EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Idol builder, Idol builders - Image of God

Idol builder, Idol builders

Idol builder, Idol builders, words of, that could be motto of character builders Ed 286

Idol god, Idol gods

Idol god, Idol gods, set up by Jezebel, regarded as deities PK 115

worshiped in groves before Flood 3SG 63


Idolizing, danger of, a few ideas 1SM 179

Idol worship

Idol worship, abhorrence for, how Israelites rapidly lost PK 59

among professed Christians 5T 250

ancient, based upon falsehood PP 685

vital principle of, communion with the dead was PP 685

follies of, demonstrated on Mt. Carmel PK 151

gorgeous display of PK 116

heathen wives led Solomon to practice PK 56

image worship provided in place of, for converts from heathenism EW 211-2; GC 43, 52; SR 328

in region of Damascus 2T 310

Jeroboam I established, in kingdom of Israel PK 100-1

many Corinthians turned from, to serve living God AA 252

Nebuchadnezzar resumed, with increased zeal and bigotry PK 504; SL 36

rites of, cruel and degrading PK 56

fascinating and captivating PK 116

sensual, intoxicating and degrading pleasures of PK 116

Solomon turned from worship of God to PK 52

universally prevalent in Babylon PK 505-6

“I don’t care,”

“I don’t care,” spirit of, why some children have 3T 532


Idumea DA 298; MB 4

See also Edom; Seir, Mt.


“If,” showing criminal unbelief SR 132-3

“I forgot”

“I forgot” 4T 451


Ignorance 2T 553-7

astonishing, re results of lack of cleanliness 2SM 461-2

children should not be left to grow up in 2T 94

corrupting soul, body, and spirit FE 320

dark robes of, sin caused Adam and Eve to draw around them 1SM 291

death caused by MH 222; 2SM 459, 461-2

deformity caused by, much WM 127

disease caused by, much 1T 488; 2SM 461-2; WM 127

do not sit on stool of, when perplexities arise CT 316

does not elevate any man FE 314; LS 352

does not excuse lack of spiritual understanding ML 96

erroneous idea that, of useful employment is mark of true lady or gentleman FE 75

false idea that, is mark of gentleman FE 324

fanatics who regard, as humility 2T 555

finite, persons who are victims of 2BC 1011

God works for people in spite of their FE 369

greatest, is result of neglecting study of God’s word FE 131

that curses human race is re claims of God’s law FE 131

hearts in sleep of, may be awakened Ev 19

humility is not increased by CT 361; 3T 160

idolatrous, within shadow of your own home 8T 60

inexcusable, people too willing to remain in 2SM 443

iron yoke of, imposed by papacy upon people in Middle Ages GC 195

is shame that many people link with humility FE 120

Israelites regarded it as crime or sin to allow children to grow up in Ed 47; PP 593

