EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Foreigner, Foreigners - Fraud

Foreigner, Foreigners

Foreigner, Foreigners, are to share in God’s spiritual blessings 6T 274

brought to America to hear truth ChS 200

Christ died for 6T 274

converted in America, will take truth to kinsfolk and neighbors ChS 200

will take truth to other nations ChS 200-1

divine conditions of acceptance of, in society of Israel 6T 274

evangelize, in your country ChS 199

God’s hand in coming of, to America ChS 200

gospel work for, in your midst Ev 569-73

in America: duty of SDA to 8T 35

evangelize ChS 200; 8T 35

O. A. Olsen’s efforts to evangelize ChS 201

gospel work for Ev 569-73

third angel’s message must go to Ev 569-70

in American cities: do your full duty to Ev 570

evangelize ChS 199-200

gospel work needed for Ev 572

message must be given to 8T 34

Israel was to treat, with kindness 6T 274

Israel was to love, as ones for whom Christ died 6T 274

Israelites were to leave portion for, in field at harvesttime 6T 274

welcome to Israel’s feasts 6T 274

See also Gentile; Stranger

Foreign field

Foreign field See Mission field

Foreign land

Foreign land See Foreign country

Foreign language

Foreign language See Language

Foreign mission

Foreign mission See Mission

Foreign missionary

Foreign missionary See Missionary

Foreign mission field

Foreign mission field See Mission field

Foreign missionary work

Foreign missionary work See Missionary work

Foreign nation

Foreign nation See Foreign country


Foreknowledge, God’s CS 74; SR 87

of future events before world was created 6BC 1082

re Adam’s fall DA 22; 1SM 250

re Jacob and Esau 3SG 113; SR 87

re Satan’s apostasy DA 22; 1SM 250


Foresight, authors of books need CW 150

book publishers need CW 150

divine, Christ had DA 604, 655

evil surmising called, by some people 7BC 936

gospel workers need, to interest hearers Ev 178

keen, colporteurs should be persons of 4T 389, 603

lack of, among Christian businessmen 3T 117

great objects lost through 3T 498

managers of institutions can have LS 245

manifest wisdom and CS 159; 3T 117


saving souls requires; carelessness may bring death TDG 171:3

Forest, Forests

Forest, Forests, glad songs of, speak God’s praise MH 411

immense, buried by Flood Ed 129; PP 108; 3SG 79

some of God’s people hidden in, during time of trouble GC 635

See also Tree

Forest fire, Forest fires

Forest fire, Forest fires, as judgments of God 5T 234

Forestville, Calif.

Forestville, Calif. LS 267


Forethought, far more valuable than afterthought MM 157

gospel work calls for ChS 239

husband should show, for wife 2T 415-6

Nehemiah’s example of PK 633

Forged documents

Forged documents, monks produced, to establish papal authority GC 56

papacy used, to foster Sunday observance GC 576


Forget, it is sin to COL 359

man who often chose to 2T 388

nothing to fear except as we, way God has led us LS 196; TM 31

things men are never to DA 659-60

things that are behind TM 517

JW needed to, dark passages of his experience 3T 97-8


humans may, God, but He never forgets humans OHC 314:5


Forgetfulness 8T 107-22

be a blessing by, of self 2T 647

believer overcome as result of 5T 102

blunders caused by, many 3T 12

death caused by MH 222; 2SM 459

God’s love and bounty repaid with 2T 278

is sin 3T 12

man who had peculiar faculty of pleading 2T 388

overeating causes CD 138

plea of, not sufficient excuse for gross errors COL 359

selfish interests lead to, re God 2T 522

SDA offices suffer much loss as result of 4T 451

sin of repaying God’s love and bounty with 2T 278

wrongs caused by, many 3T 12

See also Memory; Self-forgetfulness


Forgive, Christian love is ready to DA 462

Divine Justice can, without sacrificing holiness SD 153

forgive others as you wish God to, you COL 247; MB 113-6; SC 97; 1T 387; 3T 95; 5T 170

