EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


God (Part 3 of 9)

remember that, is wherever you are MH 490

representative of, man was placed over lower orders of beings as PP 45

representatives of, poor people sent to men as 3T 383

requirements of, are reasonable 2T 582

requires of us: no more or less than He has given us ability to do COL 362

nothing that He will not give us grace to perform 5T 171

results of communion with, through humble prayer CSW 40

revealed to Israel as: God of love MB 45

tender Father and all-powerful King PP 317

reveals Himself: in book of nature PP 596

in His word PP 596

reveals to men as much of His purposes as it is for their good to know 5T 302

revelation of 1SM 290-5

Christ as 1SM 292

given in His word is for our study 8T 279

Isaiah was given PK 312

revelation of love of, centers in cross of Christ 8T 287

reverence for, increases as we learn more of Him 8T 283

true, is inspired by sense of His infinite greatness Ed 242; GW 178

reverence that should be shown in addressing 1T 410

rewards people who seek Him 5T 651-2

robbing, of talents and influence 5T 434

of thought and devotion 5T 434

rule and government of, all kings, rulers, and nations are under FE 505

rules over His kingdom with diligence and care CT 454

Satan attributed to, desire for self-exaltation DA 21-2

Satan clothes, with his own attributes DA 276; GC 534; 5T 738

Satan leads men to conceive of, in false character GC 583

Satan leads men to regard: as arbitrary, severe, and unforgiving 5T 738

as author of sin, suffering, and death PK 311

as being whose chief attribute is stern justice SC 11

as hard and exacting COL 204

as harsh and exacting creditor SC 11

as severe and tyrannical GC 500

as severe and unforgiving DA 22; PP 615; SC 10-1

as severe judge SC 11

as stern judge DA 356

Satan leads men to serve, from fear GC 569

Satan led men to fear, as one delighting in their destruction DA 115

Satan led men to fear and hate GC 10

Satan manufactures diversions to keep men from thinking about CT 456

Satan misrepresented DA 115, 276; 5T 738

to Adam and Eve PP 54; SR 34; 5T 738

to angels GC 495-6; PP 35-43

Satan represents: as delighting in man’s destruction PK 685

as lacking in compassion and pity SC 116

as revengeful and implacable FE 176

as revengeful tyrant EW 219; GC 534

as selfish and oppressive DA 57

Satan sought to lead men to regard, as author of sin, suffering, and death PK 311

Satan whispers that it is no use to pray to MB 115

Satan’s charges against, Christ refuted DA 26, 761; GC 502; SD 139

science as aid to understanding PP 116

Scriptures testify to constant working of, in nature Ed 130

second commandment of Decalogue forbids worship of, by images or similitudes PP 306

secrecy in which, dwells and works cannot be penetrated by mortal mind 5T 302; 8T 285

secrets of, human beings are not to intrude into MH 429

seeks not to punish but to redeem MB 22

sees: end from beginning DA 606; PP 43, 78; TM 336

everything in creation SC 97; 3T 323

most remote events in past history 1BC 1099

not as man sees 2T 11

self-denial of, in giving Christ to save man 1SM 342; 3T 369

self-existing, breathed breath of life into man 8T 264

selfishness is especially offensive to SC 30

self-pleasing men came to regard, as one like themselves Ed 75

sends rain and sunshine FE 414

service of, as opposite from Satan’s service as light is from darkness 5T 199

is not heart-saddening and distressing SC 103

SDA teachers should be acquainted with, by experimental knowledge CT 248

severity of, manifested by His providences to save the wayward MB 22

significance of endearing title of, as “Our Father” GC 652

simple means will be used by, to perfect His work TM 300

sin-hating, calls all men who claim to keep His law to depart from evil PK 416

sits: above cherubim Ed 178

between cherubim MB 121; PK 176; 5T 754

enthroned above distractions of earth MH 417

skill and power of, revealed in His created works 2T 584

sophistries re, flood world with skepticism CT 390; 8T 292

soul’s highest desire should be to glorify 1T 436

sovereignty of: involves fullness of blessing to all created beings PP 33

is supreme LS 321

Israel was to bear testimony to PP 528

well-being of man is bound up with 5T 737

speak of, in most respectful and reverential manner ML 282

speaks through: His appointed agencies TM 54

His created works DA 638; SC 85-6

speaks to men in His word SC 87

speaks to men through: His providential workings SC 87

Spirit’s influence on heart SC 87

speculative theories re, mislead souls 8T 293

warning against Ev 600; MH 427

spiritualistic theories re: followed to logical conclusion sweep away whole Christian economy MH 428-9; 8T 291-2

