EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Imprisonment - Independence


Imprisonment, Christ’s disciples honored with 2T 345

Christ’s witnesses have endured, rather than break God’s commands AA 81

God’s grace sustained Paul in AA 480

Jeremiah’s PK 432-3

John the Baptist’s DA 214-25

John’s, in Jerusalem AA 77-86; SR 250-8

Joseph’s, in Egypt PP 218-23; 3SG 144-52; SR 102-3

long and unjust, Paul’s patience and cheerfulness during AA 464

many Sabbathkeepers will suffer GC 608, 626-7, 635, 637; PK 188, 512-3

obedience to truth will result in PK 512-3

of Christians opposing dictates of human councils 5T 712

Paul’s, furthered Christ’s cause AA 464

Paul’s: in Caesarea AA 419-38; SR 313

in Jerusalem AA 397, 406-18

in Philippi AA 213-8; SR 312

in Rome AA 439-513; SR 315-9

Peter’s, by Herod Agrippa I AA 143-54; SR 292-300

in Jerusalem AA 77-86; SR 250-8

in Rome AA 537-8; SR 15-6

risk of, before God’s people 7BC 975; 5T 712

Sabbathkeepers will be threatened with GC 607

Silas’s, in Philippi AA 213-8; SR 312

threatened, many believers will yield to powers that be rather than suffer PK 188

persons who will not be able to endure, in great crisis 5T 81

truth must be obeyed though it result in PK 512-3

See Prison


Improve, do something every day to MH 491

it is never too late for us to 6T 382

seek constantly to, in intellect and morals 4T 563

young men should constantly 6T 416

your abilities by diligent study FE 216

Improvement, Improvements

Improvement, Improvements, all right, have source in God CT 277

capacity for, men endowed with 4T 340

Christian, no limit to 5T 265

God desires that His people feel need of Te 143

gospel worker should make 4T 270

in Christian experience, essential 3T 331

in life and character, no man so poor or busy but with Christ’s help he can make 4T 340

lifework of God’s children should be 4T 519

means of, within reach of all 4T 340

mental See Mental improvement

ministers should make 4T 412-6

of opportunities See Opportunity

of talents See Talent

physical, all possible to encourage desire for 5T 90

publishing house should defer making, rather than go heavily into debt 7T 206

school should teach ways of 6T 188

seek, every day MH 491

See also Advancement; Ladder; Progress; Self-improvement


capacity for,

and help for continual OHC 218:3

given by God; then put away frivolity 1MCP 105:3

continual, by those receiving truth by faith TDG 219:2

daily effort for, using intelligence TDG 75:4

desire for, channel, for higher than worldly objects TMK 91:2

determination in actions for daily 1MCP 105:0


chosen as counselor brings, in moral behavior 1MCP 105:2, 226:6

is pleased with, as His children help each other TDG 345:5

is source of TDG 32:4

impossible through self; come to Jesus RC 213:5

life to show, taking steps heavenward TDG 286:5

means of, within reach for character balance 1MCP 51:1

moral and intellectual, in Creator’s purpose OHC 106:4

obstinacy is a barrier to TDG 351:3

opportunities for, to to become better worker 3SM 25:0

privilege of, taught by flowers OHC 254:4

SDA people and ministers need; sanctification LHU 291:2

spiritual, comes from God; strive FW 48:1; NL 35:2

use every circumstance for OHC 290:4


Improving, God designed that man should be constantly MYP 243


Imprudence, grave, in opening feelings to others 3T 507

hunger for sympathy often leads to 3T 507

Impulse, Impulses

Impulse, Impulses, acting from, danger in 2T 638-9

active, like vines CG 35

allowing children to act on, results of CG 275

ask God to control every PP 421

beat back your, by severe discipline AA 314

believers who move from, drifting on surface of excitement 4T 74

beware how you follow GW 306

blind, originated by Satan to compass destruction of youth 5T 109

termed love by youth 5T 109

blind and unsanctified passion as 5T 121

childhood’s generous and loving, must be encouraged DA 516

children governed by, as they grow up FE 140

children should be educated not to follow Te 184

children should not be allowed to grow up governed by CG 406

children’s, wisely train CG 31

controls when voice of conscience is hushed 5T 69

converted heart’s, love governs SC 59

creatures of, Christians are not to be 5T 530

danger of allowing, to take you where you ought not to go TM 227

danger of following 5T 647

divine, Jonathan moved by PP 623

divine love should govern AA 551

do not allow yourself to act from MH 452

do not decide from 1BC 1120

do not follow PP 622

in dealing with erring church members GW 498

do not let, bear sway when you are tried by perversity and obstinacy of others MM 206