Jews’, re Christ did not remove their guilt DA 744-5

lamentable, to which health and life are sacrificed CG 115

life of, life devoted to God should not be CT 511; FE 47; MYP 169

lowest depths of, how men may rise from ML 23

men may rise from, to become sons of God FE 85

lowlands of, God does not wish man to remain content in 4T 413

of common duties is result of folly FE 75

man’s great natural, re God and Christ TM 246

may be overcome in God’s strength MM 200

missteps made in, Christ does not forsake men because of COL 173; GW 263; MH 249

no excuse now for transgression of law CH 21; 3T 162

no virtue in FE 316; 3T 223

not acceptable to God CT 149; FE 369

not mark of humility FE 369; 4T 549

not praiseworthy FE 369

of priests and monks re Scriptures during Middle Ages GC 195

of teachers, thousands of children die because of 3T 136

parents sin who let children grow up in 1T 398-9

parents’ inexcusable, lives of children destroyed by 3T 135-6

parental: many crimes chargeable to AH 172

re care of babies 2SM 469

that is criminal 2SM 431

thousands of children die because of 3T 136

people in chains of, divine wisdom needed in work for Ev 140-1

persons who died victims of their own 2SM 456

pretentious, false science is MYP 190

prevailed under papal rule GC 83

pride and folly are constant companions of 4T 634

real, truth brought into life causes man to feel his FE 256

re care of body: God’s word condemns FE 427

evil results of CD 40

is greatest cause of suffering CD 241

re cultivation of soil, baleful work done by FE 326

re His natural laws, God is not pleased with DA 824

re His spiritual laws, God is not pleased with DA 824

re laws of health 2SM 451

re laws of his physical being, man sins who remains in COL 348

re laws of man’s being: is sin CH 40

majority of people remain in 3T 140

multitudes remain in 2SM 453

re man’s organic laws, majority of diseases are caused by CD 19

Satan constantly takes advantage of man’s CH 504

Satan would keep men in FE 256

self-complacent, persons who settle down to work with LS 352

self-sufficiency and, go hand in hand 1SM 316

sick people who have lived in violation of nature’s laws through 3T 178

sighing over your, cannot help you SD 322

sins of, when mistakes are no longer 5T 436

Spirit is not sent to sanction GW 105-6; 2T 342

spirituality is not increased by CT 361; 3T 160

supplement your, with Christ’s wisdom 4T 362

taking advantage of another person’s: God’s law forbids PP 309

is registered as fraud in heaven PK 652; PP 309

is wrong WM 202

teacher’s, is sin CT 233

toiler’s lot is not lightened by FE 314

too much willing, among ministers 5T 574

unfavorable to doing God’s work FE 369

unite your, with Christ’s wisdom GC 623; SC 70; 3T 472; 4T 16

veil of, over nations of Isaiah’s time PK 371

voluntary and inexcusable, of many people SD 322

when, is no excuse for error or sin GC 597-8

when sins of, cannot be indulged in without incurring guilt GC 597; GW 162

willing, large proportion of man’s infirmities are results of CD 44

sin of, that was punished with death 1T 651

world made full of moral leprosy by AH 329; FE 320

wretchedness caused by, much WM 126-7


Christ does not leave His soldiers in UL 230:3

Christ’s words opened fountain of life to those in HP 225:4

conversion joins, to God’s wisdom HP 248:3

disappears before the consistent Christian life OHC 296:3; TDG 92:3

duty to those in SW 80:3

faith to soar above HP 96:5

hardness of heart caused, in Jewish leaders TDG 275:3

Holy Spirit instructs those in, about God’s kingdom RC 132:3

human, seen in studying into will and ways of God TDG 16:2

(incompetence) advantage not taken of, by honest person 2MCP 438:2; TDG 337:3

increase of, although God has spoken to humanity TMK 343:2

neglect of those in SW 39:0

prayer in, for that which was not best TDG 306:3

regret for, and thirst for knowledge of God TMK 217:3

salvation neglected cannot be due to HP 153:4

sin of TSB 248:4

stumbling blocks not to be placed before those in TDG 136:2

thousands in, who might be warned HP 338:6

truth is to be taught patiently to those with TDG 131:4

union of weakness and, with God’s strength TDG 310:4

unnecessary; constantly acquire knowledge 1MCP 105:1

words of Christ open fountain of life to those in TDG 283:4


Ignorant, Christ can make the most, of His disciples a power for good 8T 21-2

he who is willingly, places permanent obstruction in his path MYP 210-2

many believers are, of how to work for God because unwilling to submit to training process SD 97

people who are deplorably, of Scriptures and God’s power TM 284

Satan seeks ruin of persons, concerning his devices 4T 207

youth who would remain, for there is no royal road to learning SD 322

Ignorant person, Ignorant persons

Ignorant person, Ignorant persons, become intelligent when set to work MH 148; 6T 49

do not remain LS 298

enlighten WM 32

God does not ignore CT 506; FE 120

how God can use FE 369

instruct CS 162

regard that should be shown for Ed 268

sanctified, constantly gather knowledge CT 506; FE 120

Satan is most often met in person of AA 169

soul of, Christ paid purchase money for 2SM 343

tact needed in dealing with MM 209

things as free to, as to the educated MH 198

weak and, provide for and train 3T 566

Ignorant youth

Ignorant youth, play themselves into Satan’s hands 4T 207

Ill, Ills

Ill, Ills, God has remedy for every ML 7

life’s, golden rule would banish half of AH 421

largely due to intemperance CG 394

of fellow creatures, Christian’s obligation to labor to diminish 5T 606

Ill fame

Ill fame, house of See Prostitution

Illinois Conference

Illinois Conference 5T 372

Illiterate, Illiterates

Illiterate, Illiterates, Christ had message for DA 254

in Southern States of USA, should be taught to read and write 7T 227

Satan assails, with jest or sneer GC 600


Bible read falsely to SW 75:2

used powerfully during the loud cry LDE 206

witness by; evidence in heart; safe from subtle reasoning 3SM 400:0

work of, has had an influence for good TDG 115:4

See also Uneducated


Illness See Sickness


Illumination, Christ has provided that His church should have, with light of heaven 8T 19

