EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Independent - Industrial school


Independent of New York GC 386


Independent, encourage children to become more CG 122

in God’s work, no such thing as a man’s being TM 489

of church, med. miss. work should not be 6T 288-91

of fellow men, no man can be COL 339

of God, Babel builders sought to be PP 123

self-sufficient and, ministers in danger of becoming 4T 608

Independent faith

Independent faith, class who would have 1T 326


Independently, gospel workers should not move TM 485

no one man or 20 is to work, of other gospel workers 2SM 374

of church, result of conducting med. miss. work 6T 289

Independent men

Independent men, of earnest endeavor, God’s work needs 3T 496

Independent publishing

Independent publishing See Publishing

Independent spirit

Independent spirit, man of a very 3T 414


Index, to a person, dress as 2SM 475

to future of society, youth of today are CH 112

to heart, outside appearance is 2SG 286

to inward thoughts, words are 3BC 1159; SD 180


India, cry of human woe from COL 179

cry of sin-stricken hearts in Ed 262-3

God has in reserve a firmament of chosen ones in PK 189

language study by missionaries sent to 6T 25

Macedonian cry heard from GW 465

millions in, have not heard truth 9T 51

miss. work that must be done in FE 208-9; LS 338

needy and starving people in, remember WM 273

sending of miss. workers to 8T 87

Wolff (Joseph) visited GC 360

Indian, Indians, (American)

Indian, Indians, (American), Christ loves ChS 218; 2SM 342

mail delivered by, in Leland, Mich. 1T 666-7

Williams (Roger) given refuge by GC 295

Indiana, U.S.A.

Indiana, U.S.A., fanaticism in 2SM 31-3, 35-6

SDA work in 4T 276; TM 301

Indianapolis, Ind.

Indianapolis, Ind. 8T 192

Indian warfare

Indian warfare, books on, better never to read CM 142-3; 7T 164-5


Indifference, alarming, in SDA churches 5T 381

re doctrines which are pillars of faith GC 46

alarming amount of, among God’s people 4T 403; 5T 457-67

appalling, of God’s people toward perishing world 7T 103

ardor and earnest prayer must take place of 1BC 1096

call to awake from 9T 251

careless: devotion should take place of 4T 582

influence of COL 341

seals men’s senses to God’s claims CS 21; 4T 83

that God does not approve in parents CG 72

truth has lost its force upon SDA because of TM 130

child’s appearance of, often conceals discouragement and hopelessness Ed 291

Christ’s life rebukes 3T 407

cold, of God’s people should alarm them 3T 397

criminal, in failing to discern signs of times GC 315

dreadful, youth urged to shake off 3T 380

Esau’s example of, toward religion PP 181

God abhors, in His work in time of crisis PK 148

God calls His people to put away CT 398

God loathes 4T 87

God marks every act of, toward the unfortunate 3T 524

God’s people do not have Spirit’s power because of 6BC 1055

great, among many professed Christians 1T 407

habit of, in church services should be corrected CG 547

habits of listless, results of CS 53

ice of, what Satan does re soul he cannot keep bound in 5T 644

in Christian life, is manifest denial of Christ 8T 45

in God’s work, warning against CT 507

in religious crisis, is worst type of hostility against God 3T 281

is fruit of shunning individual responsibility 1T 99

lack of power among God’s people is caused by 3BC 1152

let there be no, in God’s service CS 53

listless, way must no longer be blocked by 7T 33

many believers manifest, in proclaiming third angel’s message 8T 118

mind of, disqualifies SS teacher CSW 116-7

no time for SD 332

prevailing in church and in world, Satan is not concerned about GC 518

results in loss of heaven 1SM 196

sinful, to signs of Christ’s coming AA 260

something must be done to cure terrible, that has taken hold on us 8T 47

spirit of listless, is contagious 2T 340

stoical, toward divine truth PP 269

stolid, millions of human beings in bondage of DA 478

sinner’s, to truth is harvest that he himself has sown PP 268-9; SC 34

stupid, remain no longer in 6T 404-5

that has come upon God’s people 2SG 279

surprising, of ministers toward health reform TM 417

terrible, that astonishes heaven TM 356

toward souls suffering from remorse TM 354-6

toward God and His cause, shown by acts or deeds 1T 690

toward human woes, must give place to interest in men’s sufferings CH 502; ML 230; WM 26