freely, trespasses of others against you SD 153

person refusing to, casts away his own hope of pardon COL 247; 5T 170

prophecies of God’s willingness to PK 334

strongest man will, while sensitive to abuse 4T 656

weakness of others as you wish to be forgiven 2BC 1038


Forgiven, assurance of sins, rejoice in PK 668

believer at variance with brother should ask to be MB 58-9

Christ declared paralytic’s sins were DA 269

Christ’s death proved that sins could be DA 762

Satan declared transgressor of God’s law could not be DA 761

Forgiven most

Forgiven most, persons whom Christ has, love Him most DA 566; MH 182; SC 36

Forgiven much

Forgiven much, David loved God much because he had been PP 754

person loves much who has been COL 211


Forgiveness MB 113-6

1. God’s

2. Miscellaneous


1. God’s

Abraham trusted in Christ for, of sin PP 370

assurances of, for persons who turn from evil-doing PK 409

when to believe that you have MYP 111

basis of all, found in God’s unmerited love COL 251

blessing of, asked upon conditions 5T 170

God waits to bestow TM 517

children should be taught to go to Christ for DA 515; CG 494

Christ alone can grant 1T 17

Christ freely pardons all who come to Him for DA 568

Christ gave to men no ecclesiastical right to confer, of sins 5BC 1151

Christ prayed for, for His enemies DA 744-5; EW 176; SR 222; 5T 161

Christ’s power to grant, demonstrated in case of paralytic DA 269; SC 50-1

Christianity means more than, of sin COL 419-20

consciousness of, inexpressible peace, joy, and rest come with MH 267

David had true conception of MB 114

does not lessen duty to obey Him COL 247

does not mean you cannot require just dues from debtors COL 247

evidence of, woman who was given 2T 49

God alone can give SC 37

God alone has power of 9T 63

God does not require men to do something grievous to obtain 5T 635

God supplies fact of SC 51

God’s people assemble to seek 5T 608

granted on condition of: confession 2T 293

repentance 7BC 916; SC 26-7; SD 13; 1SM 393; 2T 293

that you have forgiving spirit COL 246-7; MB 113-6; SC 97; 3T 95; 5T 170

granted to all complying with conditions SC 52

granted to men as they forgive COL 251

has broader meaning than many people suppose MB 114

His gift to man MB 115-6; 1SM 353

through Christ 1SM 353

how to believe in Christ for SC 50

includes reclaiming from sin MB 114

is not only forgiveness for sin MB 114

lingers for sinners 3T 356

men are not required to do some grievous thing to obtain SC 37

men receive, only as they forgive others MB 113

mere belief in Christ for, is not enough PP 277

monks led people to seek to purchase, with money GC 84

no, without shedding of blood DA 157

none but the contrite receive 1SM 353

not bestowed because of merit MB 115-6

not granted: as reward for works MB 115

because you forgive COL 251

to unforgiving person COL 247; SC 97

not merely a judicial act freeing man from condemnation MB 114

not sole result of Christ’s death 5T 537

obtained through; atonement of Christ 1SM 393

Christ alone 7BC 933

Christ’s blood alone 1SM 107

Christ’s merits only LS 326; 5T 638; TM 468

offered freely to all DA 745

offered to men through Christ’s intercession in most holy place GC 430

promise of: based upon conditions 5T 630

faith grasps GW 436; 2T 293

under new covenant PP 372

reward of all who come to Christ for pardon 7BC 931

Roman Catholics sought, by self-affliction GC 72

Satan declared principles of God’s government made, impossible DA 37

Satan seeks to cause the penitent to doubt MB 115

scars are not removed by FE 195

seek, through Christ’s atoning sacrifice CH 505

sin for which there is no 5BC 1092-3

See also Unpardonable sin

sought by virtue of Christ’s blood 5T 608

sweet sense of, men may have MYP 107

terms of COL 247; MB 111-6; SC 97; 1T 387; 3T 95; 5T 170