divine, that will increase more and more ML 104

given by Spirit See Holy Spirit

man cannot understand God’s word except by, of Spirit 5T 703

mind receives, in study of God’s word ML 27

minds of apostles received, as they surrendered to Spirit’s power DA 494

repentant thief on cross received, of Spirit re Christ as Saviour DA 750

Spirit is given for, of our minds in emergencies PK 660; 6T 415; 8T 19

spiritual, men content themselves with merely momentary flashes of TM 111

study of historical records of Christianity by, of Spirit in reading Great Controversy GC 11

which God alone can give, men need 5T 560

EGW received, by Spirit for writing Great Controversy GC 10-1

See also Enlightenment; Light


Illusion, persons intoxicated with Ev 611

re nature’s perfection, that is flattering deception FE 331

See also Delusion


Illustrating, facilities needed for, structure, use, and care of body Ed 196

Illustration, Illustrations

Illustration, Illustrations

1. List of

2. Miscellaneous

1. List of

adder, gain that stings like 2T 336

anchor, mariner at sea without 2T 304

arm weakened by being bound up 2T 529

army in which each man does as he pleases 6T 139

army of soldiers 5T 394-5

army officer: dictating to soldiers 9T 146

ordering his men to be brought up to colors 9T 46

arrow inflicting incurable wound, barbed 5T 59

artist: painting picture on canvas 5BC 1085

taking picture of human face 4BC 1171

taking pictures CG 562

transferring features of face to canvas ML 291

working on canvas CG 476-7

bark crossing stormy waters, frail 5T 126

beacon light warning re dangerous rock 4T 13

bedstead, iron 5T 355

bird taught new song while caged MH 472

blacksmith testing iron and steel in fire MH 471; 7T 214

blade of grain, pale and sickly ML 138

blank, in society 2T 326

boat, drowning man clinging to side TM 353

bridegroom, friend of DA 276-7

bridle and bit 1T 699; 2T 316

brook, flowing CT 275

builder and his work 3T 414

building, dream re unfinished 6T 72

erection of 4T 606

bullock standing between plow and altar MH 502; 5T 307

butterflies flitting about AH 526

canvas, dash of color brushed here and there on DA 312

dipped in color DA 312

car’s progress hindered by putting stones in front of it 7T 238

cart weighed down beneath sheaves 5T 166

casket of jewels 6T 425

cedar, old and gnarled 2BC 1031

chaff resisting whirlwind PK 260; 8T 11

chain: and its links MYP 144

having ten links 2BC 1014

made worthless by one defective link 2BC 1014; 8T 158

one weak link in MYP 91, 144

child asking parent for bread MB 132

child in danger of drowning in river 5T 424

child seeking to get nearest to father FE 441

children set to manage great ships at sea 5T 104-5

circle with lines running from edge to center of, large AH 179

clock 1BC 1081

clouds dark with tempest and arched by rainbow DA 102

color, canvas dipped in DA 312

dash of, brushed here and there on canvas DA 312

company of soldiers that have been well drilled Ev 115

compass, faithfulness of 4T 590

co-operation as taught in Scriptures Ed 286

current, people being drawn out into swift-running MH 469-70

daylight breaking upon earth MH 32

dew: disappearing before rising sun 5T 301; TM 427

distilled on tender plants 2T 327

reviving withering plants 6T 400

distant colony of Great Britain threatened by famine and war 8T 24-5

door swinging upon its hinges 6T 426

drowning man COL 230

clinging to side of boat TM 353

eagle: of Alps seeking sunlight above clouds Ed 118-9

stirring up her nest 8T 150

struggling against tempest MYP 102-3; SD 323

fabric woven in loom of heaven MH 362

farmer placing food in crib too high for sheep CT 435

farmers breaking new ground SD 326

father taking son into partnership in business MYP 47; SD 324

field, left uncultivated AH 468; ML 83

which fire had passed over 1T 699

figs cannot be gathered of thistles 5T 129

fire devouring thousands of happy homes MH 344

flower: drinking in sunlight and dew Ed 87

growing in field 7T 194

opening petals to sun CG 487

turning to sun DA 468; SC 68, 100; SD 26

