EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Fruit bearing - Futurity

Fruit bearing

Fruit bearing, coming to meeting once a week is not 5BC 1144

condition of, abiding in Christ is 4T 542

obedience to God’s laws is COL 305

continual, life in which there is CH 633

God’s requirement for, same for all 5T 568

in Christian life, how to effect 5T 47-8

object of Christian life is COL 67

testifies whether a person really abides in Christ 5BC 1143

what constitutes 5BC 1144

Fruit crop

Fruit crop, loss of, because of unfaithfulness in stewardship to God 2T 661

Fruit farmer, Fruit farmers

Fruit farmer, Fruit farmers, cause of discouragement to FE 318


Fruitfulness, no, in life centered in self COL 67

Fruit grower, Fruit growers

Fruit grower, Fruit growers, American believers advised to go to Australia as FE 212

Fruit juice, Fruit juices

Fruit juice, Fruit juices, bread and, recommended CD 437

Fruits of the Spirit

See Holy Spirit, fruits of

Fugitive, Fugitives

Fugitive, Fugitives, from service, treatment of PP 532

Fugitive slave law

Fugitive slave law See Slave law


“Fulfill,” in Matt. 5:17, defined MB 48-9

Fuller, Nathan

Fuller, Nathan 2T 449-57, 468; 5T 138


Fuller,T. GC 95-6


Fun, leading to shame and disgrace AH 509

spirit of, among students 1SM 136

students cautioned against entertaining, as guest FE 302

students tempted to do lawless things for FE 250

turn minds of students from, to doing good to others 2SM 324

youth must meet their, in judgment MYP 43-4

youth who loved, to neglect of his soul 3T 225

See Amusement; Entertainment; Foolishness; Pleasure

Fund, Funds

Fund, Funds, abominable methods of raising, for God’s work WM 290

careless and too free use of God’s, warning against EW 93-5

church should provide sufficient, for support of gospel workers AA 356

create: for benefit of worthy poor who are sick 1T 494

for educational work by generous contributions for establishment of schools CT 44-5

for establishing schools in other fields 6T 477

for helping the needy SDA 6T 269

for helping the poor and suffering WM 272-5

denominational, need of wise management and distribution of GW 454-7

do not solicit, from SDA churches for work for outcasts WM 259-60

educational See Educational fund

forbidden methods of raising, for gospel work WM 289-92

given for helping the poor, men must be appointed to distribute properly WM 275

given to aid needy SDA, do not divert to other purposes 6T 269

God will not rain from heaven, for advancement of His work 2SG 267-8

how to prevent lack of, for home and foreign missions 1SM 82

men under Spirit’s guidance will be discreet in outlay of WM 267

lack of, gospel workers cannot enter new fields because of 6T 445

needed for educating Negroes in Southern States of USA 9T 201

needed for helping: the poor and needy 1SM 84

young men to train for God’s work 2SM 208

needed for work among outcasts, should come largely from people not of SDA faith WM 259-60

of God’s cause, conscientiously guard 7T 215

perplexing question of raising, adequate for mission work 9T 114

provide, for gospel work in distant countries 7T 215

provided for gospel work, should not be used to purchase that which is unnecessary TM 217

raise, to care for incapacitated gospel workers 7T 290-8

raising of: for med. work 1T 638-9

in apostolic times 6BC 1103-4

to support gospel work AA 338

reserve, for meeting emergencies in God’s work Ev 89-90

See also Reserve fund

school See School fund

solicit, from persons in high positions for establishment of schools 7T 58

solicitation of, for care of orphans 6T 286

from users of strong drink and tobacco Te 29

student-aid See Student-aid fund

study your necessities rather than convenience in spending, for miss. work TM 217

