EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Heavenly host - Higher classes

Heavenly host

See Angels


looking to Jesus helps believer have TDG 88:3

matures amidst disappointment UL 102:4


Heavens, above desert of Judea, bright and beautiful DA 102

beauties of, Christ’s lessons associated with 2T 580

linked with words of truth SC 85

book of study for youth 3BC 1144

declare God’s glory 5T 312

departing of, as scroll at second advent DA 780; EW 287; GC 334, 641

fearful sights of supernatural character soon will be revealed in GC 624

garnished with orbs of light SL 16

gather blackness when God’s people are delivered 1T 354

glory(s) of: in night season SL 73

invite men to become acquainted with God SC 85

now stand afar through telescope Ed 303

glory spread out in, point children to CG 48

God could have written truth upon 3T 390

God has filled, with beauty CT 185

God’s handiwork seen in MH 419; 8T 265

open and shut at God’s voice EW 34; GC 636-7

powers of See Powers of heaven

still declare God’s glory CT 414

tinted and gilded by setting sun, Christ drew lessons from 2T 580

wonders of, God calls upon men to see Him in CT 456

See also Firmament; Sky


rolled together when Christ comes FW 117:0

Heavenly body, Heavenly bodies

Heavenly body, Heavenly bodies, made for man’s benefit 4BC 1145

worthy of contemplation 4BC 1145; SD 110

See also Moon; Planet; Star; Sun

Heavenly intelligences

Heavenly intelligences See Intelligences, heavenly


Heavenly-minded, not natural for man to be 5T 520

Heaven of heavens

Heaven of heavens, Christ officiates as priest and advocate in DA 757

God rules as king in 1T 510


Hebrew See Israelite; Jew

Hebrew boy

Hebrew boy, called “son of God” and “son of the law” on completing his twelfth year DA 75

special privileges of, on completing his twelfth year DA 75

Hebrew language

Hebrew language, cultivated as world’s most sacred tongue FE 97

cultivated in schools of prophets FE 96-7

inscription in, placed on Christ’s cross DA 745

intermarriage of Israelites with heathen corrupted PK 661-2

majority of Jewish converts spoke SR 259

Paul could speak AA 408-9

speaking in, commanded respect of Jews AA 408-9


See Israel

Hebrews, Epistle to

Hebrews, Epistle to, Paul wrote GC 347, 411-3, 415, 420, 512; PP 357; SD 24; 1T 679; 5T 651; 8T 79-80

written by: apostle 4T 618; 8T 115

inspired apostle 6T 342

written to Hebrew brethren 2T 623

Hebrew writing, Hebrew writings

Hebrew writing, Hebrew writings, Israelite youth taught to read DA 69; Ed 47; FE 442


Hebron, Abraham lived at DA 290-1; PP 133, 207, 511

Absalom started revolt at PP 730-1

burial place of patriarchs PP 511, 697

Caleb’s possession Ed 149; PP 511-2, 697

cave of Machpelah was at PP 511, 697

chief city of Judah when David began to reign PP 697

countryside around, described PP 133, 697

David’s coronation at PP 697, 701-3

Isaac lived at PP 207, 511

Jacob lived at PP 207, 511

Kirjath-arba the original name of PP 697

location of PP 206, 210, 697, 703, 731

Mamre as former name of PP 697

oaks of Mamre were at PP 133

Rachel died near PP 206-7

seat of dreaded Anakim PP 511-2

See also Machpelah, cave of


Hedge, about children, by prayer parents should make CT 110; ML 31; 1T 398; 7T 42-3

