EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Grace, Graces - Grievance, Grievances

Grace, Graces

Grace, Graces, Christian: are fruits of Spirit 1T 162

are principles of God’s law carried out in life SL 80

cheerfulness without levity is one of 4T 62

cultivate 4T 72-3, 257

developed by meeting provocations in right spirit MH 487; 5T 344

developed only by careful cultivation 4T 192

encourage growth of 2T 393

how some people let Satan rob them of AA 533

humility is one of 4T 331

love is crown of SL 87

nine fruits of Spirit (Gal. 5:22, 23) are SL 80

persevering efforts needed to perfect 4T 452

persons who exercise, grow and become strong SC 80

promise to persons working plan of addition in obtaining MYP 116

show growth in 5T 597

work on plan of addition in obtaining SL 94-5

crowning, love is 3T 418

four, needed by colporteurs 5T 404

suited to every rank and condition of life MYP 360

gentle, Bible presents illustrations of Ed 241

grace to: God’s plan of adding AA 532; MYP 116; 4T 244; 9T 186

progress from 5T 93

heavenly, fine 5T 116

four, acquired by experience of years 5T 213

help children to bring, into their lives Ed 244

must be gained one after another 6T 148

of humility: cultivate 4T 568

practice Ev 102

sadly wanting in ministry and church 4T 378

sits as garment on truly great men 4T 338

of purity, cultivate SC 85

of simplicity, cultivate SC 85

of Spirit, cherish in heart 5T 102

courtesy is one of GW 121-3; PK 237

five of, not developed in a moment MH 454; 8T 314

God seeks to develop, in men MB 117

increase and strengthen when exercised WM 306

should live in heart 2T 59

trials develop COL 61

passive, God permits circumstances to call for exercise of 1SM 117

precious: reverence is Ed 242

Satan watches to snatch away 1T 407

seven, that are fruits of Spirit SD 32

six, that are expression of God’s character Ev 400

two, of flowers SC 85

See also Character; Holy Spirit; Virtue


add; all else will perish LYL 43:4

all, of 2 Peter 1, needed OHC 73:7

all the Christian, every soul must come to trial of PM 132:4

charmed with Christ’s LHU 239:5

child’s truest, in modesty and obedience 1MCP 171:1

Christian, those abounding in, zealous, etc. OHC 74:2

cultivation of,

that Jesus’ death has placed within reach TMK 157:3

with Christ in the soul PM 303:1

desired, given RC 170:6


as more effort is needed to keep faith active OHC 313:3

by exercise OHC 186:2

through discipline OHC 317:2

fighting for one’s own ideas does not develop 1MCP 40:2

God, longed to bestow, on favored people TDG 275:4


flourish in those partaking of divine nature OHC 368:4

strengthened by crucifying selfish practices TMK 118:5

spiritual, increased by exercise OHC 260:2

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, by John Bunyan GC 252

Grading system

Grading system, school See School grading system

Graduate, Graduates

Graduate, Graduates, despairing of earning honest livelihood Ed 265

drifting into questionable or criminal practices Ed 265


Graduation, thousands of students find themselves at, out of touch with life Ed 265


