EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Industrial training - Influence, Influences

Industrial training

Industrial training, children in orphan asylums need MH 206

essential to education of youth 6T 191

in SDA schools See School

many people become poor through lack of MH 190

many youth desire 6T 182

Negroes in Southern States of USA should be given 9T 201

object of, in true education CT 64

practical, children and youth should be given MH 402

regarded as duty in Israel CT 276; MH 185

Industrial work

Industrial work, in our schools, counsels on how to start CT 315-7

institutions carrying on, managers needed for CS 140


Industrious, children should be trained to be AH 184-5; CT 148; FE 152-3

for their own safety CG 189

Christ demonstrated man’s duty to be CG 346

Christ taught that it is man’s duty to be DA 72

few persons are really FE 317

how to help the poor to become 7T 113

man has duty to be CT 277

Scriptures teach men to be ML 160

symbol of, flowing brook as CT 275

Industrious bee

Industrious bee, example of, men would do well to imitate 4T 455

Industrious habit, Industrious habits

Industrious habit, Industrious habits, children benefited by training to CT 122

comforts of life can be obtained by 2T 254

Hebrews were taught to train children to AA 346

husband should cultivate AH 345

need of 2T 308

promise to persons who educate themselves to 7BC 912

youth should be trained in AH 285; Te 210

Industry (diligence)

Industry (diligence), accumulation of substantial means by moderate gains of, many people scorn CS 231

Adam and Eve found pleasure in FE 314

Christ always encouraged MH 195

Christ set us example of MYP 211

Christ was example of DA 72

Christ was pattern of, from childhood TMK 30:2

Christ’s early life was one of MYP 79

Christ’s life was filled with AH 506-7

contented, many Christians need to learn lesson of CG 359; CT 279

diligent: Christ’s life was one of CG 346

lack of, families suffer as result of 2T 498-9

minister should be example of 2T 498-9

earnest, comfort is not ordinarily attained without 2T 432-3; 5T 180

competency is not ordinarily attained except at price of 5T 180

economy and 2T 431-6

in family life 2T 436

God requires, on part of all CS 299

greatest blessing people can have is 4T 97

habits of: aid youth to resist temptation FE 322; LS 354

are untold blessing to youth CT 123

better for children than rich dowry AH 375; CG 134; CS 37

child’s first lessons should include CT 145-6

children should be trained to AH 373; CG 120, 122-7; FE 65; 1T 219; 2T 624

cultivate 5T 396

education needed in MYP 300

encourage 3T 226

few youth have been trained to CG 340

give vent to youth’s pent-up energies LS 354

God increases adaptability in those learning TDG 203:5

gospel workers need to be educated to MYP 300

importance of training youth in 5T 523

little children should be taught FE 416

parents should train children to CG 23-4; 1T 219; 2T 624

persons who need to be educated in CS 292

result of lack of training to 5T 522-3

should be encouraged in students CT 308

should be formed in youth OHC 224:4

students should be trained in CT 214

students should cultivate 5T 524

taught in childhood OHC 263:4

training needed in MH 194

value of training youth to Ed 218

women should acquire 3T 336

youth should be trained in 6T 452

youth should cultivate CSW 30-1

youth should form PP 601

habits of close, duty of persons who have not acquired 4T 411

helps to make home happy AH 422

homes and surroundings should be object lessons of MH 196

honest, youth needed who will cultivate MYP 34

importance of, in character building TDG 190:6

important part of true religion PK 676

is trait of character 5T 180

Joseph’s, crowned with divine blessing PP 214

lack of, many people not successful because of 4T 413

ministers’ example should rebuke 2T 501

lessons in, students should be taught Ed 221

man of persevering, is blessing anywhere 4T 410

need of cultivating 5T 180

obedience to God’s law is great incentive to CG 489; 8T 199

patient, ants teach lessons of CT 190; Ed 117; 4T 455-6

Christ was example of FE 152

inconveniences develop 5T 312

patient and persevering, students who form habits of CT 318

perfect pattern of, Christ presented Ev 636

pleasure found in 1T 503

practical, schools should give instruction in FE 317

principles of religion exact 2T 501

stimulated by the religion of Christ OHC 29:3

success in Christian life requires 3T 123

success in temporal business requires 5T 276

successful minister must be man of GW 111; 3T 553

truth leads to OHC 32:4

virtuous, reward in CT 147; FE 419

youth should be taught, by precept and example 5T 89

See also Activity; Ambitions; Employment; Work

Industry, Industries

establish, at schools for people leaving cities CL 19:4

to provide employment for the poor MH 194

establishment of, as miss. work 9T 36

Sabbathkeeping businessmen should establish, to provide employment for God’s people 7T 128

school See School

simplicity and solidity recommended for, at Avondale CL 20:1

various, needed to help God’s cause in Southern States of USA 7T 57

See also Food factory


Inebriate See Drunkard


Inebriation See Drunkenness


Inefficiency, causes of, and remedy TM 159-62

Christians dishonor Christ by talking of their MYP 107-8

do not talk of your MYP 105; TM 516

evading responsibilities for fear of failure causes MH 500

gospel workers’, cause of 3T 495-6

should be overcome MH 498

in God’s service, habits weakening nerve power cause CH 41

indigestion causes GW 241

is not piety CM 77

light from God’s word should make the most cultivated feel their 5T 133

man’s most humiliating lesson is to learn his own 6BC 1068

mental, failure to study God’s word causes CT 441

relying on one man’s brain and judgment leaves men in TM 299, 301-3

Satan would keep men in FE 256

when debt is not mark of WM 180-1


sense of, leads to entire dependence upon God RC 61:5

spiritual, unnecessary; God has promised wisdom TDG 213:3

Inefficient life

Inefficient life, persevering effort is only cure for CT 278; TM 183

Inefficient person, Inefficient persons

Inefficient person, Inefficient persons, co-operate with Christ in restoring MM 209


Inequality, any, is contrary to spirit of gospel AA 88

Inexperienced soul, Inexperienced souls

Inexperienced soul, Inexperienced souls, expect to meet and bear with great imperfections in 5T 605