about God’s people, Decalogue is 3BC 1143; CT 454

God’s law as, about Israel COL 287-8; PK 18

about man for his protection DA 596; Ed 76-7; SD 63, 66


Hedged, on every side, what God’s people are to do when PK 595


Heedlessness, children’s habits of 3T 532

Heifer, red

Heifer, red: color of, symbol of blood 4T 120

sacrifice of 4T 120-3

for purification from ceremonial defilement 4T 120

was occasional sacrifice 4T 120

typified Christ 4T 120

Height, Heights

Height, Heights, men cannot stand on lofty, without danger MM 36

not realized hitherto, by proper culture man may reach TM 195

student who may aspire to any, of attainment MH 465

youth balanced by religious principle may climb to any FE 83

youth climbing to MYP 45-6

youth may reach, that seem impossible ML 268

Heir, Heirs

Heir, Heirs, all who believe on Christ are adopted as His 1SM 138


“Hell,” in Psalm 16:9, 10 and Acts 2:27, 31 means “grave” AA 227; SR 245

Heirs of salvation

See Salvation, heirs of


Hell, doctrine of eternally burning, is heresy EW 218-22; GC 536

injustice done to God’s character by 1T 344; 5T 444

is false Ev 365; TM 61; GC 536

leads to dethronement of reason CT 27-8

makes God appear as a tyrant EW 219; GC 534-5; LS 29-31; 1T 344-5

many people driven to insanity by GC 545; 1T 25-6; 5T 444

not found in God’s word GC 535; LS 49

opposed to Bible teachings GC 545

origin of CT 27-8; EW 218-9; FE 176; SR 333

part of wine of Babylon GC 536

received from Roman Church GC 536

repugnant GC 535, 537

Satan the author of EW 218-9; GC 534-7

skeptics and infidels made by CT 27-8; EW 219-20; FE 176; GC 536, 587

thousands turned to universalism, infidelity, and atheism by 1T 344-5

eternally burning: horrifying thought of 1T 24-6

no proof for 1T 39

perplexity re LS 29-31, 49; 1T 39-40

popular concept of 1T 24-6

result of popular error of EW 219-20

sin would be perpetuated by GC 536

theory of, false doctrine GC 536

there will be no GC 673; SR 430

there will be no wretched beings in an GC 545

wicked do not go to GC 535, 545

path to, strewn with tempting flowers 2T 287

power of, has been overcome COL 418

to shun, and heaven to win CD 328; CT 414; DA 636; 1SM 96

See also Death; Punishment; Torment


many make, here for themselves and those they might bless OHC 229:4

path to, made attractive Con 86

See also Perdition

Hellish plottings

Hellish plottings, Satan’s, work for escape of souls from 6T 462

Hellish practice

Hellish practice, self-abuse is 2T 402-3


Helm, Christ stands at 2SM 214

God is at 7T 236

acknowledge that, at all times 6T 396

remember that, when sorely tried and tempest tossed AA 575; 4T 525


Help, God helps those who, themselves CD 35; 4T 339

Help, Helps

Help, Helps, Christ helped such as needed 2T 75

Christ knows, that we need TM 486

Christ will send, just when we need it GC 633

Christ’s promise of, for time of need DA 336

divine: held in reserve for all who demand it ML 19

is nearest in moment of greatest discouragement DA 528

must be combined with human effort, aspiration, and energy ML 19

needed to obtain mastery over self 5T 109-110

person who feels most deeply his need of, will plead for it DA 436

do not look to humanity for, when perplexed COL 146

for tomorrow, God does not bestow DA 313

give, to the lame and halting TM 468

go to Christ for, when tempted AH 343

God has made provision for, which He alone can bestow LS 246

God honors persons who come to Him for TM 485

God is able and willing to bestow, we need MH 482

human, is feeble TM 485

in daily living MH 469-82

ministers can find, in prayer TM 485

no assurance of, given to palsied man by Christ MH 84

persons most in need of, God would have us help 2T 74-5

persons with whom we associate day by day need our PK 348

personal, many people need PK 171

quiet trust in God will find, in time of need 3T 292

that Christ had in conflict with Satan, we may have 9T 22; TM 386

young women should be educated to be 2T 459

See also Aid


acquaintances sought with those needing HP 320:3

asking required to receive, from God OHC 129:3

believe that God will send, every time we need it HP 118:4

calls for, heard by Ellen White; she gave to work in Australia PM 235:3

channels of Christ’s love to those needing HP 287:5

Christ stoops from throne to give, to needy soul who asks TMK 260:5

come to the front and show colors in giving TMK 332:2

desire for, when studying the Word of God OHC 36:5


for every climber OHC 27:5

Peter would not have been sifted if looking for TDG 260:6

financial, for unworthy relative TSB 71:4

given by God when asked for HP 24:4


planned for, in opposing Satan TDG 209:3

wants us to ask for UL 107:4

God who holds all in His hands provides our OHC 265:3

grace needed for giving UL 123:3