required in order to enter school above UL 252:6

Graduation exercises

Graduation exercises, of Healdsburg College FE 487


Grafting, of Gentiles into Israelite olive tree AA 377-8

of scion into grapevine DA 675; 5T 591


illustrates union between Christ and the sinner OHC 145:2

Graham, Judge

Graham, Judge 4T 272

Graham bread

Graham bread See Bread; Gem

Graham flour

Graham flour See Flour

Graham gem

Graham gem See Gem

Graham gruel

Graham gruel See Gruel

Grain, Grains

1. As food

2. Miscellaneous

1. As food

abstemious diet should include MM 227

appetizing diet should include CD 443

combine, with fruits and vegetables in making health foods 7T 124

with other things in making health foods CD 470

combined simply with nuts and fruits, unbelievers will appreciate CD 269

diet God chose for animals includes CD 396

diet God chose for man includes MH 296; Te 160

diet of health institution workers should include CD 381

diet of sanitarium patients should include CD 415

eat, in as natural condition as possible 2T 352

food elements man needs are found in CD 92, 310, 313, 363, 395; MM 267

for porridge or mush, need to be cooked several hours MH 301

for visitors 2SM 414

fruits and, health foods should be prepared from CD 268

produce less expensive food preparations from CD 270

given to man by God for food ML 132

to supply his necessities CD 270

God intends to bring His people back to live on MM 277

healthful diet should include MM 227; 2T 62

hearty men need plenty of CD 322, 407

high time that SDA educate themselves to use CD 322

life God imparts to, by eating men become partakers of Ed 108

liking for, encourage CD 82, 407

man may enjoy, without violating laws of his being 3T 50

man’s diet should include CD 380; MM 229

need to be healthfully prepared CD 401

nutritive properties in, needed for good blood CD 322; MH 316

nuts may be combined with, to make healthful foods MH 298

part of EGW’s bill of fare CD 489

peanuts used with, nourishing and digestible MH 298

preparations of, EGW used CD 492

prepare, free from grease 2T 352

in most simple and natural manner 3T 50

prepared free from spice and grease, healthful diet calls for CH 115

prepared in most simple form, healthful for children 2T 400

prepared in simple way, healthful diet calls for CH 115

san. workers should be served CD 297

secondhand, flesh food as MH 313

simple, God would have men live on CD 81

study art of preparing, in simple manner MM 281

supply, in abundance at camp meetings 6T 112

use: in manufacture of health foods 7T 126

in proper combination with fruits, nuts, vegetables Ed 204-5

in proper quantities CD 401

in simple food combinations CD 269

in simple food preparations CD 270

with peanuts in limited quantities in making health foods 7T 134

variety of, should be used in place of flesh food MH 316

vegetables and, teach people how to make healthful food combinations from MM 267

wholesome diet should include CD 443

2. Miscellaneous

barley was first, to ripen in Palestine DA 77; PP 539

eaten, life spent on self is like DA 624

farmer preserves his, by casting it away Ed 110

field tilled and sown to ML 83

fields of waving, about Hebron PP 133

first heads of ripened, presented as first fruits of harvest DA 786

given by God for man’s sustenance, converted into poisons MH 337

hardy, hot summer sun ripens COL 47

harvesting of, took place after presentation of first fruits DA 77, 786; PP 539

man has part to do in promoting growth of COL 63; Ed 104

men should co-operate with God in care of DA 367

nature’s abundant supply of, increased facilities for transporting MH 297

nutritive, converted into intoxicating beverages GW 386

rich fields of, in Jordan valley PK 229

ripening of, represents completion of work of God’s grace in soul TM 506

scarcity of, in Palestine in Nehemiah’s time PK 646

sowing of DA 623

spire of, bursts through ground in obedience to God’s law COL 81

germinates in obedience to God’s law 8T 327

springing up, as means of instruction PP 599

lessons of trust and faith taught by 4T 579

that must be thrown away to be preserved DA 623

waving, Christ drew lessons from 2T 580

speaks of God’s love CS 17; SD 17

See also Barley; Corn; Oats; Seed; Wheat

Grain preparation, Grain preparations

Grain preparation, Grain preparations, coarser, some persons cannot use MH 320


Grammar, English, schools should teach CT 215, 219

gospel worker’s errors of CT 509-10; FE 242-3; 2SM 58-9

knowledge of, knowledge of bookkeeping as important as CT 218

ministers should be proficient in TM 194

rules of, important in language study CT 219; Ed 234

use of, during latter rain 2SM 58-9

EGW’s errors of, corrected by JW 1SM 50

Granary, Granaries

Granary, Granaries, of persons who help needy, what God can do for 2T 331


Grandchildren, anxiety of grandparents for welfare of CS 47; 2T 657

education of, persons who need aid in CS 47

grandparents generally unfit to bring up CG 288-9


Grandeur, rich people tempted to indulge wish for WM 173


Grandmother, grandchildren spoiled by, in nine cases out of ten CG 288-9

Timothy’s AA 203; 7BC 918


Grandparents, anxiety of, for grandchildren’s welfare CS 47; 2T 657

duty to help CS 47

unfit generally to bring up grandchildren CG 288

Grand Prairie, Texas

Grand Prairie, Texas LS 240; 4T 305

Grandville, Vt.

