EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Harris, Wm. and Mrs. - Health

Harris, Wm. and Mrs.

Harris, Wm. and Mrs. LS 113, 136-8; 2SG 100, 161; 4T 301

Harrison, Sister

Harrison, Sister 2T 16


Harrow, use of, youth at Australian school learned TM 244


Harsh, anything, is not of Christ TM 156

danger of becoming, in nature CG 212

gospel workers who feel at liberty to be TM 290

minister who is, does work of enemy TM 150

teachers without Christ’s love will be CT 269

See also Severe

Harsh action

Harsh action, injudicious and, stirs worst passion in child’s heart CT 117

Harsh command

Harsh command, speak no ML 111

Harsh dealing

Harsh dealing, minister given to 2T 221

youth not helped by, to see his errors or reform CSW 172

Harsh expression, Harsh expressions

Harsh expression, Harsh expressions, do not meet opposition with 9T 239

do not speak, to children CT 116

grieve God GW 163

restrain all Ev 564

Harsh force

Harsh force, do not use, in carrying out reforms AH 312

Harsh judgment

Harsh judgment, remedy for 4T 559


Harshly, pastor needed who will not deal, with people AA 526

Harsh man

Harsh man, stubborn and loveless, God will not work with Ev 629

Harsh manner

Harsh manner, many souls purchased with Christ’s blood have been treated with TM 224

Harsh measure, Harsh measures

Harsh measure, Harsh measures, do not discipline children by CG 83


Harshness, arbitrary restraint and, develop obstinacy and defiance in children Ed 279

attribute of Satan FE 278

avoid, in teaching children AH 438

bring no particle of, into discipline MM 180

child training does not require CG 205

children’s hearts weaned from parents by 4T 362-3

Christ excluded from church by 5T 342

Christ grieved by 9T 243

Christianity made repulsive by 4T 547

cuts off the erring from faith and hope TM 185-6

destroys love of assembling together 5T 608

develops spirit of obstinacy and defiance in youth CT 264

disordered stomach often causes MH 310

disposition to judge and condemn is fostered by 5T 342

do not meet brethren with, who do not act as you wish GW 164

do not resort to, in correcting children CG 151

drives people from truth 5T 608

drives souls into Satan’s net AH 308; CT 114

faithful pastor will not manifest Ev 116

fosters hatred of persons who do not see things as you do 5T 342

injudicious, souls pushed out of fold by 3T 109

leaders should avoid, in dealing with others TM 224

let not: be heard in minister’s voice Ev 298

come into your gestures GW 163

come into your teaching 5T 590

come into your utterances GW 163

manifest no, toward soul to whom Christ is drawn DA 438

mild measures, soft answers, and pleasant words are better than 4T 65

ministers must shun Ev 281

ministers should not manifest TM 150

ministers’, is deplorable TM 151

never cause children pain by CT 114

never employ, against opponents 9T 240

never manifest AH 434

never raise voice to AH 436

never wins souls 6T 134

not needed to secure children’s obedience AH 308

of speech never brings blessing GW 163-4

out of place in: God’s work TM 224

minister GW 144

parent’s duty when tempted to manifest CG 246

parents warned against, in dealing with children AH 308, 438; CG 151; 4T 362-3

parental, disgusts children CG 280

pricks like chestnut burs 5T 605

proceeds from Satan TM 156

results of, in home circle Ev 342

rid your voice of all WM 94

Satan’s course is one of TM 281

shun, in dealing with the erring TM 350-4

spirit of, not Christian principle 5T 650

spirit of dissension brought into church by 5T 342

subdue your GW 164; 4T 557

teachers are disqualified by 4T 420

teachers should never manifest CT 195, 197, 214; FE 263, 269

tenderness blended with firmness of purpose is needed instead of 3T 459

that is abominable to God 6BC 1101

toward souls whom God approves, is sin AA 504

true Christian does not manifest TM 185

unbecoming to Christian SD 290

weed, out of your conversation TM 225

See also Severity


absent in those walking with God TMK 198:2

angels grieved by; recognize experience of others PM 60:4

effort for freedom in God needed by one showing TSB 183:3

enemy not to be served by spirit of TDG 111:7

grace (theme of) is an antidote for TDG 297:5

message rejected because of 3SM 44:4

never show; refrain from frowns and contempt HP 296:3

spiritual help to be given without PM 73:1

turns souls from truth TMK 49:3


even with the unfaithful TDG 270:2

for office of publications PM 70:1

See also Frankness

Harsh spirit

Harsh spirit, children must not be treated with CSW 85

duty of man who indulges TM 262

grievous in God’s sight TM 186

never indulge 2SG 266

person of, should not occupy position of responsibility TM 261-2

showing, restrain CW 64

souls turned from truth by Ev 631; 3T 460

truth should not be taught in Ev 163-4

unforgiving and, worse than errors and mistakes of others TM 186

Harsh-spirited man

Harsh-spirited man, unrefined and coarse SD 100

Harsh thrust, Harsh thrusts

Harsh thrust, Harsh thrusts, practice of giving, must be repented of 9T 241

Harsh tone, Harsh tones

Harsh tone, Harsh tones, do not cultivate AH 435

grate upon ear CG 282

mental suffering caused by CG 282

never speak in CG 282

wear upon nerves CG 282

Harsh treatment

Harsh treatment, youth should not receive MM 180

Harsh word, Harsh words

Harsh word, Harsh words, ask God to help you not to speak AH 342-3

Christian cannot use 2SM 20

create disagreeable feelings and unhappiness in family AH 437

destroy respect for speaker AH 437

do not use 9T 244

God’s word does not authorize anyone to speak AH 437

habit of speaking SD 285

strengthens with indulgence AH 439

have sharp sting CG 147

let no, escape your lips CG 219

must be accounted for in judgment TM 224

never lose sting 3BC 1159

not of heavenly origin CG 246

person who speaks, silence is strongest rebuke for CG 551

provoke resistance CG 280

rankle in mind 3BC 1159

rasping, do not use CG 95

readers who love CW 66

responsible men should not use TM 357-8

sour temper and wound hearts of children 3T 532

spoken to children, grieve Christ 4T 398

true Christian cannot use 6BC 1111

wound and discourage the weak Ev 168


Hart, panting after water brooks, seek God as 1T 159, 161

Hart, Josiah

Hart, Josiah 1SM 53; 2SM 337; Te 255

Hartford, Conn.