happiness from giving, to others OHC 164:4

Heaven has a never-failing supply of OHC 117:4; RC 197:6

Holy Spirit works in soul that seeks TMK 236:4

human, point beyond which, cannot avail OHC 362:3

in Christ RC 21:5

light of heaven falls on those seeking UL 107:6

look above earthly, or apostles to Christ TDG 289:6

need of, not always felt UL 269:3

people needing, may not come to you HP 320:3


if we will accept it LHU 176:3

those who seek God with the whole heart OHC 107:4


by soul feeling need HP 89:4

from worldly people for advancing God’s cause CC 263:4

safety in looking to God for, at any time TDG 199:2


provided if we take hold of it OHC 310:4

trust less to humans and more to Christ for RC 82:2

to wear the yoke of Christ TMK 63:3


as you ask God for help HP 275:3

necessary for all who would be blessed UL 132:4

Helper, Helpers

Helper, Helpers, all-powerful, youth have MYP 95

believe that God is your SC 55

God’s hand, human agencies called to be ML 305

Satan’s right-hand, accusers of brethren are GC 519-20

strong, Christians have in God PK 576


Helpfulness, acts of, important in miss. work MH 145

many people having no faith in God appreciate CH 388; WM 131

how to teach children lessons of CT 145-9

parents should train children in CG 119-21

lesson of, child should be taught early MH 401

ways in which teacher can encourage students to Ed 213


spirit of, salt without savor unless we show TDG 201:5

Helping hand, Helping hands

Helping hand, Helping hands, Christ purposes to use human beings as AA 478

Christ reaches, to sinner DA 462

Christ’s, God’s people are WM 118

God needs human agencies as 1SM 99

God’s: be to the blind WM 239

be to the unfortunate WM 239

Christians live in this world to be 1SM 98

colporteurs as CM 20

how to be ML 243

men as 6T 465

nurses as CH 387

persons doing miss. work are WM 109

possessors of property and land will be used as 1SM 128

privilege of being 1SM 99

hold out, to victims of intemperance MH 172

honor must be given also to WM 123

many souls would never recover themselves without MH 169

poor people need WM 171


Helpless, man is, without God 8T 64-5

Helpless condition

Helpless condition, man’s utterly, makes necessary Christ’s redeeming power MH 65


Helplessness, charity should not encourage 6T 278

Christ invites men to come to Him in their 1SM 351

come to Christ in your, and be saved PP 431

lean upon God in your 2SM 315



must be trusted in LHU 280:3

was ready to help those with greatest OHC 236:5

conversion joins, to God’s enduring might HP 248:4

falling on Christ in, for victory TMK 304:3

feeling of,

by soul relying on Christ TMK 253:2

Holy Spirit is ours when we have TMK 171:4

need to understand, but do not be discouraged 3SM 149:4

overcoming by faith that recognizes TMK 166:5

praise God instead of bemoaning HP 116:4

sheep of Christ with, objects of His care TMK 51:3

sinners come when conscious of, and feeling need TDG 370:5

Helpless person, Helpless persons

Helpless person, Helpless persons, Christ did not shun 2T 75

Christ will help 2T 99

how to begin to do something for the 2T 29

need of helping MH 201

placed among Christians to test them MH 205

pray for and with, whose appetites are degraded 6T 84

Helpless soul

Helpless soul, hang your, upon Christ 4T 568

Helpless unworthiness

Helpless unworthiness, souls should cast themselves in their, on Christ’s mercy MH 66

Help work, Christian

Help work, Christian, Christ is always present when His people do 6T 267

church members should do 6T 295

does more than sermons Ev 400; WM 274

one means of helping church to become pure, sanctified, and working people is 6T 266-7

persons feeling burden of, are not content to be theoretical believers 6T 299

See also Welfare

Hemingway, Bro.

Hemingway, Bro. 1T 658

Hemorrhage, Hemorrhages

Hemorrhage, Hemorrhages, of lungs, Robert Harmon, Jr., suffered 2SG 163-4

See also Bleeding

Hen, Hens

Hen, Hens, well cared for and suitably fed, eggs may be used from CD 204-5; MM 287; 2T 712

Henry IV

Henry IV, emperor of Germany, Gregory VII humiliated GC 57-8

Herald of Health

Herald of Health CW 128-9

Herb, Herbs

Herb, Herbs, Adam’s diet included, after his fall MH 296

bitter, eaten with Passover supper PP 278

from China, abstain from CH 441; 2SM 301; Te 82

God causes to grow, for man’s use MM 230; 2SM 297

harmless, treating apparently serious sickness by use of 2SM 291

learn to make right use of MM 230-1

nature of, need to understand 2SM 297-8

noxious, are of Satan’s sowing 1BC 1086; 2SM 288

poisonous, sprang up after Adam sinned 1BC 1086; 2SM 288

simple garden, Jews exacted tithe of SD 55

simple, nurses should learn to treat the sick by use of 2SM 295

treatment of the sick by use of MM 230-1; 2SG 104-5; 2SM 279, 288-9, 291, 294, 297-8

