EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Ice - Idolatry


Ice, harmful use of, with meals CD 420; CH 119-20

is minister doing God’s will 3BC 1145; SD 110

of indifference, souls Satan pushes into 5T 644

of selfishness, melted from heart COL 211

Iceberg, Icebergs

Iceberg, Icebergs, men cold as, cannot love God and fellow men 4T 548

moral, many are 3BC 1157

in churches ChS 40

ship striking an, vision re 1SM 205-6

Icebound nature, Icebound natures

Icebound nature, Icebound natures, pray that God’s love may warm and soften 5T 387

Ice cream

Ice cream, children should be taught to deny themselves of, for God’s cause CD 329

objections to CD 332; 2SM 413

Ice lemonade

Ice lemonade with meals, digestion retarded by CD 420; CH 119-20


Ices, use of, that is harmful CH 111

Ice water

Ice water with meals, digestion retarded by CD 420; CH 119-20


Ichabod, name of, signifies “inglorious” PP 585

Phinehas’s son, birth of PP 585; 4aSG 106; SR 187

shout of, when Romans destroyed temple GC 33


Icicle, woman whose presence was like 3T 535


Iconium, Paul at AA 177-9; EW 203


Icy and unapproachable spirit must be subdued 3T 534

Idea, Ideas

Idea, Ideas, cherished, may become idols 5T 174

result of refusing to discard some DA 280

clear, men need MM 152

distinct, men do not have one word for each 1SM 20

do not advance new, independently re Bible doctrines in SDA papers 5T 535

do not become set in your CW 45; TM 110

do not censure others because they do not receive your CW 38

do not study Bible to confirm your own LS 326

do not think that all your, are infallible CW 35

do not try to adjust everything to your own 9T 136

erroneous, must be given up TM 149

established, it is difficult to depart from CT 392

false, among brethren crowds God out 4T 155

danger of minds being taken captive by GW 162

fresh, gospel workers should keep Ev 178

God communicates to soul His own 5T 486

how, will enlarge and deepen SD 72

idolizing a few 1SM 179

infinite, cannot be perfectly embodied in finite vehicles of thought 7BC 946; 1SM 22

keep all overstrained, to yourself 1SM 182

leave wild, to die out for want of notice TM 165

limited, re God’s cause and work 5T 271

low, dishonor Christ FE 118

dishonor God CT 504

must be elevated, ennobled, and sanctified CS 260

need to be clothed in appropriate language 6T 380

no one man’s, should control God’s work LS 302

not found in Christ’s teachings, may be safely discarded GW 306

objectionable, take root in minds like weeds in garden 6T 163

one, God’s work has no use for men of 3T 494

gospel workers must not concentrate strength of mind on 2T 670; 3T 35-6

person annoyed when his, are crossed CW 37-8

personal: how to treat people who do not in all things conform to your DA 438, 487

mistake of withdrawing from persons who do not agree with your TM 500

that dishonor God 5T 633

time should not be devoted to presenting 4T 608

when, should yield to judgment of church 4T 19

pet, cease haggling over your 6BC 1071

people who cling to 1SM 72

preconceived, put away your TM 476

pre-established, must be overcome in many cases in order to make advancement FE 118