Hartford, Conn. 2SG 106


Harvest, as was seed sown so will be CH 113; COL 84; 2T 31, 79, 300-1; 4T 117, 343, 366; 5T 119; WM 84

bears witness against slothful worker COL 84

bountiful, God’s gifts to man CS 65

character of man’s work is revealed by COL 84

Christ will come when last great, is ripe COL 69

destruction of ripening, Satan will cause famine by GC 590

divine Husbandman looks for Ed 106

each seed produces, of its kind COL 84

earth is ripe for 6T 389

end of probationary time is COL 72

end of world is COL 75

farmer should pay tithe of CS 46

feast of, Feast of Tabernacles as PP 541 See also Pentecost, Feast of

first gathering of, Israelites were required to pay ransom for 4T 467

gathered before Feast of Tabernacles PP 540

God alone can ripen TM 508

God does not propose that man gather, without work MM 230

God works miracle every day in production of DA 367

gospel, laborers needed to reap whitening 3T 407-8

grain, Christ at Jacob’s well four months before time for DA 191

great, do not sacrifice health and life because of ChS 249

is reproduction of seed sown Ed 109

Jacob reaped two, from his seed sowing Ed 147

labors of, ended before Feast of Tabernacles PK 37; PP 540

last great, recompense awaiting the faithful at AA 340

life’s, character is Ed 109; MB 90

limited and scattered, surface plowing means Ev 80

many people reap, of their evil sowing MH 352

mowed and raked, must be cared for Ev 443

multiplied by sowing COL 86-7

no, unless ground is properly prepared for seed FE 323

without seed sowing GW 26; 4T 286

of earth: Christ will come in glory to reap ripened COL 62-3, 69; GC 454

men will see result of their labor at reaping of CT 144

nearly ripe 1T 261

power promised to church for AA 56

special bestowal of grace promised for close of AA 55

of sin, God works no miracle to prevent PP 268-9

of souls: faithfulness in tithes and offerings would have resulted in greater CS 90

how to gather rich 6T 417

promised to ministers and laymen ChS 67

Satan is daily gathering 2T 655

of world, no likeness between good and evil in COL 74

of unprepared souls, Satan works through elements of nature to gather GC 589

omnipotent power works silently but effectually to produce DA 192

Pharaoh’s, from seeds of rebellion PP 268

pledge of great, from all nations tongues, and people DA 622

reaped from seed of unbelief and resistance 5T 120

reaped from seed sown by gospel workers now dead Ed 306

reveals kind of seed sown 1BC 1100

ripening, Satan will destroy GC 590

ripening of, latter rain given for GC 611; TM 506, 508

Midianites attacked Israel at PP 546

seed is multiplied in Ed 109

seeds of neglect produce PP 269

seeds of unbelief produce sure COL 84-5; 5T 120

seedtime and, follow in regular succession by God’s power MB 75

sentence of condemnation passed by, on unfaithful husbandman Ed 108

small, idle hands reap 2T 330

some believers cursed in, because of stinted offerings 1T 221

sower must wait for seed to germinate and develop for 8T 30

sowers of gospel seed may not always gather GW 409

spiritual, things that must be done in reaping Ev 443

sunshine and rain develop and ripen AA 337

time of reaping, sower’s hope of good returns in 8T 30

sinners will gather in, that which they have sown PP 558

vast, out of every nation, kindred, tongue, and people DA 623

wheat and tares grow together until COL 72, 123

working of God’s power in production of Ed 107

See also Crop; Reaping


certainty of, of Gal. 6:7 OHC 294:5

cooperation with God required for HP 331:3

depends on the seed UL 273:3

God calls attention to souls ready for RC 242:7

good or evil, from seeds we sow TMK 218:2

laws (natural) laws observed for TDG 276:3

parents’ bad example produced 1MCP 156:1

power of God for, not human wisdom VSS 323:2


from what is sown RC 300:4

requires cooperation of human and divine HP 157:4

sickles for, God makes us as RC 217:6

sow now to reap, with eternal joy RC 269:3


daily for, by words OHC 294:4

seeds for a like TMK 85:5

to sinful pleasure brings bitter TMK 236:3

spiritual, severity often needed to bring in TMK 281:3

Harvest, Feast of

Harvest, Feast of See Pentecost, Feast of

Harvest field, Harvest fields

Harvest field, Harvest fields, abundant work in, for all believers CT 48

Christ constantly feeds millions from earth’s Ed 108

corners of, left by Israelites for the poor 4T 467

God feeds millions daily from earth’s DA 367

lessons from Ed 105-10

whitening, call for volunteers to enter 8T 35

Harvest home

Harvest home, persons who will shout, in heaven CS 348


Harvesting of crops, things to be done in Ev 443

See also Reaping

Harvest Ingathering

Harvest Ingathering ChS 167-77; CS 189-91

blessings resulting from CS 190

church members should take part in CS 190

flow of funds into treasury has been increased by ChS 167; CS 190

for missions, has proved successful CS 190

literature for, use of ChS 169; CS 189-90

persons with special aptitude should do CS 189

among unbelievers in high places CS 189

plan of, EGW endorsed CS 191

Harvest Ingathering campaign

Harvest Ingathering campaign, acquaints people with progress of third angel’s message in heathen lands ChS 167

blessing brought to many people by ChS 167

flow of funds into treasury has been increased by ChS 167; CS 190

special miss. work with paper prepared for ChS 169; CS 189-90

Harvest season

Harvest season, Midianites invaded Israel during PP 546

See also Harvesttime

Harvest thanksgiving

Harvest thanksgiving, Feast of Tabernacles was DA 448


Harvesttime, busiest season of year 3SG 292-3

Sabbath is to be kept in 3SG 292-3

Haskell, S. N.

Haskell, S. N. CS 265; Ev 108, 111; LS 227-8, 236, 239-40; 2SM 38, 224, 226, 230-2, 376; 2T 16; 4T 277-8, 281-3, 298, 304, 609; 9T 65

article by, that should be reprinted CW 28

Bible studies conducted by Ev 470

Bible training school conducted by Ev 111

book of, on Daniel and Revelation TM 117

helped start med. work at Loma Linda, Calif. 9T 174

missionary in Australia Ev 336; 9T 174

seen in vision 9T 66-7


book by, did not fill need PM 313:4

suggestion of, about publishing books refused with tact PM 208:3

Haskell, Mrs. S. N.

Haskell, Mrs. S. N. Ev 108; LS 227-8; 2SM 38, 231; 4T 282-3; 9T 65

Bible studies conducted by Ev 470

helped start work at Loma Linda, Calif. 9T 174

missionary in Australia 9T 174

seen in vision 9T 66-7

Haskins, Ralph

Haskins, Ralph LS 77

Haskins, T.