toward religious things, tends to counteract parental influence PP 169

toward testing truths for our time, gaining ground in Protestant churches GC 389

toward the unfortunate, God will not bless persons who manifest WM 312-3

toward your soul’s salvation 2SM 212

water of cold, persons who are too often in CH 628; 1T 502

world-loving, rebuked GC 344

you are not safe for a moment while cherishing 2SM 212

See also Apathy; Indecision; Lethargy; Lukewarmness; Neutrality; Torpor


awaken from, OHC 344:4

holiness called for TDG 196:4

blessings forfeited by RC 207:4

broken with human and divine power UL 127:3

call from,

great things are before us 3SM 383:1

to prepare for end time events TDG 58:2

call people from, considering future 3SM 109:3

Christ invites those with, to open heart door TMK 106:3

Christians (professed) exercise too much OHC 370:4

consider our thoughts, actions, etc., instead of TDG 83:4

cure needed for UL 330:4

despite God’s constant care UL 50:3

families will be lost by, and frivolity TDG 73:3

former state of, drawing toward; grace needed TDG 277:2

God abhors, in regard to character formation 2MCP 429:4

harvest which a person has sown OHC 160:3

Holy Spirit helps soul to avoid HP 119:2

increases with evidence when light is rejected OHC 26:2

inexcusableness of, to be considered FW 33:3

infidelity not as bad as, in religious matters LHU 229:6

learned by practice OHC 160:3

light given to Ellen White may be seen with, but it still condemns TDG 237:7

losing sense of nearness of Jesus’ coming OHC 346:3

missionary work neglected in UL 287:3

moral faculties clouded by disease causes RC 161:2


of Bible study leads to TMK 204:3

of giving light to others brings TDG 211:4

on subjects of infinite importance OHC 44:4

peril of, measured by the greatness of salvation HP 37:2

prevalence of TMK 267:4

prevents preparation of character OHC 165:4

reclaiming those in, by miracle of grace SW 64:2

Satan pushes soul not bound by, into fanaticism 1MCP 38:2

separated from Christ by LHU 239:5

sinners left unwarned by, and needy not helped TDG 274:2

souls destroyed by, and suspicion, jealousy, etc. 2MCP 576:4

straying from Christ brings OHC 178:2

tendency for, greater in large churches HP 299:4

to others causes God’s indifference to us UL 82:3

Word of God,

passed by with; minds filled with trash TDG 131:2

studied leads to amazement at, to God’s love TMK 204:2

to be accepted instead of, to testimonies 3SM 33:1

See also Laodicea


Indifferent, children and youth should not be, in church services MYP 266

Christ’s warning to the 6T 408

Christian must not be, to souls perishing around him 7T 9

many believers who ought to co-operate with Christ are 7T 13

people who seem, truth must be urged upon attention of CSW 67

person who truly loves Christ will not remain TM 246

to interests of other people, you can have no life in Christ and at same time be CS 29

