waste of time is 3T 146

wealth of, one prayer offered in faith has more power than 2T 279

wine beclouds 2BC 1033; 4aSG 12; Te 44

wine confuses Te 92

without softening influence of sympathy and sanctified love, is not of highest value 3T 539

women should cultivate WM 161

women’s, dwarfing of WM 148

youth should strengthen their MYP 22

youth who dwarf their, to matter of dress 3T 377-8

See also Brain; Mind


accountability for TMK 93:2

appetite indulgence reduces clearness of CC 248:3

being of, became rebel and captures intellectual people OHC 309:3

belongs to God OHC 42:4

Bible religion in practical life insures highest RC 154:5

Bible study strengthens HP 139:4; LHU 111:2; 1MCP 93:2

more than anything else HP 135:4

character development by cultivation of LHU 91:4

clouded, sin does not appear sinful when OHC 266:3


to God and service to humanity TMK 305:3

to service of God AG 258:5

consecration and influence of God’s Spirit quicken TMK 8:5

continual improvement of, in Creator’s purpose OHC 106:4

cultivation of, at expense of the spiritual 2MCP 374:2

culture of,

Bible religion in the life ensures highest 3SM 284:2

required to understand revelation of God 1MCP 89:1

curse when, made a minister of vice RC 157:3

development of,

neglected by interest in sensational LYL 41:3

realized by only a few 1MCP 190:0

dress extravagance not in harmony with development of 1MCP 289:2

dwarfed by commonplace subjects; exercise the mind 2MCP 667:1

educate, to discern what Jesus means to us OHC 136:5

enfeebled by rejection of Bible history 2MCP 742:2

entrusted talent OHC 289:3

essential in God’s work but must be purged by obedience TDG 321:2

exalted by the Bible FLB 223:4

feeblest, law of God can be grasped by 2MCP 562:3; TMK 294:3

flashes of, revealed by Christ TMK 97:2

force mightier than wealth or physical power RC 157:3

giants of, diligence and deep thinking to become 1MCP 101:3

gift of,

lent in trust FW 20:2

render back to God for 1MCP 154:3

to see claims of God’s moral law OHC 137:2

give, to God TDG 367:3

God expects the use of RC 165:7

God has given,

and the capacity to improve 1MCP 105:3

to humans UL 201:4

God’s signet not granted according to OHC 180:3

gospel addresses more than OHC 105:2

grace acts on, as we believe in and learn from Christ TMK 136:4

greatness is more than TSB 91

growth of, depends on making God known UL 81:4

harm to, because unseen; they need regulating 2MCP 376:3

humbled by gospel, but not crippled TMK 135:4

improving, understanding God as purpose for TMK 205:2

invigorated under influence of truth TMK 200:3

light given to, when united to Christ OHC 306:4

lost in spite of, without saving faith in Christ 3SM 172:4

love for Christ gives new life to RC 368:4; TMK 167:3

more than, needed for working with Christ UL 62:5

numbed by Satan in indulgence of appetite TMK 313:3

obstinacy in those with capacity of TDG 351:2

people with superior/profound,

being led captive OHC 309:3

bewildered without God’s Word UL 156:4

perverted by fictitious stories TMK 318:2

plan of salvation to be presented clearly to people of TDG 18:6

power for good in UL 24:2

power/strength of,

by abstinence from harmful foods OHC 244:3

by obedience; advancement continues in future life 2MCP 563:0

by vigorous contact with grand themes TDG 166:3

given by grace to use in self-denial 2MCP 558:1

given to minor matters rather than to God OHC 79:4

in self-cultivation OHC 219:2

to build up the kingdom 2MCP 785:4

to restrain, control, and balance OHC 333:3

with exercise AG 258:3

prostituted; soul ruin; rationalizing licentiousness TSB 190:2

qualification of, Christ worked to show importance of TDG 59:4

Samuel taught from dawn of, love and ownership of God RC 195:2

success of God’s work not dependent on HP 328:4

superiority of, entrusted to many colored SW 54:2

taxing of, expansion, vigor and acuteness gained by TDG 66:5

thoughts (unimportant) dwarf 2MCP 668:2

transformation of, by power of religion TSB 98:1

under Satan’s sway caused deformity of whole person OHC 36:3

unwillingness of those with, to be humble learners of Christ TMK 189:2

use of, determines right to claim to be a man UL 24:2

using, and gaining efficiency in work God gives to all TDG 228:4

value of, as it can be used for Christ OHC 114:3

weakened by wrong habits hurts understanding of God’s laws HP 193:4

weakness of, from parents’ sexual gratification TSB 114:1

See also Minds; Thinking; Understanding

Intellectual ability

Intellectual ability, all of your, Christ has purchased FE 255

gospel work needs Ev 421-2

improved by education and culture, fails sometimes to comprehend Scripture passages 5T 704

