EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


God (Part 2 of 9)

Satan’s representations re, Christ presented to men that which was contrary to CT 29

Satan’s studied plan is to misrepresent 5T 738

Satan’s wily insinuations against 1SM 214

seek to be assimilated to 5T 174

should be perfected in humanity 6T 13

sinful man cannot discern, in His works MH 462

study CT 402

things of nature are expression of MH 413; 8T 263

things of nature reveal MM 94

transcript of, His law is COL 315; CT 365; PP 52; 6T 10

true: Christ came to reveal to man FE 177

reveal, to world 5T 710

revealed by sacrifice of Christ PP 70

true conception of, Israel lost 5T 738

vindicate 5T 317

vindicated fully 5T 631

word of God reveals SC 10

worthy of praise and imitation GC 476

written word makes men better acquainted with MH 462; 8T 328

wrongdoing to a brother misrepresents MB 58

4. Existence of

always has been MM 92

antediluvians who denied PP 91

demonstrated in Garden of Eden 8T 255

denied by some of Noah’s descendants 3SG 96

doctrine of eternal torment in hell leads to denial of EW 219

duration of, folly of trying to discover 7BC 919

established by testimony that appeals to reason Ed 169; SC 105

evidence of: is not merely theory 8T 325

seen in His created works 8T 325

where to find 8T 325

written in men’s hearts 8T 325

how some people are led to doubt GC 522

is from everlasting to everlasting 8T 270

Israel was to bear testimony to PP 528

no finite mind can comprehend PP 113, 116; 3SG 93

officially denied in France in 1793 GC 270

reasoning cannot controvert 3BC 1141

things of nature demonstrate 8T 255

truth re, Christ and apostles clearly taught 8T 266

why men should not doubt 3BC 1141

why some scientific men question 8T 258

5. Knowledge of SC 85-91

all men should have 8T 317

all that man needs of, is revealed in Christ’s life and character 8T 266

all true knowledge and real development have their source in Ed 14

all who are saved must have, as revealed in Christ MH 425

as expressed in character, value of MH 457

as high as heaven and as broad as universe COL 42; CT 441; ML 107

book of nature gives PP 596

brings peace and happiness in present life FE 470

Christ came to restore Ed 76

compared to a mine ML 108

correct, importance of MH 409

cry of sin-stricken hearts for, comes from every quarter of world Ed 262-3

every soul must have personal experience in obtaining FE 440

experimental, is gained by wearing Christ’s yoke CH 371

is gained through faith 8T 321

expressed in character, is highest education 6T 97

false and true 8T 279-89

foundation of all true education is AA 530-1

full, man cannot bear CH 371

glimmering of, we have seen only COL 113

handed down from father to son during first 2,500 years GC 5

has not revealed everything CH 371

has revealed all that is necessary for our salvation CH 371

highest possible good is obtained through CT 406; FE 341

how love and, faded from men’s minds and hearts 5T 738

humanity of itself can never attain to DA 412

if youth gain, they will be able to gain all the rest that is essential FE 543

imperfect, wise men gather from His created works 8T 257

importance of, in true education Ed 13-19

importance of obtaining 5T 742

infinitude of, men have seen only glimmering of COL 113; ML 108

is: essential education CT 510

imparted to seeker through His own appointed channels COL 125

obtained from His word 8T 63

real essence of education CT 393

secret spring from which flows all power CT 406

Israel’s need of, after Exodus from Egypt Ed 34

makes men efficient CT 38

man cannot attain to, without divine aid 5T 737

man without, will destroy himself COL 108-9; MH 450

man’s, is partial and imperfect MH 420; 8T 267

men may rise by, from lowest depths of degradation CT 54

manifested in His works, word, and by His providence Ed 81

nations lose, through corrupt practices AA 14; 6T 221

nearly lost as result of idolatry PK 15

not gained without mental effort and prayer for wisdom CT 461

opportunities for gaining, place large responsibilities on men MYP 32

perfect, natural world does not reveal 8T 255

nature does not now give 1SM 290, 295; 8T 255-6

results of, by personal experience MH 462

revealed in Christ, is knowledge that all who are saved must have AA 475; MH 425

revealed in His word and works 4T 569

Satan keeps minds busy to prevent them from obtaining 5T 740