useful and ornamental, grew in Eden 3T 77

Herb drink

Herb drink, EGW used 2SM 302

Herd, Herds

Herd, Herds, God is proprietor of AA 337

God’s curse upon CD 412

no safety soon in possession of CD 414

See also Cattle


Herdsman(men), Amos was MH 148

of Abraham and Lot, quarreling between PP 132


Hereafter, blessed, by faith behold PK 731-2

dull fear of, millions of human beings have only DA 478

look to, by faith 5T 706

promises of God re SC 112-3

we shall know in, many things we do not know now 1SM 184

what we do not know now will be revealed in 5T 301

See also Future; Life; World to come

Hereditary curse

Hereditary curse, of drunkard’s thirst, children often have MH 331

Hereditary defect, Herediatry defects

Hereditary defect, Herediatry defects, characters that reveal COL 48

Hereditary disease

Hereditary disease, deterioration of race by 2SM 423

Hereditary effect, Hereditary effects

Hereditary effect, Hereditary effects, of bad eating by many generations Te 174

of indulgence of appetite CH 112

of intemperance 4T 30-1; Te 170, 174

of parents’ sins upon children FE 140-1

of use of: alcoholic liquors Te 38, 66

poisonous drugs Te 85

tobacco Te 66

of violating laws of life Te 56

of violating physical law, on future generations Te 174

Hereditary evil, Hereditary evils

Hereditary evil, Hereditary evils, passed down from one generation to another Te 56

Hereditary habit, Hereditary habits

Hereditary habit, Hereditary habits, Christian should not be enslaved by TM 421

Hereditary idea, Hereditary ideas

Hereditary idea, Hereditary ideas, lay, at door of investigation COL 112

Hereditary imperfection, Hereditary imperfections

Hereditary imperfection, Hereditary imperfections, soul is purified by faith from 6T 238

Hereditary piety

Hereditary piety, Paul relied on, before conversion 1SM 346

Hereditary tendency, Hereditary tendencies

Hereditary tendency, Hereditary tendencies, to evil See Tendency, hereditary

Hereditary trait, Hereditary traits

Hereditary trait, Hereditary traits See Character

Hereditary trust, Hereditary trusts

Hereditary trust, Hereditary trusts, gather up, to meet present urgent emergency 6T 437