Infallibility, church council at Jerusalem did not claim SR 308

man of sin has professed 7BC 910

of long-cherished opinions, warning against belief in CW 37

of men’s ideas, what is not proof of CW 35

of pope, declaration of GC 50, 57

of Scriptures: Protestantism’s distinctive doctrine of GC 173-4, 177; SR 337

Wycliffe’s (John) regard for GC 89

Zwingli’s (Ulric) regard for GC 173-4, 177

papacy’s claim to GC 564

Roman Church will never renounce her claim to GC 564

EGW never claimed 1SM 37


God and heaven alone have; giving up views CET 203:2

God has, in comprehension; He understands the mind LHU 323:2

humans cannot claim TMK 97:4

minister does not have; take perplexities to God 1MCP 262:2

none has; all blunder in judgment UL 28:3


Infallible, divine power is TM 485

do not look to men and feel that they are 5T 649

do not think your ideas and opinions are TM 105

God alone is 1SM 37; TM 30, 105

God’s word is 1SM 416

leading men should not take position that all that they advance is TM 295

men’s ideas held as, because they are hoary with age TM 64

no man is TM 376

persons in responsible positions must not feel themselves, in judgment TM 347

position never renders man 9T 282

responsible positions do not make men, in judgment TM 493

Infallible authority

Infallible authority, Scriptures as, Zwingli’s (Ulric) regard for GC 173-4, 177

Infallible judgment

Infallible judgment, men in high positions are not men of TM 253

Infallible revelation

Infallible revelation, Scriptures are, of God’s will GC 7

Infallible rule

Infallible rule, Scriptures as, Zwingli’s (Ulric) regard for GC 173


Infamy, many people pass directly from dens of, to sleep of death Te 18


Christ passed through, without stain HP 214:5

impressions to be made for right in TMK 39:4

spiritual, Christian to do his best even in HP 183:5

See also Baby; Babyhood


Infant See Baby

Infant mortality

Infant mortality See Baby


Infatuation, chains of, man who is bound in AH 51

courtship that is dominated by AH 71-2; MYP 443, 456-7; 5T 110

fatal, that benumbs senses 5T 368

that palsies soul’s energies 5T 368

of sin, God beseeches men to turn from CS 136-7

spell of, that leads to sacrifice of honor AH 56

strange GC 668; SR 425

of Israel before destruction by Romans GC 22-3


case of, between workers for Ellen White TSB 207

Christ breaks, with warning about losing soul OHC 286:3; TMK 321:2

continuation of LYL 70:2; TSB 118:2

dangerous relationship based on LYL 66; TSB 117

game of, among workers TSB 243:3

give up; purify imagination to stand in judgment 1MCP 239:1

marriage consideration involves; people bewitched TSB 16:2

night hours spent in; youth to stop or get married 1MCP 231:6

relationship of, under bewitching power of Satan LYL 70:5

soul separated from God by; Satan gains control LYL 83:2

trapped by, because Lord was not held supreme TSB 183:1

wrongdoer left to own TMK 243:3

See also Affection, unsanctified

Inference, Inferences

Inference, Inferences, mysterious, Christ did not perplex the ignorant with GW 50


Inferiority, envy is admission of your 5T 56

impression of, which greatly limits man’s influence for good 3T 506

Infidel, Infidels

Infidel, Infidels, admires consistency 1T 416

affiliated with: Free Masonry Ev 621

secret organizations Ev 621

argument that, cannot gainsay PP 144

assert blasphemously that Scriptures sanction crime 3SG 5-6

association with, in secret societies Ev 621; 2SM 124

basis of condemnation of, in judgment TM 437

bright ideas of, duty of persons seeking to grasp MH 440

cavils of, many believers want to meet 5T 705

church must battle with 4T 594

company of, commercial work in SDA pub. house that would send forth 7T 166-7

connection with, God’s word forbids His people to have FE 482

that would identify SDA with them is forbidden FE 482

conversion of 1T 420; 4T 302

course that will lead man to become 2T 225

delusive and pernicious sentiments which make CT 487

educated in family circles of professed Christians 4T 196

effects of God’s judgments upon PP 109

erroneous doctrines accepted by popular churches lead many people to become GC 525

evil of mingling sentiments of, with education of youth COL 108

excuse their sins by pointing to those of Bible characters 4T 11

French, bitter hatred shown for Christ by GC 273

give no occasion to, for reproaching SDA faith 5T 361

God’s word rejected by, because he cannot fathom all its mysteries 5T 701

gross libel propagated by 5T 444

halfhearted Christians are worse than 7BC 963

has no excuse for reproaching Bible because of David’s sin PP 738

have no union with GW 394

hold up to ridicule sinful conduct of good men of Bible 4T 9

honest, you will never be 5T 341

how Hume (David) became CG 196

how man may become almost 5T 286

how parents make their children 4T 195

how, treat Scriptures 1SM 19

impersonated by devils EW 90, 264

influence of, is not what church should fear most PP 497; 4T 493

lack of true piety in professed Christians causes many people to become CW 124; Ev 514

man whose course was leading him to become 2T 225

men are not, through ignorance of character of God’s word CT 424

many youth educated to be, at home COL 45-6

many youth form attachments for PP 169

med. students endangered by association with, in worldly schools CT 479; 5T 447-8

Miller (Wm.) led, to acknowledge Bible truths GC 331-2

millions of, false doctrines preached in pulpits make GC 536

objectionable books used in worldly schools make 6T 164

oppose and denounce God’s law GC 285

outworking of papal policy made GC 281

Paine (Thomas) was EW 90, 264

persons to be feared more than 4T 564

physician should offer prayer before operating on MM 35

presumption or, in passing sentence on God’s moral government PP 123-4

professed Christians who are worse than TM 449

reproach cast upon Christianity by EW 220

Roman Church’s work made, in France GC 281, 285-6

Satan’s message for EW 91

say they would be more earnest than Christians if they believed what Christians profess 5T 547

scoffs at Bible because of good men’s faults PP 238

SDA accused of being Ev 201; 9T 240

shows his colors 7BC 963

some people become, to justify or excuse their neglect of duty GC 526

some people think that SDA are Ev 201; 9T 240

sport of, religion in popular churches has become GC 463

steps that lead men to become GC 525

teachings of popular ministry have made GC 336

theories constructed by, from supposed deductions of science PP 123-4

there would have been no, if Sabbath had been universally kept GC 438; LS 96; SR 382-3; 1T 76