problem of conveying, from one mind to another 1SM 19

relationship of, to one another is what gives them value Ev 649

renounce every, not in harmony with God’s will FE 517

same, God’s people cannot all cherish 4T 128

slight difference of, should not be allowed to unsettle faith CW 31

speculative, do not agitate CW 77

that you think good, may not always be best Ev 393

worldly, gospel forbids cherishing of MM 160

See also Opinion; Theory; View


brilliant, God is source of, even for infidel authors 3SM 232:2

cherished, wrong, to be put away RC 283:4

Christ borrowed no, from humanity TMK 207:2

criticizing those who do not agree with your TMK 332:2

defects in, found by comparing with the Word of God FW 66:3

different, appear vague when Satan controls the mind 3SM 171:1

disagreement with, peevish response to VSS 67:1

division over minor, hindered the work in 1888 3SM 167:2


about higher education, work to sweep back TDG 168:5

about salvation, clinging to FW 19:1

prayers of one with, answered for the best TDG 306:2

heaven cannot be entered with old 3SM 191:0

hereditary or fanciful, gifts not to be used according to TDG 31:3


great, evolved through Christ TMK 97:2

worth nothing RC 159:6

interchange of, with enlightened common sense VSS 34:3

keeping old, after claiming truth LHU 123:3

lay, at the foot of the cross HP 107:5

maintaining unimportant, without gaining strength LHU 309:6

mistaken, following, until names are blotted out TDG 322:2

new, ministers need to study for VSS 324:0


many unwarned souls seek for UL 60:3

not important to Timothy CC 342:5

straining after, not to be highest aim of youth OHC 309:3

obstinate person will not yield; mind is narrow TDG 351:2


Ellen White writings accepted according to 3SM 79:4

following Christ instead of TMK 302:2

kept although corrected, feeling Ellen White was influenced 3SM 78:3

maintained irrespective of others 2MCP 504:1

ministers not to be blamed for disregarding 1MCP 43:3

mislead; “Thus saith the Lord” is important TDG 369:5

Scriptures studied to prove; same done with testimonies 3SM 82:3

truth not acknowledged when not agreeing with TDG 93:3

patience with those who do not follow our TMK 186:4

persecution of those with different CC 251:3

pet, to be given up when joining the church UL 143:2

poisonous, from unguarded reading, antidote for OHC 202:3

preconceived, laid aside,

by one seeking truth OHC 207:2

when studying Scripture TDG 43:3

pressing own, too far LYL 48:2

rejection of, by others does not produce hatred with Christ in heart TDG 357:6

sacrifice of, to be one with Christ in God OHC 24:5

sharp, time to pray important when there is need for TDG 104:5

spiritualistic, world filled with UL 316:5

strange, in spite of God’s Word UL 51:4

vague, time not to be lost in TDG 66:2

yield, to Christ; listen to divine instruction 2MCP 541:1

See also Opinions; Plans; Suppositions; Thoughts

Ideal, Ideals

Ideal, Ideals, despair of nothing in efforts to reach God’s, for you AA 478

God recognizes every effort you make to reach His, for you MYP 97

God’s, for His children is higher than highest human thought can reach CT 365; DA 311; Ed 18; SD 348; 8T 63

God’s glorious, for humanity AA 564

of character revealed to Israel DA 209

God’s highest, for man is perfection AA 566

high: for young gospel worker AA 501

that Christians should strive to reach MYP 73

youth strengthened with Christ’s might can reach MYP 96

high and holy, let mind be directed to Ed 190

loftiest, results of making self your GC 555

man can reach God’s, with Christ as helper MH 362; 7T 49

of Christian character, is Christlikeness CT 365; DA 311; 8T 64

perfect, found in Christ Ed 73-4

true, for SDA youth FE 541-5

revealed in Christ Ed 80

See Goals; Perfection; Standard

Ideal Christian

Ideal Christian, strive to become 7T 248

Ideal man

Ideal man, not dealt with in God’s work TM 495


Identity, each person has his own CD 56; MM 275; TM 422

God has given each person his own 3T 539

individual, preserved in resurrection of righteous dead 6BC 1092-3; DA 804

no man’s, should be submerged in another CD 56; MM 80, 275; 3T 539; TM 422; 8T 212