stated in Lord’s prayer 5T 170

there is PK 723

for greatest sin 7BC 933

for least sin 7BC 933

for the penitent MB 8

2. Miscellaneous

Christ’s spirit of, lacking among God’s people 2T 566

do not become weary of granting, for wrongdoing COL 249-50

do not withhold, till wrongdoer has repented and confessed SD 144; MB 113

rabbis limited, to three offenses COL 243

spirit of: does not lessen claim of just obligation COL 247

God sought to teach JW to have 3T 97

lacking among God’s people 3T 95

manifest 2T 566

manifested through Spirit’s influence MB 21-2

pray with, in heart SC 97; 3T 95; 5T 170

See also Pardon


acceptance of / belief in; HP 111:4, 126:4; TSB 259:1

as we confess; trust the promises TDG 89:4

Christ’s UL 219:5

from Christ’s 3SM 325:2

is as important as confessing TDG 89:2

is as much a duty as is confession HP 111:4, 126:4; 2MCP 677:2

justified in submission not in transgression LHU 237:2

when asking in contrition 3SM 196:3

after confession to one wronged and restitution TMK 260:4

allegiance to God returned for; accepting the Word TDG 84:2

and acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice AG 249:4

and victory through Christ, seen in Isaiah 58 HP 110:3

angels and people to see, among SDAs TDG 118:2


by contrite heart TMK 235:4

more with exalted idea of requirements OHC 137:3

assurance of, in spite of clouded mind RY 144:2


although sins be numerous UL 82:5

for the most guilty FLB 104:9

beauty and force of, lost because not practiced TMK 180:2

books of heaven show, for the repentant ones RC 62:6

brings meekness, gentleness and kindness TMK 163:3

burdened to be sure of Mar 108:5

Cain would have received, by fleeing to God, not away TMK 260:3

cherish, when tempted to accuse the brethren OHC 239:6


came to obtain, for us TDG 74:4

died for more than; human nature restored 3SM 154:1

gives renewal with RC 303:4

has power of healing as well as FW 68:0

met need of paralytic by FW 67:4

provides the gift of TMK 109:3

purchased TMK 79:2


assurance of, in His declaration as the I AM UL 144:5

blood speaks, if you have peace OHC 329:4

sacrifice secures AG 138:4

claim, for mistakes HP 124:3

come to Christ for RC 55:5

confession required for OHC 82:5

consciousness of, lacking because of unbelief TDG 261:3

considered because time is short 3SM 419:4

cross not seen by some as medium of RC 17:6

difficulty of practicing, as Christ forgives us TMK 180:2

doubting God’s,

dishonors Him HP 126:5

wrong after accepting pardon RC 78:3

Ellen White instructed to tell an aged sister about TDG 313:5

enemies who have bruised your soul granted UL 42:4

evidence of, lacking in experience of some preachers FW 16:1

faith for, and repentance, essential only beginning OHC 338:3

from Christ; words worth everything TMK 235:4

gift of repentance is the ground for TMK 109:3

God wants to give OHC 38:5


full and free OHC 97:7

sinner must believe in UL 132:2


for Christ’s sake OHC 53:3

to all who repent RC 203:2

guilty receive, through Christ TMK 96:2

heaven’s offers of, repeated by God’s messengers TDG 30:4

hope of, abandoned in presuming to be free TDG 319:2

human, See separate when we ask in faith OHC 49:5

indifference to, Bible study arouses amazement of TMK 204:2

insist on, wrestling with God FW 75:2

joy from the fact of HP 23:2

justification means receiving, and imputed righteousness TDG 358:5

lacking, is lying against truth TMK 185:2

learning, more perfectly OHC 176:4

loss from misused faculties never restored even after TDG 350:2

lost sheep which return should have our LHU 206:4

love for God by those who have received the greatest LHU 333:2

love in hearts that practice OHC 73:6

may be known by workers for God TDG 304:2

mercy of God shown in His TMK 239:2

mind renewal as well as forgiveness in Christ’s 3SM 190:2

misunderstandings settled in UL 106:3