do not move from 4T 368; 5T 520; TM 146

in prayer for sick 2T 147

in this critical time TM 210

do not move rashly from 4T 86

do not wait for special, in order to come to Christ 1SM 396

evil, Christ’s grace enables men to overcome GC 28

excessive study causes self-control to give way to Ed 209

false prophets moved by 2SM 98-9

fanatical teachers regard, as God’s voice GC 191

fitful, is not true turning to God 5T 644

five foolish virgins moved from GC 394

follow dictates of reason instead of Te 172

followed blindly Ed 195

generous, as talent COL 352-3

responsibility of persons who have 2T 251

strengthened by continual liberalities SD 275

getting mastery over calm judgment 2SM 17, 91

giving of offerings is not left to CSW 129

God designs that men shall not decide from DA 458

good: is gift of God Ed 253; GW 259

Satan by his reasoning seeks to overpower 3T 550

strengthen every CG 264

hasty, God is not served by CT 196

heart in danger of being carried away by 2SM 93

heart’s: Christ knows every TM 129

God knows all TM 354

guard closely TM 314

high and holy, Spirit imparts 8T 65

human: obedience to God is deliverance from MH 131

mistaken for divine guidance AA 279; TM 502

selfishness is strongest and most general of CS 25

imparted, is seed sown which produces harvest COL 340

impenitent Jews were controlled by GC 28

Joshua afraid to trust his own 2BC 994

King Saul allowed, to control his judgment PP 650

learn to move intelligently and not from 5T 298

life cannot be governed by, without proving entire failure FE 302

love governs 4T 223

love is not simply SD 101

man cannot control his MH 176; SC 47; 5T 514

man moved by 1T 692

not qualified for gospel work 4T 218

man who moved from, not from principle 3T 25

without stopping to reflect 2T 424

man’s strongest, urges him to seek his own happiness ML 160

many of God’s people controlled by 3T 475

many people governed by Ev 286

marriage relation often entered into with AH 72

matter of giving is not left to CS 80

may control you if you do not heed voice of conscience 1SM 28

mind must not be allowed to follow FE 108

mind’s, guard closely TM 314

mind’s higher powers should control COL 114

ministers moving from, great injury to God’s cause by 3T 237

momentary: do not be guided by 2T 325

do not move from EW 118

prompted by Satan DA 323

mother who moved from 2T 433

move conscientiously from principle instead of 2T 91, 129; 3T 241

move less from 4T 139

moving from, is sin 5T 419

multitudes are slaves of TM 247

natural: child should not be left to follow CG 491; CT 112

do not work out your TM 287

person who gives way to, makes himself weak and untrustworthy FE 264

needs to be: constantly under Spirit’s control PP 421

under control of higher powers of mind ML 108

need to flow heavenward, not earthward 5T 366

never act from MH 491

in governing children AH 198; Ev 582

no safety in following 5T 423

nothing gained by moving hurriedly or from 2T 51

old, Judas Iscariot permitted himself to be controlled by DA 645

only safety is to keep, under Christ’s control 7T 266

parents who follow, in child training CG 237

persons controlled by CS 25

persons obeying God are carrying out their own DA 668

persons possessing generous, and yet do nothing 2T 250

persons ruled by, reap bitter harvest FE 500-1

persons who cannot control their, duty of ML 318

persons who drift wherever, may carry them CG 164; MYP 163

persons whose, are under divine supervision PK 69

rash, kind words prevent PP 667

reason overcome by 4T 431

reason should not be controlled by AH 345

reason should take place of CD 401

right, Christ is source of SC 26

seat of, in body CH 41; COL 346; MYP 235

selfish, do not indulge 9T 245

serve God from principle and not from 1T 698

SDA leaders should not move under, of their natural temper TM 211

spiritual, curb must be kept upon 2SM 93

strongest in youth Ed 228

sudden, ministers should not move from 4T 411

teachers warned against cherishing FE 278

true Christian does not work from 5T 393

true love is not 6BC 1101

unsafe to be controlled by CS 25

untrained, children should not be left to follow ML 164

use, in God’s service COL 352

warning not to follow, calling it Spirit GW 306; 8T 296

windows of, must be opened toward heaven SD 107

woman should move from principle instead of 2T 433

woman who moved from, acting just as she felt 2T 50-1

wrong, fanatics moved by 2SM 46

youth acting from, many MYP 453

youth are guided by, in marriage MYP 453

youth follow, much and blindly 4T 651-2

youth in general are governed by 3T 564

youth often move from, rather than judgment 7BC 915