make His grace of no effect MH 428; 8T 291

make His word of no effect MH 429; 8T 291

stands: back of every promise He has made COL 147

toward His people in relation of a father COL 282

strange work to, work of destruction is COL 190

strict and impartial justice of, revealed in His dealings with His people PP 469

struggle for, giving up Son to die for guilty race was PP 63

supervision of, over all His created works 1SM 294-5

supplies power to live holy life SC 51

supremacy of, above all earthly rulers 9T 93-4

supreme regard of, church is object of TM 15

supreme rulership of, above all earthly rulers 9T 94

must be revealed to the persistently disobedient 9T 93

sustains and gives us life and health 2T 611

sways scepter of universe 5T 337

swears by Himself 1T 202-3

take, at His word 4T 539; MYP 198

takes no delight in vengeance PP 139

tastes sorrows and disappointments of every soul MB 105

teaches men to call Him Father GW 210

theory that, is essence pervading all nature is satanic 8T 291

theories re, Christ did not direct people to study men’s COL 23

there is no, save living God, the Creator PK 253

things not revealed by, what to do re 5T 302

things of nature point to, as Creator CT 54; MB 26-7

thought of, nature is expression of MH 413; 8T 263

thoughtless mention of, that dishonors Him PP 306-7

three ways in which, teaches His people 4T 12-3

throne of, justice and mercy are attributes of 5T 174

titles of, never treat lightly MB 106

to know, is to love Him DA 22

to lift curtain that conceals divine presence of, is death 5T 302

too good to be unjust CW 118

too pure to behold iniquity 2T 447

too wise to err CW 118; SC 96; 1T 120

trifling with, warning against 6BC 1079; CD 411; LS 198; PP 441; 1T 140, 152; 2T 40, 221, 263; 3T 73, 272, 303, 444; 4T 191, 197, 214, 232; 5T 234, 300, 679; TM 427

true, as distinguished from all false gods PP 307; SR 330

Joseph directed attention of king and great men of Egypt to PP 222

knowledge of MH 409-26

unconverted man thinks of, as unloving, severe, and revengeful 1SM 183

understands men’s motives and purposes 4T 534

understands your: necessities SD 268

weaknesses and temptations 3T 239-40

unveiled glory of, mortal man cannot look on 4T 533

unwearied working of, as first great cause PP 509

upholds: unnumbered worlds throughout immensity SC 86

worlds by His power MM 9

upholds and uses constantly things He has made MH 416

uses natural laws continually as His instruments PP 114

utter inability of human beings to explain MM 92

variety of means used by, to lead men to repent 4T 176

vast domain of, our world is little atom in TM 324

very life of, is outflow of unselfish love MB 77

vicegerent of, king of Israel was to be PP 603

vindicated by way He has dealt with sin GC 504

vindication of, in final judgment DA 58

vision of, sitting on sapphire throne PK 536

voice of: cannot be disregarded with impunity 4T 197

how to know, from voice of stranger 5T 512

is heard in Scriptures 5T 512

is heard through Spirit’s appeals making impressions on heart 5T 512

revealed in His providential workings 5T 512

Satan’s voice is so disguised that it is accepted as 5T 512

waits with yearning love to receive returning prodigal GW 157

walk and talk with, individually 6T 253

watchcare of, encircles every individual 5T 742

watches for some return of gratitude from us MB 84

watches over: human body and keeps it in motion CH 586

us with more tenderness than mother does over afflicted child CS 17

ways of, not our ways 2T 633

weighs motives and tries heart 5T 652

what it means to call, our Father MB 105

what men are to know of, is revealed in His word and works LS 94

whatever interferes with service due to, is made a god PP 305

whatever men cherish that tends to lessen affection for, is made a god PP 305

whatever takes away supreme love for, takes form of idol 1T 436

when men rob, they rob themselves also 5T 272

whispers His love to: gray-haired sire in his dotage 2SM 316

little trusting child 2SM 316

whole world is engaged in robbing 6T 388

why, enshrouded Himself in awful clouds of mystery and obscurity 5T 302

will interpose in special manner for His own honor and His people’s salvation 5T 525