thousands become, because they cannot comprehend divine mysteries DA 606

thousands of, doctrine of eternal torment of the wicked has made GC 536

erroneous teachings of popular theology have made 5T 710

true Christian is surrounded by 3BC 1151

true knowledge does not come from CT 361; FE 437

union with, by affiliation with secret societies is wrong Ev 618-9

Voltaire’s boast as, re Bible GC 288

what to do when in company of FE 88

who asked how great God is 2SM 238

why God’s word is rejected by SC 108

why so many youth become 2BC 1009

will be converted through sanitarium work CH 248; MM 328

youth need to be prepared to meet MYP 85

See also Atheist; Skeptic

Infidel author, Infidel authors

Infidel author, Infidel authors, books by: avoid reading FE 93

danger of reading FE 92-4

many youth leave worldly schools as infidels because of study of 6T 164

must not be used in SDA schools CT 424, 458; 6T 162-4

never feel that you are strong enough to read FE 93

seeds of doubt and infidelity sown by CT 424

study of, is like handling black coal CT 424

thousands turned to fables by CT 401-2

used in SDA schools CT 458; 6T 125

lessen faith in God 6T 166

sentiments of, some teachers charmed by CT 401

SDA do not need to seek knowledge from 8T 311

some persons affected by, may finally recover CT 135

teaching infidelity, turn away from FE 172-3

trained under Satan CT 424

writings of: be constantly on guard against reading of CT 135-6

bright gems of thought in, God was originator of FE 167

danger in using, in SDA schools CT 26-7

do not wade through mass of error in FE 167; MH 440

evil results of use of, in education 6T 166

inspired by Satan CT 135

must not be studied to master Greek and Latin FE 467

must not be used in SDA schools CT 26; FE 407

preferred by some teachers who discard Bible 6T 164

reading of, evil effects of CT 135-6

Satan’s temptation invited by reading CT 135

SDA schools should not lay aside Bible for CT 453

should not be used in education MH 440

shun, as you would shun leprosy CT 136

some thoughts of elevating character in FE 174-5

study of, holds large place in educational system COL 41

teachers should shun study of 6T 165

warning against study of 8T 306

Infidel feeling, Infidel feelings

Infidel feeling, Infidel feelings, ministers not to dwell on their struggles with 2T 513

Infidel geologist, Infidel geologists

Infidel geologist, Infidel geologists, claim that world is older than Bible makes it 3SG 91-2

Infidel hardihood

Infidel hardihood, man who manifests, reaps harvest he has sown PP 268-9; SC 34

people become entrenched in, by rejecting truth GC 603

results of manifesting PP 268-9; SC 34


Infidelity, at time of second advent 4aSG 118

atmosphere of, believer married to unbeliever breathes 4T 504

authors that teach, turn away from FE 172-3

Bible must not be sandwiched in between, in SDA schools CT 16; FE 474

blights all that is valuable 5T 128

books mixed with, how students are ill-affected by FE 446-7

books tainted with, how students are affected by CT 444

children influenced by mother to 5T 64

confederacy of, with popery and Protestantism 4BC 1141

contact with, God’s people in great danger from 2BC 999

defiant and blasphemous, warning against 5T 341

disguised 3SG 90-6

by garments of philosophy and science 7BC 906

too often finds its way into schoolbooks FE 99

disunion among God’s people pleases 8T 240

doctrine of eternal torment used by Satan to foster FE 176

doctrine of eternally burning hell has turned thousands to 1T 344-5

downright, how some people have been kept from accepting Christ by COL 341

evolution taught in schools tends to Ed 227

fables of, Satan leads people to accept PP 113

fast becoming fashionable GW 149; PK 140

fogs of worldly, God will not allow His people to become enshrouded in LS 319; TM 460

foul breath of, many lives blighted by GC 601

France officially proclaimed, in 1793 GC 269-70

France opened door to, by rejecting gospel GC 282

France under domination of, during 1793-96 GC 265-88

gaining stronghold in world 9T 43

harvest of, reaped from seeds of doubt sown in young hearts FE 542

reaped from sowing seeds of doubt in young minds 8T 305

impress of, how Hume (David) received CG 196

in its most insidious and dangerous form PP 111

in youth, foremost cause of Ed 260

increasing everywhere 4T 391; 5T 681

insidious and pestilent teachings of, man cannot keep out of reach of GC 600

making inroads into SDA ranks LS 326; TM 467

more bold and defiant as intellectual knowledge and acuteness are acquired 5T 528

nature of, is to make itself felt and heard TM 290

no phase of, should be originated or countenanced in SDA schools FE 231

often appears in scientific garb 2SM 351

one tiny seed of, sown by teacher may produce harvest of unbelief CT 390

person troubled with, should not engage in gospel work 1T 377-8

plentiful harvest of, seed that produces CT 187

poison of, spread everywhere by Voltaire and associates GC 281

polluted fountains of, warning against drinking at FE 171

prevailing, safeguard against ML 31

prevailing spirit of our time PK 178; 5T 79

prevailing tendency to, most effectual check to 5T 706

prevails in: church to alarming extent GC 583; PK 625

many churches PP 166

rather than Christianity, time setters advance 4T 307

re days of creation week PP 111

re interpretation of Scriptures, prevails in many churches 1SM 15

redeemed who perfected character in midst of GC 665

road to, wrong education often starts mind on FE 541-2

robed in garb of Christianity PP 166

rocks of, befogged minds left to beat about on FE 330; GC 522; MM 91; PP 113

scientific men who beat about upon 8T 258

Romanism paved way for, in France GC 281, 285

sad history of apostasy exploited by 3SG 5-6

sanctimonious, grows gradually in mind 3T 313

Satan ever seeks to lead souls into 1SM 194

Satan uses, to embolden men in rebellion against God’s government PP 113

to obscure God’s law PP 113

sciences by which Satan has led thousands into 1T 290

seeds of: books of infidel authors sow CT 424

how ministers sow COL 39

sown in SDA institutions 1SM 195

warning against sowing 1T 378

world is deluged with books that sow MYP 276

side of, some people think it virtue to stand on GC 526

some persons thought to be serving God are girded about with TM 281

sophistries of, children who are prepared to meet PP 143

sown broadcast by Jewish teachers in Christ’s time DA 257-8

speculative, Luther (Martin) opposed GC 126

spirit of, Cain cherished PP 72

study of science that tends to Ed 227

studies leading to, minds are easily charmed by CT 401

teachings of religious leaders have opened door to GC 587

thousands driven into, by philosophy of phrenology and animal magnetism 1T 297

trail which ends in certain 1T 377

why, runs riot CT 439; DA 258

widespread 5T 231

cause of GC 586

with bewitching power, fastens itself upon mind CT 135-6

world was turning to, in Christ’s time Ed 75

writers who teach, obtaining education does not require study of 8T 306

should not be studied in SDA colleges FE 167

youthful, has its influence GC 600-1

See also Skepticism

Infidel physician

Infidel physician See Physician

Infidel poem

Infidel poem, Voltaire memorized, when five years old CG 196

Infidel publications

Infidel publications, scattered broadcast throughout land ChS 146

Infidel sentiment, Infidel sentiments

Infidel sentiment, Infidel sentiments, books containing, be on guard against CT 390

interwoven into schoolbooks FE 328; MM 90

med. students are taught, in schools of world 2SM 324

mingled with so-called “higher education” CT 15

must not be presented in SDA educational institutions CT 26

SDA must not print or sell literature containing 7T 166

should not be presented to SDA students FE 174-5

study of works expressing, is like handling black coal FE 168

Infidel suggestion, Infidel suggestions

Infidel suggestion, Infidel suggestions, great men’s, must not be taught in SDA schools 7BC 916

sift every trace of, from theories of science presented to immature students CT 390