success in finding truth does not depend so much on 5T 704

to originate, is talent lent to man by God CS 114; ML 332

without goodness of heart, is power for evil 4T 656

See also Intellectual capability

Intellectual activity

Intellectual activity, much flesh food diminishes CD 389; MM 277

Intellectual advancement

Intellectual advancement, slow, children who make AH 523-4

thorough and continuous searching of Scriptures should accompany 5T 708

Intellectual assent

Intellectual assent, mere, to truth is not saving faith DA 347

Intellectual attainment, Intellectual attainments

Intellectual attainment, Intellectual attainments, gospel is far from being opposed to 6BC 1114

high standard of, antediluvians could reach PP 82

how to reach CH 65

man may reach almost any height in SD 333; Te 210

many persons of superior, led captive by Satan 7BC 915

of antediluvians PP 82-3

will not win crown of immortality ChS 247; ML 340

youth may rise to any height in ML 106; MYP 190-1

Intellectual battle

Intellectual battle, opponents of truth have educated themselves for 3T 426

Intellectual being, Intellectual beings

Intellectual being, Intellectual beings, God cares for men as FE 131

Satan is 4T 422

Intellectual capability

Intellectual capability, offer to God your, as consecrated oblation TM 283

See also Intellectual ability

Intellectual Christian

Intellectual Christian, truths of God’s word can be best appreciated by CT 361

Intellectual class

Intellectual class, brain is often overworked by 3T 156-7

field of labor that should not be neglected is MM 243

laboring class succumbs to disease more readily than 3T 157

persons converted among, will be used by God to win others MM 243-4

persons laboring for salvation of, do good and essential work MM 243

suffer from, lack of physical exercise 3T 156-7

Intellectual conception

Intellectual conception, Lord Byron’s 4T 519

Intellectual culture

Intellectual culture 4T 545-9

Bible is best book for giving GW 100

children should be given CT 131

controlled by love of God and devoted to His service is blessing DA 249

eager effort for, physical and moral training neglected in FE 71

God’s word is only sure means of 8T 319

high, youth need 6T 206

mistake made in securing FE 541

not safeguard against religious intolerance and persecution GC 227

spiritual interest should not be neglected in seeking CT 49

when, is blessing DA 249; TM 259

Intellectual darkness

Intellectual darkness, day of great, favors papacy’s success GC 572

Intellectual development

Intellectual development, diet’s relation to, needs more attention Ed 204

how Bible study affects 5T 686

Intellectual diet

Intellectual diet, new and exciting amusements are, of many people 4T 578-9

Intellectual discipline

Intellectual discipline, Luther’s (Martin) understanding was ripened by GC 122

Intellectual dyspeptic, Intellectual dyspeptics

Intellectual dyspeptic, Intellectual dyspeptics, diligent students should not become 4T 424

Intellectual efforts

Intellectual efforts, vigorous and earnest, God demands 3BC 1162

Intellectual enlightenment

Intellectual enlightenment, Jews of Christ’s time did not need DA 406

Intellectual faculty, Intellectual faculties

Intellectual faculty, Intellectual faculties, abuse of marriage privileges weakens 2T 391

animal appetite is strengthened at expense of 2T 486

are God’s gifts FE 86

capable of: highest cultivation 4T 340

vast improvement LS 275

cultivated improperly, become powerful aids in leading to perdition 4T 443

do not subordinate, to animal propensities 2T 480

due cultivation and exercise of, God requires CT 99

dullness of, bewail your 9T 243

improper food weakens 2T 404

obedience to God’s word quickens 8T 323

secret vice ill affects 2T 470

should be quick to discern evil results of mixing sacred and common things 1T 472

stimulating diet weakens CG 188

study of God’s word quickens MH 466; ML 262

wrong habits becloud 1T 472

See also Mental faculty

Intellectual giant, Intellectual giants

Intellectual giant, Intellectual giants, Daniel was 4T 569

ministers who care to become, could do tenfold more work intelligently TM 194

Intellectual gift, Intellectual gifts

Intellectual gift, Intellectual gifts, true greatness does not consist in DA 219

Intellectual greatness

Intellectual greatness, as God views it DA 219

God does not place His signet on men because of their DA 437

height of, man’s obligation to reach 4T 413

ladder of, through Christ men can reach highest round of CT 19

Moses’, distinguishes him above great men of all ages PP 246

summit of, youth may aspire to stand on CT 512; FE 48, 82; MYP 170

that parents may dread for children CT 167

Intellectual growth

Intellectual growth, Bible contains food needed for FE 130

God’s word is food for FE 132

grasp by faith God’s pledge for SC 112-3; 5T 706

man should continually experience 4T 556

should be as marked as the physical CSW 86

should not cease during man’s lifetime 4T 547

Intellectual habit, Intellectual habits

Intellectual habit, Intellectual habits, wrong, college students hindered by CT 394