peculiar, gospel workers should not seek to maintain their 9T 187

persons whose, is submerged in others 2T 130

wife has, of her own 3T 245; 4T 255

wife should not sacrifice her, to husband 2T 476

wife’s, never to be merged into husband’s 3T 245; 4T 255

See also Individuality; Personality


Idiocy, in children, secret vice may cause 2T 402

Idiotic baby, Idiotic babies

Idiotic baby, Idiotic babies, parental responsibility for thousands of PP 561

See also Imbecility


Idiots, not responsible 3T 161


Idle, Adam was not to be PP 50

believer who is, Bible does not acknowledge 3BC 1164; MM 325

do not make others, by talking to them Ev 654

do not on any account be 2SM 181

God’s people have no time to be CM 17; 4T 191

man is not to be LS 88

no man can be, and perfect character 3T 531

no man can remain, with safety TM 379

no one should be 3T 64

in God’s work TM 184

young ministers should not sit, while guests in homes of believers 4T 410-1

See also Inactive; Indolent; Lazy; Slothful

Idle away

Idle away, time, in bed to neglect of Bible study 2T 500

Idle brain

Idle brain, ready for Satan to control 1T 395

Idle children

Idle children, Satan ready to find something for, to do FE 417

Idle contemplation

Idle contemplation, is not religion FE 419

Idle expectancy

Idle expectancy, do not watch in, for Christ’s second coming DA 634

Idle hands

Idle hands, ready for Satan to control 1T 395

reap small harvest 2T 330

Satan finds mischief for, to do CT 275, 316

Idle hours

Idle hours, Satan most successfully ensnares men during CT 278

Satan never more successful than during men’s PP 157

Idle life

Idle life, man is made prey by, to Satan’s temptations PP 156

Idle man

Idle man, Satan makes, co-worker in his schemes FE 320

Idle mind

Idle mind, is Satan’s workshop Ed 190

Satan educates 1T 399


Idleness TM 183-4

abundant, Sodom’s sin and ruin due to CH 629; CT 279; 1T 395; 2T 371

allowing children to grow up in, evils of CG 122-3

is sin AH 289; 2T 371

belief in second advent should not lead to 4T 309

believers kept in, who desire to work for Christ 9T 259

Bible gives no endorsement of COL 343

blood does not circulate freely as result of MH 238

charity ought not to encourage 6T 278

charity that often leads to MH 195

cherished in heart, excluded man from blessedness of heaven 4T 453

children given to, Satan will keep busy AH 285

children led by, to evil AH 284

children led into vice during hours of 3T 148

children must not cherish idea they can spend leisure in 5T 42

children reared in, what becomes of COL 345

children should not be allowed to grow up in 6T 430

children should not be allowed to spend time in FE 420

children who grow up in, Satan’s plan for CG 123

children who soon learn to love COL 345

children’s habits of, dishonor mother AH 268

Christ as child not given to DA 72

Christ never taught LS 80

considered by some people to be blessing CG 342; ML 168; 2T 529

considered sin in Paul’s time 7BC 912

converted youth should not be left in CSW 82

crime follows in wake (train) of CT 275; PP 156

curse of, upon many people in possession of God’s money FE 314

curse to ministers 2T 500

degrades Ed 215

degrading practices often result from CT 308

delicate: disease sown in system of thousands by 4T 96

inaction and, saps life forces of young women WM 146

selfish gratification and, make invalids FE 419

young ladies reared to love and enjoy 3T 151

diseases caused by, many 7T 85

do not allow, in gospel worker CSW 95

does not elevate any person FE 314; LS 352

dreamy, redeemed will not live in state of ML 358

evil and degrading practices often result from PP 601

evil practices resulting from, habits of industry shield youth from PP 601

faculties depreciate as result of 5T 181

farmers spend time in, needed to improve farms FE 327

fear to spend time in 4T 72

fruit of, corruption and pollution will ever be AH 138

corruption of youth is Te 211

God did not design that men should live in CT 273; FE 314; 4T 410

great deficiency in Christian life and experience is caused by ChS 84

greatest curse that: afflicts world COL 343

can fall on man PP 156

habits of, make it difficult for youth to become steadfast Christians COL 54

most unfavorable for youth FE 320

why many youth come up with SD 129

happiness does not consist in 1BC 1082

hard-working man not required to support others in COL 247; CS 122

Hebrew parents were not to permit children to grow up in CG 355

indiscriminate giving to all who ask may encourage CS 163

indulgence in, disgraces one’s profession 7BC 912

industry should take place of MH 196

is curse 2T 349

to human race CG 124

is death COL 364

is sin FE 75; LS 88; 1T 395

leads to: all manner of temptation CG 189

evils among girls 2T 371

indulgence of corrupt habits 2T 349

licentious habits produced by 2T 349

life is not to be spent in CT 145, 278; FE 416

life of, children of wealthy parents are generally trained to SD 236

love of, children who grow up in CG 122

lover of, shun person who is AH 47

makes curse of that which was given as blessing CT 279

man was not created to live in CT 273; Ed 21

many holidays encourage COL 54

many people ruined through COL 345

med. patients who are injured by 1T 568

mind is enfeebled by CT 279; PP 156

minister’s example should rebuke 2T 501

ministers should cease their 2T 500

ministers to whom, is continual curse 2T 500

mistaken parental fondness that allows children to sit in 1T 393

much sin has resulted from 1T 395

must not take place of wholehearted miss. work 6T 297

never be found in CT 419

waiting to work for God FE 366-7

never foster or permit, in children 5T 181

no place for, in Christian life FE 124

numerous holidays not needed to be spent in MYP 301-2

one of greatest curses CT 275

parents can commit no greater sin than to rear children in COL 345

parents should not permit children to grow up in 1T 219

parents should teach children that, is sin 1T 395

Paul regarded, as sin CT 279

people should not be supported in, by gifts or church money 7BC 912

person spending hours in, is slothful in business 1T 325

persons who indulge in, need education in habits of industry MYP 300

poor people should not be supported in WM 199-200

poverty follows in wake of CT 275

predisposing cause of use of alcohol or tobacco may be Ed 202-3