youth trust too much to FE 105; MYP 450

youth who follow, can have no real happiness CG 258-9

See also Inclination; Lust; Propensity


accountable to God for UL 120:6

actions from, to be accounted for in the judgment 1MCP 316:1

applause from following, but heaven lost HP 170:5

better, looking at things that repressed OHC 71:4

children not to be dealt with by 2MCP 552:0

danger of following, LYL 76:2

by neglecting church fellowship and direction HP 97:4

Edson White had abilities to help others if, controlled TDG 178:4

Ellen White could not take up work by own 3SM 49:1

faith not a matter of OHC 119:2

fear to follow OHC 91:2

give, to God for management LYL 43:3

good, not enough to resist doubts or evil suggestions OHC 330:4

gratification of, wrongly recommended to mother 1MCP 133:4

guard against moving from UL 208:5

happiness does not come from following OHC 29:2

indulgence of, in marriage degrades soul and body 1MCP 225:1

love by, is blind TSB 22:1

marriage by LYL 29:3

natural, gifts from God not to be used according to TDG 31:3

obedience is deliverance from HP 259:5

obey, from God HP 27:6

parents not to be controlled by RC 184:7

principle lost to, when union with God is broken 1MCP 228:4

sanctified reason cannot be replaced by TDG 269:3

selfish, Christ separates, from life HP 189:5

sin avoided in never acting from HP 197:4

Solomon left to his CC 188:7

speaking according to VSS 240:2

tyrannized by, instead of loving righteousness TMK 118:2

under divine supervision UL 81:4

victory lost by forgetting God and giving way to HP 50:3

See also Feelings; Imagination; Tendencies

Impulsive action

Impulsive action, God’s cause imperiled by 4T 86

Impulsive moment, Impulsive moments

Impulsive moment, Impulsive moments, parents must have no AH 434

Impulsive person, Impulsive persons

Impulsive person, Impulsive persons 2T 134, 638

danger of causing, to lose bearing 2SM 93

let, behold meek and lowly One Ed 257

Peter as See Peter

too easily affected by circumstances 2T 134

woman who was naturally 2T 230

Impulsive temperament

Impulsive temperament, restraining and controlling, effective means of CG 506

Impulsive work

Impulsive work, of religious nature, wildest extravagance results from 5T 647

Impure action, Impure actions

Impure action, Impure actions, almost uncontrollable desire for performance of, impure thoughts cause 2T 470

follow impure thoughts 2T 470

holiness of heart never leads to 5T 593

impure thoughts lead to 2T 408

Impure habit, Impure habits

Impure habit, Impure habits, one can never recover what he has lost through 2T 322

Impure hint, Impure hints

Impure hint, Impure hints, corrupt communication includes COL 337

Impure imagining, Impure imaginings

Impure imagining, Impure imaginings, you may close every door to SC 99

Impure person, Impure persons

Impure person, Impure persons, leaven of truth makes, clean ones COL 102

society of, evil of choosing 5T 143

Impure subject, Impure subjects

Impure subject, Impure subjects, sin of letting mind dwell on 2T 561

Impure suggestion, Impure suggestions

Impure suggestion, Impure suggestions, society of people who breathe, forsake COL 337; 5T 146

Impure thought, Impure thoughts

Impure thought, Impure thoughts, avoid reading, seeing, or hearing that which suggests AA 518; PP 460

books that cause CT 134

cherished, sin resulting from 4T 623

imagination seized and controlled by 2T 470

indulgence of, educates mind to sin PP 459

lead to impure actions 2T 408

mind fascinated by 2T 470


Impurity, acts of, God’s law forbids PP 308

ancient demon-gods enjoined Ev 608

channel of, flee from persons whose conversation lets mind run in 5T 146

Christ’s precious blood can cleanse men from all 2T 92

conversation must be free from 5T 175

depressing and ruinous effect of, on health Ed 197

despise CG 107

door opened to, by excessive study Ed 209

guile includes, in all its forms 5T 177

increasing among God’s people 5T 160

not tolerated in God’s presence MH 279

path of, truth never places her delicate feet in CH 101; ML 129

persons who cultivate love and fear of God loathe least approach to 5T 602

resent promptly any approach to 5T 146

scenes of, persons who find pleasure in dwelling upon MB 60

self-satisfied, seducing bait that results in impenitence of 8T 293

sin of, physical vigor and mental capabilities lessened by FE 227-8

soul temple must be cleansed of all GW 104

truth cleanses men from all 7BC 957

universal and open, practiced at heathen festivals PP 338

widespread among professed followers of Christ today 5T 218

See also Corruption; Immorality; Lasciviousness; Moral corruption; Secret vice; Sensuality