Grandville, Vt. 2SG 146-7


Granite, faith as firm as, needed 4T 594

hearts that become as 4T 496

rocks of, God’s all-powerful hand made 4T 297

theme for study 4T 581

wax that may become FE 51

Grant, Grants

Grant, Grants, God’s, in our behalf are without limit 6T 363

Grant, Miles

Grant, Miles 1SM 74

Granville, N.S.W.

Granville, N.S.W. 8T 48, 53, 56; TM 245, 359

Grape, Grapes

Grape, Grapes, abused when put to wrong use 5T 361

cultivated before Flood 3SG 62

excellent as food CD 324; 5T 361

fresh, eat freely of 7T 134

God’s gifts 5T 361

hanging on silver wires, in vision 1SM 65-6

harvested before Feast of Tabernacles DA 447

med. institutions should produce their own CD 312

of Eschol, Caleb and Joshua ate Ed 149; PP 513; 4T 154

purple, wine made from DA 447

redeemed will eat EW 19; 2SG 55; 1T 69

ripen on Sabbath DA 207

Satan’s plot to use as poison Te 12

season of, far off when wheat was threshed PP 546

spies surveyed Canaan in PP 387; SR 158; 4T 148

seedless, stewed CD 492

thorn berries cannot be made into 5T 103

thorns do not produce 5T 129

unfermented juice of, wholesome drink Te 93

EGW would not sell, to winery Te 99

wine, on land purchased by EGW Te 99

Grape juice

Grape juice, pure and unfermented, Christ provided feast of Cana with DA 149; MH 333; Te 98

Christ’s blood best represented by DA 149; Te 97

Lord’s Supper requires 6BC 1090

new wine DA 149

Scriptures sanction use of MH 333

wholesome drink CD 436; Te 93


Grapevine See Vine


Grasping, selfish, for reward 2SM 184

Grasping disposition

Grasping disposition, truth reproached by 2T 542

Grasping spirit

Grasping spirit, Huram of Tyre had 2SM 175-6

seeking large wages 2SM 185

warning against 2BC 1027-8; TM 395


1. Blades (spires) of

2. Miscellaneous


1. Blades (spires) of

children’s minds should be directed to CT 188; 2T 584

Christ’s message in COL 19

do not refuse to grow because they are not trees FE 48

God does not dwell personally in 8T 265

“God is love” is written on PP 600

God makes Te 290

with as much care as He does a world 4T 572

God’s love expressed on AH 223

God’s love written on SC 10

have their ministry DA 20

lessons from ML 140

reminders of creation CG 533

testify of God 3BC 1141; 8T 260

theme for study 4T 581

tokens of God’s love 5BC 1087; SD 75

2. Miscellaneous

Christ interpreted COL 19

clothes fields with beauty LS 87

Creator of springing, point the sick to 7T 85-6

field of, dream re 2T 596

God causes, to grow 8T 260

God notices and cares for DA 313

God’s love expressed by MH 266

green color of, God’s purpose in 5BC 1087; CG 55; SD 75

has its ministry DA 20; Ed 103

in new earth EW 18; ML 354; 2SG 53; 1T 68

of field, Adam’s sin affected Ed 27

lesson from Ev 149

on another world EW 39

springing, appointed errand performed by LS 87; ML 130

teaches lessons re God’s love MM 233

testifies to God’s love and care 8T 325

tiny spear of, bursting through ground 6BC 1067-8

God supervises MM 7

God fashions with care the MYP 144


willingness of, to grow though not a stately tree TDG 243:4

work of, clothing the fields with beauty 1MCP 115:1

Grasshopper, Grasshoppers

Grasshopper, Grasshoppers, earth’s inhabitants as, before God 1T 536


See Appreciation


Gratification, selfish, last precept of Decalogue forbids SD 65

sinful, results of indulging GC 474

Spirit can make little impression on people indulging GC 474

See Indulgence; Senses, gratification of

Gratiot County, Mich.