flowers diffusing sweetest fragrance make least display 5T 75

flowering plant kept in dark room SD 281

fly caught in spider’s web 1SM 46

fountain FE 393

broadening and deepening beneath your gaze COL 128; Ed 171

frost disappearing before rising sun SD 232; SR 370

garden: care of precious plants in AH 202

cultivation of 6BC 1086; ML 273

persons who watch their neighbor’s 5T 286

variety of flowers in 6T 333-4

watering of 7T 100

well-kept 6T 419

with no sign of life SD 71

general and his obedient soldiers Ev 647-8

gold refined in furnace PP 129

gourds into pot, wild Ev 127

grapes cannot be: gathered of thorns 5T 129

made thorn berries 5T 103

hail, desolating 3BC 1159

tender plants broken down by desolating AH 439

harp of thousand strings ML 148

hawk pursuing dove ML 105; MYP 103-4

healthy man does not call people’s attention to his soundness of body SL 12-3

horse, angry and seeking to break loose ML 308

horses, strong but untrained, work of ML 39; 9T 258; TM 489-90

house, living in basement of 6T 376

houses needing to be constantly propped 3BC 1161

how God makes rough and wild places of nature attractive 6T 439

how men have sought to escape draft for military service 5T 458

how mental impressions can affect blood stream 3T 70

iron tested in furnace MH 471

Israel encamped on borders of Promised Land MB 149

ivy clinging to oak 3T 494

jewels, cutting and polishing of 4BC 1177

king journeying through less-frequented parts of his realm DA 135

ladder for speechmakers 5T 588

lamps that flicker, grow dim, and go out in darkness 5T 612

light, world belted with chains CH 36

lighthouse on dangerous coast 7T 138

lily: Christ’s use of Ev 238

fresh-water CG 58

on lake ML 263; MYP 423

on slimy pool Ed 119

pure and white on lake TM 430

pure and white on stagnant waters Te 187

lion: chaining of full-grown CG 402; Te 178

impulsive temper raging like caged 4T 92

man who consented to retain and watch 2T 425

machinery, different parts of well-regulated AH 179

wheels of, some rusting while others are overworked 3T 35

men seeking employment in market places COL 396

mansion, building of CG 165

master workman 3T 242-3

materials prepared for building 4T 258

metal: purified by fire in furnace 3T 67

refining and purifying of precious 4T 85-6

meteor flashing across sky 8T 150

mill kept running continually CD 181; CG 388

mine full of precious ore FE 182

miner, discovering precious metal underground SC 91

exploring earth to find veins of gold COL 111

miner digging for: gold COL 113; CT 461; FE 307; GW 76; MYP 261; 1SM 317

gold and silver FE 390; GC 69; 8T 157

golden treasure Ed 189

precious ore MYP 259

moth-eaten clothing ML 269

moths flying into fire SD 332

mother grieved by complaining children SC 118

mother seeking help from magnetic healer for sick child PK 211

mother watching for babe’s smile of recognition DA 191

mysterious magnet pointing north 3T 45

needle pointing to pole Ed 57; 3T 466, 495, 505

Niagara Falls, folly of trying to send waters up 2T 346

water flowing over 2T 233

note to be cashed COL 143

oak, ivy clinging to 3T 494

objects reflected by mirror CSW 107-8

one little screw left out of machine 7T 192

ore refined in furnace MH 471

painting canvas SD 176

palm tree: fed by spring 4T 567

flourishing in midst of desert Ed 116

in burning desert of sand 3BC 1151

parents’ attitude toward child lost in cold and snow DA 825

parting with right hand to save body from disease MB 60

parts of building not all the same Ev 103

peace after storm CG 212

perfume, bottle of 4T 555

person burdened with heavy load at foot of hill 6T 463

person of mature years who uses language of six-year-old child SD 330

person swimming against current COL 387

person who refuses guide or instructions in perilous journey MYP 31

picking leaves from tree to kill it ML 265

piece of iron as unimpressible 3T 547

planing knife, God’s 1T 548

used on wood 4T 258

plant(s): dew distilled on 2T 327

growing COL 83

receiving dew and rain COL 67

revived by still showers 6T 400