secures God’s free gift of eternal life FE 470

seek, by prayer MH 511

SDA students should regard, as above everything else CT 447

speculative, dangers in MH 427-38

spread abroad by persecution of His messengers MB 33

strengthens mind and soul MH 450

stretches beyond into infinity 4T 414

student without, will destroy himself COL 108-9

that is secret spring from which flows all power CT 406

theoretical, is not enough DA 309

things animate and inanimate express to man 4T 580

transforms men into His image COL 114; MH 425

true MH 409-26

true gospel worker studies constantly to obtain CT 510

vast amount of, disobedience has closed door to CT 440

volume of inspiration gives PP 596

working transformation of character is our great need 8T 329

works transformation of character AA 475; MH 425; 8T 289

your, should be greatly increased TM 324

See also Knowledge

6. Nature of

conjectures re, human intellect may weary itself out in MH 429; 8T 279

do not speculate re MH 429-30

do not try to penetrate re, beyond what is revealed in His word 8T 279

highest human intellect cannot understand 8T 279

is: eternal and uncreated SD 199

love MB 77; PP 33; 5T 315

pure and holy 4T 312

to give MB 77

silence re, is eloquence 8T 279

problem of, is not given man to solve MH 429; 8T 279

speculation re, warning against 8T 279

speculative theories re, warning against MH 427-8; MM 96

7. Personality of 5BC 1145, 1148; MH 418-9, 421; 8T 132, 263-6, 268

best revealed in Christ MH 419; 8T 265

Christ came to reveal MH 419; 8T 265

Christ was representative of 7BC 921

clearer portrayal of, Christ came to give MH 419

do not try to explain CW 94

error re, Living Temple taught 1SM 203

fanciful teaching re, is not needed LS 94; MM 94

is subject we are not to touch MM 92

Living Temple speculates re 1SM 201-2

nature does not adequately portray MH 419; 8T 265

Scriptures clearly bring to view MH 421; 8T 268

silence re, that is eloquent MM 92

spiritualistic theories re, warning against 1SM 203-4

8. Power of

all created beings live by DA 785; SD 237

all created things testify to MH 419

bestowed as freely now as formerly 1T 144

causes vegetation to flourish MH 416

great and unparalleled SD 19

has not decreased 1T 144

hiding of, is proof of His mercy 5T 301-2

human organism is kept in order and activity by MM 8

infinite, boundless love and mercy are united to SC 106

is: absolute MH 481; 8T 10

infinite PK 426; 4T 176

is revealed: by His works MM 103

in His word MYP 253

keeps earth in position in rotation MH 416

no finite mind can comprehend PP 116

manifest in action of organs of human body CS 17; 8T 260

masterly, laws obeyed by earth reveal that it is under CT 395

no limit to SL 75

still upholds objects of His creation Ed 131

supervision of nature under MM 9

tell of SC 102

things of nature are expression of MH 413

things of nature reveal MM 94

vegetation flourishes by MM 9

works of creation testify of PP 116

9. Presence of

angels veil their faces in MB 106; PP 252

at burning bush in time of Moses MH 436; PP 251-3

believer may come with confidence of child into MB 84

constant, keep before you a sense of 5T 651

consumes sin MB 62

error re, Living Temple teaches 1SM 203

ever-abiding sense of, need of 5T 628

humility and reverence needed in PP 252

in thick darkness that enveloped Christ on cross DA 753

is reality 5T 651-4

Living Temple speculates re 1SM 201-2

makes place sacred SR 178

only holy beings can dwell in EW 71

personal, Moses had deep sense of 5T 651

strive to act as if in 5T 147

tokens of, are seen everywhere 3T 455

unconverted man thinks of, as constant restraint 1SM 183

10. Miscellaneous

able at any time to perform what He promises 2T 148

abundant love of, Christ’s most favorite theme was TM 192

acknowledge, as giver of every blessing CS 47

acquaintance with, through His works in nature CSW 40

acquainted with: every man 4BC 1161

every one of His children ChS 268

hearts of all men MH 230

Adam saw, face to face in Eden MB 27

all life proceeds from Ed 99

all man needs to know or can know of, is revealed by Christ MM 95; 8T 286

all other beings owe their existence to GC 436; PP 336

all righteous attributes of character dwell in COL 330; 7T 276

all righteous demands of, must be fully met 2T 123

all-searching eye of, nothing is hid from MYP 266