Hereditary weakness

Hereditary weakness, Satan takes advantage of men’s DA 122


Heredity, children receive by: appetite for stimulants 5T 356

corrupt passions 2T 351-2

disease 3T 140-1; 4T 30

mother’s appetites Te 292

perverted habits 3T 140-1

quick temper 2T 74

unnatural cravings and sensual impulses MH 173

wrong tastes, habits, and tempers 5T 325

wrong traits of character 5T 419

intemperance and, relation between CH 49; MH 328; PP 561; 2T 351-2

laws of, Christ’s birth and See Christ

parents need to be acquainted with Ed 276

power of, in dealing with sinners consider MH 168

See also Tendency


admittance to Christ’s kingdom not determined by AG 52:2

grace is not by; sons do not need to be like fathers TSB 45:2

Heresy, Heresies

Heresy, Heresies, abounding in near future, SDA children must meet CSW 35-6

all manner of, misleading minds 5T 158

alpha of deadly, Living Temple contained 1SM 200

archbishop of St. Louis declared, to be crime GC 565

be careful as to what we pronounce to be TM 294-5

bewitching power in 5T 142

calling other men’s ideas, caution re TM 294-5

chaff separated from wheat by 5T 707

charge of, preachers of truth often meet GC 458-9

Christ’s words sounded to Pharisees like DA 307

Christianity persecuted as, by Jews AA 113

church converted into Babylon by 2SM 68

church imperiled by: in apostolic times AA 553-4; GC 396

in Galatia AA 383

in John’s time SL 64

in Paul’s time GC 396

church members refusing to give up, disfellowship 1T 117

church must meet 4T 594

re Christ’s ministry in heavenly sanctuary 1SM 208

re three angels’ messages 1SM 208

damnable: professed Christians in apostolic times brought in SL 62

persons who will be left to accept GC 523

received as truth 5T 140

spiritualists bring in 3T 485

dangerous: class of people who cling to 1SM 72

presented as Bible doctrines Ev 590-1

spirits of devils will declare SR 398

defiling, Sabbath truth must not be mixed with 5T 140

deluge of, God’s word held uncorrupted amid 4T 594

doctrine of eternal torment of the wicked is GC 58, 536; SR 333

doctrine of nonresurrection of the wicked is 1T 412, 418

doctrine of purgatory is GC 58-9; SR 333

doctrine of religious freedom regarded as, by apostate Christians GC 45

erroneous doctrine that church has right to define and punish GC 293

erroneous idea re how to prevent COL 110

every phase of, brought to bear upon God’s people 1SM 208

explanations that have brought in COL 110-1

faith of all will be tested by MM 87

false and satanic, exalt Sunday and trample on Sabbath TM 62

false prophets will bring in 2SM 393

features of, garments of truth stolen to hide Ev 358

foolish, presented as truth in apostolic times 7BC 917; 1SM 162

God’s people will be sifted by 5T 707

guard church against AA 506

heaven-insulting, papal mass is GC 59; SR 334

heterogeneous mass of, brought in 2SM 15

high carnival held by, in deceived hearts SD 332

history of, will be repeated 7BC 917-8

how to prepare God’s people to withstand Ev 365

J. M. Garmire’s 2SM 83

J. M. Stephenson’s, in 1858 2SG 273

John unflinchingly met SL 64-5

last-day: age-to-come theory is one of 1T 412

multitudinous COL 414; PK 717

truth is to stand out plainly amid 8T 153

light must not be mingled with, in SDA college textbooks FE 167

little companies continually rise to advocate 1T 417-8

love of truth crowded out by GC 396

Massachusetts Bay Colony magistrates authorized to suppress GC 293

ministers will be called to rebuke Ev 368-72

most dangerous, spirits of devils will teach GC 560

multitudinous, Satan’s working plainly revealed by COL 414; PK 717

omega of deadly, will follow 1SM 200

Paul met, in Corinthian church AA 319-21

re Christ’s resurrection AA 319-20

Paul was charged with, by Jews before Nero AA 494

Peter warned church against AA 587

popular, Bible is falsely charged as source of EW 219-20

Protestants falsely charged with GC 51

Satan prepares, to suit varied tastes and capacities GC 520

satanic, fanatics introduce 2SM 27

seditious, John was accused of AA 569

sound doctrine denounced as, by ministers and men of learning GC 389

spiritualists seek publicity for their 3T 485

spurious visions used by Satan to bring in 2SM 74

taught under guise of wonderful light 2SM 79

warning against efforts to bring in 6BC 1064

will arise on all sides Ev 365

wine of Babylon consists of 2SM 68

world taken captive by 7BC 985


demon of, resolved to possess the world UL 275:4

Ellen White,

shown coming,

condition of church 3SM 114:3

Great Controversy needed 3SM 414

writings not seen by her as ever containing 3SM 52:2

popular, Word of God subverted to suit UL 35:5

supported by statements of Ellen White, grows to strong plants TDG 126:3

world clothed in rebellion by TDG 131:2

Heretic, Heretics

Heretic, Heretics, be careful about calling a brother a CW 50

how to deal with AA 554-5

incorrigible, disfellowship 1T 117

papacy offered incentives to destroy GC 77

papal doctrine that faith ought not to be kept with GC 107

pictures of Roman Catholics burning, must be kept out of SDA books CW 172

Roman Catholic disregard for safe conduct given to GC 153-4

Roman Catholic prelates under oath to persecute and oppose GC 565

Roman Church pronounces, persons not agreeing with her FE 308

supposed, church misrepresented God in dealing with COL 74

true Christians branded as, during Dark Ages SR 335

weapons used in all ages to silence DA 715


Heritage, God’s: do not seek power to lord it over TM 280, 361-2

it is natural for some men to lord it over TM 223

lording it over, creates disgust and insubordination TM 361

men in position should not lord it over TM 301

no commission given to lord it over TM 349

of God’s people, not in this world PP 169

See also Inheritance


blood bought, believers love Christ realizing they are HP 7:3

Hermit, Hermits

Hermit, Hermits, Enoch did not become GW 51; PP 85; 8T 329

God does not intend that His people should be SC 101

Hermit’s cell

Hermit’s cell, Christ did not seclude Himself in DA 86


Hermogenes, Paul forsaken by AA 490

Hermon, Mt.