Haskins, T. 2SG 67


Haste, make, slowly in choosing life companion AH 44

what is done in, is not excusable 4T 243


work of God sometimes hurt by PM 43:1

Hastings, Leonard W.

Hastings, Leonard W. LS 112, 122-3, 237, 272; 2SG 112-3; 4T 300

Hastings, Martha C.

Hastings, Martha C. LS 121-2; 2SG 109-13

Hasty reply

Hasty reply, answer, with silence AH 442

Hasty spirit

Hasty spirit, deprives man of reason for the time 4T 243

guard against 4T 243

must be overcome 2T 76

prompts hasty words and actions 4T 243

sinfulness of 2T 424

victory over, results of CT 399-400

Hasty word, Hasty words

Hasty word, Hasty words, battle to overcome use of AH 443

best answer to, reproof or argument or condemnation is not AH 442

harmony of domestic circle often broken by 4T 348

hasty spirit prompts 4T 243

spoken under provocation, results of MM 210

Hat, Hats

Hat, Hats, do not wear, when entering place of worship 5T 499

extra trimmings not needed on Ev 273

feathers on 3T 379

neat and plain straw, it is not pride to wear 1T 275

wearing of, that is irreverent in church 5T 499

EGW’s father taught her to make LS 47

See also Bonnet

Hatch, Bro.

Hatch, Bro. 2T 16


Hate, giving hate for MB 75

let there be no shadow of 2T 52

Satan inspires men with his own energies of MYP 54

Satan prompts men to PP 337

spirit of, originated with Satan MB 56

words of, registered in books of heaven AH 362

See also Hatred


Hateful, man who was 2T 82

Hateful spirit

Hateful spirit, Satan would inspire children with his own MYP 333


Hatred, among brethren, warning against 1T 164

cannot exist in heart at peace with God and fellow men MB 28

cherish, for all cruelty and oppression 7BC 942

cherished in church members’ hearts is Satan’s work 4T 489

cherished in heart leads to murder DA 310

envy entertained in heart leads to PP 651

for reproof, causes some people to love gossip 5T 94

God’s law takes note of 1SM 217

God’s people have yet to meet AA 431

is Satan’s principle 7T 176

Jews cherished bitter, for Roman oppressors MB 56

lack of holiness leads to 2T 445

listed under general heading of jealousy LS 242; 4T 385

men become servants of sin by indulging SL 92

ministers should put away all 2T 516

must be: cleansed from heart 5T 175

subdued and sacrificed forever 1T 705

of one for another, an evil fruit 5T 63

of world at large, for gospel GC 47

people who love God cannot harbor 4T 223

perceptive powers beclouded by LS 199; 2T 605

perfect, love sinner while hating sin with Ev 369

sinful emotion of, God’s law condemns SD 61

Spirit alone gives love for MB 75

spirit of, Decalogue forbids PP 308

Satan originated MB 17, 56

strong feelings of, how to break down MM 254

wicked filled with, at close of millennium GC 672

See also Animosity; Enmity; Malice


arousing, against God’s work by using methods of enemy TDG 99:2

called the Spirit of God UL 122:2


had perfect, for sin TMK 66:2

kept self-possession when faced with LHU 167:3

spoke against, from the cloudy pillar TDG 365:3

condemnation results from, of brother or enemy 2MCP 529:2

contrast from Christ’s character caused 2MCP 527:3

feel, toward no one OHC 239:6

humanity of Christ suffered, as divinity did its work TDG 236:4

ideas not accepted by others does not cause, if Christ in heart TDG 357:6

righteousness in the life of Christ caused the world’s 2MCP 528:0

Satan leads members to regard brethren with TDG 165:3

Satan’s mind filled with UL 41:3

soul cherishing, has not one iota of the love of God OHC 235:4

strength for striving souls amid OHC 151:4

wrath nursed fills with; resist these feelings 2MCP 517:3

See also Discontent; Insults; Violence

Haughty spirit

Haughty spirit, must not mar God’s work TM 249

unruly element in character 4T 93



of rest, look up to UL 276:5


Hawk pursuing timid dove ML 105; MYP 103-4

Hawthorn, Victoria

Hawthorn, Victoria LS 348


Hay, pitching, valuable physical exercise FE 73



1. Historical

2. Modern

1. Historical

king of Syria, in Elijah’s time MYP 278; PK 170, 254; 5T 77

in Elisha’s time PK 258-9

2. Modern

used by God to scourge His people 5T 79

Hazard, Hazards

Hazard, Hazards, gospel work must be carried through at all Ev 655


Hazeroth, Israel at PP 382, 385


Hazor, Canaanites of, oppressed Israel PP 545

west of Lake Merom PP 510


Head, capital of body is 4aSG 146

chilling of limbs and arms drives blood to 2SM 468

coldness and numbness in, with stroke of paralysis LS 151, 162; 2SG 185-6

confused and stupid, with congested brain 3T 235

congested, find out what is wrong when you suffer MM 294

simple treatment for 2SM 297

dizziness of, removed by eating 4aSG 153

dizzy, violation of rules of health and morality causes 3BC 1166

dropsy of, cause of 2SM 436

dullness in, overeating causes 2T 428

effects of intemperance on CD 101

hairs of See Hair

hot, students who have cold feet and Ed 208

ill effects of intemperance upon CD 101

make best use of your SD 171

rush of blood to CD 102

strychnine causes chilliness on 4aSG 138

See also Blood; Brain; Face; Skull


working under same, with different gifts TDG 26:4


Headache, boy who complained almost constantly of FE 151

children’s: bad habits cause 4T 96-7

improper diet causes FE 151

self-abuse causes 2T 481

coffee causes 4aSG 128

cut out of diet that which causes CD 335

eating too much causes CD 101

excessive blood in head causes, as result of exposure of extremities 2T 531

improper circulation of blood causes MH 272

in children FE 151; 4T 96-7

people who should forget their 3T 76

perverted appetite causes 2T 69

slaves to appetite suffer from 4aSG 130; 2SM 416

stimulating drinks cause CD 422; Te 77

tea causes 4aSG 128; 2T 65; Te 118-9

JW troubled with, in 1853 2SG 183

wife seldom free from 2SM 431

young women who lie in bed and complain of MM 106-7

Head cap

Head cap, forgotten in giving fomentation 1T 604-5

Headquarters, SDA

Headquarters, SDA See Seventh-day Adventist headquarters

Head religion

Head religion, ministers who have, without heart conversion 4T 527


Headstrong, passion will be AH 50

Headstrong person, Headstrong persons

Headstrong person, Headstrong persons, cannot hope for success CG 91

Heady person, Heady persons

Heady person, Heady persons 5T 106

mistakes made by 2SM 169


Heal, man cannot MM 13

only love flowing from Christ’s heart can Ed 114

Healdsburg, Calif.