all-seeing eye of 3T 417; 5T 561

chambers of men’s souls are open to SC 34

every work and every secret thing is open to 4T 646

is upon all 5T 147

men’s motives and deceptive acts are discerned by 1T 501

notes defects of all 5T 95

notes ruling passion of each person 5T 95-6

nothing is hid from 1T 468

reads men’s hearts GC 370

alone: can create or give life PP 264

can heal MH 243

has power to create 5T 697

has power to forgive sins 9T 63

has power to give life 5T 697

immortality is attribute of 1T 344

is acquainted with your past life 2T 147

is entitled to supreme reverence and worship PP 305

is infallible CW 37; 1SM 37

is to be glorified TM 214

knows what your future will be 2T 147

should be object of worship 3SG 269

antediluvians represented, by idols PP 96

appellations of, never treat lightly MB 106

approach, through faith in divine Mediator PK 48

with humility and awe PK 48

arbitrary act of, sinner’s destruction is not DA 764

arbitrary decree of, wicked are not excluded from heaven by SC 18

arrangements of, world’s defiance of TM 16-7

as Creator: discerned in beautiful things of universe MB 26-7

discerned in works of His mighty hand MB 26-7

false concept of, Satan causes men to cherish GC 10

has right to govern as He will 5T 314

immeasurable distance between, and creatures formed by His hand 5T 337

justly claims right to do as He chooses with His creatures 5T 314

men have forgotten, as result of rejecting fourth precept of Decalogue PK 182

only one who can change man’s heart is 6T 167

as particular now as He ever was EW 103; 1T 653

as revealed in Christ is not severe judge 1SM 183

Athenians styled, as “Unknown God” AA 237

attention of, nothing is too small for 3BC 1141; SC 100; 8T 260

nothing said, done, or thought can escape MH 490

attributes of: appear beautiful and attractive in light of Calvary GC 652

Christ came to reveal MH 419; 8T 265

many people have false concept of 1BC 1105; PK 177; 1T 24-6; 5T 174

merciful, revealed to Moses for Israel ML 288

much remains to be understood re FE 444

Satan’s purpose in misrepresenting GC 583

seen in His created works CT 38; SD 135; 4T 427; TM 196

speculative theories re, warning against MH 427-8

things of nature reveal 8T 255, 263

written word gives clearer revelation of MB 27

wrong conception of, many people have PK 177

audience chamber of, in prayer man enters into MB 106

authority of: as Ruler of universe finally will be acknowledged 9T 94

men’s defiance of 4aSG 51-2

souls who accept living oracles upon 5T 700

bears long with: men PK 276

perversity of men PP 123

behold, in His works, word, and providences Ed 81

being of, do not try to penetrate mysteries of 8T 280

beware of placing men where, should be TM 376, 386

Bible teaching re, is only teaching safe to follow MM 93

blesses men that they may bless others 5T 150

book of nature makes men better acquainted with 8T 328

bore long with rebellious Lucifer GC 495-6; PP 39

boundless mercy is united to infinite power in Ed 169

can bring most selfish and sin-hardened soul to surrender to Christ 4T 537

can do without you but you cannot afford to do without Him 4T 230, 626

can employ only such means as are consistent with truth and righteousness PP 42

can transform human character SD 112

cannot be: compared with things He has made Ev 614

deceived 3BC 1153; 2T 448; 4T 583

explained by natural laws 8T 258

seen in external form by any man 5BC 1142

understood by men 3BC 1141; 6BC 1079

cannot err ML 27

cannot speak falsehood WM 307

cannot use flattery and deceit PP 42

care of, sustains us every moment CS 18

cares for: creatures He has formed 5T 315

everything He has created SC 86

His people every moment 1T 347

man’s necessities MB 105

sown seed by His divine power 6T 186

us as His children MB 107

wants of little brown sparrow DA 313; SC 86

causes sun to rise MH 416; 8T 260

causes vegetation to flourish 8T 260

center of authority and government of Israel was PP 374

charge that, destroys children’s lives is blasphemy 3T 136

Christ and: are not one in person MH 422

are one in purpose, mind, and character MH 422

Scriptures clearly indicate relation between MH 421-2; 8T 268

See also Christ

Christ pointed men to, under new name of “Our Father” MB 74

Christ represented 5T 174

Christ revealed, to disciples in way that it performed special work in their hearts MH 457