new covenant grounded on mercy in TMK 299:2

obligation to grant, because Christ forgave LHU 334:6

penitent receives; redeeming love works in life TDG 226:4

plan of salvation provides TMK 96:3

pleading, on basis of Christ’s merits 3SM 180:0

possessions destroyed when boundaries of, are passed TDG 152:3

power of, Pharisees felt Jesus should not have FW 67:5

praying for, with an exacting treatment of others TMK 181:2

prodigal son feels, and that past is blotted out HP 10:4

promise of, UL 98:5

cling to, when Satan accuses of sin 1MCP 33:1

realization of sin precedes TMK 229:3

rebellious ones may receive TDG 264:5


by relying upon the merits of Christ HP 20:3

only as we pardon and forgive others TDG 288:4

through Christ TMK 84:4

rejoice in; get mind off darkness 2MCP 470:2

religion means more than UL 38:3

remember own indebtedness and extend TDG 121:3

repeated sins still open to UL 298:3

repentance is thought to produce, like door to heaven FW 25:1

required in order to present requests boldly OHC 178:5

requires confession OHC 82:5

sacrifice of Christ made possible grace and TDG 49:7

Satan wanted, if God was to forgive humans Con 20:3

scars not removed by RC 308:3

seek God in time of, before judgment time HP 345:6


assurance of, in unbelief HP 16:2

daily; example from 1843 3SM 193:2

soul surrounded by holy atmosphere when HP 78:5

sick to be pointed to Saviour with power for healing and 3SM 296:1


after, need not bring despair 3SM 197:1

not blotted out by human UL 219:2

sing of, with influence of Christ’s righteousness TDG 99:3

sinner receives,

because Christ would not save Himself TDG 236:2

when he accepts Christ by faith RC 78:3

slighting God’s warning leaves sinner without TMK 244:3

sought while high priest was in the holy place TMK 73:3

spirit of, helping to answer prayer for TDG 19:5

spoken by Jesus in giving robe of righteousness TMK 241:3

surrender to Christ brings TDG 153:3

talk about,

weakness and 2MCP 777:2

instead of about being saved TDG 260:2

transgression covered by TMK 74:4

trust Christ for UL 337:5

turning from transgression required for TDG 355:4

understanding the meaning of FLB 123:3

union with Christ by faith brings RC 77:8

unlimited, principle of UL 43:4

works done to merit, is fallacy FW 24:2


opposite the sinner’s name brings peace FW 108:1

opposite your name FW 75:2

See also Grievances

Forgiveness (human)

Christian gentleman extends TDG 121:2

duty of,

for every Christian HP 290:2

misunderstood UL 43

revealed by Christ TMK 46:6

prompted by Christ’s mercy UL 43

withholding, RC 203

greatest wrong to others OHC 176:4

pleases Satan TDG 121:7

wrong for anyone who has sinned HP 290:3


Forgiving, be more, to children 4T 362

Forgiving spirit

Forgiving spirit, cultivate 3T 98


people who have been TDG 23:5

Form, Forms

Form, Forms, all outside, cannot take place of Spirit in heart SD 290

are not church’s strength Ev 512

church ordinances regarded too much as DA 660

dead, Pharisees rejected truth and clung to DA 279

do not constitute God’s kingdom Ev 511

dull, Satan works to have service to God degenerate into 4T 602

eclipsing real object of SS, guard against CSW 151

education in, leaves students novices in God’s work 4T 602-3

endless variety of, SS’s simplicity and purity must not be swallowed up in CSW 151

external, gospel work cannot depend on TM 512

substitution of, for holiness of heart is pleasing to unrenewed nature AA 387

less dependence needed upon 5T 461

much, in SDA religion 5T 743

observance of, when religion inevitably degenerates into GC 316

of godliness See Godliness

of religion: multiplied in Dark Ages GC 55

not evidence of life Ev 116-7

that suits Satan for men to retain GC 378

of religious duties, Satan would not have SDA give up praying and maintaining MYP 83