supplied providentially for missionary work TM 217

wise distribution of, needed in gospel work GW 454-7


need for, to carry on Southern work SW 58:1

raising, for church expense by festivities and gambling Con 68:2

Fundamental principle

Fundamental principle See Principle

Fundamental truth

Fundamental truth See Truth

Funeral, Funerals

Christ wept at UL 57:3

extravagant expense in, avoid PP 427

Jewish, described DA 318

mourners and flute players hired for DA 343, 529

of JW held on Sabbath LS 252

Funeral dirge

Funeral dirge, chanted when Luther (Martin) arrived at Worms GC 153

Funeral hymns

Funeral hymns, do not sing Ev 122, 180

Funeral note, Funeral notes

Funeral note, Funeral notes, in singing in church services, improper Ev 508

Funeral procession, Funeral processions

Funeral procession, Funeral processions, do not feel like persons in 7BC 960

that ended in joy DA 318-9

Funeral service, Funeral services

Funeral service, Funeral services, ostentatious and extravagant display in, improper PP 427

Funeral train, Funeral trains

Funeral train, Funeral trains, Christians should not move along as if in 4BC 1150

coming out of Nain DA 318

no, in world to come ML 349; GC 676; 9T 286


Fungus, roots itself on diseased and lifeless organisms Ed 190

Fur, Furs

Fur, Furs, children wearing 2SM 470

moths damage ML 269


Furnace, ashes of, used to cause plague of boils on Egyptians PP 267

consumes dross and brightens gold LS 106

fiery: Christ will be with you in MB 30

Christ with Hebrew youth cast into MB 30; MH 90; PK 508-9; SL 38-9; 3T 47; 5T 453

of affliction and trial, living faith will take you through 4T 212

three Hebrew youth cast into PK 503-13; SL 34-41; 4T 212; 5T 453

of affliction: David tested in PP 738

eye that closely watches TM 446

God has always tried His people in PP 129

gold is not consumed in TM 446

Israel long remained in 5T 469

is not to consume but to purify PP 738; 5T 485

JW and EGW tested in LS 244

of trial, God’s purpose in placing His people in 7T 214

See also Affliction; Trial

smoking, as symbol of divine presence PP 137

Israel’s oppression in Egypt symbolized by PP 267


Christ does not cast valueless stones into TMK 277:3

Christ refines in a hot HP 119:5


Christ will be by your side in HP 271:7

tested as men facing; martyrs may draw others 3SM 420

three Hebrews faced, in confessing Christ OHC 358:3

necessary until dross is consumed RC 358:3

Furnace fire, Furnace fires

Furnace fire, Furnace fires, are not to destroy, but to refine, ennoble, and sanctify 8T 123