Christ revealed all of, that sinful men could bear without being destroyed 8T 266

Christ teaches men to address, by new name COL 141-2

claim(s) of: are equally binding upon all 3T 365

are first and every other is secondary 5T 150

basis of, to man’s reverence and worship PP 336

must be made paramount CS 53, 71

on man’s soul are higher than any earthly claim 2T 100

to reverence and worship is above all others GC 452

to worship is based on fact that He is Creator PP 336

upon youth are paramount to all others 4T 434

cognizant of humble laborer’s daily employment SR 284

come before, with holy awe MB 106

command of, to execute His sentence on iniquity is to be obeyed PP 324

commit to, everything great and small 5T 742

communicates with man: through Christ and angels since Fall PP 67

through Spirit PP 405

compassionate dealing of, with men PK 241-3

compassionate nature of, towards sinner was not taken fully into account by Satan PK 296

compels no man to: believe 1T 377, 427; 4T 230

deal justly and love mercy CS 138

love Him and obey His law CS 127

conceals more of Himself than He makes known to man 3BC 1141

concept of, that is never given to world by any religion but that of Bible MB 74

condition that meets men at threshold as they come to MB 115

contempt shown to, by persons who ignore church authority 5T 243

control of, material world is under COL 81

controls: all things of nature constantly Ed 214

heavens with their numberless worlds SL 75

His omnipotent power CT 415-6; FE 356-7

counts things that are not as though they were DA 606

covetousness is especially offensive to SC 30

created all things by Christ AA 471-2

created lovely and beautiful everything that eye rests upon 3T 376

created works of, are dependent on Him MM 8

testify to His love and power CT 185

danger of associating, with everything stern and severe 2T 584

dangerous doctrines re, warning against MM 103

darkness of misapprehension re, enshrouds world COL 415; PK 311

dealings of, how far man can comprehend 5T 699

defied in France in 1793 GC 274-5

demands our supreme devotion and first allegiance SD 57

demands upon, are greatest on Sabbath DA 207

desires: us to appreciate His promised blessings COL 398

us to become familiar with appellation “Our Father” COL 142

willing service from man CS 127

despisers and rejecters of His messenger insult 5T 680

destroys no one 5T 120

devils seek to cause men to regard, merely as God of justice 1T 543

directs nature as He pleases 8T 259-60

dishonored when sorcerer’s power is sought in case of sickness 5T 197

disregard for His commandments insults AA 505

divine survey of, all things are open to MH 417; ML 10

do not act as if, were hard and exacting taskmaster SC 103

do not attempt to explain that which, has not revealed MM 92

do not attempt to interpret 8T 279

does for you what you cannot do for yourself 5T 514

does His part when you do your part 5T 506-7

does not: deal with us as finite men deal with one another SC 53

dwell personally in things of nature 8T 265

judge according to man’s finite standard 5T 337

live for Himself AA 359

regard all sins as of equal magnitude SC 30

does not confine Himself to: one man or set of men TM 208-9

one place or person TM 484

does nothing in partnership with Satan 5T 98, 671

dwells in: every abode MB 105

highest heaven PK 67

light unapproachable PP 252; 5T 633

energy of, is exerted in upholding objects of His creation PP 115

erroneous conception of, multitudes cherish 1BC 1105; PK 177; 5T 174, 710; MB 74

erroneous doctrine that impersonal, pervades all nature Ev 600; 8T 293

erroneous idea that, is bound by His own laws GC 525

is not pleased to have His children happy SC 116

erroneous ideas re, that suit enemy of souls 1T 501

erroneous theory that, is essence pervading all nature MH 428

erroneous views re, Jews held MB 74

error of thinking that what is great or small to us must be great or small to 5T 337