Hermon, Mt. PP 471

Hero, Heroes

Hero, Heroes, Christian, God’s people need ardor of 8T 45

courage of: foreign missionary must have GW 469

God’s people need 5T 187

needed to resist evil MH 498; 5T 404

deified spirits of, heathen gods regarded as PP 684

fallen, close up the ranks after LS 254

God’s, Christian who stands unmoved amid storm of abuse is ML 70; MYP 134; 4T 348

moral, God has had His PK 148; 5T 527

God now has, not ashamed to be His peculiar people PK 148; 5T 527

moral, living in self-denial today RC 346:6

of the faith: apostles as TM 67

bright future before 4T 526

Christ’s disciples as AA 77

enrolled in records of heaven 4T 526

heirs to rich inheritance GW 18; 4T 526

persons named as Ed 158, 254-5

unknown and unacknowledged by world 4T 526

true, persons who are 4T 656

Herod Agrippa I

Herod Agrippa I AA 143-6, 149-52; EW 185-6; SR 292-300

acquainted with God’s law AA 151; SR 299

aided Jews in persecuting Christians AA 143, 151; SR 292

angel slew, at Caesarea AA 150-2; EW 186; SR 298-300

appeared zealous for ceremonies of Jewish law AA 143

beheaded James, brother of John AA 143, 151; 6BC 1067; EW 185-6; SR 292

father of Herod Agrippa II 6BC 1067

oration of, at Caesarea AA 150-1; SR 298-9

Peter imprisoned by AA 143-51; 6BC 1061; EW 186; SR 292-7

professedly a proselyte to Jewish faith AA 143; SR 292

tetrarch of Galilee under Claudius AA 143; SR 292

Herod Agrippa II

Herod Agrippa II AA 433-8

believed Paul was innocent AA 453

Christ’s proffered mercy put aside by AA 438; GC 164

convicted of truth Ed 67

corrupt in heart and life AA 434

did not share Pharisees’ bigotry and prejudice AA 438

great-grandson of Herod I (Great) 6BC 1067

guilty of grievous crimes AA 438

Herod Antipas was great-uncle of 6BC 1067

Paul’s defense before AA 433-8; 6BC 1066-7; Ed 67; SR 313

possessed power, position, and favor of world AA 434

son of Herod Agrippa I 6BC 1067

was a Jew AA 438

Herod Antipas

Herod Antipas DA 214-25, 728-31; EW 172-4; GW 55-6

adultery of, John the Baptist rebuked DA 214-5; PK 141; 2SM 151

believed in resurrection of the dead EW 173

believed John the Baptist was prophet DA 220

birthday festivities of CT 340; DA 221-2; Te 49-52; TM 84-5

birthday guests of, had heard John the Baptist preach DA 221

Christ was sent by Pilate to DA 728

Christ’s noble and Godlike bearing troubled EW 172

Christ’s trial before DA 728-31, 742; GC 643, 667; SR 423; TM 132, 139

comparatively ignorant of Christ DA 737

cowardly and cruel GC 667; SR 423

dared not ratify condemnation of Christ DA 731

David’s moral courage lacking in 5BC 1094

degraded by licentious life DA 730

denounced Christ as impostor DA 730-1

dominion of, extended over territory east of Jordan DA 214

effects of John the Baptist’s preaching on DA 214

effects of reports of Christ’s work upon DA 223

great-uncle of Herod Agrippa II 6BC 1067

heard John the Baptist’s message in his palace 8T 332

in constant fear of revolution against him DA 360

in Jerusalem when Christ died DA 728

jeered at Christ’s royal title GC 643

John the Baptist advised, not to marry Herodias EW 154; 2SM 149-50

John the Baptist beheaded by AA 143; 5BC 1094; 6BC 1067; DA 221-2, 728-30; EW 154, 173; MH 56; SR 292; Te 49-52

John the Baptist imprisoned by DA 214, 220-5; EW 154; MH 34; PK 141

in fortress DA 214

listened to John the Baptist’s preaching EW 154

luxurious food and wine loved by Te 49

married Herodias, his brother’s wife EW 154

Pilate and, became friends in rejecting Christ DA 728; TM 267

proud and sin-hardened 6BC 1067; EW 173; GW 55; 8T 332

raised in resurrection of the wicked GC 667

reformed his dissolute life in many ways Te 49

remorse tormented, after John the Baptist’s death DA 222-3

reports of apostles’ first miss. tour received by DA 360

Satan imbued, with same fears he himself felt Con 27:2

saw Christ in His humanity AA 452

territory of, much of John the Baptist’s ministry was in DA 214

tetrarch of Galilee DA 728, 731

trembled at call to repentance GW 55; 8T 332

unpardonable sin committed by DA 731

will witness second advent GC 643

Herod I (Great)