Gratiot County, Mich. LS 185; 2T 12


Gratitude, children’s, for parents PK 245

constant, cherish spirit of 3T 321

Christ’s death should be a theme for PP 289

deepens as it is given expression CS 80

express, for blessings you have MH 257

expressions of: be intelligent, systematic, and continuous in 5T 271-2

God’s gift of Christ calls for tangible CS 22

should not be controlled by impulse or feeling 5T 272

should not be left to chance 5T 272

few hearts full of, for honor of working for God 6T 426

God watches for some return of, from His people MB 84

Hezekiah’s, for divine healing PK 342

Israel’s, to Gideon for deliverance from Midianites PP 555

lesson re, from healing of ten lepers 5T 315

let, ascend as sweet perfume to heaven MH 253

let God’s precious blessings awaken MYP 409

life-giving power found in Ed 197

little, expressed to God SC 103

loving, due to God for His daily bounties 4T 222

man owes to God CH 594

for all His mercies PP 187

man’s, as ripple compared with God’s great tide of love 9T 60

offerings of See Thank offerings

one out of ten lepers expressed, for healing by Christ DA 347-8; ML 170; 3T 179-80

physician should direct patient to show to God, for healing MM 149-50; 6T 232

prospered believers who fail to show, to God 2T 599-600

pure words of, unbelievers often convicted by MYP 424

remember with, blessing of health 5T 315

safeguards health MH 281

show to God: for favors received 3T 539-40

for His continual blessings MH 253

for good gifts of His providence PP 525

shown to God: by faithfulness in tithes and offerings AA 75; 5T 150

by giving means to help the suffering 9T 50

by helping His poor PK 652; 9T 50

by liberality in offerings 9T 132

by self-sacrificing efforts to tell others of Him CS 18-9

Simon the leper’s, to Christ for healing DA 557

spirit of, promotes health MH 251

temporal blessings should be received with SD 122

to God Ed 206; FE 370; TM 226

tokens of, Christ appreciates DA 564

true religion is full of 4T 223

youth’s later, for care of godly parents 1T 403

See also Thankfulness

Gratitude offering

Gratitude offering See Thank offering

Grave, Graves

Grave, Graves, all alike go down into GC 544

all persons in, claimed by Satan as captives PP 478

all will be brought forth from GC 544

decoration of, spending vast sums of money for DA 618

epitaphs that might be written over many MH 302

expensive monuments for, evil of erecting DA 618

gates of, opened by Christ’s resurrection to all His followers PK 702

gloom of, only light that can lighten DA 211

gospel workers now in, harvest reaped from seed sown by Ed 306

man’s condition while in COL 270

men thirsted for assurance of life beyond, when Christ was born DA 32

many ministers are digging, with teeth 4T 408

opened at Christ’s resurrection, few DA 787

parents’ pathway to, children should smooth AH 361, 363-4

passage through, Christ brightened LS 253

persons who go down into, are in silence GC 550

power of, never broken until Moses’ resurrection PP 478

present truth to persons appearing as hopeless as if in 6T 442

prison house of Satan’s captives GC 659-60; PP 478

religion’s, some people make business become 6T 196

robbed of victory at second advent EW 287; GC 644; PK 239

treasures of this life cannot be carried to Ev 243

untimely, persons who are bringing themselves to SD 61

See also Death; Resurrection


aged sister promised triumph in coming forth from TDG 313:3

digging, with teeth, closing heaven TDG 123:5

faith that reaches beyond, is a gift HP 221:4

friends going into, are beautiful to us HP 353:4

Lifegiver coming to break fetters of 3SM 430:5

marker called attention to God HP 235:5

saints called from, to glorious immortality FW 115:2

shadows of, hope and faith strengthen for TMK 362:2

sinner goes to, in remorse OHC 201:4

voice of Christ penetrates, at second advent LHU 373:5

witness to sinners even from the HP 235:4


Graveclothes, Christ folded and carefully put His, in proper place in tomb COL 358; DA 789

Graven image

Graven image See Image

Graving tool

Graving tool, Aaron used, in making golden calf TM 99-100


Gravy, highly seasoned, destroys relish for plain, wholesome diet 4aSG 130

milk, EGW could not eat CD 494

rich: not good for children CD 235, 332, 340; 4aSG 129

objectionable food 2SM 420

with highly seasoned flesh foods 2SM 413

Gray, Sister

Gray, Sister CD 492

Gray hair

Gray hair See Hair

Graysville, Tenn.