tender, chilled to death by wintry blasts CT 113

watered and revived by passing shower of rain 2T 330

poisonous parasites on boughs of tree Ev 163

poisonous weeds 3T 452

polished plate of artist AH 436; CT 143

polishing precious ore Ev 305

pomegranate tree ML 93

pool, stagnant CT 275

pool that evaporates GW 252; PK 233

pool that receives rain but has no outlet ML 223

poor man and rich widow SD 272

potter: making vessels of clay 8T 186-7

molding clay MH 471-2

preaching to a one-man audience GW 167

precipice, persons rushing over COL 230

pruning plants 3T 534

putty, ball of 5T 297

rain, plants watered and revived by passing shower of 2T 330

rainbow, colors of TM 87

raveling out Ev 324

rays of light from sun SC 77

reeds swayed by wind AH 234; DA 218

reservoir, large and leaking GW 458

rill(s), forming wide and deep river Ed 116-7

tiny, as compared to boundless ocean ML 289, 365

river, rivulets and mighty SD 253

rivulets, stream of beneficence supplied by CSW 129

swelling into river AH 388

room, sweeping a 6T 170

root of tree SD 288

rotten timber beneath paint and varnish of house of God SL 12

sailing without pilot in dangerous harbor MYP 443

sailor needing pilot over sandy bar or up rocky river ML 25; 5T 264

sailor who neglects chart and compass ML 25

salt and its uses MB 35-7; PK 231-2

sandbank holding against current MH 130

savage beasts that have tasted of blood 2BC 1020

scale, balance COL 374

sculptor working on stone CG 476-7

seed: germination and growth of tiny CT 140-1

planted so deep they cannot come up GW 169

seed-sowing 5T 429

serpent charming trembling bird CH 459; Ev 607-8; 5T 198

serpent of brass lifted up by Moses DA 174-5; PP 430

serpent with deadly sting 2T 457

service rendered by different members of body 5T 279

setting sun casting its glories athwart heavens TM 429

sheep, good shepherd carrying lost GW 211

shepherd, good Ev 176

shining of sun after rain CG 212; 7T 48

ship: amid icebergs and tempests 5T 104-5

being steered into harbor 6BC 1109

brought safely to port 2SM 391

man leaving strong, for worm-eaten craft 5T 571-2

meeting iceberg in fog 1SM 205

sinking because of small leak 8T 158

sunk because of worm-eaten plank 4T 90

tempest-tossed 1BC 1114

with pilot aboard FE 348

without anchor or rudder 3T 437

without compass or anchor CH 38

without helm or pilot AH 350

wrecked in sight of shore MH 344-5

sick person prescribing remedies for his own ailment CW 95

signboard pointing in several directions GC 598

signpost turned in wrong direction PK 179-80

Sir John Franklin in North Seas, efforts to rescue ChS 93

small lamp kept steadily burning MH 355

snowstorm, man who saved another from death in GW 198-9; 4T 319

snow waters of Lebanon and turbid streams of valley CT 358, 373

soldier, new and undisciplined 4T 91

soldier’s life 6T 140

spring season held back by chilling blast of winter CS 54

spring bubbling up in desert CT 462; SC 77; 5T 609

stilts, of dignity and superiority 6T 277

of self-exaltation DA 650

spiritual Ev 102

stitches dropped for other persons to pick up Ev 325-6

stone(s): chiseling and hewing LS 306; 7T 264

cut out of quarry AA 596; LS 323; 2T 422; 6T 363; 7T 138

fitted into building CG 168; 2T 430

polished as jewels 3BC 1154

prepared for building MB 150; SD 319; TM 464

rough and unhewn GW 122; Ev 573; 2T 430; 5T 30-1; 6T 363

sculptor working on CG 476-7

temple built with 6BC 1116; Ev 573, 635; MB 10

stool of: ignorance CT 316

indolence 2T 325

stream: blessings left behind MB 81-2

deepening and widening LS 415

flowing from mountain to bless hillsides and plains MB 81-2; ML 223

leaving a path of green along its way WM 57

line of living green produced by path of CH 499

mountain, fed by unfailing springs COL 130; GW 252; PK 233

of living water GW 115

reaching from, to sea Ed 103-4

refreshing, in desert CG 484; Ev 638

widened and deepened through ages GW 467

streams of water bursting from living spring SC 77

sun: filling world with light SD 276; 3T 403

glimmerings of torchlight not needed to increase glow of COL 111; FE 391; 8T 157