Healdsburg, Calif. AH 504; FE 487; LS 261, 267; 1SM 54; 4T 284; 5T 45, 62, 68, 217

church in 5T 477, 481

Healdsburg College

Healdsburg College FE 487; 5T 477, 479; WM 329-30

association of students CT 101

instruction in, re two laws CW 75

See also Pacific Union College

Healer, Healers

Healer, Healers, Christ did not seek to attract attention to Himself as MH 31

Christ was, of body as well as soul DA 92

Christ was not satisfied to attract attention as DA 260

clairvoyant See Clairvoyant healer

class of, who are channels for Satan’s electric currents Ev 609; 5T 193

evil of consulting sorcerer’s power as 5T 197

God’s blessing is 4T 60-1

magnetic, agent of Satan 2MCP 700:3

original God-given power given to human body as MM 11

people should be taught to go to God as MM 262

persons who claim to work by divine power as 7BC 911

power of satanic: attributed to electricity Ev 609; 5T 193

attributed to magnetism Ev 609; 5T 193

attributed to “sympathetic remedies” Ev 609; 5T 193

Satan as GC 589

Satan’s agents still claim to be 5T 193

Satan’s agents who are: hearts broken by 5T 198

homes desolated by 5T 198

reputations blasted by 5T 198

satanic, Satan’s spell cast over bodies and souls by Ev 609

spiritualist, many people go to Ev 606

warning against seeking healing from PK 211

teachers and, Christ’s disciples went forth as 8T 14

working by Satan’s miracle-working power 7BC 911

See also Miracle

Healey, Wm.

Healey, Wm. LS 234; 4T 284, 295



1. By evil agencies

2. Prayer for

3. Prayer for (answer to)

4. Miscellaneous


1. By evil agencies

animal magnetism used by Satan in 1T 297

by: clairvoyants, do not seek PK 211 See also Clairvoyant healer

magnetic healer, do not seek PK 211

opponents of God’s law 7BC 975-6

persons who neglect God’s law 2SM 50-1

sorcerers 5T 197

claims made re, by fanatics 2SM 27

devils will do, in sight of men 1T 302

physicians to whom SDA should not go for Ev 606-7

power of: apostles of nearly all forms of spiritism claim to have Ev 606; PK 211

fanatic who claimed to have 2SM 66

satanic agents claiming to have Ev 608-9

Satan does, through spiritualism GC 589

Satan will appear as great physician doing GC 589

Satan will do, as false christ GC 624

in sight of men MYP 61

Satan’s works of 1T 296

spurious work of, will be wrought MM 14

wonderful, alleged by clairvoyant Ev 606

alleged by magnetic healer Ev 606

2. Prayer for CH 373-6, 380-2; GW 213-5; MH 225-33; MM 13, 16-7; 1T 619-20; 2T 146; 4T 277-8; 5T 196

at camp meetings CH 373

by church elders CH 457

Christ did not always grant at once blessing sought in DA 266

conditions on which God answers MH 227-8

confession of sin is condition for answer to MH 228

do not call elders to offer, for every little ailment you have MM 16

does not mean that Christian: should neglect simple remedies provided by God 2SM 346-7