prospect of second advent should not lead to MM 268

rearing of youth in AH 137-8

redeemed will not spend future life in AH 287

religion and, do not go hand in hand CS 84

self-abuse among children is encouraged by 2T 349

self-indulgence fostered by Ed 215-6

SDA who indulge in, attach little importance to truth CS 292; MYP 300

sinful, ants are reproach to persons who waste time in 3BC 1158

soon becomes habit 5T 181

soul is debased by CT 279; PP 156

spiritual, there must be no 8T 169

students who are less tempted to indulge in Ed 221

supporting people in, encourages wrong habits CS 165

who are able to work is sin EW 57, 95

sure results of, God would not have men cursed with FE 419

terrible results of, described CT 279; PP 156

there must be no, in character building CT 62

time given by, to brood over imaginary sorrows CH 629

understanding is perverted by CT 279; PP 156

vice follows in wake (train) of CT 275; PP 156

waste of time in, is reproach CT 190

youth who loved 3T 225

See also Inactivity; Indolence; Laziness; Slothfulness


brooding facilitated by; trials borrowed from future 2MCP 603:4

Christ’s employment was rebuke to TMK 30:2

curse leading to vice and crime TDG 133:4

heaven will not have Mar 350:5, 360:1

less skill is no excuse for HP 323:6

ministry of Christ never spent in TMK 155:3

parents to teach that, is sin RC 180:7

satisfaction from hardest labor is greater than for TDG 33:3

shun lover of OHC 257:2

sin 1MCP 115:1

Sodom ruined by TDG 133:5

soul and body destroyed by OHC 222:4

spiritual, following Christ is not HP 117:3

supporting people in, encourages sinful habits TDG 203:5

truth burning in the soul prevents OHC 186:2

waiting in, is not will of God TMK 358:3

warning world does not permit time for TDG 168:4

work for small wage and give money to God rather than TDG 161:5

youth to shun, as a vice OHC 222:2

See also Ease; Inactivity; Laziness

Idle person

Idle person, is miserable creature ChS 84

stagnant pool as symbol of CT 275

Idler, Idlers

Idler, Idlers, against whom books of heaven testify CS 125

at gate of Sodom PP 159

Bible religion never makes men MH 195; MM 268

Christ wants no, in His vineyard 4T 518

church’s, need to be aroused 6T 434

God wants no 4T 125

gospel ministry is no place for 6T 412

in God’s vineyard: hinder persons who try to work 5T 394

Laodicean message is sent to 7BC 961

no one excusable in being ChS 97

relinquishes title to reward of the righteous 4T 537

there are to be no 7T 15

will not be blessed WM 306-7

in God’s work Ev 115

loitering for years in Battle Creek, needed to wake up TM 207

need to awake and face life’s realities 9T 37; WM 311

never succeed in overcoming sin 4T 286

no: found in heaven AH 287

acknowledged as God’s servant ChS 10

found in kingdom of heaven 6T 434

is guiltless in God’s sight MM 268

no need to be, in God’s work FE 213

professed Christians as, in Christ’s vineyard COL 279

in large churches 2T 114

Satan sets, to work ChS 108

there are to be no, in God’s service Ev 115; FE 219

there can be no, in Christ’s vineyard SD 150

thousands of believers are, in market place AA 110

Idle repose

Idle repose, redeemed state is not one of 3BC 1164

Idle spectator, Idle spectators

Idle spectator, Idle spectators, God’s people are not to be CH 35

Idle talk

Idle talk, children given to 4T 98

Idle waiting

Idle waiting, for second advent, do not spend time in AA 267

Idol, Idols

Idol, Idols, all, must be expelled from heart CS 221

almost whole world follows after PK 186

antediluvians regarded, as representations of Deity PP 96

appetite as 5BC 1080; 1SM 284; 2T 97; Te 20

ask Christ for help to sacrifice all MYP 112; SL 90-1

believers neglecting health reform cherish 1T 486

believers who will be left to their 2T 41

believers who worship earthly treasure as ignorant heathen do 1T 477

book as, of many people CT 415

business enterprises as, to some people 2BC 1012; SD 57

carnal heart would cling to 1T 289

cherished: Christians must detach themselves from 5BC 1144

examine yourself to see if you have sacrificed 2T 144

in many hearts 2T 439

many church members unwilling to give up 2SG 226

many churches unwilling to give up 1T 187

must be given up 2SG 299

of user of stimulants SL 33

pride, selfishness, vanity, and worldliness as 5T 231

shutting men out of heaven 1T 484

tobacco as CH 82, 84; 4aSG 127

cherished and worshiped by many people 6T 450

cherished ideas may become 1BC 1105; 5T 174

cherished in: rich young ruler’s soul COL 392

SDA families 7BC 941

SDA churches 7BC 941

cherished objects may become 5T 174

children caused to pass through fire before PP 337

children offered as sacrifices to, in Solomon’s time PK 57

claim hearts of persons indifferent to the needy and unfortunate 3T 524

coffee as CD 425; 4aSG 128; 1T 222

come to cross and there renounce all 2T 263

consecration to God permits no cherishing of 2T 49

darling: cherished sins as 3T 543

coffee as CD 425

few people aware that they have 3T 543

tea as CD 425

demolition of, by converted heathen ML 353

denunciation of, making known God’s goodness is better than COL 299

desire for wealth as, binds men to Satan SC 44

destroyed by Josiah, still seen in Christ’s time 2BC 1038

difference between God and, best way to show heathen CT 186

do not make, of your mortal frame 2SG 263

do not smuggle, into SDA ranks CW 96

do you worship? 5T 173

dress as, to some people 4T 632

earthly, why philosopher clings to his AA 273

earthly possessions as 2SG 241

of rich young ruler 1T 484

earthly treasure as CS 123

to rich young ruler 2T 679-80

erected in shape of false sabbath 9T 211

expelled from soul, Satan prepares substitute for 1SM 107

exposure of every, worshiper of God should be thankful for 4T 354

families cherish, as offensive as golden calf 7BC 941

foods offered to: church council at Jerusalem forbade eating of AA 191; SR 308

Daniel and companions refused to eat Ed 55

Daniel and companions tested by PK 481

forsake every CT 237-8

freedom from responsibility is, of some people SC 44; 5T 83

God can kindle unquenchable fire upon men’s 4T 49

God of Elijah is above all PK 153

God’s people must be separated from their 2T 139

God’s word can expel, from soul temple FE 378

groves of See Groves