angels not near one with, in thought TSB 204:1

brother-sister relationship in marriage would lead to 1MCP 220:2

change, to become pure in heart TMK 300:4

character with, is intoxicating; self-control is lost 1MCP 227:5

Christ cleanses from OHC 13:4; TMK 69:4


church from, by thorough work TSB 105

from, by truth OHC 208:5

from, needed; sanctification RC 273:3

curse to self and others; brain and whole being defiled Mar 229:3


practices of, curse to self and associates HP 195:3

thoughts of; temptation invited TSB 192:2

guard against, in mind TSB 201:1

hints of, lead to great sin unless instantly resisted HP 175:2

illness from habits of, seldom helped by inactivity 1MCP 119:1

Isaiah’s sense of, in God’s presence RC 338:6

leaders who sow seeds of TSB 244

leave those suggesting TSB 105:1

mind filled with, again after humbling heart TSB 171:1

others corrupted by, of some who profess truth TSB 197:2

own, seen by the purity of Christ TSB 108:3

prevented by proportionate taxation of mind and body 1MCP 120:3


destroyed by handling TSB 162:3

in heart after having; character formation AG 232:4

not taught by opening TSB 107:4

resist any approach to; flee from tempting ones TSB 104:1

Satan’s efforts to involve everyone in HP 199:3

sin of, while in misguided ministry calling for purity TSB 110:1

soul, body, or spirit, no excuse for AG 235:3

studying too much leads to 2MCP 508:1

suggestions of,

dismiss at once HP 197:5

stain the soul TSB 105:2

talebearers should cleanse own souls from TMK 184:4

thoughts of, from hearing confession TSB 128:2

trust in God who alone is able to keep from TDG 146:2; TSB 81:2

women not to charge men with; sensuality created TSB 107:4

See also Masturbation; Pictures, indecent; Sin, secret


Inability, do not talk of your own COL 363

imaginary, woman who suffered from 2T 323-4

produced by inactivity COL 365

to plan, is no excuse for not working 5T 180


Inaction, Christian religion is not one of FE 419

church members enfeebled by 3T 404

church members should not rust through WM 123

corroding influence of, strength must not be sacrificed to CT 278

greatest curse that ever came upon youth 3T 151-2

greatest curse to children today CG 340

heaven is not place of CG 353-4

human machinery’s, suffering and disease caused by CD 303; MM 297

human system clogged by 3T 557

many believers dwarfed and stunted in Christian life because of 3T 540

many people possessing real ability are rusting from 6T 432

mind becomes lazy and dwarfed by TM 242

organs of body weakened by 3T 78

physical, mental, and moral power lessened by Ed 209

poverty prevents youth from being ruined by 3T 151

talents rust from CS 124

terrible thing is to rust from 3T 537-8

See also Inactivity; Idleness; Indolence; Sloth; Slothfulness


Inactive, no man can be member of Christ’s body and yet be ML 276


Inactivity, backsliding results from, in God’s cause 4T 285

blood circulation made sluggish by 1T 555

continued, physical debility and mental feebleness caused by 2T 524

disease caused by 4aSG 145; MH 237-8

erroneous idea that, is necessary to regain health MH 238; 1T 555

evils of 4T 94-5

fruit of, same as that of positive hostility to Christ’s work CH 35

greatest curse to: most invalids MH 240

person broken down by overwork CH 199; 1T 556

how invalids are affected by, of mental and physical powers 4T 94-5

inability produced by COL 365

inclination to, perseveringly resist 1T 557

inclination to, results of yielding to 3T 78

invalids seldom need complete MH 238

invalids should not be encouraged in MH 238; 2T 528-9

invalids should not settle down into state of MH 246; 4aSG 145

life of, do not desire AH 96

man can never be saved in CM 76; COL 280; 4T 537

not law that God established in human body FE 426

persons who look for heaven of, will be disappointed CT 280

physical, skin becomes inactive as result of MH 238

registered in books of heaven as opposition to Christ’s work CH 35

resistance to languor and disease is hindered by 1T 556

rest in Christ is not found in SC 71

season of, that succeeds great struggle is often fraught with great danger PP 555

seeds of disease sown in system of thousands by 4T 96

shoulder ache among children caused by 1T 394, 687

side ache among children caused by 1T 394, 687

sinking into state of, result of 4T 611

state of, Satan seeks to hold God’s people in 1T 260

weakens whole muscular system MH 237-8; 2T 529

will made dormant by 1T 556-7

See also Inaction; Indolence; Laziness; Lethargy; Sloth; Slothfulness


curse for most invalids, especially with impure habits 1MCP 119:1

death for thousands caused by OHC 222:2

invalids should not sink into; it harms their health 2MCP 604:2

loss because of OHC 221:3

results of bodily OHC 223:3

See also Activity; Laziness


Inattention, habit of, in church services should be corrected CG 547


Inauguration, Christ’s, Spirit poured out at Pentecost as signal of accomplishment of AA 38-9