Infidel supposition

Infidel supposition, that first week consisted of seven vast and indefinite periods 3SG 91-2

Infidel teacher, Infidel teachers

Infidel teacher, Infidel teachers, Christ’s disciples did not receive instruction from FE 468

Infidel position

Infidel position, some people seem to really enjoy hovering about 2T 513


Infinite, finite mind cannot grasp 5T 701

sense of, have FE 164

Infinite Power

Infinite Power, arm of, take hold of 6T 474

hand of, hold fast to 6T 465


Infinity, beyond man’s advance in knowledge COL 113; ML 108; PP 116; 1SM 218

God’s, is much higher than men are 7BC 919

man cannot understand 7BC 913

problems re 2BC 995

that will be study and joy of the redeemed 6BC 1079; GC 677

threshold of, Christ takes men to SD 47


comprehended only in value of Christ’s offering OHC 12:3

miracles of nature reveal God of TDG 273:3

sense of, for us although we are finite 1MCP 94:3

Infirmity, Infirmities

Infirmity, Infirmities, babyishly talking of your, warning against 4T 349

bodily, Paul enabled to rise above AA 208

disposition to yield to, brace your mind to resist 2T 434

how Satan takes advantage of man’s DA 120-1

imaginary, intoxicating liquor taken for 4T 30

restoring power for every, in Christ MH 226

rise above, instead of yielding to them 4T 341

victory over, how to gain 2T 534

what to do when, press upon you 2SM 231

women especially affected by 1T 306

wrong habits of eating and drinking cause SL 25

See also Disease; Sickness; Weakness

Infirm person, Infirm persons

Infirm person, Infirm persons, homes for, establishment of 1T 494; 6T 286-7


Inflammation, bowel, charcoal in treatment of 2SM 299

brain, healed by prayer 2SG 122

charcoal in treatment of 2SM 294-5, 298

eating and drinking stimulating substances cause CD 339

eye, charcoal in treatment of 2SM 294

flesh eaters whose systems were in state of 2T 61

internal organs may suffer, from taking cold 2T 530

of bruised hands and limbs 2SM 295

of digestive organs’ delicate lining, food highly seasoned causes MM 286

of head, excessive study causes 2SM 436

poison of, charcoal in treatment of 2SM 294

stomach, saleratus causes 2T 537

violent, fiery serpents’ sting caused PP 429

Inflammatory disease, Inflammatory diseases

Inflammatory disease, Inflammatory diseases, acute attacks of, ill-prepared food causes CD 256; 1T 684

flesh food causes much CD 388; MM 278

Influence, Influences

1. Kinds of

2. Talent(s) of

3. Your personal

4. Miscellaneous


1. Kinds of

abiding Saviour’s, refreshes all within sphere of our influence TM 390

adverse, as long as we are in world we shall meet MH 487; 5T 344

all-pervading, religion that will prove CSW 95-6

almost irresistible, of unselfish and godly life COL 340

another person’s, say nothing that might detract from 5BC 1093

what to do if you have injured MB 59

bad, duty of youth who exert on others 2T 236

baleful, exerted by persons lacking principle and devotion 3T 24

believers’, what would make tenfold greater MYP 349-50

beneficial: how others may be helped by your PK 348

how to exert 2T 231

result of exerting, on others PK 348

blessing world, how to exert MH 362

blighting, of worldly-minded SDA owning property 1T 152

calm religious, gossip is death to 2T 185-6

charged with life-giving power of faith PK 85

Christian 4T 565-70

community transformed by 9T 237

continuity of, is secret of its power MH 494

elevates and blesses SC 83

in home and church 5T 568-71

that melt away prejudice Ev 543

too valuable to be sacrificed by sanitarium 7T 93

Christian in name only exerts no, good for world DA 306

Christians’, affects opinions and habits of others 3T 52

church members not under Christ’s rule exert, that is savor of death unto death COL 304