Herod I (Great), babes of Bethlehem slain by 5BC 1077; 6BC 1066-7; DA 65-6, 80; GC 667; SR 424

one of his last acts of cruelty DA 66

Caesarea made a splendid city by 6BC 1066

countless murders stained way of, to throne DA 61

death of, fearful DA 66

great-grandfather of Herod Agrippa II 6BC 1067

inquired where Christ would be born DA 61-2

Jews hated DA 61

Rome’s favor was only security of DA 61

Satan moved, to try to slay Christ GC 438

temple embellished by GC 24-5

throne usurped by DA 62

wily Edomite DA 61

wise men’s interview with DA 61-2


Herodians, Pharisees and: bitter enemies DA 601; 1SM 71

united to destroy Christ 1SM 71

united to oppose Christ DA 601

Pharisees tried to arouse, against Christ DA 538

Scribes hated 1SM 71


Herodias, DA 214-5, 221-3; 2SM 149, 151; Te 49-52

acquainted with weaknesses of Herod Antipas Te 49-50

debased with crime and passion Te 50

exultation of, over John the Baptist’s death DA 222

hatred of, for John the Baptist DA 214; GW 149; PK 141; Te 49-52

Herod Antipas rebuked by John the Baptist for marriage with DA 214-5; GW 149; 2SM 151

John the Baptist’s death caused by DA 214, 221-2, 730; EW 154; GC 667; GW 149; SR 424; Te 51-2

John the Baptist’s imprisonment instigated by DA 214, 220-1

name of, notorious and abhorred DA 222

raised in resurrection of the wicked GC 667

wife of: brother of Herod Antipas DA 124; PK 141

Herod Antipas DA 214; EW 154

strategy of, to secure John the Baptist’s death DA 221-2; Te 49-51

vile paramour of Herod Antipas DA 215


Herods, exploits of, contemplating and glorifying MYP 256


Heroic, gospel workers should be 1SM 88

Heroic purpose

Heroic purpose, future crisis will require, to stand true to God AA 431; GW 264

Heroic soul, Heroic souls

Heroic soul, Heroic souls, will win imperishable crown MM 257


Heroism, Christian, youth need ML 70

church leaders’, in time past AA 598

domineering is not 4T 569

illustrious examples of, Shadrach and companions as ML 68

in reforms does not require rude and condemnatory spirit 6T 151

noble: how to develop SD 204

how to grow into 5T 345

men grow into, by conquering self MH 487


spirit of, disappointments overcome by RC 163:3


Heshbon, Israel conquered PP 434


Hesitancy, fatal, when Sodom was destroyed PP 160

more disastrous than rashness at times 3T 498

too great, much lost in God’s cause by 3T 498

See also Delay; Indecision

Hesitating manner

Hesitating manner, away with 3T 498


Hesitation, delay and, gospel worker who needed to overcome habit of 3T 499

many good opportunities lost by Ev 647-8

doubt and, perplexity and wretchedness may result from 3T 497

Satan often given every advantage by 3T 498-500

Satan tempts men to displease God by PP 423

undue, by leaders in making decisions 3T 497

will keep things back 6T 192; TM 244

See also Delay; Indecision; Vacillation


time not to be lost in UL 25:5

walk firmly in Christ rather than with TMK 309:4


Heth, daughters of, Esau took two wives of PP 179

sons of, Abraham bought burying place from ML 192


Hewers, of wood, for temple service CM 16-7

Gibeonites were made PP 506

Hewett, David

Hewett, David 2SM 337; Te 255

Heylyn, Peter

Heylyn, Peter, cited GC 575


Hezekiah, Babylonian ambassadors sent to PK 340-8

belief of, re state of the dead GC 546; PK 343-4

blessed with riches and honor CS 139

came to throne determined to save Judah PK 331

determined to resist Assyrian invasion PK 351

failure of, to exalt God before Babylonian ambassadors PK 344-6

faith of, severely tried PK 347

forces of, rallied to resist Assyrian invasion PK 349

gratitude and devotion of, visit of Babylonian ambassadors tested PK 346

greatest reformer king since David PK 340-1

heart of, in all his work MYP 149

pride and vanity took possession of PK 344-5

idolatrous shrines removed by PK 337

Isaiah prophesied during reign of PK 333-4

Isaiah reproved, for failing to exalt God before ambassadors PK 346-7

Judah delivered from Assyrians in time of PK 349-66

Judah invaded by Assyrians in time of PK 349

lessons from failure of, to exalt God before heathen PK 347

life of, prolonged 15 years in answer to prayer CH 381-2; GC 546; MH 232; PK 340-2; 2SM 286-7, 300