of SS, pride must not be felt in CSW 152

outward, cannot make men clean 5T 227

valueless without Christ’s grace PP 590

piety that degenerates into GW 368

rigorous observance of, Pharisees sought to exalt self by DA 278

service to God that degenerates into COL 411; 4T 602

set of, SS must not be conducted with FE 254

taking pre-eminence in SS and miss. work, evil of FE 253

unconsecrated persons would reduce missions and SS to mere 5T 566

worldly, danger of burdening minds with TM 195

pharisaical exactitude burdening minds with TM 195

See also Formalism


Formal, cold and, many professed commandment keepers are EW 107


Formalism, barriers of, Christ broke through DA 453

churches petrified by GC 257

cold, must give place to living energy of experimental godliness 4T 445

Satan works with masterly power to bring in ChS 40; 2SM 19

dead, difference between living faith and AA 190; SR 306

how vital godliness gives place to MYP 354

dry, many people in Christian world are disgusted with CW 124; Ev 514

habits of, danger of falling into PK 327

hollow: among God’s people 5T 72

rebuked 1SM 357

fervent devotion in vital piety has given place to PP 166

instead of Spirit’s graces, in backsliding church GC 316

Israel’s, in Eli’s time PP 584

Protestantism degenerated into SR 354

religion degenerated into GC 298

religious, Christ calls for faithful witnesses in this time of GW 273

self-sufficient, Jews built up themselves in PK 709

slaves to, Israel’s teachers were DA 393

teachers must see freedom of Christ’s teaching from 6T 160


egotism accompanies LHU 229:6

external, not sufficient for righteousness TMK 114

form of godliness, following erroneous, not following Christ OHC 288:5

hollow, while feeling increased in knowledge of truth TDG 228:3

Laodiceans content with, in ingratitude and pride FW 83:1

message of 1888 lost beneath, involves lifting cross 3SM 189:3

none farther from kingdom of heaven than those with TDG 197:4

religion divested of, by Christ TMK 50:4

replaces inner work of grace RC 208:2

trials reveal professed faith as TMK 352:2

Formalist, Formalists

Formalist, Formalists, educators were, in Christ’s time FE 438

irreligious and irresponsible, like barren fig tree FE 50

seek to make an imposing display before world ChS 40

self-righteous: envy and jealousy control 5T 226

filled with pride at their own attainments 5T 226

love of praise and popularity control 5T 226

no people farther from kingdom of heaven than 5T 226

wholly destitute of spirit of Christ 5T 226

theme for, to think upon 2T 212

whose sanctity of appearance concealed love of sin DA 88


Formality, chills religious zeal 9T 155

church members nearly chilled by 2T 126

cold: fire of love well-nigh extinguished by DA 504

is alarming among God’s people 4T 403

earnest zeal and energy must replace CSW 152

cold and frozen, get rid of 3T 466

minister should rid himself of 3T 466

confounded with God’s power 2SM 19

deadness and, out of which God’s people should come 3BC 1152

do not neglect order while shunning EW 97

dry, Spirit in heart sweeps away 4T 71

effects of, upon schools CSW 152

evil of, organization is not FE 253-9

has taken place of true piety and humble godliness FE 253

in Israel’s worship, during Uzziah’s reign PK 303-4

increasing to alarming extent among professed commandment keepers 4T 401

lay aside, in prayer meeting 2T 578

shun, in gospel work EW 97

taking possession of nominal churches 4T 401

too much, in SDA church services 5T 318

Formal religion

Formal religion, many people dissatisfied with, in Christ’s time COL 116

Formal round

Formal round, keeping up, of religious services 5T 538

Formal service, Formal services

Formal service, Formal services, of religion, that God will not accept PP 634

true fast is not DA 278

Formal worship

Formal worship, evil of, cannot be too strongly depicted 9T 143

mere, open apostasy not more offensive to God than PP 523


Fornication, among Israelites, brought God’s judgments upon them 2T 451

do not stop for one moment to reason with CH 587

estimated as sin that God winks at 2T 449

Gentiles must abstain from AA 195; SR 308

in SDA ranks TM 427

is heinous sin 2T 451

is violation of God’s law TM 428

Israel led into, by Balaam’s stratagem 4aSG 49

nominal churches filled with 2T 449

Protestant world’s, in accepting Sunday observance 7BC 979

regarded as very light matter TM 427

SDA who commit, tenfold guilt of 2T 451

sister of Lazarus was guilty of DA 566-8

terrible sin of, some people professing truth indulge in 2T 478

Fornicator, Fornicators

Fornicator, Fornicators, all, will be outside of city of God TM 431

among God’s people, warning to TM 426-43

in its ranks, duty of church to deal with TM 427-8