going forth on errand of mercy and love each day SD 335

illuminating landscape ML 15

rising MYP 15

sun in meridian glory, gazing at TM 388-9

superintendent of large mill GW 197-8

sweeping a room 6T 170

Swiss soldiers training GW 74-5

telegraphic wires 4aSG 146

tempest uprooting trees but leaving flower unharmed Ed 51-2

temple, building of AA 595-9; 8T 173

temple of Solomon, building of 9T 180

tender plant chilled by wintry blast CG 148

thistle: in field CG 115

sown in field, one AH 173

thistledown, jealousy and suspicion like 5T 58

thread of gold Ed 67

timber(s), chosen for erection of building 4T 588

fitted for place in building 2T 78

tomb whited and beautifully decorated but concealing putrefying remains DA 617

tower in Switzerland, ancient Ev 117

towns in Palestine MB 138

traveler: belated, hurrying to reach city gate before sunset MB 141

faint and weary, finding oasis in desert 2T 270

in hot desert of sand 3BC 1151

seeking water in the desert Ed 116

treasure put into bag with holes COL 247

tree: cutting foliage off CG 429-30; SD 292

destroyed by cutting out its roots TM 467

dry and sapless Ev 357

evergreen, in summer and winter GC 602

evergreen, tree of love as 2T 135

fruitless 4T 155

grafting of branch into 5T 47

growing alone on plain or mountainside Ed 119

picking leaves off, to kill it Ev 272; Te 219

planted by river of waters CH 368

unproductive boughs that shut sunlight away from another 5T 185

trees: in summer and winter SL 11

needing to be constantly propped 3BC 1161

planted too thickly 8T 244

planted too thickly, and needing to be transplanted CH 510

thickly crowded together in nursery 8T 147

transplanted to give them advantages 9T 118

unappreciative youth whose father sent him to school SD 322

vessels, large and small MYP 96

vine: and its branches 6BC 1090

clinging LS 201; 2T 305, 608

clinging to stately pillar SL 53

life circulating in SD 76

grafting of branch into SD 291

trailing on ground 6BC 1102

untrained CG 35

warp and woof united in beautiful pattern 6T 326

water, cup of cold MB 23

waters of the great deep in constant circulation 7T 170

wave made by throwing pebble into lake CH 413; COL 340

wax: retaining figure of seal 4T 587

taking impression of seal 7BC 970; MH 494; 1SM 337

weary traveler finding spring in desert MB 19

weaver, discontented LS 306

well that caved in on man in New England GW 31-2

well that never runs dry Ev 357

wind, movements of Ev 288-9

wind’s power as invisible force DA 172-3

wine fermenting in old and decaying bottles DA 279

worm-eaten timber in ship 4T 322

workers in vineyard 1T 519

wounded animal attacked and destroyed by fellow creatures 5T 59

youth saving money for God’s cause CS 292

2. Miscellaneous

angels use, in communications given to men 1SM 17

appropriate, Christ used Ev 148; MH 24

attention of prejudiced minds won by DA 254

best suited to child’s comprehension, use CT 181; Ed 185

blackboards should be used for, in teaching CT 181

charts used for, of truth Ev 203

chaste and dignified, needed in preaching GW 166

child used as, by Christ Ev 340-1

childish, used in spurious visions 2SM 89

children should be taught by means of, from book of nature Ed 251

Christ drew, from scenes familiar to His hearers CW 107-8

Christ made plain His teachings by use of Ev 565

Christ used, in teaching truth Ev 171; GW 169

Christ used variety of, in His teaching COL 21

Christ’s, constantly repeated His lessons DA 254

Christian home as, of power for good in world MH 352

comic, ministers should not try to create laugh by using 1T 649

devices used for, tact and talent needed in making Ev 206

drawn from: events of everyday life, Christ used CT 140

events of life, Christ used Ed 102

facts of experience familiar to hearers, Christ used Ed 102

natural life to help in understanding truths of spiritual life SC 67

nature, Christ used AH 222; COL 17-8, 20, 24, 357-8; CT 140, 178-9, 261; CW 108; DA 70, 244-5, 254; Ev 148-9, 565; FE 236; MB 38; MH 54; PP 599; 2T 579-80