man of opportunity in crisis PK 331

Micah prophesied during reign of PK 334

Passover celebrated in time of PK 335-8

people of northern kingdom invited to PK 288-91, 336-7

prayer of, for deliverance from Sennacherib’s armies PK 354-9

preparations of, for siege of Jerusalem by Assyrians PK 350-2

priests helped, to bring about needed reform PK 331-3

provided for daily public reading of book of law PK 392

reforms in temple service instituted by PK 288, 335

reformatory movement in time of PK 333-9

reign of PK 331-62, 381

began in third year of Hoshea’s reign PK 288

God exalted above heathen gods near close of PK 339

prosperity of PK 340, 347, 381, 392

series of remarkable providences characterized PK 339

reigned nearly a century before Josiah did PK 392

remorse of, for failing to exalt God before heathen PK 347

respected agreement made by Ahaz with Assyria PK 350

Sennacherib’s taunting letter spread out before God by PK 355

sickness of: figs used in healing CH 381-2; MH 232; PK 342

remedial agencies used in healing MH 232

healed in answer to prayer CH 381-2; PK 341-2

sign asked from heaven by PK 342

stricken suddenly with fatal malady PK 340

temple services restored by PK 331

tribute paid to Assyria by PK 350


praise to God neglected by CC 241:5

Hiddekel River

Hiddekel River, of Shinar 4BC 1166; TM 113

Hidden treasure

Hidden treasure, parable of See Parable


business of Christian needs no 2MCP 438:0; TDG 337:2

sinners rush from place to place looking for TMK 356:3

Hiding place

Hiding place, Christ is our 2SM 316


Hiel, Bethelite, rebuilt Jericho PK 230

High places

repentance of Solomon did not efface TSB 192:0

Higher classes

Higher classes, appeal that many persons among, would not reject MH 211

call attention of, to principles of temperance 6T 256

Christ worked ingeniously to reach 6T 79

converts among, will help to win others MH 216

will work for others of same standing Ev 554

do not forget to minister to 7T 58

doors of opportunity to work for, opened to miss. physicians and nurses CH 35

earnest and humble workers needed to take truth to AA 140; 6T 80-2

endeavor to reach, as well as lower CT 548

evangelize TM 400

God desires His people to arouse Ev 148

God seeks souls among AA 139; MH 209

gospel work for AA 241-2; COL 229-32; Ev 552-4; MH 209-16; MM 312; 5T 580-1; 6T 77-83

angels accompany persons doing 6T 81

angels aid in MH 215

erroneous idea re Ev 541; MH 213-4; MM 160

faith and courage needed in Ev 556

greater effort needed in Ev 555

in San Francisco, Calif. 7T 111

maintain true dignity in MH 215; 6T 81

method of doing MH 213-5

simplicity needed in MH 214

some people especially fitted for MH 213; 6T 81

how to effectually reach MH 214

many persons among: whom God desires to connect with His church MH 209

whom God desires to connect with His work AA 139-40

will be converted 6T 82-3

would recognize and accept temperance principles MH 211

med. missionaries must seek patiently to reach MM 241

men among, propriety of receiving donations from TM 197-8; WM 278-9

will be converted if we work faithfully and bravely MH 216

men in positions of trust among, should be solicited to help God’s cause 7T 112

men of ability among, will be won to God’s cause 7T 112

methods for reaching, devise Ev 553

miss. work for, personal effort needed in MH 213

mistakes made by not seeking to reach 5T 580

moral courage needed by, to stand for Christ AA 139; MH 209; 6T 79

opportunities for presenting truth to, improve AA 242

personal effort needed to reach 6T 79

persons laboring among, promises for 6T 82-3

physicians of special ability should seek to reach 7T 111

physicians should endeavor to reach 7T 111

reach, and you will not fail to reach lower classes Ev 553

reach first the, if possible Ev 553

seldom addressed personally re their soul’s interests COL 230

some people among, will accept message of truth AA 242

will give means for benefit of the poor MH 216

special efforts needed to reach AA 139-40; MH 209-10; 6T 79

strangely neglected by med. miss. workers 7T 112

strangely passed by Ev 546

temperance pledge should be presented to 7T 58

truth must be presented intelligently to Ev 556

worldly policy is not God’s way of reaching MH 214

See also Great man; Leader; Learned man; Wealthy persons