why are God’s people so, in giving third angel’s message? CS 51

will be shaken out of church 1T 182


Indifferently, souls of infinite value treated TM 350

Indigestible food

Indigestible food See Food


Indigestion, cakes cause MH 301

charcoal as remedy for 2SM 298

clothing extremities improperly causes 2T 531

coffee causes Ed 203; MH 326

condiments cause Ed 203

confectionery causes Ed 203

eating great variety of food at one meal causes MH 299

eating too much causes MH 306-7

hampered circulation of blood causes MH 271-2

ill effects of CD 111; CH 564-5; GW 241

ill-health caused by CD 111; CH 564; GW 241

inefficiency in work is caused by CD 111; CH 564; GW 241

intemperance that causes CD 101

jams cause MH 301

jellies cause MH 301

mind or body heavily taxed just before or just after eating causes MH 306

minister’s. sermons affected by CH 565; GW 242

pastries cause Ed 203; MH 301

sweet puddings cause MH 301

tea causes Ed 203; MH 326; 2T 65

too much blood in stomach causes 2T 531

too much liquid food causes CD 105

See also Dyspepsia


brings despondency; unchristlike actions result TDG 210:4

cause of ill health and inefficiency in labor RC 152:5

religious, from dwelling upon the mistakes of others OHC 233:2

results from eating before previous food is digested TDG 210:3

self-control needed when experiencing 2MCP 410:1


Indignation, justifiable, in Christians DA 310

righteous: defined DA 310; TM 101

directed by Christ against hypocrisy and gross sins DA 619-20

manifested by Moses in breaking tables of Decalogue PP 323; 3T 301, 341; TM 101

restrained by Christ DA 533


Indiscretion, blind, of King Saul in dealing with David PP 658

one act of, may jeopardize your soul CH 295; MM 143

sympathy for newly converted soul guilty of 5T 604-5

See also Imprudence


appearance of, to be avoided 1MCP 237:2; LYL 64:1

ridiculing opponents is, and causes loss of souls VSS 241:2


Indispensable, God’s way and counsel should be sought as TM 461

Individual, Individuals

Individual, Individuals, Christ dealt with men as, in His teaching Ed 231

church can get along without any 5T 126

conditions on which God’s blessing is bestowed on Ed 174

each: assigned a place in God’s great plan COL 326; Ed 178; PK 536

Christ cares for, as if there were no other on earth 5T 346

Christ discerned possibilities in Ed 232

deportment of, God distinctly marks 5T 627

endowed with abilities for which he is accountable to God ChS 13

exerts influence in society GW 387

faith of, will be tested Ev 591

God can use, in proportion as He can put His Spirit into him 7T 144

God cares for, as if there were not another on earth MH 229

God examines case of, with close scrutiny 7BC 986; GC 490

God has plans for 6T 12

God knows, by name MH 229; 5T 346

God’s interest and concern for SC 100

God’s providence presides over TM 432

God’s watchcare encircles 5T 742

has case pending at bar of God GC 488

has experience differing essentially from that of others DA 347

has life distinct from all others DA 347; MH 100

has soul to save or lose GC 488

has victories to gain 1SM 118

is on trial for his life 7BC 969

is to receive to impart 7T 145

is under God’s supervision 7BC 959

most difficult thing for, is to give up what he thinks is his right FE 283

must be tested GC 490

must meet God face to face GC 488

must stand or fall for himself GC 395

responsibility that rests on Ev 383

should look more to God and less to man TM 215

ever recognize God’s right to you as MM 276

God deals with men as TM 488

God guides TM 488

God in His providence has afflicted, to test and prove others 1T 273

God is not leading a few separate, here and there TM 488

God never forsakes, till they forsake Him 2SM 378

God’s gifts committed to men as 7T 176

God’s law given to regulate conduct of 1BC 1104

gospel work for GW 194-5

greatness of, measured by fidelity with which they fulfill God’s purpose Ed 175

impieties of, recorded in books of heaven PP 165

men are to be converted to God as GC 233

men are to be saved as PK 232; 1SM 368

men must overcome sin for themselves as ML 317

most important part of daily ministration in earthly sanctuary was performed for PP 354