persons who love God’s law should not be found in list of TM 433-4

popular churches are filled with 4T 493

seal of God will not be put upon TM 446


“Forsaken,” Israel no longer to be termed DA 103


See God, forsaken by; God, acceptance by


Fort, hold, at home AH 319

men needed who will keep 4T 194

some believers must hold, while others advance in active warfare TM 236-7

Fortification, Fortifications

Fortification, Fortifications, God’s promise to build, around His people 2T 35

of prayer and faith, parents should build about children 2T 398

preserving sacred privacy and privileges of family relation as 2T 90


Fortified, heart preoccupied with God’s word is, against Satan 4T 616

mind that is, with truths of Bible will stand through last conflict GC 593-4


Fortitude MYP 63-4

cherish 2T 647

Christ is willing to give, to everyone willing to be true missionary FE 211

Christians manifest, in order to be light to world AH 429

Christians in Nero’s household were example of 5T 183

David’s wilderness life called, into exercise PP 746

does not come in a moment 5T 213

endure with, enemy’s taunts and attacks 5T 578

fruit borne daily by persons truly connected with God SL 11

God requires that His people possess 2T 130

grace acquired by experience of years MH 454; 5T 213; 8T 314

great lack of, among SDA in serving God EW 111

humble work frequently draws upon 3T 81

in affliction 2SM 233-45

increase of, under discouragement MYP 80

persons who need not expect to gain 5T 527

Satan’s attacks must be endured with MYP 63

severe trial develops AA 468

shepherd must have 2T 220

trait that must be encouraged 2T 101

See Strength (spiritual)


afflicted ones have, in sure Word of God OHC 317:6

Fortress, Fortresses

Fortress, Fortresses, church is Christ’s, in revolted world MM 89; TM 16

church is God’s, in revolted world AA 11

impregnable to Satan’s sophistries and delusions TM 18

Satan’s, God’s people will plant standard of truth upon CM 155

soul yielded to Christ becomes His, in revolted world DA 324; SD 23

strong, into which the righteous may run and be safe GW 317

Fortune, Fortunes

Fortune, Fortunes, colossal: ill-paid servitude required to build up Ed 44; PP 536

men are piling up COL 170

piled up by oppression and extortion 9T 12-4, 90

extensive, will not secure God’s favor 3T 154

persons who have obtained, are in greatest danger Ev 561

Fortuneteller, Fortunetellers

Fortuneteller, Fortunetellers, modern, have counterpart in ancient heathen oracles Ev 608; 5T 193

have counterpart in magicians of heathen times AA 290


Fortune-telling, woman with spirit of divination gathered much money by EW 204


Forward, bold and, why so many children are CG 38

do not lose sight of fact that you can go backward as well as CSW 49

go LS 209

and not backward ChS 91

when faced by difficulties PP 437

SDA must move steadily 7T 108

upward and, go on and on 5T 650

See Advancement


Forwardness, in conversation, youth warned against CG 144

Foss, Louisa

Foss, Louisa LS 77; 2SG 48

Foss, Mary (Harmon)

Foss, Mary (Harmon) LS 17, 72, 77; 2SM 261; 1T 9, 65

Foss, Samuel

Foss, Samuel LS 72, 77; 1T 65

Fossil, Fossils

Fossil, Fossils, found in earth, significance of Ed 129; PP 108, 112; 3SG 92-3, 95-6

See also Coal


Foundation, built on anything besides God’s word, will fall MB 150

established by God, SDA cannot now step off 2SM 390

God as, all perishes that does not have Ed 183

lay your, sure 5T 129-30

of Christ’s mission, self-denial and self-sacrifice TM 177

of Christian church, few faithful believers laid 5T 130

of Christian experience TM 176

of Christianity, Christ our righteousness is 5T 725

of church, Christ is AA 595-6; PK 595-6

of Jewish economy, Christ was AA 14

of SDA faith: laid in beginning of their work GW 307; 8T 297

let none seek to tear away GW 307; 8T 297

many do not realize how firmly laid is 1SM 206-7

sure word of prophecy as GW 148

sandy: character built on human ideas is erected on MB 150

God’s wrath poured out on souls built on 6T 16

tempest will sweep away that which is built on MB 150-1

spiritual, storm rising that will test every man’s 5T 129

stones became one with MB 150

structure must be built upon right, in order to stand 5T 563

sure, Christ is AA 175-6; DA 599-600

true, Christ as MB 150-1

See also Pillar; Platform


feet of royal family members on sure TDG 265:8

strong, by accepting Christ FLB 91:4

true, pardon given to those who turn to God and TDG 163:2

weakened faith allows us to be swept from the true HP 107:2

Word of God, living, is the only secure TDG 69:3

Fountain, Fountains

Fountain, Fountains, broadening and deepening beneath man’s gaze, God’s word as COL 128; Ed 171