Incantation, Incantations

Incantation, Incantations, abandoned woman’s PP 683

of priests of Baal PK 149

profane, of sorceress of Endor PP 679-80



See Prison


Incarnation, Christ’s See Christ


Incendiarism, liquor drinking causes Te 24


Incense, alms given ascend as, before God 7T 216

altar of See Altar

angel bearing, finds access to God 7BC 971

angels offer, for praying saints CG 519; ML 29

as: emblem of Christ’s mediation Te 43

symbol pointing to Christ as our Mediator PP 353

ascended while high priest sprinkled blood on mercy seat TM 92

ascending with Israel’s prayers represented Christ’s: merits and intercession PP 353

perfect righteousness imputed to His people PP 353

righteousness making sinner’s prayers acceptable PP 367

blood of atonement represented by 7BC 971

burned: at hour of prayer at earthly sanctuary GW 20

every morning and evening on golden altar of sanctuary PP 348

in priest’s censer PP 359

Christ presents His people’s confessions to Father with EW 256

of His own merits and spotless righteousness 1SM 344

Christ presents His people’s prayers to Father with EW 32, 252, 256

of His own perfection DA 667; SD 22

Christ’s merits as ChS 263; COL 156; CT 241; PP 353; 4T 124; 6T 368; 8T 178

offered with our prayers 6BC 1078; CT 241; SD 22; 1SM 333; TM 92-3

Christ’s perfection is added as, to our prayers 6T 467

Christ’s praise to God was as DA 73

Christ’s righteousness as 6BC 1078; 7BC 931, 970; COL 156; CT 241; DA 439; GC 421; PP 353, 367; 1SM 344; TM 357

is offered with His people’s prayers CT 241; GC 420-1; MYP 96

man’s obedience is made perfect only by AA 532

cloud(s) of: ascended with Israel’s praises and supplications PP 708

Christ’s righteousness ascended in every DA 212

filled sanctuary 4aSG 127

veiled God’s glory when high priest was in most holy place MH 437; 4aSG 9; SR 155; 8T 285

common fire was not to be used to burn FE 427; 4aSG 11-2; Te 280

confession of sin ascends as, to heavenly sanctuary 1SM 344

fire giving forth, Spirit working in man’s character becomes as 3BC 1164

fire of God’s kindling was used in burning FE 427; 4aSG 9; SR 154; Te 43, 280

fragrance of, from golden altar was diffused for miles around sanctuary PP 348; 4aSG 9; SR 155

fragrance of ever-burning, pervaded whole earthly sanctuary Ed 36; 4aSG 9; SR 154-5

freewill offering that is as, before God 2T 127

God was to be approached by, in earthly sanctuary PP 353

godly life that is as, to God COL 102

good works should ascend as, to heaven CS 223

gospel must be diffused as, throughout world AA 326

grateful praise ascends as, to heavenly sanctuary 2SM 272

holy fire used in offering, was kept burning perpetually Ed 36; Te 43

Korah and companions attempted to offer PP 398-401 See also Korah

Levites were not permitted to burn, in sanctuary PP 350

little things in life which are as, to God AH 427

melody of holy song should ascend as 7T 94

merits of Christ’s propitiation are represented as 1SM 344

mingled with prayers of worshipers at temple DA 576; GC 19

moistened with cleansing blood, ascended from earthly sanctuary 1SM 344

morning and evening prayer that ascends to God as ML 33; 7T 44

Moses’ intercession for rebellious Israel ascended with 3T 358

Moses’ prayers for Israel were offered with PP 402

Nadab and Abihu used unconsecrated fire to burn FE 427-8; PP 359-62, 398-9; 4aSG 11-5; Te 280 See also Nadab and Abihu

offered: by men now avails nothing with God 7BC 913

in daily service of earthly sanctuary PP 352

offering consecrated to God is as TM 362

offering of, at earthly sanctuary at time of morning and evening sacrifice DA 97; PP 348, 352-4; 4aSG 9; SR 154-5

penitent confession of sin ascends as, from true believer to heavenly sanctuary 1SM 344

poor man’s offering comes up as, before God AA 341; CS 178

praise ascends to God as, from true believers to heavenly sanctuary 1SM 344

prayers of God’s people ascend as, before Him PP 144; 1SM 329, 344; 2SM 347, 440; 7T 44, 94, 216; Te 280; TM 430

to heavenly sanctuary LS 100; 1SM 344

prayers of Israel were offered daily with GC 412

religious services of God’s people ascend as, to heavenly sanctuary 1SM 344

silent prayers rise as, before God GW 254; SC 99; 4T 616

smoke of, beautiful colors of EW 252

seen ascending from temple PP 539

testimonies that ascend as, to God’s throne LS 260

thanksgiving should ascend as, to God from our hearts 8T 45

time of: burnt offering was ready to be offered in sanctuary court at PP 353

confession of sin at PP 353

evening and morning sacrifice offered at PK 330

Israel united in silent prayer at PP 353

Israel’s prayers ascended at DA 97; GC 420-1; PP 353, 359; 4aSG 9

priests went morning and evening into holy place at PP 353

worshipers bowed in prayer at DA 78

tobacco stench as, most acceptable to Satan Te 45

tobacco user offers, to his satanic majesty CH 83

unconsecrated fire was not to be used to burn FE 427-8; PP 359-62, 398-9; 4aSG 11-5; Te 280