estimates all things as they really are SC 30

eternity would not suffice to comprehend fully Ed 172

everlasting arm of, encircles soul that turns to Him for aid 4T 328

everything belongs to CS 198

everywhere present by His Spirit Ed 132; MH 417

exalt, instead of nature MH 413; 8T 263

exaltation of nature as, Satan’s object in 8T 293-4

eye(s) of: all of man’s doings are as open book before MM 95

does not slumber 1T 156

infinite, nothing done or thought can escape 3BC 1153-4

is upon you 5T 154

nothing can be hid from 1T 336; 5T 221

person who will be accounted great in SL 55-6

reads hearts and discerns motives 3T 513

traces beginning to end CW 79

Ezekiel given vision of, on His throne 5T 751

face of, sinful man may not look upon Ed 28

faith in, essential to health CS 115

must rest upon evidence, not on demonstration SC 105

false conception of, many people have 1BC 1105; 5T 174

Satan leads men to cherish GC 569; MM 92; 5T 738

false ideas re, disseminated in New Hampshire Ev 600

fanciful views re, result in apostasy, spiritualism, and freelovism 8T 292

figures or symbols of, heathen claim that their images are PP 306

finger of, law was written by 1T 76

first step in approaching, is to know and believe His love for man MB 104-5

first step in path of life is to keep mind stayed on 3BC 1158; SD 111

foreknew Satan’s apostasy and man’s fall DA 22

foresaw existence of sin DA 22

fourth commandment of Decalogue exalts, as Creator PP 307; SD 59

friendship of, blessings of 2T 314

frivolous conversation dishonors 1T 506

frown of, dwelling on which is brought 1T 139

full of: love and goodness 5T 633

tender pity and compassion 2T 318

fuller revelation of, given in His written word Ed 17

glorified in man’s redemption MB pref. viii

glory and majesty of, veiled in pillar of cloud and fire DA 23

glory emanating from, is pure, exalted, and transporting 2T 267

glory of: is His character ML 288

is joy and blessing of all created beings 5T 737

let no presumptuous hand lift veil concealing 8T 285

shown to Moses 4T 533

His varied gifts in nature reveal only faintest gleaming of SC 86-7

God’s people must learn to put entire dependence on TM 214

God’s people should make, their efficiency TM 214

goodness and mercy of, souls that cannot discern 2T 606

goodness of, talk of SC 102

government of: dealt with in His word 5T 699

His law is foundation of PP 66

Israel incorporated as church and nation under PP 303

obedience leads to better understanding of CT 440-1

true education leads to obedience to PP 115

well-being of all creatures is bound up with PP 43

governs everything by His will and word SC 97; 3T 323

grace of See Grace

greatness and majesty of: finite minds cannot grasp Ed 170

men do not understand 5T 337

no words of man can describe MM 92

greatness of: is incomprehensible to man Ed 132

representations given to prophets revealed MH 432

representations re, given by Spirit 8T 281

works of creation testify of PP 116

guards His children amid strife and tumult of nations MB 121; PK 176; 5T 754

guides affairs of earth Ed 178; PK 536

hand of, guides planets through heavens MB 74-5; PP 115

leave everything in SC 86

names of God’s people are graven on palms of 3BC 1158; SD 111

sustains worlds in space Ed 132

handiwork of, in nature is not God MH 413; 8T 263

has: claim on us and all we have CS 71

divine foreknowledge CS 74

individuality 5BC 1145; 8T 268

intimate knowledge of all works of His hands Ed 132

power over kingdoms of earth FE 411

time to notice His workers ChS 234

unlimited control over all His works 4aSG 50

has not put Himself in words, logic, and rhetoric 7BC 945; 1SM 21

hates sin but loves sinner SC 54; 5T 633

hatred of, for sin is as strong as death DA 57

hears every word men speak MB 105; ML 290

heart deceived by Satan looks upon, as tyrannical and relentless being MB 25

heart of: revealed in gift of Christ DA 57

through all created things thrills one pulse of life from MB 96

yearns after souls who feel powerless to free themselves from sin PK 316

yearns over His earthly children SC 21

yearns over us in all our trials and temptations GW 210

hearts that charge, with being hard master COL 362

heed word of, as His speaking to your soul SC 35

highest and deepest and broadest flight of imagination cannot find out COL 113; ML 108