things of daily life, Christ used CT 261; DA 254

encourage children to find in nature, of Bible teachings Ed 120

familiar, Christ used DA 278-9; SD 86

for sermon subjects, ingenuity and tact in using Ev 205

God used, to teach Israel principles of truth Ed 41

of how to work for: Christ MH 157

souls Ev 267

life-size images of beasts of Revelation used as Ev 577

lily used by Christ as Ev 238

maps should be used as, in teaching CT 181

nature provides, to illustrate Bible truth FE 325

object lessons should be used for, in teaching CT 181

of advent movement, vision showing EW 240-5

of Bible scenes, must not be cheap in design CW 167

of Christ’s work of grace in heart COL 26

of fact that as man thinketh in his heart so is he Ed 149

of Spirit’s work Ev 288-9

of success in gospel work GW 136-9

of two brothers doing gospel work Ev 73

one of most forcible, of struggles and temptations of humanity PP 726

prophetic symbols in form of Ev 204-5

SS lessons should be taught by means of CSW 115

Scriptures use, to make truth plain 7BC 944

should be self-evident, in teaching CT 253

showing that sincerity is not enough GC 598

talent of superior quality needed to prepare, of Bible scenes CW 168

teach by use of CT 254

teacher should teach largely by means of Ed 233

teachers should use things of nature as CT 261

things of nature as, of Bible lessons FE 375

unsuitable, should not be used in discourses Ev 208-9

use, of chaste and dignified character Ev 640

used by Christ, had wonderful depth of meaning CT 261

used in Christ’s parables COL 17-22

See also Parable

using the seen as, of the unseen COL 17; CT 187; Ed 100

See also Object lesson


Christ used

clear/pure, LHU 181:4; VSS 104

and forcible VSS 111

from daily life TMK 51:2

to clarify grand themes VSS 102:0

Illustration, Illustrations

Illustration, Illustrations, for SDA books: books for Southern States of USA need abundance of LS 381-2

colporteurs and others who influence decisions re choice of CW 169

constant temptation to tie up money in CW 168

count the cost in CW 171

dangers of rivalry are increasing in CW 169

do not depend on, for sale of books CW 169

expensive, cause prices of books to be high CW 168

help that is of greater value than CM 88

increasing expense incurred for CW 169

inexpensive, books published at Nashville, Tenn., need CW 146

large investment of means for, is wrong CW 168

means absorbed by, that are needed for other lines of God’s work CW 171

much money should not be invested in CW 167

subject matter in books is more important than CW 168

thousands of dollars could be saved in CW 169

very poor, example of CW 171-2

for SDA periodicals, dangers of rivalry are increasing in CW 169

less space given to, does as much or more good CW 176

for SDA publications CW 167-76

carried to extremes CW 170

extravagance in, costs time and money CW 169-70

fewer and of better quality are needed CW 172

poor, an imposition on public CW 171

infatuation for abundant, is not in God’s order CW 169

inferior in quality, do not use CW 172

use choice rather than numerous CW 172

See also Book illustrations; Picture

Ill will

Ill will, let there be no shadow of 2T 52

Image, Images

Image, Images, adoration of, gradually introduced into Christian worship GC 52; SR 328