words exerting fragrant influence as, ascend to heaven AH 434

Zacharias came forth to bless people after burning, in sanctuary DA 99

See also Frankincense


Christ’s obedience mingled with sinner’s prayer HP 69:3

gifts to God to be cleansed before rising in cloud of FW 24:0

life breathes, with grace of Christ 3SM 239:3

merits of Christ’s righteousness as, TMK 77:2

ascends with prayers TMK 78:3

He offers our prayers TMK 286:4

ministry other than preaching is as VSS 248:1

Incense bearer, Incense bearers

Incense bearer, Incense bearers, victorious general anciently accompanied by AA 326

Incentive, Incentives

Incentive, Incentives, mighty, to serve God with love SC 21

most powerful, to improvement of intellect CT 226


Incest, Absalom guilty of PP 739

Amnon was guilty of PP 727


discovering nakedness of youth considered as TSB 125:2

Inch, Inches

Inch, Inches, persons dying by MM 107; 2T 260

Incident, Incidents

Incident, Incidents, little, of everyday life, do not undervalue 3T 22

shape character 4T 561

narration of, that is severely censurable Ev 640

numerous, help to make up sum of life’s happiness 2T 133

of daily life, linked with words of truth SC 85

trifling See Trifling incident

Inclination, Inclinations

Inclination, Inclinations

1. Natural

2. Of children and youth

3. Miscellaneous

1. Natural

be willing to cut right across your CG 429

cannot be followed, without great loss FE 302

danger of neglecting duty to follow 3T 73

discipline is painful to Ed 296

disposition to follow MYP 68-70

do not allow, to gain supremacy TM 502

duty to deny COL 58

fight against MYP 74

have been perverted MYP 68

it seems more pleasant to follow MYP 83

leaven of truth softens and subdues COL 98

must be molded after God’s ways SD 296

pure and holy when given to man Te 12

strive continually against your AA 314

through Christ man can have perfect mastery over MH 130

warning against acting out CH 561

warning not to follow AA 307

were divinely appointed Te 12

why professed Christians yield to COL 99

why thousands reject God’s word to follow their own DA 587

youth’s duty to overcome MYP 31

2. Of children and youth

allowing children to follow, evil results of CT 264

child’s good, earliest years are best time to encourage AH 246

children and youth of today study SD 143

children should not be: allowed to follow CG 223; 3T 147

educated to follow Te 184

educated to gratify CG 406

left to follow their own CT 155

children who do not learn to resist 2T 182

growing children’s, do not relax discipline to meet CG 277

Nadab and Abihu permitted as children to follow PP 360

wayward, children trained to yield to CG 181-2

danger of yielding to dictates of 2T 226

young men who followed, rather than duty 3T 222

youth are disposed to follow CT 132

rather than to obey duty’s calls 3T 379

youth cannot win eternal life and follow 3T 371

youth who follow 2BC 1024; 3T 557

cannot have real happiness CG 258-9

rather than duty MYP 82; 3T 199

3. Miscellaneous

angels attend persons battling against ML 303

antediluvians’, bore sway over reason 1BC 1090

be guided by cautious decision of sober reason rather than by 3T 222

being controlled by, result of AA 299

bring, into subjection to God’s will 5T 384

by following, natural heart brings men into bondage 3T 116

can be a snare 5T 434

Christ gives strength to control Te 187-8

Christian must refuse to gratify 5T 515

claims of duty should be held above those of PP 223

class who make, their guide AA 504

criticize your, closely 1SM 89

determined will needed in warfare against 4T 215

do not be governed by, re marriage PP 563

do not disobey God’s positive commands in order to follow 3T 72

do not excuse yourself from accepting duty cutting across CT 183

do not follow, in dealing with erring church members GW 498

do not follow your CG 74

do not give preference to 5T 506

do not permit, to control you AH 368

duty should not be sacrificed to 3T 44

duty to follow God’s will instead of 8T 313

educate, in harmony with laws of life and health CD 28; Te 148

Esau as example of persons controlled by PP 181-2

established, hand-to-hand struggle with 4T 376

evidences of duty rejected because they are contrary to PP 441

evil, received by heredity 4T 30

evil result of long following 3T 373

fleshly, there must be no petting of 6BC 1112

followed, work out in acts, thoughts, and words 6T 174

gratification of, money should not be spent for CSW 95

warning to persons who seek SD 175

heart’s, need to be constantly under Spirit’s control PP 421

how, become conformed to God’s will 7T 270

human nature finds it hard to deny 4T 217

inborn, men are to serve God in ways not in harmony with CT 20; MH 453; 8T 314

Joseph consulted duty rather than PP 222; 5T 321

man is not able to bring his, into harmony with God’s will AA 482

man may conquer his own MH 131