highest object of man’s thoughts should be 2T 505

holds destiny of souls in His hands DA 209; 5T 234

holiness of, some believers have faint views of EW 70

homage given unwillingly and unintelligently cannot be accepted by SC 43-4

honor of throne of, staked for fulfillment of His word COL 148

honors: assemblies of His people with His presence PK 50

only men who honor Him SL 92

hour and place of prayer are sacred because, is there GW 178

how to come nearer to 4T 75

human conjecture has tried to find out MM 95

human mind cannot comprehend MH 429; 8T 279

human theories re, are good for nothing CW 94

humanity is hailed as TM 365

how men came to banish, from their thoughts Ed 75-6

if you walk contrary to, He will walk contrary to you 1T 589; 2T 45

image of, was to be borne by man in outward resemblance and in character PP 45

impartial, no exception made by 2T 447

imperfect testimony re, under curse of sin nature bears 8T 256

in His essence is love TM 265

in nature Ed 99-101; 8T 255-62

individuality of, Scriptures clearly bring to view MH 421; 8T 268

infinite love and compassion of, never weary PK 164

infinite thoughts of, cannot be perfectly expressed in Scriptural language 7BC 946

infinity of, human mind cannot comprehend 6BC 1079

inspection of, all business transactions are done under 5T 628

depths of every heart are open to 5T 627

intimate acquaintance with, men are elevated, ennobled, and refined by 5T 113

is: acquainted with every action performed on earth ML 290

always with us ML 290

in every place 4T 590

inmate of every dwelling ML 290

is not: ashamed to be called God of holy men of old 5T 188

author of anything sinful TM 63

confined to temples made with hands PK 49

dependent on man 4T 472

dependent on our means CS 199

essence pervading all nature 7BC 921; MH 428; MM 96; 8T 291

harsh and exacting creditor 5T 314

merely an actuating energy working through nature Ed 131-2; MH 413; 8T 263

merely an all-pervading principle working through nature Ed 131-2; MH 413; 8T 263

nature MH 413; 8T 263

partial 1T 179

respecter of persons PK 31, 304, 675; PP 420; 1T 536; 5T 677

responsible for entrance of sin GC 493

represented as writer in Scriptures 7BC 945; 1SM 21

restricted by His own laws MM 91; PP 114

revenging Judge DA 205

severe Judge 5T 314

taskmaster 3T 411

vindictive MB 22

is revealed in: character of Christ PK 693

His word CT 395; Ed 133; FE 377, 430; PP 596

His works of creation DA 20; PP 596

Isaiah’s vision of, sitting upon His throne PK 307-8

Israel insulted, by worship of golden calf PP 317

Israel was to recognize, as head of nation PP 603

Jehovah was, of Shem PP 117

Jews called, their Father DA 207

Jews rejected, as their king DA 737-8

Jewish rulers did not love COL 293

judgments and purposes of, are past finding out 8T 261

justice and mercy are attributes of His throne 5T 174

keep before, your wants, joys, sorrows, cares, and fears SC 100

keeps human body alive and functioning CD 56; CH 586; Ed 131; MH 415, 417; PP 115; 8T 260, 264

knows: all our plans ML 290

end from beginning AA 198; CH 375; GC 393; MH 230; 3SG 113; SR 87

every act of men’s lives 6BC 1059-60; 3SG 49

every person by name 6BC 1059

every secret of soul 5T 645

everything that happens in every part of universe 3BC 1141

motives of heart 5T 333

object for which men live 2T 328

thoughts framed in mind and endorsed by soul ML 290

thoughts of heart 3SG 49

what each person is doing ChS 268

where each person lives 6BC 1059

labor and energy expended by, for man’s redemption SC 21

laws of, sanction no unreasonable or selfish restrictions DA 204

let no man venture to explain MM 92

life and light flow from, throughout illimitable space GC 678

life is derived from, by man TM 422-3

life of: all objects of creation receive Ed 99

given to trees and vines MM 8

in rough brown bulb of lily MB 97

nature would die without MM 8

light shining from Sacred Page reveals CT 395

listens to every prayer offered MB 105

living and true, is necessity everywhere FE 409

loath to punish men 5T 209

long-suffering of, is wonderful COL 177

men have almost exceeded bounds of COL 177-8

love, because He is worthy of love GC 541

love and goodness of, natural world reveals evidences of MM 103

love and skill of, things of nature proclaim 2T 584

love for, essential to life and health CS 115

how, faded from men’s minds and hearts 5T 738

love of See Love

loves His faithful servants even as He loves His Son MH 405

loves us: as His children MB 107

even as He loves His Son 5T 741

with infinite love COL 165

made rocks His sanctuary SL 74

majesty of, do not attempt to lift with presumptuous hand curtain that veils 5T 301