testing every soul, Christ watches 5T 754

God watches MB 121

Furnishing, Furnishings

Furnishing, Furnishings, costly dwellings which have lavish 5T 456

expensive: drawing room’s Ed 200

money used in, mission fields need 9T 54

not essential to advancement of God’s work MH 36; 7T 143

sanitarium rooms should not have MM 167

preserve simplicity in, for school buildings TM 179

rooms of home need not have, of same pattern, material, or upholstery AH 154

See also Home; House; Ornament


Furniture, arrangement of, that is disagreeable AH 152

do not purchase one article of, to make show TM 179

elaborately carved and daintily upholstered MH 367

elegant, physician must not trust in CH 589

sanitarium must not rely on CH 589

expensive: deny inclination to love for 7T 296

do not cultivate taste for 2SM 188; 6T 441

do not spend means for TM 179

does not make a home AH 155

good supply of wholesome food is more essential than CH 156; MH 322

money is wasted on Ev 344; MH 207

let there be no extravagance in buying CS 298

persons who sigh for 5BC 1087; SD 75

train children to avoid AH 386; CS 295-6

extravagance in, shun MM 167

extravagant, spending money for COL 371

forgo some expensive article of, to give money to help the suffering 4T 511

gratification of pride in, spending money on AH 370; CS 299

home AH 151-5; WM 270

most comfortable, needed for daily use AH 154

ornamental, happiness not obtained by Ev 556

rich, effects of light and air on CH 57

many people who give little to God spend freely for CS 294

rich and expensive, how God regards indulgence of desire for CS 54

sanctuary’s See Sanctuary

simplicity in, charming senses MM 167

study economy in purchasing WM 267

women should not waste time and energy on WM 148

your, is not your own AH 367


economy in purchasing RC 266:5


Furrow, of world’s need, life must be cast into COL 86; DA 623; Ed 110

true Christian is ready to toil in, or be offered on altar of sacrifice MH 502

willingness to swelter in 5T 307


Future 1T 353-4

aged persons’ fears that they shall want in 1T 424

ceasing to worry about, results of SD 193

Christ read, as open book AA 21

dark, revelations of GC 36-7

definite plans for, many people unable to make MH 478

do not let, make your heart faint MH 248

erroneous views re 2T 690

events of: God has knowledge of 6BC 1082

great, opened before men by God’s word PP 686-7

hidden to your view are open to God’s eyes MB 100

important, revealed to Adam after he sinned SR 48

must be left with God PK 400

opened before Nebuchadnezzar PK 498

Satan’s ability to foretell PP 687; 2T 171

events of Israel’s, Moses’ rehearsal of PK 394

failure to trust God for SR 128

fears for, Israel’s murmuring because of PP 292-3; SR 127

hope on and believe on when, looks clouded 1T 663

impatient haste to tear away veil from PP 687

improve, better than you have the past Ev 646

means for, disposition to hoard up CS 150

mystery(s) of, Christ opened DA 211

Daniel was taught by God to read PK 485

near, children will be endued with Spirit in CT 166-7

pernicious sentiments of Age-to-Come theory re 2T 690

perplexing, Christ’s promise for DA 669

person whose, seems uncertain MH 472-3

planning for MH 478-9

planning for brilliant, many people make utter failure in MH 479

plans for, do not imagine it possible for you to lay out 6T 396

prophecies tell men what may be expected in PK 536

prophets were inspired by Spirit to foretell AA 12

provision for AH 395-8

scenes of, opened to Enoch’s view GW 52

SDA have nothing to fear for, except as they forget God’s leading LS 196; TM 31

shaping your, is not your work MH 478

spiritualism pretends to be able to draw aside veil from PP 686

stormy, before God’s people 1T 211

thought or care for, multitudes live for the present with no PP 181-2

thousand fears re, people who distrust God have 2T 656

trouble for, persons who borrow 2T 656

trusting God for, need of PP 292-4

unending, importance of making provision for Ed 145

vision of, men may have AA 601

what is essential for men to know re, is given in God’s word PP 686-7

what is to be in, testify of Ev 151

wide and unbounded, of glory awaits the redeemed PK 732; 9T 288

wonderful, before God’s people 4BC 1184

worry is blind and cannot see MH 481

worrying about, how to stop MB 101

your purity of faith and action will decide your MM 38

See also Hereafter; Tomorrow


apprehension of, Jacob experienced, after his mistake TDG 323:2

brighten, with thoughts of past blessings TDG 358:2

carelessness now will cloud TMK 225:4

clear to God and revealed to His servants UL 96:2

confident for, only in strength given for present needs OHC 125:5

courage for, gained by remembering God’s past leading OHC 135:4