no, is a complete whole 9T 196

no one, able to manage things belonging to great I AM 9T 260

has sufficient wisdom to man God’s work without helpers GW 481; 9T 260

one, cannot do another’s work 1SM 166

Christ’s readiness to minister to DA 194-5

possessing excellent qualities, may not be qualified for ministry 4T 322

prosperity of: depends on personal effort Ev 338

principles of God’s law underlie Ed 174

secret of all true PK 500

question that God asks of PK 172

SDA work is not to attack 6T 394

spiritual darkness in, cause of GC 377-8

strength of, what constitutes Ed 175; PK 502; SD 338

teacher’s duty to deal with students as CT 231-2; Ed 232

tested to see if they will give up their idols 2SG 226; 1T 187

why God permits matters to come to crisis in COL 178; 9T 91-2

why God permits reverses to come upon SD 260

See also One soul


balanced development of OHC 106:7


guides knowing obligations of all TMK 57:3

thinks of us as RC 109:5

Christ’s love and mission contemplated regarding OHC 18:2

difficult, Ellen White told to help 3SM 36:2


has a part to act CC 188:8

has soul to save or lose HP 360:6

energetic, example and power of, over others FLB 316:3

every, will be under one of two banners UL 262:4

God assigns each, a special sphere, place, and work TDG 166:4

gospel calls for conviction and obedience as OHC 90:3

gospel deals with; each has soul to save or lose 2MCP 423:2

judgment of only one, is unsafe 1MCP 23:4

name of every, constantly in God’s mind OHC 28:4

reason and affections of, to work in unity TDG 23:2

stand before God as TMK 134:3

threads in a great whole in working for God TDG 253:2

value of,

implied by polishing given HP 267:4

in God’s sight OHC 18:4

See also Humans, value of; Value; Self-respect

work for all, in Christ’s plan OHC 169:2

working for, led disciples to work for communities TDG 253:2

See also Humans; People; Soul

Individual accountability

Individual accountability, men have, to God GW 125

Individual character

Individual character, need not be sacrificed in gospel work 3T 497

Individual Christian

Individual Christian, glory of light of truth is to be manifested in 6T 11

Individual development

Individual development, interest in, needed in educational work Ed 232

Individual duty

Individual duty, man’s, to walk humbly with God TM 61

to the needy, not to be turned over to some benevolent institution MH 203

Individual effort

Individual effort, God calls for 1SM 166

gospel requires CH 390

tendency to substitute work of organizations for MH 147, 203

value of, in gospel work GW 194-5

Individual experience

Individual experience, each person is to have, in Christ TM 486

privilege of every believer to obtain TM 478

Individual independence

Individual independence, needed in gospel work 3T 497

power to discriminate between right and wrong depends on Ed 231


Individuality, Adam and Eve each had, in thinking and acting 3T 484

akin to that of Creator, every human being is endowed with Ed 17

children’s, must not be destroyed by discipline FE 57

should be preserved 3T 132

should not be merged into that of parent or teacher FE 58; 3T 134

warning not to weaken or destroy Ed 288

Christ as man possessed, distinct from pride or assumption FE 400-1

do not ignore any man’s 7BC 953

each person has his own AA 275; CD 56; MM 275; TM 422

that no other can claim Ev 331

each person is accountable to God for his 3T 245

each person will manifest his own CH 244

each SDA institution should maintain its, in relation to others 7T 171

God is owner of your 7T 45

God would not have men yield up their 3T 360

gospel workers’ duty re 9T 187

man must not be robbed of TM 360

marriage should not destroy one’s 2T 100; 7T 45

means power to think and to do Ed 17

members of God’s family should not be deprived of 7T 179

mind cure that merges weaker, into that of a stronger MH 242

no one has right to merge his own, in that of another DA 550

one person’s, should not merge or sink into that of another AA 275; MH 242

one spouse’s, should not be merged into that of the other MH 361; 7T 45

persons who act as though they did not have 2T 130

praise to God should be marked with your DA 347; MH 100

preserve your, in gospel work 2SM 143

should be under Spirit’s control CH 244

students’, should not be merged into that of teacher FE 58

true, maintain 5T 509

wife has, which she should preserve 3T 245; 4T 255

wife is accountable to God for her 3T 245; 4T 255

wife’s, should not be merged into that of husband AH 116; MH 361

work of true education is to develop Ed 17

young gospel worker must not lose his GW 102-3


communion with Christ hourly with 2MCP 430:1

destruction of, not God’s purpose OHC 90:4

exercise of, available to all TMK 134:3

experience in Christ to be preserved in 2MCP 430:2


expects, following the great Pattern 2MCP 428:1

permits every human to exercise RC 35:4

permits; no mind to be submerged in another 2MCP 428:2

husband and wife each have, not to be merged 1MCP 154:3

loss of, in another’s, not the Creator’s design RC 190:5

overcoming through Christ in own TMK 291:5

person not to submerge, with another RC 138:5

regeneration of every faculty without loss of TDG 186:2

retained by church members while revealing pattern UL 216:7

sinking, into another impossible 2MCP 426:2

submerging/submission/surrender of,

by wife prevents fulfilling purpose LYL 48:4; TSB 25:2

in another UL 227

is impossible 2MCP 423:2

to another 2MCP 709:0

unsanctified, prevents love for one another UL 271:2

wife’s, never to be sunk into husband’s 2MCP 426:1

See also Independence

Individual judgment

Individual judgment, use of TM 298-304

Individual life

Individual life, duty to reveal Christ’s character in TM 438


Individually, all must overcome for themselves Te 22

battle, against world, flesh, and devil FE 124

Christ knows each person DA 479

Christ speaks to men 7T 71

Christ suffered for men 9T 102

Christ thinks of men TM 391

God has commanded men, to resist Satan TM 448

God has made men, His stewards 7T 177

God has special work to do for men MYP 26

God has you, in His keeping 2SM 364

God’s final warning is for men 2SM 116

God’s people are, spectacle to angels 7T 296

God’s people will have to stand alone, to answer for their belief Ev 69

men are here, as probationers FE 215

seek God, for strength and guidance TM 505

teach people to seek God, for guidance 2SM 97

you are held responsible: for doing one jot less than you have ability to do COL 363