heathen, costly and beautiful in ancient times SR 143

Solomon bowed down before PK 52

horror of impenitent wicked at destruction of GC 654

houses are, to some people 2BC 1012; SD 57

how God will remove, one after another 2T 57

human opinions and institutions worshiped as PK 186

human sacrifices offered to, by antediluvians SR 67

human wisdom and power regarded as 5T 194

individuals are tested to see if they will give up 2SG 226; 1T 187

intoxicating liquor as Te 38

Jacob hid, under oak PP 205-6

Jacob’s children tempted to worship PP 332

Josiah destroyed 2BC 1038; PK 396-8

lands are, to some people 2BC 1012; SD 57

life of selfish ease is, of some people SC 44; 5T 83

little house ornaments as Ev 344

pack away Ev 480

time wasted on Ev 344

love of money as, binds men to Satan SC 44

love of riches as 2SG 241

lust as most degrading TM 434

lustful appetite cherished as 1T 548

made of majestic trees by antediluvians 3SG 87

mammon is, of many people SC 44; 1T 142; 5T 83

many people worship, instead of God 5T 250

merchandise is, to some people 2BC 1012; SD 57

minister who makes, of harlot TM 434-5

ministers should not be made TM 404

ministers should remove, from churches 7BC 941

money as, of aged people 1T 423

money spent for things that are mere Ev 344

music worshiped as, by many people 1T 506

must be given up 4T 354

if you would be sanctified by truth 1T 248

no time now for cherishing 2T 168

not all, are of wood or stone 5T 174

of false doctrines, easy to make GC 583

of gold, God may remove your GC 622

of men’s opinions, bow down no longer to LS 330; TM 471

of opinion, result of refusing to discard some DA 280

of self, dethronement of MYP 74

of theories, easy to make GC 583

one after another, must be cut off till God reigns supreme in heart 1T 237

overpowering and gushing love for human objects becomes TM 442

passion makes, of object of its choice AH 50

philosophical, enshrined in place of God in some minds GC 583; 5T 174

poor people are called upon to sacrifice their 1T 224

purchased with money that should go to God’s house CS 288

put away your CG 134; CS 37; 6T 450

reputation as, to some people SC 44; 5T 83

riches were rich young ruler’s DA 520

Samaritans regarded, as reminders of living God DA 188; PK 567

search for your, and cast them out MM 226

search yourself to see what, you cherish 7BC 941

self as 1SM 80; 2T 26; 5T 205

of many rich men 7T 88

set up in heart 5T 164; TM 445

setting up of, God’s cause needs men who will not regard 4T 517

SDA churches cherish, as offensive as golden calf 7BC 941

sever yourself from 2SM 318

shrine of, many promising SDA youth have offered their best ability at FE 232

multitudes worship at PK 185

sinful habits as 4T 32

slavish bands of, must be broken SC 44

Solomon set up huge, on Mt. of Olives 2BC 1032-3, 1039; PK 57

Solomon worshiped, in groves he prepared 6T 250

some believers are joined to their 1T 383

some people turned from, to worship God in Isaiah’s time PK 320

students who make, of books FE 355

tea as CD 425; 4aSG 128; 1T 222

things of world as 5T 456

things that are, much means spent for Ev 344

tobacco as CH 82, 84; 4aSG 127; 1T 222; 5T 440; Te 278-9

tobacco pipe as CH 68; SL 28

truth spoken in demonstration of Spirit should cut away 1T 383

turn away from every, binding you to earth PK 300

unnatural stimulants cherished as 1T 549

whatever: assumes form of, expel from soul temple 8T 53

interferes with service due to God is 2BC 1011-2; SD 57

men love and trust in instead of loving and trusting God becomes 5T 250

takes supreme love for God from heart is 1T 289, 436

tends to abate love for God becomes 2BC 1011; SD 57

tends to divert mind from God assumes form of SD 57; 4T 632

within, and idols without FE 197

woman who makes, of corrupt man TM 434-5

worldly honor is, to some people SC 44; 5T 83

worship of: among antediluvians PP 91; 3SG 63, 70, 87; SR 67

by builders of tower of Babel PP 119; 3SG 301-2; SR 73

by Galatians AA 207

common in Egypt 3SG 269; SR 143

Corinthian believers led from AA 327

degrades man’s ideas 4BC 1145

demonstration of worthlessness of PP 320

idolatry includes more than AA 317

in Canaan in Abraham’s time PP 133-4

in Christian church SR 328

introduced into early church EW 211; SR 323

many Sabbathkeepers given to 1T 609

Satan created and maintains, to divert minds from God 5T 192

secret, in Canaan in Joshua’s time PP 523

worshiper(s) of: false gods powerless to uplift and save PK 97

how, are affected PP 91

lesson learned by PK 97

professedly converted, idolatry brought into early church by GC 43

steps by which Solomon became 4T 628

worshipers of true God must sacrifice every CT 329

you can cherish no, and serve God 2T 49

See also Image


anything that separates from God and spiritual things TMK 322:3

bowing to, first commandment broken in more ways than in TMK 322:2

by feeling good enough; sin no longer appears sinful OHC 101:3

character traits retained as TMK 247:2

heart service to, by church members UL 131:4

heaven cannot be entered with old 3SM 191:0

Josiah commanded the destruction of CC 200:2


are, only if tending to separate from God 3SM 331:0

thought to be; definition 3SM 330

powers sacrificed to, through appetite Con 79:1

principles of Daniel’s associates forbade worshiping HP 149:2

put away, in cutting off extravagance, indulgence, display RC 266:5

replace, as well as remove from the life TMK 165:2

retaining, means being left to the control of evil angels OHC 162:3

sacrifice of every, for eternal life OHC 189:5, 351:6; TMK 303:5

shown to those pleading with God UL 267:3

soul temple to be cleansed from UL 370:2

souls turned from, to God by apostles’ message AG 353:4

thrown down by the ark FLB 194:3

worldly affections are, to be renounced TMK 165:2

Idolater, Idolaters

Idolater, Idolaters, among God’s professed people 2T 441

among professed Christians 4T 107

antediluvians were not all PP 95-6

association with, Solomon’s faith corrupted by Ed 49

why God restricted Israel’s AA 14

black banner of, figures of sun, moon, and stars on EW 111-2

bondage to, why God permitted Israel to be in PP 260

Canaanites were PP 688; 3SG 108

Christian patriots never compromise with PK 479

covenant with, Hebrew exiles returned with Zerubbabel were not to enter into PK 569-70