man turned from course of good to follow his 4T 623

men blindly follow Ed 195

men often follow, thinking that they follow God’s mind TM 503

many people guided by, in regard to marriage MYP 458-9

moral stamina needed to resist CH 118

must be: subdued to Christ ML 252

subjected to God’s will 5T 384

natural: have been perverted MYP 68

less you follow, the better MYP 68

watch against 6T 410

natural heart’s, God knows how strong are 5T 177

old, God’s grace works in man to deny COL 354

parents warned against following, in child management PP 578

path of, do not follow 3T 538

Paul did God’s will instead of following 4T 299

Paul’s struggle with MH 452-3

people who prefer to follow, instead of accepting counsel 5T 93

rather than duty 3T 111

people willing to follow duty when it is in harmony with, are many PP 440-1

people’s, to follow their strong traits of character TM 501

persons in danger of being left to follow 3T 73

persons like Esau are controlled by PP 182

persons who follow, not good judges of what God is doing 3T 67

persons whom God permits to follow 3T 73-4

principle and, vacillating between SL 20

professed Christians who make, their guide AA 504

question re following, answer to MYP 68

resist and conquer 1SM 28; 5T 69

Satan adapts temptations to men’s FE 423

selfishness makes men follow, rather than duty SD 82

SDA warned against following CW 125

should be man’s servant and not his master 4T 498

Solomon’s, gained ascendency over reason FE 499; PK 54

Spirit’s influence makes, pure and holy GW 127

temptation to gratify, not lessened with increase of years 3T 564

powerful 3T 561

to express unbelief in Christ, conquer TM 516

to seek amusement, obedience to God’s law counteracts CT 337

to seek easy task, overcome MH 499

to sin, resolutely resist 5T 47

strengthened by repeated indulgence 4T 308

un-Christlike habits bind men who follow MYP 212

unregenerate heart’s, evil result of following 2T 479

unrestrained, man in his egotism follows CS 24

unsanctified, Christian growth hindered by Ev 347

cut away from your life Ev 347

what would happen if God left men to follow their own DA 329

when heart’s, unites with Satan’s suggestions Te 110

will is not 5T 513; Te 113

youth who follow, rather than duty 3T 221-2

See also Desire; Impulse; Lust; Prompting; Propensity; Tendency


Income, cut down expenses to correspond to 9T 247

families in living within, problem of some 2SM 329

God’s claims upon your CS 81; 1T 170; 3T 405, 548; 4T 477; 9T 246

husband’s, wife should have share of AH 378

limited, home expenses of persons of AH 386

live within your AH 374-6, 393; CG 135; CS 249, 255, 271, 275, 292; 4T 573

nine tenths of, that is blessed 3T 404, 546; 4T 477

one fourth of, Hebrews required to give to religious and charitable purposes PP 527

one third of, faithful Israelites devoted to religious purposes 3T 395; 4T 467

one twentieth of their, many people give to God less than 4T 474

part of, save for emergency 2SM 329

should be devoted to helping the poor 4T 477

persons living to full extent of their AH 382; CS 292; MYP 299

small, handle prudently 1T 455

tithe is tenth of GW 222

tithe of, is holy unto God CS 66, 82

tithe should be set aside as separate fund from CS 81; CSW 130

tithes and offerings of, God requires 4T 474

tithes and offerings should be set apart first from CS 82; 4T 474, 477

why God sometimes reduces men’s 1T 222; 2T 661; 4T 484

See also Debt; Earnings; Wages


smile of God’s approval is worth more than any OHC 196:4

tenth of, is a fair return for some TDG 97:3


Incompetence, another person’s, taking advantage of MH 187

of human ability, how to get view of GW 255


Inconsiderate, persons who seem to be, special wisdom needed in dealing with MM 209

Inconsistency, Inconsistencies

Inconsistency, Inconsistencies, denounced as Bible doctrine which are really false interpretations of Scripture 5T 710

give no sanction to 4T 415

God’s servants will be tried by, of friends and helpers ChS 239-40

in health reform, ill effects of CH 154

that becomes byword CH 578-9

keep all, out of your life Ev 173

jumble of, learning of Christ will not make you a MM 217

let there be no, in your faith and practice 8T 132

of persons in error, let God’s word reveal Ev 576

of SDA, ungodly people are lynx-eyed to mark ML 310

one believer’s, affect whole body of believers CD 210

pray that there may be no, in your life 1SM 116-7

Satan knows how to make use of MM 303

scars of, on SDA practice CD 40

See also Extreme


avoid worry about, of others TDG 245:6

world watches to discover any TMK 153:2

Inconsistent course

Inconsistent course, hardens gospel worker’s heart GW 144

narrows gospel worker’s mind GW 144

Inconsistent person, Inconsistent persons

Inconsistent person, Inconsistent persons, influence of kind and considerate course toward MH 495; MM 209-10