will interpose to vindicate His honor and to deliver His people COL 178

will not always be mocked 5T 234

will of, all created beings live by DA 785; SD 237

seek entire conformity to CT 35

will stand fully vindicated in final judgment GC 670

will work in manner very much out of common order of things in final work TM 300

willingness of, to forgive and accept the repentant PK 334

to forgive and save PK 466

wisdom of: all created things testify to MH 419

can decide questions far better than we can TM 323

is infinite SL 75; 2T 72

is unerring 1T 545

is unsearchable 8T 261

men of science think they can comprehend PP 114

no finite mind can comprehend PP 116

stretches beyond into infinity 4T 414

treasures of, man will never exhaust SC 109

wise men exalt nature and laws of nature above 8T 257

wisest man cannot comprehend, apart from Christ CT 66

witnesses every word or deed of men 3BC 1153; MH 490

word of, contains knowledge of Himself He has seen fit to reveal MM 91

words and acts of, Satan misrepresents GC 497

work of, everywhere are seen tokens of 3T 455

works of: are beyond men’s comprehension GC 522

cannot be explained by natural laws 8T 258

contain knowledge of Himself He has seen fit to reveal MM 91

finite minds cannot fully comprehend Ed 169; 5T 698

true science is in harmony with PP 115

works: continually for accomplishment of His designs PK 176

continually to benefit mankind DA 348

for conversion of souls TM 204

for souls who appreciate His favors and respond to light PK 253

His will through laws of nature PP 114

in His own way 2BC 1004

moment by moment to keep men alive CS 224; MH 112

out counsels of His own will silently and patiently Ed 173

through calm, regular operation of His appointed laws TM 190

through laws of nature continually 8T 259

works in fruit orchard and vegetable garden 6T 186

works through laws and properties of nature 6T 186

world beheld, in Christ TM 123

world knows not, in its human wisdom 8T 257

worship, as He is revealed in Christ, in His word, and in nature 5T 174

with reverence and awe 5T 268

worship and serve, and Him only SD 56

worship of, second commandment of Decalogue enjoins PP 306

See also Church service; Worship

worthy of praise and imitation, sits on throne of universe MB 41

wounds only that He may heal TM 23

written word makes men better acquainted with 8T 328

wrong conceptions of 5T 633

yearning of, for the transgressor 8T 275

yearns over His erring children PK 413

you are dependent on, whatever your position DA 209

you cannot burden or weary SC 100



in, constantly as was Christ’s experience HP 83:3

influence from, for those reaching out to Him FLB 225:6

of, in the soul temple, conditions and results of OHC 105

abilities supplied by HP 302:3

Abraham directed household to CC 49:2

acceptance by,

all coming in the name of Jesus receive 3SM 180:0


by Scripture FW 105:4

for those who fear Him UL 73:3

only through Christ 3SM 199:3; TDG 118

while His throne endures 2MCP 462:1

because He sees precious material AG 67:6


alone gives, but good works rewarded 3SM 200:1

has cut through the shadow LHU 109:4

is pledge of FW 107:2; RC 76:3

cleanliness required for 3SM 273:3

comply with conditions and believe in OHC 119:6

depending on Christ’s merits for TMK 158:2

depends on Christ’s worthiness, not ours OHC 344:5

desired by some who shut themselves away UL 22:5

doubting FLB 102:3; RC 75:4


do not show, HP 131:3

not evidence TSB 257:3

of, before death TDG 268

for every soul serving in sincerity TDG 216:2

for seeking Him, not because of capabilities HP 68:4

grace of Christ through faith, the only way of OHC 78:2

in the beloved OHC 51:5

in walking in light available to us FW 122:3

in withstanding tests as Jesus did TMK 32:4