Graysville, Tenn. 7T 231-4

Graysville Academy

Graysville Academy See Southern Missionary College; Southern Training School


Grease, camp-meeting diet should be free from 2T 602

children injured by food prepared with 2SM 427

children should avoid CD 239

children’s diet should be free from 2SM 471

children’s digestive organs injured by 2SM 427

cooked in food, hinders digestion CH 114

diet free from, blessing of 2T 45

diet without, persons with diseased livers need 2T 67

food preparations defiled by 2T 63

eat only food that is free from CD 354

family that needed to dispense with 2T 62

foods prepared without, appetite that does not relish 2T 67

foods should be prepared free from CH 115; 2T 485

fried potatoes objectionable because of CD 323, 354

fruits should be prepared free from 2T 62, 352, 486

grains should be prepared free from 2T 62, 352

healthful dishes can be prepared free from CD 407

keep, out of food 2T 63

vegetables should be prepared free from 2T 62, 486

See also Butter; Fat; Lard; Oil


food to be free from 3SM 274:4

pie crust with, how can God’s blessing be asked on? 3SM 275:2

Greasy food

Greasy food, JW and EGW could not eat, in 1850 2SG 143-4

Greasy mixture, Greasy mixtures

Greasy mixture, Greasy mixtures of food, EGW did not serve CD 491


Great, desire to do something, do not overlook smaller tasks awaiting you in MYP 96

Great Britain

Great Britain, Christianity took root early in GC 62

earthquake of Lisbon felt in GC 304

SDA work in 2SM 358; 8T 38

suffering colony of, illustration of 8T 24

See also Britain; England

Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan

Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan (by EGW), adapted especially to new believers CM 129; Ev 366

angels prepare way for CM 123-4

assurance that, can be sold CM 129

calls attention to important events in closing scenes of earth’s history CM 128

circulation of, as deterrent to Sunday-law movement CM 123

results of CM 128-30

should be wider than that of any other book of EGW CM 127

colporteurs should sell CM 88, 123-4, 130

contains truth for this time CM 124

foreshadows great conflict before us GC 11

God speaks to His people through CM 129

God will use, in closing work of gospel CM 128-9

historical quotations used in GC 11-2

introductory chapter of 1SM 24-5

last message of warning given plainly in CM 127

light given in, for God’s people CM 123-30

needed now as never before CM 123

object of GC 11-2

predictions in, fulfillment of CM 128-9

presents history of Christian church GC 11-2

sale of, human devising has blocked CM 129

should be sold everywhere CM 124

use of, in miss. work Ev 259, 277, 452; Te 262

wide circulation should be given to CM 123-4, 127-30

writing of, angels present during CM 128

in April of 1888 5T 625, 628

written by illumination of Spirit CM 127; GC 10-2


appointed to stand in its lot and place PM 206:2

chapter in, recommended for accusers UL 114:4

circulation of, to be increased PM 355

delay in publishing (vol. 4), devised by Satan PM 355:1

Ellen White,

pleased with manufacture of (1911) 3SM 123:2

was moved to write; scenes coming suddenly 3SM 413:1

future scenes in, will come suddenly 3SM 113:4

manuscript of, Ellen White read; she requested first book 3SM 112:4

Marian Davis working on 1888 edition of 3SM 111:2

needed by church and world; final scenes 3SM 414:1

place of (vol. 4), among SDAs and world PM 355:2

printing costs for, paid partly by Ellen White 3SM 123:4

publishing of, delayed unjustly for two years PM 237:2

quality planned in publication of (1891 Ms) 3SM 113:2

revision of, (1911) improving statements for non-SDAs 3SM 123

suppression planned for, and for Patriarchs and Prophets PM 207

urgently needed to prepare people 3SM 113:3

value of, to Ellen White; circulation important 3SM 123:3

warnings in, needed by professed believers 3SM 114:4

wording changes for, approved by Ellen White 3SM 124:1

worldwide circulation of (1891 Ms) 3SM 113:3

writing of, scenes for, presented anew to Ellen White 3SM 123:3


See Self

Greatest human teacher

Greatest human teacher, Paul as Ed 66

Greatest men

Greatest men, world’s, not beyond God’s wonder-working power AA 140

trying to pick SDA doctrines to pieces Ev 69

Greatest minds

Greatest minds, criticism of, every portion of truth taken by SDA will bear Ev 69