conscientious and faithful student’s, in school CT 98-9

conscious authority that is, favorable for character development at home AH 36

converted, needed in God’s work Ev 554

corrective, as salt that retains its savor CH 592; MM 218

exert in world CH 592

corresponding to influence of heaven, how to exert 7T 149

corrupting: keep away from MYP 82

Lot’s family affected by Sodom’s PP 168

world teems with PP 572

counteracting, san. workers should exert CH 422

dangerous, sanitariums should guard SDA youth from 7T 97

that arise, meet boldly 1SM 169

daydreamer’s, not good on youth 3T 337

debasing, strength may be had from Christ to repress 3T 84

deceptive training’s, upon children 4T 496-7

deleterious, must not sway us from path of right 4T 562

delicious and exhilarating, felt by Eve after eating forbidden fruit PP 56

demoralizing, youth should refuse to be molded by MYP 423-4

youth who exert 4T 655

discouraging, do not dwell on 2T 513

divine, constantly works with human efforts 5T 535

gospel workers constantly need 3T 321

doubter’s, caused another believer to backslide 2T 223

educated Christian’s, goes forth in real inculcation of ideas TM 244-5

educational, of surroundings FE 421-4

elevating, conversation filled with jesting and joking does not exert 3T 246

elevating and blessing, how to exert SC 83

ever-widening and shoreless, Christ’s life was COL 339

evil: have conspired to counterwork all good 6T 237

may be increased and perpetuated 4T 654

wealthy san. patients or friends who exert 4T 577

when surrounded by, pray for help and strength to overcome 4T 286

exerted by fireside and family board, results of MYP 134

far-reaching, of men’s words and acts PP 556

God imparts power to exert strong, for good 7T 90

godly mother’s, is of infinite worth GW 206

godly student’s, over fellow students CT 98

good: how angels help men to exert COL 341-2

light and trifling conversation disqualifies one for exerting 2T 322

privilege of exerting, over associates 2T 231

great is each person’s, for good or evil MYP 29

greatest: is that of an unselfish life MH 470

that can surround human soul MH 470

why men of fine qualities exert 3T 463

greatly affecting child’s mind CG 196

hallowed, exert WM 297

health reformers can exert decided, for righteousness and truth CH 338

heavenly, Christ is ready to impart all SD 23

heavy with gloom of discontent and selfishness PK 85

holy: ministers should shed EW 103

of good man after his death TM 429

that may be shed by words, dress, and actions 1T 132

holy life’s, felt at home and abroad CS 115

home: prosperity of nation depends on MH 349

success of church depends on MH 349

well-being of society depends on MH 349

how to exert decided, on others MYP 141

inconsistent member’s, is most to be feared by church 4T 493

institutional workers whose, corresponds to that of heaven MM 184-5

Jochebed’s, on life of Moses Ed 61

lasting and controlling, you exert on your own life and on others 3T 542

layman’s, on youth 1T 511

loving and lovable Christian’s, cost of exerting MH 470

mental, should not be overlooked in treating the sick MH 241

mesmerism’s baleful, rebuked in name of God LS 82-3

mighty, consecrated youth could sway 1T 511

money has power and sways 1T 536

mighty river of, in teacher CT 171

that blesses all within its reach Ed 192

minister’s, should never discourage or weaken converts to truth 2T 340

ministers’, not good in some cases 2T 498

misrepresenting Christ, leads others away from Him MYP 139

molding, that your principles exert on your character MYP 29

moral and social, in selection of home PP 168

Moses’, did not die with him PP 481

mother’s AH 240-3

is strongest known on earth except God’s AH 240

is unceasing influence AH 240

never ceases WM 158

mother’s counteracting, for God in family 2T 242

mother’s privilege of blessing world by her PP 572

narrowing, genuine religion does not have 7BC 935

of associates 4T 587-91

on character 4T 588

of association CT 220-6

is very great 4T 587

of believers attending parties for pleasure and amusement MYP 388-9

of every man’s thoughts and actions surrounds him like invisible atmosphere 5T 111

of God’s people, should tell for truth 1T 123

of Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus protected Christ’s disciples AA 104

of one rash act may ruin another person’s soul PK 86

of one thoughtless word may affect another person’s life PK 86

of Paul and Silas, Philippian magistrates feared AA 218

of really consistent example is power for good 4T 286

of social surroundings 4T 104-18

of true and godly life cannot be measured 4T 143

of truth in heart, compared to streams in desert PK 233-4

of unconsecrated believers, God is too wise to bring souls into truth to be molded by 4T 238

of wrongdoing is not confined to evildoer PK 94

of your words and actions (deeds) upon others AA 316-7; 9T 182

older students’, upon the younger CT 225

opposing, God’s people should be strong enough to stand against 2T 710-1

Paul’s, all associated with him felt AA 510-1; GW 59

personal, is power GW 192; MB 36; PK 232

persuasive, exert MM 205; 4T 415

physical, teachers should give more attention to 5T 523

physician’s, must not be molded by worldly influences 8T 172

pleasure lover’s, affects himself and associates MYP 141

pleasure-loving believer’s, ill effects of MYP 388-9

poisonous, associates who exert 1T 156

of devils MYP 52

poisonous with deadly taint of cherished sin PK 85

positive: exerted by persons lacking principle and devotion 3T 24

should be exerted for good 8T 45

woman of 3T 535

potent for good or evil PK 85

power of early, in life of individual Ed 119

powerful: Christians who exert 2T 693-4

exerted by Aaron on wrong side 3T 299

God’s people may exert ML 62; MYP 26

godly women can exert, for good 2T 465

how church may exert AA 71

how preacher can exert 4T 118

in favor of virtue, temperance, and righteousness ML 121

that works as leaven amid mass of humanity SD 51

truly converted woman’s Ev 467; WM 157

youth can exert, if they devote themselves to God 1T 485

preacher’s, may be destroyed by his clothing 2T 614

on youth 1T 511

prenatal See Baby; Prenatal influence

profound, exerted by loyalty PK 447

purest and highest and most elevated, mortals can possess 2T 129

reflex, consciousness of duty well done has CH 391; MH 148

Rehoboam’s, led many souls astray PK 94

right, Aaron’s failure to exert over Israel 3T 299

sanctifying, aim to so live that you can exert 2T 155

san. family’s, should be united influence MM 202

san. workers whose, is blessing to many 7T 70

sanitarium’s, management that unfavorably affects 4T 576-7

secret of 7T 93

sanitarium’s religious, inspires guests with confidence 6T 226

Satan’s disorganizing, God works to correct 6T 237

saving: children can exert, on companions 2T 246

church members can exert, on others 2T 103

exert on world CH 592; MM 218

life that cannot exert, on world DA 439

souls perishing for want of PK 232

you may exert, by precept and example 3T 248

seen and unseen, that work on sinner’s soul SC 27-8

sermon’s, too often counteracted by lives of advocates of truth 9T 21

silent and unconscious, that is mighty power in drawing souls to Christ COL 342; ML 302

sincere Christian’s, will be felt throughout time ChS 19

sister’s, over brothers 3T 80

society’s prevailing, of allowing youth to follow natural turn of their minds CT 325