knowing you have HP 144:2

learned OHC 72:3

means rest to the soul OHC 97:7

of all who surrender regardless of past UL 17:4

of workers for His name’s glory AG 150:3


claimed when tempted to doubt LHU 273:2

doubted because no evidence of 2MCP 808:4

requires more today; we have advanced light TDG 124:3

Sabbath is a sign of OHC 343:5

sin does not change, for prodigals LHU 299:5

success in evangelism does not indicate TSB 170:3

sure only through His Son OHC 118:4


Christ alone, not through works OHC 122:3

faith, repentance and baptism LHU 79:3

See also Christ, acceptance by; Condition, spiritual; God, standing before

accepting, confidently as your counselor TDG 204:2

accepts our service only if we follow Christ’s example 2MCP 716:4

access to,

Christ provided, for every soul TMK 98:2

does not depend on worldly importance TMK 270:4

through Christ’s righteousness TMK 82:4

accomplishes great things for us if we trust Him TDG 213:5

accountability to, See Accountability

accusations against, to be heard as in case of Satan 3SM 179:5


by, of those who are His HP 22:7

of, first business; then He will direct 1MCP 358:4

acquaintance with,

Christ saddened by those too busy for HP 8:4

humans left on earth to increase TMK 358:4

improve opportunities for TMK 262:3

See also God, knowledge of

acting as, publishers have been, authors deceived PM 232:2


by, after human agent acts his part UL 133:4

required by, to be concerted, self-restraint needed 3SM 24:3

seen by; youth to realize 1MCP 316:1

to honor or dishonor, seen as books opened UL 280:5

admonition of, refused by standing aloof from His agencies HP 97:4

affections separated from, is breaking first commandment TMK 322:3

agent in truth to save our souls TDG 50:5

altar of, humans receive celestial touch only at OHC 105:5

ambassadors for, See God, representatives of

anchored in OHC 330:2

and humans, See also Humans, divinity in; Humans, God, and

appeal of, to J. H. Kellogg UL 119:8

appeal of, to recognize love and accept righteousness TDG 278:4

appellations/names/descriptions of (some apply to Christ),

Almighty 3SM 133:1

Ancient of Days 3SM 398:1

Architect, great OHC 252:2, 253:3

Artist, heavenly OHC 283:3

Artist, master FLB 24:4; OHC 28:3, 251:2, 254:2; UL 201:3

Author, divine HP 349:2

Author of all good RC 41:3

Author of all things TMK 8:3

Author of all truth 3SM 39

Author of nature’s laws LHU 61:5; 3SM 309:0

Author of our being 2MCP 405:1

Author of salvation TMK 124:4

Author of the Bible OHC 35:2

Author of the law RC 62:3

Author of truth 3SM 188:2

Avenger of justice UL 378:6

Being, holy LHU 145:3

Being, infinite 3SM 306:1

Benefactor RC 321:2; TMK 105:4

Builder, master HP 31:3; TMK 151:5

Burden Bearer CC 256:5; TDG 23:4

Cause, first UL 278:3, 340:3

Center OHC 286:3

Chief Director (over institutions) PM 230:1

Companion HP 330:4; TDG 150:6, 232:2; UL 170:5

Companion, heavenly OHC 325:3

Counselor 1MCP 105:2, 226:6; OHC 44:5, 219:2, 354:3; PM 123:4; TDG 184:2, 285:3; TSB 32:1, 58:3

Counselor, safe RY 111:2

Counselor, true TDG 325:2

Counselor, unseen CL 27:1

Counselor, wise TDG 367:5

Creator CME 32:1; Con 10:2, 19:3, 24:2; HP 351:5; LHU 60, 62:5, 66:1; 1MCP 16:3, 136:0, 154:3; 2MCP 512:5; OHC 14:3, 223:1, 253:2, 254:2, 343:3; PM 100:4; RC 154:4, 338:2; 3SM 256:1, 284:1, 307, 393:0; TDG 40:3; TMK 145:2, 185:4; UL 306:2, 326:3, 335:1, 336:4

Creator, benevolent Con 10:2

Creator, great 1MCP 94:5

Crown of rejoicing TMK 146:4

Defense, sure UL 19:5

Dependence HP 330:4; UL 170:5

Designer, first 3SM 311:4; UL 340:4

Designer, great 3SM 311:3

Divine OHC 248:4; TMK 57:2

Efficiency, our TMK 170:4

Enlightener SW 74:1

Eternal Con 9:1, 38:1, 78:2; LHU 78:6; TMK 8:3, 31:3, 359:1

Example PM 177:2

Excellent in working TDG 32:4

Father (appears frequently)