for doing what you have ability to do COL 363

for issues of struggle MH 453; 8T 313-4

for your faith 2SM 375

you are, part of God’s great whole COL 339; TM 500

to be laborer together with God TM 265

you are to answer for yourself, before God GC 598

you are to be judged, according to deeds done in body 1SM 125

you cannot secure yourself, from constant temptation 1SM 123-4

you must discern, Spirit’s workings 1SM 169

you must do something 3BC 1132

you must get hold and keep hold of Christ 7BC 934

you must humble your soul, before God PP 590

you must know for yourself, what is truth Ev 69

you must partake, of bread of life TM 385

you must repent, before God TM 38

you must seek God 9T 218

you must seek to obtain new victory, every day EW 105

you need to understand truth 2SM 392

Individual power

Individual power, needed in gospel work 3T 497

Individual responsibility

Individual responsibility, children deficient in, as result of wrong education 3T 132

Christian unity and TM 485-505

each person has, before God FE 530; TM 30

every man is given 2T 242; TM 236

gospel requires CH 390

wife has, resting upon her 2T 433

youth should be trained in bearing CT 475

Individual right, Individual rights

Individual right, Individual rights, clinging to, at all hazards PP 132

there are TM 422

Individual work

Individual work, being right with God is 1T 145

Christ commits, to His followers CH 390

Christian’s work is 8T 170

each person has, to do FE 496; TM 30, 503

which no one else can do GW 125

preparation for great events ahead is MYP 89

work of preparation is GC 490

work of purification is 7BC 918


Indolence, believer brings reproach to God’s cause by 5T 179

careless, poverty caused by 5T 178

poor men frequently waste time and strength in 3T 400

character warped by 3T 364

children’s: affectation results from 4T 98

opens door for Satan to ensnare them CG 462

positive sin results from 4T 98

tends to vile passion GC 462-3

uselessness results from 4T 98

vanity results from 4T 98

worse than overwork 2T 349

Christ does not encourage 3T 164

church reproached by 9T 46

debt incurred as result of 5T 179

do not countenance CS 166; WM 199

do not indulge in 7BC 953

God calls His people to put away CT 398

God’s word does not encourage COL 247

golden moments wasted in TM 194

gospel worker has no license for FE 243

gratification of, has no place in economy of heaven CT 280

great curse CG 124

greatest curse to children today CG 340

habits of, young men lacking something useful to do acquire 3T 151

how teachers should deal with CSW 174

husband’s, wife and children suffer from 3SG 120; 2T 254-5

impulse of passion is increased by CG 462

in God’s cause, backsliding results from 4T 285

warning against TM 206

in preparing for time of trouble, warning against GC 622

in spiritual things, warning against SR 99

incurs guilt 6T 452

indulgence of, fatal to success 5T 183

is proof of depravity 4T 411

is to be dreaded CT 394; FE 373

lack of power in gospel work is caused by 3BC 1152

lands testify to man’s TM 243-4

license for, counsel that is not to be construed as CT 510

life of, no person can glorify God by 3T 400

life of too many people marked by 5T 134

life that God designed for you may be spoiled by MYP 212

listless and sleepy, Satan uses professed Christian’s COL 280

man is no passive being to be saved in CT 366; 8T 65

man is responsible for good he fails to do because of 4T 416

mental and spiritual, God will not supply deficiencies resulting from FE 374

mental condition that leads to 2T 249

mind should be trained to overcome 3T 498

