Christian Service


Unwarranted Excuses

When Jesus went away, He left to every man his work, and “nothing to do” is an unwarrantable excuse. “Nothing to do” is the reason of trial among the brethren; for Satan will fill the minds of idlers with his own plans, and set them to work.... “Nothing to do” brings evil testimony against the brethren, and dissension into the church of Christ. Jesus says, “He that gathereth not with Me scattereth abroad.”—The Review and Herald, March 13, 1888. ChS 108.1

Brethren and sisters, many of you excuse yourselves from labor, on the plea of inability to work for others. But did God make you so incapable? Was not this inability produced by your own inactivity, and perpetuated by your own deliberate choice? Did not God give you at least one talent to improve, not for your own convenience and gratification, but for Him? Have you realized your obligation, as His hired servant, to bring a revenue to Him by the wise and skillful use of this intrusted capital? Have you not neglected opportunities to improve your powers to this end? It is too true that few have felt any real sense of their responsibility to God.—Testimonies for the Church 5:457. ChS 108.2

Many have the idea that if their life is a working, business life, they can do nothing for the salvation of souls, nothing to advance the cause of their Redeemer. They say they cannot do things by the halves, and therefore turn from religious duties and religious exercises, and bury themselves up in the world. They make their business primary, and forget God, and He is displeased with them. If any are engaged in business where they cannot advance in the divine life and perfect holiness in the fear of God, they should change to a business in which they can have Jesus with them every hour.—Testimonies for the Church 2:233, 234. ChS 108.3