darkness may be seen in (for Edson), but God lives TDG 323:5

depends on course of action UL 73:3

determination of,

by opening the heart to God 1MCP 68:1

for right in TSB 128:1

dread of, unnecessary; God will keep our committed souls 3SM 339:2

dreaming of great work in, while neglecting the present 2MCP 604:1

Ellen White unable to sleep thinking of events of 3SM 109:2

established for those linked with purposes of God TDG 352:7

events of,

disciples not ready to comprehend; disputing RC 261:2

keep before you—judgment and coming of Christ TDG 322:5

faced by the wicked with tormenting uncertainty OHC 9:3


exercised by not knowing TMK 12:2

expects good in the HP 127:2

fear for, only in forgetting God’s past leading CET 204:1

foreboding of, for those who love the world TDG 264:4

God has shown, that we might enlighten others 3SM 388:6

hiding of, shows God’s loving-kindness TMK 358:2

hope in Christ for, although dark UL 102:2

immortal, Paul’s motive OHC 363:4

infinite grandeur of, to hold attractions of human minds OHC 285:4

knowing, not necessary UL 73:3

light on, from seeing centrality of Christ and redemption TMK 208:2

looking to,

as a time to become a Christian TDG 362:6

for holiness but sanctification is to be now RC 213:4

matters for present and, set before Ellen White; no time to lose 3SM 413:2

miracle-working power in NL 56:3

near, time not yet (1905) for Ellen White to tell of UL 317:5

Old Testament prophets wrote of 3SM 419:5

path of present influences entire, for good or evil 2MCP 421:2

perplexing, Holy Spirit is ours in answer to prayer when TMK 171:4

preparation for,

events coming with blinding force CL 10:3

not to be chief pursuit of life TDG 42:4

prospects for, injured by girl’s preferring men’s society 1MCP 301:4

provisions for troubled, which God knew must come UL 137:4

regret in, avoiding anything that will cause TMK 89:2

rejoice in bright prospects of TDG 44:3

Spirit of God shown among us when enemies are strong in 3SM 369:5

strange happenings in; do not be surprised TDG 309:5

terminally ill may contemplate, with hope of resurrection OHC 9:5

uncertain, widow casting in two mites trusted God for RC 268:2

understanding of, needed UL 152:2

veil of, withdrawn through God’s promises TMK 213:3

veiled but remember past mercies UL 142:2

visions of, and of the past 3SM 35

See also Christ, course given by; Destiny; Prospects

Future abode (state) of the redeemed

Future abode (state) of the redeemed, blessings and privileges of PK 730-1

Christ has given lessons for CT 51

conditions that will prevail in, do not seek to understand all about CT 249

description of AA 601-2; AH 546-50; CG 565-9; Ed 301-9; EW 17-20, 295; GC 674-8; LS 67; MH 160, 265-6, 504-8; ML 348-69; PK 722-32; PP 477; SD 362-72; 2SG 34-5, 52-6; SR 430-3; 1T 61, 67-70; 8T 131, 254; 9T 285-8

erroneous ideas re GC 545

every provision made for happiness in, but these provisions not revealed MM 100; 1SM 173

greatest joy in, will be in service Ed 309

highest education in, will be in service Ed 309

mortal tongue cannot adequately describe AH 545

no marriages and births in MM 99-100; 1SM 172-3; 2SM 25-6

Pharisees’ views re, were confused DA 603-4

preparation for, depends on way we discharge our duties in this world 4T 339

privileges and joys of 2T 266-7

promise re, in Isaiah 8T 78

may be seen fulfilled in our lives here MH 160

redeemed will be untrammeled in, by limitation of sinful humanity Ed 309

speculation re, warning against 1SM 173

will be glorious ML 357

See also Heaven; New Jerusalem; New earth

Future age, Future ages

Future age, Future ages, erroneous views re 1T 411, 418

God’s purposes for, shown to John SL 78

See also Age-to-Come theory

Future event, Future events

Future event, Future events, devils can foretell, at times GC 552; PP 686; SR 394; 2T 171

information re, Baal-zebub was supposed to give PK 208

god of Ekron was supposed to give 2BC 1036

necromancers claimed to obtain, from departed spirits PP 684

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream reveals, down to end of time PK 498

no need to be in darkness re GC 342

Satan’s ability to foretell 2BC 1036; PP 687; 2T 171

Future evil

Future evil, constant fear of, person trusting God does not have 2T 72

Future glory

Future glory See Glory

Future life

Future life See Life

Future needs

Future needs See Needs

Future rewards and punishments

Future rewards and punishments, doctrine of, Sadducees denied DA 603

See also Future abode; Hell; New earth; Punishment of the wicked; Reward

Future state

Future state, individual’s, depends on choice he makes 1T 196

Future world

Future world See World


Futurity, Christ’s prophetic eye looking into, saw years, centuries, and ages DA 157