Father, loving TMK 262:2, 263:3

Father of light RC 113:4

Father, tender OHC 85:2; TMK 263:2

Fortress TDG 24:4

Founder of His church UL 85:8

Fount, divine FW 88:2

Fountain of all good, Eternal, Uncreated TDG 266:6

Fountain of all knowledge 3SM 232:2

Fountain of life OHC 281:2

Fountain of wisdom HP 90:4

Friend TMK 146:4

Friend, best TMK 263:3

Friend, fast, unchanging TDG 367:5

Friend, never-failing FLB 229:6

Friend, our best PM 345:4

Friend, unchanging OHC 44:5

General, highest HP 259:5

Giver FW 87:3; HP 305:3; OHC 288:2; RC 174:5; RY 96:1; TDG 132:4, 200:4, 241; UL 327

Giver of all mercies and blessings SW 81:1

Giver of blessings CC 241:5; UL 65:2

Giver (of Christ) LHU 212:4

Giver of every good and perfect gift TMK 145:2

Giver (of talents) LHU 366:6

God Almighty TDG 308:2

God, eternal LHU 17:7

God, great and mighty 3SM 306:3

God, infinite 3SM 140:3; TMK 262:3

God, living 2MCP 672:4

God of heaven Con 24:2; FW 64:5, 75:0; PM 138:1; 3SM 398:2, 430:0

God of Israel Mar 203:4; TDG 114:3; TSB 84:1

God of our Salvation TMK 338:3

God of Sabaoth HP 118:4

God of truth RC 379:7

Governor, supreme TDG 314:2

Guardian of justice 2MCP 565:2; OHC 225:4

Guest, abiding TDG 150:6

Guest, heavenly HP 85:2

Guide HP 330:4; TDG 184:2; UL 170:5

Hand, leading TMK 252:4

Head TDG 26:4

Healer, great RC 254:3

Health of countenance OHC 266:5

Hearer of prayer TDG 22:3

Heart Searcher UL 44:4

Heaven OHC 164:4, 310:2, 326:4; 2MCP 595:3; RC 169:2; TDG 276:3; TMK 140:4

Helper HP 251:2; LYL 27:1; OHC 125:5, 339:3; TDG 24:4, 129:5, 309:2, 354:2; TMK 342:3; TSB 67:1

Helper, present TDG 82:4

Holy One HP 142:3; LHU 358:5; LYL 25:4; OHC 206:2; RC 119:5

Holy One of Israel LHU 60:3, 341:4; RC 338:4; UL 44:5, 312:2

Hope TMK 146:4

Hope, only LHU 366:4

Husbandman TMK 133:2

I AM CC 89:3; SW 24:1; TMK 101:2; UL 96:3, 326:4

Infinite Con 24:2; HP 94:7, 132:2; LHU 93:6, 106:1; 2MCP 732:3, 736:3; OHC 27:5, 153:5; RC 237:4; TMK 82:4, 325:3

Infinite One HP 31:2; LHU 37:5; Mar 235:2; OHC 252:2, 324:4; 3SM 118:4; TDG 158:5; TMK 20:4, 257:3

Infinite Wisdom OHC 170:3; RC 141:3

Instructor, willing TDG 112:4

Invisible UL 347:7

Jehovah Con 19:0, 29:1, 75:2; FW 29:1, 46:1, 55:2, 71:1, 77:1, 119:0; HP 18:2, 244:3; LHU 53, 78:5, 102:3, 152:4, 153:4, 259:3; Mar 191:2; 1MCP 98:2; 2MCP 563:1; OHC 262:4, 283:2, 343:1; RC 53:5, 57:3, 338; 3SM 136:1, 319:1, 424:3; SW 24:1; TDG 296:5, 306:4, 320:6; TMK 19:3, 31:3, 91:1, 101:1, 188:4, 211:1, 248:2, 288:1, 292:3, 294:1, 297:3, 303:3; TSB 106:2, 200:1

Jehovah, great FW 24:0

Judge 2MCP 565:2; UL 378:6

Judge, infallible HP 132:3; LHU 106:2; RC 113:3

Judge, righteous TMK 315:4

Judge of all the earth TSB 173:1

Justifier of Sinner AG 66:3

King 2MCP 434:2

King, heavenly HP 316:4, 356:1; OHC 19:5; TMK 200:4

King, invisible (of Israel) FLB 194:3

King of kings TMK 310:4

King of the universe TDG 91:2; TMK 310:4

Lawgiver FW 33:2; LHU 24:2; RC 52:6; 3SM 393:0; TDG 355:4

Leader HP 259:5; LHU 145:3; TMK 296:2

Lord God Almighty HP 241:3

Lord God Jehovah Mar 164:4

Lord God of heaven LHU 232:3

Lord God of Israel HP 343:2; 3SM 178:3; TDG 364:2; TMK 53

Lord God Omnipotent FLB 62:3

Lord God who judgeth Babylon 3SM 429:4

Lord Jehovah UL 340:6

Lord of heaven and earth OHC 288:2

Lord of hosts RY 98:0; TMK 145:2

Love, infinite OHC 11:4

Majesty, Infinite Con 9:1

Majesty of heaven HP 39:4; OHC 168:4; TSB 101:1; UL 225:2

Maker Con 20:0; HP 101:3, 221:3, 241:2; 1MCP 228:3; RC 300:7; SW 43:1; TMK 146:4; TSB 113:3