should neglect to employ remedial agencies within reach MH 231

should refuse medical aid 2SG 134-5

encouragement to Ch 210; MH 226

extremes in, warning against CH 381

fasting and, for JW 4T 283

God does not always answer CH 375; MH 230

because He knows what is best MM 17; 2SM 348

in case of: bloody dysentery of Wm. H. Hyde LS 75-6; 2SG 44-5

cancer on EGW’s eye LS 151-3; 2SG 184-7

catarrh of Mrs. Harris 2SG 100

cholera of JW LS 137; 2SG 138

cholera of James Edson White LS 144-5; 2SG 165-6

cholera of printing office foreman LS 145-6; 2SG 171-3

consumption 2SM 347

coughing spells of EGW 2SG 97

diseased throat of EGW LS 226-8; 2SG 130

fits of a young woman 2SG 71-2

foot injury of Eunice Harmon 2SG 117-8

heart pain of EGW LS 151-3, 227; 2SG 186-7

high fever of JW LS 148

illness of Henry Nichols White 2SG 105-6; 1T 84

inflammation of brain of James Edson White 2SG 122

inflammatory rheumatism of Edward Andrews 1SM 207

Leonard Hastings’ baby LS 122-3; 2SG 110-1

lung soreness of EGW LS 225-7

paralysis of EGW LS 151-3, 163; 2SG 186-7

Paul’s blindness AA 121-2; 3T 433

rheumatic fever of Frances Howland LS 74-5; 2SG 42-3

serious illness of EGW 1T 80

serious illness of James Edson White LS 138; 2SG 136-8

sickness as result of exposure 3T 28

sickness of JW LS 226; 4T 282

sore on arm of Mrs. Temple LS 122; 2SG 109-10

whooping cough of Philip Collins’ son LS 121

laying on of hands in CH 34, 526; 4T 225 See also Hand

not always answered at once MH 70

not answered at once in experience of EGW in Australia 2SM 235

of SDA who disregard light on health reform CD 400

offered by sinful minister 2SM 347

on Sabbath in 1849 LS 118

persons for whom, should not be offered CH 373-4

persons requesting, duty of MH 227-33

presumption in MM 230

that God did not answer 2SM 258; 2T 349-50

that God does not answer CH 59; 4aSG 145

things that should be taken into consideration in 2T 349-51

unanswered CH 375; MH 230-1; 2SM 347-8

use of remedies with CH 381; 2SM 345-7

in case of Hezekiah CH 381-2

is not a denial of faith CH 376; MH 232

vow made by Hezekiah in PK 342

why God does not answer more fully 1T 561

3. Prayer for (answer to)

after prayer by sinful minister 2SM 347

license not given by, to violate God’s natural or moral laws MH 227; 2SM 346-7

not consistent with violation of laws of health 1T 561

that was not for best 2T 148-9

that would have proved ruin of others 2T 418

that would lead to fanaticism 2SM 348

which did not glorify God 2T 148-9

4. Miscellaneous

after Pentecost 8T 20

bound up with gospel commission CH 497; MH 141; MM 320

by: early Christians AA 106

God’s people under latter rain GC 612

Spirit’s power EW 227

by Christ Ev 532-3; MH 17-8 See also Christ; Miracle

power of love was in all of DA 825

Christ as willing now to give, as when on earth DA 823-4

Christ delivered many from sin by His work of CT 466

Christ devoted more time to, than to preaching CH 34; DA 350; MH 19; 4T 225

Christ engaged in WM 53

Christ turned none away who came to Him for DA 823

Christ used simple agencies of nature in DA 824; MH 233

Christ used work of, for winning souls MH 20

Christ willing to unite with His ministers in MM 28

Christ’s disciples sent out to do CH 33-4

Christ’s manner of, lessons from DA 824

Christ’s ministry of Ev 109

combined efforts of God and man will effect MM 12

during loud cry EW 278; GC 612

from sin, following physical restoration DA 270

God’s ministry of, become acquainted with MM 326

gospel commission calls for CT 466

how God would have work of, carried forward MM 14

is part of gospel MM 238

knowledge of how to resist temptation must be combined with MM 13

lesson in, that should not be overlooked MH 77

life-giving power for, Christ still has DA 270

linked with deliverance from sin CT 465; MH 111

love of Christ has power of MH 115

love’s ministry of, how to teach children Ed 114

many of the faithful do not receive, in answer to prayer CH 375; MH 230

marvelous, what must be done before God’s people can see MM 16

med. institution is no place to come for, by prayer alone 1T 561

ministry of: Christ comes to every stricken soul with MB 12

co-operation of the divine and the human in MH 111-24

God desires all His people to become acquainted with His CH 501; 9T 167

miracles of See Miracles

natural methods of, many lives lost that might have been saved by MH 126-7

nature’s power of, is of God MM 12

nature’s work of, man can hinder MM 11

not found in: indulgence of lower appetites or passions MH 246

oblivion MH 246

unnatural or unhealthful stimulants MH 246

not obtained through excitement MH 246

on Sabbath, that was in perfect accord with God’s law DA 207

why Christ did DA 206-7

power of: Christ’s disciples were given DA 821

God alone has MH 243

God wants His people to come to Him for 9T 178

preaching and, Christ combined 6T 234

promised by Christ, when it is for our good and His glory MM 17

rational methods of, SDA work with all MM 28

relation of, to God’s law MH 224

remedies provided by God in nature should be used for DA 824-5

river of, seen in Ezekiel’s vision AA 13

sanitariums should combine prayer with use of simple remedies in MM 29

science of heavenly birth MM 320

seek, in accordance with God’s will MH 229-31; 2T 147-8

SDA bear message of, to world of sin-sick souls ChS 136

SDA should employ every facility for MH 232

SDA work of 2SM 54

simple and rational methods of treatment should be employed for CD 303

souls in need of, opportunities will come to all to minister to MM 319-20

source of, do not look to any human being as MH 242

spiritual: found in Christ DA 203

men must feel pain of wounds or they will not desire Christ’s COL 158

message of PK 315

through faith men may receive DA 203

spiritual and physical, go hand in hand MH 224

teaching and, Christ is our example in MH 17-28

Christ’s ministry combined MM 62-3; 9T 171

evangelists should combine, in med. miss. lines CT 469

never separate, in gospel work MH 141; 8T 165; 9T 171

SDA work should combine Ev 397; MM 63

world never in greater need of, than today CT 467

true science of, how to reach high standard in 9T 177

trust in God’s power and in skill of well-qualified physicians for PK 211

unconditional, do not pray for 2T 147-8

not always safe to ask for CH 375

unite, with ministry of God’s word 9T 171

without drugs, God’s purpose for His method of 9T 169

med. institutions in large cities should practice 9T 169

work of, by 70 disciples CT 465

by 12 apostles CT 465

combined with Christ’s teaching PK 240

combined with Elisha’s teaching PK 240

work of SDA in special sense Ev 544



beside afflicted will bring conversion and CME 18:4

did not bestow, indiscriminately TDG 249:3

gives all; physicians are to give Him the glory 3SM 296:2

had power for all kinds of physical and spiritual LHU 167:5

offered, to call forth desire FW 68:2

to be looked to for UL 26

dependent on our best good and God’s glory UL 375:3

Ellen White did not do; she prayed; humans do not save the sick 3SM 295

electric current felt in, by woman touching robe 2MCP 539:1

faith of woman in Christ for, not in His robe 2MCP 539:1

grace to bear sickness is of more value than HP 82:3

law of God not honored by some doing NL 56:2


to Jesus as science of; do not focus on any human 2MCP 412:1

to the great Healer for CME 18:3

to the serpent for, only because God said to FW 69:3

ministry of,

by removing spell under evil spirits TDG 336:3

Jesus comes with, to every stricken one RC 349:8

less significant than that of overcoming LHU 150:4

when Christ turned to multitude and spoke RC 352:5

power of, not in any human UL 375:3

pray for God’s will in requesting UL 375:2

prayer for, trusting God’s will in UL 375:6

prescription for UL 286:3

rest in God has influence of 2MCP 662:1

“sin no more” after TMK 48:4

success in, with Christ’s blessing on methods given 3SM 296:2

Sun of Righteousness sufficient to bring, to our world RC 304:3

transgression of God’s laws to be stopped for 3SM 296:1

See also Christ, healing by

Healing agency, Healing agencies

Healing agency, Healing agencies, readiness of, in nature before need of them exists Ed 113

Healing agent, Healing agents

Healing agent, Healing agents, sunlight is one of nature’s 2T 527

Healing art

Healing art, many ways of practicing 2SM 287; 5T 443

only one way of practicing, that God approves 5T 443

Healing force, Healing forces

Healing force, Healing forces, nature’s, must be given chance to work MM 225

Healing influence

Healing influence, gospel’s, on mind, soul, and body MM 262-3

Healing power

Healing power, Christ bestows, through Spirit MH 224

Christ desires that His servants exercise His DA 823-4

Christ’s, must be united with gospel message CT 468

divine influence that brings 2T 327

faith in God’s, that is dead MM 262

faith that brought, to the sick MH 61

God’s, runs all through nature Ed 113; MM 11

God’s blessing is CH 28; ML 150

look to Christ for MM 116

love’s DA 92

nature alone possesses 4aSG 136

nature’s, tobacco weakens MM 11

pray for Christ’s, for the sick CT 467

stream of, flowed from Christ MH 17

united with gospel, brings success in emergencies Ev 544

Healing process

Healing process, body’s, begins at once when injured MH 112

God effects, through agencies of nature MH 112

Healing property, Healing properties

Healing property, Healing properties, flow from Christ to cure all diseases MM 120