Solomon’s, greatly weakened as result of apostasy PK 84-6

soothing, good religion’s 2T 188

subjective, religion is not to be GW 143

surrounding, people are affected in greater or less degree by 5T 709

problem of MYP 423

telling, Christian example that exerts on unbelievers 5T 206

precept and practice combined have 6T 112

transforming, women may exert 2T 465

true and saving, how to exert 1T 132

true Christian, is precious agency GW 395-6

true Christian’s SD 85

true godly life’s, cannot be measured 4T 143

truth’s, is softening and refining AH 422

truth’s sanctifying, man who lost 1T 360

two opposing, continually exerted on church members TM 46

unconscious: exerted by godly women 2T 465

how thousands are affected by our 2T 133

how thousands may be blessed by COL 340

how you can help hundreds and thousands by PK 348

may discourage and repel others from Christ and truth SC 120

others may be encouraged and strengthened by our SC 120

results of 3T 246

unconsecrated, scatters from Christ 2T 256

unconsecrated man’s, God’s work hindered by 1T 572

unfavorable, do not voluntarily expose yourself to MYP 419

unifying, that is influence above all influences 6T 242

unstudied and unconscious, of holy life as convincing sermon GW 59

unwholesome, duty of youth who exert 3T 364

wealth of moral, brought on SDA 1SM 41

wicked associates’, on Samson’s life PP 568

winning, all of God’s people should exert 5T 207

woman’s, for evil AH 58-9

world-loving believer’s, is curse to God’s cause 2T 663

worldly 5T 542-9

beat like waves against God’s people FE 288; 6T 146

believers who become divided in heart by contact with 4T 565

how, may prevail over entire school 4T 432

physician’s influence must not be weakened by 8T 172

professed Christians corrupted by CS 177

that the poor should resist MH 197

wrong, how to avoid exerting 3T 363-4

youth’s, on other youth 1T 511

2. Talent(s) of 3T 383, 408

belong to God alone TM 360-1

is gift from God CS 115; CT 529; FE 82, 464; 2T 282; 9T 38

responsibility for use of 2T 285

ruined world draws from us 9T 253

sacredly cherish and use MYP 391

should accumulate for God’s glory CS 116

use: in God’s cause COL 339-42; CS 117

to help others CT 451

to keep people from becoming abandoned Ev 568

3. Your personal

affects destiny of others 3T 529

all, belongs to Christ 3T 396

belongs to God MYP 69; TM 147

beware lest, turn souls from truth 4T 229

by abiding in Christ you can exert 6T 399

church and world need all CD 209

cost of, count diligently ML 120; MYP 32

daily is exerted for good or evil CH 413

does, tell for good? 2T 236-7

does not, seriously affect others? 2T 357

effects of, on others 2T 133

employ, freely in bringing competent persons into missionary field 5T 390

every jot of, is God’s MM 44

use, now on side of right MM 22

exert: in proportion to your entrusted talents WM 206

in your community WM 296

that will be sanctifying on people around you 2T 149

exerted daily, is recorded in books of heaven 3BC 1153

you are accountable to God for 2T 585-6

gathers with Christ or scatters abroad 2T 47

God can strengthen you to bless others by 2T 312-3

God’s rights to, ever recognize MM 276

guard, by sacred sentinels 6T 174

honor God by 2T 111, 167

how to make, felt in skeptical world MH 469

in leading others into sin, your accountability for 2T 223

is: blessing or curse to others 3T 526

power Ev 438; GW 192; MB 36; PK 232

is felt, acted on, and reproduced to some degree in others 2T 133

let: be on God’s side 5T 530; TM 165

tell for God 1T 123, 208

tell for God in words and acts 2T 188

tell for truth 1T 123, 132

must show that your religion is not merely profession AA 314

no limit can be set to 5T 33

over associates MYP 124-5; PK 348

should be as fragrance of sweet flowers MYP 363

use greatest care re Ev 632

your accountability for 2T 586

over business associates should be sanctifying 2T 155-6

over others: will be greater if you do not criticize them MM 209

you will be held accountable for result of MM 295; PP 556; 4T 248

your character and experience determine MH 469

overreaching in business deals destroys 2T 152

reaches the soul ML 178

refuse to lend one jot of, to enemy CT 224

results of, you may never know CH 413

you must meet at bar of God COL 341

right use of, only God’s grace can enable you to make COL 341

self-interest injures 4T 350

sinners could be reclaimed by 2T 124-5

tells on others in blessing or in cursing COL 340; PK 85

tends upward or downward 2T 133

things that destroy 2T 406

thousands may be helped by PK 348

use, in winning souls for Christ CT 529; MM 332; 9T 38

to advance God’s work CS 304

use made of: will be scrutinized in judgment GC 487

you are accountable to God for FE 213; MM 275; MYP 48; 2T 47-8, 103, 586; 4T 654; 7T 281-2

your eternal welfare depends on 6T 375

weight of, should be on side of truth 2T 103

when, is power for good CS 115

written in book of records in heaven 3T 363

you cannot live without exerting, in world AH 33

your guilt if, makes light of breaking God’s commandments 4T 248

4. Miscellaneous

abundance of, greatest victories in God’s cause are not gained by 4T 443

all have, in making or marring happiness of home circle 7T 50

all men’s, affects destiny of others 3T 529

all who have reasoning faculties have 1T 484-5

all your, belongs to God TM 147

amusements that exert, on physical, mental, and moral health 4T 652

as gift in winning souls to Christ 5T 731-2; 7T 281-2; 9T 38

believers visiting the poor and sorrowful exert, that wins souls to Christ WM 103

blessed persons who forget God wield, that curses and destroys associates CS 127

borne everywhere like thistle seed 4T 654

characters that exert, for time and eternity ML 121

Christ’s ambassadors exert, that decides destiny of souls 3T 60

Christ’s willingness to throw, around you for good MYP 17

consecrated Christian leaves track of, wherever he goes PP 667

cut off every, keeping you from duty to God and family 5T 232

Daniel’s acknowledgment of God did not detract from his 4BC 1170

diffuse, for life COL 419; PK 717

do God’s solemn appeals have, on your character? 3T 363

do not expect persons under Satan’s, will treat us well 3T 526

each member of family exerts, on others AH 33-4

each person exerts daily, for good or evil CH 413

elements that have, upon church 4T 489

every association you form exerts some, on you SD 166

every good or wrong act you do exerts, on others 2T 520

everyone’s sphere of, is exerted for good or for evil 4T 654

every person exerts 1T 208; 3T 529

for good or bad 3T 363; 6T 433

in society GW 387

on lives of others 4T 654

on others PP 556

exercise, for good of mankind CS 115

exerted by words and actions that seem small and unimportant 3T 542

expensive dress is not what gives, to God’s people CH 292

failure to exert, that is sweet-smelling savor 4T 321

far easier to yield to evil, than to resist them CT 120; SD 333

fearful thought re CH 559; COL 340; PK 86

few people are conscious of their CS 125

few people realize how great is their, for good or evil MYP 29

few realize how far-reaching is, of their words and acts PP 556

God blesses persons who guard their CS 165

God enjoins all to bless others with their 2T 132

God permits other, to lead hearts that resist Spirit’s leading PK 425

gospel workers are accountable for their 4T 448

is: no excuse for misappropriating the Lord’s goods CS 127

no less power for evil than for good COL 340

trust from God 5T 732; 9T 38

knowledge of experimental piety gives AA 205

love of, may produce blameless conversation 2T 136

may produce well-ordered life SC 58; 2T 136

lowliest person should exert, on God’s side TM 165

man who exerted, on side of unbeliever 4T 247-8

man who would have his, gathered up and buried with him 4T 654

man’s, does not die when he dies TM 429

lives on after his death TM 429

men of: are to hear God’s message Ev 559

conversion of, Satan’s efforts to prevent AA 167-8

God will add, to His people Ev 558-9

God’s promise to convert AA 140

gospel work for Ev 554-61

much wisdom needed to reach Ev 562

results of winning, to Christ COL 232

minister cannot be too careful re his 2T 547

minister energized by truth he preaches will have 2T 645

minister whose, injured souls 2T 541

soothes conscience of the impenitent 5T 190

minister’s daily conduct exerts, on others 2T 511

over others depends more on what you are than what you say DA 142

peculiar spheres of, God will raise up gospel workers to occupy Ev 567

persons whose, causes youth to regard fornication and adultery as very light matter TM 426-7