minister disqualified by 3T 557

minister reproved for his 2T 708

minister warned against 2T 499

minister’s: effects of 2T 542

Paul’s religious industry rebuked 4T 410

permits souls to drift beyond reach of salvation 2T 549

minister’s wife who indulged in 1T 627

moral strength weakened by CG 462

mothers should not educate daughters in CG 349-50

mothers who encourage daughters in CG 349-50

no human being can be saved in CM 76; COL 280; CT 366; 4T 286; 8T 65

no person needs to remain in ML 104

not conducive to children’s health CG 462

not fruit borne on Christian tree CG 124; 6T 337

of friends and helpers, God’s servants will be tried by ChS 239-40

one remedy for TM 183

parable of unmerciful debtor does not encourage COL 247

parent’s, bad example for children 5T 180

parents must not give up to AH 207

Paul’s zeal and industry rebukes AA 355; 4T 410

poor people are not to be supported in CS 122, 163, 165; WM 199-200

presumption of 2SM 297

put away your Ev 180

re education, Satan marvels at professed Christians’ FE 257

remedy for, is to throw off sluggishness as sin CT 277-8; TM 183

reproach of, results of wiping from church 9T 46

rest of grace is not obtained in 7BC 928

reward of, sharp and clear perception of truth will never be COL 111

Sabbath is not to be spent in TM 136-7

seems inviting AA 565; GW 135

self-made invalids dying of MM 107

sick people in whom, will produce most unhappy results 1T 555

sin of, positively and firmly put away 7BC 941

sinful, God has prepared no place for gratification of CG 354

slothful, is criminal 5T 419

soul separated from Christ by TM 130

Spirit is grieved by CT 278; 4T 410

spirit of, godliness destroyed by AA 352

Spirit is grieved by AA 352

Spirit’s power lacking among God’s people because of 6BC 1055

spiritual, we are accountable for 6T 332

stagnating practice of, God has no place for PP 50

state of eternal, would be irksome CG 354

student should be put on guard against CT 499

sure source of evil for children FE 151

tends to poverty and want CT 278

time wasted in, can never be recalled 2T 499

training mind to overcome, much may be done in 3T 498

true godliness destroyed by CT 278; 4T 410

wife inclined to sit down in 2T 427-8

will must electrify nerve power to resist 2T 428

woman who sat on stool of, dreaming of unrequited love 2T 325

young women ill affected by 1T 686

youth’s, few evils more to be dreaded than Ed 210

See also Idleness; Inaction; Inactivity; Laziness; Slothfulness; Sluggishness


Indolent, it is sinful to be, re obtaining education FE 216

man who has true love for Christ will not remain TM 246

persons naturally, find it hard to overcome this weakness 2T 499

Indolent attitude

Indolent attitude, man cannot be safe in 2SM 364

Indolent children

Indolent children, parents’ duty re 3T 152

parents’ mistake in dealing with CG 195; 3T 151-2

Indolent do-nothings

Indolent do-nothings, too late to sleep and become ChS 91

Indolent habit, Indolent habits

Indolent habit, Indolent habits, children should be taught to overcome CG 124

how human system is affected by 3T 557

in secular work, brought into religious life COL 345

man who wronged wife and children by 2T 255

of thought, minister must overcome GW 98

shiftless, institutional workers should be trained to guard against MM 175

Indolent mind

Indolent mind, falls easy prey to evil Ed 190 See also Intellect; Mind

Indolent minister

Indolent minister, reproof given to 2T 542

Indolent movement, Indolent movements

Indolent movement, Indolent movements, slow and easy, do nothing in God’s work Ev 647