Christ as See Christ

cleanse, and streams will be pure 1T 158

in Zech. 13:1 and Ezek. 47:8-12, medicinal properties in 6T 227-8

ocean is source of all DA 21

of boundless love, privilege of drinking largely at SC 94

of life, person who drinks of living water becomes MH 102

of living waters, must be in Christian 3T 322

within Christ 3T 322

See also Spring; Well


come to, in unity and drink for ourselves TMK 172:3

drink often of, to flourish in the Lord RC 351:6

God’s people come to, when they are cleansed TDG 336:5

living, grace and truth from, by sharing God’s gifts TDG 303:4

never-failing, Christ’s heart was TMK 37:2

pure, stream will be pure from, as good from Christian TDG 320:2

refreshed from, to refresh others 3SM 150:3

rejoicing at, while not drinking TMK 105:3

sinner pointed to, to wash away human guilt TDG 188:6

soul receives living water from hidden TMK 227:4


Fountainhead, stream cannot rise higher than its 3T 554-5

Fountain of Life

Fountain of Life, by John Flavel GC 253

Four thousand

Four thousand, feeding of See Miracle

Four thousand years

Satan’s attack on Christ planned for Con 78:2

Four winds

winds, See Winds

Fourth commandment

Fourth commandment See Commandment, fourth; Ten Commandments

Fowl, Fowls

Fowl, Fowls, clean, sacrificed to God by Noah PP 106

healthy, use eggs from 2SM 303

healthy and well cared for, eggs should be obtained from CD 204, 367; MH 320; MM 286