Greatness, Christian’s honoring God by simple and practical experience in everyday life is 8T 305

do not expect, in Christ’s service in this life 2T 516

exalted, heirs of salvation rewarded with 4T 526

God does not estimate, according to man’s rule COL 364

how God measures Ed 175

human, can never save a soul from death DA 43

John the Baptist’s DA 100, 219; CT 445

only, is that of humility DA 650

seek true goodness rather than 5T 242

true (real) PK 514-21

as estimated in heaven DA 436

Bible contains principles that lie at foundation of all ML 24

can dispense with outward show DA 242

characteristics of DA 437

consists in true goodness PK 521

fear of God lies at foundation of all FE 82

goodness alone gives 4T 541

loving service and true humility constitute DA 644

measured by man’s power to subdue his feelings CT 222; PP 568; 4T 656

measured by moral worth DA 613

obedience and humility are qualities of GC 456

path of humility leads to PK 515

soul in which Christ abides develops MM 143

true goodness is accounted of heaven as 2T 305

what constitutes, in God’s sight DA 219; MH 478; ML 56; MYP 329; PP 572

worldly, Christ disappointed men’s hope of DA 299

David’s ambition for PP 746-7

youth who seek, while disconnecting from God MYP 256


acts of, may never be required HP 300:2

attention to little things makes OHC 227:5

boasted, strength is in God, not in TDG 352:2

Christ served those who had disputed about TDG 192:6

Christ’s gentleness is the only way of OHC 114:4

disciples’ dispute about, left them incapable of solemn things RC 261:2

fall from, by ignoring sin and permitting praise TSB 91:2

feeling of, by an undisciplined musician 3SM 334:2; VSS 424:2

gifts used for God’s glory determine TDG 102:5

God the only true source of HP 368:3

goodness alone is true CC 197:4

goodness instead of; desire of Ellen White for Willie TDG 190:5


precedes CME 46:4

will be only, of Christ’s kingdom TDG 356:2

magnitude of experience not a measure of UL 250:5

manual labor not inconsistent with true CC 342:3

moral, God moved Elijah from place to place to develop UL 170:4

obedience is an element of OHC 264:3

Samuel’s mother prayed for his character, not for RC 195:3

spiritual excellence constitutes UL 136:2

wanting, relates to holding negative spirit 1MCP 44:1

Great person, Great persons

Great person, Great persons, conduct of, in God’s sight SD 271

do not labor to become ML 310

exalting men as, warning against SD 70

few, why God can use 5T 80

will be engaged in last solemn work 5T 80

highest of world’s, will be brought in contact with truth Ev 69

in Christ’s kingdom, who shall be DA 434-7

in difficulty, desire to satisfy their minds without appeal to God FE 409

little things that make, in God’s sight 4T 543

lives of, lessons from Ed 51-70

many of, are self-sufficient and independent of God 5T 80

no, among SDA Ev 134

opinions of, Scripture teachings must not be made secondary to FE 182

opinions of so-called, no reason for trusting in and exalting MH 449

Paul’s ministry to, in Athens AA 233-42

reached best by simplicity Ev 557

simple words of humble worker often refresh Ev 443

simplicity of gospel attracts Ev 557

strange fire mingled with the sacred by FE 409

truly: are invariably modest 4T 338

humility sits naturally as garment on 4T 338

marks of, things that are not MYP 66-7

persons who are never MYP 66

things that make PK 30-1; SD 253

will hear of SDA through reports of their enemies Ev 560

will surely fail unless faithful to God 4aSG 101

world’s: Christ’s servants will be brought before DA 354

how gospel will be brought to DA 354

light is to be brought before Ev 560

never had such teacher as Christ’s disciples had DA 250

not beyond God’s wonder-working power MH 216; 6T 82-3

presentation of truth to AA 241

SDA will be called to witness before Ev 560

simple words of persons who love God often refresh MYP 203

truth has been misrepresented to DA 354

truth will be accepted by many of 6T 82-3