possessors of genuine faith will not lack CS 152

possibilities of PK 86

power of: for good or for evil PK 85, 94

in wrong direction is very great 3T 483

on mind 2T 477

that flows from example of individual piety 5T 571

will not give man eternal life insurance papers MM 123

professed Christians whose, misrepresents Christ MYP 139

range of his, Christian cannot help shining within COL 420

remember that your example exerts 5T 367

sense of, gives character to man’s views of life and daily duties TM 389

set godly example that no opposing, can counteract 4T 565

SDA should not copy customs and practices of world to gain MM 161

some refined youth are pernicious in 2T 236

student should throw his, on side of right CT 224-5

subtle workings of 3T 506-7

talent of: Bible student’s use of CT 450-1

entrusted to your stewardship by God 4T 46

faithful improvement of, reward of 4T 46

right use of, can turn souls from error to truth 4T 46

use of COL 339-42

when, is power for good CS 115

teacher accountable for his 5T 31

telling for truth, believers doing good to all exert 6T 264

things that exert, which can never perish PP 574

true Christian humility gives us CH 292

truth in daily life exerts, that cannot be easily withstood ML 220

value, as means of advancing gospel work AA 71

waves of, illustrated by throwing pebble into lake CH 413; COL 340

what is your, over fellow travelers PK 348; 9T 27

what man is has more, than what he says MH 469

why SDA exert so little, on unbelieving relatives and associates 6T 146-7

wife can exert, for good with her companion 2T 103

with world, mistake of professed Christians re PK 570

working of, that is above every human influence DA 678

your Christianity should exert, on others MYP 29

your sphere of, lead to Christ those who come within 4T 58

your piety should be such as to make itself felt by all within 5T 367

wider, more good you may do by COL 340

your words, acts, dress, deportment, and expression of countenance exert COL 339

youth exert, for good or evil 3T 363

youth who would not be swayed by, of the unconsecrated 2T 235

youth whose: hindered others in fulfilling obligation to God 4T 117

leads others to vanity, love of dress, and carelessness 3T 364

led souls to ruin 2T 175

See also Atmosphere


acceptance in judgment expected by Christians with TDG 57:6

accountability for, See Influences, responsibility for

actions have,

greater than words HP 237:2

on self and others AG 311:4

adverse, shall meet, as long as in world HP 231:3

affects character and destiny of children RC 170:3

against Spirit of God UL 300:3

aged believers not to decrease in TDG 29:4

all have a personal UL 55:4

all need, because subject to temptation TMK 46:5

amenable to God for, since life is from Him RC 138:5

amusement scene with degrading 3SM 41:2

angels have given, to reach souls TDG 115:4

appetite indulgence decreases HP 192:2

associates affected by, from what we are at heart OHC 241:2

attitude and words invite sinners within sphere of FW 65:1


leading into false paths 1MCP 301:4

of those not connected with God HP 171:3

bad, cultural entertainment may be 2MCP 668:1

bearing the test of God, imperishable nature of RC 41:4

bitterness causes baleful TMK 187:4

blended that Christ may become a power TDG 170:2

books of heaven contain daily record of TMK 234:5

cause of God not built up by, of spiritual dwarfs HP 184:2

center of, Satan sought to make himself RC 51:5


building exerts powerful, on others TMK 161:3

traits of those with, in church RC 306:5


faithfulness of, as a son was not affected by LHU 32:6

is not made attractive by, when speaking evil 2MCP 639:2

used, to draw to God; example for us VSS 50:0

was not contaminated although around bad 3SM 133:4


felt by some; let your light shine TDG 316:5

may be almost irresistible OHC 238:2

some appreciate worker with TDG 60:5

Christ’s, always fragrant through His perfect love HP 31:5

church members provide, for each other 3SM 16:0

church membership increases, for good 3SM 16:3

cleansed of sin for, on side of Christ RC 213:3

competing for; subordination to God is the only safety 3SM 20:3

conscience and voice of God drowned by Satan’s 1MCP 320:3

consecrated, from those seeking God’s kingdom first UL 151:5

consequences of, not seen, HP 104:5

we are responsible 2MCP 434:0

consider past year’s LHU 15:4

converted one to exert, which worked in his conversion 3SM 15:1

converting, Spirit of Christ in the heart yields AG 325:2

convincing, distinction of Christ’s followers is TMK 305:4

Cornelius had; united with church TDG 342:4

corrective, we are to be RC 198:7

corrupted religion has a dangerous FW 89:1


angels may be called to guard from OHC 23:5

partaking of the divine nature protects from OHC 15:3

criticism that weakens 3SM 344:2

damaged by unwise marriage choice TSB 37f

danger of,

from woman who is not wife TSB 135:4

when controlled by Satan HP 171:4

depends on walk with God UL 19:2


to do right notwithstanding OHC 244:3

to undo bad, from infatuating relationship LYL 72:1

diffusive, gathering light and knowledge TDG 20:5

divine nature makes one an, for good AG 235:5

drawing souls to Christ through HP 171:6

drawn by, calling for allegiance to God FW 73:1


affects RY 71:3

simplicity in, thought to harm 3SM 247:1

dressing like the world for TMK 312:4


neglected by failure to extend TDG 170:4

to be pursued in spite of human TDG 284:3

each has far-reaching TMK 90:2

earthly, hearts not glowing with godliness OHC 218:4

effect of God’s Word foiled by, suiting natural taste 1MCP 50:0

enemy receives, by slightest diversion from Christ HP 168:2

energetic person has electric, on other minds 2MCP 801:2

Enoch holy in unholy, as we may be RC 307:3

environment causes, on character TSB 88:1


by married man associating with young women TSB 206

cannot pollute unless mind is polluted inside OHC 94:5

consequences of, in spite of personal reform TSB 156:1

of depravity HP 196:2

outside of marriage TSB 139:1

perpetuating power of, as in case of Solomon TSB 191:4

punishment according to UL 140:5

unknown, although escaping results of own words TMK 137:4

evil thoughts do not have, on others when repulsed 2MCP 432:2

example gives weight to, in time of crisis TDG 21:3

excelling in, requires connection with God UL 156:2

extensive, of one ungodly youth TMK 319:3

face showing internal beauty has greater LHU 91

fanatical demonstrations damage, for truth 3SM 374:4

far-reaching; Spirit of God in our hearts and homes RC 367:8

force of UL 46:5

fragrant, on other minds TMK 53:5


not from self value UL 243:2

to lead to holiness OHC 219:2

gift of,

for forwarding the highest purposes OHC 289:3

for helping others and honoring Christ TDG 68:4

from God UL 243:6

requested to beat down error TDG 60:4

to show God’s spirit by helping others TMK 113:4

to use for God TMK 90:3


owns our RC 138:6

sends sweet, to the one reaching out to FLB 225:6