covetous spirit places men’s names on record books of heaven as CS 26

Daniel was faithful witness to truth amid PK 542

deities of, clothed with human attributes and passions PP 91

donations from, receiving of TM 197-200

entrance of, into church SR 322-4

foothold gained in Jerusalem by, during Nehemiah’s absence PK 669

forbidden association with: Israel cautioned against DA 29

Israel led by, to transgress God’s law PP 458

Joshua warned Israel against 2BC 1000

results of Israel’s PP 558-9

Samson corrupted by PP 562

Solomon’s, was his ruin PK 57

Solomon’s faith corrupted by Ed 49; 7T 217

God ready to move upon, to support His work ChS 167-8; WM 278

God’s mercy toward, who acknowledged His divine authority PK 369

God’s word condemns 1BC 1105

how men become, by study of nature 1SM 295

impenitent, worshipers of golden calf were executed by Levites as 4aSG 28

in Enoch’s time 3SG 56

intercourse with, Israelites endangered by 2BC 999

Israel mingled heathen customs with their worship as result of PP 364

Jews despised and hated DA 399

lands of, terrible judgments of God upon 2BC 994

league with, Israel forbidden to make PP 505

led to receive part of Christian faith GC 42; SR 322

men marked as, by worship of money, houses, and lands CS 223

marriage with, Abraham did not believe in SR 84

Abraham’s descendants were forbidden to enter 3SG 108

common during Solomon’s apostasy PK 59

God’s people expressly forbidden to enter into 4aSG 100

Israelites forbidden to enter into 2SM 121-2; SR 115; 5T 363

Nehemiah broke up Israelite PK 673-5

why God has forbidden PP 369

missionaries laboring among, consecration required of AA 370

nation of, Joseph represented Christ to PP 369

no, in world to come SC 126

Paul’s method of teaching gospel to, at Lystra AA 180

person who indulges perverted appetite is CH 458

person who worships at shrine of perverted appetite is 5T 197

persons whom God classes as 1BC 1105

practical, drinkers of intoxicating liquor are Te 38

professed Christians who are 2BC 1012; SD 57

race of Cain were 3SG 60

ripening for second death 2T 630

roused to crush out truth during Babylonian captivity DA 28

students of nature who become 6BC 1068; 8T 257

there would have been no, if Sabbath had been universally kept GC 438; PP 336; SR 382-3

trust in self for salvation 1BC 1105

Idolatrous ceremony, Idolatrous ceremonies

Idolatrous ceremony, Idolatrous ceremonies, brought into early church GC 43

incorporated into Christian faith and worship SR 323

Idolatrous custom, Idolatrous customs

Idolatrous custom, Idolatrous customs, association with, Daniel and companions brought daily into PK 481

many Israelites adopted, during reign of Jehoram of Israel PK 212

of neighboring nations, Israelites warned against PK 294-5

Idolatrous feast, Idolatrous feasts

Idolatrous feast, Idolatrous feasts, held in groves dedicated to idols 3SG 292

held in honor of idol gods, Balak seduced Israel to participate in 4aSG 49

of Egyptians, Israel imitated PP 320

public, of Greeks 6BC 1090

Idolatrous ignorance

Idolatrous ignorance, within shadow of your home 8T 60

Idolatrous image

Idolatrous image See Image

Idolatrous influence, Idolatrous influences

Idolatrous influence, Idolatrous influences, how Israel was affected by Ed 45

Idolatrous kindred

Idolatrous kindred, Abraham separated from PP 141

Idolatrous love

Idolatrous love, of favors received, moral powers stupefied by 2T 574, 598

Idolatrous mother, Idolatrous mothers

Idolatrous mother, Idolatrous mothers, children brought up by, to observe heathen rites PK 59

Idolatrous nation, Idolatrous nations

Idolatrous nation, Idolatrous nations, Abraham was called from 3SG 98; SR 75

laws of, cruel and extreme SR 150

Idolatrous practice, Idolatrous practices

Idolatrous practice, Idolatrous practices, Abraham’s effort to keep his family from witnessing PP 141

God’s people should forsake 1T 524-5

King Jehoshaphat’s opposition to PK 190

mixed multitude leavened Israel with PP 408

seductive influences of, during reign of Ahaz PK 322

Idolatrous representation, Idolatrous representations

Idolatrous representation, Idolatrous representations, introduced into hidden chambers of temple court PK 448

Idolatrous sacrifice

Idolatrous sacrifice, of mass, Lord’s Supper supplanted by GC 59

Idolatrous shrine, Idolatrous shrines

Idolatrous shrine, Idolatrous shrines, arranged in alluring and expensive manner 3T 263

Hezekiah removed, from streets of Jerusalem PK 337

Judah cleansed of, in Josiah’s reign PK 410

picture of, appearing on first page of Review and Herald CW 174

set up during reign of Ahaz PK 337

Solomon erected, on Mt. of Olives 2BC 1032-3; PK 57

See Heathen shrine

Idolatrous standard, Idolatrous standards

Idolatrous standard, Idolatrous standards, Romans set up, in holy ground about Jerusalem GC 26