leaves of tree of life contained SR 22

Healing virtue, Healing virtues

Healing virtue, Healing virtues, in case of brazen serpent, came from God 4aSG 42

some flowers possess Ev 99



1. Essentials to

2. Recovery (restoration) of

3. Things conducive to

4. Things detrimental (destructive) to

5. Miscellaneous


1. Essentials to

abstemious diet 4T 502

air MH 275; ML 138

See also Air

amusement is not TM 103

exercise in open air ML 138; 4T 502 See also Exercise

faith in God CS 115; ML 149

love for God CS 115

physical exercise 2T 413

religion ML 246; WM 38

right use of physical organism SD 171

sufficient supply of good and nourishing food MH 299

sunshine MH 275; ML 138

See also Sunlight

true religion MYP 142

warmth MH 275

2. Recovery (restoration) of

amusements which often hinder 1T 555

appetite must be restrained in order to secure CD 275

by living in rural areas Ev 51

cheerfulness is effective agent in ML 177

clear conscience is effective agent in ML 177

co-operate with God in CT 467

drugs are too often given all honor for 5T 194

fear of God will do most in sanitariums for 4T 552

God would have men use remedial agencies in LS 170

hindrances to 3T 67

how invalids may find 2T 530

more difficult than losing it ML 142

nature needs assistance in 2SM 287

people should be instructed re CT 467; DA 824

people unwilling to learn of simple means to be used in 5T 194

physicians are too often given all honor for 5T 194

secured only by obedience to laws of nature MH 113

simple means for restoring, need of knowing CG 361

suspension of all physical labor is wrong in effort to secure 1T 555

will power and self-control important in Ed 197

See also Remedial agency; Remedy

3. Things conducive to

assurance of God’s approval 3BC 1146; LS 270

correct habits 4T 366

doing God’s will ML 246

engaging in Christian service MH 256

faith in God 6T 472

godliness and righteousness 1T 502

habits of regularity and order Ev 652

mind quiet and satisfied ML 150; 1T 502

obedience to Decalogue 3BC 1156

obedience to God’s laws 1BC 1105; MH 113

obedience to law MH 128

obedience to laws of God’s kingdom 3BC 1143

obedience to physical laws governing body 1BC 1118

physical exercise 1T 555; 4T 408

physical labor 4T 94-104; 6T 180

pleasure of doing good 4T 56

preservation of life force MH 235

right habits 5T 506

strict compliance with God’s requirements SL 23

true religion PP 600

4. Things detrimental (destructive) to

ambition to accumulate wealth 1T 478

anxiety 4T 64

close confinement 1T 515-6

depressed state of church 2T 98

depressing emotions AH 431

discard CD 87, 333; MM 274

eating at improper times 4T 501

eating too much 4T 501

efforts to increase property holding 5T 153

extremes in diet 1T 205

extremities habitually cold MH 293

fashion CG 432; 2SM 472

incessant toil endangers 1T 515-6

intemperate eating and drinking 4T 408

lack of cleanliness AH 22

lack of period of relaxation from labor and anxiety 1T 532

leaving organs to rust from inaction 4T 408

marriage too early in life MYP 453

mental depression 4T 64

polluted air 2T 528

slackness and recklessness AH 22

sleeping in sunless room MH 275

tend to mental weakness MH 128

unhappy married life 1T 696

wrong course of eating and drinking 2T 69

wrong habits 5T 506

See also Disease; Sickness

5. Miscellaneous

abuse of, is sinful CD 20; CH 504-5

accountability to God for use of 1T 325

best, people busy and cheerful enjoy CG 342; ML 168

best possible, place yourself in 1T 619

Bible religion not detrimental to CH 28; 3T 172

blessing of, few people appreciate COL 346; ML 134; SD 172

books on See Book

breakdown in, erroneous ideas re recovery from CH 199

care of, is religious duty 1T 515-6

teach that, is Bible requirement CT 295

carelessness re, is sin against God CD 43

Christ and true godliness are, to body 1T 557

Christ came to give MH 17

Christ’s life was one of MH 51

children’s, endangered when sent to school too early CG 302

more important than book knowledge Ed 208

parents’ responsibility for 2SM 470

college students should have better, when graduating than before CG 343

condition of, clothing should be suited to MH 293

conscience is more closely related to, than many think CH 566; GW 242

customs fatal to, pride and fashion hold people in slavery to 4T 552

depraved appetites indulged at expense of 1T 486

devotion to God not detrimental to 3BC 1156; CH 627; 1T 501

diseased state of, leading to despondency and discouragement 2T 318

do not leave with God care of, when He has placed that upon you 3T 13

doing God’s work requires 1T 619

earned by proper habits of life 4T 408

eat with reference to 2SM 439

education and FE 145-8

efficiency and CT 294-301

ensured by: obedience to laws planted by God in man’s being CH 39

placing yourself in right relation to laws of life CH 49; 1T 487

erroneous idea that religion is not conducive to PP 600

essential to happiness CD 20; CH 38; 3T 150

failure of, afflictions and peculiar trials causing 2T 271

failure to care for, is robbery toward God CH 41

fashions injurious to, sin of following 2SM 472

folly of sacrificing, in struggle for riches or power Ed 195

foolish amusements do not improve AH 508

fulfillment of obligations to God and man requires Ed 195

given by God PK 707

for use in His service CT 294

God has created material which restores the sick to MM 121

God is our refuge in 5T 315

God pledges, on condition that men obey His laws CD 17

God preserves, when men do their part Te 139

God would not have His people: deprive themselves of what is essential to AH 379

work so as to lose GW 245

God’s people not required to unnecessarily expose 4T 627

godliness and CH 627-30

godliness and righteousness are not destructive to 1T 502

good: God’s plan to keep Israel in PP 378

good blood essential to MH 271

habits of self-control essential to MYP 233

one of richest blessings men can enjoy 2T 524

sunlight important to ML 138

trust in God is conducive to 4T 214

what man must do in order to enjoy ML 128

gospel of, has able advocates 6T 327

must be preached to the poor CD 272

greatest safeguard to, four things that are MH 281

growth in grace requires 9T 160

guard your: as carefully as character ML 144

as faithfully as character Ed 195

as sacredly as character CG 343; CT 294; FE 147

habit of sitting up late at night injures 3T 44-5

habits of diet have much to do with PP 562; 1T 489

habits of self-gratification formed at expense of 1SM 284

happiness and, closely related CH 38

has much to do with: intellect and morals CG 187

man’s capability CH 566; GW 242

heart healthfulness is more essential to, than many suppose 2SM 237

heart must be filled with hope, love, joy in order to have CH 587; MM 291

heaven is all CH 28; ML 149; 1T 556; 3T 172

how to improve 4T 214

if you are not careful of your, you may lose it Ev 494

if you would have, you must live for it CD 241

indifference re, alarming CD 19

warning against SL 25; Te 17

indulgence of taste at expense of 4T 454

indulgences injurious to, warning against PP 182

inestimable blessing GW 242

injurious habits enfeeble 3T 71

interest people in MM 327

is capital more precious than bank deposit 4T 408

is treasure CD 20

great treasure 3T 150

more precious than gold Ed 195

keep every organ of body in ML 134; SD 171

keeping body’s delicate mechanism in order produces MH 235

laws of See Law

lies at foundation of students’ ambitions and hopes FE 72

loss of, God would not have men labor so as to cause ChS 248

lost easily ML 142

maintained by what is eaten CD 52

makes man better prepared to live and be a blessing CG 187

man cannot enjoy, without labor 3T 155

many of God’s people lamentably ignorant re CG 361; CH 449

mental See Mental health

mental condition’s effect upon 4T 60

mental efficiency depends largely on COL 346; MYP 235

mental exercise that is conducive to 4T 417

mind powerfully influences 2T 523

ministers should be shown relation that eating, working, resting, and dressing sustain to 1T 618