beautiful, in heathen worship 2BC 996

bowing to, regarded as act of worship PK 507

business of making, affected by gospel at Ephesus AA 295

candles burned before GC 57

changed into, of that upon which we dwell OHC 248:5; TMK 182:2

Egyptian, Israel warned not to worship 3SG 268

golden, Jeroboam I taught Israel to bow down to PK 101

graven: antediluvian worship of PP 91; 3SG 62-3

Babylonian captivity effectually cured Israelites of worship of DA 28; PK 705

cannot represent God’s glory even in faintest sense AA 237

folly of worshiping AA 237-8

Moses warned Israel against bowing down to PK 295

professed Christians who are worse than worshipers of 2T 441

Samaritans prone to reverence DA 188; PK 567

worshiped by Israelites at Sinai PP 372

heathen, Israel was to destroy 3SG 292

idolatrous: buried by Jacob under oak in Shechem PP 500

Israel commanded to destroy SR 143

Israelites were to destroy all 3SG 269

of Baal worship PK 215

Isaiah’s prophecy re persons bowing down to PK 313

Jews did not make, after Babylonian captivity 4BC 1145

making, of God dishonors Him 4BC 1145

making of, as idolatry PP 316

molten, golden calf made by Israelites at Sinai was PP 317, 323

Nebuchadnezzar’s golden 4BC 1169; PK 503-13; SL 36-41

about 90 feet high and nine in breadth SL 36-7

consecrated as object of worship PK 506

forgotten PK 510

idolatrous symbol of human power PK 506

made of treasures obtained in war SL 36

made to represent his kingdom PK 504

made to represent image seen in dream recorded in Daniel 2 PK 504; SL 36

represented Babylon’s glory, magnificence, and power PK 506

symbolized Babylon as eternal, indestructible, and all-powerful PK 504

wise men of Babylon proposed making of PK 504

not essential to practice of idolatry 5T 173

of Christ, rise of worship of EW 211

of Diana, manufactured at Ephesus AA 292

of saints, rise of worship of EW 211

of wood and other things, men have bowed down to 4aSG 50

of wood and stone, Egyptians worshiped SR 114

on Roman ensign was called abomination by Jews 4BC 1145

prayers offered to GC 57

representing God, Israel warned not to make 3SG 268

Solomon’s gigantic, of wood and stone on Mt. of Olives Ed 49; PK 57, 402-3

visible, not essential to practice of idolatry 1BC 1105; PK 177; 5T 173

worship of: as figures or symbols of Deity is sin PP 306

by Israel at Sinai PP 316-7, 335

Decalogue forbids 1BC 1106; GC 52, 446; 2SM 319

degrading effects of PP 306

Egyptians worshiped 3SG 201

general during Dark Ages GC 57

God’s law forbids PP 306

introduced into early church GC 43, 52; SR 323

papacy dropped from Decalogue commandment forbidding GC 446

rejected by some Waldenses as idolatry GC 65

rise of, in Christian church EW 211

Satan’s device to attract minds from God and Christ GC 568

sin that is as 2T 440

Zwingli (Ulric) preached against GC 175

See also Idol


Image, prophetic See Prophetic image

Image of beast

Image of beast GC 438-50; SR 381-2

church in deadly conflict with, John was shown 5T 752

decree will require all to worship 5T 525

formation of, erroneous view re 2SM 81

formed before probation closes 7BC 976; 2SM 81

formed by: Protestant churches GC 443-50; SR 381-2

two-horned beast of Rev. 13:11-17 GC 443, 445

union of church and state GC 443

USA GC 443, 445

found in USA SR 381-2

God’s people will be brought into close combat with EW 254

how USA will form GC 443, 445

is image of papacy GC 443, 445; SR 381-2

of Roman hierarchy, Protestant America will form GC 445

penalty for bowing to 1T 223

people who will not bow to 7BC 976

Protestant America will form SR 381-2

religious body clothed with civil power is represented by SR 381

victory of God’s people over EW 34, 286

JW and EGW at first had no defined position re 1T 79

worship of: decree enforcing 4T 251

enforcement of Sunday observance in USA would be GC 449

fearful judgments denounced against GC 594

Sunday observance as GC 449; TM 133

See also Image to beast

Image of Christ

Image of Christ, God has predestinated everyone to be conformed to DA 827

reflect MYP 316



Bible reading and study develops FLB 21:5

Christ offers to transform sinful nature into TMK 106:3

reflecting UL 70:2

See also Christ, image of

Image of Christ’s purity

Image of Christ’s purity, how to become renewed in MB 19

Image of Christ’s sufficiency

Image of Christ’s sufficiency, church may present, to world TM 17

Image of God

Image of God

1. In man

2. Miscellaneous

1. In man

almost obliterated as result of Adam’s sin 6BC 1078

Christ came to re-create DA 478

Christ’s object is to restore, in soul 6BC 1078; DA 37-8; FE 436; GC 645

defaced, in man’s soul 4T 294

is to be restored in humanity DA 625

education that restores COL 42-3

God desires to retrace, in us COL 194; MH 163

God’s plan to restore Ed 15-6

impress of demoniacal power has been received instead of Ed 76

knowledge of God revealed in Christ re-creates, in soul 8T 289

lost as result of sin Ed 76

marred and well-nigh obliterated by sin PP 595; 5T 743

may be restored through Christ GW 80

moral, God wants to restore 5T 635

principles revealed through God’s people should be means of restoring PK 16

polygamy served to deface PP 338

Satan exults when he succeeds in debasing DA 37

Satan seeks to obliterate 1BC 1105

Satan works continually to destroy MYP 68

sin has almost obliterated PP 595; SD 348

sin has marred GW 80

Spirit reproduces, in disciple of Christ DA 391

traces of, dimly remain on every soul MH 163

true object of education is to restore PP 595

2. Miscellaneous

education that traces, on mind and soul FE 442

enemy rejoices over his success in effacing, from minds of God’s people FE 499

is to be reproduced in humanity DA 671

man alone is formed in SD 7

man was created in MH 163, 415; PP 44-5, 595; 8T 264

in form and feature GC 645

physically and spiritually Ed 20

man was originally happy in bearing PP 45

man was to bear, in both outward resemblance and character PP 45

moral, restored in man through Christ SD 11

perfect, after resurrection the righteous will reflect GC 645

traced on man’s mind and soul by receiving principles of His law in heart DA 69