Maker and Upholder of all things TMK 316:3

Master OHC 265:4, 282:1; PM 386:4; RC 251:2; TDG 200:3; TMK 198:4, 324:2

Master of assemblies VSS 216:2

Master of the situation Mar 218:4

Master Worker PM 305:3

Mercy RC 321:3

Mighty One LHU 185:2, 361:3; RC 119:2; TDG 194:2

Mind and Hand, divine 1MCP 351:4

Monarch of the universe HP 81:6; LHU 339:8

Most High FW 119:0; HP 134:2, 173:2, 234:4, 338:3; 1MCP 98:2; 2MCP 563:1; OHC 19:5, 105:2, 274:2, 365:3; RC 53:2, 53:4, 54:1; SW 27:0; TDG 180:6; TMK 200:4, 310, 353:1; TSB 101:0, 147:1; UL 333:6, 341:5

Most High God TDG 237:3

Omnipotence FW 93:1; HP 69:4, 351:4; Mar 179:3; OHC 14:5, 127:3, 311:1; RC 235:4; TDG 131:4, 258:4; TMK 256:3; UL 41:2, 245:1

Omnipotent HP 345:5; Mar 302:5; TMK 18:2

Omniscient TMK 124:3; TSB 106:0; UL 96:2, 153:1, 326:1

Orderer of experiences UL 65:2

Physician TDG 129:6; UL 174:2

Potter OHC 335:4

Power, all-controlling (in salvation) FW 26:1

Power, infinite 2MCP 430:2

Power, supreme TDG 347:5

Power unseen by mortal eyes TDG 184:2

Presence, divine LHU 361:4

Proprietor of the universe TSB 73:1

Providence HP 325:3; RC 61:4, 343:4; TDG 47:5, 195:5, 252:3; TMK 365; UL 201:2

Provider UL 65:2

Rock of Ages OHC 251:4

Rock, eternal UL 315:7

Ruler AG 150:4; TMK 249:5

Ruler of all things HP 65:3

Ruler of His people 1MCP 263:2

Ruler of the Universe HP 345:4; TMK 234:3

Ruler, supreme UL 341:4

Saviour 1MCP 68:1

Saviour, faithful 2MCP 672:4

Shepherd, compassionate TMK 273:2

Source FLB 138:4; LHU 230:5; 3SM 130:1

Source, living, of wisdom and knowledge OHC 36:3

Source of all life PM 309:0

Source of all light 3SM 176:1; TMK 347:4; UL 171:2

Source of all light and divine knowledge FLB 312:6

Source of all power TMK 170:4

Source of all power and strength LHU 55:2

Source of all wisdom 3SM 306:3

Source of all wisdom and strength TDG 350:4

Source of happiness LHU 238:4

Source of help, only TDG 42:3

Source of light and understanding TMK 124:4

Source of power LHU 109:3; RC 169:2; TDG 80:3

Source of strength OHC 310:3; PM 69:2; RC 207:4; TDG 104:4

Source of strength and peace and happiness HP 90:4

Source of strength and wisdom TMK 252:4

Source of wisdom TMK 176:3

Sovereign CC 49:2; HP 189:3

Sovereign, mightiest TDG 220:5

Sovereign of heaven HP 214:3; UL 67:3

Sovereign of the universe HP 18:3; 3SM 256:1; TDG 264:3

Sovereign of the world UL 144:3

Sovereignty of the eternal throne TMK 38:5

Star in the East TDG 184:2

Strength OHC 125:5; TDG 24:4

Strength and shield, front and rear guard TMK 247:3

strong and mighty One OHC 9:3

Strong man armed 3SM 429:4

Stronghold UL 170:5

Sufficiency of the human agent HP 125:2

Taskmaster OHC 369:4; TSB 106:1

Teacher PM 177:2; TDG 286:4

Teacher, greatest TDG 112:4

Three great Powers of heaven HP 176:5

Tower of defense TMK 355:3

Tower, strong OHC 266:5

Truth OHC 203:3

Voice PM 192:3

Watcher TMK 234:2; TSB 246:1

Wisdom HP 348:4

Wisdom, infinite RC 300:2

Witness TMK 234:3

Witness, faithful TDG 13:2

Witness to every word uttered TMK 137:2

Wonderful in counsel TDG 32:4

Worker, divine UL 372:4; OHC 84:4, 91:2

Worker, master OHC 253:3


by, for earnest purpose TMK 324:5

for, developed in this life HP 160:3; TDG 87:4

for, endowed with attributes for TMK 206:5


only by grace through Christ 2MCP 533:4

only through one channel: Jesus TMK 260:4

requires humility, awe and faith AG 91:3

things of, as if understandable by finite powers TDG 103:3

with confidence of a child FLB 22:4

approval of,

all may have OHC 143:4

conditions for receiving HP 72:7

for our actions; or condemnation UL 23:3

for some the world counted insignificant FLB 370:4

how to attain VSS 340:2

impossible for apparently moral people TDG 222:5