most precious of all temporal possessions CD 20

night air is not dangerous to 2T 527-8

not dependent on chance MH 128

not independent of conduct MM 296

obedience and, study close relationship between CH 231

object lesson in, Israel was to be world’s MH 283; 9T 165

of Christian’s countenance, God is 6T 480

of soul, needed to appreciate body health MH 77

physical health is essential to Ev 261

path of, path of obedience to God is ML 162

pathway to, mind quiet and satisfied in God is in 1T 502

perfect: God desired Israel to enjoy 1BC 1102

man was created in ML 126

perfect circulation of blood is essential to MH 293; 2T 531

what to do to have CS 115; ML 149

philosophy of, important study for children 2SM 443

inform yourself re CH 37

safeguards against many evils 7T 63

placing will on God’s side brings wonderful improvement in CH 505

poor: indigestion causes GW 241

remedy for 2T 29

teachers affected by CT 177

practices injurious to, God’s law forbids PP 308

prayer for, that God will answer CH 59

that God will not answer CH 59

present what God’s word says re CH 548

promised as reward of obedience CD 375

promised Israel on condition of obedience DA 824; 1SM 277-8; 9T 165

promised to persons who help the needy 2T 332

promote, instead of abusing it SL 26

proper management would greatly improve 2SM 465

provision made for, in God’s promise of grace MB 99

publications on See Publications

putting talents to highest use requires COL 346

read best authors on GW 242

realization of security in Christ improves Te 108

recklessness re, is sin against God CD 43

tends to recklessness in morals 7T 65

recovered only to repeat indulgences that invited disease MH 134

regard, as sacred as that of soul 6T 302

regard must be shown for, in carrying on God’s work 5T 567

relation of eating and drinking to 2SM 416

ignorance re 4aSG 130

religion and 1T 564-7; 4T 552-3

religion is more closely related to, than many think CH 566; CT 294; GW 242

reward of obedience to laws of God DA 824

richest possession mortals can have 3T 150

rules of, results of transgressing 3BC 1166

sacredness of MYP 236-8

sacrificed to: delusion 1T 231

morbid imagination AH 430

safeguards to, greatest MH 281

safeguarding MYP 235

sinfulness of abusing CD 20; CH 504-5

spiritual: communion with God is essential to 4T 459

decays unless watched and nurtured FE 474

is God’s helping hand in restoring body’s health 7T 72

where there is, there is growth 5T 265

spirituality is not detrimental to 1T 501, 565

students’: educators should know how to guard 4T 424

exercise is essential to CG 339-44

too much study endangers 4T 424

subject of, interest people in CH 500

sudden breakdown in, excessive sedentary employment indoors causes 1T 516-7

talent of, use of COL 346-8

taste should not be consulted without reference to 2T 69

teacher’s, importance of CT 177

things that destroy, discard CH 154

thousands have ruined their, by sensual indulgence CG 115

value of, few people appreciate MYP 235

vigor of, men can serve best in CS 115

vigorous, impossible without physical exercise PP 601

JW’s close application to study at school impaired his 1T 75

women’s, good circulation of blood is important in MH 293

words that destroy 1T 310

See also Disease; Sickness


abilities must be kept in, to win in the heavenly race OHC 69:3

air (open), promotes FLB 233:5

all human powers must be used to retain 1MCP 120:3

amusement is not the way to obtain RC 160:4

appetite indulgence,

at the expense of mind and Con 62:1

damages 1MCP 297:3

may cost soul and Con 74:2

articles on, reaching people where they are PM 226:5, 227:1

awaken others to the subject of 3SM 280:4

awareness of principles of, to be increased in the public 2MCP 568:1

Bible counsel about eating and drinking for RC 154:3


from consciousness of right doing FLB 229:5

from God, and He claims a portion of our money HP 303:3

to receiver RC 161:2

body and mind receive, by following lessons of TDG 123:6

canvassers to explain truth to those in feeble PM 304:4

care of, important; deny appetite 3SM 274:4

carefulness in, is more than abstaining from bad food TDG 136:3

character perfection through CME 43:2


brought, wherever He went TDG 283:3

came to give OHC 109:3

had perfect, but carried sickness of others 3SM 133:2

is revealed by TMK 164:5

is, to those who receive Him LHU 221:7

messenger of, to the afflicted RC 37:4

was, in Himself; disease rebuked in His presence TMK 48:3

will bring UL 162:4

circulation of pure blood required for OHC 255:2

clearness of perception from following, as did Daniel TMK 313:4

communicating knowledge of, without irritating words RY 42:1

danger to physical and spiritual, if not subject to Christ RC 159:2


and companions gave evidence of good habits of RC 141:5

taught what food would not preserve RC 143:2

diet affects TMK 86:5

dreamy condition must be replaced by action for 2MCP 604:2

duty of attention to RC 147:2

easy to lose but difficult to regain TMK 86:3

education for, important 3SM 280:2

Ellen White,

not influenced on topic of, by writings of J. C. Jackson 3SM 276

grateful for Edson’s TDG 230:2

enemies of: opium, tea, coffee, tobacco, liquor RC 142:5

energy applied to resolutions would result in better 2MCP 801:3

equilibrium of action required for RC 147:6

eternal summer offers OHC 158:6

exercise (physical) needed for 2MCP 375:4

faculties all to be preserved in Con 80:0

faith gives; its vitality exerts a powerful influence PM 303:1

family, to be guarded for happiness of others UL 33:4

firm principles bring, of body, mind and soul CC 248:6

following laws of nature TDG 123:6

food preparation for, taught to the people CME 31

food which is rich destroys 3SM 274:3