is revealed in His word MYP 253

make: first and last and best in everything GW 25; MYP 33; 1SM 131; 2SM 167; TM 385

first in every matter 4T 77

supreme in all your service CS 260

make cause of, your first interest CS 134

makes no: compromise with sin 1SM 313

mistake PK 536

mammon and, many people bow before 5T 77

man and his possessions all belong to CS 72

man can know, by experimental knowledge 8T 321

man can understand as much of purposes of, as it is for his good to know SC 106

man cannot find out, by searching Ed 169; GC 527; MM 95; 5T 301; 8T 285

man cannot hide: anything from Te 49

their ways from PP 217

man cannot serve, with divided heart DA 312

man is absolutely dependent on CD 56; MM 276

man may address, by endearing name of “Our Father” COL 141-2; ML 365

man was in perfect harmony with, when created GC 467; PP 45, 49

man’s capacity for knowing, Christ taught that which enlarges CT 34-5

man’s concepts of, molded by narrowness and selfishness 5T 738

man’s conception of, lowered by attempt to represent Him by material objects PP 306

man’s dependence on, is absolute TM 324

man’s duty to worship, is based on fact that He is Creator GC 436

man’s most secret thought is known to 5T 147

man’s utter inability to explain MM 92

men are as ignorant of, as little children MH 429

men are intent on excluding, from sovereignty of universe PP 45

men belong to, by creation CS 72

men can know, by studying His word SD 297

men cannot deceive AA 73

men cannot enrich, by their gifts CS 18

men charge, with demanding what He has never given COL 362

men depend on, for every blessing CS 199

men look upon, as severe and tyrannical COL 362

men of greatest intellect cannot understand mysteries of, as revealed in nature 8T 261

men recognize, in character of Christ MB 26

men who regard, as severe and tyrannical COL 362

men’s ideas of, mold their character DA 604

men’s relation to, as that of little children to parents SD 329

marks men’s motives 2T 329

means what He says 1T 518; 4T 248, 250

mercy of, men have almost exceeded limits of COL 177-8

proved by hiding of His power 5T 301-2

mightiest intellects of earth cannot comprehend PP 116

millions upon millions have never heard of Ed 263

ministers constantly to others AA 359

miraculous power of, created and sustains universe 8T 328

more accessible than president of Gen. Conf. TM 329

mortal mind cannot penetrate secrecy in which, dwells and works 5T 302

motives of, how far men can understand 5T 699

motives that actuate, man’s ability to comprehend SC 106

mountains are held in place by 4T 533

must ever remain clothed in mystery to: keenest intellect 5T 699; SC 105

strongest and most highly cultured mind Ed 169

myriads of holy intelligences surround DA 356

mysteries of, as revealed in nature cannot be understood by men of greatest intellect MH 431