truths of Scripture must be brought before AA 241

will lead us astray if we are not thorough Bible students 5T 546

you must climb to become FE 87

Great Sea

Great Sea (Mediterranean Sea) PP 471

Great thing, Great things

Great thing, Great things, God longs to have His people expect, from Him COL 146

God willing to do, for His people 2BC 1003


Grecia See Greece

Grecian, Grecians

Grecian, Grecians, class of Jews commonly known as AA 87

of Acts 6:1, Jewish residents of other countries SR 259

Grecian Jew, Grecian Jews

Grecian Jew, Grecian Jews, antagonism between Palestinian Jews and AA 87

spoke Greek AA 97; SR 259-60


Greece, crown removed from Israel passed in succession to Ed 179

fall of, lesson from PK 548

one of world’s great empires PK 535

oracles of Ev 603; PP 684

Paul’s labor in AA 243

rise and fall of, prophecy traced Ed 177; PK 535

sages of, Paul’s labors before AA 462


Greed, all, must be overcome 4T 607

avaricious: corrupts man’s humanity MB 89

for wealth exerts fascinating and bewitching influence MB 89

perverts man’s nobility MB 89

caused Jews to be despised by heathen COL 293; PK 20

demon of, Judas Iscariot surrendered soul to Ed 92

for gain: Israel was corrupted by DA 583

mind controlling mind to gratify MH 243

prevailing just before second advent PK 651

results of cherishing PP 496

for money, leads to dishonest practices MH 171

heinous character of DA 295

miserly, world is cursed by CS 139

relentless, gave birth to universal distrust in Christ’s time Ed 75

spirit of, chased from heart by Christ PK 60

warning not to foster CS 238

warnings against 1T 482

See also Avarice; Covetousness; Cupidity


dishonesty results from UL 21:2

publishing office to be cleansed of PM 111:2

spiritual injury from; poverty will come unless converted PM 280:0

witness by opposing, in associations TDG 201:4


Greedy, how men become GW 341-2

Greedy sinner

Greedy sinner, closes door to good which might be done CS 29

Greek, Greeks

Greek, Greeks, athletic games among: in honor of their gods CD 27

self-denial practiced by contestants in MH 129

See also Athletic games; Olympic games

believed that human race needed elevating AA 244

cross of Christ was foolishness to AA 240

culture and learning of AA 233-42

denounced as heathen by Jewish priests DA 61

dwelling on seacoast, were keen traders AA 349

extremely licentious in NT times AA 192

inquired of Philip concerning Christ DA 293

inquiry of, showed Christ the result of His Sacrifice UL 110:3

interview of, with Christ DA 621-6

interviewing Christ, came from West DA 621

millions of, need truth for this time LS 305

public religious feasts of 6BC 1090

sought after wisdom AA 240; FE 333

Greek classic, Greek classics

Greek classic, Greek classics, study of MH 443

Greek language

Greek language, Grecian Jews spoke AA 97; SR 259-60

inscription in, on Christ’s cross DA 745

knowledge of: needed for some callings FE 468; MH 444

not needed by all or many students FE 468; MH 444

not essential to higher education FE 468

NT Scriptures published in, by Erasmus in 1516 GC 245

not wise to send SDA youth to universities to learn FE 467

OT Scriptures translated into, before Christ was born DA 33

some people must study FE 468

spoken throughout Roman Empire in Christ’s time DA 33

Stephen spoke AA 97; SR 260

study, without use of corrupt and corrupting literature MH 444

study of FE 467-8; MH 443-4

in colleges and universities FE 467; MH 443

in SDA schools CT 218

subjects more important than, in schools CT 218; MH 444

Greek scholar, Greek scholars

Greek scholar, Greek scholars, needed at times FE 468

Greek tragedy, Greek tragedies

Greek tragedy, Greek tragedies, study of MH 443


Green, living: earth clothed with CT 54, 185; ML 175

grass of, on another world EW 39

most restful color to eye 5BC 1087; SD 75

tall grass of, in world to come EW 18; 1T 68


remember the One who clad the world in TDG 86:2

Greenbush, Mich.