poisons like tobacco make, impossible 1MCP 75:4

spiritually blind make tests that do not bear 1MCP 39:0

through merits of Christ TMK 96:3

we may so live to have TMK 140:4

work that will meet with OHC 187:6

See also God, acceptance by; God, signet of; God, smile of

arbitrary restrictions attributed to, by Satan in Eden Con 14:0

ark of the covenant, a symbol of FLB 194:3

arm of, strong to save, also strong to execute judgment TMK 356:4

armor of, examine self to determine whether clothed with RC 352:2

arms of, encircle the soul that turns to Him for aid RC 78:7

army of, children to enlist in TMK 42:2

art of humans cannot represent PM 219:5

ashamed when we complain UL 153:5


for what we need OHC 125:2

to withhold what is not good UL 369:2


in, although future may seem dark TDG 323:5

of working of, received by Ellen White 3SM 72:2

atmosphere of, breathed HP 7:5

attention of, undivided in Christ; plan of redemption 3SM 118:4


of humility, determination and praise before TDG 258:3

toward, when He did all possible to save us LHU 216:4

attraction to,

by His Spirit TMK 193:4

increases as we climb the spiritual ladder OHC 71:4

attributes of,

embodied in His Son TMK 111:2

heavenly agencies taught David concerning TDG 43:5

(in His nature) offered to reveal His image HP 335:4

known by Christ’s words, character, majesty etc TMK 38:4

revealed in life and works of Christ LHU 48:6

seen in,

His works forms acquaintance with Him 2MCP 732:3

nature, valued as we know the Creator 1MCP 16:3

truthfulness and integrity HP 179:6

audience with,

by reading and contemplating Scriptures HP 134:2

Holy Spirit helps in our HP 80:3

needed UL 340:2

authority of,

disobeying, not excusable RC 56:2

established at Christ’s death RC 60:3

exercised by Jesus TMK 38:5

sacred and unquestionable HP 90:5

aware of every emotion of repentant soul OHC 127:2

baby in Bethlehem as Son of, is hard to believe 3SM 128:1

baptismal pledge declares acceptance of, as our ruler AG 150:4

battles not supported by, because of irreverence 3SM 257:1

bearing likeness of, never to be exchanged for sophistry RC 124:6

bears long with His children UL 298:2

beauty loved by; perfecting beauty of character delights Him TMK 148:2


important to those who value walking with Him TMK 122:5

necessary to preach the message UL 308:4

belief in,

Noah was an example of RC 322:4

superior abilities from RC 164:5

See also God, taking


and trusting, completely is a gift HP 221:4

the sincerity of RC 57:4

benefits of, daily renewed, to be acknowledged TDG 258:3

benevolence of, exhausted in gift of Christ OHC 12:3

between Christian and, no earthly consideration is to come 2MCP 495:3

blaming, for results of transgression of natural law 2MCP 570:2

blessings of, See Blessings

body as well as soul made partaker of divine nature by TMK 331:5

books of, See Heaven, books of; Book of life

bound to,

catching inspiration TMK 150:3

through Christ’s sacrifice HP 78:2

bounties of, communicated by kindly words and deeds VSS 134:2

bowed accepting Christ’s sacrifice, humans saved by faith FW 72:1

bravery in, putting on the whole armor TMK 309:5

brightness of, as dark cloud filled with light; transfigured OHC 71:5

building of, to grow right for Him to be glorified 3SM 21:4

burdened by long faithless prayers TDG 285:2


borne more by, if we would ask RC 353:6

taken to TDG 23:4

call/invitation of,

above the ladder to come up higher OHC 71:4

assistance for humble workers who respond to CME 26:1

in tenderness TSB 261:2

neglected/unheeded, HP 346:4; UL 66:5

prepared for by learning to overcome difficulties 1MCP 366:0

presenting crown; fight the good fight 1MCP 105:4