mysteries of being of, wisdom is not found in trying to penetrate 8T 280

name of See Name

nature is not MH 413; 1SM 293

nature is servant of PP 114; 8T 259-60

nature reveals CT 395; FE 377

nature speaks of, without ceasing SC 87

nature testifies of Ed 99; MH 411

nature’s power to heal is of MM 11-2

needs nothing from man’s hand 4T 477

need of recognizing, as Creator of universe DA 606

needs every agency holding truth in righteousness TM 214

never contradicts Himself 1SM 162

never errs 3T 509; 5T 75

never forgets 3T 514

never forsakes soul that trusts Him and seeks His aid 5T 70-1

never leagued with dishonest practices TM 360

never makes mistake 1BC 1117; SD 338; TM 184

never misjudges 3T 509

never more ready and waiting to work for His people than now 3T 455

never regard nature as MH 413

new conception of, Christ gave to men MB 74

new interpretation of, Christ gave 1SM 260

no direct communication between man and, since Adam sinned PP 366

no earthly likeness can be compared to Ev 614

no human mind can comprehend 8T 279

no man has seen, except as He is revealed through Christ MH 419; 8T 265

no sin is small in sight of SC 30

no soul is finally deserted by, as long as there is any hope MB 93

no verbal description could reveal, to world 1SM 264

not in hurry when men begin to weave human threads into web Ev 215

nothing is hidden from SR 284

nothing is too precious to give to 3T 368

nothing occurs on earth or heaven without knowledge of ML 291

notice of, nothing escapes Ev 392

obedience to, fallen beings alone refuse to yield full 3T 333-4

object most dear to, on earth is church COL 166; 6T 42; 7T 242; TM 20

often works where least expected TM 105-6

omnipotence of, gentleness and care of tender shepherd is united to MH 481; 8T 10, 39

omnipotent power of, is under His control FE 356-7

one, creation and Christianity have CT 395

only as men love, supremely can they love their neighbor impartially DA 607

orders what His providence sees best MH 417

overrules Satan’s devisings 3BC 1141

pantheistic theories re, are not sustained by His word 8T 291

warning against 8T 291

parental character of, results of ignoring TM 362

past, present, and future are alike to 1BC 1099

paternal love of, Israel was blinded to revelation of MB 74

need of seeing TM 414

patience of, has an object 5T 77

patient toward us notwithstanding our many errors 4T 362

perfection of, matchless PK 307

stretches beyond into infinity 4T 414

perpetually at work in nature 6T 186; 8T 259-60

person of, leaders of Israel did not see 3SG 271

persons who address, as their equal or inferior PP 252

personal: breathed breath of life into man 8T 264

Christ and apostles taught truth of existence of 8T 266

created man through Christ MH 415; 8T 264

manifest in creation of man MH 415; 8T 264

Moses knew MH 475

personal acquaintance with, essential to development of character 6T 13

personal interest of, in all His works Ed 132

in man’s personal problems SC 100

philosophical idol enthroned in place of, by many people GC 583

physicians who think that spirituality and devotion to, are detrimental to health 1T 501

plan of, is same in all ages Ed 50

plans of, not laid open to prying and inquisitive minds 5T 301

planets are guided by 6T 186

pleased to see His gifts appreciated 7T 87

pledged to be protector, counselor, guide, and friend of the obedient SD 14

point men to, as Creator of heavens and earth 6T 395

power of creating, blasphemous Roman Catholic presumption re GC 59

prerogatives of: do not speculate re MH 430; 8T 279

is subject which we dare not touch MM 92

silence re, that is eloquent MM 92

speculation re, warning against 8T 279

speculative theories re, warning against MH 427-8; MM 96

presence of sin cannot be endured by TM 145

presents mysteries that men can never fully comprehend SC 106

president of Gen. Conf. should not be regarded as TM 375

pride is especially offensive to SC 30

privilege of calling, our Father COL 142; MB 105

protecting care of, for birds 8T 273

protects His people against delusion EW 88

providence of, See Providence

provision made by, for man to be like Him MB 76

public worship of, it is serious mistake to neglect MH 511

purposes of: for man embrace all ages of human history 5T 699

for man will reach fulfillment only in endless cycles of eternity 5T 699

man can understand as much of, as it is for his good to know 5T 699

man cannot fully understand SC 108; 5T 701

puts under restraint His own attributes CT 415-6; FE 356-7; PK 276

rabbinical teachings led people to regard, as tyrant DA 284

raised Christ from the dead by operation of Spirit SD 112

reads: character correctly 4T 583

every purpose of heart DA 614

every secret of soul CH 375; 3T 211; MH 230

far-distant future with clear vision 1BC 1099

inner life of men GC 486

intents and purposes of man 2T 257

motives and purposes of man’s soul 3T 325

secret devisings of every heart 3BC 1160

secrets of all hearts PP 396

thoughts and intents of man’s heart FE 341

reads hearts of men CG 67; Ed 146; 1T 187, 333; 4T 534

as open book COL 55

refuses to be wearied out by world’s perversity CT 416

regards Christ’s followers as His children COL 142

reigns everywhere 8T 141

relations between each soul and, as though there were no other on earth SC 100

relationship of, to things of nature MH 413-4; MM 9; 8T 263