Indolent musing

Indolent musing, is not religion FE 419

Indolent person, Indolent persons

Indolent person, Indolent persons CT 190; 2T 428; 5T 178-82

among church members, inclined to criticize TM 206

need to awake and show signs of consciousness TM 206

are many Ev 566

Christ instructed, to work MH 195

disinclined to physical labor or exercise because it wearies 2T 528

falls easy prey to temptation Ed 190; PK 660

God has no call for MYP 35

God has no place for, in His work PP 549

having no aim in life 2T 429

invaluable experience forfeited by AA 353; MYP 210-2

lesson for, from ants CT 190

minister who became, feeling no burden for souls 4T 408

no need to be FE 455

places permanent obstruction in his way MYP 210

prayerful consideration needed by MM 209

reformation in, sudden impulse cannot effect 4T 411

should not yield to inclination to be inactive 3T 78

toiling beast of burden answers purpose of its creation better than CT 280

truth is to go to Ev 566

walking is beneficial to 3T 78

working in garden beneficial to 3T 78

Indolent sluggishness

Indolent sluggishness, no man should boast of his 5T 296

Indolent soul

Indolent soul, falls easy prey to temptation PK 660


Indomitableness, needed in true Christian character MH 498

that circumstances cannot subdue 5T 297

Indoor confinement

Indoor confinement, close, ill effects of living in MH 274

Indoor living

Indoor living, very poor business MM 296

Indoor service

Indoor service, bands of precise, God calls us to burst 1SM 84

Inducement, Inducements

Inducement, Inducements, alluring, against which God’s people are warned PK 570

Christians not drawn away from the work by TDG 316:4


Indulgence, antediluvian, of depraved appetite CH 23, 109

characters warped by 3T 364

child spoiled by 1T 700

child’s health injured by 1T 700

children’s wrong habits become fixed as result of, from babyhood 4T 368

darling, hindering religious life must be cut off 5T 222

David’s sinful, of Absalom and Amnon PP 728-9

effects of parental, seen in offspring CH 112

Eli’s sinful, of his sons PP 575-80

evils of CG 271-4

excessive, in eating, drinking, sleeping, or seeing, is sin 4T 417

fosters vanity and willfulness in children 4T 200

four, that exert pernicious influence on moral character CH 68

harmful, forbidden to contestants in Corinthian games AA 309-11

health-destroying: break away from all CH 579

put away 1T 486

total abstinence as means of overcoming desire for Ev 264

how parents affect offspring by, of base passions 2T 351-2

idleness leads to, of corrupt habits 2T 349

in moral pollution, sinfulness and ill effects of 2T 346-53 See also Self-abuse; Self-pollution; Vice

in pride, vanity, and pleasure seeking separate God’s people from Him 4T 633

in stimulants, harmful effects of 4T 28

in tea and coffee, lay aside EW 121-2 See also Coffee; Tea

it took more than 2,000 years of, of appetite and lustful passions to lessen vital force of human organism 4T 29

lay aside, in tobacco EW 121 See also Tobacco

little, Satan seeks to blind man’s mind to 2BC 1017

needless and hurtful, sin of spending means for GC 475

of appetite: Adam and Eve lost Eden through 3T 491

affects men in all relations of life 2T 368

ill effects of 3T 560-70; 4T 28-43

involves sacrifice of physical vigor, clearness of intellect, and spiritual power CH 66

pale-faced ministers suffering as result of selfish, are no recommendation to health reform 4T 417

produces dyspeptic stomach, torpid liver, clouded brain, and perverted temper and spirit CH 68

sins of greatest magnitude are committed through 4T 30

Satan’s temptation to, will be more powerful and more difficult to overcome 3T 492

unrestrained, enfeebles moral powers so that sin does not appear sinful CH 24

See also Appetite

of appetite and passions: beclouds mind, lessens physical strength, and weakens moral power 3T 491

combined, have led to excess and violence 4T 29

foundation of sins of Sodom, Gomorrah, and Babylon was CH 110

hereditary effects of 4T 29-31

of baser passions: hidden under garb of sanctity by many professed Christians 3T 491

ill effects of 2T 352

man’s nobler faculties benumbed by CH 111

of children makes them harder to manage CG 271

of desire for flesh foods, warning against 9T 156-7 See also Flesh foods

of one evil habit, breaks down soul’s defenses PP 452

opens way for Satan to enter and lead us astray PP 452

of unnatural appetites and passions has controlling influence on brain nerves 3T 51

parents’ mistake of, of children and youth 3T 46

parental, children’s mental and physical vigor sacrificed through 3T 489

parental mistake of, of daughters in idleness 3T 151

pet, must be given up 4T 408

physical effects of, of appetite and passion 4T 30

possibility of, induces desire, hope, and uncertainty in students Ed 290

results of, in students are restlessness, irritability, and insubordination Ed 290

sin of continuing, in habits depriving you of physical, mental, and moral vigor CH 23