Intellectual keenness

Intellectual keenness, evidence of, perplexing minds in regard to what is truth is not TM 108

Intellectual knowledge

Intellectual knowledge, true, gospel is 6BC 1114

Intellectual laziness

Intellectual laziness, is sin 4T 399

See also Intellectual slothfulness

Intellectual life

Intellectual life, many constant students seem destitute of 3T 142

Intellectual nature

Intellectual nature, do not allow animal passions to enslave your 2SM 432

should predominate over the animal 2SM 431

Intellectual organ, Intellectual organs

Intellectual organ, Intellectual organs, appetite should be subject to 1T 487

children born with weak 2T 477-8

Intellectual paralysis

Intellectual paralysis, prevalence of, in Christendom during Dark Ages GC 60; SR 334

Intellectual part

Intellectual part of man’s nature should never be governed by the animal 2T 364

Intellectual person, Intellectual persons

Intellectual person, Intellectual persons, many, led captive by Satan 4T 422

often refreshed by truth simply and naturally spoken CM 39; COL 232; Ev 443; MYP 203; 6T 115

why efforts to reach, are so disappointing 4T 132

Intellectual power, Intellectual powers

Intellectual power, Intellectual powers, appetite should be subject to PP 562

continual improvement of, needed to answer God’s purpose 4T 545

cultivate and strengthen your CG 507; 2T 410

decrease when animal propensities increase 2T 63

development of, pure and simple life favors PP 222

do not allow, to degenerate into imbecility FE 257

to run to waste FE 257

do not subject, to animal passions 2T 304

enlistment of highest, God’s work requires CSW 31

enslavement of, by debased mind 2T 479

every person should improve his TM 199

exercise strengthens and improves CT 544

flesh foods depreciate 2T 64

flesh foods diminish CD 389; MM 277

flesh foods weaken 2T 60-1

foul blood beclouds 2T 404

God gives, to man 4T 656

God is Source of 8T 164

gratification of animal propensities benumbs and paralyzes PP 458

habitual use of flesh foods depreciates 2T 64

high, man was originally endowed with PP 49

highest development of, how to attain Ev 435

increase by use WM 96

improve by exercise CT 544

invent plans to help children develop 2SM 321

ministers urged to make use of all 5T 528

must be disciplined CT 544

never devise means for cultivation of at expense of the moral and spiritual CT 541

persons who degrade their, to serve carnal desires GC 523

regard, as gift from God GC 573

self-abuse weakens and benumbs 2T 392, 409

spices weaken CH 114

subjection of, to grosser passions 2T 479

use every means of cultivating and strengthening FE 165

wrong habits of eating weaken 2T 66

Intellectual power (strength)

Intellectual power (strength), Adam and Eve had little less, than that of angels PP 50

Bible is best and most effectual means of giving CT 396

Bible is great agent for giving FE 111

Bible is without rival in giving CT 422

Bible study gives CG 507; FE 129, 432; GC 94; MYP 253-7; SC 90

more than does any other study 7T 228

Bible study is superior to all other study in giving MYP 253

Christian who is enabled to develop PK 69

college games that do not give AH 499-500; 2SM 322

conversion gives MYP 65-6

daily Bible study gives 3T 374

depends on immutable laws CD 29; CG 396; MYP 242; PK 489

display of, persons whom Christ will not commend for their WM 314

does not prepare youth to be missionaries CT 374

experimental knowledge gives CT 97

games which do not give 2SM 322

given to: everyone CD 474

persons who serve God 6T 476

God can give COL 146

gold of Ophir cannot buy 5T 544

great, Moses and Aaron possessed PP 425

how to apply CT 475

man who failed to direct his, in right channel 4T 46

man’s deterioration in PP 68

men of, sermons needed by Ev 350

should be called to front 4T 549

modern man cannot compare with ancients in 4aSG 155-6

more valuable than gold of Ophir CT 132

needed to discharge important duties with fidelity 4T 320

Paul’s, commanded respect of the learned AA 235

perverted to self-serving, becomes curse DA 219

prayerful Bible study gives FE 171

principles of love involve 2T 135; 4T 138

procure every advantage for obtaining COL 334

right study of Bible gives FE 165

rules of life that cannot fail to give PK 486

Satan’s, no man has ever equaled DA 219

study of God’s word gives GW 249; MYP 65; PP 599; 4T 545

themes that give FE 49

use of, may be met by defensive and repelling position 2T 135

See also Brain-nerve energy; Brain power; Mental power

Intellectual pride

Intellectual pride, does not aid gospel work MH 442; 8T 307

gospel message has had little success with AA 240

let, vanish 5T 534

of Athenians AA 240