refused when mind given to earthly things TDG 87:4

response depends on us LHU 221:5

to come as a parent encourages a child HP 18:5

to walk, talk and work closely with Him OHC 191:5

See also Call; Christ, call of; Work, missionary

capacity to know, Christ dealt with increasing UL 86:2

care of,

about His people UL 364:5

assurance strengthened by remembering TDG 58:2

assured to Ellen White by a beautiful sunset FLB 248:3

devotion, humility, contrition demanded by TMK 127:5

for creatures in His image greater than for birds HP 114:6

for every believing child FLB 38:2

for His people, UL 130:3

and His cause RC 351:2

seen in care of flowers OHC 28:4

for the sparrow although He is the Master Artist OHC 28:3

for us because He cares for the simple flowers TMK 148:5

known by those distrustful of their wisdom HP 97:5

over all His creatures HP 120:2

persecuted ones are objects of TDG 371:2

proportional to rank in creation UL 201:2

proved by those who are sweetened by affliction HP 273:2


by Christ discussing birds HP 114:5

to children through nature RC 174:4

woven into Moses’ experience UL 111:4

carelessness about, See God, trifling with

cause of, See God, work of

changeless, UL 102:5, 318:2, 327:4

although we feel unworthy; trust by faith LHU 280:2

but humans change their relationship to Him LHU 208:5

defilement in sanctuaries; strange fire Con 84:1

depression is not a sign of His change 2MCP 496:1

He views sin as He always has TSB 248:0

(immutable) HP 146:3

character (Christlike) reveals; profession is nothing TDG 25:3

character of,

abilities to be developed toward TDG 71:5

beauty in, discerned as we live to glorify Him OHC 324:5

beholding, changes us TMK 175:4


constantly beheld and revealed AG 322:3

in His life TMK 131:4, 156:2

learned about, from nature 3SM 238:0

revealed, by living out God’s law TMK 288:2

sustained, in weakness of human nature TMK 35:2


followers to reveal AG 322:4

life a perfect example of UL 363:8

clarifying, before the people is our work FW 61:4

communicate, to others; human agents TMK 45:2

conceptions of, mold entire spiritual life OHC 176:5

constantly beheld and revealed by Christ RC 214:5

contemplated in His created works HP 9:2

contemplating, benefit gained by OHC 339:3

cultivate qualifications to represent VSS 24:3

declare, in spirit and life as Moses did TMK 370:4

discern, in His promises TMK 213:3

disciples are to show TMK 98:5

enraptured with OHC 13:4

example provided of LHU 208:6


by Christian gentlemen gentle women TMK 126:2

in nature, but nature is not God TDG 273:2

faith and love invited by HP 16:4

false representation of TDG 40:4

grace in receiving RC 214:7

is His glory AG 322:2; RC 214:3

law is,

a transcript of, FW 90:1; HP 141:6; TMK 366:2; UL 126:2

as immutable as FW 42:3

as unchangeable as TMK 289:2

likeness to, attained by His grace OHC 71:5

meekness is proof of having a concept of TMK 122:3

misrepresented by,

Satan HP 8:2

unfaithful stewardship HP 302:5


incomplete representation of HP 16:6

insufficient to reveal HP 18:2

interprets, but some judge by opinions 3SM 309:2

perceptions of, by contemplating truth TMK 197:5

perfect obedience to law which shows 3SM 202:5

qualities, imperishable; we may possess them 3SM 310:3

reflecting, HP 186:2

as Christ reflected it RC 273:4

highest attributes of OHC 364:2; TMK 302:2

in good works as Christ did HP 281:5

in His law TDG 90:5

represented by His,

law OHC 84:3

servants TMK 98:5


in order to be used by Him TMK 131:5

pleases Christ LHU 318:4


as Christ revealed it TMK 131:3

by His works LHU 61:6

in bearing with men’s perversity TDG 187:2

in beautiful trees, shrubs, etc. TDG 241:4