sin which easily besets us has been strengthened by 2T 514

sinful: body is made unholy by 3T 162

health and character of youth are ruined by 6T 254-5

many people have brought disease upon themselves by 3T 178

many youth fall into dishonest practices as result of 6T 254

one, poisons whole life 2T 409

strengthens soul’s aversion to God SC 34

Sodom was destroyed because of, of unnatural appetite CH 110

surrender of hurtful, requires sacrifice MH 127

unrestrained, results of DA 122

warning against, of base passions 2T 439-89

youth given to, in sensuality 2T 390-411

See also Fornication; Immorality; Licentiousness; Self-indulgence; Sensuality


bring light and joy to others instead of OHC 284:4

capabilities weakened by UL 379:4

children are not made happy by 1MCP 170:1


came to people practicing LHU 259:5

did not practice, though heir of all TMK 156:3

is not followed in HP 72:2

shamed by, of those with great light TSB 120:0

Christian warfare not life of UL 217:5

Christ’s youth was not wasted in OHC 59:2

clamoring for; submit to reason and conscience TSB 98:2

contemplation of Christ leaves no room for TMK 159:2

corrupt, See Masturbation

corrupts taste and judgment 3SM 289:2

customs involving HP 261:5

dangers of, seen UL 73:2

defiles the body and unfits for worship CME 46:2

depravity by, dwarfing the mind as before the flood TSB 120:1

desire for, unless mind is sanctified TSB 98:3

discard hurtful, and use money to spread the truth 2MCP 394:3

duty reaches beyond UL 25:3

every species of, prevails today Mar 108:2

evil near the close of time is caused by 3SM 292:1

filthy, tobacco blocks truths correcting 1MCP 75:3

God’s people to have no UL 69:4

grows spontaneously HP 195:4; Mar 229:4

happiness not found in RC 305:4; TMK 121:3

health destroying, nullifies God’s message OHC 266:3

hinders standing firm in trial AG 278:3

immediate, wrongly recommended to mothers 1MCP 133:4

insults God CC 35:4

laid in dust by looking to Christ OHC 114:2


leading into, is a successful device of Satan TMK 252:2

seem trifling, but Satan will lead TDG 27:4

lives of professed Christians reveal TMK 352:3

love of,

may be stronger than for health 2MCP 381:1; OHC 270:3

while ignorant of sinfulness TDG 278:2

mind to center on Christ instead of on TMK 119:4

money spent for, kept from God’s cause RC 266:2

Nabal’s CC 170:2

offspring punished for 2MCP 570:1

or self-sacrifice, choose between OHC 8:2

parental, causes disorder in families and society CC 49:4

people of God sneered at by ones with 3SM 398:2

poverty of others remembered when considering RC 266:3

power of brain and nerves robbed by 1MCP 316:1

powers of body and mind lessened by OHC 43:2

preserve bodies by avoiding TDG 123:3

presumption in, knowing that Christ intercedes FW 107:3

put away; time is short; we must not be weakened TDG 237:5

renounced by laborers with God LHU 325:5

responsibility to teach overcoming and avoiding TDG 206:2

ruin of mankind since the fall RC 51:4

sacrifice of, at whatever cost TDG 251:5

Satan controls through Mar 110:4

scars of, remain for all time; powers corrupted LYL 43:1


overcoming contrasted with, by Paul TMK 315:2

young men of our cities to unite against TMK 314:2


corrodes whole person and his household TSB 92:2

love not increased by TSB 115:0

sinful, put away OHC 7:3

Solomon degraded by CC 200:4

some consider nothing too valuable to give for CC 355:4

spell of, holding people away from Christ FW 92:1

studied by many TMK 174:3


of, planned 2MCP 659:0

to those with character defects OHC 88:3

testimonies condemning, rejected 3SM 80:5

time and money spent in OHC 270:3

warning against, in describing the days of Noah LHU 353:3

warring lust for one refusing warnings about adultery TSB 168:3

weakens physical strength CC 248:3

will determined to resist TMK 325:4

witnessing impossible with 2MCP 391:5

See also Appetite, indulgence of; Desires, selfish; Excess

Indulgence (papal)

Indulgence (papal), Christ gave men no ecclesiastical right to sell 5BC 1151

doctrine of: as used by Roman Church SR 333-4

learned and pious Roman Catholics opposed GC 128

Luther’s (Martin) 95 theses against GC 129-30

Roman Church enriched herself by use of SR 333-4

Roman Church fabricated GC 59; SR 333

given to persons who climbed “Pilate’s staircase” in Rome GC 125; SR 341

purchasers of: pardons promised to, vain and worthless GC 179

promises made by Roman Church to GC 59, 128, 178; SR 333-4

remission of sins promised to GC 59; SR 333-4

sale of: by Samson in Switzerland GC 178-9

by Tetzel (Johann) in Germany GC 127-9

in Germany was committed to Dominican friars GC 178

Luther (Martin) opposed SR 342

Roman Church filled her coffers by GC 59; SR 333-4

used to sustain magnificence, luxury, and vice of pretended representatives of Christ GC 59; SR 333-4

Zwingli (Ulric) opposed GC 179

sellers of, as pardonmongers GC 59, 128, 179

sold by Tetzel (Johann), Luther (Martin) refused to honor GC 128-9

sold to help build St. Peter’s church in Rome GC 127

Industrial line, Industrial lines

Industrial line, Industrial lines, education in, needed in rural communities MH 192

Industrial pursuit, Industrial pursuits

Industrial pursuit, Industrial pursuits, greatest men of Israel were trained to CT 276; MH 186

Industrial reform

Industrial reform 6T 176-80

Industrial school

Industrial school See School