See also Bird; Chicken; Hen

Fox, Foxes

Fox, Foxes, desert, false shepherds like EW 123

Foxe, John

Foxe, John, quoted GC 91-2

Fragment, Fragments

Fragment, Fragments, lesson that, should not be wasted WM 154

lessons in economy taught by, in miracle of feeding 5,000 See Miracle

of literature containing truth should be treasured ChS 154

great value of CM 151


Fragrance/Perfume, holy, Christian life should be filled with 5T 488

precious, shed when graces of Christ’s character are implanted in hearts 5T 174

sweet, Christ’s love should abide in heart as CT 197

that cannot be hidden SC 77

See also Incense; Ointment; Perfume


be like blossom with TMK 298:4

love compared to OHC 231:2

plants in Eden regaled senses with TMK 13:4

prayers have, when Christ mingles incense of His merit 3SM 197:1

Frailty, Frailties

Frailty, Frailties, human, strive continually for mastery 5T 110

unite your, with Christ’s enduring might SC 70; 4T 362

See also Weakness


1. Seventh-day Adventist work in

2. Miscellaneous

1. Seventh-day Adventist work in

cities need to be warned by LS 304

gospel workers in, duty of 9T 180-1, 187

help needed by 8T 38

2. Miscellaneous

advent doctrine taught in GC 364-5

Albigenses persecuted in GC 271

army of, pope taken prisoner in 1798 by GC 266, 439

atheism in GC 269-71, 584

baptism and Communion service prohibited in GC 274

Calvin (John) preached in SR 339

Christians persecuted in GC 240-1, 271-2

church and state united in GC 280

Church in Desert in GC 271

colporteurs sold literature in GC 231

death declared to be eternal sleep by GC 274

enmity against Christ in GC 271

error that wrought woe for GC 285

German Reformation aided by GC 197

God defied in GC 274-5

God’s authority rejected by SD 54; GC 286

gospel rejected by GC 282

Huguenots persecuted in GC 271, 279

infidel, anarchy and bloodshed ruled in SD 54

voice of God’s two witnesses silenced by GC 274

infidels of, Christ hated by GC 273

license mistaken for liberty in GC 282

licentiousness manifested in GC 269-70

light and darkness in, struggle between GC 265

light broke in, before Luther’s (Martin) time GC 212

light willfully rejected in, result GC 265

Luther’s (Martin) teachings spread to GC 139; SR 343

marriage degraded in GC 270-1

national assembly of, God’s existence denied by GC 269-70

God’s law set aside by GC 285-6, 584

worship of God abolished by GC 273-4

national decay of, after Revolution GC 278-9

papal mass in, Reformers attacked GC 224-5

printing abolished in GC 227

Protestants of, first celebration of Lord’s Supper by GC 224

Protestants persecuted in GC 271-3, 278-9, 282

Protestantism suppressed in, effects of GC 226-7

Reformation in GC 211-36

bishop of Meaux espoused GC 214

papacy caused rejection of GC 277, 282

rejection of, anarchy and ruin resulted from GC 230, 265, 276-7, 281-2, 286

Reign of Terror in GC 282-8

Revolution of 1793-6 in GC 265-8

rich and poor in, wrongs among GC 279

St. Bartholomew massacre in GC 272-3

Scriptures banned in GC 278

Scriptures publicly burned in GC 273

Scriptures rejected by GC 265-9, 274, 286-8

Waldensian youth sent to schools in GC 70

weekly rest day set aside by GC 274

See also French Revolution

Francis I

Francis I, king of France GC 214-7, 223-30

Franciscan monks

Franciscan monks, rivalry of, with Dominicans GC 172, 178


Frank, and open, God’s work is TM 274


Frankincense, burned on altar as memorial before God PP 354

placed upon shewbread PP 348, 354

sincere and uncorrupted faith compared to CT 60

wise men brought, to Christ DA 63

See also Incense

Franklin, Sir John

Franklin, Sir John, expedition sent to find ChS 93


Frankness, arousing combativeness 4T 134

cherish 3BC 1159; 6BC 1081

erroneous idea of ML 196; 4T 134

habit of, cultivate 3T 337

need of more, and less evil thinking 7T 212

needed in every act of life 2T 408

open, that approaches to blasphemy 5BC 1097

physician’s, inspires confidence in patients MH 245

that is: discourtesy 4T 134

not to be commended as virtue 5BC 1097

selfishness of the deepest die ML 196

See also Candor


Ellen White enabled to speak with, when message was given her 2MCP 771:1

needed showing confidence instead of selfishness 2MCP 436:1

selfishness is called VSS 141:1


Fraud, advantage taken of fellow mortals is 4T 490

Ahab’s, Elijah reproved PK 206

all things obtained by, will be curse to receiver 4T 311

Ananias and Sapphira guilty of AA 72, 74, 76

business must be done without 3BC 1158

committed by many people today AA 76

devotees of fashion daily practice MYP 359

do not seek to obtain anything by PP 424

during Dark Ages GC 60; SR 334

exorbitant prices charged by physicians is MM 122

failure to pay debts is 5T 179

fresh revelations of, daily MH 142; PK 275; 9T 89

God hates AA 74

God’s law forbids all SD 63

God’s word forbids all CH 409

ill-gotten gains obtained by PK 276

in business transaction, God will not bless MM 170

in dealing with fellow man, warning against daring AH 392

in dealing with foreigners, rebuked 4T 512

is back of lottery business CS 241

Jacob obtained birthright by Ed 147; GC 620

life that is 4T 336

papal hierarchy used GC 576

perpetuated after death 4T 481

practiced daily in church, by withholding what God claims 4T 464

prevalence of, in this generation 4T 489

professedly Christian lives that are 5T 673

recorded in books of heaven 5T 350

repent of, and renounce it 4BC 1150

Roman Church has used GC 118

runs all through secret associations 2SM 131

Satan uses, to secure his object GC 497

selling article for more than it is worth is 4T 494

sin of, among church members AA 76; 5T 202

speedily punished AA 76; CS 312

spirit of, taking possession of many people 8T 249

stalks unrebuked in high places and in low PP 102

things God regards as PP 309

things registered as, in ledger of heaven PK 652

under general heading of “covetousness” LS 241; 4T 385

ways of world are full of AH 249

wealth obtained today by PK 650; 9T 90-1

youth allured to sin by Ed 227

youth whose religious experience has been TM 85-6

within pale of law, duty of person guilty of DA 556

See also Deception; Defraud; Dishonesty


books of heaven record unlawful gain as HP 84:2

Christ never used; law of kindness was on His lips TMK 156:4

difficulties protect God’s work from UL 362:5

extensive; commandment keepers to be above it 2MCP 437:3

practiced in the Christian world; obedient ones above it TDG 337:4

See also Deception