Greenbush, Mich. 1T 596, 599


Greenhouse, warm and sunny, for plants and flowers MH 275


Greenland, earthquake of Lisbon felt by GC 304


Greens, mustard leaves recommended as CD 324

thistle leaves as CD 324

yellow dock leaves recommended as CD 324

young dandelion leaves recommended as CD 324

Green Springs, Ohio

Green Springs, Ohio LS 161; 2SG 265

Green Vale, Ill.

Green Vale, Ill. 2SG 218

Greenville, Mich.

Greenville, Mich. LS 174, 182, 186, 188; 1T 575, 595, 600, 639-40, 694, 707, 710; 2T 18, 22, 268


Paul sent, from the saints in Caesar’s household RC 358:6

Gregory VII

Gregory VII, pope GC 57-8, 97, 581

Gregory XI

Gregory XI, pope GC 85-6

Gregory XIII

Gregory XIII, pope GC 273

Grief, Griefs

Grief, Griefs, Abraham courteous in his ML 192

all, work together for good MH 489; ML 185

antidote for 2SM 274

Spirit will teach you how to use MH 248

cannot remedy any evil AH 431; SD 168

cause of, will be removed GC 650

Christ’s heart opened to our MB 12

Christ’s uncontrollable, when riding into Jerusalem DA 575-6; 5T 258

demonstration of, that was only pretense DA 533

do not abandon yourself to, in bereavement 2SM 268

excessive, nervous diseases caused by 3BC 1146; LS 270-1

vital forces often sapped by 3BC 1146; LS 270-1

God sympathizes with our DA 24

great harm can be done by AH 431; SD 168

hard to bear, all have SC 119

noisy demonstrations cause angels to hide faces in 5T 313

over things church members do and say to you 8T 129-30

piercing man’s soul, vibrates to Father’s heart DA 356

souls burdened with, angels fly swiftly to aid MB 119; PK 176

tends to break down health MH 241

unavailing, life made nearly useless by 5T 313

uncontrollable: blood caused by, to rush to brain 1T 577

giving way to, warning against 5T 313

nosebleed caused by 1T 577

useless, will not bring back the dead LS 253

why some people’s hearts are filled with SC 116

See also Mourning; Sadness; Sorrow; Weeping


angels come near when sympathy is given hearts in TMK 335:3

cheerfulness in spite of 2MCP 662:1

Christ felt, as humans do OHC 57:3

Christ offers to soothe; we need not doubt TMK 225:3

digestion prevented by; body is malnourished 2MCP 461:3

do not encourage OHC 64:3

evil cannot be remedied by 1MCP 63:0

God sees, and knows how to apply balm TMK 268:2

God takes, when you cast it on Him TDG 194:6

indulging in, shows selfishness HP 273:3

loving to dwell on 2MCP 461:2

rest in God despite 2MCP 662:1

shut out forever from eternity OHC 158:6

spirit of rest in God to be cultivated in UL 102:2

talking of the goodness of the Lord as a cure for VSS 132:3

undue, displeasing to God; accept providence TDG 302:5

See also Mourning; Sorrow

Grievance, Grievances

Grievance, Grievances, be careful not to magnify your EW 106-7

do not accumulate SD 144

do not tell private, to neighbors AH 38

little EW 120

persons who magnify MYP 280

make it a rule not to talk 3T 96

manufactured, many AH 38

multiplicity of your, God is not perplexed by ML 292

personal, dwelling on DA 431

petty, persons who will not feel daily occurrence of 1T 509

that should be kept to yourself TM 330

remedy for, God has provided MH 249

supposed, Absalom brooded two years over PP 729

thinking of your, never pays MH 492

JW cautioned not to write his 3T 98


cease dwelling on UL 314

Christ’s rules for, apply also for those not involved HP 292:3

destructive atmosphere of; hunting up and telling OHC 239:5

everyone has, so speak pleasant words OHC 294:2

everyone meets with; bring sunshine VSS 64:2

magnifying supposed; nursing wrath 2MCP 517:3

refuse to hear, about a brother or friend 2MCP 439:3

See also Complaining; Forgiveness