works on people of, to connect with His people RC 242:2


and bad, on souls UL 18:6

by behavior and words that show fear of God RC 283:6

Christ provides, to enable you to do HP 278:4

Christ’s light makes us TMK 136:2

homes with right religious mold could have RC 169:7

in the world, physical provisions necessary for OHC 193:3

never dies UL 55:3

or evil, on our mind depends on our choice OHC 15:5

persecution against those with 3SM 402:1; UL 40:7

when the Bible is studied for help OHC 36:5

good opposed by, on every side; God will arise TDG 96:2

grace of Christ diffused by AG 124:2

great, from little things TMK 331:4

guarded against exerting wrong, by sanctification 3SM 243:1

health writing did not have, from Dansville visit 3SM 276


dismissed HP 346:4

in home is educational 3SM 214:4

of Abigail’s speech before David RC 333:2


by cooperation with angels HP 67:2

from the sanctified in the future HP 334:3

sensitive to 3SM 355:1

when words, dress and actions tell for God TMK 312:4

humble ones may have ever-increasing LHU 276:6

humble service may have, on hearts others could not reach TMK 330:3

illiterate have had, for good TDG 115:4

importance of, for good or evil UL 27:5, 143:3

increased by self-respect in wearing Christ’s yoke TDG 70:2

increases when depending only on grace RC 103:4

indifference to, wrong for representatives of Jesus TMK 250:3

indirect, through those within reach RC 206:7

injurious, held back waiting for sealing 3SM 409:2

investigate every OHC 92:2

Israelites subjected to idolatrous, in Egypt SW 41:2

judgment will weigh TMK 90:4


and cheerfulness for an almost irresistible RC 305:5

in all of life, gives us a saving TDG 201:6

less by methods attempting to attract the worldly-minded TDG 185:3


has greater, than profession TDG 146:5; TSB 82:2

of inefficiency exerts, leading away from Christ TDG 68:2

limitless, of one who wears yoke with Christ OHC 279:6


by ignorance in how to keep the brain clear TDG 206:3

by waywardness LYL 42:1

loving, leading souls away from enemy’s battleground 2MCP 435:1

makes almost irresistible HP 180:5

Moses could not easily shake off Egyptian TDG 321:4

need of, against errors; letter to pioneer minister TDG 60:4

obedient people have far-reaching AG 124:3


for, to be sensed by new believers TDG 211:3

to return UL 151:6

on the enemy’s side TMK 297:4

open before us, reason to cultivate garden of our soul OHC 175:4


affected by,

for good or eternal loss TDG 182:2

for time and eternity TDG 79:3

are to be blessed by your LYL 77:1

drawn by,

of those who have present truth TMK 316:3

to the Redeemer by our TMK 316:4

Paul protected, of gospel preachers by supporting himself TDG 214:4

people of God who depend on world for their 2MCP 557:4

people with, who did not trust God completely TSB 91:2

physician written to was to have wide TDG 71:3

place, on Christ’s side TMK 367:4

pleasant, kind, well-bred Christians have, for God RC 306:2

positions of, mind of Christ to be in those holding TDG 25:2

power of,

for good or evil upon associates RC 249:2

to be Christlike OHC 60:5

preaching is not necessary to have FW 65:0


of heaven to carry, in believers 2MCP 559:3

shown unimportant to new ones is wrong UL 318:6

promised those who seek spiritual power HP 294:3

quality of, depends on connection with Christ OHC 290:4

reckless use of, brings minds to low level OHC 290:3

reformatory, sanitariums to have; workers influence 3SM 215:3

refreshment from, of one with the abiding Saviour RC 109:4

refusing corrupting TSB 88:2

relationships that would bring bad, seen by God UL 48:2

reports detrimental to someone’s TMK 184:5

reproduction of, to be considered TMK 209:5

resisting, of the unconverted while witnessing OHC 300:4

responsibility/accountability for, HP 104:5, 217:4; Mar 122:3; RC 299:7; TMK 203:4; UL 291:2

for self and others 2MCP 433:4

of redeemed ones; judgment FW 17:4

solemn duty TDG 286:2

talent HP 224:2

we do not see consequences 2MCP 434:0

responsibility of wayward years of evil TSB 61:0

results of, may be known only in day of final reward HP 239:4

righteous, of sincere trusting followers of God HP 72:7

salvation of souls affected by 2MCP 432:1

sanctified by words of love and tenderness OHC 175:4

sanctifying, sanctification needed in order to have 3SM 198:1


countered by those with sanctified characters AG 319:2

stumbling blocks set up by those who follow OHC 15:2

Satan’s, chosen by humanity UL 41:4


around those who stay in the love of God TDG 365:6

by imitating Pattern, not in studying fashion TMK 312:4

by obeying God’s commands in all of life TDG 201:6

living out the truth in the home LYL 25:2

requires good conscience and life RC 208:5

seeds of baleful, sown by many TSB 63:1

seek good; married woman to avoid familiarity TSB 60:2

self as the center of, brought sin on earth RC 51:5

self-centered persons have a dangerous UL 95:3

sense of, stretching into eternity OHC 232:3

sensitivity to, varies with people 2MCP 809:3

sensual, of professed Christians, young and old 1MCP 228:1

soothing, Spirit of God imparts, with other people TDG 225:2


bound to Satan by HP 171:4

led to righteousness by faithful FLB 304:6

speech affects VSS 56

spiritual, dependence on Christ for UL 333:2


may destroy TSB 77:1

may have elevating TSB 113:1

standing up for Jesus exerts best OHC 279:2

stronger for practicing truth UL 104:4

success with habits and noble pursuits makes valuable 1MCP 366:2

talent of, to be used for God TMK 88:4, 324:2

talents entrusted are to have, on mind and character TDG 208:3

talking too much damages VSS 31:0

teachers need, for eternal good 1MCP 191:3

temptation spread through human 1MCP 28:3

testimony by, in words and actions TDG 117:2

transfer of, impossible TDG 286:3

trifling, a savor of death FLB 224:4

truth lived is, against false religion TDG 352:5

unconscious, of bad associates HP 172:4

unconscious, of humblest disciple start blessings HP 239:4

uplifting, instead of feeling unappreciated RY 69:0

weakening, of others UL 239:6

weakest child of God may have TMK 270:4

weakness of depending on others’ OHC 341

well-ordered life is TMK 86:4

wholesome, to surround young people UL 138:2

widow’s gift has had, on hearts of poor and doubting RC 268:4

Word of God,

is the conductor of holy 3SM 338:2

studied daily produces a holy HP 311:5


of an individual have, on himself TMK 137:2

that are pleasant sweeten VSS 64:3

words and actions have

on associates 2MCP 433:3

responsibility VSS 49:3

work of personal overcoming has, for others LHU 129:4

workers with experience to exert RY 34:2

worldly dress causes, on others 3SM 243:3

worldly, hard to separate ourselves from UL 370:5

wrong, from ungodly companions TMK 319:2

young men may have a powerful LYL 37:3


exert, who practice rules in 2 Peter 1 TMK 160:3

may prepare for a place of LYL 53:6

See also Assimilation; Example; Impressions