Idolatrous woman, Idolatrous women

Idolatrous woman, Idolatrous women, Jezebel was PK 115

Solomon’s association with 2BC 1026; 2SM 173

Solomon’s heart turned from God by PK 673


“Idolatry,” meaning of term AA 317


Idolatry, abolition of, during Hezekiah’s reign PK 338

abominable, Amorites given to PP 436

antediluvians given to CD 374

Abraham kept himself free from 1BC 1092

Ahab and Jezebel supported Ed 60; PK 224

alliance with Samaritans would have resulted in, among Jews PK 568

almost universal: after dispersion from Babel PP 125

after Flood FE 504

in Abraham’s time 1BC 1092

among Abraham’s kindred in Mesopotamia PP 171

among Amorites 1BC 1093

among antediluvians CD 374; PP 91, 95-6, 99; 3SG 61-3, 87; 2SM 412; SR 67

ancient: demon worship in PP 685

pretended communication with the dead in PP 685

worship of the dead in PP 685

and its consequences, abhorrent God PP 369

Athenian, Paul’s tactfulness in attacking AA 241

Athens was wholly given to AA 234

base, of Israel in making golden calf 3T 339-40

blasphemous, of Baal worship in Ahab’s time 3T 263

beings claiming to be spirits of the dead are regarded with PP 685

brought into early church EW 211-2; GC 43

builders of tower of Babel were given to PP 119; 3SG 97, 302; SR 73, 149-50

Cain’s descendants practiced SR 62

Cain’s sons given to 3SG 61

Canaanitish forms of, worship of Ashtoreth was vilest and most degrading of PK 229

cannot exist among people keeping Sabbath in proper spirit PK 182; PP 336

Christians should do nothing that seems to sanction AA 316-7

Church of England charged with sin of GC 384

circumcision as: pledge of separation from PP 363

sign of separation from PP 138, 364

Corinthian, sensuality of AA 243-4, 299-300

cornerstone of heathen, belief in communion with the dead formed PP 684

covetousness condemned as COL 261

covetousness denounced as 5T 270

covetousness is CS 26; PP 439, 496; 2SM 177; 3T 130, 201, 250, 387, 403, 513; 4T 107, 476; 5T 337