Inconstancy, youth imperiled by 5T 115

Inconvenience, Inconveniences

Inconvenience, Inconveniences, better to endure, than to part with peace and contentment 4T 622

designed to stimulate men to use their God-given abilities 5T 312

develop patient industry, perseverance, and courage 5T 312

God knows all about your Ev 237

present, your duty re PP 293

whatever your, trust in God Ev 238


advancement toward holy standard despite 1MCP 105:0

disobedience to escape 3SM 401:4


Incorporation, of Seventh-day Adventist Publishing Association in 1861 LS 164

Incredulous person, Incredulous persons

Incredulous person, Incredulous persons, association with, danger of continual 8T 203


Indebtedness See Debt

Indecent action, Indecent actions

Indecent action, Indecent actions, angels witness TM 448


Indecision, conscience hardened because of 2T 263

found no place in labor of apostles AA 595

in gospel workers, is weakness Ev 647

should be overcome MH 498

is result of lack of firmness of character 5T 297

leaders’, loss resulting from 3T 497

losses caused by 3T 497-8; 4T 453-4

manifestations of, encourage Satan’s assaults 5T 104, 264

mother who was given to 2T 101

person of, show that you are not MYP 23

Pilate’s, proved his ruin DA 732

provokes Satan’s assaults 5T 264

Satan is often given every advantage by 3T 498

soon becomes decision in wrong direction 4T 344

state of, man who is weak because of his 2T 696-7

woman who was reproved for 2T 495

See also Delay; Hesitancy; Reluctance; Vacillation


attacks of Satan provoked by OHC 279:4

efforts crippled by OHC 224:2

habits of UL 146:6

natural heart follows inclination when there is TDG 174:4



1. Individual

2. Miscellaneous


1. Individual 3T 414-34

church members constantly inclined to AA 163

exercise of 3T 492

warning re 5T 477

gospel worker should not sacrifice 3T 506

point to be guarded 5T 534

quality needed in gospel workers 3T 497

that borders on arrogance 3T 506

2. Miscellaneous

and rebellion, false concept of 4BC 1138

boasted, that is bondage to sin and Satan CT 53

causes much trouble and wounds best friends 2T 51

class boasting of, deception of 5T 294

contrary to decision of general body, no virtue in 9T 260

damaging to a person and his friends 2T 51

heart closed by, to Spirit’s influence 4T 220

lofty, woman who had spirit of 3T 61

love of, children show CG 233

man who needed to bend from his 3T 422

many people lack sufficient, to obey their convictions of duty GC 597

moral, class who have lost in great degree their AH 373

needed when opposing world FE 289

train youth to have CT 48

natural, of others must be respected 4T 129

need of, to rise above Christian world’s standard 5T 78

noble, wealthy children need to be prepared to stand in 3T 150

not obstinacy 4T 239

obstinacy often confounded with 4T 239

of action, compared to spasmodic movements of horses 9T 258

of natural heart, danger of maintaining 4T 231

of spirit, leading to too much self-confidence AA 163-4; 3T 417

praiseworthy kind of 2T 308

rebelling against God, Satan originated 6T 236

spirit of 9T 257-61

exposes to wiles of Satan 3T 66

separates men from God 3T 526-7

too much, among ministers 1T 113

true, found in God’s service FE 88

true and refined, never disdains to seek counsel of the experienced and wise 4T 240

unsanctified, most impairs men’s usefulness 5T 29-30

places men where God cannot work with them 7T 197

springs from selfishness 5T 29-30

warning against TM 499-502

who can judge how far to go in 3T 360

woman who had more, than humility 2T 436

See also Self-confidence; Self-reliance; Self-sufficiency; Vanity


action in, unsuccessful even for good qualities 3SM 24:2

church members cannot be successful in OHC 182:3

course of, followed despite evidence TDG 193:2

deception to feel God calls one for 3SM 25:4

good but has dangers UL 349:4

inflexible ideas 3SM 26:1

makes one a poor soldier TDG 125:2

moral, stand in; allow Holy Spirit to mold mind TDG 284:4

neglecting to ask for God’s help because of TDG 141:5

opinion of own judgment in some with natural LHU 309:7

people wanting to act with, not willing to submit 3SM 23:1

refusing to show sorrow or request help TDG 249:3

rejecting the Spirit of God and His will TMK 231:4

Satan works to make want, from brethren CET 201:1

spirit of, from church leads to leaving the faith 3SM 23:1

stubborn, unity with believers and God avoids TMK 173:3

stumbling in the way of, like a stubborn child OHC 173:4

submission replaces, in learning from Christ OHC 99:4

work impossible in HP 287:3

See also Alone; Self-sufficiency; Individuality