full, during natural lifetime is God’s plan 2MCP 570:2

gained AG 285:6

getting and keeping physical and mental; time well spent TMK 86:3

gift of God, lent in trust FW 20:2

God controls, for the good of His children OHC 318:5

gospel of, begin in earnest to give, to people OHC 267:3

grief filling mind impairs 2MCP 461:2

guard; organs not to be sacrificed; (about the voice) VSS 262:1


damaging, dishonor God by robbing Him of service 2MCP 392:3

of regularity and order improve 2MCP 597:0

resisted in self-denial to permit restoration of Con 77:2

that destroy, cloud intellect; sin ceases to look sinful OHC 266:3

harmed by sadness UL 102:3

harmony between mental and physical powers needed for 2MCP 509:1

importance of establishing good physical and mental TMK 86:3

improvement in,

by accomplishment in spite of obstacles RC 163:4

from regularity and order OHC 228:2

in mountains (for Ellen White) UL 226:5

inaction causes suffering in spiritual and physical HP 325:4

inactivity prescribed for regaining, is a great error 1MCP 118:5


loved more than, by professed Christians 2MCP 381:1

that destroys, fought by young men in cities TMK 314:2

that injures, prevents consecration 2MCP 380:3

industry is essential to OHC 222:2

injured by confining studies 2MCP 507:2

institution for, need of, met by early SDAs in orderly ways CET 197:1

instruction in, gospel workers should be able to give RC 246:4

investment failure may cause loss of UL 93:5

knowledge about, duty to obtain OHC 69:5

laws given to Israel for happiness and LHU 160:5

laws of,

accountability for disobedience to HP 192:3

and moral law disobeyed cause suffering in world 2MCP 567:3

clarity of, in providence of God 2MCP 568:1

godliness harmonizes with RC 160:4

miracle not worked to counteract violation of CC 35:4

obedience to, TDG 123:2, 185:5, 210:1

a personal duty HP 191:5

observing, for long life for laborers OHC 222:3

sickness from habits and willing ignorance of Con 62:0

strictly followed benefits TMK 313:4

true religion goes hand in hand with OHC 266:4

violation of, brings suffering CC 35:2

See also Life, rules of; Nature, laws of

life related to correctly by effort brings Con 79:3

lifestyle leading to poor, See Depravity


because we have most solemn message OHC 265:3

perfect, for perfect service UL 192:5


Bible knowledge and acceptance imparts OHC 35:2

by following laws of nature TDG 123:6

dependent upon physical health HP 193:4; 2MCP 387:3

depends on health of body; children to be taught 2MCP 384:1

indulgence of lower passions remedied for TSB 116:3

mother’s, important for children she bears CC 130:2

regaining, while keeping conscience (Ellen White letter) 2MCP 403:1

thoughts on higher channel for TSB 161:1

mental activity produces; better than untrained mind 2MCP 399:3

mental and moral,

worldly treasure cannot compare to HP 193:4

mental and physical,

Christ wants, for you 2MCP 409:4

for children with pure pleasures 2MCP 384:2

suffer from violation of natural laws 2MCP 570:1


at rest would have allowed better TSB 158:2

control would help, for James White; gloomy thoughts 3SM 280:3

satisfied in God is on the way to 2MCP 407:4; RC 161:2

moral, restoration to, for ones feeling slighted 1MCP 50:0

motivated to maintain, to enable glorifying God LHU 366:2

neglected, prepares way to violate higher claims OHC 266:5

obedience brings return of Con 74:3

opinions (erroneous) propagate bad habits of TDG 206:2

penalty for violation of laws of, made clear 2MCP 568:1


balance in exercise of body powers for TDG 129:6

dependent on health of soul 1MCP 27:1

essential for growth in grace 2MCP 405:1

practices of, regulated by knowledge OHC 69:5

practices unfavorable to physical, to be shunned 2MCP 380:2

prayer for,

after applying God’s ways VSS 392:2

living contrary to 3SM 280:1

preservation of, important to understand HP 193:4

preserved for service OHC 267:2

principles of, bearing upon this and future life RC 246:4

recovery of, assisted by useful physical labor RC 160:5

regaining, eating right and exercise usually better for, than rest 1MCP 119:3

religion of good works necessary to TDG 25:5

religion thought to injure, but religion brings happiness 2MCP 782:3

requirements of God benefit, of body and mind RC 144:3

requires careful culture; likewise for the mind 2MCP 376:3

responsibility for,

as the Lord’s property TDG 123:2

preservation TSB 113:3

wrong to leave care of it to God 3SM 280:1

restoration to, accept Christ for blessing in 2MCP 409:4

right doing brings the blessing of 2MCP 407:4

sacrificed by brooding 1MCP 62:3

sadness damages 2MCP 458:2

sanctification requires preservation of all kinds of RC 144:4

satisfaction in God, pathway to FLB 229:6

science of, religious duty of everyone to learn TDG 206:3

shun every practice unfavorable to OHC 270:2

simple living retains TDG 230:2


dependent upon spiritual atmosphere and food OHC 255:5

thrills one receiving grace to give to others TDG 25:4

study laws of; willing ignorance is sin 3SM 291:2

substances harmful to, temperance and patience lost by OHC 69:5

suffering of, by wrong eating habits TDG 340:2

temperance maintains, as far as possible HP 193:5

transgressing laws of, prevents standing in the great day OHC 266:4

trials (coming) not withstood by those with little regard for OHC 266:4

vision on, crossed Ellen White’s own ideas 3SM 281:1


for God requires preserving; it does not damage it 3SM 279

quality may be affected by habits of OHC 265:3

worker endangers, in atmosphere of friction TDG 54:2

writing on, incomplete in 1864 3SM 282:1

wrong habits of, cripple body and prevent perfect service RC 138:5


eating at king’s table lost glow of RC 143:3

proverbially careless regarding RC 147:2