cricket games as species of CT 350

debasing effects of PP 268, 335

Decalogue forbids PP 306

declare what God has said re DA 806

degrading, in French worship of Goddess of Reason GC 275-6

devotion to things of world is GC 298

disregarding fourth precept of Decalogue results in PK 182

Egypt punished for PP 263; 3SG 238; SR 115

Egypt’s prosperity while given to PP 259-60

Egyptian: described 3SG 239, 303

God’s plan to preserve Israel from PP 232

in Joseph’s time PP 214; 3SG 169

influence of, problem for faithful Israelites in Egypt PP 259

Israel affected by GC 453; PP 371; 3SG 298; SR 112-3, 147

Israel warned not to imitate 3SG 268

Israelites imitated, in worship of golden calf 3SG 274-5

Jeremiah re seductive influences of PK 461

some Israelites faithfully resisted SR 113

why God’s wrath fell upon 3SG 202

Egyptian priests’ zeal in behalf of PP 332-3

evil influences perpetuated in 2BC 1029

exists in Christian world today GC 583

faithful efforts will turn many people from, to worship God PK 171

faithful Sabbath observance preserves God’s people from PK 182

faithful Sabbath observance would have preserved world from LS 96

first two precepts of Decalogue forbid 3SG 266; SR 141

flagrant, practiced during reign of Ahaz PK 332

flee from 1T 277

folly of, Jochabed showed Moses PP 244; SR 107

food from Nebuchadnezzar’s table was consecrated to PK 481

foul leaven of, introduced into church SR 322-3

gambling is species of FE 312; LS 351

Gibeonites pledged themselves to renounce PP 506

God hates 1BC 1106; 3SG 240

God used Israel to punish heathen nations because of their 3SG 269

God would have His people forsake all 2SM 318

God’s abhorrence of 2BC 996

God’s displeasure against: example of PP 324-6

fitly called jealousy PP 306

testimony to nations re PP 325

God’s hatred for, shown in dealing with Pharaoh PP 268

God’s people in danger of being led into 1T 609

God’s people must be turned from their 3T 62

God’s plan that children might not be readily led into 2T 399-400

God’s purpose to show superiority of His worship over every form of PP 314

God’s voice should be heard calling all people to turn from PP 314

grasping desire for greater riches leads to 3T 403

gratification of appetite and passion as AA 317

grave offense 5T 337

gross, of Egyptians PP 333

grosser forms of, how Israel was led into PK 282

grossest, how world plunged into 1SM 249

have no connection with, in any form FE 481

heathen, Israelites disposed to imitate PP 333

passed lightly over by God before Christ came AA 239

heathen monuments of, why God commanded Israel to destroy all 2BC 996

Heth’s daughters (Esau’s wives) given to PP 179

high crime of, Israelites punished for 3SG 284

horrible cruelty perpetrated under various forms of GC 569; PP 337

horse racing is species of FE 312; LS 351

human heart naturally inclined to 2BC 996

human sacrifices offered as result of 3SG 266; SR 141

image making as PP 316

importance placed on holidays is species of FE 312

in all world in Christ’s time, except Palestine GC 514

in Battle Creek church 5T 190

in Canaan, when Abraham moved there PP 128

in Ishmael’s family PP 174

in Jacob’s household at Shechem PP 205

in Judah during: Manasseh’s reign PK 381-3

Rehoboam’s reign PK 94-5

in Nahor’s family PP 127

in Terah’s household PP 125

iniquity and, sense in which stubbornness is as 4aSG 76

is form of fleshly lust CH 69

is spiritual adultery PP 306

Israel beguiled into, at Beth-peor PP 454-5, 487, 684

Israel bold in, in Eli’s time PP 582

Israel corrupted by, in Egypt FE 287

Israel seduced into licentiousness before being led to PP 458

Israel wandered long in PK 413

Israel warned against PK 295-6, 334; PP 543; 4aSG 54; SR 142-3, 171; 1T 609

Israel’s, in Eli’s time PP 577

in worship of golden calf at Sinai CT 351; PP 315-30; 3SG 273-84; TM 98-101

was offense to God 7BC 941

Israel’s apostasy into, after settlement in Canaan Ed 45

Israel’s regard for ark of covenant was, in Eli’s time PP 584

Israelites were to teach children to avoid FE 141; 3T 565

Josiah’s campaign against PK 396-7, 401-2

King Saul’s great zeal in suppressing PP 635

Jacob put away, from his encampment PP 205-6

leads to great lengths in sin and rebellion 3SG 266

leave vain, of worldly things 4T 123

liquor drinking is species of FE 312; LS 351

love for another person which savors of 2T 173

love of ease as AA 317

making god of appetite is CH 82; 4aSG 127

many people led into, during Manasseh’s reign PK 381

marriage with heathen led Israel into FE 499; PP 260, 544; 3SG 242

means more than worship of idols AA 317

mind debased by 1BC 1106

mind engrossed with human theories to exclusion of divine wisdom is stamped with FE 186

minds darkened by PK 15

mixed multitude in Israel inclined to PP 408

modern Israel in danger of being led into 1T 609

Moses rejected crown of Egypt rather than embrace 3SG 184

most extravagant, Jericho given to 3T 264

Nebuchadnezzar’s plan to win Hebrew youth to PK 481

needless ornaments as species of 2SM 317-8

new species of, introduced into society Ev 30

no longer provoked surprise in Isaiah’s time PK 306

noted, east of Jordan PP 453

of darkest hue, practiced by Israel during Solomon’s apostasy PK 59

of dress: destructive effects of CG 433

how character is affected by MYP 360

is moral disease 6T 96

of heathen neighbors, God’s people forbidden to participate in PP 685

of human instrumentalities, among God’s people 5T 75

of human talent, among God’s people 5T 75

of lavishing vast sums of money on decoration of graves DA 618

of liquor drinking, Satan is worshiped in Te 38

of self: danger of 3T 231

God cannot accept offerings given through CS 204; WM 292

outward shrine not needed to practice 1BC 1105; PK 177; 5T 173

papal system of, decree of general council established GC 52; SR 328

parading of bows and ribbons as species of 5T 499

parading of gold and silver ornaments as species of 5T 499

parading of ruffles and feathers as species of 5T 499

picture taking that is species of CS 295; MYP 316

present age is one of, as that of Elijah PK 177

professed Christians who should repent of 2T 483

renounce everything tending to 2T 491

results of, in kingdom of Israel PK 282

in kingdom of Judah PK 649

Sabbath observance as token of separation from DA 283

Sabbath observance would have preserved world from PK 182; PP 336; 1T 76

sacrificial offerings counterfeited as result of PP 120

sacrificial system was corrupted by PP 364

safeguard against, Israelites shut themselves away from world as PK 708

Samson’s love for lewd woman was 2BC 1007

Satan uses, to destroy efficacy of worship PP 334-5

Satan’s system of, objectives of 1BC 1105-6

selfishness is CS 223

self-serving as AA 317

sensuality results from 1BC 1106

sinfulness of, Moses warned by mother against PP 244; SR 107

Solomon confounded, with religion 2BC 1032

Solomon was warned against results of PK 47

Solomon’s first step into practice of 2BC 1025

Solomon’s wives turned him to 2BC 1025, 1031; Ed 49-50; PK 56; 2T 306

species of, spending time and money in gratifying supposed wants is 8T 51

spending money for pictures that is 2SM 317

Spirit enabled apostles to meet every species of ML 48

spirit of, rife in world today PK 210

rife under influence of science and education PK 210

spirit of heathen, assuming refined and attractive form 5T 192

rife today through influence of education and science 5T 192

Sunday observance is, after light has come re true Sabbath FE 287

systematic benevolence ordained to correct 1T 545-6

temple of Solomon regarded by Israel with SR 195

temptation to, Israel shut themselves away from world to escape DA 29

tennis as species of CT 350

Terah influenced by 1BC 1092

Terah united, with worship of true God PP 127

theatergoing as species of FE 312; LS 351

thousands of cities almost given to Ev 29

tobacco smoking as species of FE 312; LS 351

triumph of loyalty to God over, instance of PK 489

true heart service and, God distinguishes between SD 57

vague mysteries of, Athenians were content with AA 239

various species of, do not dishonor God by Ev 681

visible image not needed to practice 1BC 1105; PK 177; 5T 173

way opened by, for foul license PP 335

widespread and deep-seated in Abraham’s time PP 141

world almost wholly given over to 7BC 988; MH 504; PK 186; 8T 42; TM 457

world’s, be more earnest in avoiding 4T 401


avarice, selfishness and covetousness are OHC 180:3

cities almost given to, will be destroyed CL 8:4

danger of; children in society of unbelievers LHU 146:4

diminished devotion for God is TMK 322:3

evil angels regarded with, representing dead loved ones TDG 247:2

excessive affections on legitimate objects is TMK 322:3

Holy Spirit enabled apostles to stand against all 3SM 137:2

Israel led into, by lewdness at Baalpeor CC 115:2

no consideration should be strong enough to induce HP 149:4

practiced at the king’s table in Babylon UL 83:4

removed from the hearts of God’s faithful people OHC 114:5

sacrifice all; souls must be saved TDG 171:4

selfishness leads to UL 76:4

worldliness and covetousness are forms of Mar 193:5